Brooke Burke vs. Aisha Tyler By Blizzard

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Brooke Burke wheeled her car into the driveway of her home and parked.

"Oh shit, not now, Mrs. Spencer!" she lamented as she saw her elderly neighbor slowly descending the steps from Brooke's front door. The busty brunette stepped from her car and clasped her button-less dress together, covering her breasts. Her buttons lay scattered on the floor of an E! Executive's office, thanks to her arch rival Jules Asner. Appropriately, Jules was also stretched out on the same floor, after a brutal catfight in which Brooke had demolished her 5'10" co-worker. Brooke hurriedly approached her sweet, thoughtful neighbor, managing a smile.

"How are you today, Mrs. Spencer?" she greeted. "Did you bring Garth and I a surprise?!"

Her neighbor, still wearing her kerchief and apron, smiled warmly and answered, "I will in a moment, dear. I baked you two lovebirds a batch of my snickerdoodle cookies! I wasn't sure if you were home, but now you are, I'll go get them."

"I hate to be rude," said Brooke. "But I'm in a real hurry today. I have to jump in the shower and then hustle off to Hawaii for a show. If you like, just leave them in the kitchen - I won't lock the door. Thank you so much!"

"Oh my!" exclaimed the old woman. "You certainly lead an exciting life, my dear! Well I won't keep you then. I haven't seen your handsome husband-to-be lately, where's he gone?!"

Brooke smiled as she started up the steps to her home.

"Garth has been attending a three day plastic surgeon seminar in La Jolla - he'll be back tonight. I'm certain he'll just love the cookies!"

The two women bid farewell and Brooke went inside. She quickly scaled the carpeted stairs to the bedroom she shared with her fiancé. She needed a shower badly - that bitch Jules had thrown gin in her face and she felt sticky and dirty, not to mention a little sore from their battle. A hot shower was going to feel heavenly.

The 5'8" tan beauty pulled her mini-dress off over her head and studied her reflection in the full length wall mirror. She unhooked her black bra and her grapefruit-sized breasts spilled out, the dark aureole's capped with eraser-sized nipples. She lightly ran her fingers over her breasts and across her taut belly, grinning as she admired her body.

"I put a major hurt on you today, Jules baby!" she laughed as she flexed her biceps, humored by the exhilaration of dealing a solid ass-kicking to the snotty brunette. The exotic hard body spun on her heel and headed toward bathroom, slipping out of her sweaty black thong panty and dropping it on the floor.

"I have a feeling I may have to deal with that big bitch Aisha one of these days," she muttered aloud as she started the water in the oversized shower. She adjusted the temperature and stepped inside, sliding the glass door closed behind her. The warm water pulsed on her fatigued body instantly relaxing her. "And I'll thump that Amazon if she ever tries anything."

Aisha Tyler was indeed pissed. Furious was actually a better description of her mood as she roared down the street toward Brooke's house. The 6' black hostess of E!'s 'Talk Soup' had overheard a conversation between the fortunate camerawoman who taped the battle between Brooke and Jules and a production assistant. She heard a complete description of the altercation, detailing the humiliating beating Brooke had inflicted on her close friend Jules Asner. Aisha had immediately bolted for her car, with revenge in mind.

The comedienne parked her car down the street from Brooke's home and approached the house on foot. She passed Brooke's car and looked around quickly as she climbed the steps to the door. Carefully turning the front door handle, she sighed in relief as it opened. She crept inside and paused, listening intently. A devious grin creased her face as she heard the shower upstairs. She swiftly tip-toed up the stairs and peered into Brooke and Garth's bedroom. The ebony goddess tiptoed across the floor toward the bathroom, scowling at Brooke's open suitcase on the bed, displaying the various outfits the 'Wild On E!' hostess had packed for her next assignment.

Steam from the shower wafted through the bathroom as Aisha hugged the wall and moved into a position against a towel rack next to the shower door. Momentarily, the water was turned off, and a refreshed Brooke slid the shower door open. Aisha stood poised and ready as Brooke's foot emerged from the shower and touched down on the bath mat. Her hand snaked around the corner, pawing for the towel hanging on the rack at Aisha's back.

Just as the black woman grabbed for her wrist, Brooke shrieked, noticing Aisha's muddled reflection in the fogged mirror on the opposite wall. The dripping brunette was yanked out of the shower and whipped toward the door to the bedroom. She collided with the door with a yelp, slamming it shut as her body rammed against it.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?!!!" screamed Brooke in startled fear.

