Pam Anderson+Cindy Margolis vs. Daisy Fuentes+Jennifer Lopez by jjj

Pam strode down to the ring confidently, waving to the fans appreciatively for their applause. She was in knee high black high heel boots, a tight black mini skirt and a pink low cut V-neck sweater. Her long blonde curly hair swayed as she jumped into the ring and walked around as she waited for her partner to enter the ring. She knew it was her mouth, not Cindy's that had gotten them in trouble when, a month before on the Howard Stern, she and Cindy were talking with Howard. Pam made a snide comment about J-Lo's big ass and Cindy laughed along as Pam went on to trash Daisy Fuentes as well. Howard, smelling huge ratings in the works issued the challenge for a tag match - Pam and Cindy against J-Lo and Daisy on a pay per view special on March 1st. While Pam eagerly accepted, Cindy wasn't so enthusiastic. She'd only been in a few minor skirmishes and, besides, it was Pam shooting her mouth off.

After a few minutes of pressure from Howard and Pam's pleas, Cindy finally agreed. Howard's producer immediately called J-Lo, and Daisy's agents and the match was booked. The winners would receive a check for $100,000 each, while the losers would be humiliated on television. Soon Cindy was introduced and she came to the ring wearing attire similar to her partner; high heels and a tight floral summer dress that showed off her large breasts perfectly and high boots. Her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders as she seductively made her way down to the ring.

Unlike Pam and Cindy, Daisy and J-Lo came to the ring together holding hands and looking much more like wrestlers than girls going out to a bar for an evening. They both wore sneakers, loose shorts and T-shirts and both had their long hair pulled back. When the two girls saw Cindy and Pam's outfits, they couldn't help laughing.

Daisy shouts, "What the fuck are you doing bitches, going out for drinks?"

Pam and Cindy seemed not to hear as they continued to pose for the crowd before removing their high heel boots to avoid injury. Cindy leaves the ring so Pam can start the match for their team, while it appeared J-Lo is eager to get her hands in Pam's beached blonde hair as she opened the match for her team. Pam, thinking as Cindy did, leaves the ring herself but was brought back in sharply by her long blonde locks from behind by J-Lo. Pam yells at the surprising pain in her scalp as she got hauled back into the ring painfully. J-Lo jumped on Pam in a second, pulling the beautiful blonde into a headlock.

Pam, with some ring experience, quickly gathered her composure and fires an elbow into J-Lo's ribs. Now it's J-Lo's turn to be stunned as the air is temporarily knocked from her. Pam dragged J-Lo up by her hair and threw her to Daisy's corner turnbuckle. Pam immediately charged in after, only to find J-Lo long gone. But Daisy quickly helped herself to two handfuls of blond hair and held Pam as J-Lo fired shots into her bare midriff until the ref broke up the outside interference, then warned Daisy about any further cheating.

J-Lo, fired a knee into Pam's crotch, knocking the blonde down instantly. Pam clutched her crotch while J-Lo tagged in Daisy who quickly pulled Pam up by the back of her sweater, almost tearing it off in the process, then whipped her hard back into the corner. Pam stumbles back, only to be met by J-Lo's knee between the ring ropes which hit her in the small of her back. Pam gasped as her head and shoulders snapped back, then dropped to her knees holding her back.

Pam could see Daisy approaching from across the ring and quickly tried to get to her feet. As soon as she rose, however, she yelped in pain as her hair was yanked from behind. J-Lo had a grip in Pam's long locks, holding her back into the corner. Cindy was furious and attempted to climb into the ring, only to be stopped by the ref. Daisy, seeing the ref was preoccupied with Cindy, rushed to take advantage of the 2:1 opportunity. While J-Lo maintained her grip on Pam's hair, yanking her head back over the top turnbuckle so that Pam's chest was forced to arch up seductively, Daisy rushed in and delivered a sharp kick between Pam's open thighs, driving the toe of her sneaker through the scant protection her mini-skirt afforded.

