Booty Queens #15: Jennifer Lopez vs. Charlize Theron by Freddy Roberts

Lopez has an impressive string of facesit victories over some tough competition including Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Shakira - to name just a few! Now, another competitor has stepped forward and J-Lo, the reigning champion, gets to specify the rules. Cleverly, she chose a strip match, knowing her body is far superior to Theron’s. Negotiations immediately began on a date and location for the fight.

Clearly, there’s no love lost between Lopez and Theron as these two have a long and bitter history - which is evident when they’re interviewed before the fight during their workout photo shoots!

Charlize stated flatly, “Lopez will go down,” as she tried on a bikini for the match; looking like she wanted to drop her highly rated ass on Jen’s face right then and there! “I’ll show you the ass that conquers Lopez’ face,” she smirked haughtily, turning her backside to the cameras and giving her glutes as shake.

As Charlize concludes her training, she explains her strategy. “Lopez is 38 years old and doesn’t have that tight belly anymore. I plan to weaken her belly with punches, then get her off her feet so I can wrap my legs around her neck. Next, I will , of course strip her and enjoy spanking her so-called fantastic ass. By the way, I plan on making her go down on me after the fight. I will enjoy seeing her Latina ass licking my sweet cunt. I’m in shape and my body hasn’t been better. I feel like I did in ‘Two Days in the Valley,’ when I kicked Hatcher’s ass. Well, that’s it. There were some requests from my fans and the answer is yes, I’m going to facesit her until she is out cold.”

Jen countered with all the confidence of a champion, “I’ve had some experience getting Theron naked; just wait and see, this time won’t be any different. The world will see her naked ass and then I’ll plant my booty on her face and ride until daybreak. If there’s one thing Charlize learned from her ‘friends’ at the Porn Star Club it’s how to show a girl a good time! I plan to take advantage of her ‘training’.”

And Lopez appears determined to continue her unprecedented winning streak. “Theron has a big mouth! Her record is nowhere as good near mine. I’ve beaten the best...women with far better tits and asses then hers! Do I feel confident? Damn right I do! I’ll work my abs some more and be ready. My strategy is to kick her ass, plain and simple. I especially want to work those perky little tits. Penelope and Christina both tell me they’re far more sensitive than anyone knows. I’ll twist her nipples until the cows come home!

“Sure she’s done some nudity in a few films, but so have I and I can’t wait to bare her spoiled lily white ass for the audience. There’s playing nude scenes in film and then there’s REALLY being stripped and put on display - that’s a whole different sensation. When Theron loses and is naked, I’m gonna spank her sweet ass till it’s red and swells up like a big ol’ balloon. That’s my strategy; to beat her ass and humiliate her!”

After negotiations, the location, invited guests and format are finally agreed upon after three days of intense talks. The fight will be in Jen’s back yard - New York City - the beach venue losing out to Madison Square Garden. Despite the public clamor for tickets, each contestant will be allowed to invite only fifty guests to witness the action. This means that the setting will be intimate but having her closest friends and fans witness her humiliation will really make it tough on the loser!

The rules are:
Rivals will start in shorts and bras of their choosing.
First one to be stripped loses, but…
A verbal submission is required (a Lopez requirement).
Loser must end up nude (another Lopez requirement).
Winner is allowed to humiliate loser for a ten minute time period - if she chooses.
All holds and moves are legal, including biting and gouging (Theron’s demand!).
The loser WILL get her ass spanked (mutual agreement).

Theron’s lover Sunny McKay is unable to take time away from the Porn Star Fight Club due to the press of club business, so Charlize was forced to call several of her friends to find a second. It wasn't until after a surprising number of 'turn downs' that Reese Witherspoon agreed to act as her second. Apparently the sexy Reese hates Lopez (something about an early boyfriend?) and tells anyone who'll listen that she’s eager to have a front row seat to witness Lopez’ downfall!

Lopez selects her reliable second, sexy Penelope Cruz who hates both blondes but especially Theron - who Cruz feels showed her “disrespect” when she prevailed on the director to cut their steamy lesbian love scene from “Head In The Clouds.” Cruz and Lopez have been a winning team in several consecutive fights and J-Lo isn’t about to change a winning combination. In addition, J-Lo called in another Theron bedmate, Christina Ricci (Theron’s ‘Monster’ costar). She and Cruz have given Lopez the ‘411’ on all of Theron’s vulnerabilities!

Lopez decides to wear her favorite outfit; a black bra, bikini bottom and boots. Theron does not announce her outfit but when she sees J-Lo’s she purrs, “Nice outfit Jen - but it won’t last long!”

