Gillian Anderson vs. Helen Hunt (I) by SamDog

Gillian Anderson was lying in bed, alone, at her home. Dressed comfortably in just bra and panties, the redhead was reading a script for a movie she was interested in. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring. Since it was almost midnight, she wondered who it was. Putting on a robe, she walked to the door and opened it. Half a second after the door opened, she was met by a fist slamming right into her face and knocking her on her ass. Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, she saw Helen Hunt standing over her, dressed to kill in a white blouse and a black skirt that really showed off her legs.

"You fucking bitch!" Helen shouted. "I heard about all that crap you said about me not being able to act! Now I'm gonna make you pay for every last word!"

As Gillian rose to her feet, she watched Helen strip to her bra and panties. Suddenly, the blonde lunged forward, slamming punches into Gillian's face. As she stumbled backward, Helen ripped off Gillian's robe and started clawing the redhead's tits through her bra. Screaming, Gillian started pulling Helen's hair in an attempt to free her chest, but the enraged blonde slammed her knee into Gillian's cunt, twice; leaving the redhead howling in pain. Grabbing Gillian's hair, Helen slammed her head into the wall, stunning her; then ripped off Gillian's bra and started mauling her tits. As Gillian screamed in agony, she tore at Helen's bra, finally pulled it off and started tugging on her tits as the blonde let out a moan.

Gillian started twisting Helen's tits, grinning as she grimaced in pain. Suddenly, Helen started slamming Gillian's tits together until the redhead screamed. Helen ground Gillian's breasts together, smiling as her face twisted in pain. Using Gillian's nipples, Helen began twisting and tugging her breasts by them as Gillian moaned and grabbed the blonde's wrists. Helen slammed her knee over and over into Gillian's stomach; dropping the redhead to her knees.

Helen began squeezing Gillian's tits viciously as tears welled in the redhead's green eyes. Out of options, Gillian dropped Helen's wrists and slammed her fist up into Helen's cunt. Helen screamed in pain and collapsed to the floor, letting go and hearing Gillian breath a sigh of relief when the pressure on her tits eased. Standing, Gillian picked Helen up and bodyslammed her down hard, the floor shaking with the impact.

Standing over her, Gillian stomped twice! on Helen's cunt, the blonde screaming in agony. Straddling her waist, Gillian slapped Helen back and forth, snapping her head back left and right. She grabbed Helen's tits and began pulling up while the blonde screamed as Gillian lifted her back partially off the floor. Gillian then slammed her tits back down, flattening them on her chest as Helen's face twisted in pain. Gillian punched Helen's tits viciously with both fists, leaving the blonde screaming as she sought in vain to block Gillian's punches with her flailing hands.

"What's wrong, Miss Tough Shit?" Gillian taunted. "I thought you were gonna beat the crap out of me!"

Desperate, Helen reached up and began twisting Gillian's tits, hoping to free herself. The redhead screamed in pain, but latched onto Helen's nipples in reply and began crushing and twisting them as Helen gritted her teeth as she tried to ignore her pain. Gillian continued to maul Helen's tits after Helen's arms finally fell to the floor. Grabbing her by the hair, Gillian pulled Helen's face to her cleavage and stuffed it between her breasts, smothering her. But then Gillian screamed when Helen sank her teeth into her right tit. Gillian held on until Helen's struggles grew weaker and weaker until she finally passed out.

Rising off her beaten foe, Gillian sat on the couch. Closing her eyes, she cupped her tits and started rubbing them, trying to massage away her pain. Suddenly, she felt a searing pain in her cunt! She screamed aloud; her eyes opened wide and Gillian saw Helen rear back to punch her cunt again and again! The blonde had only been playing dead; now she made her pay.

Straddling Gillian, Helen grabbed her tits and began mauling as she screamed in agony. Frantic, Gillian reached up and grabbed Helen's hair, pulling on it in a desperate attempt to free herself. Screaming, Helen let go and slammed a few punches into Gillian's face, stunning the redhead. Then she punched Gillian's tits a few times, enjoying the redhead's moans of anguish.

Taking hold of Gillian's nipples, Helen began crushing and twisting her boobs, shaking them as the redhead screamed and pawed at Helen's hands. Letting go, Helen slammed her elbows down into Gillian's tits until Gillian screamed and her arms dropped to the cushions.

