July 4th Prologue by The Walkin' Dude

"I just LOVE the Camel Clutch, don't you honey?" Kristin Kreuk said happily as she rearranged her grip under her victim's chin. Finding a position she liked, she pulled back a little harder, forcing the bent blonde to look into her eyes. Looking down to stare into her opponent's pain lidded eyes, she continued her discourse. " I mean nothing quite says 'I OWN YOU' like sitting on a girl's back and bending her until she wails for mercy. C'mon Lindsay, you can say something. I won't hurt you.... Much more."

Through clenched teeth, Lindsay Lohan muttered, "Shut up and let go of me you loseerrrrrgghhhh!"

Her missive was cut of as Kristin shifted her grip, leaving only one hand to cup Lindsay's chin. In the blink of an eye, the mean spirited brunette pulled her free hand up and then whistling down, cracking it painfully against Lindsay's ear, causing the blonde to howl in pain.

Her voice not changing in the slightest, Kristin said, "Word of advice Linds', If you're going to mock me, you better be in a hell of a better position than you currently are."

Before Lindsay could add anything to the conversation, Kristin added a new dimension to her torture. Feeling her thumbs along the line of Lindsay's jaw, the brunette placed her thumbs right at the upward curve of the jaw, about an inch directly below the ear. Smiling icily, the brunette rubs the spot with her thumbs for just a second before digging in as hard as she could.

The results were immediate and earsplitting. "ARRRRGHHHHHHHH, OWWWWWW! PLEASE STOP!" Lindsay begged as Kristin held her grip a bit longer before letting up on the pressure.

Shifting her grip yet again, Kris brushed a few errant peroxide locks from her victims face as she asked softly, "Do ya like that? There's a nice little nerve cluster under there that hurts like a bitch when you press down on it."

Sick of being used as Kristin's punching bag (both physically and verbally) Lindsay hissed, "You're the only bitch in this room Kristin."

Kreuk made a slight tsk-tsk sound at the back of her throat before responding. "You just don't learn do you Lindsay? For the life of me I can't understand why a man as powerful and reclusive as Charles Dexter Ward would want to see me dismantle a putz like you. Oh well, if he likes train wrecks who am I to complain? And if that idiot Fannin is willing to let me destroy another of his promising young talents so soon, I won't bat an eye.... Say that gives me an idea…"

Grinning savagely as she saw the fright pass over Lindsay's face, Kristin brought her thumbs into play again, this time bringing them to rest on top of the helpless blonde's eyelids. Waiting a second so she could savor the panicked trembling running through Lindsay's body, she inadvertently gave her opponent a chance to speak, "Please don't Kristin. I quit, I'll do anything you want..."

Ignoring the submission, Kristin's voice became a sibilant hiss, "All I want is for you to SCREAM!" the brunette menaced as she pressed her thumbs into Lindsay's eyelids.

And the blonde did scream - and a whole lot more; thrashing and bucking wildly as it appeared Kristin was set on gouging out her eyes. Releasing the pressure right as she felt Lindsay was about to pass out, Kristin let her slump forward for just a second before using her right hand to grab a huge handful of Lindsay's blonde mane, right above the hairline. Jerking back viciously, Kristin resorted to baser tactics with her left hand, cracking stinging slaps into Lindsay's tear streaked face with her left.

Tiring of the slaps, she switched over to clawing, her wicked talons digging angry red furrows in the helpless blonde's cheek and neck. Looking for a final indignity, Kreuk curled the fingers on her free hand into a wicked claw and slipped them into Lindsay's mouth. Finding a grip she liked, the emerald-eyed hellcat jerked back ferociously, drawing a hideously distorted cry from her helpless prey. Kristin continued her claw for a few more seconds, but she was bright enough to realize that she couldn't keep her hand in Lindsay's mouth forever since even someone as far gone as the blonde would eventually stumble across the solution: chomping down on her intruding digits.

Guarding against that possibility, Kristin removed her fingers from Lindsay's maw, letting her claws rest on the back of the openly sobbing blonde's hanging head as Lindsay whimpered, "I gave up...wha…why won't you…let me go?" The plaintive question ending in a fresh round of quiet sobbing.

