Ambush Pt. 4: Karen McDougal vs. Jordan (rematch) by Irish

Karen had wanted to forget everything that had happened the day before; if she never laid eyes on Jordan again it would be just fine with the Playmate. Never had she found herself so completely helpless, unable to defend herself. Even after Karen had been beaten, Jordan just kept coming and coming inflicting maximum punishment and humiliation. But after watching the tape, one thing became clear; Karen had to face Jordan on the Brit's terms...and the idea scared her! Just looking into her eyes, Irish could sense this would be the toughest fight of her life and he knew before she took on Jordan, Karen had to overcome her fears and internal demons. Although Irish wasn't a rich man, he was wealthy in the friends and contacts he'd made through the years. He called in a marker from a friend of his that he had helped out in the past and the friend was more than happy to supply everything that he needed.

"Karen pack a bag, we've got to get outta here," said Irish, concerned that since Jordan had his address Karen wouldn't be safe in his house until the matter was resolved.

He and Karen had an up-hill battle ahead of them and right now they needed time and distance between Jordan and them. They left the house within minutes headed out of town. Irish didn't even tell Karen the destination until they arrived at a small airport outside of town and got airborne. Irish didn't allow Karen to phone anybody about their departure to cut down on the chances of being pursued. He also had his friend make sure that the flight plan that he had filed disappeared soon after take off so as not to leave a paper trail.

"I didn't know you knew how to fly," Karen stated as they headed east over LA.

"You'll find that I'm full of surprises," he said as he forced a thin smile.

The small plane continued to climb as they made their way over the Rockies. As they passed over the expansive plains of the Midwest Karen grew homesick. She recalled a simpler life of teaching a bunch of preschoolers' back in Michigan. She started to cry as she remembered the last couple of hours of her life. How did she get here?

Several hours later as they were in their final leg of the journey, it was Irish's turn to reflect on what seemed the distant past. As they approached New York, or as close as they were allowed to fly because of what was now a restricted air space they saw the famous skyline. Irish couldn't help thinking something had forever changed on that fateful September day. The remainder of the trip was in silence until their final approach to Republic Airport on the Nassau-Suffolk border. A fifteen-minute car ride later and they pulled through the gates of a waterfront north shore estate. After a quite dinner, they retired for the night after a day spent cramped in the cabin of the small plane.

The next morning Irish had Karen up early. It was still to soon to hit the weights so they ran along the rocky beach along side the Long Island Sound. Running in the sand was difficult and it helped to magnify the intensity of the workout. After the run they would swim laps in the indoor pool. On days it rained, Irish drove Karen to the largest building in the area, the hospital. She had no idea what was going on as they walked through the hallway.

It wasn't till they reached the staircase and began running up the nineteen flights to the roof that it dawned on her. The air in the stairwell was stagnant due to lack of movement which made it difficult to breathe. But it quickly became apparent that they were trying to get maximum benefit from the workouts in the minimum amount of time.

After taking a short break at the top, they began the long run back to the ground floor where Irish took Karen to the burn unit. There, calling in another favor, Irish had Karen placed in the hyperbaric chamber; something many sports teams were using because they found that the 100% oxygen atmosphere enhanced the healing process.

The second week in New York, weight training was added to their regiment. An added surprise was a heavy bag suspended from the rafters of the garage. This was no ordinary heavy bag it had a picture of Jordan's face at the top, two speed bags just below that to simulate her large breast, and down near the bottom of the bag was a picture of the heart shaped tattoo that Jordan had just below her belt line. Karen beat on the bag for hours with a look of determination on her face. The return to normal and the quite nights besides the fireplace with Irish had Karen beginning to feel like herself again.

But Irish had dragged Karen cross country for reasons other then merely to put distance between her and Jordan. By week three he added another component to her training regiment. Something taught only in New York... Attitude! Karen had grown up in the mid-west and then moved to the left coast to peruse her modeling and acting career. She was American as mom's apple pie and soon she would be matched up against the tough Brit. that owned her emotionally and Irish was looking for something that Karen could use to overcome that.

On the first day of week three they traveled from the affluent north shore of Nassau County to a dirty, dingy, sweat shop of a boxing gymnasium in the bowels of Brooklyn. Karen was nervous just walking from the car to the gym's front door, never mind thinking who she would meet on the inside of the place. Irish had asked her sparing partner not to hold back, to keep her moving the entire time. He also stayed close to move in if needed so that she wouldn't be hurt.

