Laetitia Casta vs. Jennifer Lopez II: Revenge by technetium

Several months had passed since Jennifer Lopez brutally defeated Laetitia Casta and her French friend Virginie Ledoyen (If you missed that fight, read it HERE) but the two busty models hadn't forgotten - and didn't want to! Laetitia had to stay away from the scene to recover and her modeling career was clearly affected. She wanted revenge, since her last public appearances were humbly marked by harsh remarks about the brutal beating.

Laetitia was staying in a big hotel in New York, and was sitting the lobby reading a magazine and waiting for a taxi when she spotted Jennifer Lopez at the reception desk checking-in. Laetitia immediately hid behind a column and watched the Latina taking the lift.

When she was sure that Jennifer had gone, Laetitia approached the desk clerk and said, "Wasn't that Jennifer Lopez?"

"Yes, madam," he replied. "She'll be a guest with us for several days. Would you like me to put a call through to her?"

"No thank you. I think I'll prepare a nice surprise to her first. Please, don't tell her anything!"

The man nodded, clearly happy to have a conversation with the gorgeous French model. Laetitia noticed and decided to go a bit further.

"Monsieur, I know this is rather unusual, but... can you give me a key to her room so I can set things up for un petite affair I want to throw her? Please mon cher.....," she purred.

Her eyes were just too powerful for him to resist and he gave Laetitia a spare copy of J-Lo's keycard.

"Remember, you can't tell anyone how you got this. And you have to give it back when you leave," he told her. "Please, I could lose my job."

Laetitia bit her lips nervously, thanking him while already thinking about the punishment she would dish out to J-Lo... but she needed help and unfortunately Virginie wasn't in town. When Laetitia's taxi arrived she got in, still thinking about the following days. She went to her business appointment and for an hour forgot about her plans. Then, as she was leaving, she saw a woman coming out of a door - a woman she immediately recognized.

"Adriana! It's been simply forever since our last chat.. how are you, daahling?" Laetitia said as the women kissed the air beside each others cheeks.

Adriana Sklenarikova embraced the French model and replied, "I'm terrific. I just got a wonderful contract here. I hope that yours is good too!" she said, pointing to the door Laetitia had come out of.

"Yes, thanks, it's very good."

Adriana hesitated a moment, then said hesitantly, "Listen, I know that.. well, I mean I heard....that stubborn, spoiled Lopez gave you a quite a beating. I'm sorry for that... how are you? Recovered nicely?"

Laetitia couldn't believe her ears. Adriana was taking the conversation exactly where she wanted it to go! This must've been a sign of destiny, Laetitia thought to herself.

"I'm OK now, but inside I'd like to make her pay for what she did. And besides, I know how to do it. But the problem is, I need a partner..."

Adriana took Laetitia' hand and led her toward the elevator who's door was just opening. As they stepped inside, Adriana leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, "Sound delicious. Now, do tell me all about it. I just may be interested....."

The following day, the two models used the spare key to enter Jennifer's room and waited for her to return. Each held a blackjack in her hands and their plan was extraordinarily simple; they'd hit Jennifer, knocking her out, tie her up and then...well, they'd do whatever nasty things that sprang to mind.

The two models weren't dressed for a fight, but then their plan didn't call for one. They just needed to immobilize Jennifer.

Adriana was dressed in a simple black dress, stockings and high heels. Laetitia was wearing a red dress, nude pantyhose and red high heel sandals. The two models waited in silence, patiently, until they heard the sound of a key opening the door. Holding their breath, they prepared to strike! Jennifer closed the door behind her and walked through the foyer into her room when....

Laetitia and Adriana simultaneously brought their blackjacks down, hitting Jennifer. Laetitia's connected to Jennifer's right shoulder, while Adriana's hit her on the back of the head. Jennifer was dazed from the blows, but not completely unconscious. The two girls hesitated too long to strike a second blow and Jennifer quickly turned to her right, from where the hardest blow had come, and grabbed Laetitia's blackjack.

