Jules Asner vs. Brooke Burke by Blizzard

Jules Asner impatiently paced across the plush carpeted floor. She finally halted in front of the full length window of the high-rise office building and her eyes searched the bustling city street below.

"Where the hell is he?!" she snapped, her hands planted firmly on her hips.

Brooke Burke, her fellow E! network hostess, glanced up from her reclined position on the sofa, then returned to her magazine, ignoring the agitated brunette. The women had been summoned to a private meeting with one of the network's executives who was now 20 minutes tardy.

A healthy share of Jules' agitation was her impending fear concerning her future on the show 'Wild On E!'. Rumors had been running rampant among the staff lately - and they didn't bode well for Jules. Since ex-lingerie model Brooke had joined the cast, the busty brunette had taken the show, and it's fans, by storm.

Jules hated the way the other cast and crew members kissed up to Brooke who she considered as big-titted eye candy and nothing more. She couldn't stand the bitch! Jules also a co-hosted 'E! News Daily' but she lived for the 'Wild On' show which was basically a free ticket to exotic locations around the globe where she partied and lived it up with young, exciting people. Free booze and hot, horny guys - hey, what more could a girl ask for?!

Jules went to the executive's liquor cabinet and poured herself a straight-up glass of gin. She sipped the piney liquid and turned to face Brooke, the alcohol burning her nasal passages.

"Rumor has it you're taking over the 'Wild On E!' show. That's what this meeting's about, isn't it?" Jules fumed.

Brooke refused to acknowledge the brunette and continued perusing her magazine.

"There's been some talk," she answered calmly.

Jules swallowed a generous gulp of gin, her eyes watering, and stared intently at her rival.

"Well why don't you enlighten me, since the Big Man's late," she snarled.

Brooke sighed heavily, "Why don't you relax and wait for him."

The gin served as a catalyst to Jules' growing anger, "Maybe I need a pair of fake tits to get somewhere in this company."

Brooke flipped down her magazine and sat up on the sofa. Her dark eyes burned into the brash woman standing across the room.

"What the hell do you mean by that?!" she demanded.

Jules mocked her cold stare, "You know exactly what I mean."

Brooke sprang from the sofa, her temper flaring, "Look Jules, everyone here knows you can't handle your liquor. They've wasted a ton of footage that either had to be cut or re-shot because you were sloshed and screwed up your lines."

"That's bullshit!!!" screamed Jules, gulping down more gin. "I have more talent in my bra cups than you have in your entire augmented body! This is a fine example of what ass-kissing can accomplish!"

Brooke took several steps toward the brunette.

"Watch your mouth Jules - you are way over the line," she said, shaking a finger at the wench.

"What the fuck are you going to do about it, slap me with those saline tits?!" snapped Jules.

Brooke erupted and charged across the room at her taunting rival. Jules squared her feet and waited until she was near, then threw the remaining gin from her glass into the dark-haired woman's face, blinding her. Brooke halted, her hands pawing at her dripping face and burning eyes.

Jules reacted immediately, tossing the empty glass aside and clasping her hands. She stepped toward the defenseless Brooke and unleashed a double-fist smash that caught the brunette on the cheek with a sickening SMACK! Brooke spun around from the impact of the blow, stumbled across the carpet where she collapsed with an tormented groan.

"Ha! You pussy!" scoffed Jules as Brooke rolled onto her back, moaning as she held her face, blinked as she tried to clear her stinging eyes just as Jules plopped down on her chest, forcing a grunt from Brooke's spectacular red lips.

"I've been waiting for this, bitch!" hissed Jules as she grasped the front of Brooke's black ruffled mini-dress and lifted her head off the floor.

Brooke squinted up at her crazed foe, shrieking for the brief instant before Jules fist smashed into her chin, knocking her out cold. Just then there was a timid knock at the door. It swung open and Jules glanced up to see one of the young, network camerawomen standing in the doorway. She was clutching a hand-held video camera and she looked in shock at the scene before her.

"Ah....I was sent in to tell you the Exec is caught in traffic and...."

She stared at the flattened Brooke and at Jules straddling her unconscious form.

"... and, uh, he...said he'd be here......as soon as...possible..."

"Get that camera rolling, honey!" snapped Jules. "I want this ass-kicking captured on tape!"

The young woman fumbled with the camera and started filming the fiasco, her heart pounding. Jules grasped the button-down front of Brooke's mini-dress in both hands and looked up at the camera with an inquisitive look. The camerwoman caught her meaning and excitedly nodded her head at her, grinning broadly. The brunette tore open the front of her rival's dress, sending buttons bouncing across the carpet.

"Oh my!" gasped the young woman, zooming in on Brooke's stupendous breasts which were encased in a black lace bra.