Karen and Joyce, her sparing partner, exchanged blow back and forth but not much happened until Joyce tagged her on the chin with a right cross. For the next several moments Karen back peddled and her look of determination was replaced with one of fear. Irish stepped in and asked Karen if she was OK and if she wanted to continue. After a short break she was back at it but you could tell that she was affected more emotionally than physically from the punch. Irish wished he had another month to get Karen past that hurdle, but life was never fair.

By the end of week four as they were getting ready to head back west Karen had made some large improvements. But Irish was still very concerned about her. On the way home she listened to some relaxation tapes that Irish had given her with subliminal messages about overcoming fears. That night when they had returned back to the house Irish checked his phone messages and found several from Jordan. She stated that she had something very important to discuss with him and that he had to call her right away. Jordan told Irish that she'd changed her mind about the match. It seemed Alyssa and Aria had heard about her challenge and were jealous. To make her friends happy she proposed that the six women meet again to settle the score once and for all.

"No fucking way you cheatin' whore!" was basically how Irish diplomatically responded to her changed demands. "If your friends want in, it would be as three separate one-on-one matches...and I pick the place," was Irish's counter offer.

Jordan teased Irish that was no way to speak to his lover and reminded him what was at stake. In the end, Jordan agreed to three matches, but only she and Karen's would count in the wager! "The other two will just be for the fun of Alyssa and Aria," she laughed.

After some phone calls had been placed, the matches were set. The first match would pit blonde porn star Devon against Alyssa Milano while the second match would be between Kyla Cole and Aria Giovonni. Of course, the main event was to be Karen McDougal vs Jordan for all the marbles... or at least Irish's!

Now Irish had to make sure that no outside interference occurred during any of the matches. The site he chose, and talked Hef into financing modifications to, was the old Sea World like aquarium. It hadn't been used in years and the large fish tank no longer held water. The 'cheap seats' were arena seating above grade where spectators used to watch the dolphins jump through hoops. The 'luxury boxes' were below grade where you used to be able to see the dolphins up close through thick glass. What made them 'luxury' boxes was thick carpet on the floor and the plush leather couches. Also, it wouldn't be a 'luxury box' if the elite and privileged cheering on the gladiators didn't get waitress service so they could enjoy the match with a warm cock/tail in one hand and a hot hors d'oeuvre in the other.
MATCH ONE: Alyssa Milano vs. Devon

On the day of the fight the aquarium/stadium was filled to capacity. Karen & Co. and The Charmed Ones were each given their own luxury box as a dressing room/team headquarters. The other two luxury boxes went to the highest bidders with FOX sports getting one and Microsoft the other where they entertained a group of Japanese businessmen.

The first match began as Devon and Alyssa entered the tank from the opposite side team boxes. As both women slowly circled looking for an opening, the match got off to a slow start. Devon drew first blood when she faked a left jab, then snapped Alyssa's head back with a powerful right cross. She quickly doubled Alyssa over with a foot to the belly and then with the brunette leaning forward, Devon grabbed a handful of hair and repeatedly drove her knee up into the witch's face. Early on it was all Devon and Karen and Co. were cheering her on!

Responding to her teammates, Devon sent Alyssa flying across the ring using an Irish whip. The move itself didn't hurt the brunette any more, but the sudden stop as she came to an abrupt halt hitting the glass in front of Karen & Co. was pretty painful.

The idea for using the old fish tank was a huge hit as the women savored the pained look on Alyssa's face as her body hit glass with a SPLAT! Everyone in the arena heard the impact, but it was especially melodic in the Karen & Co. box.

Alyssa slowly began to slide down the glass with her cheek spreading out like the witch in the Wizard of Oz sobbing 'I'm melting!' She didn't slide far, however, because Devon grabbed a handful of hair and pressed her to the glass as she drove a knee to her kidney.

Kyla was yelling to Devon, "We can't see!" and Devon got the hint.

In seconds, the petite starlet was just wearing only her bikini bottoms. Alyssa's body was pressed up against the glass, flattening her breasts as Kyla whipped out her camera and took a couple of souvenir photos.

Karen yelled, "How rude off you! Don't forget our Japanese guests!"

Hearing that, Devon flung Alyssa against the glass in front of the Microsoft box where, with the stereotypical cameras slung around their necks, the businessmen took full advantage of the unique photo opportunity. As flashbulbs reflected off the inside of the glass, Alyssa was beginning to come out of her stupor.

Once again Devon grabbed her by the hair and flung her towards the center of the tank. Alyssa rose to her knees, begging Devon not to hurt her anymore. Devon confidently approached the downed brunette and grabbed Alyssa's hair. She paused for just a moment, posing for effect before her next move - the next thing she saw was stars.

