Karen McDougal/Catherine Bell vs. Alyssa Milano/Aria Giovanni by Irish

It was a cold rainy afternoon and nothing much was doing around the house. Cat decided spring wasn't to far away so she'd spend the day in the mall catching up on the latest fashions. She made her way from store to store but nothing really caught her eye until she spied Alyssa Milano and Aria Giovanni who were also in the mall. Cat thought kicking their asses would be a great way to break up a boring afternoon but she didn't act on her urges until later when she bumped into Karen McDougal in a swimsuit store. Karen had just come out of one of the dressing rooms and was admiring herself in a mirror when Cat came up and slapped her on the behind. They embraced and exchanged pleasantries, then Cat suggested, "Hey let's go over to TGI Friday's and catch up over a couple of mimosas."

A few minutes later, Karen emerged from the dressing room and they headed to the restaurant. After they were seated at the bar and toasting "the first of the day" Cat told Karen about sighting her "old friends" Alyssa and Aria. A big smile crossed the Playmate's face.

"Are you thinking what I am?" asked Karen.

"Hell yeah! Let's go!" Cat responded instantly.

The friends tossed back the rest of their drink, paid the tab and set out looking for Alyssa and Aria.

"Let's split up," Cat suggested. "If either of us spot them, we'll call the other on her cell."

Karen agreed and they each took a separate level of the mall to search. After about five minutes of searching Karen's phone buzzed on her hip.

"Excellent!" she said. "I'm right near there. I'll nip ahead of them so they can't make a run for it."

What Cat had reported was finding Alyssa and Aria. She was following them toward the East End of the mall. Karen slipped up the escalator and took up a position directly in their path behind a vending machine in the hall leading to the rest rooms which was also an emergency exit to the parking lot. The huntresses plan was flawless and when the two targets turned down the hall toward the ladies room you could have knocked them over with a feather when Karen stepped out to block their path.

"Hello ladies," Karen said with a smile. "Or should I say tramps!"

Before the women could respond, Cat grabbed Aria from behind and sent her slamming headfirst into the Coke machine stunning her and dropping her on the floor face down. Cat straddled the fallen porn star and pulled her head up, securing a camel clutch.

Not expecting to see Karen in the mall, Alyssa spun around and ran down the hallway back toward the main section of the mall. Karen was briefly amused as Alyssa ran past Cat and Aria. Karen quickly tackled Alyssa down to the tile floor before she made it anywhere near the end of the hall and the main mall. Karen had a lot of pent-up anger toward Alyssa, but normally Karen was the one being ambushed in their encounters. But not this time! The Charmed One was on the losing end of a one sided beat down!

Glancing back toward her partner, Karen saw that Cat had things well in hand as she was just pulling the dazed porn star to her feet by her hair. Cat stopped half way up and held Aria in a standing neck scissors, pulled her blouse up over her head and began raining down fist into her injured back that she had already softened up. Cat shoved the topless Aria between two vending machines wedging her firmly in place with her arms wedged in tight at her sides. With Aria securely in position, Cat worked on her large breasts until they were black and blue, bringing the porn star to tears.

Karen continued to beat little witch Alyssa's head on the tile floor until she lost consciousness, then she really went to work! Alyssa was soon naked, her wrists and ankles bound by her own clothing. Then Karen dragged the wriggling Alyssa out into the mall toward a fountain near the entrance to the hallway.

"This oughta be fun!" Karen said aloud as she dragged Alyssa closer and closer to the fountain.

But what Karen and Catherine didn't realize, what they couldn't have known, was that at the same time Cat had spotted Alyssa and Aria earlier, they'd also spotted her! The two had planned to jump Cat, but after talking it over they decided they'd not only need help to take down the big brunette hellcat, but they magnanimously wanted to share the fun with others!

Alyssa and Aria had bumped into a large woman in the fitness store and approached her with a proposition, "How’d you like to make $10,000?"

"Fuck you, you little cunts! I'm not into that kinky shit!" was the answer they'd gotten from the tall muscular blonde. "Now get out of my face before I kick both of your asses!"

"Oh good! You like to fight!" said Alyssa. "You see it's just that my friend and I have had a little trouble with a bully and if you help us with her, the money is yours."

"That's it? I kick somebody's ass and you pay me $10,000 no questions asked? When and where?"

"Funny you should ask," continued Alyssa. "She's here in the mall right now."

"Money talks and bull shit walks! Are you talking or walking?" the large blonde replied.

