Booty Queens #14: Jennifer Lopez vs. Jessica Biel by Freddy Roberts

Biel arrives at the beach ranked #1 in several "most beautiful" polls as the heavy favorite. She surveys the area and waits for J-Lo who is looking fit and trim when she arrives with an angry look. "Biel!" Lopez snorts. "I will expose her ass to the world. If they never saw her naked ass getting slapped, they'll get to see it today!"

Biel chuckles, "Lopez, is…what…38? Yeah, she had the best buns for years, but when she tastes my ass, that’ll be the end of her. I can't wait to strip her and drop my #1 ranked booty on her face. I’ll not only strip the ‘famous’ Ms. Lopez, I want her to be humiliated. She won a few spanking matches lately, but I have NEVER been spanked!!"

Lopez retorts, "Biel? Sure she looks tough, but her ass will be a sight for all who’ve waited to see it. I’ll not only strip and spank ‘Ms. My Ass is Numero Uno’! And to seal the deal, I’ll make her eat me on the beach!”

The ladies decide on bikini's as the match is about to begin. Lopez chooses her signature white string outfit and Biel also decides on a white outfit. These women have exceptional bodies and Biel displays her cheeks as does Lopez.

Biel is accompanied by Brat-Diva Lindsey Lohan while J-Lo arrives with long-time companion, Penelope Cruz. It is a great matchup and Biel is very confident. "HOW COULD JESS AND BEYONCE LOSE TO THIS OLD CUNT. She was the tops at one time, but my ass will cover her face nicely...she will NOT spank me!!!!" She they ask her plan and strategy. "It’s simple...I’ll wear her out because she’s 38 and fat! I’ll take off that sorry little bikini and give her the ass whippin’ of her life! It’ll be so much worse than the beating Beyonce gave her a year ago! And by the way… as a special surprise... I’ll present several pussy hairs as a token of my appreciation for humiliating her!"

Lopez is unfazed. "Yes, I've seen photos of her and she is very sexy, but her record doesn't faze me. I've beaten and spanked better than her. I'll whip her, I guarantee it! I'll also show the world that her ass is #1 - the #1 RED ass! I can't wait to expose those fine cheeks to the crowd and then...spank 'em!"

There are some changes in the usual routine for this match. Jen decides to also challenge Biel to another stipulation in the match. The audience is shocked when Jen gets on the microphone and reveals the prize has been increased to $500,000… plus Lopez adds, "Another $250,000 for the winner if she makes the loser climax!"

Biel is quick to agree. "No problem, you fuckin' Loco Latina Ho. I'll love it when you're writhing your fat ass under me as I finger your big pussy."

Lopez responds, "Really little girl? When you spill your sorry juices on the beach I want it recorded in my photo collection. The great #1 ass in the world; beaten, spanked and...well, being my little white ASS SLAVE!!"

Biel spits right in Lopez' face and they start fighting immediately. Slapping , punching and kicking each other all at once as the nasty fight increases in intensity. Biel grabs Jen's flowing hair and pulls her down to her knees. Biel is very strong and muscular. Biel then gets Jen trapped on the beach in a move that the audience likes. She places her thighs around Jen's belly, squeezing Jen's tight tanned tummy and at the same time pulling her hair. Jen screams in pain as Biel slaps Jen's face with her free hand. Lopez is in early trouble as Biel notices a side string on Jen's top and undoes it. She pulls it and pulls it until the fabric rips apart and Jen in a tight belly straddle loses her top...

“Yee...haaa!” says Biel. “One top down, and a bottom to go!”

Jen's supple tits are seen by the crowd as Biel has her arms trapped and reaches across to pinch her right nipple. J-Lo's chest is exposed as Biel has her in a very tight leg clamp across her mid-section. Biel continues to yank Jen's hair as Jen's legs are pinned and arms are also ineffective. Biel pulls on Jen's tits and slaps at them. Lopez has perfect brown nipples that Biel quickly decides to squeeze.

Jen tells Biel, "You’ll pay for this!"

Biel just laughs and SLAPs Jen's thighs and legs. Lopez has to make a move or the pressure across her belly will make her submit.

J-Lo twists her body again and again....finally slipping out the clamp. Both girls roll around on the beach until J-Lo somehow straddles Biel’s belly; sitting on her tummy and yanking her hair as she pounds her head into the sand. Since Lopez has Biel’s arms pinned under her knees, Biel kicks wildly in her attempts to escape.

"Not so fast, bitch!" yells Lopez as she undoes Biel's white bikini top and pulls it off.

Jess's strategy to humiliate the favored Biel is starting. Biel's heaving chest is exposed under the hot sun. Jess has perfect tits, round, firm and very supple - which J-Lo pinches again and again...

Biel's sore tits are a sight to the crowd. It's hard to believe that the younger, cocky Biel has her chest pinched and smacked.

Biel is under Jen's ass as Jen continues to pounce up and down on Biel. Biel frees one hand and in a very great move hits Lopez with a solid right that knocks her into the sand holding her jaw from the shot. Lopez is in the sand on her belly as the hurting Biel approaches and tries to mount Jen. Jen quickly moves and the women are both on the sand, tossing and turning. Both naked breasts bob and bounce as they press for an advantage. Biel knees Jen directly to her crotch and Jen grabs Biel tits as they stand apart and unload on each other. The one stripped loses as both try to seek an advantage to get the bottoms off of their opponent.