Pam screamed and immediately dropped down to the mat, leaving J-Lo with a handful of her peroxide blond hair. Pam's right hand dove down to cover her groin and her wild blonde hair cascaded down over her rapidly reddening face. Daisy and J-Lo were all smiles as they watched the busty beauty squirming on the mat but Daisy didn't waste any time and she brought the blonde back up by her hair.

As Pam was rising, in sheer desperation she fired a low blow to Daisy's crotch. Pam and Daisy both collapsed in pain and Pam began to crawl on all fours towards her corner. Pam made it and tagged in Cindy just as Daisy was tagging in J-Lo who dashed across the ring to meet Cindy as she entered. J-Lo grabbed Cindy's long hair as she was still climbing between ropes and viciously pulled her over her shoulder. Cindy crashed to the mat on her back with her scalp burning. J-Lo dragged her to the center of the ring on her back, then continued dragging her clear across to her corner.

J-Lo brought Cindy up to her feet and slammed her into the corner where Daisy hauled her long blonde hair backward over the top rope. Cindy's large chest was thrust upward and J-Lo homed in on the twin targets with a series of whipping backhand slaps. By this time the ref had broken up Daisy's outside interference and Cindy crumpled to the mat, her eyes filled with tears as her hands clutched her throbbing boobs. J-Lo grabbed the back of Cindy's dress and, in one quick motion, pulled it clear up around her neck. After a brief struggle, J-Lo stepped back holding the dress in her hands while Cindy was left trying to cover her exposed body with hers. Cindy was left in only a pale blue thong and matching bra and the crowd roared its approval at the sight of this stunning blonde half naked and helpless.

J-Lo stomped her foot down on Cindy's lower back, eliciting a gasp from the blonde and Cindy quickly reached both hands back to block any more kicks, J-Lo easily captured both wrists and quickly had both of Cindy's arms stretched back with her boot planted firmly in Cindy's lower back. As J-Lo pulled for all she was worth, Cindy's body was bent and arched back at an excruciating angle as her flushed face contorting with pain. As her back bent further and further, her lightweight bra strained to hold her forward thrust breasts.

"How's that feel sweetie?" J-Lo taunted as Cindy was being stretching her to the limit.

"St....stoooooooo,p" Cindy moaned helplessly and Pam, although she was still sore, couldn't stand by idly and rushed into the ring to help Cindy - only to be intercepted by the ref halfway.

J-Lo looked up at Pam and assured her, "Don't worry bitch, after I'm done with her, I'll be sure to save some whup ass for you."

Pam was furious but unable to do anything but watch her partner suffer. Cindy was almost in tears and her back felt as it was going to break. J-Lo felt she'd suffered enough and let Cindy's arms drop but immediately grabbed the gasping blonde and dragged her to the ropes. Cindy barely fought as her head was placed over the bottom rope. J-Lo straddled Cindy's back, jumped up and dropped down on her damaged back using the rope to choke her. Cindy's eyes bulged as she struggled for air until the ref finally noticed the choke and started to count. J-Lo kept the hold on until he reached 5 and threatened to disqualify her.

J-Lo wanted to humiliate Pam for her earlier comments, so she definitely didn't want to get disqualified without getting her hands on the bimbo. She pulled Cindy up but had to help support her to keep her upright. Even though Cindy looked stunning in her matching thong and bra, she was clearly dazed, disorientated and in a great deal of pain. J-Lo pulled her to the corner and bellied up against her as she lifted her arms and draped them back over the top rope. Cindy's massive chest heaved against J-Lo's as she struggled for breath. Just to ensure she didn't get any ideas about resisting, J-Lo fired an uncontested uppercut deep into Cindy's tight belly halfway between her belly button and her thong.

"Ummmpphh," grunted the blonde as the remaining air was driven from her lungs.

Cindy's shoulders hunched forward as J-Lo's fist ripped into her belly, but J-Lo shoved her back upright and her arms suspended over the ropes caused her big breasts to thrust forward even more as her body sought to fall to the mat. J-Lo wedged Cindy back into the corner hard, then quickly walked over to tag in Daisy who was eager to get in on abusing the blonde.

