Booty Queens #12: Jennifer Lopez (7/70, 5'6", 125#, 36-24-38) vs. Shakira (2/77, 5'2", 106#, 36-22-34) by Freddy Roberts

Lopez boldly wears a sexy white string bikini while Shakira chooses her tiger-stripe string outfit. In this contest, the winner must strip the loser, then facesit and spank her. Both women are rightfully proud of their posteriors and neither 'Hispanic Hotty' wants to lose this match to someone considered a rival. As typical for these 'Booty Queen' battles, this will take place on a secluded beach. Both ladies have rented beach houses where they and their entourages have been getting prepared for the match. Lopez is accompanied by her 'girls' Penelope Cruz, Daisy Fuentes , Salma Hayek and Rosie Perez while Shakira has a group of noted Lopez haters that includes arch-rival Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Cindy Crawford. Other interested parties in attendance include Cori Nadine, Serena Williams and Charlize Theron, all of whom would like nothing more than to settle their own backsides on J-Lo's face at the earliest opportunity. Others making an appearance are Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and newcomer, Hayden Panettiere.

In their prematch discussions over what outfits to wear Lopez got fed up with Shakira and said, "That Colombia bitch is going down - hard! She tells everyone she is the curviest and has the best ass. Well, that ass will soon be on display and then everyone can see for themselves it's not in the same class as MY ass!"

Shakira to her friends, "That Lopez. HAH! When I've done with that old Puerto Rican hag, she'll taste my superior butt when I squash her ugly face!"

As she discusses her strategy with her retinue, Lopez walks around in just a sheet, naked beneath as she she ponders the upcoming tough battle. Shakira will be difficult and she expects the crowd will be rooting for the younger lady. But J-Lo is ready and has resurgent confidence after beating youngster Jessica Alba rather convincingly.

Shakira nervously walks around her cottage after banishing her 'hangers-on' alone with her thoughts; knowing that a win over the former 'Booty Queen' can lift her to the very top of the unofficial 'rump rankings' in which both have always scored high.

Mariah encourages Shakira, telling her, "Hell, I beat Lopez ass and took her down. She tasted my sweet snatch and my far bigger tits - which she is SO jealous of! I can't wait to see her sprawled on her back on the beach with her so called 'fabulous fanny' on full and lewd display!"

Penelope Cruz tells Jen, "Beat her sorry ass, hon. We're all rooting for you..she's nothing but a braggart and big mouth whore. Shut her mouth with your ass!"

The two seething women are photographed in a pre-match publicity photo; both women's expressions showing their determination to win this important victory.

Both ladies walk slowly to the fight area surrounded by their crews and J-Lo calls out, "Hey big mouth; are you ready for a beating to match all beatings!"

Shakira responds, "Not from you, cow ass, I want your fat ass NOW!!!"

The ladies stand apart from each other as the anything goes match begins. The one who is stripped loses and must pay the winner $500,000 - plus she’ll get spanked and then facesat on the beach in front of all the spectators. Oh, there's also a photographer on hand to take pictures although no video will be permitted.

They are first allowed to dip into the ocean for photo and to show their bikini's off. The temperature is 98 degrees and they cool off and show off their outfits and light covering.

Shakira has a silky covering and chose a very sheer bikini. "I want to look nice when I kick her ass," says the sexy Shakira.

Lopez also has a thin white covering and chooses a skimpy bikini. "I can't wait to take it off, so I can rub my ass on Shakira's sorry face!"

At the signal to begin, the stars step forward and toss their coverings to the beach, ready to fight in bikini's. Shakira and Lopez start to circle each other, then with a loud growl, they charge into each other. Their bodies SPLAT together and tumble to the sand kicking and snarling. The early minutes are a wild jumble of back and forth action with hair pulling, scratching and hard punches exchanged.

Shakira had wanted to get Lopez off her feet, feeling her superior legs would dominate but Lopez quickly regains her feet and and forces Shakira to fistfight her. Both connect with hard punches, but neither has an early advantage until they both again fall to the sand and roll over and over.

Shakira suddenly drives her knee into Lopez's crotch and J-Lo cries out in pain! Shakira is able to get on top of Jen and goes for a pin, kneeing J-Lo in the face and slamming her head into the hard sand. Then Shakira straddles Jen's face, facing her belly.

Shakira's thinly covered ass is pressing down on Jen's face as Lopez kicks and bucks, but Shakira is on her; holding her pinned in position with her shapely ass covering Jens face. Shakira raises up quickly and yanks down Jen's bra to her belly, releasing her tits - showing the crowd her dominance, then slams her butt back down!

Jen's ample tits, perfectly formed with nice, symetrical areola and hard nipples are exposed. Shakira rips away Jen's bra and throws it to Penelope Cruz, laughing and telling her in Spanish, "There's your girlfriends bra. But don't leave, there's more to come!"

Jen is subjected to an early facesit as Shakira reaches down to maul, grope and slap Jen's tits; smacking them from side to side as her supporters howl with delight. Shakira grabs Jen's left tit and rears back, pinching Jen's nipple as she stretches the supple flesh. Using both hands, Shakira starts squeezing the entire tit, crushing it in her fists while Jen squeals and squirms.

Both women know the photos of this momen will be sold underground for thousands of dollars!

