Battle Cats: Leopard's Honors by Snowball

Frequently actresses will vie to wear the clothes of a particular designer who will make only one dress in a certain style or color. The most beautiful women in the world each try to get the designer to give her their best and some of them will do "anything" to get it. When someone arrives in a dress that is too much like another’s there is a battle to determine which woman will stay. One fashion look every well-endowed star likes to show off is a leopard print bikini. The competition to wear this style is fierce and a woman pictured in one announces her belief that she stands above her competition in beauty, style and sex appeal. The woman who wears a leopard print to accentuate her breasts condemns any woman who challenges her to suffer the humiliation of being stripped and beaten!

In the past, numerous beauties have displayed themselves in leopard print tops they "acquired" in their career, including such legendary beauties a Rita Hayworth, Susan Hayward, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Jane Mansfield, Angie Dickinson, Diana Rigg, Pam Grier, Bettie Page and Victoria Principal. Dancers have also been successful gathering trophies; including Mitzi Gaynor, Cyd Charisse, Lola Falana and Ann-Margret! These women remember with glowing pride the feeling of dominance as they crushed their rival and took their winnings to the screams of their victim whose spirit had been destroyed like their bodies! The fond memories of muffled cries and an opponents hot breath against her smothering breasts, pussy or ass caused a tingle in their loins and made their nipples hard. Anyone watching as they displayed the fruits of their victory could see the joy the memories brought simply by the pointed protuberances stretching their sweaters.

Today’s singers and actresses continue that grand tradition and in recent years there have been a series of battles to determine which woman has the right to wear the classic pattern across her bosom. Some of these epic battles were prolonged and hard-fought, others brief but decisive. A couple of the fights were planned and formally challenged while others were impromptu; instigated by one or the other woman on the spur of the moment. Among the women who have engaged in these battles are Shannon Elizabeth, Gena Lee Nolan, Victoria Silvstedt, Cindy Margolis, Sofia Vergara, Yasmine Bleeth, Rebecca Romijn, Daisy Fuentes, Catherine Bell, Jolene Blaylock, Carmen Electra and Tyra Banks and chronicling their battles will be my labor of love!
Battle Cats #1: Cindy Margolis vs. Carmen Electra

Cindy Margolis had the most hit site on the web. She enjoyed the fame and going on the talk circuit to places like Howard Stern Show. She displayed sexy beautiful pictures of herself. As her fame and popularity grew she got bolder. She put up a gorgeous picture of herself in a tiny leopard print bikini. When news of the beauty of this photo became known her web hits went up significantly. This was due not only to the men wishing to see her succulent beauty, but also because of the celebrity women wanting to see her audacious challenge. Cindy received phone threats from many wannabe babes but she ignored those. However, if she was challenged on her travels she dealt with those, quickly and cruelly crushing every one!

But then one day she got a call from someone she DID know; a beauty who received almost as many Internet hits as Cindy; a babe well known for her ruthlessness as well as her sexiness.

Cindy answered the phone and heard, “Is this the cheap Internet whore who just got in way over her head?”

“Who the hell is this?” said Cindy.

“I’m the bitch who’s going to take your leopard skin and shut down your web-site!”

“Who the fuck do you think you are? I don’t have time to screw with a nobody big on making anonymous threats but tiny when it comes to backing them up!” snapped Cindy, messaging her breast with her free hand, feeling her nipple harden as she thought of trouncing some buxom bitch.

The voice sneered, “You dumb bimbo! You don’t even know who this is do you?”

“I don’t CARE who it is! Nobody is taking my leopard print! I warn you bitch, I don’t meet scummy riff-raff, so whoever you are, go earn yourself a reputation, THEN call me again,” Cindy sneered.

