1-Pink vs. Britney Spears (Grudge Match) by Bob

Like many other singers, Pink despised Britney Spears. The tough pink-haired singer had made it quite clear that she would love to fight the blonde star and kick her ass. However, every time Pink made a statement in which she challenged to fight Britney, the sexy blonde ignored the pink-haired singer. Pink followed the blonde bombshell when she was on tour and would often show up at Britney’s hotels. However, whenever Pink showed up at the hotel where Britney was staying, Pink would find that the blonde had already checked out. It was obvious to Pink that Britney was avoiding her. Finally Pink tried hitting Britney where it hurt, stating that all she needed was five minutes with Britney’s boyfriend and she would take him away from the blonde diva.

The blonde haired beauty continued to avoid Pink, until Pink finally went into a restaurant to get something to eat. Much to her surprise the blonde beauty was dining in the restaurant.

Pink walked over to Britney’s table and said, “Well Britney, there’s no way to avoid me now. You can step outside and get it over with, or you can sit here in the restaurant until it closes and show everyone what a chicken shit bitch you are. Eventually you’re going to have to leave the restaurant. And when you step outside, I’ll either be with your boyfriend, or I’ll be waiting for you.”

When Britney ignored the tough talking rock star, Pink picked up Britney’s drink and poured it down the front of her halter and repeated, “If you walk out and I am not outside waiting for you, Justin won’t even say hello to you. So what’s it going to be?”

If the blonde was afraid, she didn’t show it, “You want a beating? Fine by me, let’s go outside.”

The two beauties walked outside and went behind the restaurant. They spotted a grassy area, looked at it, looked at each other, nodded their heads, and walked over to the grassy area.

It didn’t take look for the two superstars to go after each other and the combat was fierce. Britney started the action, giving Pink a hard slap across her face. The pink-haired antagonist retaliated by stomping down on Britney’s foot, kicking her in the shin, kneeing her in the stomach, and grabbing Britney’s long blonde hair. She pulled Britney’s hair so hard that Britney was bent over at the waist so far that she had to reach behind her to keep her miniskirt from hiking and revealing her pink panties. The crowd that had followed them out of the restaurant shouted at Pink to keep pulling Britney’s blonde locks. Someone screamed, “Come on Britney, pull the pink-haired ho’s pants down!”

Despite having her head down, the blonde managed to grab the waist of Pink’s tight pink shorts and jerk them down to her knees, revealing a pair of lacy pink thong panties. The flustered pink-haired beauty let Britney go and bent over to pull her shorts back up. Britney quickly made her move, grabbing the pink-haired beauty by her hair and throwing her to the grass. She then jumped on top of her.

Britney moved so that she was sitting on Pink’s chest, the sexy pink-haired tough girl started bucking feverishly and sent the sexy blonde flying off her. The two singers were lying on their sides, but were so close to each other that they turned to face each other and started clawing at each others’ chests, while they moved their feet in an effort to kick each other. Britney reached out, grabbed Pink’s tight white T-shirt and pulled it off. As Pink instinctively covered her breasts, Britney kicked her in the stomach and then stood up so that she could go on the attack. Without a moment of hesitation, the muscular blonde grabbed Pink’s shorts, which were still at her knees, and ripped them off. As Pink bucked in an effort to keep her shorts on, her pink heels went flying off.

The pink-haired star was being embarrassed by the blonde. Britney was not the wimp that Pink had thought and was giving her a humiliating beating, which had included being stripped down to her white bra and pink thong panties. Her embarrassment caused her to wonder if she had made a big mistake. Pink also realized that she had to do something to change the complexion of the fight quickly. She decided to fight more aggressively, suddenly jumping up and attacking Britney. The pink-haired beauty caught Britney by surprise, making it easy to grab the blonde’s red halter top with both hands, and rip it off. Britney’s shapely breasts had been exposed, revealing her bright tan and making it obvious to all observers that Britney often sunned herself in the nude.