Daisy charged into the ring and threw a vicious uppercut up under Cindy's left breast. The blonde screamed as her breast strained to stay in her bra cup. Her body slumped to the mat as Cindy curled into the fetal ball, sobbing and clutching her throbbing chest. Daisy took a moment to turn and taunt Pam, who was still trying to find a way to get in the ring. Daisy wanted Pam in the ring to humiliate her a bit, so she grabbed Cindy's hair, pulled her to her feet and hip-tossed her across the ring to Pam's feet. Cindy was so out of it, Pam had to reach in and lift her hand to make the tag to get in the ring.

Pam charged across the ring at Daisy with her arm raised for a clothesline. Daisy was well-prepared for the attack, especially since the furious blonde had telegraphed it by raising her arm far too early. Daisy deftly ducked under Pam's arm, turned around and caught Pam in a bearhug from behind. Daisy flexed her muscular arms, crushing Pam's hard stomach for all she was worth. Pam gasped in shocked pain as her abs wer being crushed by the big brunette. Then, Daisy dropped to one knee and drove Pam down with her flailing legs straddling her knee. Pam's pussy pounded down onto Daisy's kneecap with a sickening CRACK!

"Uhhhhh!" grunted Pam as her body went limp.

Daisy shoved Pam off her knee and left her laying on the mat at her feet with Pam's hands between her thighs as she quickly squeezed her legs around her hands trying to ease the awful throbbing pain.

"I hope you weren't planning on fucking Kid Rock later," Daisy laughed as she took a grip on her flimsy sweater and ripped it off in seconds. Daisy then grabbed Pam by the hair and dragged her across the ring on all fours to the corner where J-Lo was waiting and licking her chops. "I think Jen wants another piece a you bitch!" Daisy said as she threw Pam at J-Lo's feet and made the tag.

Pam was lying in her black mini skirt and a white bra that could barely hold her siliconed breasts. Cindy had finally made it to her feet in her corner and as she looked up, she couldn't believe what was happening to her and Pam. Cindy clutched the turnbuckle as the crowd behind her screamed and whistled, getting a great shot of her perfect ass covered by only the blue thong which left nothing to the imagination.

J-Lo hopped in the ring and hauled Pam up, forcefully slamming her back into the corner. Pam slammed into the turnbuckles and moaned in pain as her arms whipped back and dropped over the top rope in an effort to keep her feet. Grinning, Daisy grabbed Pam's wrists and pulled her arms back behind her as J-Lo rushed in and drove her knee up into Pam's stretched stomach. Pam gasped as the air rushed from her lungs. Her huge chest heaved as she desperately tried to take in much-needed air while the referee sauntered over to help extract Pam from the double team - but not before J-Lo powered another knee into her, this one to Pam's already aching crotch. Pam screamed as her crotch went numb from the pain.

With Daisy was no longer holding her up, Pam crumbled and slumped over on the mat with her head between J-Lo's spread feet. Pam managed to roll over on all fours to looked up to locate her partner, hoping to make a badly needed tag, even thought Cindy was still only semi-coherent. J-Lo watched with a smile on her face moving alongside Pam as she tried to crawl to her corner. Pam saw Cindy and raised her arm. As she desperately lunged to tag Cindy, Pam was hit by a snap kick to her ribs. Her body spun in mid-air landing on her back. Pam's world was now going black, as she was losing consciousness. Cindy was none too eager to get back into the ring and she watched in horror as J-Lo positioned herself over the prostrate blonde, placing both feet on Pam's long hair.

Jen grabbed Pam's wrists and violently jerked the blondes body up off the mat. Pam's torso shot up, but her head remained on the mat since her hair was pinned. Pam thought all her precious blonde hair was going to be ripped out and her scalp burned like it was on fire. All she could do was shriek as the ref came over and stopped Jen before she could rip any more hair from Pam's head. J-Lo walked back to her corner and tagged in Daisy, who was eager as ever to get in the ring.

