Heather Graham vs. Catherine Bell by Interac 1/16/02

Heather was enjoying herself one fine day as she walked into the bar of the hotel she was staying in. She stopped abruptly when she turned around and found herself eye to nose with Catherine Bell.

Heather asked coyly, "Yeah is there something I can do for you?"

Cat raised her drink and poured it over Heather's head.

Heather looked at Cat, her eyes raging, "What the hell did you do that for?"

Cat smiled and said, "Felt like it. What are you going to do about it?" she asked, laughing at Heather.

Her laughter ended abruptly when CRACK! she was nailed across the jaw. Before Cat could react, Heather nailed her with a knee in the stomach, then grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the bar.

Cat never had a chance to recover before Heather was on her again. This time hauling her hair back and slamming her fist into the brunette's face. Heather, still with a firm hold of Cat's hair, whipped her around toward a booth.

Heather walked over to the booth but before she could do anything was kicked in the stomach and knocked back a few steps. Cat came out of the corner booth only to be quickly knocked back down in it as Heather charged her again. Both women went down in a heap inside the booth, grabbing at each other's hair, their bodies pressed tightly together. Cat was able to twist her body so they crashed to the floor where she rammed Heather's head on the floor, then slid away taking Heather's legs as she went.

Cat dragged Heather across the floor of the bar until Heather used her powerful legs. She swung them one way and then the other, flipping Cat over. Cat was a little surprised, especially when Heather quickly jumped on her back pinning her body to the ground. Heather grabbed Cat's short hair and rubbed the JAG star's face on the rough carpet before finally rolling her over and grabbing her throat in both hands.

Heather started choking Cat then she stood up, bringing Cat up with her still choking her. Heather slammed Cat back into a pillar. The pillar shook and some pictures that were hanging on it fell off when Heather slammed Cat into it again. She released one hand from the double choke and tried to punch Cat, but as she threw her fist, Cat ducked and she hit nothing but the pillar. Cat raised her leg, getting her foot between them and pushing Heather away. As the hurting Boogie Nights star stumbled back shaking her injured hand, Cat (as the wrestling announcer would say) used her educated feet and hit a roundhouse kick to the side of Heather's head.

Heather fell to the carpet on her hands and knees shaking her head and trying to clear the cobwebs while wondering why Cat wanted to fight her. Cat, however, like a fighting machine, just grabbed Heather by the back of the hair, getting a scream from her blonde adversary, and locked her in a hammerlock.

Then Cat rammed Heather shoulder first into the pillar. Heather screamed as her shoulder was attacked further by the 5'10" tall Iranian-English beauty. Cat stepped over Heather's arm and trapped it between her legs as the guys in the bar thought, "I wouldn't mind being there myself."

But this wasn't pleasure for Heather as Cat wrenched her arm back further. Heather's screams were uncontrollable, all she had to do was give up. Surely if she didn't, in moments her shoulder would have been wrenched out of it's socket. Yet Heather wouldn't submit! She bit down on Cat's ankle, forcing the JAG star to let go. Cat tried to kick Heather away from her but it was not doing.

Like an animal is the best way to describe the sight of Heather biting down, like an animal having a meal. Cat fell to the floor and Heather, knowing when to pounce from her many fights, in one fluid motion let go of her bite and with her good arm flew into Cat, rocking her with a solid punch. Cat rolled onto her stomach holding her jaw. Heather walked over and kicked her in the back between her shoulder blades.

Sitting down, Heather wrapped her long legs around Cat's head, in a devastating head scissors. Cat squirmed and kicked her long legs, but couldn't get out of it. Scratching at Heather's legs and ripping Heather's pantyhose Cat still couldn't escape as Heather used a handful of Cat's hair to keep her head wedged firmly between her strong thighs.

"Are my legs too much for you?" Heather purred happily. "Maybe you should've thought of that before hand, eh?"

Heather shifted position so she was at Cat's head, their bodies perpendicular to each other with Cat's head between Heather's strong legs. No one could really see Cat's face, just the back of her neck as Heather put on more pressure. Cat was running out of air and with it, her chance to win the fight.

Cat struggled to turn her body, getting her knees under her and started getting to her feet; her body arched like a triangle with her hands on Heather's knees. Cat pushed off while using her legs to jump at the same time. She not only pulled her head from the head scissors, but ended up with her back to Heather's front. Heather, a little shocked that Cat powered out of her leg scissors, grabbed Cat around the waist and attempted to bridge back to her feet..