All of the male spectators pointed to Britney’s tits and cheered loudly while the blonde’s face turned bright red. Britney quickly covered her tits with her hands and started backing away from Pink, who followed, slapping Britney’s face several times. When the blonde finally tried to protect her face, Pink grabbed the front of Britney’s white mini-skirt and pulled it until it ripped. She then threw the skirt at Britney, hitting the blonde in the face. Britney tried to keep her tits covered with one hand and her groin with the other.

Pink reached for Britney’s hands, trying to pull them away from the areas she was trying to protect, but failed when Britney slapped the pink-haired beauty’s hands away. As the blonde slapped Pink’s hands away, the pink-haired rock star saw her opening and grabbed the blonde’s hands as Britney again tried slapping Pink’s hands away. Despite Pink’s tight grip on Britney’s wrists, the blonde managed to break free from the pink-haired star’s vice-like grip and grabbed Pink’s bra, tearing one of the shoulder straps.

Britney was desperate to rip Pink’s bra off and the guys in the crowd encouraged her efforts, since everyone wanted to see the pink-haired beauty’s tits. Britney quickly tore the other strap of Pink’s bra and raised her hands in victory as Pink’s breasts bounced for a couple of seconds. Once again, Pink became angry and attacked the blonde, grabbing the sides of Britney’s panties.

Britney frantically grabbed her panties and shouted, “Stop it! Let go!”

Then Britney kicked Pink in the shin, distracting her, grabbed Pink’s tits and started squeezing them. The pink-haired tough girl screamed out and grabbed Britney’s wrists in an effort. She desperately tried to free Britney’s hands from her breasts, but was unable to. Despite her pain, she again grabbed Britney’s panties with both hands and ripped them off. Although Britney was still in control, she panicked and let go of Pink’s breasts.

Pink immediately went on the attack, hitting the blonde in her throat with the palm of her hand. As Britney grabbed her injured throat, Pink quickly jerked her head forward and butted Britney over her eyes. Britney’s legs buckled and she staggered backwards. The pink-haired beauty had the blonde strong girl in trouble and was not about to let her recover. She quickly grabbed Britney’s breasts, swung her around once and threw her down. The terrified blonde fell hard; her head bouncing off the ground.

As Britney’s naked body lay on the grass, Pink put her left foot on Britney’s pussy and pushed down with all her might. The blonde grabbed Pink’s ankle with both hands and tried to remove her foot, but the hard fall had weakened Britney and she was unable to move Pink’s foot. Pink could sense Britney was finished and decided that she was going to humiliate her blonde-haired foe.

Britney unsuccessfully continued to try and remove Pink’s foot as Pink laughed aloud and disdainfully told the blonde, “Hon, this fight is over and you lost. But I’m not done with you yet!”

When Pink lifted her foot from Britney’s pussy, the blonde rolled over onto her stomach trying to protect her savaged breasts. Now that the nude blonde star was on her stomach, Pink dropped on Britney’s back and bounced up and down a few times. After deciding she’s inflicted some serious pain on Britney, Pink decided to try a different method. She grabbed Britney’s long blonde hair in one hand, then reached behind her with the other and swatted the blonde superstar’s bare ass cheeks as the crowd roared with laughter.

The humiliated blonde was sobbing and begging for mercy, which made Pink decide it was time to end the public spanking. She let go of Britney’s hair and stood up. She then reached down and grabbed the beaten blonde by the hair again and yanked her hair so that Britney was on her feet. Still holding Britney’s blonde locks, Pink started dragging her around so that the crowd could get a good look at the beaten blonde’s chest.

After dragging her around, Pink yanked Britney’s head backwards, and kneed her in the back several times, before throwing her to the ground one more time. Pink put her foot on the small of Britney’s back and asked, “Have you had enough, or do you want some more?”

When Britney didn’t answer, Pink leaned forwards, grabbed Britney’s hair one more time and pulled her head back, “So what’s it gonna be? Give up or you wanna keep fighting?”

Finally Britney answered, “I quit! You win.”

Pink raised her hands in the air to signal victory and then said, “Okay bitch, tell everyone you’re a ‘worthless ho.’”

Britney mumbled, “I’m a worthless ho.”

Pink looked around to see how the crowd was reacting, “Now tell everyone ‘Pink kicked my ass.’”

Realizing that she had no alternative, Britney mumbled, “Pink kicked my ass.”

