Ambush Pt. 1: Magic Hour (Karen McDougal vs. Alyssa Milano) by Irish

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Karen had just returned from her morning run when she heard the commotion near the front entrance to the mansion. Not breaking stride she continued running toward the activity. When she reached it, she saw the groundskeepers standing over the nude, bound Maria Checa. Seeing her condition, Karen shooed the men away, picked up the little Playmate and carried her to the mansion. Laying her on the kitchen counter, Karen began to care for her injured colleague while another girl ran to tell Hef and Christy.

By the time Hef arrived, Karen had already cleaned Maria's cuts and was applying ice to the black and blues bruised to reduce the swelling. After Maria was given a cool drink of water, she told them what had happened to her; how she'd run into Alyssa Milano and about the fight. After Maria had been beaten and surrendered, however, Alyssa continued to beat her. Then she hog-tied her and dumped her body at the mansion to send a message to Playboy that she wanted Kelly Monaco in the ring! Karen was pissed because this wasn't Alyssa's first run in with one of her Playmate friends!

"Fuck her Hef!" Karen screamed. "Lemme go over there right now and beat her to a pulp!"

But Hef told Karen he wouldn't allow it because it would inevitably get into the media that whenever Playboy had trouble with someone they sent one of their enforcers to make things right. "We don't need that kind of negative publicity. Besides," he explained. "You're too big and strong for little Alyssa. I'll have to find someone more her size if we want to even the score. Otherwise, we'll all look foolish. So just forget it, alright?"

Karen argued that she already had a history with Alyssa and that since her match with Jeri Ryan, she 'owed' Alyssa some payback for her interference. But her arguments fell on deaf ears. Hef had made his decision. With Karen still barking on his heels, Hef stormed off to his office to call Alyssa's agent to setup the match with Monaco that Alyssa wanted. He was on the phone in a heartbeat explaining to Alyssa's agent she had some unfinished business with Playboy and he wanted it resolved immediately. But Karen hadn't given up and she argued the whole time Hef was on the phone, hound him over and over.

Alyssa's agent had no idea what was going on or what 'unfinished business' Alyssa could possibly have with Playboy. But one thing he knew - when Hef himself had you on the phone you treat him with kid gloves if you ever want a favor in tinsel town. He assured Hef he'd look into it immediately and get right back to him.

As soon as he got off the phone, the agent called Alyssa and asked what the hell was going on. He told her of the phone call from Hef and Alyssa laughed as she said she'd be right over. Like all good agents, Alyssa's agent had his recorder running during Hef's phone call. It was crucial in his business to ensure the accuracy of the deals being made; plus a little blackmail insurance was always helpful to make sure a temperamental starlet didn't dump you at the drop of a hat. When Alyssa arrived, he played the tape for her. It took several replays to hear the entire message because of her comments and laughter.

Finally Alyssa sat upright and yelled, "Stop it! Play that part again...slow!"

Alyssa's agent used his computer to clean up the sound quality as he honed in on the section of tape Alyssa was concerned with. At one point during the tape Hef had covered the mouthpiece with his hand and in a very stern voice they heard him say clear as day, "Karen stop it! Enough already!"

"Who the fuck is this Karen bitch anyway?" Alyssa wanted to know.

After playing the tape several more times and more tweaking by the computer, they made out the woman's voice. Alyssa thought it sounded familiar and asked her agent if he still had the tape from the Blalock-Garner fight.

Her agent spun around to the credenza behind his desk and came up with a tape. They put it into his VCR and hit play. It only took about thirty seconds before Alyssa confirmed exactly what she'd suspected. The Karen who wanted to 'teach her a lesson' was none other then Karen McDougal.

"Well screw her! She wants a piece of me? Fine, but it's going to be on my terms and it's going to be a public humiliation. I've had it with those Playmates! This is gonna end it once and for all."

After watching more of the tape, her agent asked, "What are you, crazy? Look at the size of that woman, she'd kill you!"

"You just find out where and when she'll appear in public next and leave the rest to me!" Alyssa yelled.

Her agent began working the phones to find out what his client wanted to know. In the meantime, with a remote in hand, Alyssa watched Karen getting whacked by the chair over and over in slow motion.

After about ten minutes, the agent had an answer. Karen was scheduled to appear on Magic Johnson's "The Magic Hour" in two days. When he told her that, Alyssa said that'd do just fine, then gave him a kiss and a big hug. "And you're not going to believe this," he added when he caught his breath. "But that jackass Howard Stern's gonna be on the show too."

