Ambush! Pt. 3 - Karen McDougal vs. Jordan by Irish

Time: Not long after Alyssa and the Charmed Ones were finally freed from the Playboy Mansion after their “punishment” following the match with "Karen & Co." (read it HERE)
It had been a long embarrassing night for the 'Charmed Ones' one that was all captured on tape - either by Playboy Inc. or Magic Johnson's camera crew, and the juiciest parts by both! Alyssa, awaked after a long, much-needed sleep and called Jordan to find out what happened to her and Aria during the match. The last Alyssa remembered, the two had been ringside; then the next thing she knew, she and the other 'Charmed Ones' awakened in the Playboy Mansion in bondage with Aria and Jordan nowhere to be seen! Alyssa started provoking Jordan, trying to get her to do her bidding - i.e., go after the Playmates and get some measure of revenge for the 'Charmed Ones' humiliation. Playboy Inc. had won a battle, but Alyssa vowed to do “whatever it took” to make sure they didn't win the war. Besides, she figured Jordan would be a great counterweight for that air-head bimbo, Karen McDougal! The conversation began heating up as Alyssa tried to get Jordan excited.

"Where the hell were you? We really could've used your help last night!"

Jordan was defensive and very apologetic, "Look Alyssa, they had us beat. We tried to get back into the ring to help you but there were just too many of them."

"What do you mean 'too many?' There were five of us and only three of those bimbos!" responded Milano, giving just a little more set-up as she tried to get Jordan to bite.

"Well, just so you know what you did to us," continued Alyssa. "They tortured us all night! And that stuck-up bitch McDougal kept carrying on about how she wasn't done with that British bitch yet! That's you, in case you don't know!"

"WHAT? What was that? Whaddit she say?" gasped Jordan, her voice rising right along with her temper.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I probably shouldn't have said anything. I don't want to see you get hurt," continued Alyssa, struggling to suppress a giggle.

"Well fuck her!" Jordan spat. "I guess she forgot it was ME who knocked her on her ass and took her out of the fight in less than thirty seconds! I'd kill that bitch if she ever messes with me," growled Jordan, swallowing Alyssa's bait hook, line and sinker! Bingo! Alyssa had a big one on the line. Now to reel her in...

"Well if you really want to know, she was talking a lot of shit how she was gonna kick your ass the next chance that she gets. Said you'd go crying back to England afraid to ever show your face in America again."

Well, that was all it took! All Jordan could say through her clenched teeth was, "We'll see who gets her ass kicked and who's crying."

Jordan slammed down the phone and Alyssa could barely wait for the connection to be broken before she broke down in a fit of laughter, muttering, "OK Karen! Looks like you're gonna have a long couple of days ahead of you."

Jordan called Hef to set up a one-on-one match with Karen. After all, Jordan had just posed in the magazine and she figured the least he could do was extend her the courtesy of a match.

She started, "Hey Hef! I just want to let you know; I have no animosity toward you or Playboy. I really didn't want to get in the middle of some kind of war with you. But it's just...well, Alyssa sorta promised me some great opportunities to be in her corner and I'm still trying to make my mark on this side of the pond. No hard feelings right?" Jordan was smooth as glass and she laid the honey on thick. Hef bought it totally. "There's just one favor I have to ask," Jordan continued. "I want to set something up between McDougal and me. It seems she has a problem with me and before it gets out of hand, I think we should nip it in the bum."

Hef's attitude changed, "Absolutely not! She can barely stand up after the attack she suffered last week. Down the road, I might approach her with your challenge," he went on. "But until then, I want you to stay clear of her. Do you understand me, Jordan?"

Jordan was fuming inside; she wanted Karen then and there, but Hef was the boss and she had no choice but to agree to leave Karen alone until Hef gave his blessing to their match. As soon as Jordan hung up, she called Alyssa and told her about the stone wall she'd run into. Alyssa, sensing from Jordan's voice that she didn't get what she wanted, picked up right where she left off.