The voice on the phone calming responded, “You stupid, stupid bitch, I’m going to enjoy making you beg. This is Carmen and I have more REP than you can handle!” There was silence on the other end of the phone. Cindy felt pride that someone like Carmen Electra would challenge her. She also felt slightly intimidated since everyone knew Carmen was one tough bitch! Carmen continued, “You are in the deep water bitch, and when I puncture those floatation devices on the front of your chest you’re going to drown. You're a fucking NObody!” Cindy hissed. “I’m going to give you your wish though. I’m going to take my first celebrity leopard skin…even if the celebrity is only a skanky, second rate, B-movie never was!”

“Fuck you bitch! I’m really going to enjoy this!” Cindy muttered. “Where and when you skank?”

“I understand you’re scheduled on Howard’s show tomorrow,” said Carmen.

“Yeah, So what?” sassed Cindy.

“Bring your bikini to the green room. We’ll settle it there,” Carmen challenged. “The winner gets the bikini and the chance to show it off to Howard.”

“Howard and I will get a big laugh out of seeing you stripped and beaten on the floor. I may even take a picture of your sorry ass and put it on my web site as a warning to any bitch who thinks she can take me on,” boasted Cindy.

Cindy finished brushing her blonde hair then stood up. She let her plush robe slide off her shoulders. It puddled at her feet. She put her hands on her hips and stared at her reflection. Her breast stood out firmly. Her nipples stiffened as the cool air hastened their arousal. She took her leopard panties off the dressing table examining the strings and the knots. Cindy slowly slid into the bottoms carefully adjusting the strings over the top of her hips. She picked up her bra giving her chest a small shake. The breasts rolled with the shakes. Cindy put the bra on carefully lifting each breast in her hands and examining them lovingly as she placed each into its leopard print holster.

Cindy quickly put on her sweater and skirt, glanced once more into the mirror and took a deep breath, then murmured to her reflection, “I’m going to DESTROY that fucking bitch!”

Carmen went through a similar ritual, carefully examining each glorious globe. She'd just had a deep message from her beautiful sex slave Donna D’Errico during which her fabulous breasts had been gently kneaded to stimulate the blood flow to the sensitive tissue. Carmen was hot as a firecracker and she ordered D'Errico to get out then gently brushed her fingertips over her erect nipples.

'That bitch has never come against a cat who's truly earned the right to wear the print. I’ll maul her,' Carmen thought. 'When I'm done, that cunt will wish she'd been born a boy!'

Carmen arrived first at the studio where she arranged with Robyn for both of them to be locked in the green room after Cindy arrived. The two women agreed not to tell Howard what was happening and Robyn laughed and licked her lips hungrily when Carmen promised she'd, "…leave Cindy for you when I'm done with her." Cindy breezed into the studio a few minutes later, took one look at Carmen and froze. All the other people suddenly stopped talking and everyone fell still as Carmen and Cindy silently stared at the other, sizing her up. Each took a deep breath, subconsciously filling her lungs and expanding her chest though neither took her eyes off the other until Robyn broke the silence.

“That would be Electra-Margolis, party of two! Your room is ready ladies and I promise you will NOT be disturbed!” Robyn opened the door and Cindy strode into the green room jabbing Carmen in the breasts her elbow as she squeezed between the two women.

Carmen shrieked, “YOU BITCH!”

She lunged for Cindy but Robyn got in her way and whispered, “Wait 'til you get her inside.”

Carmen pushed past her and followed Cindy into the room, then heard the door close and the click of the lock. Cindy whirled around hearing the click and decided to take advantage of her little elbowing by taunting Carmen some more, hoping to get her so incensed she would lose control of her emotions. “I’m surprised you showed, you chicken shit little whore. Did you remember to bring your leopard skin, or is that too hard for your feeble brain?”

“I’ve got mine you cock-suckin' bitch. I hope you brought MY trophy or I'll have to make one out of your skin!” Carmen replied. Glaring at each other, each stepped back and shimmied out of her skirt. Then as if on cue, they both crossed her arms and pulled their sweater off over their heads. The garments were kicked into opposite corners and the time had come. The two women moved forward and got right in the other’s face; their nipples thrusting and threatening to pierce the sheer material that confined them. Carmen laughed, “I knew you’d need someone to show you how to fill out that outfit; though you really don’t have the equipment to do the job properly.” Then Carmen shoved Cindy with her firm breasts and smiled as Cindy had to take a half-step backward.

