Pam Anderson vs. Cindy Margolis (guest starring Julie Strain) by jjj (sequel to Cindy-Pam vs. J-Lo-Fuentes)

It had been two long months since Pam's beating at the hands of Daisy Fuentes and Jennifer Lopez and she had to go to a party at the Playboy mansion. She hoped that by now most people wouldn't still be talking about how she was humiliated by Daisy and J-Lo, but she expected someone would still make a comment or two. She got out of her Lexus looking stunning in a long black dress showing ample cleavage. The dress had long slits down the sides that showed her sexy legs and she had a pearl necklace that stopped just at her breast tops. She made her way through the mansion gates and soon found herself enjoying drinks with friends. No one even mentioned the unfortunate event that left her stripped naked and bound to a chair. Pam was having a fantastic time and everyone commented how beautiful she looked.

Then Julie Strain approached the beautiful blonde, put a hand on her shoulder and said, "Hi Pam, I'm kinda surprised to see you here after what happened! But not to worry, I haven't seen Daisy or Jen so you should be safe. Oh, by the way, Cindy Margolis is here!"

Pam's mind raced as she recalled the events of that evening and she snapped, "That bitch-fuck left me to get humiliated! I have to see her. Where'd you see her Julie? I have a bone to pick with that cunt!"

Julie couldn't hide her satisfaction as she said, "Meet me in the basement, third door on the left. I'll bring her down there for you. I always love watching two friends catch up on old times....kinda turns me on - know what I mean? And don't worry, I'll make sure she's alone. See you in half an hour."

Julie seductively shook her ass for Pam as she walked away, leaving Pam with her heart pounding in her chest as she thought, "That bitch! I'll fuckin' kill her for what she did to me!"

Pam was determined as she made her way through the party and headed downstairs. She took the stairs slowly as she realized she had to lose her heels if she was going to kick some slut ass. She reached the bottom and found the door to the room Julie had told her about. She took off her heels as she entered the designated room. Pam got a shock when she turned on the light. The room was completely empty except for a large duffel bag locked with a combination padlock. Pam's mind was racing as she tossed her heels in the corner, wondering if she'd misjudged Julie's intentions and was being set up.

"No backing out now though," she thought.

Pam's wait was short lived for just then the door opened and Cindy entered. Her jaw dropped when she saw Pam standing 30 feet away glaring at her. Cindy was also stunning, wearing a short black skirt, tight white turtleneck and black high heels; her long hair curled, and her make up perfect. Cindy's first instinct was to turn around and run, but when she turned around her eyes grew big as saucers when her face bumped into the breasts of Julie Strain, her body filling the whole doorway.

"Not so fast sweetie," Julie purred, putting her hands on Cindy's shoulders. "You an' Pam have some catching up to do." She shoved Cindy back into the room and locked the door. "There, nobody will get in or out until I say so. Now, why don't you two talk over your problem," Julie said with a smile.

Pam shrieked, "You fucking bitch! Did you see what they did to me? You fucking deserted me...ran off like a little weasel. How the hell could you do that?"

Not bothering to wait to hear Cindy's excuses, Pam charged across the room with her claws out. Cindy's mind raced until Pam crashed into her, slamming Cindy's back into the wall with Pam's hands in her hair.

As she secured her grip, Pam screamed, "You goddam slut, I'll kill you for what they did!"

Pam started whipping Cindy around the room like a rag doll by the hair. Unfortunately for Cindy, she hadn't had time to remove her shoes and soon found herself falling to the floor. Pam was on her in a flash, again digging her hands into Cindy's long hair as she started ramming Cindy's head on the carpet. Cindy felt fear creeping through her but she tried to fight back as her hands shot up, grabbed onto Pam's hair and pulled back as hard as she could. Pam gasped as it felt like her hair was being ripped out; her head being forced backward; her body arching. Cindy bucked upward, bucking Pam off her. They separated slightly, both still with a hand in the others hair. Pam was the first to break when she fired a quick punch that connected squarely on the side of Cindy's head.

The punch caught Cindy completely by surprise and she found her grip loosening as Pam shouted, "I am gonna fucking kill you, you whore!"