Pink stuck her foot near Britney’s mouth, “Okay Britney, now kiss my foot.”

Britney didn’t hesitate to do as she was ordered, kissing Pink’s foot.

Pink turned to the crowd, “I can make her do anything I want. She’s tougher than I thought, but I still gave her an ass whippin’ and an ass whippin’ should end with an ass-kissing.” She looked down at the sobbing blonde and smiled, “Your choice Honey, either kiss it or get your ass kicked some more,” then she and shoved her ass in Britney’s face.

Realizing there was no other alternative, Britney did as she was commanded and kissed Pink’s shapely ass as Pink looked up at the spectators and declared proudly, “Well, it looks like my work here is finished. Who wants to take me shopping and then out for a drink?”

Someone took off their shirt and handed it to Pink. She put it on and started to walk away. A large entourage followed Pink as she headed for a salon so that she could replace her torn clothing. A few spectators stayed behind to help the badly beaten and humiliated blonde. Pink and her entourage had a great time. After buying a new outfit, she and her entourage headed for a bar, where Pink and her new fan club celebrated her victory over her hated rival.
2-Laura Prepon vs. Christina Ricci by Bob

Christina Ricci and Laura Prepon were signed to do a movie together. At first, the tiny, muscular brunette and the tall athletic redhead got along really well. The two traveled together and did a lot of publicity appearances to promote the movie. However, as the two continued to travel together they started to get on each other’s nerves. Despite being intelligent, the giant redhead was turned off by the intellectual Ricci, who was incredibly intelligent. The tall redhead seemed to think that Ricci liked flaunting her intelligence, especially at Laura’s expense. Laura was far more outgoing than Christina and had a penchant for cursing a lot, which upset the tiny brunette.

After going on a promotional appearance and listening to the redhead’s colorful vocabulary, Christina had enough. Upon returning to their hotel room she finally told Laura in a very curt manner that she found Laura’s vocabulary offensive. Realizing that she had gotten under Christina’s skin, Laura started cursing even more. Finally the tiny brunette had had enough. She told her giant co-star that she had better clean up her act or else. In addition to being an athlete, the giant redhead, enjoyed horsing around and rough-housing and she also enjoyed fighting. Being tall and very strong, she was a natural fighter, and she had a mean streak - she enjoyed hurting people and, although she generally liked to take on people her own size, her desire to take the intellectual down a peg made her relish the thought of fighting the tiny brunette, especially since she took Christina’s ‘or else’ as a challenge.

The rugged Laura towered over little Christina. The giant redheaded Amazon was an imposing 5’10” tall, while the tiny Christina was only 5’1”. The two beauties were in high heels, mini-skirts, and blouses. Christina was developing a reputation of being a great fighter with incredible strength. Because of her diminutive size everyone she fought was taller than her and like Laura, she seemed to take delight in sadistically torturing and humiliating everyone she fought, especially since she was so much shorter than anyone she had fought. However, she had never fought anyone as tall or as muscular as the redhead. Nor had she ever fought anyone who had a mean streak like Laura’s.

As the two combatants circled each over, the tall redhead said, “If I were you I would go home and come back when you grow up.”

The tiny brunette looked at her giant foe and said, “Well you aren’t me.” Trying to gain a psychological advantage, the muscular shrimp lied, saying, “I’ve had fights against women that were taller than you and I didn’t have any trouble chopping them down and I’m going to chop you down too.”

As the giant redhead reached out and tried to grab the tiny brunette, she said, “Well none of them were me.”

Christina was ready for the redhead’s move and moved to her right. As she moved, she grabbed Laura’s plaid skirt and ripped it off. She then grabbed Laura’s blouse, pulling it towards herself and up until it covered Laura’s head, leaving the redheaded giant unable to see and helpless. Although Christina had muscular arms and wide shoulders, Laura had underestimated her opponent’s strength. While Laura struggled to remove her blouse so that she could give her tiny rival a beating,

Christina started punching the redhead in her surprisingly soft stomach with sledgehammer-like lefts and rights. She continued throwing punches, hard punches that hindered Laura from freeing herself from her restrictive blouse. Finally the tall redhead started staggering backwards from the volley of hard punches, until she eventually fell forwards, leaning against the mighty mite in a desperate clinch so that she could stop Christina’s lethal assault.