Laetitia shrieked in anguish, struggling to retain her grip on the blackjack while Adriana moved in behind J-Lo to deliver another blow, this one would be far more powerful than her previous one. But quickness wasn't a characteristic of the lanky blonde and her attempt was more than telegraphed enough for the sultry Latina who managed to avoid the blow which hit Laetitia's breast instead. The French model screamed at the top of her lungs, losing the hold on her grip on her blackjack that fell to the floor with a loud clatter. Jennifer didn't give Adriana time to think as she promptly exploded a hard slap that sent Adriana flying.

Laetitia remembered the beatings she'd suffered and decided that it was wiser to quit the fight while Jennifer was still busy with Adriana, who was desperately trying to crawl backward. Laetitia threw herself at the door. Holding the key she had used to enter, Laetitia opened the door and stepped out. Just when she thought she'd escaped, she felt a hand close over her mouth, stopping her running and her screaming. Laetitia tried to pull free but Jennifer slapped her other hand between Laetitia's legs, hiking her dress a bit, and started squeezing her nylon-covered crotch.

The French cutie could scream, but her laments were muted by Jennifer's hand over her mouth. Jennifer lifted her up using the crotch-claw as Laetitia dropped her keys and kicked her legs in the air hysterically. She realized this evening of revenge was about to turn into another nightmare unless she could get out of Jennifer's clutches. J-Lo dragged her back into the hotel room and threw her against the wall where Laetitia collapsed on her knees, sobbing.

Jennifer closed and locked the door, then walked over to Adriana, giving Laetitia a hard kick in the face as she passed her.

"I'll be back to you soon enough, skank, don't worry!"

When Jennifer turned around, Adriana was standing up holding one of the blackjacks. The other was one the floor behind the blonde, out of reach to Jennifer.

"Well, I don't know how that sobbing wreck convinced you to come here with her tonight," Jennifer said. "But you'll realize soon enough it was possibly the worst mistake of your life!"

"I don't think so, whore!" screamed the blonde model. "Come here and fight!"

Adriana moved toward Jennifer, brandishing her weapon over her head, preparing to inflict the most powerful blow ever landed. Unfortunately, her quickness was more comparable to a sloth than a trained fighter. With a grunt she swung the weighted weapon down and hit - nothing but empty air! Jennifer easily avoided the blow and slipped around behind her. Stunned, Adriana regained her balance after stumbling forward after her missed swing and started to turn around. That's when Jennifer hit her in the back with the other blackjack.

Adriana's weapon flew out of her hand and clattered away as she sank to her knees, babbling incredulously. Jennifer spat in her face and started hitting it with a series of quick, short and powerful kicks. She hit Adriana at least ten times before the blonde slumped to the floor almost motionless. J-Lo knew what came next, and raised her eyes with the calm of the dominator, glaring at Laetitia standing in front of her about ten feet away.

The French model was grinning though she had no reason to after all; barefooted, her pantyhose already laddered in several places, her hair disheveled, her friend brutally beat and, most importantly, her foe in complete control of the situation! Laetitia's sweet eyes were burning like two devilish balls of fire for she now held the second blackjack in her hand.

"So, are you ready for another complete carnage, skank!" smirked Jennifer, stepping towards the grunting model.

Laetitia swung the blackjack, hitting Jennifer in her left flank, but to her surprise what she received instead of a satisfying squeal of pain from Jennifer was a hard slap on her left cheek, which spun her around.

Jennifer laughed, completely unaffected by Laetitia's attack, taunting her, "Come on, try to hit me again!"

Laetitia tried another blow, this time to J-Lo's right flank, but the result was the same and as the French woman spun around from Jennifer's return slap the blackjack slipped from her hand and fell at her feet. She bent over to retrieve her weapon but Jennifer quickly kicked it away!

"Come on, grab it!" Jennifer teased. "Go on and get it!"

Laetitia went to get her weapon, but again Jennifer kicked it away, laughing at Laetitia's frustration. She gave the model a small push as she leaned over and Laetitia crumbled over, crashing to the floor with a scream of pain. Jennifer started kicking her ass, so the poor French woman's body jerked forward with every kick, unable to offer any resistance to her dominant opponent.

When she had kicked Laetitia all the way across the room to the wall, Jennifer stopped and viciously pulled Laetitia's hair with both hands, forcing the sobbing French girl over backward. J-Lo remembered how cool it had been to punch her soft belly so she lifted the model by her hair, turned her and, still holding her messy hair with one hand, punched her belly mercilessly. Laetitia could only cry, totally helpless in the grasp of the potent American. When Jennifer decided that Laetitia had taken enough punches to the belly, she started working over her crotch the same way. The effect was, if possible, more devastating on the desperate fighter.