Pam quickly grabbed Cindy's hair again and pulled her up to her feet. With both girls on their feet, Pam let go of Cindy's hair and threw a punch to Cindy's tight stomach. Cindy gasped as the breath shot from her body. Again, Pam grabbed Cindy's long blond hair and ran Cindy face first into the wall. The impact disorientated Cindy who Pam let fall to the floor. When Cindy shook her head clear and looked up, Pam was standing over her, bending down to pull Cindy back up. Cindy lashed out, sending a slap across Pam's face that stunned her and allowed Cindy to scramble to her knees. Cindy threw herself at Pam, knocking her over backward. Cindy landed on top of Pam and locked her hands in Pam's hair, then she began to bang Pam's head on the floor.

Pam was stunned by the sudden turn of events but she thought quickly(!) as she dug her freshly manicured nails into Cindy's oversized breasts. Cindy screamed as pain coursed through her chest and she quickly tried to push away from Pam to get to her feet. But Pam wasn't about to release her hold and rose with Cindy still digging her fingernails into her rapidly heaving chest. When Cindy got to her feet, she grabbed the bodice of Pam's dress and ripped down, baring both of Pam's bulbous beauties barely enclosed in a sheer baby blue bra. Teeth gritted against the pain, Cindy returned the breast clamp with one of her own and Pam's tiny bra offered her boobs no protection as Cindy's nails caused immediate and serious pain to Pam's heavy breasts.

Julie still stood in the corner, her hand pushed up under her skirt, slowly rubbing her swollen pussy rapidly becoming overheated at the sight of two hot beauties going at it tooth and nail. Both Pam and Cindy began sobbing and screaming, but neither was willing to release her grip on the other. It seemed Pam's breasts were fairing worse since her thin bra was providing her less protection than Cindy's turtleneck and, indeed, with a gasp, she was the first to release her hold.

Pam quickly tried to dig her nails into Cindy's wrists but Cindy dug in her heels, pushing up on Pam's chest to keep up the pressure. Pam was growing scared as the pain in her chest was bringing back nightmarish memories. In desperation, she fired a kneelift that caught Cindy's crotch, forcing her to release Pam's breasts. Pam let out a sigh of relief and quickly backed away to massage her chest as Julie watched in open-mouthed fascination. Cindy wasn't hurt too badly since her tight skirt absorbed much of the force of Pam's knee and she quickly looked around for a foreign object she could use as a weapon to gain the advantage.

Unfortunately, the only foreign object in the room was the duffel bag which appeared to be locked. Turning her attention back to Pam, Cindy kicked her shoes off just as Pam charged her again. Cindy dropped to the floor and Pam just missed crashing into her. Cindy deftly shifted her weight and rammed her heel back into Pam's belly as she turned around. Both women again fell to the floor, Cindy again throwing herself on Pam and executing a schoolgirl pin, trapping Pam's arms beneath her knees.

Cindy reached behind her butt and began to viciously squeeze Pam's breasts until Pam screamed in pain. Then Cindy began to dig her nails through the thin bra that wasn't giving much protection to Pam's sore breasts. Pam tried to regain her composure, fighting back the pain and did the only thing she could in her position, raked her nails over Cindy's thighs leaving red welts on the fair skin. Cindy's initial reaction was to lift herself ever so slightly which was just what Pam expected and she bucked her hips upward, dumping Cindy off her.

Pam quickly scrambled away and jumped to her feet. Cindy, who was also rising, saw Julie rubbing herself through her panties while her other hand massaged her big, firm breasts. Both women circled, each looking for a weakness they could exploit. When neither saw one, they began to separate, putting more distance between them. Pam decided to charge the blonde for the third time and Cindy began to backpedal but she tripped over the duffel bag and fell on her ass. Pam stopped at Cindy and fired a kick to Cindy's thigh. Cindy grabbed the hem of Pam's dress and tried to pull her down to the floor beside her. The dress, already down around Pam's waist, slid down to her knees and as Pam tried to pull back, she tripped over the dress and almost fell. While she frantically tried to keep her balance, the dress came away in Cindy's hand, leaving Pam in on matching blue g-String and lace bra.