As Devon looked towards her teammates for further instructions, Alyssa drove a wicked punch up from the floor directly between the unsuspecting blonde's legs. With a stricken expression on her face, Devon dropped to her knees just as a second powerful punch struck pay-dirt with a crunching sound that echoed around the inside of the tank. Devon tried to scream but she couldn't find her voice.

Alyssa freed Devon's large breasts from her bikini top, leaving both women in just their bathing suit bottom. Devon quickly found herself flat on her back after Alyssa sent a spinning heel kick into the side of her head. With Devon lying stunned, Alyssa took a moment to remove Devon's bikini bottom, rendering her completely nude.

"Let's not forget your slanty eyed friends," taunted Alyssa, as she dragged Devon up by the hair. As she prepared to send the blonde for a ride, Alyssa said "Oh wait a minute, one more thing."

She picked up the dazed blonde's bikini top and used it to bind her wrists behind her back. Then grabbing a handful of hair, Alyssa ran Devon across the tank towards the Microsoft box. With her arms tied behind her back, Devon had no way of slowing herself and the first two things to make contact with the glass were her large breasts.

Alyssa quickly followed in behind her, sending a knee smashing into the small of Devon's back. This time the flashes going off resembled a severe lightening storm. Alyssa stepped back and dropped to one knee with her other one knee extended in front of her as Devon slumped and began to topple over backward.

Devon could only stare blankly straight ahead as she started to fall back. On her way down she made eye contact with one of the businessmen and it didn't register why his face had a pained expression as he quickly looked away. But a split second latter she knew why. Her already damaged pussy made solid contact onto Alyssa's outstretched knee. Devon had no idea what the conversation was between the businessmen, but she could see it was very animated as she slowly fell to one side, crashing to the floor face down. Alyssa looked at the Karen & Co. luxury box and smiled at the sight of them beating their fists on the inside of the glass as they screamed encouragement to the fallen Devon and hurled obscenities at her.

"Well bitch, I can't quite make out what they're saying," Alyssa hissed at Devon. "Why don't we get closer and so you can share this touching moment with them?"

Again, Alyssa hauled Devon to her feet by her hair and threw her across the tank, her big breasts pancaking on the glass in front of Karen's red face. Devon bounced off and crumpled to the floor of the tank. Alyssa confidently wiggled across the ring, her hands on her hips. When she reached Devon, she reached down, grabbed both of her ankles and spread the blond pornstars legs arms length wide.

Karen was yelling, "That's enough! She's had enough! Stop you win!"

But Alyssa just smirked and with a cruel smile on her face, said, "Read the contract cunt! You insisted on no submissions."

Then Alyssa stomped her heel down between Devon's legs, as Karen & Co. had to sit and look on helpless while their teammate's vulnerable pussy was being brutally stomped. Dropping the incapacitated blonde's legs, Alyssa straddled Devon's belly, sitting on her barely two feet from Devon's irate teammates. Once she got settled in, Alyssa began driving punches down onto Devon's breasts, blasting them with punches from both fists. When she got tired of punching, Alyssa dug her sharp nails into the soft flesh of Devon's tits and squeezed, twisted and pulled them like taffy.

Karen was infuriated as she watched her friend being tortured right in front of her eyes and could do nothing to stop it. Knowing Karen was getting her underwear all bunched up about the needlessly brutal assault, Alyssa decided to give her an up close look at her handy work and she dragged the dazed and weeping Devon back to her feet. Again, she pressed Devon up against the glass right in front of Karen with her breasts mushroomed on the glass.

The scratches were oozing blood so Alyssa decided to try her hand at art and went to work on her masterpiece, using the blood from Devon's bleeding breasts to make designs on the glass. Karen was still yelling for her to stop, threatening in lurid detail how she was going to kill the small brunette. Alyssa enjoyed it so much, she decided to have a little more fun before she stopped.

Reaching around in front of Devon, Alyssa began to claw the blonde's pussy. Devon's blood curdling screams echoed in the tank, causing Alyssa to tighten her grip and increase the pressure until Devon's body slumped limp in Alyssa's arms, finally ending the match.

Karen tried to make her way to the ring but the luxury suite door wouldn't open. Alyssa grabbed Devon's ankles and began to drag her unconscious body across the tank face down, leaving two bloody trails from her breasts on the rough cement. Karen was frantic and screamed to be released to go to aid her injured friend. But again Alyssa just laughed and referred to the contract signed by both teams.

"Read the small print you stupid bitch! Or better yet I'll draw you a picture since you're too much of an air-head to understand! On line 116 it's spelled out, 'to the victor belongs the spoils'."