Collapsing in a puddle of tears, sweat and saliva, Laetitia babbled, "Please, Jennifer stop, please!!!! Don't beat me again! Please, don't hit me!!! I beg you!!!"

The cunt-punching was turning Jennifer on, but to her disappointment the wreck in front of her was almost fainting.

"I won't allow you to miss this part of the night, you lurid skank!" whispered Jennifer, stopping her punching to throw Laetitia aside. "Let's see how quickly you can recover. I'll beat the shit out of the other bitch a while!"

Laetitia lay sprawled to the floor, writhing in pain clutching her battered womanhood as Jennifer turned and walked to Adriana. For a while, Jennifer stared at the scene in her room. To one side was Laetitia, embarrassingly curled up holding herself after her pathetic attempts to fight; on the other side was Adriana, one of the slowest and weakest fighters Jennifer had ever met, still unconscious. What Jennifer found totally laughable was that these two had come to her room imbued with a firm belief that they could kick her ass!

Jennifer bent over Adriana and removed her shoes, leaving on the blondes reinforced black stockings. Adriana's toenails were clearly painted red. Jennifer turned and looked at Laetitia, noticing that the French woman's were the same color. She was tempted to do something about it, but decided this wasn't quite the time; she had better things to do. It didn't take too much work to remove Adriana's dress too, leaving the sleeping model in her bra, panties and stockings. Jennifer rolled Adriana onto her back and sat on her stomach, then gently freed her tits from the lacy bra and started caressing them.

"Real of fake? Hmmmm, real or fake... is there any way to discover the truth? Hey, Adriana, they real or fake?"

The model was still in dreamland, so J-Lo's query went unanswered for the moment.

"I fuckin' hate these bitches so full of themselves they won't give an answer to normal people. Now, I'll ask you for the last time.. real or fake?"

Since the unconscious Adriana's answer was no different from before, Jennifer gave a quick glance at Laetitia and asked her the same question. The poor French woman murmured something incomprehensible, which probably to her mind was a complete answer but in her condition turned out to be nothing more than about the same as what Adriana had already said.

Jennifer was incredibly pissed off, "Two bitches!!! Two skanks!!!! I ask them one simple question and...nothing!!!! But they'll pay, now!"

J-Lo viciously squeezed Adriana's tits, making the blonde awake crying out in pain, "Ahhh, stop, stop!!! What are you doing? Why???" sobbed Adriana.

"You didn't answer me. I just wanted a fucking answer to my question bitch!!!"

"Ahhh, stop, please, I'll tell you, I'll tell you!!! What do you want to know... please stop!!!" whimpered the blonde, hovering on the edge of fainting again.

Jennifer gave her a last squeeze, then slapped her tits, almost mocking her.

"Never mind, now I know the answer... ," she said, continuing to slap the red, swollen tits.

Adriana looked at Jennifer with a perplexed expression on her face, "What the hell did you...."

But she didn't finish her sentence because Jennifer started squeezing again, screaming in anger, "They're fucking fakes!!! They're fake, you cheater!!!!"

Jennifer continued abusing the helpless blondes breasts, keeping her arms securely pinned under Jennifer's thighs. Adriana begged her to stop, but her pleas were to no avail. She was on the verge of fainting again when she heard a crash. Still dazed, she felt Jennifer's hands cease attacking her breast and realized the Latina's body had collapsed against her right side. Adriana realized her body was wet and when she raised her eyes, she saw Laetitia standing over her. On the floor surrounding her lay pieces of what until a moment ago had been a large vase full of water and flowers.

Trembling, Laetitia knelt towards Adriana, caressing her and asking, "Are you alright cheri?"

Adriana nodded, not too convinced it was the truth and rose to her knees. The two models stood up, looking down at Jennifer's unconscious body at their feet.

"We'd better do something fast, before she revives!" said the clearly worried Adriana.

"Yes, we'll do it!" answered Laetitia, kneeling to start stripping Jennifer naked.