Aisha said nothing as she pivoted on her back leg and delivered a malicious back kick toward her rival's face. Brooke barely dodged the blow at the last second and countered swiftly. As the black girl's sandaled foot smashed into the wooden door, Brooke dropped to one knee and drove her fist up into Aisha's unprotected crotch. The big Amazon howled in agony as she collapsed to the floor with intense pain pulsing through her pussy. Brooke lunged at her downed foe, her wet feet slipping on the floor and causing her to fall atop Aisha. The black girl groaned as the wind was knocked from her but she instinctively clutched at the slippery brunette atop of her.

Brooke frantically fumbled for a hand hold as she pinned the stunned Aisha, finally grabbing her by her ebony mane and yanking her head from side to side. Aisha squealed in pain as her temper boiled. She managed to worm her arm from under her dripping opponent and press the heel of her hand up under Brooke's chin. Her fingers clawed at the brunette's full lips as she applied leverage and slowly forced Brooke's head back. The pressure on Brooke's neck became intense as the black woman continued to shove her head back in hopes of escaping from her vulnerable position on the floor. As Brooke's torso was lifted off Aisha's body, her big breasts jiggled as she strained against her powerful rival.

Brooke's eyes flashed panic as she saw Aisha cock her free arm, her fist clenched. She instinctively chomped down on the slender, mocha colored fingers invading her mouth, drawing a scream from her foe. Aisha released her hold on Brooke's chin, pulling her bitten fingers from the woman's mouth. The naked brunette acted swiftly, delivering a barrage of punches at her rival. Aisha wisely covered up with her arms, deflecting the repeated but ineffectual blows. Brooke grunted with a hint of frustration as she peppered Aisha's arms with punches, hoping to find an opening.

The winded brunette paused for an instant, giving the statuesque black girl the opening she needed. Aisha drew her knees to her chest as she grabbed Brooke under the armpits and launched the surprised brunette forward over her head. Brooke's damp, dark pubic patch flashed past Aisha's face as she sailed over her, hitting the floor face first with a groan.

Aisha rolled over and scrambled to her feet, reaching Brooke just as she got to her hands and knees with her back to Aisha. The black woman grabbed a handful of Brooke's long, wet hair and yanked savagely. Brooke squealed as, from her knees, she clawed at her foe's hand in her hair.

"I'm going to make you pay for hurting Jules!" hissed Aisha, driving a fist down between Brooke's shoulder blades.

Brooke released an agonized grunt and whined, "She fucking started it!"

Aisha's fist cracked against the brunette's cheek with a sickening thud, sending the dazed Brooke crumpling to the floor on her side.

"And I'm going to finish it!" snarled Aisha as she snatched up the battered brunette by her hair, brought her to her knees and dragged her toward the door.

Brooke helplessly struggled against her tall foe until her head was rammed into the closed wooden door, rattling it's hinges. Aisha released her and Brooke collapsed face down on the floor, moaning and groggy.

"You think you're tough, bitch?!" teased Aisha, prodding her dazed rival with her toe. "Do you?!"

Brooke back looked over her shoulder at the black woman, a fearful look on her face. She glanced at Aisha's legs and suddenly snapped out with a kick that struck the woman's shin. Aisha cried out as she hopped backward grasping her injured leg. Brooke scrambled to her feet, pulled open the door and bolted into her bedroom with her rival at her heels. The brunette's head snapped back as the black girl again grabbed her hair from behind. Brooke squealed out as she twisted her head defensively, breaking free. She spun around facing Aisha and slowly backed away, cautiously eyeing her pursuer. Brooke's thick hair was beginning to dry, and it needed to be tended to. It was starting to look like a tangled rat's nest.

"Get out of my house right now, you crazy bitch!!!" Brooke screamed, taking a defensive stance. "I'm warning you, I kickbox on a regular basis!"

Aisha laughed contemptuously and clenched her fists as she brought them to her generous bosom which was encased in a orange tank top.

"Bring it on, pretty girl," Aisha challenged with a stone-faced stare.

The two combatants slowly circled, taunting and feinting. Brooke snapped her foot out at the black girl, but missed her. She set herself again but this time when her when foot sliced through the air toward Aisha's face, she deflected it with a flick of her forearm. Frustrated, the naked brunette took a short step forward and unleashed a looping right hand accompanied by a primal scream.

Aisha countered expertly, taking a quick sidestep and snapping a short jab that landed hard on Brooke's unprotected face. She yelped as the blow smacked her chin, staggering back a few steps. Before she could get her hands up, the Amazonian black woman ripped another quick jab into her face and buckling her knees.

