Selma Blair vs. Allison Mack by The Walkin’ Dude

Glowing with smug satisfaction as her underlings laid another terrible beating on Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Lopez clapped her hands once and said, "Get off her Vida, we wouldn't want the little bitch getting used to this, would we?"

From her perch on the struggling blonde's nose, Vida Guerra allowed herself a final sensual grind before she got to her feet. Free to breath for the first time in over two minutes, the Slayer let out a great tearing gasp and tried to sit up - only to find she was still securely pinned by J-Lo's newest hires; the aptly named 'Cuban Assassin' Mayra Veronica and SMG's opponent for that evening, the lightning-fast Colombian sensation Shakira.

Looming over her struggling nemesis, J-Lo glanced over her shoulder at Vida and her partner Sofia Vergara and snickered, "Doesn't look so tough now does she ladies?"

Sofia shook her head 'no', "I didn't think she EVER looked tough."

"Good point!" Turning back to face the Slayer, Lopez snapped, "Put her on her knees; it seems the most appropriate position for her."

The blonde and brunette grabbed Sarah’s shoulders and roughly hoisted her to her knees. Totally loving the sight of the proud young woman forced into such a penitent position, J-Lo strutted forward until her navel was brushing Sarah's nose. Reaching down, she grabbed a vicious handful of the blonde's hair and yanked her head back, forcing the furious Slayer to look up at her.

Still smirking, Jen sighed, "What ARE we gonna do with you Sarah my pet? You'd think after six weeks of having your ass beaten and getting your face smothered you'd just accept your job as my new throne. But, no, here you are; still waging this useless guerrilla war."

Fighting for breath, Gellar was silent for a moment, then replied, "Hire all the talentless goons you want bitch! When the Fourth of July rolls around and I get you one-on-one, then I'll get MY title back."

J-Lo’s face went from smug to vicious in an instant. Releasing her grip, she spun on her heel in a 90-degree turn and with a quick flick of her hips SMACK knocked Sarah's back with a Butt Smash that was as painful as it was humiliating. Regaining her composure, Jen slipped the custom made World Title off her shoulder and held it directly under Sarah's nose.

Sneering in a low, malevolent hiss, she said, "You see this bitch? This is MINE! The title you cherished so much doesn't even exist any more because I threw it in the garbage. It's moldering in some landfill outside Innsmouth. And this is only the first bit of gold we're going to own. Next week Sofia and Vida are gonna beat those losers Cuoco and Chabert into oblivion and sometime after that, we'll decided what to do about the IC title. You see Slayer? We've already won. And if you'd just accept that, I might let you walk out of this ring under your own power. If not, there's no WAY you're making it to July, let alone tomorrow."

Eyes burning with a barely controlled fury, Sarah's voice was remarkably calm as she replied, "I'm not the one who should be worried about making it to July. As I recall, you've gotta defend that piece of costume jewelry crap against Jessica Biel next week."

Lopez rolled her eyes. "You think I’m sweating BIEL? You're forgetting Sarah, I beat you to win this belt. No one in this place has even pinned me, let alone forced me to tap, so Jesse can fight all she wants…in the end, she'll wind up just like you: flat on her back kissing my ass."

"I won't let you get away with making a mockery of that title," Gellar panted.

"Look around you Slayer, YOU LOST! You're trying to fight us alone, as good as you think you are, no one's that good and no one's gonna help you out. So you have a choice to make. Do you just give up and walk away with your nose intact? Or do I end your career in the most embarrassing, demeaning way possible?"

Jen grabbed another handful of Sarah's hair and yanked the blonde's head up so she could look her in the eyes as the blonde responded to her ultimatum. Glancing around at the circle of leering faces, Sarah's eyes didn't linger for a second on the figure she saw hopping the guard-rail that separated the fans from the ring.

Facing Lopez, her face remained impassive as she said, "You’ve forgotten one thing, Jenny."

J-Lo gave her hair a nasty little yank. "Enlighten me, honey lips."

The Slayer smiled ever so slightly, "I may be doing THIS alone, but I'm not the only woman in the locker room who hates your guts."

Jennifer opened her mouth to reply and then WHAM the unannounced visitor who’d quietly slipped into the ring during Sarah's response, drilled Sofia across the back of the neck with a Lariat that sent her face-first to the canvas. Caught off guard by the sneak attack, Jennifer still wasn't sure what was going on when the mystery guest charged Vida and mowed her down with a Big Boot to the face.

Already slipping out through the ropes, J-Lo snarled at Shakira and Mayra as she pointed to the interloper and yelled, "TAKE HER THE FUCK O-U-T!"

The stranger tossed back the hood on her baggy sweatshirt to reveal the smirking face of Jessica Biel. Eyes locked on Jen, she asked, "’S’matter champ? 5-on-2 still not good odds for you?"

She would have said more but then the blonde and the brunette tandem were upon her, beating the brawny blonde into the corner with a withering hail of punches and kicks. From her knees on the canvas, Sarah watched Jessica Biel taking her lumps and she knew she had to help her savior.

Wearily pushing herself to her feet, Sarah limped forward and dropped into a crouch, then pursing her lips, she let out a low, taunting, whistle.

Shakira turned towards the source of the noise and immediately charged the waiting Slayer. When the blonde's claws were inches from her face, Sarah brought her knee up and caught Shakira squarely on the bulging mound between her pumping thighs. Her face expressionless, Sarah watched Shakira drop to her knees, then applied a tight Standing Headscissors. Bending over, SMG wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and hoisted her prey into the air, then spun…once, twice, three times…before she sat out. WHAM neatly folding Shakira’s slender body double with a Spiral Bomb.

Pushing Shakira’s twitching body away, Sarah Michelle had just regained her feet when Mayra turned around and locked eyes with her. Scowling, the ‘Cuban Assassin’ spat, "Puta!" and charged the Slayer. It proved to be a very bad idea when Sarah met her charge with a Superkick to the chin. THWACK! As the sound of the impact echoed off the walls, the rubber-legged brunette wobbled around... and right into a pair of strong, steely arms that wrapped around her throat. Purring in Veronica's stunned face, Jessica Biel whispered, "Tell Jen I'm coming for her."

Then she LIFTED Mayra in the air, held her for a moment, then sat out and drove her clear through the ring with a Biel Bomb.

As Jessica was getting to her feet, Sarah walked over and congratulated her, "You sent your message, mind if I send mine?"

Keeping her eyes on Jennifer who was watching events from the safety of the top of the ramp, Biel replied with a generous sweeping gesture, "Be my guest."

The quick-moving Slayer split Mayra's legs in a wide V, stepped through with her right leg, planted it on the mat by the brunette's left hip and then with one quick, oft-practiced, motion, crossed the trapped gams over her right leg and locked them in place. Then she rolled Jennifer's hench-wench over onto her stomach and sat back, giving Mayra Veronica her first taste of the Sharpshooter.

Completely ignoring the screams and pleas from the trapped beauty, Sarah looked over her shoulder at J-Lo and leaned back into the hold as far as she dared. She let Mayra scream as she roared, "JULY FOURTH IS COMING FAST, JENNIFER!" After a few more seconds, the brunette's screams faded into whimpers and Sarah released her with a disgusted toss of her victim's limp legs.

Sauntering over to Jessica, Sarah stayed silent as the statuesque grappler pointed to Lopez' waist and prophesied, "THE COUNTDOWN IS ON BABE! NEXT WEEK, THAT FAT ASS IS MINE!!"

Haughty even in the face of a setback, Jennifer merely smirked as she raised her belt overhead, then turned around and strutted through the curtain with Vida and Sofia scampering after her.

When the Latina Supreme and her hangers-on had disappeared through the curtain, Sarah turned to Jessica and extended her hand, "Thanks for the save. I owe you."

Biel ignored the offered hand and shook her head. "It wasn't for you. I just don't like HER."

Gellar nodded, "Figured. Listen, you've got your shot at the gold next week and I know you don't want me interfering and so I won't. But if you win, I'll be gunning for you. That title was stolen from me and I don't care who I have to go through to get it back."

Biel studied SMG's face intently, then nodded, "Understood Sarah. And just so ya know, there's no 'if' about it. I AM gonna hang the first L on that fat ass. Then on the Fourth, you and I are gonna dance." She offered the blonde a challenging smile, as if daring her to contradict her but Sarah just smiled.

"Sounds good to me. See you in the summer, Biel."

The Slayer stepped through the ropes and headed toward the back. Anyone close enough to see her face would have known the former champ was already planning her next move against Jennifer Lopez and her mercenary army.
The chaos from the evening's penultimate match was just starting to subside when the Announcer stepped into the center of the ring. "Erstwhile patrons of the Yellow Sign Tavern, it is time for tonight's MAIN EVENT! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the first of three qualifying matches. The winner will face the winners of the other two qualifiers in a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Title this summer. Introducing first, standing 5’3”, she is…Selma BLAIR!”