Adriana grabbed a chair and helped Laetitia to lift the Latina's limp body onto it. They used a length of rope they'd brought with them to tie Jennifer's wrists together behind her back at the back of the chair. Then tied her ankles to the chair's front legs as well.

"Now, we're going to teach this bitch a lesson!" screamed Laetitia in anger.

Adriana caressed her girlfriends hair as she gave her a small kiss on her shoulder.

"She'll get it, but I first have to go dry off. I need a towel and to take a piss!"

"No Adriana, save some for this whore...," begged Laetitia, who was getting angrier with every moment.

"Don't worry, I'll save more than a bit!" said Adriana, reassuring her partner before heading to the toilet.

Laetitia glared at Jennifer, spat in her face and then slapped her - hard. This had the effect of slightly reviving the bound brunette.

She heard a voice from the toilet yell, "Laetitia darling, don't do anything! I want to be there to see the bitch suffer!"

Laetitia didn't pay too much attention to Adriana's request as she slapped Jennifer's breasts back and forth, muttering, "So sweetheart, you said once that you wanted to strip me. Now I decide when I strip, and this is the time!"

Laetitia peeled off her dress and bra, sensuously slithered out of her pantyhose and finally her panties. Completely naked, she raised her saucy right foot and planted it on Jennifer's lips.

"So, do you want to give me pleasure?"

Jennifer spat on it and turned he head away in disgust.

"So, you don't. Now, let's see if you'll be so stubborn after this....."

Laetitia put her nude pantyhose back on, turned her back on Jennifer, bent forward, raising her ass in the air.

"Now, you'll experience a nice ass in your face, my darling. Afterward, you'll tell me the difference between a nice ass and a skank's ass. And remember, LATINAS SUCK!!!!".

Laetitia backed up and pushed her ass on Jennifer's muffling face, covering her nose and mouth. The French woman smiled in pleasure until her expression changed and a desperate scream broke the harmony of sound. And guess what, it was Laetitia!

Jennifer had dug her teeth into Laetitia's nylon clad ass, ripping her pantyhose and biting the soft flesh beneath. A moment after that, Jennifer grabbed Laetitia's tits and started pulling down. She was in a fury and, fortunately for J-Lo, Laetitia hadn't tied the ropes properly. While Laetitia had played her small scene, Jennifer had untied herself.

Now, J-Lo attacked the French model who was in real trouble. As Jennifer pulled Laetitia's tits, J-Lo felt something wet on her fingers, it was milk from Laetitia's nipples! Hearing Adriana moving around in the toilet in a hurry to return to help her co-conspirator, Jennifer shoved Laetitia away and gave her a powerful kick in the ass. The model went sprawling on the floor on her belly, crying in desperation.

Adriana broke into the room, screaming at Laetitia, "What the hell have you done, you idiot? Why is she free?"

Adriana rushed to Jennifer, planning to hit her, but she was absolutely useless. Jennifer hit her face with a single punch that the blonde saw only when it was too late. She staggered backward and fell down on her butt. Jennifer chased her and lifted her by her nipples.

"They're fake, bitch! They're fake!!!!" she screamed as she dragged poor Adriana around the room by the nipples.

Pinning her on the wall with her arms above the head, Jennifer started driving knees to Adriana's crotch until she was in tears and her legs buckled. Jennifer held her by the wrists, preventing her from falling, continuing to pound her crotch until the blonde was a wreck. Then, she released the hold on the arms and the model pathetically crumpled to the floor, worn out.

Jennifer grabbed Adriana's blonde hair and dragged her back into the bathroom. The model revived after a couple of seconds, unable to do anything but crawl according to her tormentor's guidance. When they reached the bath room J-Lo slammed Adriana's forehead onto the toilet seat.

"You whore, did anyone tell you're suppose to flush the toilet when you're done?"

Adriana babbled something, but Jennifer quickly pushed her head inside the WC. Jennifer sat on the lap of Adriana's back, facing her ass, pumping the screaming head up and down with a simple movement of her bottom.

"Now, I think I'll flush the toilet..." J-Lo said, mockingly.

"No, please, please don't do it.. please!" whimpered Adriana in a barely audible muffle.

"Hmmm, maybe you're right. I'll do it later, now....."