She continued to drag Devon's unconscious body across the tank toward the Charmed One's luxury box. The magnetic lock like the one that held Karen's door closed was released on the Charmed door as Alyssa approached it. With the help of Aria and Jordan, Alyssa dragged her inside where they strapped Devon's body to a large X-frame and then leaned it against the inside of the window. Putting her bloody, nude body on lurid display in the window of the team box for all to see.

While Aria made her last minute preparations to face Kyla, Alyssa and Jordan had some fun with their trophy from the first match as, across the ring, Karen furiously paced back and forth muttering how she was going to get even with Alyssa. Kyla approached her from behind, put her arm around her and reassured her she'd do her part to even things up in the next match of the night.
MATCH TWO: Kyla Cole vs. Aria Giovanni

The second match was about to begin as Kyla and Aria made their way into the tank. Just as the match was about to begin, Kyla glanced over at Devon's bleeding body and a flash of rage washed over her body as she saw the pain in her eyes pleading to be released. But before she had a chance to look back towards her opponent, Kyla was folded in two at the waist from a blast to the belly from Aria's right foot. The bell rang to start the match as Aria grabbed a handful of Kyla's hair and ran her toward the glass in front of Devon.

Just as she was about to hit the wall, Kyla got a foot up to stop her forward momentum. Reaching back, Kyla grabbed a handful of Aria's hair as she stopped and planted, then using Aria's own momentum against her, Kyla ducked and flipped Aria over her, sending her crashing into the glass. Aria hit face first and her body was bent at an awful angle as she slid down the wall and landed with her knees on the floor and her forehead on the glass. Aria was in a great deal of pain; clutching at her lower back with both hands.

Seeing Aria was in distress, She kicked her injured lower back, driving her foot hard into the wounded area. Alyssa and Jordan could only watch as events were unfolding right under their eyes. Standing astride the fallen Aria, Kyla pulled Aria's arms back over her knees, then grabbed her under the chin as she lowered her butt on Aria's back and pulled. The painful camel clutch instantly had Aria screaming for help.

Aria was the thicker and more powerful of the two, but Kyla had used her speed to her advantage and now had her weakened opponent in big trouble right in front of the Charmed Ones window. Jordan and Alyssa were yelling at Aria, trying to talk her into powering out of the hold but their entreaties were having little effect. But just then, a light bulb went off over Alyssa's head. She went back to torturing Devon right in front of Kyla. Seeing her teammate screaming in pain quickly got Kyla's attention and she stopped torturing Aria as she began to yell at Alyssa to leave Devon alone.

Kyla's grip on Aria loosened as she devoted more and more attention to what was happening to Devon on the other side of the glass. Aria began to slowly work her hands down Kyla's legs to her ankles without Kyla noticing. Seeing her plan was working, Alyssa knelt behind Devon and spread her pussy lips wide, then right on cue, Jordan knelt next to Devon and pushed her hand up between Devon's legs. Devon began to scream as Jordan's fist began pounding in and out of her pussy viciously.

Karen saw what was happening and yelled for Kyla to watch out, but Kyla couldn't hear her cries over the crowd noise and Devon's painful wailing. Kyla was completely consumed by the action opposite her when she suddenly felt her feet fly into the air and she came crashing to the floor. As she hit on her back, her head struck the floor, temporarily dazing her. Aria rose up on her knees, still between Kyla's legs, and quickly thanked her teammates for the assist. But they were too preoccupied with the blonde porn star to reply.

Still between Kyla's legs, Aria threw herself backward, driving her ass down onto Kyla's breasts and trapping her arms under her knees. Now that Kyla was immobilized, Aria slammed a karate chop down between her spread legs. The martial arts blow had the desired effect and Kyla's screams reverberated from the tank walls.

The people up in the cheap seats were standing, yelling and cheering and the ones closer to the action were being treated to quite a show. The ones on the other side of the tank felt cheated and their chants of, "Take it off" soon filled the arena. Aria, never shy, obliged her fans by removing her own bikini top and shaking her breasts. The cheer in response was so loud that Jordan and Alyssa looked up from working over Devon to see what was going on.

"Not you stupid!" Alyssa screamed. "HER!" she said, pointing to Kyla's crotch.