Julie was now moaning softly and had started to take her dress off completely as Cindy hopped to her feet and ran at Pam who sidestepped the attack and grabbed a handful of Cindy's hair. She violently pulled Cindy's head back as the blonde shrieked when her body arched over backward. Pam used her free hand to fire a punch into Cindy's kidney, dropping the blonde to her knees. As she went down, Pam drove a knee to Cindy's head, sending her sprawling forward on her hands and knees. Pam gave Cindy a kick in the ribs which left the blonde gasping and breathless.

"You whore! You like taking off peoples clothes so much?" Pam screamed.

She reached down and began to pull and tug at the back of Cindy's turtleneck, continuing to kick her whenever she got a chance. Within seconds, Cindy's turtleneck was torn down the back and pulled off, leaving her in a floral bra and her black skirt. Pam grabbed Cindy by the back of her hair again and pulled her to her feet.

"So fucking much pain is in store for you wh...."

But as Cindy was rising, she slammed an elbow back into Pam's already tender breast, forcing Pam to release her hair to grab her throbbing breast. Cindy tried to clear her head as she moved aside to try to catch her breath She was momentarily distracted by another moan from Julie who was now down to her bra and panties, rubbing her crotch furiously as she watched the two stunning blondes tearing into one another.

Cindy looked back to Pam who had a look of rage on her face. Both were hesitant to approach the other, but Pam made the first move, faking an attack which Cindy fell for! Pam took the opportunity to tackle the blonde back to the floor and as she fell, Pam caught Cindy's skirt and began to pull it off. Cindy held Pam's wrists and dug her nails into her skin trying to resist, but Pam soon had Cindy's skirt down around her ankles.

Pam threw herself back onto of Cindy who was caught unaware and had the wind knocked out of her again. Pam repositioned herself in a reverse schoolgirl, pinning Cindy's arms with her tight little ass in Cindy's face. From that position over Cindy's chest, Pam began throwing punches down onto Cindy's beautiful breasts and tight belly. Cindy grunted and cried out as pain filled her tight body. Pam fired another punch square into Cindy's belly button. In sheer desperation, Cindy thrashed and kicked and bucked until she managed tossed Pam off but she was too winded to mount an offense. Cindy knelt rubbing her aching breasts and red belly as Pam walked up to her and kicked her in the lower back. Cindy gasped when Pam dropped down and flipped Cindy over and dropped her on her back.

"Last time you were in this position you seemed to like it," Pam sneered. "So I figured I'll try it out for you, slut."

Pam put Cindy in a textbook camel clutch. Fear raced through Cindy as she knew she was in serious trouble. The last time she was in the hold was pure hell and the pain was slowly building in her back again. Pam pulled back hard, intending to severely injure Cindy to pay her back for all the humiliation she'd been put through.

"How's THIS feel bitch?" Pam asked confidently as she increased the pressure.

"P...P...P...Pleeassse Pam lemme go....I...I'm sorry I left that night," Cindy blurted, trying to hold back the tears welling in her eyes.

Pam just increased the pressure, pulling back again, forcing Cindy's huge chest to thrust out as she laughed, "Am I forgetting something...oh that's it, they also gave you a could I forget?"

Pam continued to haul back on Cindy's neck with her right hand, while her left curled around Cindy's floral thong. She laughed when Cindy screamed as she yanked hard and the thong dug deep into the crack of her ass. Pam showed no mercy, continuing to pull and yank as hard as she could, working the material deeper as Cindy's screams filled the room. Cindy's body started to hump up and seductively with each pull Pam gave the stretching material, taking Cindy's perfect body to her limit of pain.

When Pam let go of Cindy's thong it snapped back as she released the hold on the screaming blonde. Pam kicked Cindy over onto her back, and positioned herself straddling Cindy's breasts facing her feet. Pam reached forward and grabbed the front of Cindy's thong, pulled up and gave her a front wedgie. Again the material buried itself instantly, only this time cutting deep between the swollen labia of Cindy's pussy. She screamed as Pam pulled and pulled, until the material all but disappeared between Cindy's pussy lips.

