Aaliyah Haughton vs. Beyonce Knowles (Destinies Child) by New 2/4/01

After Aaliyah and Mya's win over Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Here) the two girls where so excited they forgot to thank the people who where responsible for the win, Destinies Child. The girls from Destinies Child found that very offensive as its been about a week and they still haven't heard anything about a thanks so Beyonce, the leader of the group, challenged either one of the two girls to a match to teach them some respect. After Mya and Aaliyah heard the challenge, they quickly accepted, knowing it would be the first time Beyonce had ever been in a catfight - another easy win. After long hours of discussion, it turned out Aaliyah would fight Beyonce and it would happen right now.

Aaliyah and Beyonce stood toe to toe in the ring. Aaliyah had on a brown cotton tube top with a matching leather pants while Beyonce had on a black lace top with a slit down the middle and a ass clenching blue jeans. The two ladies locked up in a test of strength as Beyonce easily pushed Aaliyah down onto her knees. Since Aaliyah had a wide knowledge of catfighting skills, she wisely shoved both her feet up into Beyonce flabby belly and flipped the heavier women over her head.

Beyonce landed hard on the mat and clutched her stomach where Aaliyah had planted both her feet but as she was getting back to her feet, Aaliyah charged the singer and speared her back to the mat. Aaliyah locked Beyonce in a school girl pin and began to punch away at Beyonce's sexy face, causing the poor girl to cry out in pain. In desperation, Beyonce got her hands free and grabbed onto Aaliyah's breasts. Beyonce started to squeeze and pull until she felt Aaliyah's punches start to weaken, then she pulled down Aaliyah's tube top and started to attack her two black balloons.

Aaliyah grunted with each punch but she retaliated by punching Beyonce in her breasts. Just as Aaliyah ripped away Beyonce's top, the singer wrapped her long legs around Aaliyah's neck and flipped her over backward. Aaliyah landed head first with a thud on the mat and it gave both ladies time to get back to their feet. The two ebony ladies stood face to face once again, their bare breasts swayed freely in a snap of a finger the two went at it again. This time, when Aaliyah tried to tackle Beyonce, she ducked just in time to see Aaliyah crash chest-first into the corner pads. Before Aaliyah could turn around, Beyonce ran up like a football player trying to score a field goal and lifted her foot right up between Aaliyah's two tight ass cheeks. The impact lifted Aaliyah off the canvas and the poor girl came down and clutched at her ass. Showing no mercy or remorse, Beyonce kept slamming the heel of her foot into Aaliyah's soft ass cheeks until the actress couldn't take it any more and slumped to the mat.

The crowd cheered as Beyonce first debut match was starting to look like a success so she perched her self on the opposite turnbuckle and waited for Aaliyah to crawl back to her feet. As Beyonce was just a couple of seconds away from jumping on her, Aaliyah staggered up but tripped over her own feet and fell against the ropes causing the ring to shake and making Beyonce drop straight down, landing spread-legged across the top turnbuckle.

This was a huge rookie mistake as Beyonce whimpered in pain. To make things worse, Aaliyah had just noticed what had happened and was coming on the attack again. Beyonce shook her head 'NO' but Aaliyah started to slam fist after fist into Beyonce gut, causing the poor girl to grunt in pain. After one last hard punch, Aaliyah slipped one of her hands under Beyonce crotch and with the other grabbed her around the neck. Then, in one powerful move, lifted the girl up in a military press and held the thick-bodied women in the air. Beyonce was turning red from embarrassment as she felt one of Aaliyah's fingers purposely slip between her pussy lips. It gave her an amazing feeling but she was soon knocked out of it as Aaliyah tossed her gut-first across the top rope.