Jennifer grabbed Adriana's panties and started yanking them up and down, several times, ignoring Adriana's desperate screams. After a while, the lace broke and the panties pulled away, exposing Adriana's bare bottom. Jennifer spanked it for a couple of minutes, turning completely red, before she stood up and wrapped her fist in Adriana's hair.

"Don't think I forgot about it, bitch!" she said as she forced Adriana's head into the toilet, dipping it into the dirty water for a full minute before flushing it.

Adriana sputtered and squirmed, trying to breath despite the water covering her face. Jennifer helped her a bit, lifting her so that she could gasped some air, before plunging her head down for the last splash of water. Jennifer then grabbed Adriana by the straps of her bra and whirled her around, slamming her into the toilet walls several times before the bra snapped. Adriana collapsed, totally defeated.

"Please, Jennifer, no more!" she whimpered.

Jennifer just laughed and kicked her ass, forcing her to crawl back to the bedroom. When they were there, Jennifer gave a last kick to Adriana before she returned to Laetitia. The French woman was standing, leaning with her back supported by the wall. She wasn't sure she wanted to continue the fight, but she knew that Jennifer wasn't going to kind to her if she surrendered, so she had to continue.

Laetitia waited for Jennifer to come close, convinced that Jennifer's over-confidence would play in her favor. When Jennifer was close enough, Laetitia shot her arms toward Jennifer's nude pussy, as fast as she could. But this wasn't enough: Jennifer easily stopped her, caught her arms and pinned the hands on the wall. Then, she exploded a devastating blow to Laetitia's crotch with her right knee. The model stopped struggling, flopping down in tears.

"So, do you still want to fight?" smiled Jennifer.

Not having a suitable answer on her mind, Laetitia decided to bite Jennifer's right thigh, in a desperate effort to find an exit to her situation. It didn't work. Far from affecting the Latina, Laetitia's pathetic attempt just contributed to angering J-Lo even further toward her. Jennifer grabbed Laetitia's messy hair and lifted her by it; then, still holding the hair with her left hand, she started pummeling the model's breasts with her right. The effect on poor Laetitia was immediate and shattering. She tried to cover up, but her arms were no protection against Jennifer's rage.

After a couple of punches, Laetitia screamed at the top of her lungs, "No, please, stop! Stop it!"

Jennifer stopped for a while and leaned on her right side, still holding her by the hair, Then she picked up Laetitia's panties and stuffed them in the crying beauty's mouth.

"I hate your voice, bitch!!! Shut up, now!"

Jennifer continued punching the model's breasts relentlessly, despite her muffled laments. Jennifer had fun which lasted five minutes. She was delighted at the sight of poor Laetitia suffering such a humiliating one-sided beating, her pretty melons jiggled up and down with every punch, and it was clear she was almost out.

Unfortunately for Laetitia, Jennifer timed her punching so she didn't permit Laetitia to pass out; she wanted her to be awake for the grand finale. When Jennifer released the hold on Laetitia's hair, she sank to the floor like an empty sack and rolled on her side for some time, pathetically trying to escape from Jennifer.

"You know what? I've already beaten you so badly, it'd just be boring to do it again: I know I can shred you in little pieces, and it's been very funny, but I want something different from you!"

Laetitia looked at Jennifer in total defeat, her eyes begging the Latina to stop the punishment. She tried to speak, but her panties stuffed in her mouth made speech impossible. Jennifer never heard Laetitia's begging, though she could imagine what she would have said and responded to it.

"Stop now? No way! I'll have lots of fun with you and your skinny friend!"

Jennifer knelt over Laetitia and tore a hole in the crotch of her nude pantyhose, then shoved three fingers in her and started stimulating the defeated girl's love box. Laetitia started crying piteously, knowing her opponent had her in complete control, yet she couldn't do anything except moan. In pleasure! With every thrusting Jennifer gave her, Laetitia's pubic zone became wetter and wetter until she was about to scream in a giant orgasm. But it never arrived. Jennifer stopped just before Laetitia reached the moment of pleasure, leaving the French woman babbling and unfulfilled.

"You want me to continue?" asked Jennifer looking at Laetitia.

The French model nodded frantically.

"Well, so continue yourself!" screamed Jennifer, rising up, leaving Laetitia with a difficult choice.