Jules stood at her rival's head, yanking and twisting on the dress until it came off over Brooke's head, her limp arms flopping to the carpet outstretched. The camerawoman panned the unconscious brunette's spectacular body, breathing heavily. From her taupe panty-hosed legs, the girl slowly panned upward, across her skimpy black thong, her tanned, taut belly to her mountainous breasts. She was a vision to behold in her stripped state and the young woman squeezed her thighs together as she realized her panties were getting damp.

Jules couldn't contain her glee, smugly grinning down at Brooke. She approached the camera with confidence, curling her arm and flexing her bicep.

"I am going to humiliate this plastic bitch." she announced to the cameragirl. "And I want you, you lucky little doll, to capture all of it on tape. Brooke's tenure with this network is coming to a screeching halt - I'll make sure of that."

Her proud smile quickly dissipated as she noticed the camerawoman's eyes dart to something behind her with a startled look.

"Shit!!!" Jules cursed as she whirled around - just as a revived Brooke unleashed a powerful punch to the slim brunette's gut.

"Uuunngghhhhhh!!!" groaned Jules, her hips jutting back toward the camerawoman as she folded forward over Brooke's fist in agony.

"That's funny, Jules," hissed Brooke. "'Cause I have the same thing in mind for you."

Brooke straightened up the groaning brunette and spun her around to face the camera. Taking a few steps back, Brooke lunged at her foe like a sprinter exploding out of the starting blocks, her pantyhose clad feet getting a grip on the plush carpet. With her right arm extended, Brooke drove through the helpless Jules, catching her across her chest with a brutal clothesline.

Jules let out a sharp yelp as she was taken off her feet instantly, her legs flying up as she went horizontal in the air. Her momentum defied gravity briefly, but then she crashed to the carpet; the back of her head bouncing before finally coming to rest.

The devastated brunette lay spread-eagled on the carpet, knocked cold. The camerawoman focused intently upon the still form, her crotch buzzing. Brooke glanced at her rival with disgust, then went to the desk. She picked up a pair of scissors and returned to Jules, kneeling beside her.

"From the looks of my mini-dress," she snarled. "You've ruined it, you bitch. Let's see how you like it."

Brooke lifted the hem of Jules' pale yellow, knee length skirt and began snipping. Once through the hem, the shears sliced easily up the front of the skirt. Brooke gnawed at the waistband until it too was cut, then laid the two halves of the severed garment open to expose Jules' body.

"You little slut," gasped Brooke. "You aren't wearing panties!"

Brooke snapping at the waist of Jules' white, lace-pattern pantyhose playfully.

"Mmmmm....," moaned the camerawoman as she zoomed in on the brunette's trimmed, dark bush, easily visible through her pantyhose.

Brooke completed the unveiling by tearing open her foe's white blouse and yanking her up into a seated position as she pulled it down her arms and off. Finally, Brooke unsnapped Jules' bra, pulled it off and dropped it on the carpet. She stood up over Jules still form and posed her for the camerawoman with her hands behind her head and her back arched.

"No wonder you're jealous of my tits," chuckled Brooke, reaching down to slap Jules' bare breasts.

The unconscious brunette had a respectable set, but they paled in comparison with Brooke's awesome pair.

"You having fun, sweetie?!" Brooke teased the camerawoman, catching sight of the girl's hand as she tended to the itch in her crotch.

"Oh, you know I am, Ms. Burke!" she gushed, her camera trembling in her shaking hand.

The tanned beauty strode to the liquor cabinet and picked up the open bottle of gin.

"Good! Keep the camera runnin' babe. I'm not finished with this pathetic wimp yet."

She returned to Jules and slowly dribbled some of the liquor onto the brunette's face. The flattened girl suddenly sputtered and came to, sitting up as she wiped at her face groggily. Brooke put the bottle on the desk, giving Jules time to struggle to her feet. Jules looked down at her half naked body and flushed with embarrassment as she turned her back to the camerawoman, her arms covering her tits.

"Stop taping!" Jules pleaded, looking back over her shoulder angrily.

Then Jules cried out and fell backward as Brooke gave her a healthy shove.

"Aww..C'mon you lush, we're all ladies here. Take your punishment like a big girl!" she teased.

Jules shrieked and both women slammed together on their feet in a limb-tangling, hair-pulling frenzy. The camerawoman's nipples hardened, nearly poking through her tight T-shirt as her lens followed the fracas expertly.

Jules screeched as she was suddenly yanked to the side, momentarily losing her balance. Brooke deftly slipped behind her and snaked her arms underneath Jules', trapping her in a nelson. As Jules' futilely struggled with her arms waving in the air above her head, Brooke began ramming her knee into the brunette's pantyhose encased ass. Jules' squeaked as her ass was hammered repeatedly, lifting her off her feet with each thrust of Brooke's knee.

"This can be the pilot for my first show as the new hostess," said Brooke cattily. "I'll Call it 'Wild On Jules'!"