The “That Seventies Show” star was gasping for air and her soft stomach had turned beet red from Christina’s barrage of punches. Desperate to stop the tiny brunette’s attack, the redhead managed to shift so that her blouse was no longer covering her eyes. Laura continued to hold on to the tiny brunette for all she was worth, her muscles straining as she struggled to keep the brunette from getting free. Christina was also straining her muscles in an effort to free herself. Laura’s size and weight advantage was starting to take a toll on Christina and she was starting to tire. She wanted to free herself or push the Amazon bitch backwards until Laura had her back against a wall.

As Laura continued to lean against the brunette and hold her, she somehow managed to grab Christina’s red skirt and rip it off. Laura was frantically trying to recover from the battering she had received moments earlier. As she continued to press her body against Christina’s; the tiny brunette brought her knee up and rammed it as hard as she could into Laura’s crotch. Laura groaned in agony and slowly collapsed to the floor. Christina quickly moved in and mounted the giant redhead. Sitting on the giant redhead’s stomach Christina swung and landed a roundhouse right on Laura’s jaw. Christina threw another right to Laura’s chin and the redhead tried to cover her face so Christina contemplated battering the redhead’s massive alabaster torpedoes, however, she knew Laura was in bad shape and couldn’t beat her or hurt her, plus she loved the challenge of trying to punch Laura’s protected face.

Christina took her time, looking for an opening. As she continued to look for an opening, Laura suddenly bucked and threw the tiny brunette off. Despite being slowed down by the brunette’s early attack, Laura was still too big and strong for Christina and easily mounted her tiny opponent. She then landed a couple of hard punches to Christina’s face and breasts. The giant redhead had been caught by surprise at first. However, she used her size and strength and suddenly took control of the fight. With each hard punch, Christina would grimace. Laura was taking her time, getting her second wind, while Christina was tiring for Laura’s weight advantage. Now it was Laura who took her time, making sure to spot her punches. Laughing at her tiny foe every time she landed a hard punch. The cocky giant was having a good time. Christina was defenseless and tiring badly.

However, the fiery brunette suddenly bucked and lifted Laura just enough to bring her knee up and catch the redhead in her groin. Laura grabbed her groin and fell side-wards. Christina was back on top and seeing the redhead holding her sore groin, the brunette went on the attack, throwing caution to the wind and throwing lefts and rights at a feverish pace. She was suddenly mauling the redhead, throwing lefts and rights to the redhead’s face. Despite protecting her face, Laura was defenseless, and Christina was landing punch after punch. Like Laura had earlier, Christina had managed to get her second wind and was making the most of it.

Despite getting pounded, Laura was still game and made a desperate effort to grab Christina’s chest. However, Christina anticipated what Laura was going to do and grabbed the giant’s wrists. The tiny brunette held the giant redhead’s wrists tightly, trying to force them to the floor. Laura struggled to free her hands. But little by little, the tiny brunette started forcing her taller foe’s arms to the floor. As Laura’s arms hit the floor, Christina quickly let go and started throwing more lefts and rights, landing punch after punch until Laura’s face became a mask of crimson red as blood poured from cuts all over her face. She had taken a lot of punishment from Christina and no longer had any strength left. She knew she was not going to get Christina off or stop her barrage of punches.

Finally the big redhead cried out, “I give up. No more, you win.”

Christina got up and stood over her beaten foe. “Hey Red, you disappointed me. I thought you would at least give me a workout,” she gloated as she put a foot on Laura’s stomach and threw her hands in the air. “Any time you want a rematch let me know.” She then turned and walked away.
3-Laura Prepon vs. Christina Ricci (Rematch) by Bob

Word had spread quickly that Christina had given her quite a beating and Laura did not like being laughed at by those who knew of the fight. Despite losing the fight to Christina, Laura knew she was stronger than the brunette. She was still very arrogant, trying to push Christina’s buttons and goad her into another fight. She was driven to get revenge, especially since she knew Christina was lucky to win their fight. The redhead did whatever she could to get the brunette to show her mettle and challenge her. However, Christina wouldn’t bite and Laura was frustrated waiting for Christina to challenge her.