The model didn't think too long, she quickly brought her hands towards her crotch, trying to finish what Jennifer hadn't. Despite her wishes, however, Jennifer grabbed her hands and, smiling wickedly, she shook her head.

"You're so disgusting, bitch! I can't let you have that pleasure.. let's see what your friend can do for you!"

Jennifer used Laetitia's own bra to tied her hands behind her back, suspending for the moment any hope Laetitia had of achieving full pleasure. The French woman started rubbing her nylon-covered thighs together, frantically trying to receive some limited pleasure from it. It wasn't enough, though, and Jennifer knew it full well. She had to struggle not to burst out laughing at the sight of Laetitia squirming as she tried in vain to find some relief from the lust surging in her loins.

Jennifer went to Adriana and, after tying her hands behind her with the rope, she slapped the blonde several times to snap her back to reality. She dragged Adriana by her blonde hair over to the horny French model commanded her to use her foot to stimulate her friend's snatch. After only twenty seconds of Adriana's nylon covered toes slipping up and down on her sensitive pussy, the French tart exploded in orgasm. Jennifer laughed at the duo for now it was time for the second part of her plan.

She opened the nightstand drawer and took out her trusty, double-headed dildo. It was no trouble to get it wedged firmly and deep into the two aroused model's pussies, provoking moans of pleasure from both. Jennifer picked up her camera from the dresser and snapped a couple of photos of the moment as a souvenir.

Jennifer lifted Adriana and sat her positioned with Laetitia's feet, still encased in her pantyhose, in front of her mouth. At a harsh command from Jennifer, Adriana licked Laetitia's soles and toes with pleasure, enjoying the feeling of the nylon rasping on her pink tongue. Laetitia liked it as well, and so she held her legs in the air without Jennifer's help. Jennifer snapped a couple of more photos of the two as they fucked and sucked.

As Adriana wiggled her toes, the dildo filling her cunt turned her on and she started giving pleasure back to Laetitia by thrusting her hips in response to each thrust she received. Soon, they were humping and bucking like a couple of $2 whores, sliding their asses back and forth in perfect harmony. After taking another picture, Jennifer broke them up to set the scene for the next picture she wanted to get.

Jennifer positioned Adriana's feet on Laetitia's large jugs and the effect on the French model was instantaneous and devastating! Despite the panties filling her mouth, Laetitia started moaning so loudly she effectively managed to say something audible even through her gag.

"Go on, please. Oh, go on!!!"

In a moment, a white liquid started flowing from her nipples, dribbling over Adriana's black stockings onto Laetitia's sweaty breasts and running down onto her rapidly rising and falling stomach. Jennifer took several more pictures of this scene before moving along to the next part of the show.

Laetitia had her eyes closed in pleasure, so she never saw Jennifer approaching her, but she felt the singer's nails on her soft tits and she whimpered in fear. Jennifer removed the panties from her mouth with a sharp pull, pleased to hear the model scream as she squeezed her breast, digging into the soft orbs with her sharp nails.

Horny enough, Adriana continued licking and sucking Laetitia's feet and cunt, while Jennifer pinched and pulled Laetitia's nipples, then squeezed her beasts mercilessly, squirting Laetitia's milk all over Adriana's face and body.

"Ahhhhaa, ahhaa, nooooooooo, pleaseeeeee nooooo!!!! Stop!!" Stop it!!! Please, help me!!!!" were the only words Laetitia could utter but they were to no help.

"You skank!" hissed Jennifer, continuing milking until Laetitia's jugs were completely drained.

Adriana eventually stopped working on Laetitia's toes and slumped back, staring at the two women in front of her, uncertain what to do next.

"I want more milk!" whined Jennifer like a petulant child, squeezing Laetitia's breast firmly.

"I've got none left!" gasped Laetitia, wincing in pain.

"But I want more!!!" ordered Jennifer, mauling Laetitia's tits, pulling and tugging at her nipples.

"Noooo, please, it's over. Please no!!!" sobbed Laetitia as Jennifer went on with her pulling, deaf to her defeated opponent's lamentation.