Shakira lowers her body and continues pinning Jen's arms as she arranges herself across Jen's heaving, tight belly. Looking up at her fans, Shakira sneers and SMACK, slams her fist down into Jen's tan, toned, belly hoping to knock the wind out of Lopez and then punish her. Shakira reaches for Jen's bikini bottom, grabbing the left side and trying to untie it so she can pull it off.

But Jen gets her arm free and grabs Shakira's hair, viciously yanking until she rips out a clump! Yelping in pain, Shakira is dragged off of J-Lo and after J-Lo scrambles to her feet, she drags Shakira by the hair on all fours across the hot sand. With Shakira on her hands and knees, Jen steps around behind her and WHUMP knees Shak in the groin, sending her sprawling on her belly in the sand. Jen applies a Headscissors, trapping the slight blonde as she twists her head between her thighs; her powerful muscles shutting off Shakira’s air.

As the petite blonde flops and flaps helplessly, Jen reaches out and yanks down her skimpy bikini top, then RIIIPPPPS it off. As Shakira bucks from side to side; her chest plowing parallel furrows in the sand, she heaves up and down. Jen grabs and squeezes her sweet tits, torturing the blonde’s protruding nipples.

Shakira is immobile with her head trapped by Jen’s strong legs; her head is twisting from side to side as Jen flips her over and sits down hard straddling her chest, pinning her arms under her legs as she glares down at her. Her weight advantage helps Lopez as with her ass pressing down on Shakira's belly Shak has real difficulty breathing.

Jen, topless, slaps Shakira and tells her, "Thought you’d win easy? Well, now you’ll see what an ass smother really is!!"

She moves up until her ass is inches from Shakira's wheezing mouth. Then she spins around, again pinning Shakira's arms, but this time with her broad bikini-clad ass slammed down on Shakira's face. Shakira tries to bite Jen's ass, but her face is covered by Jen's white colored bikini and when she opens her mouth she’d rather try to get a mouthful of air than Jen’s glutes. Then Jen begins to pound Shakira’s belly with hard, vicious punches…beating the last of the resistance out of the blonde bombshell.

“Don't you dare pass out, bitch!” J-Lo warns Shak. “I want you wide awake when I strip you!”

Jen feels her getting weaker as Shakira’s arms drop at her sides, her legs give a final kick and then they too fall silent. Shakira is done; knocked out by the power of Lopez’ regal booty! Jen stads up and kicks the naked Shakira over onto her belly with her face buried in the hot sand. Jen studies the sweet ass and mutters, “Very nice butt, hon. But now it’s time for your lesson."

Jen pulls down her bikini to her knees and then completely off. The crowd is amazed by the sight of her naked, sexy, ass. It’s still very tight, very curvy and round and very muscular. Indeed, Jennifer Lopez’s ass is a spectacular sight! When she sees that Shakira is awakening from her knockout, Jen rolls her onto her back, steps across her and then squats until her bare butt is just inches from the shivering blonde’s face.

Shakira begs, “PLEASE, DON’T HUMILIATE ME!" Then adds quickly, "I…I’ll dub…double the money… NO! I’ll TRIPLE it!" screams the panicky blond.

“TOO LATE!” yells Jen as she drops down and slams her butt on Shakira’s face. Jen grabs Shakira behind the knees and folds her legs back over her until her feet are tucked under both of Jen’s arms, then J-Lo bends forward and in a shocking move, BITES SHAKIRA'S ASS! Shakira cries in agony as Jen, bent on humiliation and torture, and revenge bites her ass again and again; chomping into each cheek. The pain is extreme, but nothing like what happens next!

Jen raises her arm and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK….spanks Shakira’s ass for a good three minutes, taking a break only when her hand gets too sore from the spanking to continue.

It's almost over for Shakira now as Lopez stands over her and tells her to roll onto her back, which Shakira does while Jen strips for the crowd, undoing her bottom and dropping it leaving her totally naked when she drops her fabulous fanny onto Shakira's face.

"NOF! PLEEFF…” mumbles Shakira. “Pleef dundh…"

It's to no use! J-Lo sits her famous ass on Shakira’s pretty face and grinds it all over her. In another shocking move, Lopez reaches down to gently comb her fingers through Shakira’s bush and stroke her pussy; fingering her while she forces Shakira lick her asshole.

“I want you to come in front of me and everyone here!” yells Lopez who assumes the 69 position, then starts to lick Shakira's pussy as Shakira tongues her ass and pussy. They tongue each other until first Shakira, then Jen’s body stiffens as their orgasms build to a climax. Shakira cums and orgasms, then Jen screams, "I'M COMING!!"

They orgasm almost simultaneously. Then Jen moves her ass back onto Shakira face. "Liked it, hey bitch?” Jen chuckles as she wiggles her ass on Shakira’s red face. J-Lo finally stands and plants her foot on Shakira's belly while she poses for photos. She has once again smothered out one of her top ‘booty’ contendors. Jen looks over at Beyonce and flips her the middle finger.

"Fight me next, you fat Puerto Rican piece of shit!” Beyonce screams. “I’ll put my bigger, better, black ass on your face and you won’t be getting up!”

“Let's get in on...” J-Lo yells. “Have your manager call my manager to set it up!"

Lopez won in a 'cum from behind' vote: 32-27

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