"I'm waiting, baby," hissed Aisha as she rattled Brooke's face with two short, sharp jabs, each snapping the grunting brunette's head back and making her impressive tits bounce on her bare chest. Brooke was driven back across the room, absorbing punch after punch until she wavered on rubbery legs with her hands at her sides. She whimpered pathetically as she gazed at her rival through hazy eyes.

Aisha cackled as she studied the faltering foe, now at her mercy. She eyed Brooke's dark-thatched pussy and snapped her shoe up between the girl's thighs, striking meat with a sadistic force. Brooke cried in agony and lurched forward, her hands between her clenched thighs as she slowly dropped to her knees on the floor.

"Candy Ass!" spat the black woman while Brooke groaned and massaged her damaged womanhood with her chin down on her heaving chest.

Then the suffering brunette shrieked as she was hair-hauled to her feet. Aisha dipped her knees, bent forward and grasping Brooke's wrist in one hand, clutched her throbbing, naked pussy in the other and heaved her up onto her shoulder. With an impressive display of strength, Aisha straightened up with her helpless foe draped over her and then immediately body slammed her back down on the unforgiving floor. Brooke cried out as her back smashed into the floor, her legs going slack and splaying outward. She softly moaned, laying at Aisha's feet defenseless and barely semi-conscious.

"I eat you cheesecake cunts for afternoon snacks!" snarled Aisha as she smiled down at the beaten brunette.

The vicious black girl grabbed Brooke by her disheveled hair and pulled her to her feet, holding the unsteady woman in front of her facing the full length wall mirror.

"Look at yourself, bitch!" she hissed as she yanked Brooke's head up by the hair, forcing the humiliated woman to look at herself in the mirror. "Big bad kickboxing slut!"

Tears welled in Brooke's eyes as a helpless shame overcame her. She thought she could handle the tall black woman, but she knew her faith in her ability had been sadly mistaken.

"Please!!!" she whimpered, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry about Jules.....I'll make it up to her, just let me go!"

She looked at Aisha's reflection in the mirror and batted her eyes submissively. "Please?!" she sniffled.

Aisha continued to hold her by her hair, reaching over her shoulder to playfully slap her face several times.

"You've turned into a real pussy cat!" she teased.

She slapped Brooke's exposed tits, embarrassing the sobbing woman further, then she really asserted her dominance as she reared back and unleashed a series of stinging slaps to Brooke's firm ass, making the brunette yelp in response.

"Spread your legs, bitch!" snapped Aisha dominantly as she yanked Brooke's head back with a pull on her hair.

"Stop!!!......" begged the brunette pitifully as the ebony tormentor forced her knee between her legs and spread them apart, then slammed her knee up into Brooke's cunt, numbing her pubic bone and sending a wave of nauseating pain through her body as she was lifted up on her tip-toes.

"Uunnnngghhhh!" groaned Brooke as her body shuddered and went limp in Aisha's grasp, her hands clutching at her bruised pussy.

Aisha leaned forward and grabbed her tormented rival under the chin and between the legs. When she stood up, she draped Brooke's body across her shoulders in a backbreaker. Aisha bounced on the balls of her feet, applying excruciating pressure to the brunette's back. Brooke wailed as she was trapped in a defenseless position, crying out in pain when Aisha's strong fingers began to claw at her cunt.

Brooke lay staring up at her own ceiling, her arms spread out, her entire body quivering as paralyzing pain overcame her, her shrieking protests eventually fading to weak whimpers as her limbs went slack. Aisha continued to torture her cunt until she no longer heard Brooke respond to her torment. Aisha looked at their reflections in the mirror and saw that Brooke was only barely conscious, hearing only faint whimpers from the thoroughly dominated brunette.

The powerful black girl unceremoniously dropped Brooke off the back of her shoulders, hearing her hit the floor with a defeated groan and a heavy THUD! Aisha turned to face the prostrate woman and used her foot under Brooke's shoulder to roll her over onto her back.

"Well, well....," Aisha purred confidently as she started unbuttoning her black shorts. "Looks like our little Brooksie baby is just about finished."

She stepped out of her shorts and skinned the pink satin thong down her long, muscular legs. She stood with her legs straddling her flattened, semi-conscious rival with her hands on her wide hips, her thick, dark thighs framing a thick, curly, ebony bush.

"You in the mood for a snack, creampuff?" she giggled. "You look like you could use some nourishment."

Aisha reverse straddled Brooke and sank to her knees, planting her delicious booty firmly on the brunette's face. Then she reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks apart, wiggling her hips as she slowly pressed herself down until she felt Brooke's nose touching her dark asshole.

"Here's a heapin' helpin' of the finest black ass you'll ever taste!"