Aria smiled, nodded, and grabbed Kyla’s bikini at the hips and yanked up hard with all her might - slicing the suit into Kyla's ass and wedging it deep between her swollen pussy lips. Then, grinning cruelly, Aria began to saw the suit roughly back and forth between Kyla's frantically flailing legs. As Kyla screamed in pain, the crowd rose to their feet cheering. Just as the arena crowd reached their boiling point the bikini snapped and Aria nearly fell over, looking down at the torn pieces of Kyla's suit in her hands! Having heard enough of Kyla's moaning, Aria wanted to hear the cheers of her fans so she again slid her ass back covering Kyla's nose and mouth. Soon, Kyla's screams were replaced with muffled grunts as the chants of, "Take it off! Take it off!" continued. Again, Aria obliged; relieving Kyla of her top. As she stared down at Kyla’s breasts, Aria couldn't help herself. Two such lovely, inviting targets just begging to be abused! Aria began to tear into Kyla's breasts exactly as Alyssa had done to Devon. Soon, Kyla's legs stopped thrashing as she lost her battle with consciousness.

For the second time in less than an hour, Karen tried to force her way through the door to go to a friend's aid. But, just as earlier, the only magnetic lock opening was the one on the side of the Charmed Ones. As soon as their door unlocked, Jordan and Alyssa rushed out to join Aria in the tank but before they dragged Kyla back to their lair, they wanted to torment Karen a little more, knowing that the angrier she got the worse she'd perform. Grabbing the fallen pornstar's ankles, they dragged her limp body around the tank.

First, they stopped at the Microsoft box where they lifted Kyla's unconscious body and posed for pictures in a varied assortment of twisted lesbian poses. Some of the businessmen bowed continually to show their appreciation; others were left speechless as their hands played in their pockets. Next, the Charmed Ones dragged Kyla to the FOX sports box. It would have been rude to ignore the camera that had been filming since the first fight began. The posing sequence was repeated while poor Karen could only beat her fists in frustration on the glass.

Finally, they made their way over to the luxury box where Karen stood with her shoulders slumped. Aria held Kyla in a full nelson and smashed the brunette's beautiful face against the glass. With her hold securely in place, Jordan and Alyssa went to work ripping clumps of hair from Kyla's pubic mound. When they finished, Karen was in tears, unable to do anything but watch the destruction of her second friend and teammate. Irish held Karen and pulled her away from the glass shielding her from watching the conclusion of the brutal lesbian onslaught against her girlfriend. Soon the Charmed Ones tired of their dominance display and since Karen was no longer watching they carried Kyla to the Charmed Ones lair where they hung her on a cross besides Devon in the window.
MAIN EVENT: Karen McDougal vs. Jordan

Karen entered the tank ready to do battle with Jordan in the main event. But now that the Charmed Ones had isolated her from Irish, they began to torment her yet again. Grabbing the X holding Kyla, they inverted it in front of Devon's X, then rocked the two X's back and forth, pounding Devon's face into Kyla's crotch and vice versa. Karen was incensed, but there was nothing she could do to stop the disgusting 69 scene which, adding insult to injury, was being shown on the Jumbo-tron screen above the tank. After far too long, Jordan was ordered to get into the tank so that final could begin. Still she stalled, pretending to limber up and stretch as Aria and Alyssa returned Devon and Kyla to their places on display in the window, their X's about five feet apart.

Knowing they had Karen's attention, the two Charmed Ones picked up a third X and leaned it on the glass between her teammates. They then took their positions with Alyssa in front of Devon and Aria in front of Kyla. Each grabbed a breast in each hand, digging their nails deep into their opponent's tit flesh. Both Kyla and Devon screamed until, for the grand finale, the two Charmed bitches drove their knees repeatedly between their trapped rivals legs until they passed out. Karen looked down and realized her hands were trembling...either from anger or fear, she wasn't sure!

Karen couldn't stand the sight of her girlfriend's assault any further! As soon as the door opened to let Jordan into the tank, Karen rushed toward the door trying to rescue her friends. But she never made it. As she charged blindly towards the door she never saw Jordan who stepped out and dropped her with a clothesline. Karen sluggishly made it to all fours and crawled towards the now closing door as Jordan walked around behind her and drove a powerful kick between Karen’s legs, sending her flying face first into the closed glass door. As Karen lifted her head, the first thing that she saw was Aria and Alyssa who were lying on their bellies with their faces pressed up against the glass on the opposite side of the door.

"Oh poor, poor Karen. Did you get your ass kicked?"

Before she could respond, Jordan dropped her knee into Karen's lower back. With Karen pinned to the floor in pain, Jordan easily removed her bikini top and tossed it to the floor. Jordan stepped off the fallen Playmate, hauled her to her feet by the hair, then bent down and pulled her into a belly to back bearhug from behind, locking her arms around Karen’s waist just below her ribcage. As Jordan increased the crushing hold, she lifted Karen off the floor until her body was bent backward over Jordan's right shoulder.