"Lemme guess, Jo? Hef said he wanted Karen to take some time off before another fight," said Alyssa and she could tell by the pregnant pause from the other end of the line she'd scored a direct hit. Before Jordan could respond, Alyssa kept talking, "You've got her scared Jordan! He knows she'll have to fight you after all the shit she was running her mouth about you. He's trying to protect her! Hell, I bet right now if you drove to her gym in Santa Monica, she'd be there. She's either hiding or in training as part of some futile attempt to get herself ready to fight. If you catch up with her, call her out." Jordan was steaming! She knew Alyssa was right. "I tell you what Jordan, why don't you put her in a position where she HAS to fight?"

"Um, what do you mean?" asked Jordan who was still totally oblivious to the fact she was being manipulated like Alyssa's puppet.

"Well, like I said, go past her gym. If she's there, kick her ass and force her to fight you. As a matter of fact, you can probably use her boyfriend, what's that geek's name....oh yeah, Irish. He's a guy, you shouldn't have any trouble using him to your advantage."

Alyssa went on to detail how Jordan could incite a riot and force Karen into a public showdown with her - with or without Hef's blessing. Jordan liked what she heard and when she hung up, she took off for Santa Monica. Just as Alyssa had predicted, Karen's car was parked outside. She circled the gym and saw that it appeared closed. Karen's was the only car in the lot. Jordan just had one more thing to do to complete the plan Alyssa had laid out for her in step-by-step detail. Jordan drove down the street to the Travel Lodge on Ocean Ave. and booked two adjoining rooms, then she returned to the gym to confront Karen.

Karen had wanted to get right back into her workout routine after the fight, but Irish insisted she stay away from the weights and stick with low impact stuff if she couldn't stay away from the gym. Karen knew that he was right; her ribs were bruised, her eyes were swollen, and last night she experienced a whole new level of pain in her groin she'd not soon forget! At the gym she kept away from the weights but she decided to try and scrape the rust off of some of her old gymnastic skills. After some time on the rings, she headed to the balance beam. Just mounting the beam was difficult with the tenderness between her legs, but with stubbornness and determination she made it up onto the beam and began some basic exercises.

Jordan made her way through the gym but couldn't find Karen right off. She checked the weight room and the locker room, but Karen wasn't to be found. Just as she was about to leave, however, she peeked through some unmarked doors and saw Karen on the balance beam. Tip-toeing up behind Karen, Jordan kicked the beam as hard as she could, shaking it and causing Karen to lose her balance. Karen dropped straight down, with her legs straddling the beam! There was a CRUNCH followed by a high-pitched squeal from Karen's lips. Jordan hit the beam again and Karen just pitched to one side and crashed to the mats on the gym floor. She lay moaning, her hands wedged between her thighs in a fetal position beneath the beam, trying in vain to massage away the pain from her very sensitive nether region.

Grabbing the beam for balance, Jordan stood over Karen as she kicked and stomped the fallen Playmate, "So bitch! You want a piece of me! Well here I am. Come on, get up and kick my ass!"

After several minutes of this one sided beat-down, Jordan stopped and looked around the room to see what else she could use to punish the Playmate with. She instantly had phase two in her mind as she walked to the opposite side of the gymnastics area. After what seamed like ten minutes of agony, Karen very slowly and unsteadily staggered and rose to her knees. Reaching up she grabbed the beam and pulled herself up on her unsteady legs. After another minute, Karen regained her balance and began to look around to see were her attacker had disappeared too.

Just at that moment, Jordan broke into a sprint and ran toward the pommel horse. Just as Karen turned toward the door, Jordan hit the vault in front of the horse and went flying over it toward the Playmate. Karen's eyes widened as she saw Jordan extended her legs, drop-kicking Karen full in the chest with both feet. The air was knocked out of Karen as her breasts were viscously pancaked into her chest as she was sent flying backward over the balance beam. She landed in a heap on the mat on the far side of the apparatus, dazed and disoriented.

"Well-shit bag! Not so tough after all are we?" Taunted Jordan as she crawled under the beam to the barely conscious Playmate.

"Two events complete. What should we add to today's rotation?" Jordan asked aloud. "Ah yes! The parallel bars!"

With Karen too dazed and out of breath to make a rebuttal argument, Jordan easily stripped the Playmate out of her workout clothes and dragged her to her feet using a handful of her damp, disheveled hair. With one hand in her hair and the other firmly grasping her elbow, Jordan pushed Karen over to the parallel bars. When they reached the apparatus, Jordan threw Karen forward so she fell across the two bars face down; her arms and legs over the outsides of the two bars. Using Karen's bra, Jordan tied her so that Karen's body was draped face down over the top of the bars with her wrists and ankles tied together below. She was trapped! Quite whimpers were the only sounds Karen could make as Jordan seductively caressed her upturned ass.

