Ambush! #5: Karen McDougal/Kathy Ireland/Cat Bell vs. Lisa Dergan/Charlize Theron.Sunny McKay by Irish

It was New Years Eve and as usual Hef threw a party that rivaled the one in Times Square. If you were a city dweller you stood in the street all bundled up fighting the elements. Besides being extremely cold, it was crowded, loud, and you had to dodge drunks and thieves all night long. But in California the difference was night and day! Instead of being bundled up, women were scantily clad; instead of being cold, things were really heating up; instead of crowded streets, the party was invitation only; instead of thieves, they had lawyers (there's a difference?) And finally, instead of drunks, they had....OK, you got me there!

Karen and Irish were making their way 'networking' among the many guests at the party. The atmosphere was unbelievable and Hef had out done his normal party grandeur. This was the place to be if you were looking for work in 2003, especially if you were a model, actress or photographer.

Nearing midnight, Karen excused herself to go to the ladies, leaving poor Irish stuck making chit-chat with Kathy Ireland at the punch bowl as Karen headed down to the powder room on the lower level of the mansion. She finished her business and was headed back to rejoin the party in time for the clock to strike twelve when she was met in the doorway by an obviously very drunk Lisa Dergan. Karen tried to push past Lisa since it was the holidays and she didn't want to spoil Hef's party with a fight with another Playmate (ed. note: Yeah, like that'd ruin any Playboy party for sure!) But Lisa got in Karen's face and as she angrily recited her travails during the weekend she spent bound and gagged in back of the FOX Sports van, she began to poke her finger into Karen's chest.

Karen had reached the point were she'd had enough and, party or not, she was ready to put Lisa on her ass just so she could get back to the party and not miss ringing in the new year with Irish. Just then, unobserved by Karen, Sunny McKay was crawling up behind her on her hands and knees. As it turns out, Lisa's being drunk was an act. Once Sunny was in place, Lisa shoved Karen, sending her toppling over Sunny, crashing to the bathroom tile floor. She smacked the back of her head on the hard tiles and lay dazed. Before Karen knew what hit her, Charlize Theron stepped out of one of the bathroom stalls and dropped her firm ass on the ex-Playmate of the Year.

Lisa turned to lock the bathroom door to ensure they wouldn't be disturbed while Sunny pushed Karen's dress up around her waist and ripped her panties off. Then Lisa grabbed both of Karen's ankles and lifted her legs straight up and spread them as wide as her arms could hold them. With her rival pinned under Charlize, Lisa stomped down with her heel into Karen's womanhood...SPLAT! Lisa kept up the torture as she shifted her weight to that leg while she ground her heel on Karen's damaged pussy.

Charlize held a fistful of Karen's hair in one hand while she pounded Karen's head with her other fist, knocking the Playmate silly. Karen's arms were trapped under Charlize and she couldn't do anything to defend herself from attack except try to wriggle her way free. Sunny was pouting, feeling left out, so she began to kick Karen in the ribs and belly knocking the rest of her rapidly diminishing breath from her. After the three bitches had beaten the fight out of Karen, Charlize got off of her chest and pulled Karen's dress the rest of the way off over her head, then pulled off the Playmate's bra.

Charlize stood at Karen's head and held her wrists securely with her arms stretched out far over her head. While Lisa kept hold of Karen's ankles, Sunny climbed onto the bathroom vanity. Once in position, Sunny whistled the "charge" and leapt off the counter. Karen's eyes grew wide as she heard Sunny's whistle and turned to look up just before everything went dark. The sound of the two woman's bodies slapping together could be heard throughout the lower level of the mansion.

Now that they'd accomplished their objective, Charlize said, "Lets get the hell out of here before someone comes looking for her!"

But Lisa felt that Karen hadn't suffered enough yet for the beating she took at the hand of Karen, Kyla Cole, and Devon.

"No! Not yet," said Lisa. "You know she's going to come looking for me with that pathetic posse of hers. I want to hurt her a little more first! It'll discourage her and teach her not to mess with me again."

Sunny was on the save wavelength as Lisa and asked if Karen, "She a righty or a lefty?"

"What the fuck does that have to do with the price of tea in China?" Charlize asked sarcastically.

But once again Sunny and Lisa were thinking alike.

"In the Arena, she held her sword in her right hand," Lisa said excitedly. And told Charlize, "Sit the bitch up over by the sink and get her in a bear hug!"