Daisy laughed at Pam as she stepped over her and walked over to Cindy, "What's wrong whore? I thought you two were so tough? Why don't you come back in and, well, show us just how tough you really are?"

Cindy couldn't respond but a look of sheer terror crossed her face as Daisy easily picked up Pam's limp body and threw it in Cindy's corner. Reluctantly Cindy bent through the ropes, stretching out to tag her partner. As she did, the crowd went OOH at the amazing view of her barely covered ass as it wiggled suggestively. With Cindy stretched out hung in the ropes, Daisy slammed fists down on her lower back!

Cindy was driven face first down onto Pam's chest and the ref counted it as a legal tag! Cindy never got the chance to rise, because Daisy jumped and landed on her ass on Cindy's back knocking the wind out of both blondes. Daisy began to bounce up and down until the ref got in her face demanding she let Pam exit the ring. So Daisy grabbed Cindy's hair and dragged her off of Pam, dragging her out to the center of the ring. She dropped Cindy on her stomach, then jumped on her lower back again. Cindy had very little fight left in her aching body and Daisy had no trouble pulling Cindyís spaghetti arms back and draping them over her knees. She reached around and clasped her hands under Cindy's chin and violently fell back, jerking Cindyís torso up and back in a picture perfect camel clutch.

Cindy shrieked as pain shot through her already aching back, sending shards of agonizing pain through her entire body.

Once more the blondes full, firm bosom was wantonly thrust forward, her sheer bra stretched to its limits trying to contain her full breasts as Daisy increased the pressure. Daisy leered at Pam as she reached back with her right hand and snared Cindy's thong. She pulled up on the thin thong while at the same time twisting Cindy's upper body back toward her. Cindy screamed as her supple body was bent in an unnatural ďUĒ angle as her blue thong disappeared between her bruised pussy lips, digging deep into her tender crotch. Daisy hauled back on both Cindy's neck and her thong one more time, giving both a vicious jerk before letting the blondeís body flop to the mat.

Daisy hopped up and tagged in J-Lo who could only laugh at the sight of both blondes bodies sprawled on the mat, Cindy was now in worse shape than Pam, being semi-conscious. Out of pure instinct, Cindy reached down under her and slowly pulled her thong from her crotch as the crowd laughed and roared their approval. J-Lo kicked Cindy over on her back, then slammed a vicious kick down on her unprotected stomach.

J-Lo squatted and seductively began to swayed her ass back and forth over Cindy's face, slowly lowering it until her cheeks were brushing over Cindyís face. J-Lo sat down, snapped her thong and then grabbed both of Cindy's breasts and began to squeeze. Cindy muffled screams could be heard from beneath J-Loís ass as Cindy weakly kicked her legs. J-Lo just laughed as she maintained the pressure on Cindy breasts for several minutes. When she released her hold, Cindy lay still and unmoving. J-Lo leaned forward and slammed her fist into Cindy's crotch and her body bucked once and went limp as pain shot throughout her entire body. J-Lo stood up, posed briefly over Cindy whose body was racked with tears from the beating she was being dealt, and then walked over to Pam who had only just crawled back into her corner.

"Still think you sluts are hot shit? Just wait baby, weíre not even close to finished with you!"

Turning her attention back to Cindy, Jen walked over to the blonde who was still laying on her back, idly massaging her crotch. J-Lo rolled her over onto her chest with a whimper from Cindy, then bent and quickly unsnapped Cindy's bra straps. Grabbing a shoulder strap in each hand, Jen began to lift Cindy off the mat by her bra. The material dug sharply into her already sore breasts, as her body was slowly lifted off the mat.

"Youíre heavier than you look bitch!" Jen shouted when Cindy's body was a couple of feet off the mat.

Either J-Lo didn't have as good of a grip as she thought, or she was particularly cruel. The bra slipped from her left hand, causing J-Lo to fall back on her ass holding Cindy's bra in her hand. Cindy, topless, dropped landed square on her bare breasts and face, her hands shooting to cover her exposed, red and aching boobs.

"Please Jen, I can't be seen like this. Please! No more, Iím so sorry!!" Cindy pleaded as she lay topless for the first time in public.

