Jessica Alba vs. Shalom Harlow by Amanda

Dark Angel star Jessica Alba had developed a real passion for bullying and humiliating stuck up supermodels, especially so after she had easily thrashed the tall, blonde runway queen Claudia Schiffer in a New York nightclub earlier this year. There was just something about a girl who made thousand's of dollars just to stand there and look pretty that really brought the sexy young brunette starlet's blood to a boil.

So when Jessica saw tall lanky model, and wannabe actress, Shalom Harlow backstage at the annual video fashion awards, naturally she couldn't resist having some fun. This was especially true since Jessica had recently stolen Harlow's highly lucrative L'oreal cosmetics contract, essentially beating the glamour queen at her own game. Jessica waited patiently for her opportunity as she looked on in disgust while the tall, leggy waif, who was decked out in a $10,000 dollar gown, sucked up to fashion industry executives.

All Jessica could think about was wiping that prissy, 'don't hate me because I'm beautiful,' look off her face. So, When Shalom headed for the ladies room ,Jessica instinctively followed. When Jessica entered the ladies room she found Shalom standing in front of the mirror touching up her makeup.

"Hey Miss Priss, what kinda makeup you using these days?" Jessica taunted.

"None of your damn business you little tramp," Shalom hissed.

"OOOOOHHHH that's some tough talk coming from such a big strong girl," Jessica laughed as she grabbed the model's long slender arm. "I think Olive Oyl might have bigger biceps."

"Get your hands off me you little bitch!" Shalom screamed as she pulled her arm away and headed for the door.

But before she got to got to the door Jessica yelled, "Hey tall, dumb and beautiful, you forgot something."

Shalom turned around to see Jessica holding her purse.

"Here catch," Jessica said with a laugh as she threw the purse to Shalom.

Seriously doubting the model's athletic abilities. Sure enough the purse sailed through the lanky model's awkwardly outstretched arm's and hit the wall, spilling it's contents all over the bathroom floor.

"You little witch," Shalom spat as she scrambled to gather up her makeup and personal items.

"AAAAWWWWW. I'm sorry Shalom. I don't know what I was thinking. I should've known a prissy little model like you couldn't catch," Jessica replied mockingly.

Shalom was on the verge of a full blown hissy-fit. Then as she picked up the can of mace she kept in her purse it dawned on her. "I'll fix that cocky little bitch," Shalom thought.

She picked up the mace and pointed it at Jessica and hissed, "Back off you bitch. You're done intimidating me!"

At this point Jessica knew she had to think fast and the street-wise starlet did just that as she drop-kicked the Mace out the surprised model's hand.

"Your gonna pay for that girlie," Jessica spat. "I was just playin' before but now I'm gonna kick your stringbean ass!"

"Come on you big clumsy bitch, hit me!" Jessica taunted as the two women circled each other.

Shalom then gave in to Jessica's taunt's and took a few feeble, uncoordinated swing's at the cocky actress. They all missed badly as Jessica bobbed and weaned like a trained fighter.

"Damn you not only catch like a girl, you hit like one too," Jessica hissed as she drove a hard right into the model's slender midsection.

"OOOOOUUUUFFF!" Shalom groaned as her long legs buckled from the blow and she was sent sprawling on the tile floor.

Jessica wasted no time as she pounced on the retreating supermodel, easily overpowering her and pinning her to the tile floor by sitting on her stomach. By that point Shalom out of fear and desperation, pulled her hands free, reached up and dug her claws into Jessica's halter top. She began to maul and twist Jessica's breasts with her long, professionally manicured nails.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!! you fucking sorry bitch," Jessica screamed, enraged by Shalom's frontal assault on her front.

Jessica in a rage. pulled Shalom's hand's off her tit's but before she could pin her down, Shalom using her long reach, grabbed the mace Jessica had kicked away earlier and sprayed it's contents at the shocked starlet. Once again, Jessica reacted quickly, ducking her head at the last minute. But she was still stunned for Shalom to wriggle free and make a break for the door.

The terrified model headed for the door as fast as her long legs would carry her with Jessica in hot pursuit. Alba grabbed the taller girl by the back of her designer gown, spinning her around and ripping it off her tall, thin frame leaving her in only her push-up bra, matching pink panties and heels.

"Going somewhere girlie?" Jessica taunted.

"Please Jessica.... I'm sorry about the mace. I was scared," Shalom cried as tears streamed down her pretty face.

"You ain't seen scared yet bitch," Jessica spat as she slapped the sobbing model across the face splitting her lip.

"Please stop Jessica, you're gonna ruin my face."

"That's the whole idea Ms. I Make Millions Just to Stand and Look Pretty," Jessica taunted.

She repeatedly slapped the model across the face, backing her into the wall. Shalom at this point was too scared and to weak to defend herself as her long arms hung limply at her sides, her once pretty face a tear-stained mask of blood and mascara.

Jessica proceeded to strip the once haughty model, shoving her panties in her mouth and binding her wrists with her bra leaving her with nothing but her thigh high stocking's and heels.

Jessica pulled the beaten and humiliated model to her feet by her slender arm, looked her up and down said, "Your weak ass is even more pathetic than I thought!"

Then she shoved the model out the bathroom door and spat, "Come on Miss Priss, let's see how beautiful they think you are now."

Jessica dragged the humiliated model through a crowd of onlookers toward the fashion executives Then, with a display of sheer power and athleticism, she bodyslammed the tall girl's naked body down on the table in front of the cosmetic's display.

"This bitch is in desperate need of a makeover," she laughed.

Then Jessica strutted proudly toward the door, leaving yet another beaten and humiliated model in her wake.