‘Stricken’ rolled through the speakers and the fans went nuts, either cheering wildly or booing vehemently depending on their feelings for the brunette. The song crunched along for about twenty seconds and then Selma was there on stage, standing silhouetted in the entryway and watching everything with a calculated stare. Looking out at the audience, the slender brunette’s lips curved up in the tiniest of smiles and then she was moving down the ramp toward the ring. For her bout tonight, Selma was clad in a simple black bikini with blue accents that looked almost like gas lamps viewed through a heavy fog. Her shoulder length black hair fell loose on her shoulders and her boots and pads were a simple dark blue.

Approaching the ring apron, Selma hopped up onto the ring in one feline motion and in the next instant she had vaulted over the top rope and landed in the center of the ring. Staring at the crowd with a look of stoic detachment, Selma went to her corner and turned towards the entryway, silently awaiting the arrival of her opponent.

When the mob had quieted a bit, the Announcer continued, "And her opponent standing 5’5”, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Allison MACK!"

The speakers kick on, but the audience - expecting 'Fly from the Inside' are instead greeted with another Shinedown tune, 'Heroes'. The change in theme has brought a change in Allison as well, for the first time in recent memory, the sturdy blonde is not sporting a grin as she heads down the aisle. Tonight she's looking more determined than friendly and it probably has something to do with the startling lack of IC gold around her waist. Since she'd been cheated out of a proper defense at the “Sixth Circle of Hell” match, Allison had been on a tear and no one knew exactly where it was going to end.

For her battle with Selma, Allison deviated from her typical lavender attire and instead chose a simple but by no means gray bikini showing off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are the same smoky gray, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, she climbs in through the middle rope and poses for the audience before settling down and heading to her corner.


Selma Blair let out a quiet sigh, though the casual observer wouldn’t have noticed. The slender brunette was more than a little leery of storming out to greet Allison - not for any lack of confidence in her own skills for her own performance against the powerful blonde in the Sixth Circle was proof of that - Selma was thinking about what Mack had done to Devon Aoki two weeks earlier. The quick-striking high-flyer had tried to get cute with Allison and the blonde had beaten... no, beaten was too soft a word; demolished was more like it… her so badly the ref had called for a stoppage to end Aoki's misery and regular follows of Fannin's promotions damn well knew a stoppage was rarer than hen’s teeth.

So Selma knew she was playing with fire tonight. One smart-assed joke might see her end up sharing a room in the infirmary with Devon, but even that thought wasn't enough to frighten her away. There was a shot at the Intercontinental Title on the line here, and if she could just get past the blonde bulldozer, the rest of the dopey competition would fall like dominoes.

Drawing a deep breath, Selma locked eyes with Allison and sighed. "Sorry Mack. Your march back to the gold stops here," as she pushed out of the corner and headed to center ring.

Across the squared circle, Allison thoughts weren't that much different than Selma's. Despite having decimated everyone in her path on the way back to the IC strap, she knew Selma would present the stiffest challenge yet. Hell, Blair made Gellar tap to her own Sharpshooter back in November - that feat alone meant she was worthy of respect - and she most definitely had that! But one thing Selma didn't have was Allison's fear. Alli wasn't much afraid of anyone these days, she was just furious. Being robbed of her belt had motivated the blonde like nothing before in her career and she’d do ANYTHING to get the strap back around her waist even if it meant mowing down Selma Blair.

Well, so be it. As the brunette glided toward her, Allison rolled her shoulders and mentally told her absent adversaries, "I hope you four are watching very closely because this is just a preview of what I'm going to do in that Triple Threat match." She stepped off the turnbuckles and started to stalk Selma.

Heartbeats later they met in the center of the ring, and not surprisingly, it was Selma who spoke first. What was surprising was what she was said. Speaking softly, the lithe grappler said, "Believe it or not Allison, I know what you're going through - maybe better’n anyone else on the roster. I know what it's like to have the most important thing in your career ripped out from under you and I am fully aware of the lengths you'll go to get it back. But I also know that the Intercontinental Title would look damn good around my waist, and I'm not gonna just roll over and let you stroll past me. So bring all you got Alli; you're sure to get other title shots in the future, but it won't be as part of the Triple Threat, that spot belongs to me."

Allison was silent for a moment, then replied, "If you really knew what I was going through, you'd know that trying to reason with me would be pointless. Nothing's going to stop me from getting the belt back and that includes you. Sad thing is, you're far too good a wrestler to be made into a sacrificial lamb, but if you insist on getting up after I put you down, that's exactly what you're going to be."

Smiling slightly, Selma whispered, "We'll see who gets sacrificed..."

Before Mack could reply, Selma shot forward and wrapped both arms around the blonde's neck. Yanking her off balance, Selma bore down tight, crushing the taller girl's head with a Side Headlock. Methodically grinding Allison's head with her forearms and the point of her hip, Selma rose up on her toes, then dropped to one knee and did it all over again in an effort to quickly drain the fight from her adversary.

Gritting her teeth, the brunette mashed Allison's temple against her hip and asked, "You figured out yet I'm not messing around tonight?"

Selma expected some sort of grumbled reply, but instead the blonde just wrapped both arms around Selma's slim waist and locked her hands. Selma's eyes widened and she braced for what she knew was coming. Indeed, Allison lifted her, but instead of dropping her on the back of her head and shoulders with a Suplex, Allison maintained the Waistlock as she trudged to the ropes still working the Headlock. When she reached the ropes, Allison lifted Selma higher so the brunette’s butt would clear the ropes. But despite her chance to drop Selma on the arena floor, the blonde simply lowered her feet on the ring apron and then grabbed the ropes, forcing a break.

Her face flushed as she regarded Selma, Allison told her, "That was your one free pass. Do us both a favor and stay down when I hit you. You don't want to end up like Devon - do you?"

More than a little irked by the unsubtle menace in the blonde's voice, Selma shook her head, "No I suppose n..."

Then she flashed out her right hand and raaaaked her talons across Allison's eyes, temporarily blinding the powerfully built blond wrestler. Vaulting back over the top rope into the ring, Selma snagged Allison around the wrist, pointed her toward the opposite side of the ring and sent her into the cables with an Irish Whip. As Allison bounced back to her, Selma dropped in a tight crouch, waited a split second, then sprang in a gorgeous Vertical Leap that ended with her driving both feet into Allison's breasts with her Standing Dropkick. At this point, Allison was supposed to go tumbling to the mat in a heap, but apparently no one told her. All she did was grunt as she staggered backward a few steps.

Scrambling to her feet, Selma muttered, "Still hungry eh? Well, here's a second servin' of sole food, just for you baby." Drawing a bead on Allison's chin, Selma took a neat little step to her right, hopped forward and blasted her left leg at Allison's face, catching the former champ right across the mouth with a Superkick. There was a second loud WHAPP but despite the noticeable trembling of her thighs and butt, the blonde still refused to leave her feet.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Selma muttered, "Third time's the charm." and sent another Superkick toward Allison's chin. This time, the outcome was different - but as Selma hoped. Allison got her hands up and caught Selma's boot in mid-air. Holding it shoulder high, she force the shorter girl to hop on one foot. Making sure to keep an eye on Selma's plant foot (she knew the brunette packed a lethal Enziguiri) Allison told her, "Unlike a lot of the girls in the locker room, I actually like you Selma, so I'll tell you again. STAY DOWN."

She flung the captured leg hard to her left, forcing the brunette to spin around in an awkward circle. When she saw the whites of Selma's eyes, she hurled herself forward and extended her left arm, catching the brunette across the throat with a Clothesline that would have decapitated most women. Selma was knocked off her feet and splattered on the mat in an ungainly Matchbook, a position she occupied for only a few seconds before Allison buried her hands in the brunette's hair and hair-hauled her back upright. Easily switching her grasp from head to hand, Allison planted her feet and sent Selma hurtling into the ropes. When the smaller grappler came back, Alli lowered her head and drove her shoulder into Selma's gut.

The moment she connected, Allison straightened up, lifting Selma off her feet and sending her up into the lights - to come crashing down flat on her back a moment later. Over the monstrous WHAM of Selma's landing, Allison turned to the crowd and told them, "She's gonna be real sore when I actually start trying!"

Impressed with the height and speed she'd gotten on the Back Body Drop, Allison stalked her foe, waiting impatiently for Selma to recover. When the brunette had pushed to her feet, Allison settled into a rough approximation of a three point stance, then roared forward, meaning to simply plow through her smaller opponent. This would have worked perfectly had it not been for Selma hopping off the mat and blasting both boots into Allison's knees. The Low Dropkick succeeded where Selma's other strikes had failed; the blonde's legs were cut out from under her and she went tumbling to the mat, landing hard on her chest and belly. But despite the sudden collapse, the landing wasn't enough to stop Allison for long. Almost instantly she had pushed to her hands and knees and was starting to THWAP!

Selma ran the ropes and connected with a second Low Dropkick to Allison's forehead. The blonde collapsed face-down on the mat, but that wasn't going to be enough to end Selma's attack. Knowing she had to do as much damage as possible while Allison was horizontal, she stepped over to the blonde's head and chided, "All that strength doesn't mean much when you can't get up off the damn mat does it?" She left her feet in another vertical leap, at the apex of which she extended both legs out in front of her. When gravity took over, she came crashing down with the back of her left thigh smashing across the back of Allison's neck. Pleased with the powerful tremor the Leg Drop sent through the blonde's curvy frame, Selma took hold of Allison's waistband and dragged her to her feet.