Kristin's catlike eyes narrowed in anger as she laced her fingers under Lindsay's chin again. Pulling up on her victim's chin rather gently, she answered, "I'll tell you why Lindsay. I am in a phenomenally bad mood. You see, Katie and I had those two dumb sluts beat and I made a dumb mistake and cost us everything. Because of that, I am ROYALLY pissed off. And I came here looking for a fight but instead I got YOU! I wanted a worthy adversary; someone who would take time to break; but instead I got YOU. I wanted someone who wouldn't beg until AFTER I'd shattered her will; but instead I got YOU: a whiner, a nothing, little better than a training dummy…LITTLE BETTER THAN PRACTICE!"

Kristin's voice had gotten progressively angrier during her tirade and that last sentence was little more than a moderately controlled shriek. Simultaneous with the last word, she pulled up as hard as she could, bending the hysterical blonde into a agonizing shape a bit like a capital L. If there was one good thing about all this, it was that Lindsay's pain addled brain only stayed conscious for about five seconds while she was trapped in this position before she finally overloaded and went limp in the Hellcat's grip.

Feeling the blonde slip away from her, Kristin nonetheless maintained her grip for several more seconds, wrenching Lohan's head violently from side to side before letting it fall to the mat with a wet thud. Taking a deep breath, Kristin got off her victim and took a moment to brush her hair back behind her ears and wipe a bit of the sweat off her brow. Looking around the room, she spied, Ward's unobtrusive cameraman and walked slowly towards him. Smiling as the cameraman backed up, Kristin said, "Don't worry, I just have a little message to deliver." But he had every right to worry because Kris lashed her foot up, catching the poor clod right in the groin. Groaning, he slumped forward and would have dropped the camera if Kristin hadn't caught it.

Eyeing the techie dismissively as he writhed on the ground, Kris held the camera in both hands and stared directly into it.

Smiling coldly, she said in a deceptively sweet voice, "I hope you enjoyed my performance Mr. Ward, even if it was a bit one sided. Now I know you don't normally loan out tapes of the matches you commission but I hope you'll make an exception, because this message is very important to me." Then the brunette's face suddenly took on a look of unadulterated hatred as, still staring directly into the lens, she said, "I know you can hear me Neve, so listen very closely. I'm...coming...to...get...you. You made a fool out of me the last time we were together, tricked me into letting Sarah go and then cheap-shot me so that blonde whore could eliminate me. That will not stand! I'm going to hurt you Neve, much worse than I hurt Lindsay. Much worse than I've hurt anyone else. And I know what you're thinking. You're thinking 'I'm not Lindsay Lohan' and you're right. You're worlds better than this idiot. I'm no fool; I don't expect to walk all over you... at first. I know you'll give me the fight of your life but know that I will be doing the same. And when all is said and done, after all the battles are fought and this war is finally over, it'll be me standing over your broken and BEATEN body. I'm ready to start whenever you are, but if you need a specific date, how's July Fourth sound? Come to Fannin's little shindig and watch me in action. I'm going to HURT one of your friends and I want you to be there to witness it. Consider this your invitat..." she stopped, as if thinking the better of it.

"No. An invitation implies respect. Consider this your challenge. Be there so I can throw this gauntlet right in your face." She was silent again for a moment as she adjusted the focus in the camera. Looking back into the lens, her green eyes narrowed hatefully and she said, "Look at me Neve. Look in my eyes and know that I am DEAD serious. You're looking at the new Scream Queen. And as my first act, I'm going to dispose of you, my oh so unworthy predecessor. See you July Fourth, bitch!"

The brunette pressed a button on the camera and her image froze, locking her expression: condescending and cruel. Watching the tape Ward had sent her in the mail, Neve Campbell locked eyes with her newest adversary. Getting off her couch, she approached her TV, staring deep into her rival's malicious gaze. Speaking barely above a whisper she voiced her reply to the empty room, "I'll be there Kristin. And if I have my way, I'll end this war before it can even begin. And if you hurt one of my friends trying to send me a message, you better start running. Because I won't stop chasing until I've cornered you and brought you to ground. You're going to find out why I'M the Scream Queen and YOU'RE not. See you on the Fourth."

Then she hit the power button, erasing the taunting image of the other brunette. Sighing in the darkness of her apartment, Neve left the room to find her cell phone. Seemed she needed to RSVP Rich with her Fourth of July plans. Picking up the phone and beginning to dial, she said coldly, "If it's anything like Christmas, it's gonna be a blast."

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