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When Karen and Irish arrived at the mansion Hef was awaiting their arrival. As it turns out, Magic Johnson had called to see if Karen was all right. Hef was even more upset than after the Checa incident and swore he wouldn't stand for these continued attacks on his girls.

"Hef, just set up a match with those little tramps and I'll take care of the rest," stated Karen.

"You bet your ass there'll be another match after this attack!" Hef barked. "You just let me know which of the girls you want with you and I'll make it happen."

"Hef I don't want to have to rely on any of your Playmate enforcers to watch my back. I'll make a few calls and take care of business."

Hef was taken aback, he wasn't used to being talked back to and now Karen was refusing his help.

Irish chimed in and said, "Look Hef; if you'd let Karen handle this in the first place we wouldn't be sitting here right now. This is all on you so just set it up and then stand clear."

Hef looking like a scolded dog made his way to his office and called Alyssa's agent. Between the obscenities and a very heated one-way conversation, a three on three match was set up between the Charmed ones and Karen and company.

In closing, the agent wanted to know who the other two women in the fight would be so his clients could properly prepare for the match but Hef just grew angry and yelled, "You'll find out when I do!" as he slammed down the phone.

Karen was convinced that Alyssa had a sleeper agent inside the Playboy camp. She was not being paranoid; Alyssa seemed to have the schedule of the Playmates down pat. Somebody had to be feeding her information. Karen and Irish left the mansion for his place. At this point security was an issue and she had some very important phone calls to make that she didn't want monitored. From Irish's, Karen placed phone calls to porn-stars Kyla Cole and Devon both old friends. Neither woman was known for her fighting ability, but Karen was convinced that in a fair fight she could handle Milano, Doherty, and McGowan one at once by herself. She just wanted someone watch her back while she took care of business. Yes loyalty was much more important than physical ability. Kyla had been there for Karen in the past and after Karen explained their mission, both Kyla and Devon were more than happy to help her out.

In the meantime both Alyssa and her agent were working the phones trying to find out who Karen’s mystery women were but met with dead end after dead end. Even their high ranking Playboy source was baffled A private investigator, Nikki Spade, was hired to tail Karen 24/7 to gain an advantage before the fight. Within a few days, she identified Kyla and Devon as Karen's probably teammates but couldn’t confirm it.

Alyssa went so far as to take out contracts on Kyla and Devon - not to kill them, just take them out of service until after the fight. “What’s the name of the guy Tonya Harding used to bust Kerrigan's kneecap?” Alyssa asked. But Karen and company were never separated. They trained together, lived and slept together. With Irish always nearby, the ‘hit’ couldn’t be carried out.

“Well if it's surprises she likes,” muttered Alyssa. “Two can play that game!”

Alyssa went on her own secret recruiting drive. The day of the fight arrived and both teams were in their respective locker rooms. The arena was fill to overflowing capacity with many people sitting on the stairs in the aisle ways as the announcer introduced the combatants.

"First representing Playboy Inc., at 5'7" tall and 124 lbs., Kyla Cole; at 5'2" and 95 tightly packed lbs. Devon! Last but not least, standing 5'8" and weighing 125 lbs., the team captain, the 1998 Playmate of the Year, Karen McDougal. Ladies and Gentlemen, lets hear it for Karen and Company!'

The audience went nuts as the three beauties made their way to ring side, then waited as the announcer introduced their opponents.

"And their challengers......" But before he could continue, the three Charmed Ones came out from back stage. Rose McGowan had her right arm in a sling and Shannen Doherty was hobbling on crutches with a brace on her left knee.

Alyssa took the mike, "As everyone can plainly see," Alyssa said. "My partners have been the victims of foul play." The audience let out a grown. They were psyched up to watch an all out war between the two teams but they couldn't believe the lovely Karen and her friends would have anything to do with so-called ‘foul play.’ "But I was able to find a couple of last minute replacements," Alyssa continued. "That's of course, if there's no objection to a fair three on three fight from my opponents."

Kyla and Devon looked at Karen who knew if she objected, she'd disappoint everyone in the crowd and they’d look like real heels. Plus Karen, always known for fair play, wouldn't soil her rep and let down her fans. Besides, she wanted Alyssa in the worst way.

So without objection, Alyssa handed her lineup card to the announcer and went back stage to make an entrance with her new team while Rose and Shannen took front row seats right next to Howard Stern on the Charmed Ones side of the ring.