Jennifer continued squeezing and pulling until Laetitia's boobs were totally red and deeply bruised. Only then, did she allow the exhausted model to collapse and start stomping on her tits with her bare feet until she passed out. Then, she sat on Adriana's face and smothered her unconscious as well. Jennifer rose and looked down at the two models, their limp bodies flat on their backs with their legs draped across one another, their hips still joint by the dildo. Dressed only in nylon, their hands tied behind their backs, both were totally out cold, completely trashed by J-Lo who now stood up and snapped another series of souvenir pictures from several angles.

After catching her breath, Jennifer threw on a robe and went out to get one of the chambermaid's carts they used for laundry. She wheeled one back to her room and, after removing the dildo, dumped Laetitia's unconscious body in the trolley sack. She, dragged Adriana's naked, still bound, body to the chambermaid's tools room and dumped her there, locking the door behind her to ensure the blonde would still be there when the evening shift arrived for work.

Jennifer returned to her room and rolled Laetitia in the trolley in the elevator and pressed the ground floor button. When they arrived, she rolled the cart to the main desk, tipped it over and rolled sleeping beauty out of the sack, slamming her head on the wooden desk, much to everyone's surprise.

Jennifer slapped Laetitia until the model woke up and then Laetitia's eyes widened in terror as she realized where she was. She tried to scramble on her hands and knees around behind the desk to hide her nudity from the public, but Jennifer stopped her by grabbing her hair.

"No way, skank, you have to walk out the front door of this hotel! This is MY hotel, you've invaded MY territory! If I see you here again; in fact, if I just see you again, period; I swear I'll kick your ass so bad you won't be able to walk out of any door on your skinny legs! Now, get lost, you skank!"

Her hands still tied, naked and in a complete mess, the French woman struggled to her feet and ran, sobbing and crying, toward the revolving main door, not pausing to look back. Just as she was about exit the hotel, Jennifer kicked her in the ass from behind, sending her sprawling on the pavement, the rough concrete scraping and scratching her flawless body unmercifully.

"You're so pathetic, you stupid skank!" yelled Jennifer, spitting at Laetitia as she rolled over and struggled to get up while a crowd gathered to gawk at the nude supermodel. Jennifer strutted back into her hotel, looking around the lobby and puffing out her chest, proud of a definitive victory over the pathetic French tart and her bimbo blonde buddy.

Jennifer stopped at the front desk and flipped Laetitia's keycard at the clerk. She said something to which he quickly nodded in the affirmative, then she went over and got on the elevator. As the elevator doors closed behind her, a tall, leggy blonde seated in the lobby uncrossed a pair of incredible legs, put down the newspaper she'd been hiding behind and strode confidently to the desk clerk who was still open-mouthed and breathing hard after the amazing scene that had been played out before his unbelieving eyes.

"Wasn't that Jennifer Lopez?" the blonde purred, touching her fingers lightly to the desk captain's quivering hand.

"Yes, madam," he replied. "She's been a guest with us for several days. Would you like me to put a call through to her? Who shall I say is calling, your face looks very familiar?"

"Theron, Charlize Theron," the blonde said breathily. "But no thank you. I just thought I recognized her. Before I call on her I'd like to prepare a nice surprise first. You see, the last time we were together she took these photographs of me," she said holding up a plain brown envelope that the desk clerk noticed was addressed to 'C. Theron, bitch!' "And I just wanted to tell her what I thought of them. So, please, don't say anything about me being here. But you could be a precious dear and do me just one slight little tiny favor..."

The man swallowed hard and nodded, clearly excited to have an opportunity to put this luscious young woman in his debt.

"Certainly Ms. Theron. Whatever the hotel can do to make your visit more memorable."

"Well," Charlize said, leaning over the desk to whisper conspiratorially. "I know it's a rather unusual request, but... if you could just let me borrow a key to her see, I want to surprise her with something."

The clerk rolled his eyes as his shaking hand reached into the desk drawer and produced a keycard.

"I'll need this back before you leave. I hope 'the bitch' gets whatever she deserves," he sighed as he slid it across the polished wooden surface of the desk.

Charlize smiled as she put it in her purse, winked and nodded confidently, "I'm sure she will. Thank you."

As Charlize Theron walked confidently across the lobby and got into an elevator, the desk clerk picked up the house phone and dialed a number. When it answered he said, "Just as you expected, 'the bitch' is on her way up. Give her what she deserves. Oh, and I want copies of the pictures when you're done."