Frustrated that Christina would not challenge her, Laura decided the only way they were going to fight again was if she initiated the fight. “I’ve been trying to get you to fight me again since we started shooting. You were lucky the first time and we both know it. I’m going to give you the ass-kicking of a lifetime. Meet me on the back lot behind the set when we’re done shooting today. And if you’re too chicken shit to show I’ll meet you in your dressing room and tear you apart in there.”

Christina stared contemptuously at her antagonist. “It’s too bad we have to wait. I’m so afraid I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish today’s scenes. I’ll be there big mouth and if you don’t show I’ll be in your dressing room and we’ll get it done in there.”

Neither actress was particularly effective as both eagerly awaited their rematch. Finally a frustrated director said, “This is a waste of time. Let’s call it a day.” He then turned to his two actresses and said, “Ladies, I hope the two of you will be able to do a better job tomorrow. Have a good evening.”

Accompanied by many cast and staff members, the two young actresses headed for the area that Laura had designated as the site of their second fight. As the two women squared off and closed the distance, Laura tried to grab Christina by her shoulders. However, Christina grabbed the big redhead’s pink mini-skirt and tried to yank it up over Laura’s head. As Laura grabbed her shirt and tried to pull it back down, Christina walloped the redhead in the left ear with a backhanded slap. Laura awkwardly stumbled backwards, losing her balance, and fell to the ground.

The tiny terror, easily managed to grab both Laura’s skirt and white blouse and rip them off as the redhead fell backwards. She then stood over her fallen foe, positioning herself so that she was able to straddle the redhead’s body before she could move. Christina then smacked the giant in her left ear again, this time with hard right handed, roundhouse punch. The two shots to Laura’s left ear hurt very much and Laura couldn’t believe how dizzy she felt. Despite being dizzy, the redhead tried to cover her face with her left hand, while tugging at Christina’s beige skirt with her right hand. Although Laura was unable to remove the brunette’s skirt she was able to use her superior size and strength, and pull Christina down to the ground.

The brunette mighty mite was much quicker than Laura and had superior skill as a fighter. She moved behind the redhead, and overpowered her so that she was sitting on Laura’s chest. As Christina straddled Laura’s, the big redhead kicked and bucked wildly, until she managed to throw the smaller brunette off. Laura who had been reduced to wearing just her bra and panties very early in the fight decided she was going to even the score. She turned so that she was facing the brunette, reached out, and grabbed the brunette’s brown blouse, and tore it off. She then ripped Christina’s skirt off just as she had planned.

Laura was still dizzy and on her knees when Christina attacked. Seeing the brunette coming at her, Laura sprang at Christina, locking her arms around her tiny foe’s waste and the two wildcats started rolling around on the ground. The tall redhead made the most of her weight advantage. However, Laura was huffing and puffing, while Christina was barely winded. Laura tried to catch her breath while in a kneeling position, but; Christina threw her head towards the redhead, butting her in the stomach and knocking the wind out of the tired, and dizzy redheaded Amazon.

Once again Christina moved like a cat, jumping on Laura’s back and pulling her long red hair. The redhead bravely fought back, grabbing Christina’s wrists and holding them tightly in an effort to get Christina to let go of her hair. Although she couldn’t remove Christina’s hands from her hair, she managed to prevent Christina from yanking her head from side to side or pushing her head down and grinding her face into the ground. The redhead was still dizzy, Christina was on her back, and had her hands locked in Laura’s long, red hair.

But; big Red was able to use her brute strength to stand up and she managed to somehow turn so that she was looking Christina in the eyes and holding her in a clinch. Sensing Laura was about to gain an advantage, perhaps even get her down, the petite brunette let go of Laura’s hair with her right hand and smashed her in the jaw with a short clubbing punch. Laura let go of the tiny brunette as her legs buckled and she staggered to her right. Although Christina hadn’t thrown a great punch, it was the most dangerous punch a fighter could throw; one that catches the opponent by surprise, the punch that the opponent doesn’t see.