After thinking about it, Alyssa smiled, "That'll work out even better. Now be a good boy and fetch me a drink, I have some calls to make."

While the agent was out getting coffee, Alyssa made her calls. When she finished and left in a cheerful mood, the agent checked his phone recorder to find out who she'd called. To his surprise, she'd disabled the recorder. All he could tell was that she'd made three calls from his office.

Two nights later, Karen was waiting in the green room as Stern did his usual routine, ragging on anyone and everyone.

Finally, Magic said, "Now Howard I expect you to be on your best behavior. Our next guest is 1998 Playmate of The Year, Karen McDougal"

The words had barely left Magic's lips when Howard said, "I bet I can get her to blow me right here on the show!"

Magic was less then amused and told him to knock it off as Karen's came out. When she entered the set, she gave Magic a polite kiss on the cheek before she turned to Stern, glared at him and took a seat.

"What no kiss for me?" The king of all media protested with a mock pout.

Karen looked him straight in the eye and said, "Not in this lifetime! And just so you know, there's a monitor in the green room so I heard everything you said!"

Howard's jaw dropped and for the first time that night he was speechless while Magic looked like he was going to wet himself. After some small talk about her upcoming projects, Magic asked Karen about the splits she does in many of her layout photos. Howard had found his voice again and was egging her on to do one on the show. Karen looked at Magic and after some encouragement of the studio audience, she agreed to do one.

Karen was wearing a tight black dress with spaghetti straps but on either side of the dress were slits that traveled almost all the way up to just below her hips. Two stools were brought out about thirty inches high and they were set up about three feet apart. Karen stood between the two stools and hiked up her dress to expose her shapely legs to the upper thigh.

Howard broke into a sweet and whipped the studio audience into a frenzy, "Karen, I'm deeply sorry about my earlier comments. Hell, this could turn out to be better'n a blowjob."

Karen grew red with anger as she shot him an evil look. With her eyes staring daggers into Stern, who took a place directly in front of her, Karen put one leg on each stool, then lowered herself into a perfect split hovering with her butt level with the stools 30" off the floor.

With her total focus on Stern, Karen never saw Rose McGowan and Shannen Doherty as they ran out from behind the curtain behind her. Each 'Charmed' witch quickly threw a leg over a stool as they each sat on one of Karen's knees, trapping her with her legs spread in the split position. As Karen's eyes opened wide and her mouth opened to ask what the hell was happening, they each grabbed an arm and pulled it to their body and clasped it under their arm, trapping the Playmate in a wide open and totally vulnerable position.

As Karen protested and demanded they let her go, Alyssa suddenly came out and stopped in front of her, "So big shot, you want a piece of me! Well here I am you stupid air-head bimbo!"

Magic asked Alyssa, "What's going on Alyssa? This wasn't on the schedule the show...was it?"

Alyssa just laughed and said, "It's OK Magic. We're here to help you with your pitiful ratings."

As Alyssa and Magic chatted back and forth over her head, Karen's legs began to tremble from the strain of holding her wide split for so long. She struggled to free herself from her captors but in her position, against two women, it was a futile attempt even for someone as strong as Karen.

"So," Alyssa sneered. "You're here to show off your 'talent' and spreading your legs is the best you can do? Gee whiz, you really MUST have been Playmate of the Year with a talent as unique as that!" Then she turned to the camera and added, "Folks, this is why I hate Playmates! If they're not flat on their back or have their head under someone's desk, you invariably find their only other talent IS spreading their legs!

Karen groaned as she demanded the other two witches let her go and promised she'd show Alyssa what other talents she had. Just as the words were out of her mouth, Alyssa spun around and drove her foot straight up between Karen's wide-open spread legs. With her muscles so taut and her legs stretched as wide as they'd go, Alyssa's shoe wedged deeply into her open pussy. Karen let out a blood-curdling scream as her body lifted up and then dropped back shaking from the impact!

As tears welled in Karen's eyes and a dark red blush rose on her cheeks, Alyssa yelled, "Shut up bimbo! Nobody told you, you could talk!"

Magic rushed forward to try and stop the attack but was grabbed by Stern, "Wait! Let 'em go! I told you this was going to be better then sex! Hell, I wish I could get an act like this on MY show. I'd kill for the ratings you're gonna have."

Karen's beloved Irish had been sitting front row center for her appearance and when he saw Alyssa kick her, he leapt from his seat and stormed toward the set to come to her aid. Unfortunately, the crazed fan (or so he appeared to be) was quickly intercepted by show security who figured if he wasn't in on the act he'd ruin everything. Meanwhile, Karen's flushed face dropped down until her chin was deep in her heaving cleavage.