Sunny hopped back up onto the vanity and once Charlize had Karen securely held in place, Lisa grabbed her right arm and held it out straight with her elbow on the vanity. Lisa slapped Karen awake so that she wouldn't miss what she had planned for her.

"Wake up cunt! We're about to ring in the New Year!" taunted Lisa.

Just when Karen renewed her struggles, Sunny leapt off the vanity a second time, knees first. Karen looked towards the motion in her peripheral vision just as Sunny's knees slammed into her arm just below her shoulder. The pain was unbelievable as Karen's arm was nearly torn from the socket. Sunny fell hard next to Karen and Charlize released the Playmate who again was unconscious and went to tend to her girlfriend.

But Lisa was still possessed by hatred and hadn't given up on demolishing Karen. She straddled Karen's waist, grabbed her by the wrist of her injured arm and twisted it behind her back as far as she could. With the damaged limb at a sharp, painful angle, Lisa pounded away at the injured area as hard as she could, levering the arm higher and higher up Karen's back, increasing her torment.

Sunny was back on her feet and blaming the Playmate for her nearly being injured. She approached Karen and while Lisa continued to work on her arm, Sunny grabbed two handfuls of bare tits, sinking her nails deep into the soft orbs. Lisa stopped her onslaught and took a lipstick out of her purse and wrote in bright red on the bathroom mirror a challenge for Karen & Co. to face the "Battling Blondes" in the aquarium battle tank again. This time, Lisa would make sure that more then one camera was rolling during the match!

While Lisa and Sunny were busy, Charlize crawled between Karen's spread legs and slowly massaged her damaged pussy until her labia and clit were both engorged. Then she cruelly drove her knee into the area she'd been gently and tenderly working to full arousal. Having accomplished their task, the Battling Blondes collected their belongings and beat feet out of the Mansion before they got caught.

When Karen had not returned from the ladies room after more than fifteen minutes, Irish assumed she'd run into some old friends and lost track of time. When midnight came and went and he still couldn't find her, he enlisted the help of several other Playmates to find her. It was little Angel Boris who found Karen's beaten, battered body on the ladies room floor; laying naked, and hog tied with the cable from a microphone and her own panties stuffed in her mouth. When they untied Karen and she'd fully revived, she swore that Dergan, Theron and McKay would pay for what they'd done to her. Kathy Ireland helped Irish get Karen back up to the room they'd be staying in for the night but it took both Irish and Kathy to keep her from going after her attackers right then and there. Once they finally got her calmed down, all Karen could talk about was getting revenge.

"I don't blame you one bit," stated Kathy. "I want to kill the bitches myself and I wasn't the one they attacked!"

The next day Karen contacted the Battling Blondes to work out the details of Lisa's challenge. Still angry with Karen for what she felt was "the Arena disaster" Lisa decided that instead of the aquarium, they’d hold the fight in the wooden gladiator arena they'd used in the movie ‘The Arena’ which as luck would have it was stored on the back lot of a Hollywood movie studio. The fight was set for two weeks and Lisa insisted it be covered by FOX sports. When she hung up after talking with Karen, she called her producer to find out if she was still in the running for a bonus.

Meanwhile, Karen called her teammates, but she ran into a problem! Kyla was on a photo shoot in Europe and Devon still hadn't fully recovered from the match with the Charmed Ones. Karen said, "Well, fuck it! I'll take on the three whores all by myself!" There was no reasoning with Karen when she was in one of her moods, so Irish humored her while he went to work on a contingency plan. Unbeknownst to Karen, he made a few phone calls and had no trouble coming up with two women more than happy to take part in Karen's little sporting event.

When the day of the fight arrived, Karen was limbering up in the studio dressing room when Irish walked into the room. Behind him were two women Karen couldn't see from her seat on the floor because Irish was standing in the way.

"I have a little surprise for you babe," Irish told Karen. Just then Kathy stepped into view wearing a pair of black exercise shorts and a matching tank top. "Remember when I said I wouldn't mind killing the bitches myself?" Kathy asked. "Well Irish called and asked if I was still interested. Here I am!"

The next woman to come into view was none other than Catherine "Cat" Bell, "Hi Karen! Hope you don't mind if I tag along. Me and Theron have a long history already, so when Irish called I jumped at the chance. It was, just like Theron, a no-brainer!"