Cindy screamed, “I’m going to destroy you!” as she took a step forward and rammed into Carmen’s breasts.

“Fuck you!” yelled Carmen who then slapped Cindy!

Each reached for the other’s hair, filled her fists and pulled! Screaming at each other to let go, the two gorgeous women did an awkward, staggering dance about the room. Each time the four breasts brushed together, a jolt of electric excitement shot though their tensed bodies. In the course of the hair-pulling, Carmen backed into the only piece of furniture in the room, a large leather sofa with over-stuffed arms and as she fell backward over the arm onto the sofa, she pulled Cindy down on top of her. Cindy’s breasts rammed into Carmen’s and she let out a gasp as the air was driven from her lungs. But Cindy pressed her advantage, pinning Carmen with her chest while continuing to yank and jerk her hair.

Cindy growled, “Now I’m gonna crush you, cunt!” as her nipples dug into Carmen’s.

Carmen released Cindy’s hair and tried to roll Cindy off, screaming, “Get off me you COW.”

But Cindy lifted her left knee, then drove it down into Carmen’s cunt!

“UNNNGGGGGHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhhhh you biiiiiiiiiiiitch,” moaned Carmen as she squirmed under Cindy’s weight.

Finally, the stacked squirming women lost their balance and tumbled off the couch and hit the floor side by side. As they rolled, Carmen landed on Cindy, winding her, then as Cindy gasped for air, Carmen raised her hips and powered three quick, hard, knees into Cindy’s pubic mound. THUD! THUMP! WHUMP!

“AHHHHHH…FUCK!!!!!” moaned Cindy.

She threw Carmen off of her, then curled up in a ball clutching her wounded womanhood with both hands while Carmen staggered to her feet. Breathing heavily, Carmen adjusts her top before she strides over to Cindy, grabbing her by the hair and forcing Cindy to her feet, muttering, “I’ve got a lesson to teach you, bitch!”

Cindy’s hands shot up to Carmen’s hands trying to release the pressure on her scalp, but Carmen released one handful of hair and slammed her fist into Cindy's left boob, pounding it flat against her heaving chest. She followed with another and then a third!!

“Oh Goooood…NO!" groaned Cindy as she tried to turn away and cover up.

But Carmen still held her fast by the hair and as Cindy turned, Carmen nailed her with a forearm to the back, dropping the blonde to her knees. Carmen moved back in front of Cindy and drove two knees into Cindy’s right breast. Cindy was knocked to her back moaning. Carmen adjusts her breasts in her bra. She straddles Cindy kicking her lightly with the toe of her shoe to her breasts to make sure she had Cindy’s attention.

“My how the mighty have fallen!” Carmen smirked as she stomped Cindy’s breast, grinding her sole into the hard, erect nipple; crushing it between her shoe and Cindy's ribcage.

Cindy sobbed and clawed Carmen’s thigh, trying to get that foot off her boob. When the scratching made Carmen move her leg, in a move born out of desperation, Cindy’s own leg snapped upward, catching Carmen’s pussy with her foot.

Carmen gasped as she fell off to the side. Cindy was desperate to follow up on her lucky strike and she crawled over to Carmen and pounded alternating hammer fists down into Carmen’s breasts. Grunting with each blow, Cindy picked up the pace - heartened by the tortured whimpers from Carmen’s lips no matter how she tried to stifle them.