Beyonce lay draped over the top rope as she broke into tears. Her abused belly became the target of Aaliyah's attack. As she was starting to regain her strength, she felt two cold hands grab the back of her jeans and pull them completely down. Her bare ass was now fully exposed and Aaliyah grabbed the back of her g-string and gave the poor singer a hard wedgie. In the ultimate humiliation, Aaliyah licked her fingers and began to beat the round plump ass cheeks making the blubber jiggle from side to side. Beyonce begged Aaliyah to stop but she had no intention and kept spanking till the tan ass cheeks turned bright red. After one last smack, Aaliyah threw the sobbing girl back into the ring.

Aaliyah looked down and licked her lips watching Beyonce stare back at her in fear but after a last gut punch, Beyonce fears where too much for her. She lost control of herself and let out a long stream of yellow piss. Aaliyah shook her head in pity as she grabbed Beyonce by her long hair and slammed her head down into the yellow puddle, making sure that she would never forget this moment. Aaliyah knew the match was hers and began to mock Beyonce. She spit on her and teased her, but it wasn't long before Aaliyah went on the attack again. She straddled the young singer as she pulled down her own pants, leaving her bottomless, and then lowered her cunt right over Beyonce's mouth. Aaliyah reached back and grabbed Beyonce's virgin pussy lips. Beyonce looked up in fear as she smelt and saw nothing but black curly hair and pink pussy lips. She tried to struggle but was too weak to move as Aaliyah's pussy engulfed her face.

Beyonce screamed when her lips where smashed up against Aaliyah's soiled pussy and the actress began to bump and grind, up and down, riding her face and making sure to warn her that if Beyonce tried to bite her, she'd tear apart her cunt lips. It only took a couple of seconds before Aaliyah burst out in a huge orgasm all over Beyonce's face covering her with her love juices.

One final bump and grind and Aaliyah pinned the woman for the win. She got off the soiled girl and raised her hands in victory as she paraded around the ring. Just as Aaliyah was about to leave the ring, however, Beyonce grabbed her ankles making sure she couldn't leave. Aaliyah was puzzled as she struggled to get free but Beyonce had no intention of letting go so Aaliyah tried to use strength to pry the hands from her feet.

When Aaliyah looked up again, she was shocked to see a whole gang of Beyonce friends standing at the entrance. The gang included Kelly and Michelle (Destinies Child's), Naturi Naughton, Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon (3LW), Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and Halle Berry, all of them Aaliyah's enemies. Aaliyah looked on in fear as they surrounded the ring like vultures - then they swarmed into the ring and pummeled Aaliyah senseless!

Together the eight girls destroyed Aaliyah, then tore away all clothes and held her up as Beyonce staggered to her feet and stepped in front of Aaliyah. Beyonce examined Aaliyah's nude body as she ran her hands up and down, feeling every spot on her until her hands came to rest on Aaliyah's downy pussy. Taking a firm grip, Beyonce squeezed and jammed her fingers into Aaliyah's vagina causing several shudders to come from Aaliyah's body.

"Did ya really think I didn't have a plan, I knew there was a chance that you might beat me so I called up some of my friends just for insurance and trust me by the end of today you will learn what respect means," sneered Beyonce as she gave one last hard tug. Then the nine girls dragged Aaliyah out into a huge van and drove off.

After Aaliyah had been thrown in the van and abducted by Beyonce and her gang, they thought it would be very easy to control the sexy Ebony women. But, they found it very frustrating as Aaliyah's constant bickering and annoying screams made it very hard for them to concentrate. Soon, Beyonce knew it had been a bad idea to abduct Aaliyah so she challenged her to a match. If Aaliyah is able to beat Mandy in the ring she'd get her freedom back, but if she lost she'd have to be their permanent sex pet and do everything they said.

Seeing no other option, Aaliyah agreed so the van did a quick U-turn and they soon found themselves back in the center of the ring. Aaliyah then commented that the only way she would fight was if Beyonce sent her crew back to the locker room. With no hesitation, Beyonce sent her group off leaving only Mandy with Beyonce. The bell was rung and the match for Aaliyah's freedom started.