Alyssa approached Karen and yanked her head up by the hair, shoved her nose in her face demanding, "Hey what're you looking at down there! Let's let everyone see what's so interesting!"

She grabbed the front of Karen's dress and pulled down, snapping the thin straps and baring her breasts. Alyssa once more lifted Karen's head, this time by the chin, and stared deep into her now frightened eyes. Slowly, Alyssa bent and gave Karen's gasping lips a huge seductive kiss just like her lesbian scene with Charlotte Lewis in 'Embrace of the Vampire.'

By now, Stern had his hand in his pants working his crank as he muttered, "See bitch, maybe if you're a little friendlier to me earlier I might be helping you right now!"

"Don't worry Howie," Alyssa told him. "Like I said on the phone the other day, there'll be plenty a time to get friendly later."

Rose and Shannen began to use their free hands to fondle Karenís breasts, plucking and tweaking her nipples which began to grow aroused in spite of herself. While her friends teased Karenís nipples erect, Alyssa grabbed the hem of Karen's dress and lifted, tucking it into her top which now hung below her breasts. It left all of Karen's exquisite body exposed save the small strip around her stomach still covered by the rolled up dress. This left Karen's g-string panties on view and the audience craned forward to get a better look.

"Oh look what we have here!" Alyssa gushed excitedly as she knelt between Karen's still widespread legs.

Alyssa grabbed Karen by the hair and again hauled her head up so she could look her in the eye. Smiling wickedly, Alyssa began caressing Karenís pussy, stroking it slowly and erotically until Karen couldnít help herself and started to respond. Then, with a cruel sneer, Alyssa drove a powerful uppercut from the floor directly up between her legs; the fist THUDed into Karen's hard pubic mound and she grunted in pain. Then Alyssa began to piston-punch, slamming her knuckles over and over into Karenís pussy until, with a whimper, she simply passed out from the overwhelming pain. But Alyssa cruelly slapped her awake - she wasn't done and the "Magic Hour" still had 25 minutes left!

It took all three security guards to keep Irish pinned to the floor as Alyssa tortured and abused his beloved Karen. They had to threaten to remove him from the studio if he didn't stop fighting - and that only kept him calm enough that all three of them could barely hold him! He watched in horror as Alyssa grabbed the front of Karen's g-string panties and jerked up, slicing the tiny patch of cloth deep into the gaping slit of Karen's pounded purple pubic patch.

"Well, you're not so tough after all are you?" Alyssa purred as she ran her fingernail slowly over the swollen, bruised flesh bulging out either side of the near invisible g-string. "Gee, with a little equalizer for your size advantage, you turn into just another sniveling Playmate bimbo!" she chuckled as she closed her hand on Karen's battered pussy and gave it a hard squeeze that brought new tears to Karen's red-rimmed eyes.

Then Alyssa collected Karen's full breasts in her hands, digging her newly manicured fingernails deep into the soft flesh beneath the dangling boobs. She stabbed her thumbnails into the areolas as she twisted her wrists, the agonizing pain driving Karen to a whole new level of shrieking, babbling torment. Magic was finally able to break free from Stern and charged over to break up the nationally televised torture session. Once security realized they were working for "the Magic Hour" and not Jerry Springer, they hurriedly joined their boss in breaking up the women. Magic restrained Alyssa while Rose and Shannen were forcibly dragged off of Karen by security. Finally free of her captors clutches, Karen pitched forward and crashed to the carpet face down, her ankles still resting on the two stools with her world famous ass in the air. The dental floss back of her g-string had long since disappeared between her cheeks.

With Magic fully occupied with Alyssa, Howard couldn't resist as he knelt behind Karen and muttered, "Well, well, what do we have here?" He playfully began to run his lecherous hands over her upturned bottom. "You really should have been a little more hospitable to me before. Well, I forgive you!" he chuckled as he lowered his head and stuck out his tongue.

Just as his tongue was about to make contact, Irish grabbed him from behind by the hair and flung him down the steps of the set towards the exit. The show ended abruptly as they switched to a 'Best of' tape to fill the remaining time. Howard left with the three 'Charmed' stars to collect their promised reward for helping them in carrying out their nefarious plan.

Back in the studio, Irish cradled Karen in his arms until he was able to revive her, then whisked her away for medical attention. Once in the car, however, Karen insisted he take her back to the mansion to recover while she gave careful consideration to whether she really wanted to face Alyssa and try to get revenge or to leave well enough alone. Of course, we know what her decision was!

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