Laura had finally realized she needed more than her superior strength to defeat Christina. The brunette was much quicker, more experienced, meaner, a better fighter, and had superior instincts. If Laura was going to beat the petite brunette she was going to have to figure out how to outsmart her opponent and slow her down. As Laura tried to recover and decide what her next move would be, Christina struck, smashing her knee into Laura’s crotch. Laura fell backwards as if she had been shot and groaned as she rolled around on her hands and knees.

Not wanting to let Laura recover, Christina mounted her foe, sitting on the small of Laura’s back. She used her powerful legs to pin Laura’s arms at her sides. She then grabbed Laura’s red hair and started pushing her head down, grinding Laura’s pretty face into the ground. The brunette quickly and masterfully maneuvered until she was able to plant her groin down on Laura’s neck. Christina then smashed Laura with a rock hard thigh and knee against the side of the redheaded Amazon’s head. Laura’s eyes rolled until only the whites were showing. However, with her lying on her stomach, the brunette didn’t see Laura’s eyes. Even if Laura had been on her back the brunette wouldn’t have noticed the redhead’s eyes, she was on a mission, a mission to destroy her enemy. Christina wrapped her powerful right arm around the redhead’s throat. The tiny brunette held the giant redheaded bully in a crippling arm bar choke hold. Laura couldn’t breathe and lay motionless. Despite gasping for air, the brunette could still hear Laura sobbing.

“So, what did you say you were going to do to me? Was I lucky this time too? Looks like I’m giving you a worse beating this time than last time.” Christina taunted as she continued to hold onto Laura’s throat tightly while she raised her shapely, well-curved, ass in the air and then plopped down upon Laura’s upper body.

Laura continued to lie helplessly as Christina decided to teach the abrasive redhead that actions speak louder than words. She leaned forwards and to her right as she sank her sharp teeth into the redhead’s ear. Christina then got up, stomped down on the redhead’s back, and walked away. The very little vicious vixen knew it would be a long time before Laura would boast about who was tougher or try to push her around.
4-Ashley Judd vs. Leah Lail by Bob

Two University of Kentucky Wildcat alumnae and former calendar girls, Ashley Judd and Leah Lail were arguing hot and heavy. Both Ashley and Leah were kick boxers. Both had been quite good at it. The two often frequented the same nightspots and always seemed to find some form of competition. Leah always seemed to get the best of Ashley and Leah’s popularity irritated Ashley. Although Ashley was a movie star and a leading lady, Ashley did not like the fact that Leah seemed to be more recognizable because of her role on the television series VIP Although Ashley was prettier than the blonde, Leah had the better body and seemed to enjoy flaunting her large chest, which also irritated the taller brunette. The argument started after Leah won a wet T-shirt contest and Ashley had finally had enough. The two argued loudly until they were told to continue their argument outside.

The two stepped outside and continued arguing about who the better woman was until Leah finally said, “You think you’re a better woman than me! Well, you’re a kick boxer and so am I. I beat you in a wet T-shirt contest and I can beat you in a fight.”

Ashley put her hands on her hips and stared defiantly into Leah’s eyes. “Could you really?”

Leah laughed, “With no sweat.”

Ashley had had enough of Leah and said, “Ready whenever you are tough girl. We’ll see who the better woman is.”

Leah smiled and said, “How about if we make it interesting, loser never shows her face in any of the nightspots we go to ever again.”

Ashley laughed and said, “Too bad, some of the men are going to miss you, but I won’t. Agreed.”

Ashley then pushed Leah. Leah, who was taken by surprise, stumbled, but quickly recovered, slapped Ashley in the mouth and then quickly grabbed Ashley’s tight black dress, ripped it off, and threw it into the crowd of spectators. Several men reached for the dress and started fighting for the interesting trophy. Ashley had been caught by surprise. She stood for a second or two, staring at her body, as if she wasn’t sure what had happened. Her inactivity was all that Leah needed, and she grabbed Ashley’s bra and ripped it off.