"See babe," Irish crowed proudly. "I told you, I'm just full of surprises!"

Karen was relieved to see friendly faces to know there were women ready to stand by her, willing to help. But she quickly made it clear, "The only way you two are in is if I can have Dergan to myself!"

"Not a problem!" said Cat. "Like I said, I'm just here for Theron. You have no idea how much fun it can be kicking her fat ass….and, boy once you’ve kicked the shit out of her, she turns into a real firecracker. Talk about a twisted slut!!"

"Well, I guess that leaves McKay for me," Kathy said, giving Karen a big smile. “I haven’t fought a real porn star since Cindy Crawford!”

The Battling Blondes were already in the arena when Karen stepped through the doorway alone and informed them, "I had a little problem, seems my former teammates all had prior engagements."

Before she could continue Lisa jumped down her throat, "You really are one stupid bitch, aren't you? Well it's your funeral!" Lisa continued. "The three of us will have no problem kicking your ass again! And this time you're NOT getting the tape!"

"So, I called a couple of friends who were willing to help me out," continued Karen. Then looking right at the FOX sports producer she asked, "You don't mind a couple of last minute substitutes, do you?"

Of course, he was thinking of nothing but ratings and the thought of six beautiful women locked in hand to hand combat was too good to pass up. And, hey, if ripping off clothes and publicly humiliating them was going to be part of the event, so much the better. He was in!

"With that out of the way," Karen went on. "Let me bring in my teammates. First, you all know Kathy Ireland?"

As Kathy made her way in, Charlize reassured Lisa they had nothing to worry about, nodding to Kathy she muttered, "That bitch is mine!"

Seeing the look of smug confidence in Charlize's face, Karen had to suppress a smile as she said, "And Charlize, you know my friend Cat don't you?"

Right on cue, Cat strode into the arena and the expression on Charlize's face fell almost immediately. Karen couldn't keep from chuckling any longer. As soon as the fight was to start, the six women paired off; Cat facing Charlize, Kathy opposite Sunny and Karen naturally, eager to get her hands on Lisa. The rules were simple, if or when you took your opponent out, you could go help one of your teammates. Double and triple teaming was not only allowed, it was encouraged!

Because of their long-standing feud, Cat and Charlize were the first to start and Cat threw a long, looping right cross that immediately dropped the startled blonde, sending her sprawling on her butt on the dirt floor of the arena. But as Cat continued her charge towards the fallen blonde, she was met with a handful of dirt to the eyes that temporarily blinded her. Charlize was quick to her feet and she a drove both feet into Bell's chest with a drop kick that sent her crashing back against the wooden side wall. Charlize ran in and drove her shoulder into Cat’s belly, taking the breath out of the big brunette. Cat dropped to the dirt on her knees, than Charlize threw her down with a handful of hair.

Dropping her knees between Cat's shoulder blades, Charlize pinned Cat face down with her face wedged into the dirt against the base of the wall. Charlize started throwing punch after punch, her fists beating down on the side of Cat's head. It caused a series of collisions; fist to head, head to wall! It didn't take many blows for Cat to be dazed and barely semi-conscious. Charlize dragged Cat's limb body away from the wall, then stripped her naked right in front of the FOX cameras!

While Cat and Charlize had torn into each other, Kathy and Sunny approached each other cautiously and Sunny took a boxing stance waiting for the larger woman to attack. This was just fine with Kathy because she had a three or four inch height advantage on the blonde porn star and figured she'd use her superior reach to keep Sunny at a safe distance while she picked her shots. That was her first mistake.

Sunny used her stage show moves to dance circles around Kathy. Before she knew it, the swimsuit model/fitness guru found herself with her back against the wall! Sunny teed off with hard body blows that soon had even the super-fit super model on her knees gasping for breath. Grabbing two handfuls of hair, Sunny began driving her knee into Kathy's chin until her eyes rolled back in her head. When Sunny let go, Kathy dropped face first in the dirt. Over the years Kathy had posed many times in various revealing bathing suits but Sunny welcomed her into the world of porn as she removed every stitch of the black workout clothing from Kathy's lush body.

In the mean time, Lisa pulled off her bikini top and challenged Karen to do likewise. With both former Playmates topless, Lisa raised her hands and curled them into two claws as she challenged Karen to see who had the tougher tits. Karen obliged and soon they were locked in painful double breast claws with each woman giving as good as she was getting. Both women's faces twisted in pain as they tortured each other's breast. As minutes passed, but neither would admit defeat. Finally, they let go and stepped back, taking a break before continuing the onslaught. Each had left bloody scratches across the other’s breasts and as they crashed back together, they let out painful grunts and groans.