Cat knew what Heather was doing, however, and grabbed her in a front headlock and started punching at the former Roller Girl's face. Heather fell back to the floor, her eye blackening. Cat rolled off Heather and lifted her up by the hair as she bent down picking up her leg.

"Can't have you using those powerful legs now can we?" Cat said as she nailed a dragon screw leg whip.

(That's when you arm drag the leg, hit at the knee and twist your body into their legs. Quite painful)

Heather hit the floor holding her knee, which felt like it was on fire.

"Hurts don't it?" Cat cackled. "All the time I was in your scissors, I was hoping to get out. Now I'm going to destroy those legs of yours!"

Heather tried to kick out with her good leg, but Cat caught it and leaped forwards, stretching the muscles in the leg to their snapping point until Heather felt her knee touching her shoulder. Now Heather had trouble getting up all together as both her legs had been stretched and injured. Cat looked down at the badly hurt Heather, smiling confidently.

"You bitch! My legs," Heather screamed.

"And I'm not done yet," Cat replied.

She lifted Heather's legs and dragged her to one of the pillars where she slammed her forward, smashing Heather's pussy into the pillar. Heather's body immediately shot upright, lunging forward gasping and screaming at once. Cat kicked her head and knocked her back down.

"Wait, there's more!"

Cat crossed Heather's legs and went around to the other side of the pillar, wrenching back while sitting on Heather's belly, stretching her legs and hurting them even more. Heather was screaming in pain as she reached up and grabbed Cat's hair, pulling back and dumping Cat off of her.

Heather tried to get away but every time she tried to get back to her feet, she fell. Her legs just wouldn't take her weight. She tried again to get up. This time, laughing at Heather's plight, Cat kicked the back of her knee sending Heather flying. She landed on her back, her leg hurt even more.

Cat looked down at the sobbing Heather who was holding her knee and moaning, "My leg, My leg!"

Cat cruelly grabbed Heather's wounded leg, lifted it and walked around, trapping her in a figure four leg lock. Heather immediately screamed uncontrollably, but Cat showed no pity as she grabbed the bar rail and lifted herself up to get even more torque on the leg. Heather could take no more!

Just before she passed out, Heather gasped, "Why?"

Cat finally let Heather go and her unconscious body slumped to the floor.

Pulling off Heather's shirt, Cat told her, "This is my souvenir, you'll find out soon enough why."

Cat left Heather laying on the hotel bar floor topless. In a world of pain.

Just as Cat got to the lobby, she heard a voice behind her say, "Is it done?"

Cat turned around and looked at Denise Richards. The two women stared each other down for a while. Finally, Cat nodded yes, and Denise handed the big brunette a wad of cash.

"Why'd you want me to take her out?" Cat asked as she thumbed through the bills. "It would've been cheaper to do it yourself."

"Maybe so," Denise smiled. "But this way I teach her a lesson about jumping people after their fights," Denise said, referring to her fight with Angelina Jolie. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some business to conclude."

Denise walked into the bar where a group of people had gathered around and were tending to Heather. Denise elbowed her way through the crowd and stopped in front of Heather who had just gotten unsteadily to her feet.

"Hi whore," Denise said with a smug grin. "Remember me?"

Denise kicked Heather right between the legs and Heather dropped to her knees with her hands between her thighs. Denise hauled the gasping Heather up by the hair and dragged her over to the bar, Heather could barely stand but Denise didn't care. She pulled her over and rammed her head into the heavy wood bar.

"You like jumping people you cunt? Well, how's it feel when you get jumped?" Denise said.

She grabbed a lit cigarette off the bar and shoved it into Heather's bare boob.

Heather screamed as Denise said, "Shut up!" and stuffed the cigarette in the former Austin Power's stars screaming mouth.

Denise picked Heather up and threw her onto the bar. Holding Heather's large tits, Denise pulled her along the top of the bar until she reached the beer taps. Denise shoved Heather's face under one and turned it on, nearly drowning poor Heather.

Denise finally stopped the free pour on Heather and climbed atop the bar with her. Unbuttoning her shirt, Denise dropped her breasts on Heather's face and smothered her unconscious.

Then Denise got up, buttoned her shirt and proudly strutted out of the bar. When Heather awakened, she cursed and swore she'd get revenge against Denise Richards.

A man came up to her, handed her his card, and said, "I think I can give you that chance."

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