Doubling her foe over with a Knee Lift to the belly, Selma trapped the blonde in a tight Front Facelock and was just about to plant her with a big DDT when Allison grabbed hold of her waist and LIFTED up fast. Before Selma knew what was going on, she had been hauled off the mat and with a single shove from the blonde her Facelock was broken and she landed hard on her feet a short distance from Allison. Selma's boots had just touched back down when Allison charged forward with a speed and explosiveness very few were aware she possessed.

As the distance between them narrowed, Allison lifted her right knee and spun into her victim. There was a dull but nasty sounding THUD as Selma was impaled on Allison's Knee Lift and flipped over the raised knee to land flat on her back. Pleased with how quickly she was able to bring the notorious high flyer to a grinding halt, Allison snapped her bottom during the short walk over to Selma's gasping form. Taking the brunette by the wrist, Allison tugged her to her feet and directed her towards the corner. Leaning in close, Allison whispered, "You don't want to stay down? Fine! I'll do things to you Sarah could only DREAM about."

Allison stepped back and whipped the brunette into the buckles where she landed with a low, thrumming WHUMP! Waiting for the ring to stop shaking, Allison sprinted towards the corner in a dead run, obviously hoping to use her size and strength advantage to crush Selma into submission against the steel. Tragically, her hopes were dashed when Selma was able to bring both legs up and slam them forward, catching Allison across the face with an improvised Mule Kick on her way in. Seizing the opportunity she'd created, Selma reached out, snagged a handful of Allison's hair and reeled her back in. Trapping the stunned beauty in a hard Front Facelock, Selma hopped up onto the top buckle and took a seat. Breaking out her first real smile of the evening, Selma said, "I saw a guy in Japan do this once. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do."

Showing Allison exactly what she meant, the brunette pushed out of the corner and spun around in the 180-degree arc that was the hallmark of a traditional Tornado DDT. But when 180 had been reached, Selma didn't fall to the mat; she kept the momentum of the arc going, swinging Allison around in almost complete circle before she slung her body out over the top rope and dropped heavily to the ring apron, forcing Allison's throat down across the cable in a brilliant modification on the old Hot Shot. Releasing Allison's neck, Selma watched the blonde stagger away and plotted her next move.

Selma grabbed the top rope in both hands, pulled herself back as far as she could before leaping onto the top rope. As soon as she was balanced, she jumped in the direction of the oblivious blonde and extended her right arm. WHAM! Selma caught Allison flush across the jaw with her Springboard Clothesline and that was enough to knock Allison off her feet. She went crashing to the canvas in stunned, gasping heap.

Popping to her feet, Selma smoothed her hair out and said happily, "It's nice to know that there isn't a girl out there so big or so strong that my good friends momentum and gravity can't help take her down. God I love physics."

She pulled the bigger girl to her feet, took a step back, settled into a Martial Arts stance (the astute fan would notice that it was similar, but not the same as her arch nemesis' Sarah Michelle Gellar's pose) and drilled a stiff Front Kick to Allison’s thigh. The blonde moaned and cried out, staggering back to protect her gams even as Selma snapped off a few more Kicks; chewing up Allison's legs like piranha after an especially dumb cow. A few more Kicks dropped Allison to her knees where the blonde could only moan as she tried to massage away the pain. She was trying to work the knots out when Selma said, “You REALLY don't want to bring up Sarah in my presence Allison. Picturing her stupid face superimposed over yours is only going to motivate me to kick you harder and as you can see, you don't need me kicking you any harder.”

The smug hostility in her voice was enough to burn through the fog in Allison's head and she raised her head to glare at her opponent. Unfortunately the timing was all wrong as she looked up just in time to see Selma leave her feet and send another pair of boots towards the kneeling girl's face. Allison's eyes widened a microsecond before the Low Dropkick connected and then her vision was nothing but stars as she was knocked off her knees and flat onto the mat. Pushing to her knees, Selma scrambled over to the sprawled blonde and pounced across her chest. Hooking both legs, Selma leaned into the Cradle and waited impatiently as the ref dropped in to count, 'ONE... TWO...' but Allison bucked hard, breaking the Cradle and escaping with what looked to be very little effort.

Sighing, Selma patted the blonde's gulping belly and said, "All right cutie, you wanna prove how tough you are, go ahead and try. But it's not going to stop me from using your pudgy blonde body as a crash test dummy for my offense."

Very much liking the visual of a hapless Allison slamming full force into some immovable wall (the wall being her, though in her mind she was far classier and much less flat than the walls one often encountered.) Selma pulled the wounded blonde to her feet and took hold of her wrist. Turning Allison toward a corner on the far side of the ring, Selma hurled Allison towards the buckles, waiting just long enough for her to crash spine-first into the padded steel with a muted THUD. Allison hadn't even finished soaking up all the hurt of the collision when Selma charged forward in a hard sprint that put her on a beeline towards the stunned powerhouse. Selma's progress was so quick it bordered on unbelievable and things only got more astounding as she closed the gap. Settling into a low crouch, Selma pushed off the mat and dove through the air in a phenomenally high leap, at the apex of which she pulled back her right arm to line up her intended strike. As she began to descend, Selma rocketed her cocked arm forward and drove the full length of her Flying Forearm to Allison's jaw with enough force to snap the blonde's head backward at a terrible angle.

Invigorated by the sounds of the cheers and Allison's labored breathing, Selma touched down and said, "That was really good Allison, but you're supposed to go slumping onto your ass when I hit you with that. Let's try it again and see if you can't get it right."

Giving Allison her shot at redemption, Selma peeled the blonde away from the corner and wasted no time in whipping her back across the ring to the opposite corner. When she was sure her foe was comfortable, Selma took off in another blindingly fast lunge and SMACK nearly dislocated Allison's jaw with another ridiculously stiff Flying Forearm. Much to Selma's disappointment, Allison did NOT crash to the canvas as instructed. But instead of treating the woozy blonde to a third taste of her Forearm, Selma dragged her foe out to the center of the ring and stunned her with a hard Knee Lift to the jaw. With Allison doubled over in front of her, Selma backed away several steps and muttered, "I know this could be hazardous to my health, but I just can't help it sometimes. I love showing up you big dumb lugs. And your blondeness doesn't make the decision any harder."

Happy to get off that verbal barb, Selma charged the blonde and didn’t even slow down as she bore down on her rival. Just when it seemed that Selma would be satisfied with simply barreling through her taller opponent, Selma executed a low hop and performed a smooth roll across Allison’s back that brought her down on her feet right behind the discombobulated grappler. The instant her feet touched back down, Selma was in motion, spinning on a circle on her right foot while the other foot slashed out and clipped Allison behind the knee, taking her off her feet as neatly as was possible.

Allison had been on the mat for less than a second when Selma’s twirl ended and even then the brunette wasn’t done. Still on one foot, Selma bent her knee and then leapt up, performed an odd looking front flip variation that brought her crashing down belly-first across Allison's chest. The crowd was on its feet and roaring approval as Selma’s Standing Shooting Star Press connected and pinned Allison to the mat. Using every ounce of her weight, the brunette pressed down on her adversary, hoping it would be enough for the 'ONE... TWO...' Allison got her hands under Selma and SHOVED hard, sending the brunette flying over the ref with little more than a twitch of her shoulders. Slapping the mat in frustration, Selma got to her feet and hurried back over to where Allison was trying to rise.

Trapping the injured blonde in a tight Side Headlock, Selma took the time to grind Allison's temple into the point of her hip as she said, "When we were in the Circle I got to give another dumb blonde a taste of this move. Back then it didn't have a name, but now I've decided to dub it 'The Big Empty'. Kinda like your head, but easier to look at!"

She bent her knees and pushed straight up, sending her launching into the air with Allison's head still in her grasp. When her momentum started to falter, Selma kicked both legs straight out in front of her and simply waited, letting her momentum pull her back to the canvas. At the halfway point, the weight on her head got to be too much even Allison to overcome and she was jerked off her feet and driven face-first into the mat by the ridiculously elevated Bulldog called the Big Empty. Taking note of the way Allison flopped on the mat, Selma thought about going for the cover but decided against it. Allison had been kicking out with a lot of authority and that bugged her no end. She was going to keep Smacking the big blonde doofus around until she was sure there was no way she was going to kick out and if that meant she had to Blair Raid her over and over again, well so fucking be it.

Pretty face set in a grim, determined expression, Selma hauled Allison to her feet and dragged her over to the edge of the ring. With little ceremony, she tossed the blonde between the middle and top ropes, sending her crashing to the thin mats below with a dull THWUMP! Keeping her eyes locked on the slowly recovering blonde, Selma gripped the top rope in both hands and mused, "Ya know, I just realized something. I'm kinda like the sun. Phenomenally consistent, the light of everyone's existence, and if you look at me for too long, you'll go blind. Not in a terrible, 'oh gross, Sarah decided to wear Capri's today', but in a 'God she's radiant,’ sorta way. Hey, what am I doing talking? I've got ass to kick!!"