"Stop screaming!!!" Pam shouted as she quickly sat back and planted her ass on Cindy's face.

Cindy was getting desperate as she felt herself losing consciousness. Acting in desperation, she bit Pam in the crotch. Pam's eyes swelled with tears as pain shot throughout her and she immediately rolled off Cindy to massage her aching crotch while curled in a fetal ball. Julie was really getting aroused, fingering herself with her panties around her ankles, leaving only her bra in the way of clothing.

Cindy's body was wracked with pain and she held her aching back with one hand as she slowly picked the thong from her pussy and ass. She gasped in pain while Pam was almost in tears as she too was moaning in pain as she massaged her throbbing pussy. Cindy slowly made it to her feet, but found she was in more pain that she thought and collapsed back down on the floor. Pam tried to focus her attention on Cindy as she looked around trying to regain her composure despite her searing pain.

Pam saw Cindy getting to her feet and started to approach her as she tried to formulate an offense. But Cindy was quick and kicked Pam in the side, knocking her down on her massive breasts. Cindy jumped on Pam's back, grabbed her wrists and planted a foot in Pam's lower back as she pulled back on her arms until Pam screamed in pain. Pam's thin blue bra was being stressed to near busting as it struggled to hold her huge breasts in .

Through her own pain, Cindy managed to laugh, "How's THIS feel bitch? I said I was sorry but you wouldn't listen so now I'm gonna teach you a painful lesson."

Now Pam was the one begging; her shoulders felt like they might pop out of their sockets as Cindy reared back again and Pam shrieked. Cindy dropped down on Pam's back, crushing the blonde under her. Then grabbing a handful of Pam's wild blond hair, Cindy violently yanked Pam to her feet. Pam was in a world of trouble with Cindy viciously pulling and dragging her around the room by the hair. When Cindy finally let her drop, Pam collapsed on the carpet moaning and holding her head.

Julie moaned again and Cindy looked in her direction, telling her, "OK Julie lemme out, I'm done here."

Julie looked disappointed and replied, "Not yet sweetie, you look so hot and sexy in that little thong and bra. I'm gonna keep you with me a bit."

Cindy gulped, then repeated, "Julie give me that key, dammit. I'm out of here, this crap has gone on long enough."

Julie stood up, wiped her sticky hand on her belly and walked over to the blonde. The difference in them was tremendous, not only in height, but also weight and muscularity.

"You aren't going anywhere yet," Julie hissed ominously. "I've got an idea," she said as she ran her fingernails over Cindy's breast.

Cindy shouted, "Get off me. This is some kinda sick joke or something? I'm no lesbian, now get the fuck away and lemme go."

Without warning, Julie slapped Cindy, "How dare you fuckin' talk to me like that. I'm gonna have to teach you respect young lady; you and that other blonde whore. Did I ever tell you how much I despise blondes? I think you're gonna learn a valuable lesson tonight."

Cindy screamed as she ran to the far corner while Pam was finally coming back to consciousness as Julie walked to Cindy, "You have nowhere to run, hon. The door's locked and I have the key. You, on the other hand, still have a lesson to learn. Now, get over here and I'll go easier on you than on your little bimbo friend over there."

Fear raced throughout Cindy as she tried to race past Julie for the door. Julie took two strides and caught the blonde in mid-stride. She fired a single punch to Cindy's lower back that dropped the gasping blonde to her knees.

"Oh those breasts of yours look so awfully constrained by that cute little bra of yours," Julie hissed. "Here, lemme take it off and make you more comfortable, OK?"

Cindy screamed and Pam looked up with a curious interest as Julie wrestled Cindy's bra off and her breasts sprang from their confinement; her nipples instantly hardening with excitement in the cool air. Julie spun Cindy around and grabbed her breasts from behind, digging her nails into the soft flesh as she squeezed. Cindy shrieked as Julie increased the pressure and, because she was on her knees, Cindy couldn't even break free so Julie dug her nails in deeper and began to twist her big breasts.