"Well, even I have to admit you sure have a nice body - or at least you did at one time! Sadly, that's before what's about to happen to you today."

Then Jordan shocked Karen, asking if she'd ever had a lesbian affair as her index finger circled Karen's tight sphincter trying to part her ass cheeks and penetrate the Playmate's famously firm ass. The thought of Jordan having her hands on her body repulsed Karen; she wanted nothing to do with the disgusting woman.

Gathering her remaining nerve, Karen told Jordan, "Get your fucking hands off me! When I get loose I'm gonna kill you," protested the firmly bound Playmate.

Jordan grew angry, sputtering, "First of all slut, you're not getting loose. Second, you seem to forget you're zero for two against me. This is two days in a row I've beaten your sorry ass without you even laying a hand on me. Oh, that reminds me.....speaking of your ass.."

Jordan stopped mid-sentence and began to spank Karen until her bouncing butt turned a bright cherry red! Trapped as she was, Karen could only buck and bounce and cry out; first in protest, then in pain!

"You won't be spreading these legs for anyone after the way I pounded your pussy. And by now I guess your sweet Irish won't even be able to plow your tight little ass."

Karen stopped crying as her body suddenly tensed up. How did Jordan know about Irish, she wondered with a sinking feeling.

"What's the matter love? Did I strike a nerve?" teased Jordan as she stepped around in front of Karen. Checking Karen's expression, which had changed from a pained look to one of shock, Jordan decided to have a little more fun at Karen's expense. "After I finish with you, I'm going after Irish next. Since you'll be out of service a while, I'll make sure all his various needs are tended too." Seeing Karen's clenched jaw, Jordan chucked her chin and asked, "S'matter? Cat got your tongue love? Why don't you make it easy on your sorry old ass and tell me where I can find him. Hell, if you behave like a good little Playmate, I'll let you watch. Who knows, maybe you'll learn a thing or two about how to satisfy a man."

"Fuck you bitch! He'd NEVER have anything to do with a tramp like you," screamed the irate Playmate.

"Tell me what I wanna know and we'll see," said Jordan. “You gotta spread a little sugah if you want to draw flies.”

When Karen didn't respond immediately, Jordan decided she'd have to urge her a little so she grabbed Karen's dangling breasts by the sensitive nipples and pulled down as far as she could, stretching the supple flesh until it was so painful to Karen that she was screaming. When Jordan let go and allowed the tightly stretched flesh snap back Karen gasped several minutes trying to catch her breath, but she still refused to give Jordan the information that would lead her to Irish - and quite probably put him in danger. But Jordan had a keen sense of these situations from long experience and she could tell Karen was nearing her breaking point. She went back to tormenting Karen's proud breasts, this time twisting her nipples and pinching deep into the sensitive fleshy nubs with her nails until Karen couldn't take the pain any longer and babbled wildly, as she sobbed out Irish's cell phone number.

"Now see," Jordan chuckled as she slapped Karen's wildly swinging breasts and then patted her on the head like a puppy. "That was easy enough, wasn't it loviee?"

Jordan wanted to move Karen from the gym to her motel where she wouldn't be discovered but first she had to incapacitate her for the trip. She drove a rabbit punch to the back of Karen's head, knocking her out. Then to be certain she truly had the Playmate completely neutralized, Jordan walked around behind Karen and gave her a kick between the legs that lifted Karen's motionless body and send it into spasms of pain. Unable to resist such an inviting target, Jordan slipped her index finger deep into Karen's ass just as she'd tried unsuccessfully to do earlier.

"GOD the bitch is tight! I'll have to rectal-fy that defect later with my strap-on," thought Jordan with a wicked grin.

Jordan ran the soiled finger under Karen's nose to check for responsiveness but the Playmate never moved. Satisfied, she untied Karen's bonds and dumped the Playmate's body on the mat, then went to her purse and took out a digital camera. After all, she'd need to prove to Irish she really had Karen prisoner. Rolling the unconscious Playmate on her back, Jordan pulled down her shorts and panties, then straddled Karen, pinning her arms at her sides under her knees.