Karen was having trouble breathing with her diaphragm compressed, unable to move up or down. Jordan gave Karen a final squeeze as she jumped up and down bouncing Karen on her shoulder, then just when she thought Karen was near the breaking point, Jordan fell back and drove Karen's head into the floor. Jordan picked her up and repeated the move twice more in succession leaving the Playmates eyes spinning in her head as the crowd again chanted, "Take it off! Take it off!" (or was it "Tear it off! Tear it off!") Whatever, Jordan answered the plea and tore away Karen's bikini bottom bearing her gorgeous ass.

As Jordan planned her next move, she became distracted by someone rapping on the glass of a luxury booth with a key. When she looked towards the sound, from the FOX sports box, she saw Lisa Dergan holding up ten crisp thousand-dollar bills fanned out in her hand. Now that she had Jordan's attention, Lisa gestured for Jordan to bring Karen over to her and the FOX sports cameras. Smiling into the camera, Jordan whipped Karen across the tank so her body splatted on the glass right in front of Lisa. Karen slowly slid down, leaving a smudge on the glass as she slumped on her knees with her face pressed to the glass where Lisa was applauding Jordan's performance with a polite golf clap!

Jordan knelt behind Karen and hauled her up in a full nelson. Using a handful of hair to hold her head steady, Jordan pressed Karen’s breasts up against the glass, flattening them out so the cameraman can get a money shot - up close and personal! But this photo shoot was far from over as far as Jordan was concerned. Letting go of the full nelson, Jordan pulled Karen's head back under her left arm, arching her body as she trapped her in a headlock with her legs spread and her full breasts pushing upward; nipples rigidly en pointe! Using her free hand, Jordan began to working over Karen's breasts with her fist, beating them from side to side. Lisa jumped up and down in ecstasy, making sure the FOX cameraman captured all the action in gruesome detail.

"I smell bonuses!" she yelled, encouraging the FOX sports crew to get a close-up of Karen’s battered boobs bouncing on her heaving chest.

Jordan bent Karen's head back further until her back was arched at a severe angle, then drove her elbow down into Karen's stretched tight belly right on the belly button. Karen's legs folded beneath her as she dropped to her knees. Jordan stepped across Karen’s chest straddling it, positioning herself so that as she sat back, she could trap each of Karen's arms between her calf and the back of her thigh. Then Jordan sat back and ground her ass down over Karen's nose and mouth as the dazed Playmate struggled helplessly trying to free herself.

Jordan was really getting into the domination and humiliation and wasn’t about to end things just yet, besides, she decided Lisa and the people at FOX deserved a little more film for their ten thousand dollars. Jordan leaned forward, allowing Karen to draw her first good breath in several minutes. The sounds of her coughing and gasping brought a wicked smile to Jordan's cruel lips as she fondled Karen's breasts and tweaked her nipples, pulling on them and keeping them hard for the close-up camera. Then, her hands began to roam further south…down over Karen's taught stomach muscles to the Promised Land. Leering at Lisa, Jordan began to stroke Karen’s pussy, then inserted a couple of fingers and started to push Karen toward full arousal and, ultimately, a cruelly humiliating public orgasm!

Karen began pleading with Jordan to stop as she rapidly continued pumping her fingers in and out, forcing Karen toward a very unwelcome and unwanted climax. As Jordan abused and humiliated Karen, the memories of their prior meeting came flooding back washing over the Playmate like a tidal wave. The last time they’d fought, Jordan completely dominated her and after Jordan had Karen beaten, she’d continued to dominate her with an endless session of sexual dominance and abuse.

Karen had appeared many times in either Playboy or one of the newsstand specials, so nudity was nothing new to her. In the movie “The Arena” she’d been in a rape scene with one of the male gladiators. But in all her time in print or on video, no one ever saw a clear shot of her vagina…until now! Here she was with her most private part just inches from the FOX sports camera lens as Jordan used her fingers to spread Karen's labia as she picked up her pumping pace. Lisa saw her cameraman was losing his focus so she relieved him - of his camera - and she settled in, focused on the target and zoomed in for the shot she wanted as she caught Karen's forced ejaculation.

Jordan returned to her seat atop Karen's red, flushed face, both to give her tiring fingers a break as well as to ensure Karen didn't give her any trouble as she got set up for her next move. Just as planned, Jordan moved off the beaten Playmate and Karen began to gasp and sputter. Pulling on Karen’s hair, Jordan easily rolled her over onto her belly, then pushed Karen’s hips back toward the glass, raising her ass in the air for Lisa’s FOX camera. Jordan began to spank Karen's prize ass till it was beet red. As Jordan looked up at Lisa through the glass, she could tell from the look in Lisa's eyes that she wasn’t far from her own climax!