Brooke's body trembled as she felt Aisha's weight descend on her; Aisha's muskiness flooding her senses, partially reviving her. Brooke panicked, unable to breathe; she squirmed fruitlessly, her feet kicking helplessly in the air as her pleas were muffled beneath the black girl's tremendous ass.

"Nnnmmooo!........Pweeaassssse!" Brooke gurgled.

"Yeah, baby!" shouted Aisha with a grin. "Taste that Phat booty!"

Brooke's hands slapped the floor, her shoulders pinned by Aisha's legs. She mumbled and gasped for air as the ebony babe ground her ass on her face with authority. As Brooke's lips mouthed her squashed pleas, they vibrated against Aisha's engorged pussy lips, exciting the Amazon even further. Aisha squeezed the brunette's breasts rhythmically as she began to scrub her aroused cunt across Brooke's mouth and chin, coating her quivering lips with heavy doses of scented fluids. Brooke alternated between gagging and yelping as she was force-fed her rival's juices while her breasts were tortured.

Aisha was beginning to quiver as her arousal escalated, her pussy soaked and pulsating as she rode Brooke's face hard, her heavy, rapid breathing increasing with her thrusting pace. She gazed down at Brooke's cunt and smiled as she gave it a quick slap. The smothered brunette was fast faltering, her once kicking legs now weakly brushing the floor from side to side, her hands lay on the floor at her sides flat and unmoving.

"I'm surprised a Slutkini bitch like you isn't bald down there!" groaned Aisha as she plucked at Brooke's pubic patch, the sharp tug briefly renewing Brooke's frantic flailing. "I'll have to fix that."

Aisha immersed herself in the erotic sensations bombarding her pussy, her moans increasing in intensity with the rapidity of her grinding. She began to cry out just as Brooke went limp and silent, having passed out. With a furious pace, Aisha rubbed her sopping pussy on Brooke's unconscious lips, then screaming as she climaxed, her big body tensing as it pulsed with blissful electricity.

Aisha sat on Brooke and savored the orgasm for several moments; not until the pulsating sensations in her sensitive clit slowed did she at last rise from Brooke's face. Then she slipped her own finger into her steaming hole, coating it with her odorous sex residue. Aisha slid backward on her knees, reached down and squeezed Brooke's cheeks, forcing the unconscious brunette's lips open. She inserted her wet finger in the unconscious woman's mouth, wiping her thick cream over Brooke's tongue.

"Now that's finger lickin' good, bitch." she sighed. "Somethin' to think about when you wake up."

The radiant black beauty slowly got to her feet and took a deep breath. Her cunt was still buzzing with excitement. She glanced over at the dresser, seeing a picture of Brooke and Garth displayed upon it.

"It's a shame your man wasn't here to witness this," she sighed sadly. "I bet he'd have gotten off on it."

Heaving a sigh, Aisha bent down, grabbed Brooke by the ankles and grunted as she dragged the limp brunette's body back into the bathroom where they had started.

"Let's finish getting you ready for your trip," Aisha quipped. "You certainly can't go out looking like this."

She left Brooke stretched out on her back on the bathroom floor as she rummaged through the cabinet over the sink. She pulled out a tube of deep red lipstick and a dark blue eyeliner pencil.

"Don't you fret, Brookie baby, Ms. Aisha will be your make-up consultant today."

She sat straddling the brunette's chest as she uncapped the lipstick and messily smeared it all around Brooke's lips, even applying some to her pearly white teeth. Then Aisha used Brooke's eyeliner pencil to darken the area under Brooke's eyes. The overall effect gave her a rather ghastly appearance.

"If I didn't know better," she said grinning. "I'd say you look like a woman what got her pretty pink ass kicked!"

Aisha coated her own lips with Brooke's red lipstick and smacked them together. Then she leaned down and applied a hard kiss to each of Brooke's erect nipples, leaving the outline of full womanly lips encircling each of them.

"There's MY autograph, bitch!" she snarled.

Standing up again, Aisha mused as she returned to the medicine cabinet, "Let's see, what other goodies do we have in here?!"

"A-Ha!" she said, noticing a razor and shaving cream that probably belonging to Garth.

She grabbed the items, kicked Brooke's legs apart and knelt between them, leaning over the spread-eagled brunette.

"If you're going to be wearing your itsy-bitsy slutkini, your lawn needs a mowing."