"Well this certainly will make an attractive picture," she thought as she peered through the viewfinder as she lowered her muff onto Karen's slightly parted lips.

As Karen began to stir, Jordan rubbed her pussy over her mouth, snapping off a couple of pictures until the flash brought Karen the rest of the way out of her slumber. She began to panic and struggle to free herself, but Jordan was just too strong in Karen's already weakened state. "Come on love," Jordan prodded. "Stick out that lovely pink tongue and service me," she taunted.

Karen steadfastly refused to satisfy Jordan's twisted desires and in fact she struggled even harder with what was left of her flagging strength as Jordan just laughed and clicked happily away. Jordan knew that in such a dominate position after having taken most of the fight out of Karen she could ride out the storm as Karen's exhausted herself struggling until Jordan finally took the picture she most wanted.

Waiting till Karen's struggling just about stopped, Jordan reached back with her left hand and dug her fingers into Karen's damaged pussy and locked on a pussy claw she'd learned from pussy claw expert, Rose McGowan! Karen's pretty Playmate eyes shot wide open at the realization that there was only one thing left for her to do that would prevent Jordan from destroying her intimate area.

"Feel that? Huh bitch! That's the pain your beloved Irish is going to feel if you don't get your tongue to work and make me cum! You're just postponing the inevitable," Jordan cackled madly. "Now get to work you little slut! Show me some love here!"

With tears streaming from her tightly squeezed shut eyes - in an effort to protect her man from harm - Karen reluctantly went to work; licking, flicking and swirling her tongue in Jordan's pussy as if she'd been doing it all her life. All the while she was humbling and humiliating herself, Jordan kept her shutter clicking away, taking a whole series of 'incriminating' pictures of Karen's debasement.

"Not good enough bitch! Show me some of that Playmate enthusiasm! I know you do it a lot better back at the mansion," taunted Jordan as she released her pussy claw and reached down to spread her lips to give Karen's flapping tongue easier access. "Be a good girl and make your mistress cum - or else!" Then Jordan reached down and wiped the tears from Karen's eyes, telling her, "Smile for the birdie!" As at just the moment Karen's tongue was the deepest inside her pussy, Jordan snapped the picture she'd been waiting for since the start!

But that wasn't the end of Karen's torment for the lesbian domination continued until she had left Karen's face wet and sticky with her fluids. Karen was an emotional wreck after being forced to perform an entire series of disgusting and unmentionable sexual favors on a woman she despised. What was worse, Jordan had documented the entire event for prosperity and she'd broken Karen's will and her ability to resist. Now, Karen felt guilty for placing Irish was in danger and there was nothing she could do to warn or protect him.

"Ummmmm. Splendid performance, luv," Jordan sighed after her final, and strongest climax yet. "Hey, are you SURE you never did that before? Because you're a natural at it my girl. Well, now I've a real treat for you!"

Jordan scooted back onto Karen's stomach and pulled her shirt up over her head, baring her breasts. As she looked up at Jordan's massive breasts through her tears as they bobbed and jiggled on her excitedly heaving chest, Karen felt a sinking sensation in her stomach as she felt certain she knew what was coming next! But with Jordan's knees pinning her arms to her sides, there was nothing Karen could do except try to take a deep breath as Jordan leaned over and her breasts grew larger and larger, filling Karen's vision and then covering her face.

The last thing Karen heard before everything went dark, was Jordan giggling, "Nightie-night love!"

After struggling to breathe for a few minutes, Karen slowly slipped into unconsciousness, her body going limp. When she awoke, she was being pulled up onto her hands and knees by someone holding her by the throat from behind.

"What the hell...?" she thought.

Reaching up to her neck, Karen felt a choke collar and leash had been placed around her neck.

"Welcome back love. Time for a little trip," Jordan sneered as Karen tried to stand. She was instantly jerked back down on her hands and knees by the collar as Jordan scolded, "Hello? Who said you could get up? You're gonna crawl outta here on all fours like the bitch you are. In fact, you're gonna be an obedient little bitch an' do everything your new mistress orders you to."