The press conference is over, each woman’s 50 guests make their way down to ringside. The ring is regulation size and when the ladies head to the ring for the fight, Lopez’ contingent of fans set up a loud cheer, chanting, “J-LO! J-LO! J-LO!” Jen is hot right now and wants to keep her winning streak going. She drops her robe and her outfit is amazing! Her awesome ass is barely covered and her boots and tank top are both ring worthy.

Theron enters with her robe and then takes it off to reveal a sexy cream bikini. Her long, powerful legs make up most of the 3” height difference between the two contestants. Naturally, the taunting and cursing continues as both superstars head to the center of the ring to await for the signal to begin. Charlize in her sexy gold shorts and white tank top and Lopez in her black outfit set out on an epic battle. The bell rings and they meet at center ring where they start to box, circling around each other; both landing a few hard punches. Lopez gets in close and lands punches to Theron’s ribs but Theron guts Jen with a good left to the belly that makes her grunt. Then they clinch and push and shove, both trying to get some advantage.

“You old bitch, how’s it feel to have your belly punched and hurt?” Charlize asks as she pins Lopez on the ropes with her head on J-Lo’s shoulder.

Theron drives body blows into that mid-section Jen’s so proud of. With her firm belly being hammered, J-Lo is pushed back into a corner by Charlize who unloads belly shot after belly shot. Jen’s grunts echo in the hushed arena as she hunches over in in the corner, trying to bull her way out with her butt wedged int the turnbuckles.

Theron has her plan and she’s executing it masterfully! An uppercut sends shivers down Lopez’ thighs, then a good knee to the groin doubles the startled Lopez over in pain. Charlize hip-throws Jen out into the middle of the ring where she lands two more hard, breath-stealing, belly busters! Another knee lifts Jen off her feet and sends her sprawling on her back. Charlize stomps her belly and when Jen rolls onto her side, Theron kicks her in the stomach! As Lopez scrambles to all fours, Theron kicks her right between her belly button and her pussy and Lopez crumples to the mat hurt!

Charlize’s strategy is working against the Latina superstar as another knee leaves Jen holding her groin and writhing in agony. Charlize kicks Jen in the ribs to get her onto her back, then drops her ass on Jen’s tummy and pulls Jen’s arms down to her sides, trapping them under her knees. Charlize again belly punches J-Lo whose abs are bright red with visible welts from the body blows she’s taken.

Charlize taunts, “You thought you could outbox me? I don’t think so, bitch! I’m a better boxer than you are. I learned how to box for ‘Two Days in The Valley’ and I’ve been dominating the FCBA for years.”

But Lopez, who had not only learned boxing, but other martial arts as well for ‘Enough’ is pretty quick with her hands too and once she manages to get one hand free, she grabs the front of Theron’s top and pulls down, tossing her off to one side. Freeing her other hand, J-Lo punches the surprised blonde in the side of the head and as Charlize goes tumbling facefirst on the mat, Lopez scrambles back to her feet.

The two fought back and forth with J-Lo using her legs to snap front kicks to Theron’s thighs to wear her down, then sweeping her legs around to smack her instep on the sides of Theron’s thighs and the back of her calves. Realizing she’s getting her ass kicked, Theron closed the distance and wrestles Lopez to the mat. Once she had her trapped, Charlize moved up and sat on J-Lo’s chest. For the moment, Theron was back in control and she looked down at the struggling Lopez who was bicyclling her powerful legs in the air behind Charlize’s back to no avail.

From her position astride J-Lo’s chest, Charlize taunted the flailing singer, ”What happened, bitch? I’m no Jessica Biel or Alba. Your ass is gonna be mine!”

Jen fights back but her arms are pinned and trapped. Her position is in danger and Theron knows it! Charlize lifts J-Lo’s black top, then pulls it up over her face. Jen has no bra and her tits are exposed. The black shirt over her face blocks her vision and Theron leaves it there as she goes for Jen’s more than ample tits with their huge brown nipples.

Theron admits as she runs her hands over them, “Very nice tits, Jen…but did THIS ever happen to you before?” In a very aggressive move, Charlize slides back onto Jen’s tummy, then bends over and BITES her left tit! She takes the nipple between her teeth, ala Mike Tyson, then sits up and arches her back, stretching Jen’s tit to full extension before the saliva-slick nipple slips out of her teeth and SPLAT flops back onto J-Lo’s heaving chest.