The battered brunette's lips began to tremble and she stifled a sob. Brooke released the hold and yanked Jules' head back forcefully with a handful of hair. She ripped a kidney punch into Jules' back, paralyzing the girl and dropping her to her knees. With a devious grin, the busty brunette raked her long, red fingernails down Jules' back, digging deep and leaving angry red furrows in her pale flesh as Jules howled.

Brooke grabbed the bottle of gin and splashed some on the fresh scratches, sending Jules into a writhing, screaming fit of pain. The vicious woman continued to hold Jules hair as she placed her foot between the sobbing woman's shoulder blades. With a powerful shove with her well-toned leg, Brooke sent Jules facefirst to the carpet with a THUD!

The young camerawoman watching through the viewfinder of her camera gasped as she saw Jules' face mash into the carpet, bounce a few times and then lay still. The dominated brunette lay unmoving, only a weak moan spilling from her lips to indicate she was still alive.

"I tell ya, Jules, you are one tough bitch!" mocked Brooke as she picked up the woman's pearl white brassiere and knelt beside her.

Brooke pulled Jules' lifeless arms behind her back and bound her wrists behind her back using the bra. Then she took off her own panty hose and tied Jules arms together above her elbows with them.

"You ought to work on those nasty tan lines though, sweet cheeks," said Brooke as she slapped Jules' ass

Jules whimpered a nearly inaudible response, hovering on the verge of unconsciousness as she lay face down at her rival's feet. Brooke went back to the desk and found a fine point, black felt-tipped felt pen from a carved wooden holder. She returned and knelt beside Jules' fanny, then looked up at the tingling camerawoman.

"You'll want to get a close-up of this," she ordered her with an evil smirk.

Brooke grabbed the top of Jules' pantyhose and carefully wriggled them down, exposing the whimpering woman's butt cheeks. She uncapped the pen and began scrawling something across Jules' lily white ass which obviously showed the style of bikini bottom she'd worn that summer.

'To My Biggest Fan, Love, Brooke XO' she wrote.

The camerawoman giggled and said, "You're awful! I love it!!!"

Brooke returned the young woman's smile and gently rolled Jules over onto her back.

"You awake, cupcake?!" she teased, slapping Jules' cheeks.

Jules looked up at her with pleading eyes, sniffling. Brooke whacked her across the face with a backhand slap, forcing a short yelp from Jules before her head lolled back in a daze. Brooke slowly peeled Jules pantyhose down her thighs, stood up and tugging at them until they slipped off her feet. The camerawoman panned the trashed brunette's naked body while Brooke retrieved the bottle of gin. As Brooke's back was turned, the camerawoman pressed her hand between her legs and gave her wet crotch a few quick strokes, moaning quietly.

"I'm thinking Candy Pants could use another drink right about now," said Brooke, sitting at Jules' head.

She lifted the moaning brunette's head off the floor and laid it in her lap, gently brushing Jules' hair back off her face. The nasty wildcat then rolled up Jules pantyhose with the legs tucked in so the crotch panel was the only part visible.

"Please, Brooke. I'm sorry! No more, I'm begging you. You can have the show!" sniveled Jules.

"Oh, I already have the show, Jules. You shouldn't have fucked with me."

"Open wide, sweetie!" Brooke cooed as she pulled the fragrant crotch of Jules pantyhose through her gripped fingers, forming a crude funnel. She poured some gin from the bottle into the open end, filtering it through the crotch panel of Jules own hose into Jules' mouth. Jules gagged and struggled to swallow as the liquor as it seeped into her mouth.

"Drink it all, bitch.......Or else!!!" snarled Brooke, fire in her eyes.

The battered, frightened brunette looked up in wide-eyed terror, and frantically guzzled down the gin as it was poured through her pantyhose. She coughed, spitting out some of it, and Brooke paused. Once Jules stopped gagging, Brooke began pouring again.

"Yummy!" teased Brooke as Jules eyes watered and her face flushed, taking in an excessive amount of alcohol. Brooke paused again and tipped the bottle to her own lips, taking a shot.

"Sociable!" she yelled, smiling at her saturated foe.

Jules head began to spin a bit, having consumed far too much gin in too short a time. Her throat and stomach were on fire and she hiccuped loudly.

"Oops, I think I'm going to have to cut you off, you lush!" announced Brooke as she dropped Jules' head to the carpet and stood over her.

Brooke looked down at her devastated, defenseless rival, then straddled her on her knees.

"It's time to put you out of your misery, creampuff." she said.

The supine brunette sputtered and babbled, pleading for mercy from her savage rival. Brooke popped open the front clasp on her bra and her heavy breasts spilled free, hanging ominously just above Jules' messy face.

"Tell me how beautiful my tits are," ordered Brooke, squeezing them and brushing them slowly back and forth across Jules' red, flushed face.