"Go fuck yourself!" Karen muttered as she struggled to remove the collar but once again Jordan yanked on the leash and snapped the choker tight, forcing Karen back to all fours.

"Listen missy I'm gonna take you to see your precious Irish now! If you behave, nobody gets hurt!" Karen's body slumped and Jordan laughed. "Now be a good girl and heel," Jordan said, slapping her thigh as she tugged on the leash..

Again, Karen had been reminded of how she'd betrayed Irish. "Now this wicked bitch is going to have him in her clutches. If I only I could've resisted this bitch, he'd be safe," Karen thought as her heart sank.

Fear washed over Karen like a tidal wave. She could smell the musky aroma of Jordan's dried juice on her upper lip. She was a very proud woman and this bitch had taken her pride from her. Now, she was so paralyzed by fear and embarrassment that she couldn't even function on her own. She was a beaten woman.

Jordan sensing it too as she gave a sharp tug on Karen's leash. Still nude, Karen began to crawl out the door on all fours. It had struck Jordan as a good idea if she used Karen's car for the next part of her plan and it was in Karen's own trunk that she made the short trip to the motel. It only took about two minutes and when they arrived, Jordan opened the trunk, pulled the dejected and docile Karen out and led her again on all fours into one of the two rooms she'd rented. Once inside the room, Karen found her voice for the first time in several minutes, demanding to know where Irish was.

"In due time love; in due time," was the only reply she got. "First we have some unfinished business of our own. Stay!" Jordan barked the command to her slave just as she'd seen dogs commanded, sternly and with a tone of authority. It worked on Karen too, as she meekly sat on her haunches while Jordan walked into the adjoining room and turned on her recording equipment. She reentered the first room a minute later wearing an evil smile and her strap-on. Karen froze in fear at the sight of the long, thick, slowly bobbing plastic prick strapped around Jordan's swaying hips. Karen shaking so bad she couldn't even utter a verbal protest as Jordan knelt behind her, raised her hips up putting her back on all fours and began to gently and lovingly caress her still-pink-from-spanking ass.

Karen tensed and refused to permit Jordan to penetrate her as Jordan tried to drive the thick rubber head forcefully between her clenched cheeks. Growling angrily, Jordan reached around under Karen, groped between her legs, rubbing Karen's pussy slowly. She got what she wanted as Karen's body began to respond in spite of her disgust. Jordan slipped two fingers inside, found Karen's clit and pulled it between her thumbnail and index finger. Then she pinched hard and Karen shrieked a painful wail as she tried unsuccessfully to wriggle away from Jordan's hand. But Jordan stayed with Karen as she bucked and bounced, squirmed and writhed until they bumped up against the motel room wall.

With nowhere left to go, afraid almost out of her mind what the crazed woman might do to her or to Irish, Karen bowed her head in the corner with her butt raised and surrendered her tight asshole to a grinning Jordan who rammed the stiff rubber dick into the Playmate as far as she could, then savagely pounded it in and out of her gorgeous ass. Since Karen had crawled to the corner walls trying to escape her attacker, Jordan took perverse pleasure in bouncing the Playmates head off the wall with each thrust.

When Jordan had satisfied herself, she made Karen crawl to the adjoining room were she strapped her in a chair in front of a TV set, then duct taped her mouth. When Jordan flicked the TV on, Karen saw the screen was split into four pictures. Looking closer, Karen realized the room they'd just came from was being shown from four different angles so Jordan had complete coverage of the entire room. Jordan left Karen locked in the room and went back to the first room to clean up. She came out of the shower ten minutes later just in time to hear Karen's cell phone ringing.

"Timing is everything," Jordan thought as she disguised her voice and answered the Playmate's phone. "Oh, hi Irish. I was just about to call you. Why don't you meet me at the Travel Lodge, I've got a really big surprise for you."

Irish asked, "Do you have a cold, your voice sounds strange."

Jordan told him she'd just gotten out of the shower and if he hurried she wouldn't dress yet. Irish, sounding excited and told her to stay just like she was, that he'd be there in a half-hour. Jordan hung up the phone trying hard not to scream, "Perfect!" before she closed the connection. She only had to print out the picture she'd taken earlier and everything would fall neatly into place!