Jen screams, “OH GAWD! You fuckin crazy dyke; I’ll kill you!”

“HA!” laughs Theron. She grabs Jen’s orbs and SMACK slams them together!

The crowd is in shock as Lopez’ mammaries are being yanked, twisted and pulled. Jen is flat on her back with her tits in agony and although she squirms and tries to escape, Theron will have none of it! Charlize winds up and uncorks her best punch of the fight; a hard shot directly to Jen’s nose. Her nose explodes in a splash of blood and then Theron lifts J-Lo’s head off the canvas by the hair and WHAM, slams it down on the mat! Jen is hurt, but she’s still loudly cursing Theron who wants to strip Jen totally!

Once Charlize finishes removing J-Lo’s black top, she tosses it to Marc Anthony who is in the front row and yells, “HERE’S YOUR CUNT’S TOP, MARC. THERE’S MORE TO COME!”

But with Charlize distracted by her playing to the crowd (and J-Lo’s husband) Lopez takes advantage! When Charlize turns back to J-Lo and starts to apply pressure, Jen suddenly swings her upper leg in a sweeping arc and wraps it around Theron’s head, pulling her over backward right into a leg scissors. Lopez’ dancer’s legs slam together about Theron’s head as Jen quickly twists her hips, flipping Charlize. J-Lo stretches out the prone Theron on the mat with her face wedged between J-Lo’s muscular thighs.

“Well, well; turnabout’s fair play, Missy!” chuckles Jen as, with Theron trapped in her scissors, she tears away Charlize’s tank top exposing a string bikini. Grunting, J-Lo rips that off too and Charlize’s small, firm - but gorgeous and near perfect - tits are exposed to the delight of almost everyone. They can see her perky pink nipples are at full erection from the excitement of battle. J-Lo notices and immediately seizes them, pinching with her thumb and forefinger. “Your nipples are very sweet, dear, but THIS should sour them!”

“YES! THAT’S IT…HER TITS!” screams Ricci as she leaps to her feet at ringside, clapping excitedly.

“AYE Chihuahua!,” exulted Penelope Cruz, grinning happily. “You got the puta where she lives…tear her up!!”

J-Lo pinches Charlize’s nipples as she pulls up on her breasts, using the nipples to stretch her tits as she pulls up, then snaps her wrists as she jerks down. Up and down; up and down; up and down - Jen stretches Charlize’s notoriously sensitive nipples to (and beyond) their limit! Releasing the pinch, J-Lo lets the supple flesh snap back into place. Only to rear back and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…J-Lo’s open hand whip-lashed across Charlize’s tits so fast it was just a blur! Forehand, backhand, forehand, backhand; her jiggling little milk sacs bounced back and forth on Theron’s gulping chest until tears welled up in the blondes eyes, then spilled over to stream down her red, ruddy cheeks.

“Now it’s time to show everyone that so-called ‘perfect ass’ we’re all sick and tired of hearing you talk about!!”

“Not yet, you Puerto Rican slut!” screamed the embarrassed Theron who’s head was still firmly trapped even as her breasts were being tortured. She grabbed Jen’s ass and pulled on her black thong while still trapped in her head lock. Charlize’s hand pulled the waistband of Jen’s bottom, even reaching under Jen’s bikini to scratch and claw her ass cheek. Jen’s crack could be seen as Theron mangled her bottom and actually exposed it down to the middle of her cheeks. The crowd sat in awe at the great scene unfolding before them.

Despite having her neck and head in a vise, Charlize battled on, trying to end the match by stripping Lopez. But Jen moved her neck scissors and straddled Theron, eliminating the dangerous position of having her bikini pulled down. Jen, her bikini still halfway down, reached back to hike it up as she sat on Charlize’s naked chest. Once Theron’s arms and legs were again immobilized, Jen slithered up to sit on Theron’s throat with her cunt almost touching Charlize’s gaping mouth.

Then with an athletic move, Jen reversed positions and “UNGGH!” slammed her butt down on Charlize’s belly, knocking the wind out of the blonde. Jen bounced up and down, her broad bottom driving all the air out of Theron whose naked breasts shook, jiggled and jumped with the impacts - until Jen reached back to once again pinch her nipples!

“YIIIIEEEEEEE!” Charlize wailed as J-Lo assaulted her unprotected puppies.

“How’s it feel, you blonde piece of shit? You bite my tits, so THIS is how I repay you!” Lopez violently twists Charlize’s pink, protruding, nipples and slashes at them with her open hand, brutally cuffing them left, right, left, right, left and right! Over and over, J-Lo battered the blond beauties proud, perky, puppies!