Jules' body shook as she sobbed, helplessly trapped beneath Brooke, her hands bound securely beneath her. The fully aroused camerawoman worked her sopping pussy through her jeans to zoom in on the two cats. Well, one cat and one kitty.

"Your tits are beautiful!" whimpered Jules, awash in shame.

Brooke smiled with satisfaction as she slowly lowered her heavy breasts, engulfing her sniveling rival's face with them. Jules mumbled protests fell on deaf ears as Brooke squashed her tits together with her hands covering the brunette's face with them. The pinned, smothering Jules kicked her legs feebly, her breathing passages sealed with Brooke's magnificent bosom.

The camera zoomed in for a moment on Brooke's firm, perfectly tanned ass encased in taupe pantyhose, her tiny thong disappearing between it's crevice. Beneath it was Jules' dark thatched pussy, her slit framed by puffy, pink lips. It yawned open briefly when she kicked, planting her feet on the carpet in a wide stance as she vainly thrust her hips upward, too weak to dislodge her determined foe.

"Nmmmoooooo.......," came a smothered whimper from beneath Brooke's cleavage.

Jules muffled a few barely audible plea's, then her feet slowly splayed out until her legs lay on the carpet, stretched wide. The flesh of her thighs quivered briefly before her legs relaxed and lay limp. The young woman taping the destruction moaned loudly as she massaged herself to a delicious climax. Her heavy breathing making it nearly impossible for her to steady the camera as she panned the two combatants.

Brooke rose up and sat back on Jules' hips, sighing in blissful victory. She picked up the brunette's hose and tucked the gin-soaked crotch into Jules' open mouth.

"There you are, drinking on the job again!" she giggled.

Then Brooke turned to glance at the flushed camerawoman.

"And don't think I didn't hear you, you nasty little girl!" she quipped. "One word from you about this and everyone in the company will know how you got off."

Before the blushing girl could answer, the door burst open, startling both women.

"Brooke!!! What on earth?!" gasped the network executive as he took in the sight. He quickly closed the door behind him and locked it.

"Ummm, Jules started the fight. Brooke was just defending herself!" said the camerawoman quickly with a trace of nervousness.

"Hmmmnn...yeah," he responded, walking over to the bound, naked, and destroyed Jules.

"It looks like you two have reached an understanding concerning 'Wild On'?"

Brooke swiftly slipped into her bra and her tattered mini-dress, clutching the button-less front of her dress shut with one hand.

"Yes," she mused with a wry smile. "I think Jules understands her situation perfectly now."

"Excellent, Brooke. I'll clean up this mess and well.....smooth things out with Sleeping Beauty," he said with a wink, gazing at the rumpled, drenched white pantyhose protruding from Jules' mouth.

As Brooke and the camerawoman walked toward the door, he called after them, "Oh, and have a good shoot in Maui! Don't forget to pick up a huge bundle of fan mail at the front desk. The receptionist will be thrilled to clear some space on her desk. I'll give Jules the four fan letters addressed to her once we've finished our 'meeting'."

"Thanks," answered Brooke, her pearly whites flashing in brilliant contrast with her tanned skin.

As she and the young woman headed out the door, the executive called out to the camerawoman. She went back into the office but Brooke continued on down the hall, swinging her hips and wearing a broad grin.

"The tape," he said, snapping his fingers. "I'll have to confiscate that. We might need it in case of a lawsuit. You understand."

The camerawoman ejected the video tape and handed it to him. She smiled sheepishly as she left the office.

"It'll be a nice addition to my collection," the executive said in a low voice.

He locked the tape in his desk drawer, then looked down at Jules and sighed heavily.

"Looks like you got your cute little ass kicked, Jules girl," he said shaking his head in pity. "Thank goodness for attorney's. I may have to have to give you your own show as a result of this. Lord knows I'll have to come up with something to keep you quiet."

Several members of the office staff stared in surprise at Brooke as she strolled down the hall toward the reception area, holding the front of her ruined dress closed. As she turned the corner, she saw Aisha Tyler, the new hostess of 'Talk Soup' coming her way. Aisha and Jules were close friends and the tall, gorgeous Black woman gazed with suspicion at Brooke's disheveled appearance as they passed for Jules had told Aisha about her concern about the meeting with the exec and Brooke.

"How'd the meeting with Jules go?" Aisha asked Brooke icily.

The brunette glanced over her shoulder and continued walking away.

"Very successfully, thank you very much for giving a damn!" Brooke snapped over her shoulder.

Aisha glared at Brooke's ass as her mini-dress danced back and forth on her hips, her heels clicking on the tile as she walked.

"I'll talk to you later, bitch," muttered Aisha.

Aisha felt her blood begin to boil as she turned and continued down the hall to look for her friend Jules.

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