Biel trips Lopez and again gets her by the hair. Jen falls to her knees and Biel straddles her across her back facing her feet as Jen is momentarily in a tight pin with Biel scratching and punching her back. Jen reaches under Lopez and yanks on her tits, pulling viciously until Lopez is in agony.

Jess laughs, "I think I'll milk your tits like a cow you are!"

The sweat pours off both gals as Biel stops the tit squeezing and tries to lower Jen's bikini bottom. Jen's ass crack is seen as she is on all fours and Biel tries to get her flat on her belly. Jen 's legs weaken and Biel sits across her neck, pinning her arms and facing her feet. Biel is across Jen's upper back and has to reach lower as she has Jen's arms pinned near her shoulders. She is able to pull the bikini half way over Jen's cheeks.

The crowd is anticipating the nudity of Jen's ass as Biel tries to get them off....Jen's luscious ass is seen by the crowd. Both ass cheeks are nearly exposed and Lopez must make a move soon or her bottom will also join her top in coming off.

Biel’s current boyfriend is at the beach with Ben Affleck - who is trying to arrange a J-Lo fight against Jennifer Garner. Lindsey Lohan and others are also in attendance, but it’s Garner - who desperately wants to kick Jen's ass - who roots the loudest for Biel while Penelope Cruz and the ‘Latina Mafia’ are 100% behind Jen.

Promotional pictures on the beach piss off Garner as they all show Ben and J-Lo together in ‘happier days.’

Garner is heard screaming, "Kick her ass, Jess! Kick that fat P-R ass!"

Lopez is under Biel with her ass half exposed. Her ass crack down to the middle of her wide booty is seen. Biel leans down to pull them down to her thighs and does so, Jen's ass is outed!! Suddenly, and with great athletic prowess, the Latina Booty Queen lifts both legs and kicks back. Her left knee hits Biel directly in the face, her lip is immediately bloody. Biel is hurt, stunned and within seconds falls over to the side ,topless and flat on her tummy.

Lopez, having escaped from the pin, tugs her bikini back into place as she studies the prone body of Biel whose gorgeous, tight and unreal ass is a tempting target. Jen quickly moves in to strip Biel as she applies a tight straddle to Biel’s lower back as she pins her arms. J-Lo makes sure Biel’s legs, which are now kicking wildly and backwards, don’t hit her.

"Now, now, Ms. Biel; it’s time for the world to see that ass!!!"

Jen moves the polka dot bikini down to her knees quickly, the crowd finally seeing the ass that has made Biel the talk of Hollywood. Her white ass cheeks are perfect. Lopez even admires the gorgeous ass of Biel. Time to pay the piper, sweetie. Lopez then does what the audience was waiting for and reveals her total butt. Jen waves her bikini bottom and tosses it to the ground

The match is over! Biel has been stripped! The crowd can’t believe the upset of the powerful Biel by Lopez. Naked, Jessica Biel pounds her fists on the sand while Lopez - who has now spanked Beyonce, Shakira and Alba in a row - stands over her in just her white string bikini and plants a foot on Biel’s tight ass; posing as the obligatory ‘victory photo’ is taken…

Then J-Lo sneers, "OK ‘Ms. Most Beautiful Butt in the World’ now it’s time for the old you know what!!!" She kneels between Biel’s legs and starts slapping her ass. SMACK after THWAP send ripples through the firm cheeks of Jessica’s butt until her naked ass glows bright red and each impact leaves a pale imprint of J-Lo's hand. With Biel’s bottom bright red and stinging, J-Lo then does a very cruel move - she bends over and BITES her...several hard, sharp bites that make Biel scream, curse and call Jen ‘an animal.’

“I want you to remember this day!” laughs Lopez while Biel, her ass cheeks slapped silly, begs for the match to end. "Are you kidding!” yells Lopez as she kicks her over on to her back. “I’ve just been getting you warmed up for my ass smother, my dear..."

Lopez lowers her ass over Biel, undoes her string bikini and drops her famous ass on Biel’s blushing face, completely covering Jess’s face. Biel bucks, squirms and kicks her legs; trying in vain to free her breathing passages as J-Lo wedges Biel’s nose in her asshole. Biel is slowly being suffocated as first her legs, then her arms fall still.

"NO! Don’t you DARE pass out on me!” screams Jen as she rises onto her knees, reaches back and slaps Biel.

But the woozy Biel is out of it, her arms limp at her sides; her legs open, feet turned out. She’s not moving. Then Jen shocks the crowd again, this time slapping Biel back to semi-consciousness demanding that she service her! Jen grabs Biel by the hair, rolls over onto her back and pull’s Biel’s red face between her thighs and locks her legs behind her head. She tells Biel to perform the ultimate embarrassment for a proud star…to eat her snatch in front of the leering crowd.

After struggling weakly between the crushing power of J-Lo’s thighs, Biel has to do it! She begins to lick Jen's sweet pussy and even reaches up to gently stroke her breasts as the grinning Jen purrs, "Nice, Biel...Nice....”

Then, with a loud cry, Jen orgasms on Biel’s face. "Lick it!” screams J-Lo and the audience is shocked when Biel’s tongue strokes up and down Jen’s slit, licking up every drop of her cum juices. Jen stands up, her naked figure an awesome sight as Biel slumps forward on her belly between J-Lo’s feet.

Biel is hurriedly covered with a sheet, then given attention by medics. Her ass is treated for the vicious bites and later, after she recovers, Jessica demands a rematch..

"I want you, I want to whip your fat ass...” she whines. Lopez just laughs as she and her Latina crew head to the ocean to take a victory dip in the surf.

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