Cindy begged Julie to let her go, but instead she raked her nails over Cindy's soft flesh, leaving red welts in their wake. Julie stood up and released Cindy's breasts. Cindy slumped forward, her hands instantly massaging her burning breasts while Julie looked over at Pam who looked incredible in just a blue g-string and bra. Julie smiled seductively and winked. Pam was scared the crazed Amazon may do the same to her and she forced herself to her feet and ran for the door. Pam couldn't unlock it, so she pounded on the door yelling for help. Julie, enraged now, focused her attention on Pam as she charged and slammed her sturdy body into the door, stunning the blonde. Pam gasped as Julie grabbed her by the arm and yanked it behind her, putting her in an arm bar causing instant pain to her damaged shoulder.

Pam cried, "Please Julie, lemme go! You can have that bitch Cindy, don't hurt me."

Julie just laughed, "I'm gonna have BOTH of you. Why settle for one slut when you can have two. Now get back over there and finish off that blonde slut for me."

Pam sighed with relief when Julie released her and she saw Cindy was still lying on the floor, fear in her eyes, gingerly tending to her breasts.

Cindy shook her head, "Please Pam leave me the hell alone. We’ve have been through enough."

Pam wasn’t sure what to do until she felt Julie's foot on her ass, propelling her toward Cindy who was clueless what Pam was up to, but rose to her feet and started to back up when she saw the look in Pam’s eyes. Pam was still trying to decide what she should do, but whatever it was she didn't want to piss off Julie.

"You’re going to have a test of strength!" Julie shouted to the blondes who both looked confused.

It took a moment to register, but Pam tentatively raised her hands while Cindy still looked confused.

Julie yelled, "Cindy put your damn hands up. But don't start yet, I have to get something first."

Cindy was still caressing her sore breasts, but she reluctantly put her hands up. Her breasts were beet red and scratch marks were visible. Julie grabbed the big bag in the center of the room, spun the combination and the lock popped open. She dug in the bag a few moments as the blondes looked on in terror. Then Julie took a long black whip from the bag, and closed it but didn’t lock it this time.

Julie stared at Cindy's heaving breasts and said, "OK girls, begin the test of strength."

Neither girl moved which infuriated Julie who cracked the whip. Both girls reluctantly intertwined their hands and began to try to push the other back. Cindy's muscles strained as Pam seemed to be getting an advantage. Soon Pam twisted Cindy's wrists around and forced her arms down to waist level - then violently pushed up. Cindy was forced onto her tiptoes as Pam increased her pressure. Suddenly, Cindy put a foot behind Pam’s leg and threw herself into her, tripping Pam and dropping her hard on her ass. Then Cindy backed away, starting at Julie not sure what to do next.

Julie slapped her thigh with the whip, "Keep fighting Cindy, you aren't done yet."

Cindy shook her head, "Julie please…..this is crazy, just lemme leave."

Pam was pissed and she jumped back to her feet shouting, "I’m gonna pay you back bitch!"

She charged at Cindy who was caught off guard when Pam slammed into her, knocking her off her feet as they both tumbled to the floor. Pam began to choke Cindy, slamming her head on the carpet, temporarily stunning the blonde. Pam stood up and pulled Cindy up using her damaged breasts like handles. Cindy screamed as she was pulled off the floor and she scrambled to get her feet under her and ease the awful pressure on her tits. Gritting her teeth, Cindy fired an uppercut into Pam's sore crotch and now it was Pam screaming as she dropped to her knees holding her pussy. She rolled over and curled up in the fetal position trying to massage the pain away.

Julie chuckled, “Well done Cindy, but don’t just stand there with your thumb in your slit, take her bra off. NOW!"

Cindy looked at Julie in horror, her mind racing; but the blondes body just couldn't move. Julie snaked out with the whip and the tip snapped only inches from Cindy's erect nipples with a loud CRAAACK making her jump.

Julie screamed, "Do it NOW bitch or next time I’ll take the nipple clean off your tit, you stupid bitch!!!"

Cindy quickly bent and unhooked Pam's bra. She used the straps like handles as she stomped a foot into the small of Pam's back and pulled back on the straps, arching Pam's back upward. Cindy fought through her own pain as Pam screamed; her breasts being crushed by their own cups. Finally, Cindy released her hold and kicked Pam in the back of the head, sending her face slamming down on the floor. The world was going dark for her as Pam struggled to remain conscious; only semi aware of Cindy removing the bra from her limp body.