Finishing her little soliloquy just as Allison regained her feet, Selma tightened her grip on the top rope, bent her knees and then sling-shotted herself up and over. Coming down with a leg on either side of Allison's neck, Selma locked her ankles and twisted hard to the left, wrenching Allison off her feet and tossing her onto her back with a Hurricanrana delivered out of nowhere. Soaking in the applause, Selma got to her feet and gave the fans in the front row a courtly little bow and a sly smile.

"Thank you, thank you, I DO make this look good, don't I? For my next trick I'll kick Allison's ass en route to the Intercontinental Title. Stick around and enjoy the show."

Selma strolled over to Allison and helped the blonde to her feet with a handful of tights. Pointing her towards the ring, Selma forced Allison onto the apron and rolled her back inside, but only so that she was just inside the ropes. Climbing onto the apron, Selma took the top rope in both hands and positioned herself near Allison's head. Leaning back, she paused to catch her breath, then somersaulted over the top rope to come dropping down on Allison with the back of her thigh landing directly across the blonde's windpipe. Allison gagged and again Selma had to fight the urge to go for the cover. Instead, she buried her hands in the other wrestler's hair and pulled her to her feet. Spinning Allison around, Selma reached forward and laced both hands under the blonde's chin.

Chuckling, Selma commanded, "Now turn your head and cough. Man, that sounds gross."

Putting the theatrics aside, Selma leapt into the air and tucked both knees up between Allison's shoulders. Now at this point, she was supposed to fall back and bend Allison over her knees to complete the Lungblower. However, Allison had other plans and she put them into action by darting both hands out to take the top rope in a death-grip. The extra support of the cables proved too much for Selma to overcome and her grip on Allison's chin was ripped away as she went crashing down flat on her back. Savoring her verticality, Allison took a deep breath and glanced over her shoulder at the gasping brunette.

Her face cold, Allison snarled, "I asked you nicely to stay down. Now I'm going to MAKE you stay down."

The blonde charged to her left and bounced off the ropes facing the seated Selma. As she rushed towards her foe, Allison brought up her right foot and kicked it out, smashing Selma across the forehead with her heel. The move was extremely basic but that didn't stop it from hurting like hell. After a brisk CLAP the brunette was sent rolling head over heels to land in a dazed, aching pile of gamine limbs. Rolling the worst of the aches and pains from her neck and shoulders, Allison stalked over to Selma and yanked the smaller girl to her feet.

Positioning herself in front of the brunette, Allison reached over her shoulder, grabbed Blair by the sides of her head, then pulled forward and simultaneously dropped to one knee, sending the slender beauty flipping to the canvas with a basic Snap Mare. Standing beside her newly seated foe, Allison reached back with her right hand and slashed it forward, scorching Selma's back up with a Knife-Edge Chop that sent a loud CRAACK through the club. Drinking in Selma's loud hiss of pain, Allison straightened up, pivoted on her left foot then brought her right pistoning out, smashing the helpless brunette across the chest with a stiff Kick that smeared her out against the mat. Keeping up her attack on Michelle's torso and back, Allison bounced off the ropes and came roaring back only to leave her feet and come crashing down chest-first across Selma's abdomen with a basic Splash.

Now it was Selma's turn to do some gasping, but if she had hoped this sign of distress might instill some compassion in her blonde tormentor she was sadly mistaken. Ready, willing and able to punish anyone who interfered with her goal of recapturing the IC strap, Allison pulled Selma to her feet and said, "You remember how people actually felt bad for Devon after I mangled her a few weeks back? I doubt very much that your destruction will inspire the same outpouring of sympathy. I could be wrong, but if I am, I'm guessing I'll have to hurt you REALLY badly."

Acting on her ominous statement, Allison wrapped both arms around Selma's waist and rose onto her toes as she lifted her off her feet. A second later she dropped to one knee and slammed the posted joint deep between Selma's thighs with a pelvis-destroying Inverted Atomic Drop. Selma's jaw dropped open and she let loose with a weak scream that was cut off when Allison lifted her off her knee and hoisted her across her shoulder like a weakly squirming sack of potatoes. Making a slow circuit of the ring, Allison patted Selma's butt and asked the crowd, "Are you guys going to feel bad if I hurt her?"

"NOT REALLY!" Came the first response from somewhere in the mob. Smiling coldly, Allison smirked, "I thought not."

The words were still forming when she pushed up as hard as she could, simply tossing Selma off her shoulder and into the air in an ungainly looping arc that brought the smaller wrestler down on her back, ignominiously starfished. Turning to eye her flattened foe, Allison waited patiently as Selma flopped over onto her stomach and slowly pushed to her hands and knees. The moment she started getting her feet under her, Allison bounced off the ropes and came barreling back towards her. Selma had just a moment to realize something was heading her way and then WHAM! Allison's Lariat caught Selma across the chin and the innovative high flyer was knocked into a senseless 270-degree arc that brought her down stomach-first on the canvas. Resting on her knees, Allison ran a hand through her hair and offered the mob a small, cold smile. She didn't really like to admit it, but taking her frustration out on Selma was quite satisfying. A frown blossomed on her face.

"But not as satisfying as getting my title back."

Taking another step towards her belt, Allison got to her feet and stalked over to the wreckage that had been Selma Blair. Scraping her off the mat, Allison scooped her up and held her at chest level across her body. Grabbing a huge handful of Selma's tights, the blonde walked around the ring, displaying Selma like a trophy. She didn't want to humiliate the brunette, she just wanted EVERYONE to know that she could dominate and control anyone dumb enough to step into the ring with her. Strolling to the center of the ring Allison said, “Hey Scarlett, I hope you're watching you cheating bitch! Because this is just a GLIMPSE of what I'm going to do to you."

She rose up on her toes and dropped forward, ramming Selma's exposed ribs into her bent knee. Grinning ferociously, Allison held her grip and pulled the brunette back up, before nailing the second Rib Breaker in as many minutes. When the second slam connected, Allison stopped smiling, apparently the time for jokes was over. Straightening up, she hoisted Selma up a little higher and then fell forward and down, absolutely squashing the smaller wrestler between her body and the unyielding canvas. Looming over Selma, Allison hooked the far leg and waited silently as the red slid in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' before Selma rolled a shoulder breaking the pin.

Placing her hands on Selma's heaving stomach, Allison whispered, "And the misery train rolls on."

Grabbing Selma’s shoulder-straps, Allison lifted Selma to her feet and took possession of her wrist. Aiming her toward the ropes, Allison whipped her into the cables and waited for Selma to return. When the brunette got to the point of no return, Allison lowered her shoulder and prepared to launch her into the stratosphere with another Back Body Drop. But Selma wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice which she proved by leaving her feet in a pretty little Front Flip, sailing over her surprised opponent. On her way down, Selma wrapped both arms around Allison's sturdy hips and when her back hit the mat, she pulled as hard as she could, dragging Alli down to complete the Sunset Flip. It would’ve worked perfectly if Allison hadn't planted her feet, staying vertical despite the force Selma was exerting on her.

Looking down into Selma’s startled face, Allison growled, "One way or another, you're going to eat a HELL of a lot of canvas." She reached down with both hands and wrapped them around the brunette's neck. With little more than a tug, she hauled Selma off the mat into the air with a Two Handed Choke. Before the ref could admonish her for the stranglehold, Allison tossed Selma back down, slamming the smaller brunette grappler on the canvas. Again, Allison seemed to ponder going for the cover before moving to Selma's head and pulling her to a sitting position.

With both hands on Selma's shoulders, Allison curled her fingers into claws which she dug deep in the brunette's defenseless flesh, torturing her adversary with a sadistic Nerve Hold. Sobbing and kicking her feet as Allison mauled her trapezius, Selma shrieked in pain and pawed with both hands for the ropes that seemed so very far away. Watching Selma's pain with a rather detached look, Allison purred, “Hard to be thrilling when you can't even move isn't it Selma?" She rose up on one knee and pressed down even harder, adding the bulk of her weight to the already murderous pressure of the Nerve Hold.

Selma's pained screams increased by several decibels and she clawed frantically at Allison's powerful hands, trying to find some way to make the blonde release her Bear Trap grip on her shoulders. Displaying the fortitude that had almost brought her a World Title, Selma grabbed Allison's wrists and pushed up hard. The effort allowed her to get to one knee and from there it was easy enough to regain her vertical base. But before she could do anything else, Allison whirled her around, pulled the breathless brunette in close and wrapped both arms around her waist. Selma felt Allison's hands lock and she tried to prepare herself for what was coming, but then Allison started to squeeze and all her calculations disappeared in a white hot flash. Howling in pain as Allison tried to break her in half with the Bear Hug, Selma aimed several ineffectual punches at the blonde's forehead before she settled on a baser tactic.

Fighting through the anguish as best she could, Selma gripped both sides of Allison's head and dug her claws into the blonde's face. The viciousness of Selma's counter caught Allison off guard and weakened her grip just long enough for Selma to wriggle free of the python-like grip. Selma dropped to her feet and she WANTED to create some more distance between her and Allison, but the inferno in her ribs kept her from going very far. In the next instant, the blonde shook off the clawing and snagged a hard grip around Selma's wrist. Hauling her to her feet, Allison stepped back and Whipped her into the ropes.

