Jules Asner vs. Brook Burke by Michael

Brook and Jules were both at the "E!" Studio going over their next assignment with their producers. Jules had always liked to go on the 'Wild On' series, although she didn't get to go very often and was a little jealous of Brook for getting to go ALL the time. The funny part is, that Jules and Brook had always been friends and Brook never realized Jules' jealousy toward her. Not that Jules didn't have a nice job herself, getting to go to a lot of clubs and interview different stars. Brook had always been a little jealous of Jules too.

They had both come out of their respective meetings w/ their producers and were walking through the hallways reading over their perspective schedules, not really paying attention to where they were going. As they came upon a corner in the hall, they bumped into each other pretty hard, knocking them both back a few steps in total shock and causing each to drop their schedule. Both were very apologetic and kind of laughed it off.

They reached down, grabbed their schedules, apologized and exchanged a friendly smile before they continued down the hall to their respective offices. Upon reaching her office, Jules threw her script down and lay down on her couch to relax for a little bit before heading home. Just then, there was a knock at her door, she answered the door to find an angry Brook standing there holding her schedule and shaking it in Jules face.

"What the Hell is this?" exclaimed Brook.

"What do you mean? What's going on?" asked Jules in confusion.

"I got back to my office and discovered you took my schedule, I want mine back!" Brook yelled!

"Look, Brook, I don't know what you mean, but if it's your schedule you want, I'll give it to you. I didn't know we'd gotten them switched, I haven't even looked at it since we bumped into each other..."

Brook replied, " I know you're jealous of me because of I get to travel to the vast, exquisite corners of the earth while you're stuck here in the studio all the time. I just didn't think you'd try to steal my schedule so you could steal an assignment."

"Kiss my ass!" yelled Jules. "Sure, I'd like to go to some of those places every now and then, but I didn't steal your schedule."

Jules turned her back on Brook to get the schedule from her desk. When she picked it up and started to turn around, she heard the door shut behind her. When she got turned around, Brook was approaching her fairly quickly, getting right in her face.

Brook looked Jules in the eye and said, "If you EVER say that to me again, I'm going to kick your ass instead."

With that she poked Jules in the chest with her index finger.

Jules stepped right up to her and said, " If you think you can kick it, then bring it on. I don't want a fight, but if that's what you want, I'm right here."

Brook shoved Jules back, causing her to tumble over the corner of her desk and fall on the floor.

"You bitch!!!" Jules screamed as she got back to her feet. "Now I'm gonna kick YOUR ass!!!!"

As Jules was getting up, Brook ran around the corner of the desk, grabbed Jules hair, snatching her to her feet and bringing a loud yelp from Jules. Brook threw her across the room onto the couch. Brook ran to the couch, grabbed Jules by her hair again and….. received a solid right hand to her unsuspecting gut.

Brook doubled over with a loud, "UUUMMPHHHH!"

Jules hit Brook with an uppercut that dropped her on her back with a bloody lip. Jules dove on top of Brook and began to rain slap after slap to her beautiful face, rocking her head from side to side. Brook finally reached up and grabbed Jules' hair and began tugging and yanking from side to side, trying to buck her off. Jules reached and locked her hands in Brook's hair and began jerking and pulling on hers as well.

Jules started banging Brooks head off the floor trying to force her to let go of her hair. As Brook yanked, she caused Jules to lose her balance and unseated her. They began rolling over and over across the floor as they yanked each other's hair bringing screams and cries from both women.

Eventually, Brook ended up on top and began slapping Jules' face causing it to become cherry red from the stinging slaps. As it happened, they were on the floor right next to her desk and Jules had enough sense to realize it. With her hands still wrapped in Brook's hair, Jules slammed her head on the desk a few times until Brook was dazed.

Jules rolled Brook off of her and both ladies slowly got to their feet, both a bit dazed from their heads pounding on the floor.

Jules exclaimed, "You fucking BITCH!!! I'm gonna rip your damn tits off!!!"

Brook responded, "I'll smother your scrawny ass with them before I'm finished!"

Brook sent a punch to Jules' face, knocking her back, she followed by another and another and another without reply until Jules' fell to the floor in a daze.

Brook stood over her, laughed and said, "I knew you were a wimp, I could always tell..."

Then Brook began to stomp Jules' stomach knocking the breath out of her not once, but three times. Jules was about out of it by the time Brook backed off to catch her breath and admire her handiwork for a few seconds. As she approached Jules again, Jules kick her in the legs, knocking the sexy model to the ground. Jules crawled over and grabbed for Brook's hair, but Brook moved at the last second and pulled away.

Jules ended up with a handful of Brook's T-shirt instead of her hair, but she ripped it open exposing Brook's perfect breasts.

Brook screamed, "You Bitch! Now you're mine!!!!!!!!"

She lunged at Jules... but Jules caught her and spun around, slamming Brook down on her back. Jules landed on top of her, knocking the breath out of Brook. Jules grabbed Brook's breasts and began squeezing. Brook let out a chilling scream and retaliated, grabbing Jules' breasts, pinching and squeezing with all her strength.

Brook snarled, "God, you don't have enough tits to grab, I hope these ant bites hurt you."

Jules, grimacing in pain, gasped, "That's…. OK. I've got a ….lot more…. to grab!"

Jules slammed a punch directly down onto Brook's breast, totally flattening it and forcing Brook to let out a wail of pain and release her grip on Jules' breasts. Jules straddled Brook and began pulling her off the floor by her breasts, bringing a nice scream from Brook.

Brook tried to pry Jules' hands from her chest and was having no luck so she decided to punch Jules' unprotected stomach instead and her punches knocked the breath out of Jules. Still, Brook's punches weren't causing Jules to let go of her breasts yet. Brook drove another punch to Jules' stomach, this time getting the result she was looking for. As Jules hands slipped off Brook's breasts, Brook sent a punch directly to Jules nose, knocking her to the floor along side her holding her nose as blood started to flow.

Brook pounced on Jules and began smothering her with her large breasts. The only thing that Brook could see of Jules' face was her eyes and the top of her nose. Brook grabbed the hair at the back of Jules' head and pulled her face into her chest to maintain the hold. Slowly, the fight was leaving Jules and she was beginning to weaken.

Jules was just about out of it when Brook eventually sat back, looked down at her and said, "Next time, don't fuck with me and try to steal something of mine. 'Cause if you do, I won't be this nice."

Jules just lay there moaning, covering her face with her hands as Brook got off of her, went into her closet and took out another blouse. Then she picked up her schedule and walked out.

As Brook was closing the door, she stopped, turned to Jules and said, "And if you'd like to argue about this again, you know where my office is. It's right down the hall, just come on down."

Spinning around on her heel, she strutted out of Jules office with her head high, leaving Jules crying and covering her face in shame.

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