But now Charlize and Sunny had dealt with Cat and Kathy and rushed over to help Lisa and start the three against one that would spell the beginning of the end for Karen and Co. Just as in the mansion bathroom, Sunny dove to her hands and knees behind Karen's legs so Lisa would be able to push Karen over the top of her. But Karen was stubbornly holding her ground and Lisa was unable to push her back as planned. Just then, Charlize arrived, grabbed a handful of brunette hair and pulled Karen backward over Sunny, slamming her to the dirt floor of the arena.

Just as they had on New Year's Eve, Charlize and Sunny held down Karen while Lisa pounded away at Karen's tits which were oozing blood from Lisa’s breast attack. They were Lisa’s favorite targets and Karen’s blood was now flowing freely. After two minutes of the one-sided beatdown, Kathy and a very pissed Cat had recovered and were again ready to rejoin the fight. Sunny and Charlize never saw them coming and didn’t know what hit them as they were simultaneously jumped from behind.

Cat was a punching machine! Dragging Charlize up to her feet, Cat held Charlize on her tip-toes defeating gravity, keeping her upright using only a steady tattoo of punches. Blow after blow ripped into the tight, blondes body, doubling her over, then straightening her up. Knocking her reeling back with a jab, then gutting her with a low uppercut that doubled her over and started the whole process again! Cat kept the dazed, groggy blonde reeling until she finally tired and had to let Charlize collapse to the ground at her feet. Still, Cat didn’t waste a second, straddling Charlize and ripping off all her clothes. Bare assed, face in the dirt, Charlize grunted as Cat began kicking her naked body, sending her rolling across the arena. When she got tired of kicking the blonde, Cat put on a show of her awesome strength as she picked Charlize up, power-lifted her limp body overhead and then tossed her over the wall into the front row of spectators. Cat had very effectively ended the battered blonde actresses' participation in the fight!

While Cat was dealing harshly with Charlize, Kathy dragged Sunny to her feet by one arm and began to swing her around in circles, faster and faster until she finally released her grip and Sunny went reeling across the dirt floor. She crashed face first into the wooden wall! When Charlize and Sunny had been pulled off of Karen, Lisa still hadn’t let up tormenting her. But when she looked up and realized the deep trouble her blonde teammates were in Lisa jumped up and dragged Kathy off of Sunny, then held her so Sunny had free reign to blast away at the super model's body.

Once they’d beaten the fight out of Kathy, Sunny and Lisa went after Cat just as she turned around after launching Charlize over the wall. Cat was dropped by a devastating clothesline from Lisa who quickly secured the brunette amazon's arms in a full nelson and held her as Sunny drove a nasty kick to Cat's crotch that took her breath away. Then Sunny pounded several more to her undefended belly and bouncing tits. Karen made it to her feet and came charging to Cat's aid just as Sunny let fly with a round kick to the chin that ended Cat’s night!

Sunny had her back to Karen who swarmed all over the porn star, battering the smaller blonde until she fell to the ground where she was on the receiving end of as series of devastating kicks. Karen never knew what hit her when Lisa came up behind and drove her to her knees with a double ax-handle to the back of the head. Then a kick to the back of her head sent Karen sprawling tits down in the dirt. Lisa approached the fallen playmate, grabbed both her wrists and planted a foot into Karen's back as she pulled her into a painful surfboard hold, paying extra special attention to Karen's right arm which the blonde teammates had severely weakened two weeks earlier.

Kathy, meanwhile, gamely struggled to her knees and was trying to get up to go to Karen's aid. But just as she rose halfway, Sunny charged at her from across the arena. Seeing her out of the corner of her eye, Kathy pretended to slump back to her knees and then when Sunny was in range, she dropped the blonde porn star with a riveting punch to the crotch. Sunny stopped, arms outstretched, knees bent, her heart shaped butt jutting back, her mouth in a little pout of pain as the air went out of her.

Kathy grabbed a handful of wild blonde hair, lifted Sunny’s head and sent her crashing to her back with a huge uppercut! Then, paying back her pornstar rival, Kathy stripped Sunny of her bathing suit, grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide as she pounded knee after knee down onto her exposed and vulnerable womanhood until Sunny passed out from the awful pain!