Then Cindy’s grunts turned into words, each followed by Carmen’s gasps:
I ----- (smack) ------ o-o-h
am ------ (smack) ------- augh
going ------(smack) -------- no
to ------ (pound) -------- you
bust ------ (pound) ------ fuck
those ------ (pound) ----- inggg
pitiful ----- (pound)----- bitch
Sacks ------ (pound) ----- you
Of -------- (pound)------ cock-
FAT ------- (pound)------ sucking
YOU -------- (pound) ----- FUCK-
ARE --------- (pound)------ ING
SOOO -------- (pound)------ BITCH!
OF!!!!!” (pound)(pound)(pound)

Cindy emphasized her last word by POUNDING Carmen’s breasts simultaneously with both fists three times in rapid succession. Carmen screeched “N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!” at the top of her lungs followed by quiet sobs of anguish. Cindy climbed on top of Carmen, her knees straddling Carmen’s waist, reached down between Carmen’s breasts and jerked on her top until the material ripped away from Carmen’s breasts.

Cindy boasted, “I’ll save THIS for later!”

She tossed the top on the pile with her sweater and skirt, then reached down and dug her claws into Carmen’s exposed breasts. Carmen’s back arched instantly and her hands shot to those of her tormentor. Cindy dropped her ass on Carmen’s stomach forcing her back down and twisted the flesh she squeezed in her hand. Carmen screamed. Her hands going alternatively between the sides of her head and the hands that were destroying her tits.

Cindy leaned forward adding her weight to the pressure on Carmen’s boobs and whispered, “Give up girl, your ass is MINE!” Carmen shook her head from side to side, so Cindy leaned down further and hissed, “I said give up girl, your…"

In a last desperate act Carmen reached up grabbing Cindy’s hair and pulled her head down, craning her neck up she bit Cindy’s nose. The sudden shock stopped Cindy’s taunting and she released Carmen’s tits and pushed on her shoulders attempting to get away. But Carmen held onto her hair and fastened her teeth like a bulldog. Cindy punched Carmen in the jaw. A second blow and Carmen’s bite loosened. The third one allowed Cindy to pull her face away, but she used such force that she fell over backward. She put her hands to her face and back into the corner. Carmen went the other way staggering to her feet. Both women leaned heavily into their respective corners. Cindy’s hands checked her nose. Her eyes watering from the pain. Carmen cradled a boob in each hand applying a gentle pressure to alleviate the aches. She examined her breast and was incensed by the red marks where Cindy’s nails had dug into the skin.

“Nobody does that to my boobs and get away with it, you whore!” Carmen hollered.

Cindy pushed herself away from the wall, “Bitch, I haven’t even started yet. Your boobs were second rate when we started…they'll be FIFTH RATE when I’m done!”

Carmen rose to full stature bringing her hands up with a breast in each, she lowered her head and gave each one a sucking kiss. Then she dropped her hands to her hips letting her tits fall bouncing on her chest. “On their worst day…these wonders are better'n yours; you self-important, egotistical, flabby-chested, slut.”

Cindy laughed and palming her boobs she shook them at Carmen saying simply, “Bring it on bitch,” confident in the fact she had already decimated the orbs.

“You talk big slut, but you seem overdressed for that challenge.”

“No problem bitch, I don’t really want to ruin this top. The boys real seem to like it. I’ll just put it over here with the rest of my things,” Cindy said tossing the bra on the pile with Carmen’s ripped one.

Cindy cupped her breasts raising them in challenge to Carmen dipping her head her tongue swirled around the base of each nipple. Imitating Carmen she dropped her hands to her hips letting the breasts bounce freely on her chest. The women approach each other meeting in the center of the room. Their chests thrust out, neither woman shirked as their breasts collided. Their arms wrapped around the others back and but buxom warriors squeezed. Distended nipples led the charge battering each other. Painfully pressuring each other. The women pulled each other closer, tighter, painfully closer.

Looking into each other’s eyes, they exchanged ominous threats with quiet voices. All the while they moved their breasts slightly rolling against one another. Each trying to find the key to inverting the other’s nipples, to intensifying the pain of her rival. Slowly Carmen started pushing Cindy back. Her nipples burrowing into Cindy’s. The Cindy’s threats were replaced by short groans. Carmen’s taunts grew bolder. As Cindy was backed up against the wall Carmen continued to press forward. Cindy gasped.