Suddenly, Ashley threw a left-right combination. Much to Ashley’s surprise, Leah was exceptionally quick and easily blocked both punches. Leah then leaped high in the air and kicked Ashley in the face with a left-right combination. Ashley’s legs buckled, blood trickled out of her mouth, and she fell backwards to the ground. Not only was Leah good, but she was incredibly good. Ashley had never seen anyone land a combination with their feet before, especially while they were in the air, and the fact that Leah was wearing heels made the kick even more incredible. With Ashley stunned and lying on the ground, Leah grabbed Ashley’s black panties and ripped them off. She then stuffed them into the brunette’s mouth. Leah then grabbed Ashley’s hair and lifted her to her feet. She kicked Ashley in the stomach, causing the panties to fly out of the brunette’s mouth. The shorter blonde followed her kick with a right to Ashley’s jaw. Ashley again tumbled backwards and fell against the wall behind the bar.

As Leah went towards Ashley, she grabbed Ashley’s hair again and pulled it hard, jerking the brunette’s head forwards. The muscular blonde then started swinging the brunette beauty around by her hair. Round and round they went: five, ten, fifteen times, before the blonde let her brunette opponent go. Once again, Ashley was on the ground. Leah was unaffected by spinning Ashley around and around and started to talk to the men in the crowd. “How am I doing so far?” When the men started to chant, Leah wiggled for the men, causing them to cheer loudly. “Looks like the tougher Kentucky Wildcat is the blonde chick! Do you want me to finish her off, or torture her for a little while? It doesn’t look like she has much fight left.”

The spectators started chanting. “Torture! Torture!”

Leah walked over to the brunette and stood over the brunette’s prone body. She did another wiggle to turn the men on. She then sat heavily on Ashley’s chest, causing the brunette’s body to start shaking. With Ashley barely conscious, she was unable to fight back. Leah bounced on Ashley’s chest a couple of times, flattening Ashley’s chest. The blonde then maneuvered so that she was sitting on the brunette’s face. Ashley squirmed and tried to pry Leah off her. Leah started bouncing and wiggling.

It was clear Ashley had been sluggish from drinking heavily and Leah was giving her the worst beating anyone could imagine. However, with a surprising show of strength, Ashley seemed to get her second wind and gave Leah a push that sent her toppling face first to the ground. Ashley reached for her rival and hopped aboard like riding a horse. She rode Leah, rubbing her pussy and ass into her shocked opponent’s face as Leah spit and whined, clawing at Ashley’s free hand. Leah’s head bounced from side to side as Ashley sat heavy upon her chest and repeatedly slapped her face with hard lefts and rights.

The lanky brunette was deceptively strong and hurting Leah badly. With each slap, the crowd, which had previously been rooting for Leah, would erupt into loud cheers and call out a number to signify how many times Ashley had hit the blonde. Despite being on the verge of defeat, Ashley had taken control of the fight and was starting to inflict some serious pain on her blonde foe. The brunette had evened up the fight very quickly. But each cheer made the brunette a little cockier about how she had avoided defeat and she made the mistake of assuming the fight was over.

Ashley lifted up a little so that she could sit on Leah’s face. Leah, whose face was beet red from the series of hard slaps and whose back was crimson red from struggling and being pinned managed to escape, moving backwards as Ashley moved towards her face. She quickly pounced on Ashley’s back, wrapped her arm around the brunette’s neck, and forced her foe face down to the ground. With Leah’s muscular arm wrapped around Ashley’s neck, the brunette was having difficulty breathing. Ashley was unable to buck because of Leah’s strength and leverage. However, she was kicking her legs feverishly and using her hands to try and pry Leah’s hand away from her neck.

As the brunette started making less of an effort to escape, the blonde patiently waited until Ashley completely stopped fighting. She then released her hold and shifted so that she could roll Ashley onto her back. She then maneuvered so that she was sitting on Ashley’s face one more time. With Leah sitting on the brunette’s face, she was helpless and finally lapsed into a state of unconsciousness. Leah then rolled Ashley onto her back and wiped her womanhood all over Ashley’s mouth. The crowd went wild as Leah got up and did some flexing and a lot of wiggling. Leah had won the battle of the former Kentucky Wildcat calendar girls and had been exhilarated by the fight. She secretly regretted telling Ashley the loser has to find new bars to hang out in because she wanted a rematch in the worst way.

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