As the smaller girl rushed towards her, Allison surged forward to meet her with a boot to the gut that Selma cold. With Selma bent over in front of her, Alli reached around Selma's torso and locked her hands. In the same motion she hauled Selma off her feet and spun her around nearly 270 degrees. Allison was less than a second from completing the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker when Selma snaked an arm around the back of the blonde's neck and clamped down tight. The sudden shift in balance pulled Allison off her feet and she was driven face-first into the mat thanks to the DDT, the brunette had been able to hit straight out of left field.

Fighting through the pain that had taken up residence in her ribs and abdomen, Selma pushed to her feet and surveyed the situation. Several feet away Allison had rolled to her knees and showed signs of regaining her verticality in rather short order. Impressed and aggravated with the sort of punishment the blonde seemed capable of soaking up, Selma flipped hair out of her eyes and muttered, "You wanna play the submission game ya lunkhead? Well you're gonna find out that I play that better than just about anyone."

Selma stalked up behind the recovering blonde and as soon as Allison had gotten her feet under her, Selma pounced. Throwing herself across Allison's back, Selma instantly locked her legs around the blonde's hips, ensuring that the former champ would have a hell of a hard time shaking her off. Riding out Allison's thrashings with as much style as she could muster, Selma leaned forward and groped around until she was able to secure a hold on each of the blonde's wrists. When she had what she wanted, the slender brunette yanked back on Allison's arms, forcing them into a wide V as she maintained the crushing pressure of the Scissors.

Cranking back on Allison's arms with as much malice as she could summon, Selma told her gasping mount, "Just in case you were wondering, this move is more commonly called a Stunt Rider Stretch, but that doesn't sound very cool to me. I wanna personalize it, but so far I haven't come up with anything better than 'the move that made Allison cry' and that doesn't really roll off the tongue either. Any suggestions?"

Shaking off the ref's inquiries of submission, Allison fought through the pain and growled, "How about the 'Fuck You and Go To Hell?!"

Smirking, Selma twiiissted Alli’s wrists even harder and replied, "Now that's cool, but there's no way Fannin will let me put it onna T-Shirt."

Despite the fire burning in her shoulders, Allison managed to taunt, "T-Shirt? I thought we were talking about your epitaph."

Rolling her eyes Selma chided, "Oh clever. Tell me, are you studying at the Sarah Michelle Gellar school of lame wrestling comebacks?"

A bit of her old confidence returned when Allison answered, "No that one was all me. Just like THIS!"

Selma was about to ask what 'this' was when Allison showed her! Locking her eyes on the nearest set of turnbuckles, Allison loped towards the corner with Selma still riding her back. When she got close enough, the blonde pulled a quick 180 and didn't stop moving until she felt Selma's back mash against the buckle. There was a loud grunt and holds on her waist and wrists suddenly fell away. Pulling free of her captor's grasp, Allison muttered, "How'd THAT feel bitcUNNNGHH!"

Selma's boots connected with the back of her head and the blonde dynamo was knocked onto her hands and knees. Hopping into a seated position on the top buckle, Selma answered, "Not too good ya muscle headed dope. Now it's your turn to answer the same question."

Drawing a bead on the back of Allison's head, Selma leapt into the void, tucked her knees up under her chin and then pistoned both boots into the back of Allison's neck with an explosive short range Missile Dropkick. The powerful blonde was propelled forward by the force of the strike before losing her balance and crashing down onto the mat!

Feeling that things were starting to fall into place now, Selma scrambled to her feet and jogged over to where Allison lay groaning and clutching the back of her head. Helping the blonde up with a stern fistful of hair, Selma marched her over to the opposite corner and WHAM drove her forehead into the top turnbuckle. Not even close to satisfied, Selma pulled her victim's head away from the thinly padded steel and mused, "That was good, but I'd like nine more tries to REALLY get it right."

Intentions made clear, Selma reared back and proceeded to smash Allison's head down on the buckle over and over again. Eventually the crowd got into it and they helped along by ticking off 'FIVESIXSEVENEIGHTNINETEN!'

By the time she reached the tenth smash, the official was starting to drone in her ear, so Selma pulled her spaghetti legged foe away from the buckles. Standing behind and slightly to the left of her victim, Selma slapped a Half Nelson on Allison's right arm before using her left hand to capture the blonde's right wrist and pull it tight across Allison's windpipe, cinching in the Cobra Clutch.

Choking as much air out of the bigger girl as she possibly could, Selma wrenched the hold back and forth as she cooed, “You thought power was all it would take to beat me? Do you realize how many idiots I've put down that thought the exact same thing? I hope by now you've realized that a little finesse will trump mindless brute strength any night of the week."

Through with her missive, Selma rose up on her toes and jerked herself down to the canvas. Both wrestlers hit the canvas hard, but Allison got the worst of it; she landed flat on her back, her unprotected head bouncing off the mat a few times thanks to the Cobra Clutch-Russian Leg Sweep Selma called 'The Sweetest Thing.' Hoping the prolonged assault on her head and neck would be enough to put the blonde down for good, Selma released the Cobra Clutch and threw herself across Allison's midsection. Hooking the far leg, she leaned into the Cradle as the zebra ticked off, 'ONE... TWO...' Allison shot a shoulder off the mat, ending the count with a second to spare.

Smacking a fist against the canvas, Selma spat, "I don't care if I have to pound every stinking inch of you Allison, you're NOT leaving this ring a winner!"

Getting to her feet, the calculating brunette slipped around her larger foe and waited for Allison to rise. As soon as the blonde's legs were under her, Selma sprinted forward and went low, driving her shoulder into the back of Allison's right knee with a hard Chop Block. Allison let out a pained cry and collapsed to her back, both hands immediately flying to the abused joint. When Selma popped to her feet a few seconds later, everyone assumed she'd continue the attack on Allison's leg but instead she grabbed hold of Allison's left wrist and took a step back, stretching the limb out full length.

Moving quickly, Selma walked around Allison's head to the right side of her body, forcing the blonde to roll over onto her stomach in the process. Dropping down, Selma planted her knee in the small of Allison's spine and neatly locked the blonde's twisted arm behind her posted knee. With both hands free to work, Selma leaned forward, grabbed hold of Allison's right thigh and pulled it towards her. When Allison's ankle was within her grasp, Selma shifted her grip and tucked the foot under her right armpit. With her left hand pressed against Allison's knee, Selma leeeaaaaned back, applying sadistic pressure to the blonde's knee, shoulder and back with the Single Leg Crab known as the Firestarter.

Bouncing up and down on Allison's squirming back, Selma looked up into the lights and asked, "You ready to throw in the towel yet Alli? Or should I pop your knee to prove I'm not fucking around?" She pulled back on the captured leg to prove her point.

Gritting her teeth to keep from sobbing, Allison muttered, "You won't stop me that easy Selma."

Selma arched an eyebrow, "You think this is EASY? Lemme tell ya something, sugah; it ain’t easy…I just make it LOOK easy!"

She was about to continue when Allison tore her right arm out from behind Selma's knee. In the next instant, the blonde had pressed both hands into the canvas and pushed herself up, which increased the pressure on her back but also gave her more leverage to work with. Staring at nothing but the ropes, Allison crawled and clawed her way across the ring even as Selma tried to rip her knee out of joint. After what seemed like forever, the blonde felt the cables under her fingers and she croaked, "BREAK!"

Unable to believe the apparently endless wells of strength Allison was able to draw from, Selma just sighed and cranked back on the blonde's leg until the ref reached 'FOUR' on his count. Tossing the wrenched limb aside, Selma got to her feet and rudely pulled Allison to hers. Taking hold of the blonde's wrist, Selma stepped in close and whispered, "I don't care how strong you are. Everything has a breaking point and I won't rest until I find yours."

Allison started to mutter a reply, but Selma just pulled away and whipped her into the buckles as hard as she could. Allison hit with a dull THUD and the force sent her rebounding back to the center of the ring in a painful, drunken stagger. Already aware of what she was going to do, Selma bounced into the ropes at her back and sprinted towards Allison. When she was close enough, Selma extended her right arm at throat level like she was going for a basic Clothesline, but instead wrapped her arm around Allison's windpipe as she swung herself in behind the blonde. Still moving at top speed with something resembling a loose Sleeper, Selma leapt into the air and both legs out behind her, becoming almost parallel to the mat for a moment, even though she was suspended a few feet in the air. When gravity reclaimed her, Selma crashed down the mat and took Allison along for the ride, smashing the back of Allison's head and neck against the canvas with the physically and visually impressive Sleeper Slam.

Moving with the smooth speed that was the hallmark of her style, Selma scrambled across Allison's chest and went for the cover, hooking both legs this time. Doing her best to force all her weight down across the blonde's abused neck, Selma nodded in time as the referee counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Allison tore her legs from Selma's grasp, halting the pin just past the two-thirds mark. Running a hand through her hair, Selma glanced down at Allison and muttered, "You're really starting to piss me off Allison. And you know what happens to people who piss me off? I fuckin' STOMP on 'em."