Julie laughed as she watched the blondes destroying each others body, much to Cindy’s horror who was hesitant to continue. But again, Julie’s whipped snapped out CRAAAACK! It would have left a mark on her tight stomach if she hadn’t jumped back at the last second. But Cindy tripped over Pam and when Pam opened her eyes, she saw Cindy lying next to her, her eyes on Julie.

"Julie let me go; you can keep Pam and do whatever you want to her with that awful whip," Cindy whined.

"You fuckin' bitch!" Pam screamed.

Pam rose to her knees and lunged, throwing herself on the stunned Cindy; her hands in Cindy's hair as she drove her knee hard into Cindy's crotch. Cindy gasped as her butt scraped over the carpet on impact and pain filled her entire body. Pam pulled her head up and slammed it back down on the floor. Cindy felt Pam's hands on her already aching chest and she started screaming again when Pam began digging her nails into her melons.

Pam was enraged as she released Cindy's right breast and fired her fist into Cindy's face. Cindy's head slammed back down on the floor where it was met with another punch square on her nose. Cindy gasped as blood ran from her nose, which she thought was surely broken. The last thing Cindy saw was Pam's fist coming down at her again, this punched landed on her temple and everything went dark. Pam figured Cindy was out but she fired one last punch just for good measure, this one to Cindy's right eye. Cindy lay unmoving as Pam got up, rubbing several different parts of her own aching body and gasping as she realized she was in far more pain than she’d thought. She almost fell, but steadied herself and then turned to Julie.

"Gimme something to tie this bitch up with. I want to make it good an’ tight!"

Julie was surprised at Pam’s aggressiveness but she tossed the whip to her. Pam rolled Cindy over onto her belly and pulled her arms behind her. In seconds, Pam had Cindy's arms tightly tied behind her back as she knotted the whip once and then again. When she was done, Pam rolled Cindy onto her back and stood straddling the helpless blondes waist. She bent and slapped Cindy lightly a few times to wake her and when Cindy's left eye fluttered open - her right eye had already swollen shut; a nasty shade of purple - Pam viciously backhanded her across the face, snapping Cindy's head sideways. Instinctively, Cindy tried to bring her hands up to hold her throbbing face but she gasped out loud when she realized she couldn’t move her arms.

Pam laughed, "Let the good times roll Cindy!"

Cindy was utterly helpless, unable to do anything to stop the crazed blonde except grovel and beg, "P...p...pleeese let me go Pam...I...I'm soo...soo sorry this happened!!! I nev...."

She never got to finish because just then Pam's foot slammed into Cindy's tight stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Cindy's legs jerked up and then fell back down as she struggled in her bondage, but the leather was too strong. Tears streamed down Cindy's face, leaving streaks of makeup on her swollen cheeks. Her lips quivered as she gasped for air that wouldn't come while her legs futilely flailed and kicked, her feet beating up and down on the carpet helplessly.

Pam again raised her foot and slammed it down, this time on Cindy's black and blue breast. Pain shot through the trapped blonde and she tried to scream - but no sound escaped her lips; just a small trickle of blood from her nose running down into her gaping mouth. Cindy's head slumped back down and she turned her face aside, the picture of total, abject defeat as Pam lifted her foot off the throbbing breast.

Cindy was almost out again but Pam snapped her back to full consciousness when she grabbed the front of Cindy’s thong and yanked, the material cutting deep into her pussy. Pam was bent over, using both hands to give Cindy a brutally painful front wedgie. Cindy screamed as Pam sawed the material back and forth, ravaging her already ravaged crotch. But Pam was relentless and within a minute Cindy’s thong was stretched clear up to her once proud boobs. Cindy's feet were kicking in hopes of stopping Pam, but Pam yanked the material again, stretching it further still, forcing Cindy's swollen red pussy lips to bulging out on either side of the thin strip of cloth.