Alyssa wrote out a check for the $10,000 and handed it to their new friend. "Give me your license also, if this check bounces you're the one that gets her ass kicked!" demanded the woman.

A plan was quickly agreed upon. Alyssa and Aria would find Cat and use themselves for bait. Once Cat saw them, they were convinced that she'd stupidly follow them right into the trap. The blonde would wait for them in the ladies room and when Cat entered, the three of them would attack her. When the allotted time passed and Alyssa and Aria still hadn't yet delivered Cat the blonde grew concerned. Either she'd been the one being set up or the bully had jumped them before they jumped her. The blonde poked her head out the door into the hallway and saw the latter was correct. Her protectees had been attacked in the hall before they even reached the ladies room!

Cat was taking a great deal of pleasure working over Aria. After she'd tenderized her breasts and belly with her fists, Cat was considering what to do next when she looked to her right and saw Karen dragging Alyssa's body towards the fountain. What a clever idea! She thought to herself.

"I wonder if those things act as floatation devices?" she mused aloud as she fondled Aria's breasts.

Cat turn back towards Aria with the intention of joining her friend in sending Aria and Alyssa for an afternoon swim. Grabbing a handful of Aria's hair, Cat was just about to pull Aria along in her walk of shame but before she got the brunette out of her trapped position, Cat's jaw was rocked by a powerful punch that knocked her to the floor!

Cat heard the proverbial birds, flying in circles around inside her head chirping and tweeting as she tried to regain her senses and get the license plate of the truck that hit her. Before she could clear her head, she was yanked to her feet by the blonde. Karen started to turn to look back toward the sound of commotion by the soda machine, thinking it was Cat having a little fun with Aria. Then Karen heard a thunderous crash when the large blonde threw Cat headfirst into the machine, bouncing her off it and sending her sprawling to the floor.

Karen dropped Alyssa and ran down the hallway to Cat's aid just as the large blonde pressed Cat over her head in an incredible show of strength and prepared to toss her into the Coke machine again. Just as Karen was about to attack the amazon from behind, the big blonde heard her approaching footsteps and turned around. For a split second they locked eyes and Karen recognized the blonde amazon as Kara Styler, a woman who was actually another Playboy model.

Not having the element of surprise that she needed to fell the amazon, Karen went into a baseball slide between her legs and drove a fist squarely up between Kara's legs. Kara gasped as Karen's fist made solid contact and her legs grew week. Just then she realized she was still holding Cat above her head and, as she fell backwards into the soda machine, Cat fell on top of her; sliding her the rest of the way down on to the floor on her ass. With Cat's body pinning Kara in place with her arms at her sides, Karen started to kick Kara in the side of the head until the tough amazon started to pass out as her vision closed in and started going black from the sides.

Karen could have taken Kara out of the fight if it weren't for the fact that when Kara threw Cat into the soda machine, the impact sprung Aria from her prison. Now, as Karen reared back to deliver her next kick, Aria landed a boot of her own; THUMP - right between Karen's open legs! Karen's hands shot between her legs as she slumped to her knees. Aria sent a second kick that connected with Karen's chin, knocking her over onto her back. Aria quickly surveyed the area for Alyssa but she didn't see her. While her eyes were averted, Karen was slowly sitting up.

Aria sat down behind her and wrapped her powerful legs around the Playmate's waist, locked her ankles and began to squeeze! Karen found herself fighting just to breathe. She leaned back into Aria, attempting to strike out with her elbow to break her hold, but when Karen's back was up pressed into Aria's bare breasts, Aria grabbed her around the neck in a choke hold making it even harder for the battered bunny to breathe.

Both Kara and Cat had begun to stir and, in another amazing show of strength, Kara pushed Cat up like she was trying to bench press her and sent her flying off her chest. Lucky for Karen, Cat smashed into Aria's back and their collision broke her scissors on Karen. As Kara got to her feet, so did Cat in an attempt to meet her challenge. Both were feeling the effects of the earlier scuffle, but Kara soon took control of Cat as they went toe to toe exchanging heavy blows. Once she'd gained an advantage, Kara used a handful of Cat's hair to send her flying down the hallway toward the emergency exit. Cat crashed with her back into the panic bar holding the door shut. The door flew open and Cat went tumbling out onto the hard sidewalk, landing on a her back and smacking her head on the pavement.