When Irish arrived at the motel and saw Karen's car in the lot, he checked with the front desk and found a "Ms. McDougal" was registered in room 36 and that a spare key had been left for him at the desk. He eagerly hurried to the room, thinking, "You never wanna spoil the moment by keepin' a lady waitin'."

He hurriedly let himself into the room and heard the shower running in the bathroom. A woman's voice called out, "I'll be right out. Pour us a couple of glasses of wine."

Karen's voice sounded strange to him, but at this point Irish was distracted and his little head was doing all his thinking for him. He poured the drinks and when he turned towards the bathroom he almost dropped the glasses as, to his surprise, he saw Jordan standing in the doorway wearing a red satin bra and panties and red thigh-hi's and heels. This wasn't at all what he expected and he stared slack-jawed.

"What's the matter Irish, you look like you just saw a ghost," laughed Jordan.

"What the hell's goin' on here?" protested Irish. Then thinking to ask, "And where's Karen?"

"Before we get into that, why don't you open that envelope on the table," Jordan said as she took her glass from Irish's trembling hand.

As Irish opened the envelope, out slid an 8x10 of Karen giving oral sex to the woman standing before him. He knew Karen and he could tell from the panicky expression on her face something wasn't right. It was the face of a beaten woman, one who'd given up. It wasn't the Karen, part warrior; part angel, that he knew.

"What the hell is going on here! What've you done to my Karen?"

"Temper, temper mate! I have something you want; you have something I want,' Jordan purred seductively. "Let's negotiate!"

"What do you want?" Irish gasped, struggling to control his desire to punch this bitch. "You'd better not have hurt her."

"It's like this lovey," Jordan sighed as she ran her fingers lightly over his chest. "Your Karen's being held for ransom. I don't want money, what I want is for you to make love to me. That shouldn't be so hard, should it? When we finish - if your performance is to my standards - I'll direct my associates to release her. Try anything funny and you'll never see your sweet baboo again!"

Irish knew he didn't have a choice. He didn't know where Karen was being held so he had no way to rescue her. And here he stood without time to make a decision as Jordan took his full glass and handed him her empty one.

"Just so you don't get any funny ideas," she said slyly. "If they don't hear from me in an hour, your little Karen gets snuffed. Now that we have that out of the way here's to us."

As she clinked his wineglass with hers, Jordan tossed her hair and stared up into one of the hidden cameras, then very seductively ran her tongue around the top of her glass before taking a sip of wine. Irish just stood in shock, staring at her but not moving.

"Well, lets get down to business," said Jordan as she took Irish's glass and put both glasses the table. She reached out and unzipped his jeans and slowly slid his pants down. Before he realized what was happening, he was standing nude with a blank look on his face. Jordan pushed Irish back onto the bed and stripped down, leaving her stockings and heels as she straddled his waist.

"Well love, for starters, why don't you stick out that Irish love muscle."

Jordan scooted up over his chest ending with her pussy just inches from his chin. Then she reached onto the night stand and pulled out her camera. As Jordan aimed through the viewfinder, she slid forward and yelled, "Action!" Irish's cue to get to work paying the ransom. In the other room, Karen couldn't bring herself to watch the monitors as she tightly closed her eyes and prayed it would be over soon.

When Jordan and Irish finished, Jordan got up and went in the bathroom to get dressed while Irish lay on the bed like someone who's puppy just died. When Jordan emerged from the bathroom she began to tease, "Don't look so glum lad, you certainly don't have the curse. Maybe we can do this again sometime."

She ejected a tape cassette from the video and told Irish not to leave, that somebody would call him in fifteen minutes, adding, "But if you get stupid and call the Bobbies, it's all over for your Karen!"

After what seemed an eternity, the phone rang and Irish picked it up on the first ring, anxious for news about Karen.

It was a very cheerful Jordan, "That was smashing mate! I copied your address off your driver's license. We definitely have to get together again!"

"Cut the bullshit Jordan, where's Karen!" demanded Irish. "You better not screw with me!"

"Easy big boy! Listen closely," said Jordan. "Go to the bathroom and open the vanity," she instructed then hung up.

"What the hell is that all about?" thought Irish as he rushed into the bathroom.