Carmen said, “Why don’t you look down and see what you know from the feel is happening?” Cindy shook her head 'no' but there were tears in her eyes. Carmen pulsed her arms using her tits like jack-hammers to break up Cindy’s. “I said look down you broken-titted slut.”

Again Cindy shook her head tears flowing down her face. She tries to battle her way from the wall swinging her shoulders left and right. Just as she starts to push away from the wall, Carmen thrusts her hips forward pushing her pussy into Cindy’s and knocking her back to the wall. Grinding her entire body against Cindy’s, Carmen again commands, “Look Down you puny-titted slut. To accentuate her command Carmen backed away her pussy and fired against Cindy’s.

Cindy looked down and cried, “N-O-O-O-O!”

Looking down as her boobs were flattened under Carmen’s. Her nipples pinned against her ribs. Carmen rolled her boobs over Cindy’s the searing pain was nothing compared to the abject humiliation she felt at being beat the boobs of a woman she thought she had crushed.

Carmen laughed and threw Cindy onto the couch. She stood over her with her hands on her hips. As Cindy tried to rise, Carmen slapped her across the boobs and pushed her back down. Again she tried to get up and Cindy backhanded her across the breasts. Crying, Cindy tried to crawl away over the arm of the couch, but Carmen grabbed the waist string of her leopard print bottoms. She pulled Cindy back until the string broke and Cindy landed with her upper body landing on the arm of the sofa. Carmen threw the stringed bottom to the floor and grabbed Cindy by the hair. As she pulled up her head Carmen saw the breast that caused her so much pain lying flush on the arm of the sofa. She leapt in the air and came down with her elbow smashing Cindy right tit against the leather arm of the sofa.

Cindy let out a blood curdling scream and jerks spastically all over the couch cradling her macerated tit. Carmen grabbed Cindy by the hair and threw her to the floor. She straddled Cindy and slapped her lightly across the face to get Cindy’s attention.

“I want you to see this coming you cheap slut. There are two ways a true woman can end a fight like this and I want you to experience them both.”

Cindy’s eyes went wide with panic, “No, NO you w…"

But that was all Cindy said before Carmen’s pussy landed on her face. Carmen ground her pussy on Cindy’s face. Pulling the fabric to one side, Carmen ordered Cindy to service her. Cindy complied while Carmen caressed and fondled her own breast. At the last second Carmen pulled away denying her the satisfaction of finishing the job.

“The second way to finishes you off is probably a waste of time. After what I did to your boobs you’ll never be able to do this.” She slid her wet pussy back making sure to rub it over both her deflated tits. Carmen laid her luscious body on top of Cindy, her triumphant breasts swaying over Cindy’s face. “Nightie-night, you flea-bitten whore!” Carmen laughed. “And thanks for the skin.”

Carmen lowered her breasts onto Cindy’s face and slapped her with them before forming an air tight seal against Cindy’s air ways. The thrill of Cindy’s warm breath fighting gently to find a passage through the encasing boobs was the perfect balm for Carmen’s sore breasts.

Carmen stood up went about cleaning herself up. She put on her skirt on and strode over to Cindy’s clothes. She picked up the two tops and Cindy’s panties. She put the ripped top and the bottoms in her bag. Then she shredded the remaining clothes Cindy brought. No sense making this easy on her she thought. Finally she stretched out Cindy’s top and put it on. The fit was tight but it only made he breasts look bigger. She knew Howard would love it. And the scratches on her tits would drive Howard crazy. She imagined having the best sex she had in a long time.

Carmen walked over to the still passed out Cindy and kicked her boob to wake her up. As Cindy’s eyes began to focus, Carmen shook her boobs, her way of saying, “I’ll send Robyn in, and make sure you treat her right.” Cindy just curled up in a ball and sobbed.

Cindy removed all photos of her in leopard print bikinis from her web-site later that night and they haven't been seen since!

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