Kara paused to catch her breath as she turned to see how Aria was making out with Karen. When she'd thrown Cat off her chest, she'd broken Aria's chokehold giving the former Playmate of the Year a second chance. Now Karen was taking full advantage as she had Aria in a Boston crab. With the porn stars legs trapped under each armpit, Karen was firing punches down on Aria's defenseless crotch until she passed out from the pain. Karen stripped Aria and hog-tied her with the intention of tossing her into the fountain with Alyssa but just as she finished securing Aria and she stood up over her fallen opponent, Kara snapped a kick into Karen's lower back, sending her flying over Aria and smashing face first into the coke machine.

As Karen began to slide down the front of the machine, Kara was on her in a heartbeat, grabbing Karen's arm and wrenching it up high behind her back as she lifted the Playmate off the ground by her arm. Kara leaned her shoulder into Karen's other arm pinning it against the machine while Karen grunted trying to displace the pain as she felt her arm being torn from its socket by her captor. Enjoying her dominant position over her fellow Playmate, Kara slipped a powerful hand in front of Karen and began to work her way up Karen's taught abs and then up under her half T-shirt. As luck would have it, Karen had gone bra-less and Kara began massaging her breast and tweaking her nipple till it sprang erect. Soon, Kara changed tactics and dug her sharp talons into Karen's soft breast flesh, leaving long, bloody scratches over Karen's right breast. It got the desired effect as Karen's screams and protests were renewed.

Kara again slid her hand across Karen's tight belly, found the button and zipper of Karen's pants and unfastened both. As before, she took the gentle approach at first, rubbing Karen's panty covered clit. As she continued to stroke Karen, her vagina grew engorged with blood but things quickly changed when Kara grabbed a fistful of thong and yanked up hard, digging the fabric into Karen’s pussy in a painful front wedgie. Kara was pulling so hard on the fabric that the pain in Karen's shoulder was relieved but then replaced with pain in her groin as she was held suspended by her underwear rather then her shoulder.

Cat regained her senses lying in a puddle with raindrops falling into her face. Seeing the predicament Karen was in, Cat rejoined the fight and she surprised Kara from behind with viscous forearm between her legs. Kara's hold on Karen weakened with Cat's second blow. But instead of taking Kara out of the fight with her below the belt attack, Cat only succeeded in pissing her off! Dropping Karen to the floor, Kara spun around to meet Cat's challenge. For a brief moment the two amazons stared each other down, neither flinching. With her eyes locked on Kara's, Cat wasn't expecting Kara’s knee when it connected right between her legs dropping her to the tile floor gasping in pain! With Cat on her knees with her hands between her legs, Kara stepped up, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Cat's face to her crotch. Cat was soon fighting to breathe as Kara used her second hand to control Cat's head as she worked her hips, grinding her crotch on Cat’s flushed face.

Karen picked up her pocketbook and began to swing it around her head like David taking on Goliath. And like the biblical hero, Karen struck her rival in the head stunning her. Kara released Cat, allowing her to slump forward on all fours as she stepped over her to face Karen. There was no stopping the determined blonde Amazon, so Karen went for broke. Running at Kara, Karen leaped in the air and flattened the larger woman's tits on her chest with a flying drop kick. Kara slammed back into the wall by the vending machines, hitting her head on the cinder block wall. Karen kicked Kara’s legs out from under her, dropping her on her ass on the floor.

But there was no keeping her down! As the effects wore off, Kara began to rise and, not knowing what else to do, Karen ran around to the far side of the vending machine and tried to tip it over onto Kara. The machine was big and heavy and Karen wasn’t having much luck budging it but just as Kara about made it to her feet; Cat joined Karen to help rocking the machine back and forth. With two women shoving, they were able to push the vending machine over onto Kara, pinning her under it. Cat took advantage of Kara's position to give her a couple of parting shots before Karen grabbed her arm and said, "Lets get outta here!"

As Karen and Cat made their way back to the main mall, they passed an elderly man standing at the fountain with his eyes closed. He was holding a coin clutched in his hand about to make a wish. The coin twirled end over end as it somersaulted through the air into the water, landing with a Kersplut! He open his eyes and looked in the fountain and couldn't believe what he saw! Looking up to the heavens, he proclaimed a heartfelt, "Thank You GOD!"

His wish had come true! Karen and Cat were hysterical laughing as they walked away.

"Hey do you remember the end of Animal House where the Playboy bunny crashes through the little boys window and lands on his bed?" asked Karen.

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