Opening the drawer he found a key marked, "34" and recognizing it as from the same motel, he raced into the hallway and swung the door open. To his surprise, he found that Karen had been right next door the entire time and that there were no accomplices. Snapping out of his daze, he freed Karen from bondage and lifted her in a tight embrace. Tears ran down both their cheeks as they were reunited and breathed a sigh of relief that their terrible ordeal was at long last over!

Karen was in a catatonic state. Irish carefully wrapped her up in a bed sheet and carried her to his car, trying to console her and reassure her everything would be OK now that she was safe. Across the street, sitting in a parking lot watching the whole scene unfold through the telescopic lens of her camera, smiling as she clicked away was a smiling Alyssa Milano.

Half way home Karen broke down in hysterics, apologizing over and over to Irish; feeling she'd somehow failed him, that this was all her fault. She sobbed, "If those pictures ever get out I'd never be able to show my face in public again!"

But Irish reassured her everything would be all right. They had each other and that was all that mattered. Arriving home, Irish pulled into the drive and helped Karen in the house. After gently sitting her on the sofa, he got her some clothes and laid her down with a pillow and blanket. Then he brewed a hot cup of tea but when he returned to the living room, she was fast asleep. By the jerking of her body and her death grip on the blankets as she slept, he could see she was still fighting her demons even as she slept.

The next morning, a package arrived via Fed-Ex. When Irish opened it, he found a framed picture with three 8x10 color photos. On the left was one of Karen having oral sex with Jordan and on the right one of Irish in the same position. Between was a picture of Karen on all fours, wearing a collar and leash with Jordan standing behind her wearing only a smile and a strap-on. Irish angrily threw the pictures in the trash but when he picked up the box to trash it, a video tape with a note rubber banded to it fell out. Irish read the note:

Dear love birds,
I hope this letter finds you both well. I want to thank you both for a very enjoyable afternoon! Karen when I look at the pictures of us together, my pussy tingles and I get a chill up my spine. It was great being your mistress. Whenever you're ready for your next session let me know.
As for you Irish, now that you've experienced a real woman, I'm sure that little tramp won't be able to for fill your needs. You have my number I'm anxiously awaiting a call.
Hugs and Kisses,

Irish made sure the note quickly joined the pictures in the garbage. He was about to do the same to the video when Karen grabbed it from his hand, saying, "Wait there's got to be more to it than that." She walked over to the VCR, placed the tape in and hit play. The tape started with a recorded message:

"Well good morning boys and girls and welcome to my version of Masterpiece Theater. I'm offering you a chance to get the original of this tape plus all the photos of our little session, including the smart media card the photos were taken on and a notarized statement that I haven't kept any copies and that they'll never be used against you. To find out the details of my offer, watch the tape in full. Hidden within is everything you need to know. Oh, and remember, don't turn off the volume or you may miss an important clue." She concluded with another cruel jibe at Karen, "Irish you were great! Hope to hear from you soon."

Karen and Irish sat quietly watching the entire tape together. The first segment showed Jordan's anal rape of Karen but what made watching even worse were Jordan's play by play description and the added sound effects of a pig squealing as Karen suffered and a loud popping sound as Jordan pulled her dildo out of Karen's tight ass. As she watched with Irish and her humiliation grew, Karen fought back tears with muffled sniffles and sobs. She was so embarrassed at her complete and total inability to resist or fight back against Jordan's domination.

The next part of the tape was even harder for Karen; Irish and her hated enemy in heated multiple variations of sexual intercourse. Every once and a while Jordan had added a voice-over, gloating and giving another piece of her cryptic message. During this part of the tape, Irish held Karen close as he apologized over and over for what he felt was his unfaithfulness.

When the tape at long last was over, they didn't know anymore then when they started! Irish hooked the VCR to his computer and copied the tape, then edited out the segments Jordan had spliced in and made second tape with them. After playing this new tape, Jordan's message was clear - a challenge for Karen to meet her in the ring to settle things once and for all. Jordan gave her thirty days to prepare but warned that if she refused, the pictures and videotape would be offered for sale to the highest bidder on the Internet.

The tape was more then a challenge, it was a wager. If Karen won she'd get the pictures and tape; and revenge by beating Jordan. But, if she lost, Jordan would get something she wanted that Karen had...Irish! Continue to Ambush Part 4