J-Lo who was still sitting, laughed at the situation, "Bitch, Iím gonna mangle those melons so bad. Hell, the funís just getting started!"

The ref was shocked at the turn of events and luckily for Cindy, he managed to step between her and J-Lo. Cindy crawled as rapidly as she could while still covering her chest, and rolled out under the bottom ropes. Landing on her feet, she made a dash for their dressing room. Wearing only a blue thong, Cindy was a sight to see as she staggered up the ramp holding her aching breasts in both hands as Pam looked on in dismay while her partner was counted out by the confused referee.

J-Lo and Daisy were awarded the match when the ref reached a count of 10. They now turned their attention to a stunned Pam, who never saw the attack coming with her back turned watching Cindyís hasty departure, screaming at her to come back. J-Lo walked up behind Pam and secured two handfuls of Pam's long locks, then viciously pulled back. Pam was dragged backward over the top rope by her hair and her body crashed to the mat. Daisy was on her instantly, ripping away Pam's tight skirt in seconds.

"Well since Cindy donít wanna party with us, weíre gonna give you all our attention, sweetie," Daisy laughed as she finished stripping the skirt from Pam.

Jen hauled Pam to her feet and quickly put her in a full nelson. Daisy eyed Pam's flawless body, perhaps with a bit of jealousy. Pam squirmed trying to break J-Loís grip, but she didn't have enough strength or energy left.

Daisy raked her nails down Pam's body seductively, hissing, "We'll be sure this body donít leave the arena looking the same, won't we Jen?" Pam shivered at the malice in Daisyís voice and pleaded with the two Latinaís for mercy, but Daisy responded with a backhand slap across the blonde's perfect face. Pam's head rocked to the side, her long hair flying and her cheek reddened instantly.

"Make sure you hold the bitch tight, Jen the funís just getting started!!"

Daisy used both hands as she dug into the front of Pam's thong and began to playfully jerk it up with a series of short, hard tugs. Pam looked down in sheer terror as Daisy smiled from ear to ear. Then, without warning, Daisy lifted as hard as she could, stretching the thong almost up to the middle of Pam's massive chest. Pam's eyes bulged as a gasp of pain escaped her lips and her feet left the mat for an instant. Daisy again pulled up for all she was worth and the material quickly disappeared deep into the dark crevice of Pam's pussy, as the lips on both sides bulged out grotesquely around the stretched fabric.

"Is that a patch of hair I see?" Daisy teased, as she again jerked the thong deeper if possible into Pam's crotch.

J-Lo was having no problem maintaining her full nelson on Pam, as Daisy released her grip on Pam's thong. Daisy laughed as she released the material, only to see it stayed buried deep in Pam's pussy.

"My, my Pam, it seems that your underwear just doesn't fit anymore. Maybe we should just remove it."

Pam begged for her torment to end, but Daisy just bent and quickly pulled Pam's thong down around her ankles. The crowd erupted as they got an excellent view of Pam's neatly shaved triangle.

"Youíre gonna wished you finished shaving that little patch when weíre done with it, baby doll." Then Daisy stared at Pam's heaving oversized breasts and laughed, "You call those saggy watermelons tits? Hell, when we get done, your boobs may actually resemble real boobs."

Daisy dug her nails into Pam's breasts and the thin material of her bra did little to protect her huge chest. Pam again screamed as she thrashed her body back and forth to no avail until Daisy released her hold on Pam's breasts.

"I bet it might hurt a little bit more if we got rid of this nasty bra, donícha think?"

Daisy quickly reached around to Pam's back and in seconds had her bra off, leaving Pam completely naked; still trapped in J-Loís picture perfect full nelson.

Daisy said as she made two fists, "OK Jen, make sure you hold her tight. I haven't boxed in a while and I don't want to miss!!"