The announcer picked up the mike again and restarted his introduction, "And the challengers; at 5'9" and 130 lbs. Katie Price aka Jordan; and standing 5'6" and weighing 124 lbs., Aria Giovanni. Finally, standing 5'2", weighing 117 lbs. and captaining her team, Alyssa Milano. Ladies and Gents lets hear it for….The Charmed Ones!"

You could hear a pin drop as the three confidently made their way to the ring. There was a look of concern on the faces of Karen and Company, especially Devon who muttered, "This is NOT what I agreed to." The challengers were far bigger then the expected opponents and most of the strategy they’d planned would be ineffective.

Trying to rally the troops Karen said, "Listen it's not that bad. Devon you're the same size as Alyssa, you can take her! Kyla, you take Aria. She’s much slower than you, use it to your advantage. I'll take Jordan since she's the biggest of the three and once I finish with her, I'm gonna kill Milano."

The match began with the two big women in the ring. Jordan and Karen squared off and began to circle at the opening bell. Karen circled to the point were her back was to the Charmed corner and Alyssa was verbally taunting her.

“Hey you big slut! This time when you've got your legs spread wide open I'm going to make you pay!” Karen tried to keep her attention on the task at hand, but Alyssa’s yapping was getting under her skin. “Hey I got some great footage of me pounding your pussy raw! Nobody’ll be able to help you this time!”

Karen spun around to Alyssa but as soon as her attention focused on her, Jordan took the opportunity to blast a wicked punch right into the base of Karen's skull. Karen flew forward into the ropes where Alyssa stood eagerly awaiting her. She grabbed Karen by the hair and jumped down off the ring apron, slamming Karen’s throat down on the top rope. At preciously the right moment, Alyssa let go and the springy rope sent Karen catapulting back into the ring. She hit flat on her back at Jordan's feet and she began stomping the fallen Playmate. Karen was completely helpless, rapidly being taken out of the fight.

Kyla and Devon attempted to enter the ring to come to her aid, but every time they tried to climb through the ropes, the referee turned her back on the action to push them out of the ring. As soon as the ref turned her back, Karen was wide open for a triple teaming attack by the Charmed ones. Jordan held Karen's head wedged between her thighs in a standing head scissors as she tagged in Alyssa who climbed to the top rope and jumped off, driving a knee into Karen's lower back.

Just as the ref came in to break up the double team, Jordan released Karen and stepped out between the ropes, allowing Alyssa to re-secure the head scissors and then tag in Aria who repeated Alyssa’s move, dropping another knee to Karen's back from the top rope. Aria took over from Alyssa and she swung her leg over Karen who was now held in the head scissors on her knees, bent over backward with her face pressed against Aria’s butt. This time, each of the women took another turn, dropping a knee from the top rope with their target Karen's belly button!

After each charmed woman had taken a turn, Aria ended up back in the ring and as Karen writhed in agony on the mat, Aria took time to relieve Karen of her clothing. She bravely tried to fight back, but the outcome of the stripping contest was as inevitable as a runaway train.

“We played with her long enough!” screamed Alyssa. “Finish her off and let’s move on to the next victim. We can play with her later!”

Following their leader’s instructions, Aria sat directly behind Karen on the mat and wrapped her thighs around Karen's waist, locked her ankles, then began to squeeze with all her might. Aria's thighs were definitely formidable weapons and Karen was struggling just to breathe as her arms flailed as she turned her shoulders from side to side trying to break her scissors hold. Karen leaned back to put pressure on Aria, but as soon as she did, Aria clapped her hands over Karen's nose and mouth, completely cutting off her air. Karen’s eyes were like saucers as she pulled and pawed at Aria’s hands until her movements slowed and then eventually her arms dropped and hung limp at her sides!

Just when it looked like the match was over, Kyla burst into the ring past the ref, ran to Aria from behind and kicked her in the back of the head, breaking her hold. Karen let out an audible sigh as she toppled over on her side and began to breath. Kyla dragged Karen back to their corner and rolled her under the ropes to Devon who passed her to Irish. He laid her on the arena floor, straddled her waist and threw his body on top of her, giving her mouth-to-mouth and pressing down on her breasts with both hands trying and bring her around - or so he said when Karen asked him about it after watching the tape!

