Gillian Anderson vs. Helen Hunt (II) by LoneWolf

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At the 1997 Golden Globes Awards show, the X-Files swept the TV Drama nominations but the big news was an incident backstage seen by only a small group of people. It happened right after Gillian Anderson won the 'Best Actress in a TV Drama' award.

While she was being interviewed, Gillian heard a voice behind her say, "So how many judges did you have to fuck this time? Two or was it three this time?"

The petite redhead turned around and saw Helen Hunt standing about ten feet away, her hands on hips, looking defiant.

"What the Hell did you say?" Gillian asked, unable to believe her own ears.

"I said, you're a SLUT who does your best work on your back with your legs spread!"

Gillian stepped closer to Helen and mirrored her pose, one foot forward, hip cocked and hands on hips.

"You're just jealous 'cause I'm not only a better actress but I've also got a better body. Jeez, comparing my body to's like comparing ice cream to horse shit. And guess who's the shit?" Gillian added with a smirk.

"I oughta rip that stinkin' hair out of your head!" Helen hissed while on-lookers nodded approvingly at Gillian's witty riposte.

Gillian's face flushed as she leaned into Helen and hissed, "Go ahead and try CUNT! Gimme your best shot!"

Both Helen and Gillian got the same idea at the same instant. Each buried her talons in the others hair and began to shake her opponent violently. Helen seemed to be getting the worst of it so she changed tactics. Her right hand let go of Gillian's hair and instead she grabbed the front of the redhead's dress and pulled. It ripped right down the front and Gillian let out a shrieked as both of her small, firm breasts were bared.

"You bitch!" Gillian screamed as she crouched and covered her bosom with her left arm even as she swung her right hand and slapped Helen across the face hard enough to knock her back a step or two. Helen began to rub her left cheek which had turned slightly red from the slap.

"Oh! You are definitely gonna regret THAT!" Helen snarled.

The two crashed together as Gillian disregarded her nudity and they recklessly slapped each others faces. Again, Helen seemed to be getting the worst of it, but this time before she could change her attack, Gillian stepped in close and punched Helen in the stomach knocking the wind out of her.

When Helen dropped to her knees gasping, Gillian grabbed the front of her dress and pulled it apart, tearing it down the front seam just as Helen had done to hers. Seconds later Helen's bra was off and flung aside, introducing her perky tits to the small but pleased crowd gathered around to watch.

"Had enough?" Gillian asked smugly looking down at the red-faced Helen, still on her knees, now covering her breasts with her hands.

"Not hardly bitch!" Helen answered as she suddenly dove forward and tackled Gillian to the floor.

They rolled around on the floor, each trying to gain the top position as the crowd cheered on their favorite.

"Rip her hair out Gilli!"

"Kick her ass, Helen!"

Helen was eventually able to gain the top position and began to shake Gillian by her hair and bang her head on the floor. In response to this assault, Gillian wrapped her legs around Helen's waist and squeezed for all she was worth. Helen gasped as she felt the strength of Gillian's legs and she had to let go of her hair to try and pry open her legs. Helen felt like her insides were being crushed by a vice and the pain became almost unbearable. Helen almost gasped out her surrender, but her pride wouldn't let her admit defeat. Instead, she began slapping Gillian to make her release the scissors.

After several stinging slaps, Gillian covered her face with her hands, again uncovering her boobs but refusing to release her leg scissors. Helen had to escape soon or she knew it would be all over. So she latched onto Gillian's exposed tits and squeezed!

"Aaaaaa!" Gillian cried as her beautiful breasts were pulled and squeezed unmercifully in Helen's strong hands.

Gillian released her scissors hold on Helen and began to buck to unseat Helen from her dominant perch. All the while, Helen rode her like a horse using her breasts as reins.

"Rip her tits off Helen!" came a cry from the crowd.

Responding to the crowd, Helen grabbed Gillian's nipples with her thumb and index finger and pulled up as hard as she could. Gillian screamed even louder as it felt like her nipples were being pulled off. In the background, Gillian could hear the support Helen was getting from the crowd and knew if she didn't retaliate fast the fight would be over. She responded be sending three punches to Helen's left tit, then scratched them from the base of her boobs to her erect nipples.

"Eeeeeee!" Helen shrieked as the pain in her breasts began to swell.

The two became intent on destroying the others tits and for over a minute they continued their breast attacks until Gillian pulled on Helen's left tit hard enough to throw her off of her. The two lay on their sides facing one another kicking and slapping until they rolled apart.

