Booty Queen #13: Jennifer Lopez vs. Beyonce by Freddy Roberts

This is the most highly anticipated match in years as Lopez and Beyonce prepare for battle. They arrive for the match already wearing their respective bikini's. Lopez has switched to her standard white string and Beyonce wears a yellow string bikini. Lopez looks with disdain at Beyonce and they exchange insults.Beyonce's entourage includes Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige while Lopez arrives with stalwarts Penelope Cruz and Rosie Perez.

They set up a microphone for both to speak and Beyonce grabs it first. "Listen up, LATINA FAT ASS, YOUR REP IS IN THE PAST. I'm going to kick your big ass, then spank it right here, just like I did two years ago, remember, when you couldn't sit for a week!!!"

Lopez gets the mike and says, "Really? Well, I feel bad for you because your face will be sore from my LATINA ASS GRINDING INTO IT...WHEN IT'S OVER, YOU WILL KISS MY SWEETER ASS!!"

As they walk towards the special beach area set up for the event, both combatants arrive with the "same" bikini. Lopez looking very firm and curvy in hers but Beyonce also very round, very firm and very sexy.

Beyonce rushes Lopez and SMACK, slaps her. A wild melee ensues as Jen, Beyonce and all their assistants start brawling. Three security guards rush in to break up the melee and as they all get separated everyone knows this will be a wild one!

Both ladies make their may to their respective areas to discuss strategy with their seconds. Beyonce wants to lower the boom early on Lopez. They feel that Lopez has superior leg strength that she could use if they are off their feet. Lopez, from her training in ‘Enough’ disagrees and prefers to box Beyonce into submission.

As the bout begins, Lopez and Beyonce stand about a foot apart and stare each other down.

"Let's see what you got big ass…" screams Beyonce as she charges Lopez and Lopez and Beyonce exchange hard body punches on the beach. Lopez lands several good belly punches into Beyonce which rock her backward . Beyonce unloads a solid kick to Jen's shins that startle Lopez and Jen falls to her knees. From here, Beyonce attacks. She belts Lopez in the back of the head and Lopez falls forward, face down into the sand. Beyonce wastes no time here as Jen is hurt and writhing on the beach in pain. Beyonce sits across her lower back, pins her arms under her strong legs and sits on Jen's back facing her feet..

"Well, well, looks like I will whip your butt, just like last time!” Beyonce doesn’t undo Jen's top, which is under her massive ass, but rather reaches down and unties Jen's string bikini and whips it off! The crowd is stunned that Lopez has had her backside bared so early in the match!

Jen twists, turn and bucks under Beyonce to no avail as her struggles continue. The temperature is 100 degrees as sweat glistens off of each girl but Lopez is first to lose an item of clothing--her bikini bottom. Jen's ass is seen by the crowd as is her naked crotch as she is forced to spread her legs trying to escape the position she’s trapped in.

Jen's ass is indeed highly ranked for good reason! The photographer moves in to snap several shots of her booty. Beyonce, intent on totally embarrassing Jen, spanks her naked ass with a resounding SMACK that makes J-Lo scream out in pain. Lopez is in trouble; she's getting her ass whacked!

Beyonce has her arms pinned against her sides and Jen is in deep trouble early. Beyonce wants to humiliate Lopez and she moves down a bit almost on her lower back, reaches down and forces her fingers into Jen's asshole. Jen cries out loud, but Beyonce's move to the lower back loosens the grip on Jen's arms and she slips her right arm out and grabs Beyonce from behind by her bra and pulls it hard. Beyonce continues to sit across Jen as she is yanked backwards, finally releasing her asshole pry move as Jen squirms free..

As the match turns, Lopez had been down and out and had her bottom removed but it's now the over-confident Beyonce who has the problem!

Jen and Beyonce stand and face off. Jen boxes her silly, beating her to the punch with lefts and rights. An uppercut, then a jab to the face and Beyonce goes down. Jen pounces on her chest and uncorks a stunning elbow to her forehead which knocks Beyonce woozy. Jen tears off her bra and Beyonce's great tits with gorgeous brown nipples pop out. Jen wastes no time and grabs them, pulling on them and stretching them up.

She deliberately pinches the nipples and Beyonce squeals, "Nnooooooo! My tits, please!!!"

Jen responds, "This is for that finger job up my sore ass!"

Beyonce is really in trouble now and she's topless! Jen quickly turns her naked ass on to Beyonce's face.

"Pleeezz..." screams Beyonce. But it's too late! Jen's 'awesome ass smother' has been applied!

Lopez pins Beyonce under her ass and grinds and twists her signature ass on Beyonce's face while the crowd comes to their feet screaming, "STRIP HER! STRIP HER!"

Lopez enjoys sitting on the topless Beyonce, taking time to SLAP her tits; rocking them from side to side. But J-Lo wants a knockout before she strips Beyonce!

Beyonce's muffled cries can hardly be heard as Jen's ass, directly on her face, continues to grind her Facesit. It goes on for three to five minutes until Jen sees Beyonce's legs stop writhing and her flailing arms weaken their resistance and fall to the sand. Beyonce is out cold.

Jen takes off her top for the camera, revealing her breasts to the audience as she stands over Beyonce.

"Time for some fun!" Jen says as she gets to her feet and pulls Beyonce's bikini bottom off.

Beyonce's naked snatch is a sight to behold; a thick, lush, well-manicured black bush that gets full photographic coverage from every possible angle. Then Jen pushes her over onto her belly...

"Wow!" "Unreal!" are the reactions of some audience members at the much anticipated revealing of her tanned black ass. Jen vividly remembers the ass kicking she got from Beyonce and walks over to her friends to get a wooden paddle. She sits across Beyonce's back facing her butt and delivers SPLAT, SMACK, SWACK, WHACK, WHAM...swat after swat on her naked ass, the mounds of soft flesh rolling and rippling with each impact of the tough, wooden paddle.

Beyonce, jarred awake by the pain, screams in horror as her Sports Illustrated fabulous ass gets smacked over and over and over and over.

Her ass cheeks jiggle and jiggle and Lopez is unrelenting in the beating. Finally, arm-weary, J-Lo stops and orders Beyonce to, "Get on your back!" Jen proceeds to sit on Beyonce's breasts and tells the audience, "Now for the grand finale!" She tells Beyonce, "You'll lick my pussy until I come in your face..."

"NO!" protests Beyonce. "No...I won't...please...don't do that!"

But Lopez places her pussy on Beyonce's chin and edges up until her bare bush is on Beyonce's face. Meekly, Beyonce's tongue flicks out and she gently laves Lopez's love hole until J-Lo comes on her face. The stream of girl-cum slathers Beyonce's blushing face, but then Lopez turns around and makes her kiss her ass too.

Satisfied, Jen leaves Beyonce sprawled naked on the beach as the audience cheers her surprising victory over a woman who was considered to be almost unbeatable!

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