On that rather ominous statement, Selma dragged Allison to her feet and led her over to the most convenient corner. Digging deep into her own reserves, Selma slipped an arm over Allison's shoulder and the other through her thighs, took a deep breath and then lifted the powerful blonde up into position for a Body Slam. But Selma hadn't exerted all that energy just to Slam Allison; that would have been a waste - worse, it would have been boring. Instead, she lurched forward and slammed her opponent into the corner. Acting fast, she muscled Allison's legs over the top rope and wedged her ankles into place under the buckle, securing the blonde to the Tree of Woe.

Stepping back to admire her handiwork, Selma chided, "Hang around for a while Alli, I think you'll like what's coming." Slipping through the ropes, Selma climbed onto the top buckle and stepped down on Allison's shins, forcing the blonde to lift up in a half-assed sort of crunch that allowed Selma to smirk down into her face. Hands on her hips, Selma grinned and said, "If there's any consolation for you Allison, it should be that none of the other girls you ever face will be creative enough to come up with something like THIS!"

The last word was still coming out of her mouth when Selma leapt straight up into the air and folded her knees up under her. As she came down, the brunette pistoned her legs out straight, absolutely DRILLING the soles of both feet into Allison's chest in a sadistically innovative version of the basic Double Stomp. The impact of the blow was enough to tear Allison free of the Tree of Woe and leave her in a crumpled, moaning heap. Knowing for sure that she's put the blonde away, Selma pounced across Allison's torso and hooked the leg again. Still aghast over what he'd just witnessed, the ref dropped to his knees and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...THR' Allison got her foot on the rope and the official stopped his count.

Recognizing her mistake, Selma glowered for a moment, then yanked Allison to her feet. Leading the blonde to the center of the ring, Selma forced her to bend over and quickly applied a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Allison's waist, Selma said, "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this because I actually sort of like you, but since you insist on being Little Jane Kicksoutofeverything I'm gonna have to sound the siren."

Falling silent, Selma bent her knees and pushed up, initiating the front flip that made the Blair Raid as deadly as it was. She was almost directly over Allison's head when things started to go wrong. Normally at that point, the force of Selma's flip is enough to yank the victim off their feet, drag them over into the latter half of the flip and spike their skull into the mat. But in this case, none of those three things happened. Selma flipped all right, but when Allison was supposed to leave her feet, the blonde stood up straight and stayed rooted in place. With Selma's legs framing her head, Allison reached up with her right arm and wrapped it around Selma's thighs, holding her in place. With her left arm, she snaked it around behind the brunette's neck and pulled it around so Selma's face was nuzzled against the side of her hip. Having tied her wriggling foe in something resembling a maniac’s take on the Fireman's Carry, Allison looked down at Selma and purred, "Guess that was just a false alarm."

Before the brunette could even start to respond, Allison took three giant steps forward and sat out hard, drilling the back of Selma's head and shoulders into the canvas with a modified version of the Air Raid Crash commonly used by Jennifer Lopez to finish. Regardless of who was doing it, the move was viciously effective as evidenced by the way it left Selma starfished and glassy-eyed on the mat.

Allison on the other hand was feeling alive and alert after the stunning counter and she wanted nothing more than to make Selma suffer for the pain she'd put her through in the last several minutes. With that hardhearted goal in mind, Allison pulled Selma to her feet, took possession of the brunette's wrist and whipped her into the nearest corner hard enough to make the ring shake. As Selma's lissome frame sagged in the corner, Allison noted that both the brunette's arms draped over the ropes leaving the whole of her midsection defenseless. Then she dropped into a runner's crouch and roared forward with an explosive speed startling in a young woman with her build . As the distance between Selma and the blonde shrank, Allison left her feet and soared through the air in a high floating arc that ended with her nearly murdering the smaller grappler with an Avalanche Splash that might have been the best in the business!

Selma groaned and tried to slop out of the corner, but Allison forced her back into place with a callous little shove. Holding the top rope in her left hand, Allison leaned into Selma's face and whispered, "You tried to bash in my skull a little earlier, so I'm going to return the favor by collapsing your sternum. Enjoy..."

Pulling away, Allison hesitated for a heartbeat before smashing a hard Lariat across Selma's chest. Selma grunted and sagged a little more, but Allison wasn't through yet. Moving with scary, methodical precision, the blonde dynamo continued to pound Lariats across Selma's torso. Not long thereafter the fans realized she wasn't going to stop, so they counted along with her 'SEVENEIGHTNINETEN..' At this point a cheer went up because TEN was the recognized stopping point for things like this, but apparently Allison was bucking the trend as she just kept on bashing away at Selma's chest.


FINALLY Allison pulled away, looked into the crowd and asked, "One more?" Coasting on a wave of approval, Allison reared back and delivered a final Lariat to Selma's decimated sternum, a move the mob counted off with a gleefully screamed 'TWENTY!'

After all the terrible thrashing she'd just taken Selma's legs finally gave way and she started to slump down onto her haunches, but Allison caught her around the waist and pulled her back up. Holding the brunette in a loose Bear Hug, Allison lifted Selma’s butt onto the top turnbuckle, sat her down and then climbed onto the second rope herself. She maintained the Bear Hug as she lifted Selma, then fell backward, snatching Selma off her perch and tossing her three-quarters of the way across the ring with a second rope Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

As the ring still shook from Selma’s hard landing, Allison rolled to her feet and jogged across the ring. Even though the Suplex wasn't a finisher, she was pretty sure the brunette was done for, so she dropped to her knees and wrapped Selma up in a loose cradle. Never ceasing to be amazed by the blonde's phenomenal strength, the official swooped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Now it was Selma's turn to display her tenacity as she shot a shoulder off the mat, saving herself from defeat. Glad for the chance to punish the brunette a little more, Allison dug her claws into Selma's shoulder straps and hoisted her to her feet. Gripping Selma's wrist in an iron claw, Allison flung her into the ropes and then bounced off the ropes at her back. As she hurtled towards her adversary Allison left her feet and DROVE the point of her shoulder into Selma's chest with a Flying Shoulderblock that nearly turned the brunette inside out.

Chuckling low in the back of her throat, Allison got to her feet and offered the fans a wry smile. "It takes a great wrestler to make the basics look so good. But it takes a truly spectacular wrestler to make the complicated stuff look good. Luckily, I happen to be both."

Wanting to prove her point, Allison scraped Selma off the mat and trapped her in a tight Front Facelock. Threading Selma's near arm over her shoulders, Allison used her free hand to grab a handful of Selma's tights and with little more than a grunt, she hoisted the brunette into the air, holding her inverted directly over the blonde's head. Now most wrestlers would just fall back to complete the Suplex while some would hold the stall long enough to let the blood run to her foe's head. But Allison wasn't most wrestlers and she proved it by breaking into a loping jog that brought her to the other side of the ring. Just when she was running out of room, Allison rose up on her toes and dropped back to mat, splattering Selma against the canvas with a Running Vertical Suplex. Basking in the crowd noise, Allison rolled over onto Selma's chest, hooked the far leg and waited as the ref ticked off, 'ONE... TWO...THRNO!' Selma flopped onto her side, breaking the pin with less than a second to spare.

Mildly annoyed with the brunette's continued resistance, Allison pushed to one knee and muttered, "You tried to separate my shoulders earlier tonight Selma. You're about to find out that you didn't do a very good job."

She slid up beside Selma and before the brunette could muster a counter, looped one hand between Selma's thighs and the other around her chin. Working with frightening ease, Allison lifted Selma, draping the slender brunette across her shoulders in a backbreaking Torture Rack. Cranking down on the hold as hard as she could, Allison paraded around the ring with Selma twitching and gurgling on her brawny shoulders. Trying her best to break Selma in two, Allison remained grimly silent as she contemplated just what she was going to do to her opponent. Turning toward the entry, Allison took a deep breath and roared, "PAY ATTENTION SCARLETT!"

Hoping that she'd caught her rival's eye, Allison suddenly and violently pushed Selma up off her shoulders and let her fall toward the mat in front of her. Just as Selma's descent began to pick up speed, Allison dropped to one knee and simply waited for the small of Selma's back to make contact with the posted joint. The Over-the-Knee Backbreaker brought a watery shriek from the lissome beauty as she was bent in an upside down U by the callous maneuver. Shoving Selma off her knee, Allison got to her feet and climbed onto the middle turnbuckle. Glaring out into the sea of screaming faces, the blonde grappler proclaimed, "THERE'S NO STOPPING ME NOW!"

Hopping down from the corner, she stalked back over to Selma, peeled the wounded brunette off the canvas and scooped her up onto her shoulder. Turning towards the corner she'd just come from, Allison set her feet and then charged the steel at a dead run. When the distance between the combatants and the buckles was almost negligible Allison tossed her adversary up and forward, sending her face-first into the thinly padded buckle. The neck-snapping Snake Eyes did exactly that, whipping Selma's head back at a terrible angle before settling her down on legs that looked like they could give way at any time.

Waiting behind her prey, Allison begged Selma to turn around and when the brunette did, Allison shot forward, went low and wrapped her arms around the woozy girl's thighs. When her hands locked, Allison pushed up on one foot, spun around in a cruelly beautiful 180 degree arc and then DROVE herself forward and down nearly driving Selma through the mat with a Spinebuster that would make Arn Anderson smile. Not waiting for the ring to stop shaking, Allison folded Selma into a tight Matchbook and leaned on her raised haunches hoping to finally end the match. Fearing for Selma’s safety, the ref slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THR…NO!' Someway, somehow, Selma rolled her shoulder off the canvas, an act that brought a roar of approval from the crowd and a groan of disappointment from Allison.