Aaliyah and Mandy went at it first, exchanging body punches into each other as they both let out all their frustration, hoping to break each other down. It was obvious that Aaliyah was still hurting from her last encounter with Beyonce as Mandy was soon gaining the upper hand. She rocked Aaliyah back into the ropes, then let out flurries of punches all over Aaliyah knocking her over the top rope onto the outside.

While Mandy was in the ring waving to her cheering fans, Beyonce took advantage of this as she grabbed Aaliyah by her throat and flung her into the railing before eventually throwing her back in the ring. Aaliyah staggered to her feet enraged and reached over the top rope, grabbing the clueless Beyonce by her hair. But her attack was quickly broken up when Mandy came from behind her and grabbed her in a waist lock. Aaliyah tried to fight out of Mandy's strong grip but just as she felt Mandy start to loosen her grip, the blonde threw Aaliyah up over her head in a German Suplex, holding on for the pin.

The ref. only got to a two count before Mandy purposely rolled Aaliyah back to the start position and German Suplexed her again - and then a third time! When Mandy tried for the fourth Suplex, however, Aaliyah using her gymnastic skills and did a desperate back flip over Mandy's body and locked on her own waist lock. Mandy let out a grunt as Aaliyah squeezed with all her power, crushing Mandy's poor gut.

Just when the blonde thought Aaliyah was loosening her grip, she felt herself lifted up in the air and then thrown, legs spread, down onto Aaliyah's sharp knee. Mandy bounced off Aaliyah's knee and jumped around in the ring clutching her sore ass but she was quickly brought down with a hard clothesline that knocked the spit out of her.

Aaliyah quickly ran against the rope hoping to land a quick leg drop but from behind her, Beyonce reached in and hooked her legs, tripping her. Aaliyah fell straight down on her chest and the Ebony beauty let out a loud grunt as all the air was driven out of her. To make things worse, Mandy had gotten up and she pounced on her back, locking her in a camel clutch.

Aaliyah screamed in pain as her back was bent in a U! Slowly, but effectively, Aaliyah inched her way toward the ropes where she then grabbed onto the lower strand, braking up the hold. Mandy was relentless, she held the hold just a little bit longer but then broke it, afraid of losing by disqualification. Aaliyah lay on the mat gasping for air but her break didn't last long until Beyonce grabbed her leg and dragged her out of the ring onto the cold cement floor.

Again, Beyonce took advantage of Aaliyah's position as she pulled the singer back onto her feet, then lifted Aaliyah up in a bear hug and slammed her crotch first onto the metal railing. A loud smack echoed through out the building as the crowd was in "aw" as they watched Aaliyah painfully straddle the metal railing. Some of her helpful fans pushed Aaliyah off the railing back onto the floor.

Beyonce grabbed Aaliyah by her hair and flung her back into the ring followed by a loud roar of boos but Beyonce gave them a finger and ignored their comments. In the ring, Mandy quickly pulled Aaliyah back up by her hair and threw her into the ropes then followed up with a hard running cross body block on Aaliyah, knocking her back down to the mat.

The ref. only counted two before Aaliyah powered her way out of it, but in frustration Mandy grabbed Aaliyah's head and began to repeatedly ram it into the mat over and over - almost knocking the poor girl out. Finally Mandy got up and climbed on the top turnbuckle where she did a little dance before leaping right on top of Aaliyah!

Mandy could have easily won the match right there but being a rookie, Mandy stopped and mockingly placed her foot on Aaliyah's heaving chest, expected the ref. to count to three. However, Aaliyah easily rolled out of that. As the Ebony beauty wobbled to her feet and fell back into the turnbuckle hoping to catch her breath, the blonde sent a football punt kick right between Aaliyah's black thighs, connecting with her own 'football.'

Aaliyah screamed at the top of her lungs as she slumped in the corner, her chest heaving from the two on one attack. Using her athletic ability, Aaliyah she easily scouted Mandy's next move as the blonde cockily danced in the opposite corner before charging full speed to splash her. As the blonde jumped in the air, Aaliyah extended her leg, hitting Mandy in the center of her gut. Mandy fell backward on the mat.