Pam reared back harder and RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP flew backward, landing on her own thong-clad ass holding the remnants of Cindy's thong in her hands. Pam tried to laugh despite the pain racking her body as she stood up holding Cindy’s thong and kicked her again, this time on the side of her discolored breast. Cindy's breast flew to the side at impact and her shoulders felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets as she rolled over on her side. At that moment, Julie suddenly gasped as she looked up and saw Hef standing in the doorway watching appalled.

"Pam is that you? Julie, what the hell’s going on here? What’ve you two done to that poor girl?" Hef asked, walking into the room.

Pam slowly took a few steps back, then puffed out her chest and shot back, "Paying her back!!"

Hef was in shock when he finally recognized Pam’s victim as Cindy Margolis and while he was busy rolling Cindy over to untie her, Julie quickly gathered up her discarded clothes and left before he even realized she was gone. Cindy was semi-conscious when Hef helped her to her feet, her disheveled blonde hair was streaked with blood and hung down covering her face. Cindy tried to open her eyes but her right was swollen shut. Blood ran from her nose, dripping onto her heaving, scratched and bruised breasts, then ran down and dropped from the tips of her distended nipples to splatter on the floor at her feet.

Hef glared at Pam who was showing wounds of her own and demanded, "Pam what the hell happened here? I don't understand."

Pam stomped over, grabbed her dress and snarled, "Talk to Stern! The bitch had it coming after what she put me through; leaving me alone."

Hef could only shake his head as Cindy tried in vain to cover her bare, battered body. Cindy pulled her hair back from her face and he gasped when he saw the damage. Her lip was split and bleeding; her nose was swollen and dripping blood; her right cheek was deeply bruised and swelling. If Cindy hadn’t been held by Hef she surely would have crashed back down to the floor. Pam, wearing only her g-string, threw her dress on her aching body and began walking toward the door. Cindy tried to pull out of Hef’s arms, but when she did, her feet just wouldn't move and she slumped back into his grasp.

He sat Cindy down and walked over to Pam, "I can't believe you two did this to each other over something so silly as that fight you were in."

Whether or not the words registered to Pam was indifferent because out of the corner of her eye she saw Cindy struggling to stand up and she couldn’t help grinning as she walked to the door at a slow methodical pace, then suddenly dropped her dress and made a dash toward Cindy with her arm cocked. Pam let fly a huge roundhouse that Cindy was far to slow in blocking and her fist slammed into Cindy's nose sending a spray of blood everywhere.

Cindy flew backward, dropping flat on her back. Slowly, she reached up and touched her nose with her fingers, no longer unsure whether or not it was broken. Her legs swept back and forth on the floor as she sobbed openly, trying in vain to staunch the blood rolling down her flushed face. Pam gasped as she was grabbed and dragged out the door still nearly naked. Hef had her out the door in seconds and slammed it behind him as he went back to check on Cindy who was still sprawled in the same position. Fortunately, the red flow from her nose seemed to be slowing as Hef tenderly helped her to her feet and supported her with his arm around her as he steered her toward the medical room.

Cindy spent the night under doctor's care, but she suffered only superficial wounds. The next morning her eye was still swollen shut and she had gauze stuffed in both of her nostrils. Both breasts were scratched with red welts and badly bruised. She left the medical facility wearing a loose fitting summer dress Hef bought for her as she stormed around the mansion looking for “the man.”

Hef was shocked to see Cindy, who was quick to speak her mind, "I want a rematch dammit! Right here at the mansion, in front of everyone, Pay-per-view, cable TV, the Internet, and whatever else you can get. Make it happen Hef cause either way, that bitch is going down!"

Hef couldn’t stop smiling; he smelled ratings, ratings, ratings - not to mention the cash he’d rake in from pay per view! And he already knew who’d be his first choice as referee; Julie Strain seemed to not only have the ability to keep the girls under control but had a personal interest in them as well. And if I can get her, he thought, she’d be perfect to help sell tickets!

"Cindy my dear, I’m sure I can set something up for you, don't you worry that pretty head of yours about a thing. Take a few months to heal and get yourself well. Then I’ll get in touch with you and Pam and we’ll finalize the deal."

Cindy stormed out determined to go into strict training - and get some intense tutoring. She'd be ready for that blonde slut next time!

To The Rematch (coming soon)