Blowing hair out of her eyes, Allison grumbled, "If you think the idea of me putting you through the ring is hyperbole, I assure you it's not."

Allison pulled the brunette to her feet and slipped around behind her. Moving fast, she reached her right arm between Selma's legs and grabbed the brunette's dangling left wrist, pulling it back tightly between the penitent girl's thighs. At the same time Allison hooked Selma's right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the brunette awkwardly. Allison held this position momentarily, looking for all the world like she was about to apply some bizarre variation on the Abdominal Stretch. Instead, she pulled up with both hands, lifting Selma off her feet and up, positioning her stomach-down on Allison's shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Allison shifted her grip so that one arm was looped across Selma's back while the other held the brunette's head in place. But just as Allison was rising up on her toes to complete the Pumphandle Slam, Selma started kicking her legs furiously and the limber brunette managed to wriggle off the blonde's shoulders before Allison could crush her to the mat.

Panting raggedly, Selma ignored her aches and pains to focus on the punishment she was about to dish out to the startled blonde. After burying a heartless right in Allison's kidney, Selma reached forward, grabbed a handful of blonde hair and bent Alli awkwardly backward and stuffed Allison's chin under her armpit, trapping the helpless girl in the potentially career-ending Inverted Facelock. Holding Allison trapped in that position, Selma growled, "This would’ve finished you last time if it hadn't been for those other idiots. Now I get to put you down right."

Selma twisted her body around so that she was now positioned in front of Allison with the crippled blonde’s chin resting on the point her shoulder. Not holding this position for more than a second, Selma jumped and sat out, landing on her butt while simultaneously drilling Allison's chin into the point of her shoulder with the modified Stunner she called ‘The Whistler.‘ Allison's head was wrenched back by the viciousness of the maneuver and even more impressive, the strength of Selma's offense was enough to stand the blonde up on her toes. The crowd was eerily silent as Allison stood on spaghetti legs then simply fell flat on her back, completely at the brunette's mercy.

Running on nothing but adrenaline and rage at this point, Selma popped to her feet and let loose with a triumphant scream. She wanted to spike Allison with the Blair Raid more than anything, but given how badly the first attempt had ended, she decided it might be smarter to dig a different trick out of her bag. Glancing at the corner, Selma's eyes lit up when she realized what she was going to do next. Pausing just long enough to make sure Allison wasn't going anywhere, Blair jogged over to the corner and hopped to the top rope in a single easy motion.

Spinning around to face the ring, Selma saluted the crowd and called out, "DAMN THAT BELT'S GONNA LOOK GOOD AROUND MY WAIST!"

With no further preamble, Selma leapt out into the void and tucked her knees up across her chest. At the apex of her momentum, she wrapped her arms across her shins and leaned back. A split second later Selma came crashing down back-first with the full force of her weight across Allison's heaving chest. The Senton Splash did exactly what it was supposed to do, namely crush all the air out of Allison's lungs in a single blow. Hoping that a breathless blonde was the same as a beaten blonde, Selma flipped over, hooked Allison's legs and nodded along as the ref counted down, 'ONE... TWO... THRNO!' Allison pushed Selma out of her mount and quite frankly, the brunette couldn't believe it.

Resolving to beat Allison any way she could, Selma pulled the blonde to her feet and took a few steps back. Setting her feet, the brunette hopped forward and lashed her right leg at Allison's face THWAP catching her across the chin with another Superkick. To everyone's amazement, the blonde did NOT go down which should have infuriated Selma. Instead, she took the opportunity to deliver her next shot. Turning her back on her adversary, Selma ran the ropes and when her position was perfect, she left her feet in a short hop that ended with both feet balanced carefully on the middle cable. In an instant, she propelled herself backwards and twisted her whole body around to face Allison before snapping out her right foot and catching Allison flush across the temple with the Springboard Enziguiri that had been a staple of her offense since day one.

The ferocious blow to her head was enough to finally take Allison off her feet and even though she looked completely used up, Selma wasn't taking any chances. Heading to the high rent district again, Selma climbed to the top buckle and prepared to finish off her rival. Fighting off the urge to taunt the blonde, Selma dropped into a low crouch then jumped up in a nearly vertical leap and executed one and a half full revolutions before she came smashing down on Allison's chest with a picture perfect 450 Splash. Choking back the fire in her ribs, Selma hooked both legs and closed her eyes as the official counted off, "ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!' Allison defied the odds and conventional logic by rolling off her back at the very last possible second.

If Selma had been incredulous before, now she was downright beside herself. She leveled Allison with the 450, the Senton AND the Whistler! What the hell would it take to keep this chick down? Well, if she couldn't crush Allison into defeat, maybe she could twist her into it! Her face contorted in a sick smile, Selma got to her feet and staggered over to Allison's feet and turned around so that she was facing the blonde's feet. Bending down, Selma hooked Allison's ankles, tucked them under her armpits and then stood up. With her arms looped around Allison's calves legs, Selma called out, “Gonna make you tap now ya big blonde yutz. Or you can pass out, I really don't care.”

She pulled Allison's legs up as high as they could go, then she rolled her victim onto her belly and sat down, applying her peculiar take on the old-school Boston Crab. Selma had Allison's body bent in the vile C curve - the hallmark of the Boston Crab, but she was facing towards Allison instead of away from her. This particular inversion of the hold seemed to have no effect on the pain it caused, as evidenced by Allison's panicked clawing and slapping of the mat, not to mention the small of her back. Dropping into the deepest crouch she could while still maintaining her balance; Selma poured everything she had left into the Crab and screamed, “GIVE IT UP ALLISON! I KNOW YOU'VE GOT SOME CRACKED RIBS, YOU WANNA END THE NIGHT WITH A BROKEN BACK TOO?"

Focusing on nothing but the sound of the brunette's voice, Allison dug her hands into the canvas and pushed up. Arms trembling with the exertion, Allison closed her eyes and growled, "YOU... YOU'RE NOT STRONG... ENOUGH TO … FINISH ME OFF!" She punctuated her statement with a primal howl and started crawling her way towards the ropes.

Eyes going furiously wide, Selma tried to hold the blonde back but her positioning was such that she couldn't pull Allison away from the ropes without releasing all the pressure on the hold. Making a quick decision, Selma tossed the blonde's legs aside and scrabbled around to Allison's head. Burying her claws in Allison's hair, Selma pulled her to her knees and just started BLASTING short right hands into the blonde's forehead. Pounding Allison's face until her knuckles started to bleed, Selma screamed, "STAY DOWN! THAT TITLE IS GONNA BE MINE, SO STAY THE FUCK DOWN!" Eventually the ref started his count so Selma stopped punching but only long enough to force Allison's head between her thighs. Glaring out at the mob, Selma drew a thumb across her throat and hissed, "SOUND THE SIREN!"

Wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist, Selma bent her knees and went for the Blair Raid for the second time. But before Selma could invert her, Allison gripped the brunette behind the knees and pushed up, lifting her off her feet. Draped gut first over Allison's shoulder like a sack of garbage, Selma could only squirm helplessly as the blonde marched her to the corner. Stifling a sick, hateful laugh, Allison sneered, "Siren's too late Selma. Disaster's already here!" Rising up on her toes, Allison took two steps forward and whipped Selma forward, just SMASHING her into the buckles with a modified Spinebuster. Keeping her eyes locked on the gutshot brunette, Allison backed up til she was near the center of the ring. Dropping into a crouch the blonde whispered, "And here comes the beginning of the end."

Kicking the Allison Attack into overdrive, Allison sprinted forward and lowered her shoulder, burying the bony joint in Selma's midsection. The air rushed out of the brunette in a popping burst and as she doubled over Allison trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. Cinching her arms around her foe's midsection, Allison lifted Selma up and onto the point of her shoulder. Hands locked, Allison squeezed as tight as she could while simultaneously rising up on her heels and dropping back down, wrenching Selma's spine in a heinously inverted U the hallmark of an expertly applied Canadian Backbreaker. Allison rose and dropped down once…twice…three times! After the third vertebrae-crushing jolt, she asked, "You give?"

Trying and failing, Selma gasped, "Fuck… you."

Finding her voice, Allison cooed, "YOU’RE the one who's fucked, Selma." She bent her legs slightly and counted to three in her head before charging heading for the corner at full speed with the hapless brunette bouncing and jolting across her shoulder. Never slowing down as the distance between her and the buckles dwindled to nothing, Allison smashed her opponent's inverted and defenseless abs full force into the second and top turnbuckles, instantly driving all the air from Selma's lungs in a single agonized WHOOOOSH! Releasing Selma's waist, Allison stayed close for a few seconds just waiting to see if Selma was going to go tumbling down onto the mat. This turned out to be moot since her attack had left Selma securely strung up in the corner in some sort of face-in-the-corner variation on the Tree of Woe. Leaving Selma dangling, Allison backed up to mid-ring, took a moment to catch her breath and hitch up her trunks.