In an instant, however, Mandy was back on her feet charging again but this time Aaliyah moved out of the way and Mandy landed chest first on the hard turnbuckles. She stumbled backs into Aaliyah's hands as the ebony women wrapped her long arms around Mandy's chest and grabbed her two huge orbs. Mandy let out a scream as Aaliyah began to tear them apart causing the two white melons to stretch to the limit. It didn't take long until Mandy broke down into tears as she felt her breasts start to swell. With one last tug, Aaliyah lifted the pop star up and slammed her back-first to the mat.

Mandy lay sprawled on the canvas as she clutched at her sore breasts hoping to ease the pain but still angry about the hard cunt bust. Aaliyah grabbed Mandy's ankles and spread her legs apart gazing down into her sweaty cunt. Then, with a wicked smile, Aaliyah jumped up and slammed the point of both knees straight down on Mandy's unprotected crotch. Mandy let out a loud grunt as she'd never been cunt busted before. To add further damage, Aaliyah still held both of Mandy's white ankles and flipped the blonde onto her stomach, then locked on a Boston crab.

The pop star screamed in pain and sweat began to pour out of her body as Aaliyah pulled back hard as she could. Suddenly, out of nowhere she felt Mandy's body slip from her grasp as she was dragged back to the ropes. Aaliyah looked back and saw Beyonce and Mandy locked hands as Beyonce began to pull with all her power hoping to break the hold. Aaliyah quickly dropped Mandy and flung herself over the top rope landing on Beyonce, then began to pound away on her causing short screams to come out of Beyonce' mouth.

Aaliyah left Beyonce beaten on the ground as she reached under the mat and pulled out two tables and a metal folded chair. She threw one table into the ring and set the other one up next to Beyonce. Aaliyah grabbed the metal chair and waited beside Beyonce who was just now getting to her feet. Then, like a bolt, she struck the child in the head, knocking Beyonce on top of the table as blood on her fore head. Aaliyah repeatedly began to slam there chair over and over on Beyonce, making sure she would no longer be a threat. Finally, to add the last domination, Aaliyah climbed on the table with Beyonce, picked her up and power bombed her straight through the wood top onto the floor.

The crowd let out a cheer of approval as Beyonce laid sprawled out on the floor surrounded by wood chips. Going back to business, Aaliyah climbed back onto the ring and looked around for Mandy but she was nowhere to be seen. Aaliyah took this time to set up the second table in the middle of the ring. After setting the table perfectly in the center, Aaliyah looked back just in time to see Mandy leaping with legs spread off the top rope. She landed on Aaliyah's shoulder hoping to hit a hurricaniana but Aaliyah used her incredible balance to hold her position as Mandy desperately tried to fling her back.

Mandy let out a loud groan as she saw Aaliyah position herself right in front of the table. In desperation, Mandy clamped her thighs shut and pressed her crotch on Aaliyah's face hoping to smother her. Just as Mandy felt Aaliyah start to lose consciousness and thought she had the match in the bag, Aaliyah dug her sharp teeth into Mandy's soft crotch and slammed her back-first through the table. The crowd let out cheers and laughter as they saw Mandy's body spread-eagle on the mat.

Knowing he had the match won already, Aaliyah wanted to end this whole situation in style so she pulled Beyonce's still knocked out body into the ring and tossed her 69 on top of Mandy. Aaliyah then climbed the turnbuckle, did a little dance and showboated to the crowd a little. After her celebration, Aaliyah leaped high in the air, did a full flip and landed on her two victims - crushing them under her own weight.

Then, with style, she sat her bare ass on both of them and got the win. The crowd cheered Aaliyah as she had finally proven herself to be a good fighter. She was no longer going to be Beyonce's sex slave. After doing a little tap on both of Mandy and Beyonce' asses, Aaliyah left the ring and headed back to where she was congratulated by her friend Mya.


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