In the meanwhile, Jordan reached over the top rope and tagged Aria to make her the legal ‘Charmed’ in the ring. She quickly closed the distance between Kyla and herself and was already swinging her leg back when Kyla turned around and gave her a startled look when she looked up and made eye contact with the taller blonde. Just as her predicament registered, Jordan’s knee slammed into Kyla’s belly, doubling her over. Using a handful of hair, Jordan whipped Kyla across the ring, bouncing her off the opposite rope. Jordan charged after her at full speed, driving a shoulder right at her head. Kyla hadn’t been in the ring for thirty seconds yet and her legs were already turning to rubber! Jordan didn't let up as she again whipped Kyla to the ropes, but this time Jordan caught her in a bear hug and powered her up and over in a belly-to-belly suplex that crushed Kyla’s toned body between Jordan and the mat.

It was now Kyla's turn to be breathless! In seconds, Kyla found out just how drafty the old arena was as Jordan ripped her costume off, then pulled her up by the hair and roughly threw her to the charmed ones corner. Aria and Alyssa each grabbed an arm and held her as Jordan began pounding away at Kyla's body, leaving dozens welts and rapidly forming black and blue bruises.

But again, Alyssa spoke up to save Karen’s teammate, “Enough! Finish her! I want that little blonde cunt for myself! Then I’ve got some unfinished business with McDooDoo!”

Jordan ripped off her own skimpy shirt, baring her impressive breasts as she positioned herself in front of Kyla. Then Jordan showed her highly disciplined ability to follow orders as she signaled for her partners to release her beaten victim for her finishing move. When she was released, Kyla stumbled forward a half step and began to slump to the mat. She didn't fall very far though, as Jordan grabbed her hair and pulled her already flushed face into the bottomless valley of her cleavage. Kyla’s body was bent forward, her head wrapped up in Jordan’s strong arms, her back bowed and her bare bottom raised as she stood on tip-toes. Her hands slapped and beat at Jordan’s firm hips with ever slowing rhythm until, like Karen, her arms stopped moving and dropped to dangle straight down as she was smothered out. 2 down; 1 to go!

Jordan opened her arms and Kyla’s limp body slid down her sweating torso and crumpled to the mat where she lay with her head resting between Jordan’s widespread legs. Jordan called to Aria for a water bottle, took a long swig of the cold water and then slowly poured the remaining liquid over Kyla, reviving her enough so that she was able - with the help of Jordan’s hand in her hair - to make it to her hands and knees.

Seeing that Kyla needed a little help to get back to her corner to tag in Devon, Jordan planted a foot on Kyla’s ass and kicked her clear across the ring, sending her skidding into the mat tits first at Devon’s feet looking like an airplane that had lost its landing gear making an emergency landing.

“Well, that was graceful!” taunted Alyssa as a very timid and frightened Devon carefully stepped into the ring.

Karen and Kyla were supposed to take care of the two bigger women leaving little Alyssa for her, yet now here she stood; alone, facing all three ‘Charmed’ ones. “GOD,” she thought. “If they took out Karen so easy, I'm in deep shit!”

Jordan moved in and ducked a punch by the smaller blond, one she telegraphed way too early, and drove her knee up squarely between Devon’s legs. The kneebone hit pubic bone with an audible THWACK! Devon’s entire body was lifted off her feet, her chest rising almost to Jordan's head before she dropped back down onto Jordan's out stretched knee with another THUMP!

“You're making this too easy, love,” bragged the brash British bombshell.

Jordan made sure that Devon joined her teammates in the natural look department as she stripped off her suit while she rolled on her back with her hands between her tightly clenched thighs. Then she easily picked Devon up and carried her back to the ‘Charmed’ corner. Holding Devon by the throat, Jordan slammed her down on the top turnbuckle in the corner. With Devon incapacitated by the larger Jordan, brave Alyssa was tagged in to mop up the last of Karen’s cohorts.

With Aria holding a handful of hair and pulling Devon’s head back, Jordan held both of her legs, stretching Devon’s body out across the top ropes in the corner. With her secured in place, Alyssa went to work with her fists, pounding away at her taut stomach muscles which soon turned to mush under her hard-fisted pummeling. Then, the wilting woman’s pride and joy, her large breasts, became the focus of Alyssa's brutal frontal assault!

Outside the ring on the arena floor, Irish had been feverish working over Karen’s body since she was tossed from the ring. Now back on her feet, Karen was determined to get back into the fight to save her tiny teammate. She ran around the outside of the ring and surprised both Aria and Jordan when she grabbed them by the hair and rammed their heads together. THWOCK! The sound could be heard throughout the arena over the screams of the crowd and both women toppled backward off the ring apron to the concrete floor. Not giving them a second to shake the cobwebs, Karen grabbed them by the hair again and slammed them into the steel ring post. CLANG! After several powerful blows, both women slipped into unconsciousness.