Both got to their knees staring at the damage they'd inflicted on the others breasts. Then they slowly got to their feet and removed the remnants of their torn dresses leaving them both clad in just panties; pink for Gillian and black for Helen.

The crowd urged them on as side bets were made on the outcome as they circled with fists raised. Each threw pointless punches which broke nothing but air, though had they landed it's doubtful either would have caused any serious damage.

After about a minute, Helen swung a hard right which Gillian easily dodged and, with Helen slightly off balance from her swing, Gillian grabbed her hair and pulled down real hard. At the same time, she brought her knee up and it smashed into Helen's forehead knocking her flat on her back.

Gillian immediately jumped on top of Helen and began peppering her with punches to the face, shoulders and tits. Helen's hands flew wildly about her face, frantically trying to ward off Gillian's fists. Helen managed to block most of the punches but those that got through took a heavy toll. Gillian finally managed to catch Helen's wrists and twist her arms down to pin them with her knees. Then she sat back triumphantly on Helen's chest smiling as she brushed her hair back from her face.

"What's wrong sweetie. Can't take it?" Gillian said as she bounced up and down on Helen's boobs squashing them under her ass with each bounce.

"Get off me, you bitch!" screamed Helen.

"Bitch am I?" Gillian replied as she slapped Helen's left cheek three times, leaving it stinging and red.

Helen planted both her feet and pushed up with her hips in an attempt to throw Gillian off. Gillian laughed at her feeble attempt but she still shifted a little higher up on Helen's chest. She looked down at Helen's flushed face between her gorgeous thighs, now barely an inch from her panty covered crotch.

"Gee, what should I do now?" said Gillian as she smiled cruelly down at her helpless opponent.

The look on Gillian's face turned to shock as both of Helen's legs suddenly came up, wrapped around Gillian and began to pull her back and off Helen's chest. Both women recovered quickly and scrambled to their knees facing each other. They got to their feet and crashed together, hands grabbing at hair and breasts. Then Gillian yelped as Helen slammed her knee into her cunt twice!

Ohh's and ahh's came from the crowd as Gillian slowly collapsed to the floor holding her wounded pussy. Helen stood over her and delivered several quick kicks to Gillian's side.

"Don't think you're getting off that easily, you SLUT!" screamed Helen as she leaped on Gillian's back.

She buried her hands in Gillian's hair and pulled back until a small handful of her Gillian's auburn hair ripped from her scalp.

"Eeeeeee!" Gillian screamed. "Leggo my hair! You're tearing it out!"

"That's good fuckin' idea bitch!" Helen laughed, yanking Gillian's hair again before she quickly turned around facing her ass.

"Rip her panties off Helen!" yelled someone in the crowd.

"Yeah, I hear that dearie. Gotta give the fans what they want," Helen said.

She grabbed Gillian's panties and pulled, wedging them deep into her pussy and ass. Gillian was squirming in obvious pain as her panties cut into her womanhood. After about thirty seconds of Helen pulling, Gillian's panties ripped and Helen was momentarily thrown off balance. It gave Gillian her chance to knock her off and roll away out of reach massaging her abused pussy.

Helen stood up and looked at Gillian on her knees rubbing her crotch and glaring at her through teary eyes. Helen moved towards Gillian thinking the fight was almost over but when she grabbed Gillian's hair and tried to pull her to her feet, she suddenly realized Gillian still had some fight left in her. Gillian cocked her right fist and drove it as hard as she could into Helen's crotch. As Helen fell back, Gillian snatched her panties from around her waist revealing her neatly trimmed little blonde bush.

Gillian didn't give Helen a chance to recover; she jumped on her and pinned her down swiftly using her knees to pin Helen's arms. Straddling Helen, Gillian reached back to grab a handful of cunt hair and ripped!

"Owwwww!" Helen screamed as her legs thrashed wildly.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up, CUNT!" Gillian said as she shoved the handful of pubic hair in her mouth.

Helen began to cry and squirm under Gillian as her tormentor went back and yanked out another handful of pubic hair. Helen was about to surrender when Gillian suddenly slid up and dropped her hairy crotch on her face.

"Now you can see what a real woman's cunt looks like!"

The crowd was cheering Gillian on as she slowly ground her crotch on Helen's face. Helen's cries were muffled by Gillian's cunt as, for over a minute Gillian remained in that position - until Helen bit down on her pussy! Gillian screamed out and dove forward trying to escape the pain between her legs.