“STOP…you fat whore!” wailed Theron, her hips rolling from side to side as she thrashed her legs left and right in futile attempts to squirm free. Lopez was in the perfect position, laying across Theron’s chest with both hands free to attack her vulnerable breasts. Charlize snapped a knee up quickly and CRACK, kneed Jen in the forehead, knocking her off. Both ladies now topless and proud, struggled to their feet.

Lopez snarls, “You taunted me about boxing? Well, let’s get to it, bitch!”

Theron, groggy and sore, mumbles, “You’re on, fat ass!”

They square off and throw punches from every direction. Lefts, rights and uppercuts. Charlize is winded but tries to buy time to recover; using a long, looping jab to hold Lopez at bay. But J-Lo ignores the punches to her face, lowers her head and charges recklessly forward. She’s rewarded when Charlize’s left jab slides over her head and when J-Lo straightens up inside Theron’s extended arms...


Jen’s head catches Charlize under the chin. The blonde’s fans groan when her knees buckle. J-Lo grabs Charlize’s right bicep, twists her arm aside and WHUMP, guts her with a low right to the top fringe of her pubic hair! Eyes wide, Charlize doubles over sputtering and gagging. Lopez takes a half-step back, turns her hips and puts everything she has into an uppercut that busts Theron’s lip wide open and staggers her backward into the ropes. With Charlize wobbling on ‘queer street,’ J-Lo unleashes two more hard rights; the first pounds Theron’s left eye and the second puts her into full ‘retreat’ mode!

“Yeah! You’re mine now, you bitch!” Lopez exults as she surges forward windmilling punches.

With Lopez’ fans on their feet screaming for blood, Charlize tries to protect her face with both hands, so J-Lo simply drives lefts and rights to Theron’s sensitive tits, pounding them flat with a brutal barrage of unpadded fists. Desperate to stop the pain in her breasts, Charlize reaches up and cups her hands around J-Lo’s head to clinch …but a vicious low blow doubles her over squealing in pain. Jen grabs a fistful of Charlize’s blonde hair, lifts her head and…


A hard uppercut drops Charlize to her knees in a daze! Lopez holds onto Charlize’s hair as she brings her knee up…


J-Lo knees Charlize in the face! Theron, groggy and woozy, sways on her knees, her arms hanging limp at her sides, held up only by Jen’s hand in her hair! Jen flings Theron face down on the mat and as she lays motionless, Jen looks her over, then sits down straddling her back facing that very famous Theron behind.

“Looks like your buns belong to me now, sweet cheeks!” Jen snickers as she reaches down and unties the strings of Theron’s bikini. With slow movements designed to excite the crowd, J-Lo pulls until she bares Theron’s booty to the crowd!! The perfectly formed, smooth, round rump will be Lopez’ next target! Theron is sprawled face down, her long legs and naked body a sight to behold for the audience - though Lopez looks at it with undisguised disdain. “It’s just beginning babe!” J-Lo laughs.

As she starts to spank Theron’s naked ass, Charlize -her face buried in her folded arms - grunts with each SMACK, WHACK, SPLAT and CRACK of Lopez’ callused palm. Her grunts slowly turn to groans, then moans and finally audible sobs as the crowd - friends and enemies alike - are witness to one of Theron’s most embarrassing moments!

The naked Theron sobs, then cries, ”Please Jen, you’ve beaten me; whipped my ass; pluh…pluh…please…don’t facesit me!”

But Lopez, her hand red from spanking Theron’s ass, just laughs. ”You forget what you did to my titties? And you showed my superior ass cheeks to the photographers. Now you’re gonna pay dearly for that. You’re going to have a great view of my ass - while it’s on your very pretty face..”

Jen moves slowly over the naked Theron and stands over her as she studies her red, raw, spanked ass.

“Time to turn over, bitch!” She kicks Theron onto her back so her tiny tits and golden fleecy pubic hair are exposed to the leering crowd.

Lopez seductively lowers her black bikini bottoms and gets naked for the crowd who applaud the show as Jen slowly sits on Charlize’s chest; her naked butt cheeks overwhelming the beaten blondes modest breasts. Reaching down, Jen grabs a fistful of Charlize’s‘Golden Fleece’ and gives a brutal yank. Charlize lets out a scream as Lopez RIPS out a clump of her silky pubic hair making Charlize’s legs fly up in the air. Laughing maniacilly, J-Lo pulls, yanks and tugs tearing several handfuls of her thick, lush pupic hair from the wailing blond.