At the same time Karen was kicking ass out of the ring, Devon was getting her ass kicked in the ring. Karen quickly slid under the bottom rope to go to her girlfriend’s aid. Alyssa was a little surprised seeing her, thinking Karen should be at the emergency room but she quickly shoved Devon aside and stood toe-to-toe with Karen as they exchanged punches back and forth. Had Karen been fresh, their fight wouldn’t have lasted long, but she’d already taken a tremendous beating - three against one when she was on the ground defenseless or being held by one and beaten by the others. The effect that had taken on her body became clear but sheer willpower and courage kept her on her feet as Alyssa ducked her punches, bobbing and weaving as her hard fists slammed into Karen’s aching body again and again.

But now Devon became a factor for the first time in the fight without even knowing it. As Karen and Alyssa traded punches, Alyssa tripped over Devon's body and fell on her ass to the mat. Karen quickly dove on top of her which officially opened the hunting season on bitch witches! Rose and Shannen leaped to their feet at ringside when they saw the change of the tide, shed their phony bandages and cast and shot into the ring. Soon, it was again three on one with the witches being the three and Karen the lonely one. Shannen tackled Karen around the knees and held on as Rose plowed into her with her shoulder knocking her off of Alyssa onto her back. Alyssa rose up growling and immediately targeted Karen’s silky pelt of pubic hair as Rose wrestled to control Karen’s thrashing arms.

Kyla, who had been cradled in Irish's arms as he tried to nurse her - back to health so she could return to the match - got her second wind and climbed back into the ring. Grabbing one of Shannen’s crutches, Kyla began cleaning house, taking out Rose with her first swing and Alyssa with her second!

As she raised the crutch for a third shot at Shannen, the little witch was just a bit quicker and dove at her, tackling Kyla to the canvas and rolling on top of her to trap her arms at her sides. Shannen reached back and shoved four fingers on her right hand deep into Kyla's box just as Kyla planted her feet and tried to raise her hips to throw Shannen off. Kyla let out a loud scream as Shannen penetrated her, but soon Kyla’s hips were bucking in a different way as Shannen’s well-schooled fingers forced her nearer and nearer to an unwilling and humiliating orgasm as the crowd cheered the little minx on! But Shannen’s pulsating fingers came to a sudden stop when she pulled out her hand, slapped Kyla across the face with a wet THWAP, then reached back and began tearing large clumps of hair out of Kyla's thick bush as Kyla screamed, begged and pleaded for help!

Devon began to move slowly at first, but then was able to answer Kyla's yells for help. She picked up the dropped crutch and completed the hat trick for Kyla, knocking Shannen from her perch and laying her out cold on her back. With Karen and Company now all ambulatory at the same time for the first time since the start of the match, they quickly stripped the three witches, put them over their knees and beat their bottoms until they were bright red to publicly humiliate them just as they'd planned to all along.

Aria and Jordan came to about the time the spanking was in full gear, but one look at what was going on and seeing the ring was lined on all four sides by Playmates cheering Karen and Company on as they began to pound on the three witches, the two women figured it best if they just slowly and quietly slipped back to the locker room and made a hasty escape. As the night came to a close the three witches were left battered and hog-tied in the center of the ring. It would be along time before they messed with Playboy Inc. again! (But mess with them again, they will, you can be sure of that!)

Hef met Karen and her girls in the ring and congratulated them on the victory, “Karen, I'll never doubt you again. When you feel something needs to be handled swiftly and decisively, I'll just step back and let you run with it,” he said.

“Thanks Hef, you run the magazine, the girls and me will make sure nobody shits in our backyard.”

There was a huge party back at the mansion that night and everyone who was someone was invited. The highlight was when Magic Johnson and a camera crew showed up to do a follow-up on the last ‘Magic Hour.’ Maria Checa was more then happy to give them a guided tour of the mansion, including her favorite room - the trophy room. But instead of a bearskin rug on the floor and mounted heads on the wall, these trophies were three naked, bound and gagged witches; all trussed up and ready for their part in the big finale of the party later the next morning in the early hours. You can bet they didn't enjoy it, either, as you'll learn when you read the next part of this epic tale...

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