The two ended up several feet apart, both on their knees; Helen gasping for air and Gillian rubbing her aching crotch. After resting for a few seconds, they came together again, each determined to destroy the other. As they fell to the floor, they began rolling around, one on top of the other with hands buried in the others scalp.

When they stopped rolling, Gillian was on top, sitting on Helen's stomach. Both of Gillian's hands were on Helen's tits, squeezing and twisting in all directions. Helen, not wanting to be outdone, reached up and began to scratch Gillian's tits in an effort to do more damage. Gillian began to feel Helen was doing more damage to her tits then she was doing to Helen's, so she changed her tactics.

Gillian grabbed Helen's wrists and pulled her hands off her throbbing breasts, then turned around on her chest so she was facing Helen's feet. When Gillian changed position, Helen tried to get out from under - but her attempt failed. Now with her hands free, Gillian was able to reach behind her and dig her fingers deep into Helen's breasts while Helen had to strain to reach hers by arching up and reaching around her body. Gillian pulled Helen's breasts and squeezed with all her might and her good work was rewarded by a scream of pain from the blonde.

Gillian knew she had to finish this fast because her own tits were screaming in pain, so she hauled off and began punching down onto Helen's cunt over and over.

"S-Stop It!" Helen cried after the third punch.

"Let go of my fuckin' tits!" Gillian screamed back.

Helen immediately let go of Gillian's boobs and slumped back to the floor, but Gillian continued to punch Helen's cunt three more times. After the third punch Gillian grabbed hold of Helen's pubic hair and began tearing it out by the roots.

"Do you give?" she screamed.

"Y-Y-Yes!" cried Helen. "Please stop! You're killing me!"

"I'll stop when I feel like it!" Gillian said as she yanked some more of Helen's pubic hair out.

Gillian looked up at the crowd and asked, "Well should I quit. Or should I wreck this bitches cunt some more?"

The crowd responded that they wanted more, so Gillian grabbed Helen's cunt and jammed three fingers inside and began to scratch and claw at the inside of her pussy. Helen screamed and pleaded with Gillian to stop. Gillian looked back at Her tear covered face.

"I'll stop!" Gillian started. "If you do what I say!"

"Okay," Helen answered meekly but instantly.

"Who's the better woman?" Gillian asked as she squatted with her ass hovering a few inches above Helen's face.

"You are," Helen answered as she looked up and saw Gillian's butt jiggling just over her face.

"And you're nothing!"

"Y-Yes," Helen sobbed.

"Say It!" screamed Gillian

"I'm nothing."

"Now, kiss my ass," Gillian said as she looked back down at Helen. "You DO want to kiss my ass don't you?"

Helen hesitated for a moment realizing what was gonna happen. "Y-Yes," she said with a sigh of resignation.

"Then ask permission!" Gillian smiled, enjoying herself tremendously.

"Muh….may I k….ki….kiss your ass?" gasped Helen between choked sobs.

"Say please," Gillian ordered curtly, winking at the smiling spectators.

"P….puleeze, m..m…may I kiss your ass," Helen sobbed, her lower lip quivering as she struggled not to burst into tears of humiliation.

"Yes you may," Gillian answered with a grin as she dropped her ass on Helen's face, covering it completely.

Gillian could feel Helen's lips against her shit hole as she rubbed her ass over her face. After about a minute Helen began to squirm, placing her hands on each globe of Gillian's butt in a weak effort to push it up.

"Whatsamatter, bitch? Need air?" Gillian giggled.

She remained there for a few more seconds before finally getting up off of Helen's face.

"You're not finished yet cunt!" said Gillian.

She turned around and pinned Helen down again, this time with her pussy pressed to Helen's mouth.

"Please me and I'll let you go. Otherwise, I rip those sorry tits off!" Gillian punctuated her threat by reaching behind her, grabbing Helen's tit and giving it a healthy yank.

Helen yelped and obeyed Gillian, starting to tongue her cunt as it was pushed into her face. Gillian came several times over Helen's face and after the forth finally removed her pussy from Helen's red, sticky face.

"Now there's just one more thing to do," Gillian said.

She hauled off and belted Helen in the jaw knocking her out cold. Gillian got to her feet and stood over Helen with her hands raised over her head in victory as she put a foot on Helen's right boob while the crowd took pictures for their 'scrap' books.

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