Not taking her taking her eyes off Lisa's face, Jordan spread Karen's ass cheeks wide for the lens as she decided to have some more fun at Karen’s expense. She licked her index finger and forced it past Karen's tightly clenched sphincter, then she began to finger-fuck the sobbing Playmate in the ass. Jordan could feel the moisture building in her own bikini bottom as she watched Lisa's free hand slide down the front of her skirt as she tried to hold the camera steady in one hand and stir her honey pot with the other. Lisa Dergan was no lesbian, but the site of her hated rival being destroyed and humiliated in front of her camera was more than she could stand. Very soon she, like her cameraman, was unable to hold the camera steady.

Jordan was a showbiz veteran and she knew when a scene had run its course. She got off of Karen and hauled the panting Playmate up on her wobbly legs. This time, it was the Japanese businessmen who attracted Jordan's attention. As she turned to the Microsoft box, she could see them all standing and banging on the glass, waving large wads of money at her. Whether they were dollars or yen really didn't matter to the Englishwoman, all she saw was an opportunity to make a few bob at Karen's expense.

As Jordan pushed Karen toward the Microsoft box, Karen tried bravely to struggle, but at the first sign of resistance Jordan picked Karen up, held her high in the air and then dropped her back down across and outstretched knee in a backbreaker. Dragging Karen back to her feet, Jordan put on a nearly identical show for the Japanese. Again, the flash bulbs reflected off the inside of the glass, half-blinding the guests. Once Jordan had brought Karen to two more climaxes, she looked over at the Karen & Co. box where a lonely and very dejected Irish was standing, shoulders slumped looking forlorn.

"We can't forget your boyfriend,” Jordan told Karen with a cruel laugh. With Karen barely able to stand, Jordan half-dragged her over to Irish and flung Karen’s sweaty body against the glass flattening her breasts as she held her pinned on the slick surface with a handful of hair and her knee in Karen’s ass. "S’matter love? You haven’t forget our little wager?" Jordan asked, as Irish shook his fist at her. Hearing Jordan taunting Irish, Karen was jolted back to reality when she heard Jordan tell him, "Oh, don't worry about that last X. It’s not for your beloved Karen... its for you!" Karen struggled with a renewed energy but still didn’t have the strength to free herself from Jordan's clutches. Irish turned and walked to the far side of the room but Jordan screamed, "You can't run away lover! I'll find you! And till I do, our little bitch here is gonna suffer!"

But Irish wasn't running! Instead, he returned carrying the triple picture frame Jordan had sent to Karen. On the left was the picture of Karen having oral sex with Jordan and on the right side the similar picture of Irish with her. But Irish had replace the middle picture with the one he’d taped to the heavy bag from the Brooklyn gym. As Jordan's eyes narrowed trying to focus on the new picture, Karen kicked back with a mule kick that scored a direct hit between Jordan's legs. She repeated the kick several more times till Jordan crumpled to the ground and let go of Karen’s hair.

Now that Karen had her freedom, she turned around to see Jordan on her haunches with her hands clutched tight between her legs trying without success to massage away her pain. But Karen didn't give her a chance as she reached down, grabbed a handful of hair and began slamming Jordan's head on the thick glass of the aquarium wall. With Jordan stunned, Karen removed her bikini top and used it to tie her arms behind her back leaving her helpless.

Rolling Jordan over onto her back Karen, assaulted her enormous breasts for over a minute; digging her nails deep into the soft, fleshy mounds, leaving bloody scratches on the formerly flawless flesh. Now, it was Jordan's face pressed up against the glass in front of Irish while Karen continued blasting knees and fists into Jordan's lower back. For the first time since the fights began, Karen smiled as Irish gave her a big thumbs up. Karen threw Jordan to the floor in the center of the tank and put her into a camel clutch, inflicting more terrible pain on Jordan's already weakened lower back; throwing an occasional fist to the side of her face for good measure.

When Karen let go, Jordan dropped face down on to the hard floor of the tank with a sick splat sound like raw meat being flung against the wall. Then Karen got to her feet and walked over to where a stunned Aria and Alyssa were watching with their noses pressed against the glass of their own luxury box. She shook her finger at them as she told them, ‘you’re next’ for what they’d done to her friends. They quickly began to work over their trapped victims from the earlier matches, hoping to distract Karen from Jordan just as they had before, but this time it didn't work!