The audience cheers the vengeful Puerto Rican’s ‘pubic payback’ and J-Lo chortles, ”How’s THAT, Ms. South African big shit? How do you like having YOUR pathetic twat tortured?”

With Charlize’s resistance finally overcome, Jen moves on to the next phase of her humiliating domination. She uses two slowly stroking fingers to tease Charlize’s pussy as she slowly spreads her labia apart, then dives her middle finger in to begin stroking the blondes clit. Charlize body responds to Jen’s skillful manipulation, her long legs drawing up, then slipping down to sprawl flat and spread wide; her hips slowly rocking to Jen’s beat.

Jen wiggles two, then three fingers into the dripping cunt and Charlize can only moan softly in reply. A fourth finger stretches the tight hole wide, allowing Jen to increases the tempo with four of her thrusting fingers. It’s unreal! Jennifer Lopez, the Booty Queen, is fingering the pre-match favorite Charlize Theron toward a humiliating orgasm and Theron’s helpless to stop it!

Jen slowly backs up and squats as she looks down at Charlize’s flushed face, then lowers her ass onto the beaten blonde. Jen twists and grinds her ass on Charlize, her ass completely covering her blushing face as Charlize gasps for breath; her air stolen by the suffocating power of Jen’s incredible ass.

Finally, Charlize’s muffled voice screams...”STOP, I’LL DO ANYTHING…STOP, PLEASE” Lopez raises up off her face after a minute or two. Limp and breathless, barely able to move, Charlize hasn’t passed out - yet.

Jen smiles, ”You’ll do ANYthing? OK then, it’s time for some pleasure. MAKE ME COME and I won’t knock you out!”

Charlize wipes tears from her eyes and silently nods her agreement. She asks Jen to roll over onto her stomach and after J-Lo does, Charlize sits between Jen’s legs facing her ass. She leans forward and gently kisses Jen’s ass as she massages her back and shoulders. “Spread your legs, Jen…” J-Lo looks back over her shoulder at Charlize and smiles as she watches Theron lay down on her belly, her face buried in the crack of Jen’s ass. As Charlize starts to tongue her cunt from behind, her hands gently stroke the Booty Queen’s butt. After several minutes of tongue, Jen rises onto her knees, reaches back and pulls Charlize by the hair underneath her, turning her onto her back.

Jen 69’s Charlize with her ass planted firmly on Charlize’s face, forcing Theron to lick her pussy until Jen explodes in a massive orgasm; her body quaking as Charlize face is inundated by the cascade of juices which streams down over her cheeks and spills onto the mat!!

The audience can’t believe what they’ve just seen...the complete and total subjugation of the ‘mighty Charlize’ by the unbeatable booty of Jennifer Lopez. Jen gets shakily to her feet; her body still quivering with the aftereffects of her powerful climax. Standing, J-Lo turns and heads for the exit, leaving Theron flat on her back naked in the ring. She’s been beaten, tortured and forced to become Lopez’ sex slave. Then, just before she reaches the ropes, Lopez stops, turns and offers Charlize her hand.

Pulling the humbled blonde to her feet, J-Lo tells her, “That was the best orgasm I ever had! It was better than ANYone, man or woman, ever gave me before. Obviously your time at that Porn Star Club wasn’t a total waste!”

She steps up to Theron and cups her hands around her face, holding her as she kisses Charlize, forcing her tongue in her mouth as she French’s the beaten, breathless, blond beauty. As they engage in a long, passionate, kiss, their hands grope each others naked asses; J-Lo’s fingernails digging into the soft, pale, flesh of the defeated South African beauty’s beaten booty.

“So long, Charlize, you’re very beautiful - and you make a great seat,” laughs Lopez as she gives Charlize’s ass a pinch that draws a squeak of protest.

Stunned and awed by the way her body responded to Jen, Theron whispers, “I…I have an apartment here in New York that I use when I’m in town…muh…uhh…maybe you’d like to come over tonight for…umm…drinks?”

Jen smiles and nods, ‘Yes’. Then she and her entourage leave to join her fans at a victory party - after which J-Lo, Penelope Cruz and Christina Ricci head to Charlize’s apartment for a night of disgusting lesbian debasement and debauchery that Charlize would never forget!!

In her autobiography, Charlize would later write, “Submitting to Lopez was the biggest mistake of my life. I should have just let her smother me out. I’ll never talk about what happened that night, but it took more than a year for me to get over it!”

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