She reached back and fired a right that landed square on Pam's left breast, instantly flattening it against her chest. Pam was screaming from the pain as Daisyís left uppercut hit home on her right breast, causing it to shoot up and then fall back down. Daisyís fists flew; right, left, right, left, pummeling Pam's once perfect breasts as the stunning blonde screamed and thrashed. Her breasts felt like they were going to explode after six consecutive punches and the tender breasts were already showing welts and starting to swell from the beating. Seeing Pamís eyes start to glaze over, Daisy changed targets and grabbed a handful of pubic hair.

"Next time, shave a little closer so people can't do THIS," Daisy said as she pulled on a handful of pubic hair until Pam passed out.

Jen released Pam's body and let her crash limp and lifeless to the mat. Daisy grabbed one of Pam's leg's and dragged her to the corner of the ring, positioning her with one leg on each side of the ring post. Daisy and Jen hopped down outside the ring where each grabbed one of Pam's ankles.

"On the count of three pull for all youíre worth," J-Lo yelled. "One Two...THREE

Both pulled as hard as they could and Pam's naked crotch SLAMMED into the steel pole jolting her out of her unconsciousness and back into a world of pain. Daisy and J-Lo continued to pull as Pam bucked her legs and tried to sit up and reach the poll to find relief. She managed to free her left ankle from J-Loís grasp and soon after that her other one. She rolled over and tried to crawl across the ring to escape but Daisy and J-Lo just laughed as they looked at the now beaten down blonde who collapsed in a heap in the center of the ring.

Jen grabbed a steel chair from the outside of the ring and climbed back into the ring while Daisy rolled Pam over onto her back. J-Lo positioned the chair over Pamís body, lining up a perfect shot, then raised the chair over her head and slammed it down squarely on Pam's chest. Pam's body convulsed with pain as J-Lo unfolded the chair. Both girls picked Pam up and sat her in the chair, then collected the discarded clothing from around the ring. In seconds, they had both of Pam's arms tied behind her back, secured with her own bra and the torn sweater. J-Lo used Cindy's clothes to tie Pam's legs to the legs of the chair, leaving her naked and helpless sitting in the chair.

Daisy began slapping Pam to revive her and when she came to a sheer look of terror crossed her face when she realized the predicament she was in unable to move.

"Daisy, please don't do any more. I'll do anything you want, please just lemme go," Pam pleaded.

Daisy only laughed as she fired a slap across Pam's face, "Fuck you slut! The funís just beginning for you baby doll."

Tears were flowing down Pam's red face, leaving mascara lines everywhere when J-Lo stepped up and used both hands to secure a grip on Pam's oversized breasts. She began squeezing on Pam's right breast and Daisy quickly decided to share in J-Lo's fun, using both of her hands to grab Pam's right breast.

"Lets see which one of us can get one of these saggy melons to pop!" J-Lo giggled.

Pam was shrieking as she feared that one or both of her implants would explode in her chest. She begged and pleaded for release, as her body thrashed against her restraints. Both girls kept the pressure on her chest for almost a minute until Pam again passed out from the pain, her head falling forward with her long blonde hair cascading over her face.

Daisy and Jen released their holds on Pam and stepped back to admire their work. Pam was out of it. J-Lo stepped up to Pam and began to seductively run her nails over and around Pam's erect nipples. Within seconds Pam's large nipples were at full attention just as a feint moan came from Pam's lips. When she had Pam's nipples erect, Jen violently pinched them between her nails, then began twisting for all she was worth, Pam snapped back to consciousness as the pain in her nipples felt like they were going to be ripped from her body. Pam was bawling hysterically as J-Lo was twisting clockwise and then counterclockwise while Pam's body thrashed back and forth against her constraints.

The crowd began to boo when Howard Stern stood up and walked into the ring with a microphone, "Well ladies I hate to say it but Ms. Pam has definitely had enough pain for one night. I think you proved to everyone in attendance and those watching on TV who the true champions are. For that, hereís a check to each of you for $100,000."

Both girls eagerly took the check, but it took much coaxing from Howard before they agreed that, yes indeed, maybe Pam had suffered enough. Howard put his arm around both girls and led them out off the ring, leaving the passed out naked Pam tied up in the chair.

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