Jordan had slowly made it back up to her knees and then, with one hand on the wall for support, to her feet. Her face was a mask of blood from her nose which had been busted wide open when it hit the floor. Karen whistled to get Jordan's attention, and as she slowly turned towards the sound, Karen charged at breakneck speed…and breakneck was exactly what Karen tried to do as she dropped Jordan with the mother of all clotheslines! Jordan was turned upside down and dropped like a stone to the floor. She wouldn’t be answering the bell anytime soon!

Karen dragged Jordan by one ankle to the Microsoft box and there, for the viewing pleasure of the businessmen, she stripped off Jordan’s bikini bottom. Without even the thin material to shield her pussy, Karen spread Jordan's legs wide apart, then jumped in the air and came down on Jordan's groin using her knee with her full weight behind it. WHACK! Jordan thrashed around on the aquarium floor, her body convulsing in pain from the low blow shot between her legs. As she watched Jordan writhing in agony, a funny thought came to Karen. Jordan reminded her of what it must look like if they drained all the water from the tank with the fish still in it.

With Jordan rendered unconscious, the match was determined to be over with Karen the winner and the magnetic locks snapped open releasing both Aria and Alyssa who charged toward Karen seeking vengeance for Jordan’s destruction.

Karen easily ducked a telegraphed punch from Aria and landed a huge kick right between her legs. Karen stood over the slumped Aria and drove an elbow down at the base of her skull, driving her to the floor tits first. But with Karen occupied with Aria, Alyssa sneaked around behind her and jumped on the big woman's back, wrapping her arms around Karen’s chest in a bearhug; trapping her hands at her sides. When Karen lost her balance and fell back onto her ass, it allowed Alyssa to lock her wiry legs around the Playmate's waist.

Karen had already been badly weakened by Jordan’s forced orgasms and the beating she’d taken during the match, now Alyssa was squeezing the remaining strength from her as she tried to crush the life out of her. Irish screamed encouragement to Karen as he tried to open the door that still kept him trapped in the Karen & Co. luxury box.

Karen fought valiantly trying to pry Alyssa's legs open to regain her freedom but she was unable to pull it off. But just as she was about to admit defeat, she heard an odd sound. Turning her head, she saw the Japanese Businessmen in the Microsoft box had somehow produced rally sticks which they were beating against the glass. The businessmen had cheered all night, sometimes for Karen & Co. and other times for The Charmed Ones. They really didn't have a stake in which team won but all felt that what Alyssa was doing wasn’t honorable.

Finding hidden strength deep inside her, Karen struggled to her feet while Alyssa still clung tightly to her back with her legs wrapped around her waist. Karen charged towards the wall in front of Irish's box, then at the last moment turned around so Alyssa was crushed between her and the wall. Stepping out a couple of paces, Karen ran backward several times until Alyssa's arms and legs slipped away. Karen spun and grabbed Alyssa by the hair, pulled her head between her thighs, grabbed Alyssa around the waist and powered her high into the air before she finished off the little witch off with a pile driver into the cement floor of the tank that knocked her cold.

Karen freed her trapped friends and the three of them reversed things as they strapped the Charmed Ones to the three Xs. The door was closed to prevent any interference, then Karen & Co. worked the witches over until Jordan at last gave up the location of the tapes and pictures she had used to blackmail Karen. Afterward, Karen & Co. graciously escorted the Japanese businessmen into the Charmed Ones suite and poured them each a drink. Then they left the homesick businessmen with the bound women without any regret.

There was one last piece of unfinished business and Karen & Co. cleaned that up quickly. They made their way out to the parking lot where they cornered Lisa Dergan. It took some convincing by Karen and Kyla, but somehow they retrieved the embarrassing tape from the FOX sports camera. When the cameraman returned to the van, Lisa was nowhere in sight. Hearing a noise coming from the back of the van he opened the side door open and found her bound with microphone wire, stripped, and gagged with her own panties.

After thinking for a minute about what a bitch Lisa had been to him since they’d been teamed up, he pulled a small digital camera from his pocket and snapped off a couple of pictures of his own. Then he just closed the side door and left her there, still bound and gagged.

'Fuck her!' he thought as he pulled out of his parking spot and drove past the front entrance to the aquarium just as Irish was helping Karen to their car. He waved and wished them good night with a friendly toot on the horn, thinking to himself, “Maybe tomorrow I'll come back and let her loose!”

But, of course, once Lisa was free she swore to get revenge against Karen for costing her a scoop by stealing her tape. But she first called a couple of her friends, figuring there was safety in numbers - especially since Karen had friends of her own who wouldn't hesitate to help her!

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