Aisha squirted a generous dollop of shaving cream onto Brooke's dark bush and then roughly worked it into a thick lather before she carefully shaved Brooke clean as a baby's bottom with the razor. Satisfied with Brooke's new look, Aisha went back to the bedroom and got Brooke's dirty black thong, the one she'd discarded before her shower. Returning to the bathroom, she used it to wipe the excess shaving cream from Brooke's hairless snatch, dipped it in the toilet bowl, rinsed it and then rubbed it back and forth across her own sticky, fragrant slit. Then she tucked it in Brooke's mouth and twisted it around her head just as the brunette began to revive. Brooke's eyelids fluttered open and she gagged on the thong stuffed in her mouth.

"Hey," protested Aisha at Brooke's reaction. "I thought you liked the taste of my hot box!" she teased. "Lil' too ripe fur ya?!"

Aisha grabbed a handful of Brooke's hair and yanked her to her knees. She flipped up the toilet lid and bent Brooke's head over the porcelain rim. Brooke's begging was unintelligible what with the thong securely crammed into her mouth but Aisha stood behind her, one hand pressing Brooke's head against the toilet. Brooke wailed in a garbled tone as Aisha snapped several kicks into her pussy from behind. Each kick jerked her hips upward, making it easier for the brutal black girl to force her head farther into the toilet bowl. Finally, Brooke's thick mane of dark hair and her face were both in the water.

"Looks like you should clean your bowl more often, skank!" snapped Aisha as she flushed the toilet.

Brooke sputtered as she spit out her thong, gasping for breath as the toilet water swirled in the bowl. Her hair twisted itself around and around as the toilet attempted to drain, finally stopping when it was clogged by her submerged thong.

Aisha pulled Brooke's head out of the water and rested her chin on the rim while Brooke choked and sputtered. The black babe grabbed the raised toilet seat and viciously slammed it down on Brooke's head repeatedly, delivering harsh blows to her temple. Brooke's yelps eventually ceased as she once more slipped into unconsciousness, her body resting on her knees with her head laying on the toilet bowl and her knees splayed out. Her soaked, swirled hair floated on the slowly circling water.

Aisha left her destroyed rival there while she searched the cabinet under the sink, pulling out a full gallon container of bleach.

"I'll kill two birds with one stone." she said, uncapping the bleach. "I'll clean your toilet bowl AND give you a new hairdo!"

She emptied half the bleach into the toilet, pouring it over Brooke's prized hair as she did.

"A blonde Brooke Burke - or maybe a frizzy redhead! Either way, it'll be priceless," she laughed.

The smug Negress walked back to the bedroom with the remaining bleach, leaving Brooke on her knees. She stopped at Brooke's open suitcase, full of her clothing. She grinned wickedly as she poured the remaining bleach over the contents of the suitcase, ruining Brooke's clothes. She tossed the empty bleach container onto the bed and then got dressed.

As her final act, Aisha took a bra from Brooke's lingerie drawer and returned to the devastated brunette. She wrapped Brooke's arms around the commode and tied them together securely there with the bra behind the bowl.

"That concludes stylist Aisha's make-over for you, cupcake," Aisha said, giving Brooke's raised ass a couple of wickedly hard smacks that turned her rotund cheeks a bright pink.

"OOPS, one more thing," she muttered. Aisha grabbed the eyeliner pencil and scrawled, 'DON'T FORGET TO RINSE!' across the upright toilet seat lid.

Then the satisfied black woman left Brooke to figure her way out of her dilemma. As Aisha descended the stairway, she heard the front door open and an elderly female voice call out, "Helloooo!"

Aisha approached Mrs. Spencer, who was clutching a plastic bag of cookies in her hand.

"Well, hi there, dearie," greeted the old lady. "I brought that batch of cookies I promised Brooke and her fiancé."

Aisha smiled at her and said, "Well thank you. Brooke's busy doing her hair at the moment. I'll see she gets these."

Mrs. Spencer handed Aisha the cookies and said, "Here you are, dearie. And please, try one yourself!"

As the elderly woman shuffled out the door, Aisha opened the bag and pulled out a cookie.

"Thanks again!" she said politely, waving with the cookie in her hand.

Then Aisha headed back upstairs to the bathroom.

"Mmmmm!" she muttered approvingly as she munched on a cookie.

Aisha knelt beside Brooke and forced her mouth open with a squeeze of her hand. She carefully inserted a cookie partially into the brunette's mouth and left it there.

"Here, try one of these when you come to, bitch. They're scrumptious! Just the thing after a big helping of ass and pussy. In fact, I think I'll take them with me. I can share them with Jules later when we get together to talk about the days events."

She kicked Brooke in the ass, but received no response.

"That was for Jules, creampuff!" she snarled.

As Aisha turned to leave, she snapped her fingers as if she'd just remembered something. She called out over her shoulder to Brooke, "You'd better hurry, Brooksie baby or you'll miss your flight!" Then she burst out laughing.