As she was catching her breath it finally dawned on her that the crowd was going crazy. With a sly smile, Allison popped a Double Biceps pose, then pointed to the helpless brunette as she told them, "What you've seen so far is nothing. Breathe now folks, you might not think to later."

Turning back to the inverted brunette, Allison sank back into her three-point stance, then charged into the corner for the second time in as many minutes. And just like before, she didn't slow down, jus lowered her shoulder and drove forward for a final burst of power, drilling the point of her right shoulder into the small of Selma's back! The heretofore quiet brunette let loose with a tortured scream and her weight finally shifted enough for her to fall free off the corner, but she hadn't gotten very far when Allison wrapped her arms around the brunette's thighs and pulled her out to the center of the ring. Holding her slender victim in the awkward position for several seconds, Allison roared with the effort as she lifted Selma back up high directly into the stall position for a Powerbomb.

Paying no attention to the fact that her rival's crotch was very close to her nose, she turned in a half circle, she rose up onto her toes, and then WHAM, drove Selma into the mat, folding her up like a matchbook as the Powerbomb connected. By this point the ref was openly cringing, he wasn't sure how much more of this Selma could take. Seeing the brunette's shoulders down, she scooted in to make the count, but then Allison voiced another brutal roar and lifted her victim off the mat.

Bringing Selma back to the stall position, Allison trudged toward the corner where she rudely placed Selma in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Releasing her grip on Selma's thighs, Allison stepped back only to BLAST a hard Palm Strike into the brunette's face, guaranteeing she would be docile for what came next. With Selma offering no resistance, Allison moved in, grabbed the brunette's head and forced her to bend forward. Placing the back of Selma's neck against her right shoulder, Allison reached forward and hooked both of her legs behind the knees. Locking her hands in an inescapable loop, the blonde grappler pulled away from the corner and took Selma with her, only now the brunette was upside down with the back of her neck resting on the point of Allison's shoulders.

Grinning from ear-to-ear as the crowd started to buzz, Allison spun around on her heel to face towards the rest of the ring and sprinted towards the opposite corner. After nearly half a dozen steps, she leapt into the air and dropped to the mat, Spiking Selma's shoulders against the canvas and nearly breaking her neck against Allison's own shoulder. Feasting on the 'HOLY SHIT' chants that had burst to life all around her, Allison released Selma's suddenly limp legs and got to her feet. Standing over the unconscious brunette, Allison saw the ref turning towards the time keeper and instinctively knew he was going to call for the bell. Darting out her left hand, she grabbed him by the wrist. Locking her eyes with the zebra, she very deliberately put her right boot on Selma's chest and demanded, "Count her down."

Understanding this would be easier than arguing with her, the ref dropped to his knees and clapped the mat, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

As the Announcer declared her the winner, Allison kept her foot planted on Selma's chest and told the official, "Get me a microphone." When she was properly wired for sound, the blonde pointed down at Selma's oblivious face and asked everyone, "Do you see that? Do you see what I just did? That's not Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan down there, that's Selma ‘Fucking’ Blair. A woman who nearly won the World Title on multiple occasions and there she is beaten and destroyed at my feet."

Turning toward the entryway and fixing her eyes on the curtain, Allison continued, "Michelle, Kristin, Billie, feel free to listen in, but this message is going out special for Johansson. You stole my title Scarlett; stole it and now it's around Billie Piper's waist. Some thief you are! I just want you to know that I'm actually rooting for you in your qualifying match against Kristin. I want you to get to that Triple Threat so I can finally wrap my hands around your scrawny, cowardly neck. Of course, if you had any guts at all, you'd come out here and face me right now, but knowing you, you're more than happy to slink around the back in hopes of avoiding the ass-kicking you've got coming. But maybe you're better than that. Why don't you come down here and prove me wrong."

There was silence for several seconds and then the strains of 'Remedy' roared to life, signaling the arrival of Allison's newest nemesis. Scarcely able to believe that Johansson had taken her up on her offer, Allison paced like a caged tigress, never letting her eyes leave the entryway. The music rolled on and Allison continued to pace... but no Scarlett. After a few more seconds, the music cut off and Allison was still alone in the ring. (Or so she thought) Shaking her head in disgust, Allison brought the mic to her lips and snarled, "I should've known bett...” BWANG! The steel chair smashed down across her back, driving the blonde to her hands and knees.

With a smug little smirk, Scarlett Johansson tossed the chair aside and said, "YES, you SHOULD have! But you didn’t, you dope!" Shoving the officials aside, Johansson grabbed Allison by the hair, pulled her to her feet and marched her over to the ropes. Spinning the other blonde around, Scarlett pulled Allison's arms wide and trapped them between the first and second ropes. Once satisfied that Allison wasn't going anywhere, Johansson stepped back, picked up the mic Allison had dropped, leaned into her face and purred, "Back when we were in England I told you I was going to take your dignity one day and I did. I took your title and it should have been mine. But before I could put those other losers in their place, you jumped me from behind and Powerbombed me through a table. Now that skank Billie has the IC title and I've got to go through Kristin to even get a shot at it. Don't you worry Alli, I'll put Kristin out of her misery. That means it's you, me and either Billie or Michelle in the Triple Threat. Frankly, I don't give a shit who walks in as champion that night because I'm walking out with the gold around my waist. And if all goes according to plan, it'll be me pinning your fat, lumpy ass to take the strap. Or even better, maybe I'll make you submit. See how long a tough girl like you can take the Scarlett Fever." A wicked smile broke out over her face as she added, "Even better, I'll just smother you out..."

She stepped forward and pressed the swell of her bikini-clad cleavage into Allison's weakly protesting face.

Deciding on the Grind as opposed to a Smother, Scarlett just laughed when Allison growled, "You wouldn't dare."

Unable to wipe the insolent smile off her face, Scarlett backed away and replied, "Allison, once you get to know me, you'll find out there isn't much I wouldn't dare to do. Take this for example..." The cocky blonde sauntered over to the discarded chair and picked it up. Holding it like a baseball bat, Scarlett didn't even give any warning before she charged forward, swung the chair in a wide arc and BWANG slammed it down on Allison's skull. Dropping the chair, Scarlett turned her back on the defeated blonde and raised her hands high.

Scarlett was about to mock the mob when Allison mumbled, "Is that the best you've got?"

Freezing in place, Scarlett turned around and saw with some amazement that Allison was still conscious, though not by much and the steady stream of blood trickling down from hairline didn't really do anything for her. Stalking towards the trapped blonde, Scarlett seized Allison's head in both hands and titled her head up so that Allison would have to look into her eyes. Licking her lips, Scarlett said, "I was going to save this for the Triple Threat, but why should I only humiliate you once when I can do it twice?"

Scarlett stepped forward and pulled her nemesis' face down into the sweaty canyon of her cleavage. The blonde’s haughty smile grew to frightening proportions as she felt Allison's mouth and nose pressing into her soft flesh, cutting off her air. The sudden lack of oxygen was enough to penetrate the fog in her brain and Allison began thrashing wildly; trying to escape the inescapable. Tightening her grip, Scarlett continued the Grind, slithering her moist mounds back and forth over Allison's face as her struggles grew weaker and weaker. After a minute, Scarlett looked down to see Allison's feet stomping weakly on the canvas - but if it was supposed to be a submission, Scarlett ignored it.

The official tried to pry her away, but Scarlett slapped him aside. Pulling Allison's face out of her décolletage, Scarlett glared down at her wounded foe and demanded, "Kiss my tits."

Her face already gleaming with Scarlett’s sweat, Allison refused a last humiliation with a mumbled, “Screw you!”

Her voice dropping to a low growl, Johansson repeated, “KISS my tits... or I'll smother you out AND THEN go to work with the chair again."

Allison was pretty sure that Fannin and the other suits could stop Scarlett before she did any serious damage, but even with one or two more solid shots from the chair, she might not be in condition to fight when the Triple Threat came around And that was something she could simply not abide.. Hating what she was about to do, the blonde leaned forward and planted a tentative peck on Scarlett's left breast. Basking in the defeat of her hated foe, Johansson demanded, “Again!" She forced the trapped wrestler to worship her for a long minute before she was satisfied and lifted Allison's head and plunged it back down into her cleavage; holding the writhing girl until unconsciousness to finally overtook her. Waiting to feel the last of Allison's hot breath on the bulging hulk of her excited breasts, Scarlett finally released her and backed away.

Running a hand over the swell of her bosom, Scarlett picked up the microphone once again and said, "That's just a sample of what I'm going to do to the rest of you on my way to the gold. I don't care who else makes it to that Triple Threat, the IC title has my name on it. And Kristin honey, I'd watch my back if I were you. If I can take out your blonde friend so easily, I'm not going to have any problem skinning a Hellcat. See you in a few weeks… bitch!"

THUMP! Scarlett tossed the mic down and left the ring, but not before giving the unconscious Allison a condescending pat on the cheek. Strutting down the aisle, she held her hands high as she preened. ‘Let the morons boo,’ she thought. ‘Sooner rather than later, I’m gonna have gold around my waist. Then they'd have no choice but to acknowledge what I’ve known for years: simply put, I’m the best wrestler walkin' God's green earth!’