Lisa still had her foot on the back of Karen's head, rubbing her face in the dirt when she saw the last knee that Kathy drove home, the one that knocked Sunny out of the fight in an explosion pain from between her lithe legs. Dropping Karen's arms, Lisa stepped off her, ran over and grabbed a handful of Kathy's hair; running the nude supermodel over to the wall and driving her head into the wall until she dropped!

Now, it was down to just Lisa and Karen, one-on-one, mano-a-mano. Lisa was on her feet, just getting her second wind, and Karen was still face down in the dirt not moving, laying in the middle of the ring. With no other distractions, Lisa was ready to make Karen suffer! She strode over to Karen and drove the heel of her shoe into her asshole causing a blood-curdling scream that echoed thru the arena. After grinding her heel for a few moments, Lisa grabbed Karen’s ankles and dragged the around the rough dirt floor on her chest, inflicting even more damage to her already bleeding injured tits.

Lisa felt like the infield crew at Yankee Stadium during a seventh inning stretch. Halfway between what would be first and second base, Lisa dropped Karen's legs and broke into her version of ‘YMCA’ like she’d seen them do so many times on TV. After hamming it up for the camera and her bosses, Lisa dragged Karen to her feet by the hair and pushed her chest up against the rough, unfinished log wall. Holding Karen in place, Lisa began to scrape her breasts back and forth, scraping her tender tits on the rough bark while levering her injured arm up between her shoulder blades.

Lisa wanted to see her handiwork, so she spun Karen around so they were eye to eye, "Nice tits bitch! I hope you didn't lose your plastic surgeons phone number!" taunted Lisa. "Lets see, I shoved my foot up your ass; I destroyed those tits you used to be so proud of. Now, what else can I do to entertain my fans out in TV land?" she asked rhetorically. Then, looking down, Lisa knew what she had to do next! "Hey, nice Mohawk cunt!"

Holding Karen up with her forearm across her throat, Lisa reached down and began to rip large handfuls of hair from Karen's pussy as Irish pleaded with Karen to fight back. Snapped out of her daze by the agonizing pussy-pain and the plaintive wailing of Irish’s voice, Karen snapped her head forward onto the bridge of Lisa's cute little nose. CRUNNNCH! Both of Lisa's hands shot to her face as she staggered back a couple of steps. When she lowered her hands, they and her face were covered with blood. The blonde sportscaster was seeing red literally as her nose had clearly been broken. Lisa stormed forward and sent a wicked punch at the middle of Karen's face, looking to smash her nose across her face!

At the precise instant before impact, Karen dropped to the ground and Lisa's hand smashed painfully into the heavy wooden wall. From her position kneeling between Lisa's legs, Karen drove her elbow up with all her might between Lisa’s legs! No sound escaped Lisa's mouth but by the sound of impact THWACK and the agonized look on Lisa’s bloody face, everyone knew Karen made a direct hit.

Remembering all the pain Lisa had put her through, Karen leg swept Lisa to the ground, then dragged her around the arena tits down. When Karen stopped in front of the FOX sports cameras, Lisa’s entire body from nose to nipples was a bloody mess. Karen ended the fight in the exact same spot it had begun when she picked Lisa up and held her under her arm with her head forward like a battering ram. Then Karen charged at the exit door and smashed it wide open using the top of Lisa's head. The door to the dressing room flew open to reveal Kathy and Cat who had Sunny and Charlize already tied up 69.

"Hey Karen, check out this!" said Cat as she tore open three sliver foil packets and took out small capsules.

Cat used the tip of her middle finger to push the experimental female viagra suppository deep into each squirming, bucking blonde bottom. With the cameras rolling, Sunny and Charlize began to put on an involuntarily sexual extravaganza which, unfortunately due to the graphic nature the footage, will never see the airwaves. Poor Lisa could only writhe on the floor with her hands bound, unable to even satisfy herself.

Karen, Kathy and Cat each took home a souvenir copy of the tape of the match - including the XXX rated climax - to enjoy in the privacy of their own home, when and with whom they wished. Sunny and Lisa decided they’d had enough, but Charlize couldn’t get out of her mind the humiliating feeling of Cat wiggling her digit deep into her ass and laughing at her discomfort. It was the kind of humiliation the proud blonde could never forget, let alone forgive!

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