Rising, Helen put her arms around Gillian, picked her up and then dropped her onto her outstretched knee. As her knee drove straight into the redhead's cunt, Gillian screamed in agony. Helen let her fall to the floor where Gillian lay sobbing and trying to rub away the pain in her pussy. Grabbing Gillian's hair, Helen pulled her back over towards the couch and laid her tits on the arm. Through the immense pain, Gillian saw what was about to happen, but it was far too late! The blonde brought her forearm down, flattening the redhead's tits between her forearm and the arm of the couch. Gillian's screams filled the air as Helen brought her forearm down again, and again, and again. When she was done, she pushed her quivering body to the floor.

Gillian lay on her back, sobbing as she gingerly held her black-and-blue boobs. Helen sat on Gillian's chest, facing her legs. Ripping away Gillian's panties, Helen took a handful of cunt hair and ripped! The redhead screamed in agony. Next, Helen grabbed Gillian's swollen pussy lips and began pulling and twisting as Gillian sobbed and kicked one leg weakly. Tears streamed down her cheeks as Helen clawed the tender flesh inside of her cunt. Laughing cruelly as Gillian struggled beneath her, Helen's fingers found Gillian's clit and started pinching it between her fingernails and pulling on it. Gillian screamed in mindless anguish as the pain coursed through her lower body.

"Oh GOD! Helen, you're killing me! My cunt… Please, stop!!!"

Helen started grinding her ass on Gillian's tits, flattening them.

"Enjoy it while you can, slut! This is the closest thing you'll have to sex for a long time!"

Struggling wildly as Helen bent over to work between her legs, Gillian incredibly managed to throw Helen off. Scrambling to all fours, Gillian tried to crawl away but Helen slammed her foot with deadly accuracy right between Gillian's legs, sending the redhead sprawling on her chest screaming in agony. Pulling her to her knees, Helen reached over her and clawed her tits as Gillian screamed and tried to pull her ravaging claws away by the wrists.

Standing with her knee planted in Gillian's back and pressing down, Helen pinched Gillian's nipples and tried to pull her tits under her arms around to her back. Gillian's face went pale and she sobbed in pain and flailed her hands, delirious with pain. Finally, Helen let her go and the redhead collapsed on the floor.

Positioning herself behind Gillian on the floor, Helen wrapped her legs around Gillian's waist and began crushing. Gillian screamed in agony as Helen's python-like legs squeezed on her ribs. Enjoying the total domination of her foe, Helen reached around and grabbed Gillian's already horribly discolored and tender tits, clawing and squeezing them savagely as the redhead screamed in mindless pain. Gillian was in extreme agony but still desperately struggled between her rival's legs, trying vainly to pry them apart. Grabbing Gillian's wrists to prevent any defense, Helen raised her legs into a chest scissors.

Helen grinned as Gillian screamed in pain and sobs racking her utterly devastated body as her breasts were crushed between the cruel blonde's toned legs. Gillian's face twisted into horror as she twisted and bucked futilely, trapped in the blonde's muscular legs. Helen used every ounce of strength that she could to crush Gillian's body and her will.

Helen laughed as she destroyed the redhead, taunting her trapped foe, "You fucking bitch! I guess these tits aren't so tough now!"

Helen added even more power to her scissors, crushing Gillian's chest as she used her knee to grind Gillian's left tit savagely as Gillian babbled incoherently in pain, cursing and screaming but helpless to do anything to stop her agony.

Finally managing to free her arms, Gillian began slamming her elbows back into Helen's tits. The blonde ignored the first few, but after four or five to each breast she began crying out with each strike. Finally, she had to let Gillian go and roll away. Gillian slumped and collapsed on her side, clutching her tits, trying to massage away her pain and sobbing pitifully.

Angrily, Helen grabbed Gillian by the hair, tugged her to her feet and put her in a full nelson. Helen ran Gillian, tits-first, into the wall. Gillian screamed as her perky tits, already abused and tortured beyond belief, were flattened on impact. But Helen didn't let up, slamming her several more times into the wall.

Finally, Helen tossed Gillian's broken and battered body into the corner. Gillian hit the wall with a dull thud and slowly slid down to the floor, unable to hold herself up. Helen walked over and began slamming her knee into Gillian's aching belly and tits and, as she slid down the wall; her face as Gillian dropped with - a soft splat of perspiring flesh on polished wood - on her ass. Stepping back, Helen kicked Gillian in the cunt and the redhead's body bucked and she screamed in pain. Sobbing uncontrollably, she ceased struggling and plunged both hands between her thighs to protect her bruised crotch.

Helen dragged Gillian to the middle of the room and dropped her. The redhead lay sprawled on the floor, totally destroyed and too battered to move. The whole world was a blur as she struggled to come to her senses. Her body ached and all she wanted was for the pain to stop. Looking up, Gillian saw Helen was standing over her in the nude after she slipped out of her panties.

Helen shouted, "You're not getting out of this one, bitch! I'm gonna finish you off like the little slut you are!"

When Gillian realized what was about to happen she muttered, "No, no… please leave me alone…"

Her futile pleas were muffled as Helen dropped on her face, smothering her with her ass. Helen leaned forward and began grinding her crotch on Gillian's face - now she really started to enjoy herself! Helen grabbed Gillian's hair and pulled her face deep into her cunt, humping her nose to stimulate herselft. Helen moaned and gasped loudly as she consummated her victory, having gotten totally aroused by dominating her greatest rival. Gillian didn't resist or struggle, she just lay apparently submissive beneath her conqueror.

Suddenly, Helen howled in pain, letting out a scream to wake the dead. Out of options, Gillian made a last-ditch effort for freedom by biting Helen's pussy. Helen desperately grabbed Gillian's hair and tried to pull her mouth away, but to no avail - the redhead's teeth were firmly clamped onto her pussy. Finally, Gillian let go to get a breath and pushed Helen off her chest, slowly recovering as the realization of how close she'd come to defeat sank in.

They both made it to their knees and glared angrily at each other. With a growl, they latched onto the other's tits and started mauling. Gillian's had already taken quite a ravaging and as Helen squeezed them viciously, Gillian screaming even as she desperately twisted and pulled on Helen's pair. Helen's fingernails caused Gillian extreme agony, and she finally had to let go of Helen's firm boobs to grab her wrists in a frantic attempt to pry the blonde's claws from her tits.

Helen stood tall, enjoying the dominant position as she leaned down on the redhead. Tears streamed down Gillian's ruddy cheeks as she was forced to her knees. Suddenly, Gillian let go of Helen's hands and, in a desperation move, slammed her fist straight upward into Helen's cunt. The blonde's body jerked as she screamed in agony and dropped to the floor, her hands releasing Gillian's tits as she tried to ease the pain in her aching cunt. Crawling over to her foe, Gillian began punching Helen in her pussy; the blonde sobbing uncontrollably as she suddenly stared to beg for mercy.

Gillian straddled Helen, pinning her arms beneath her knees, and began slapping Helen's proud tits back and forth until the blonde bucked her hips and screamed in pain. Gillian then grabbed her tits and crushed them together, grinding the blonde's breasts against each other as Helen moaned in agony. Gillian sank her talons into the blonde's flesh, squeezing viciously to the point where her knuckles turned white. As her tolerance for pain was exceeded, Helen began screaming out her surrender, sobbing and begging Gillian for mercy.

Grabbing Helen's hair, Gillian jammed the blonde's face between her tits, breast smothering her until the blonde passed out.

Sometime later, Helen came to. Her body was racked with pain and her chest ached with each breath. As she came to her senses, she realized she was in Gillian's bed, her hands cuffed to the bedposts. Sitting on top of her was Gillian, wearing a strap-on dildo and a huge grin.

Caressing her tits Gillian said, "You stupid bitch. You thought you could kick my ass? Just for that, I'm gonna fuck your brains out and make you scream as loud as you can!"

Mounting her beaten foe, Gillian started pumping the dildo in and out of Helen's pussy. She screamed loud alright; at first from the pain, but later from the pleasure she was getting. Gillian held Helen's hips and started pumping faster and faster, the blonde screaming in pleasure as her resistance waned and then ended. Finally, Helen's love juice streamed from her pussy, her screams turning to sobs after she'd let the redhead humiliate her in this fashion. Smiling, Gillian could only imagine how much fun she was going to have with her new love slave that night - and many more to come!

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