Kidnapped! Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes by Blizzard

"Damn, it's snowing hard!" moaned Michelle as her eyes strained to prevent being mesmerized by the furious snowfall illuminated by the rental car's headlights. It was a downright blizzard.

"Try low beam, Michelle. They say it's better during a snowstorm," suggested the passenger, her cast mate from 'Dawson's Creek', Katie Holmes.

"Are you sure this is the way to the resort?" asked the blonde driver with a hint of uneasiness. "They haven't even plowed this road yet, and we haven't met a car for a long time!"

Katie fumbled with the overhead courtesy light, finally switching it on and unfolding the road map for the umpteenth time.

"I think so.....but......," she mused.

"But WHAT!" snapped Michelle as she gripped the steering wheel tight and peered over it nervously, trying not to focus on the heavy snowflakes intent on hypnotizing her.

"Well...........maybe we shoulda stayed on the interstate. These little maps are a pain in the ass to understand," answered the slender 5'8" brunette.

Michelle groaned, corralling her temper for the time being and concentrating on staying on the snowy road. Their 'get away' ski weekend in northern New England wasn't going as planned. They'd flown into Boston and rented a car for the weekend, heading north brimming with anticipation. It hadn't been snowing when they left Boston, but then again it was another world where they were headed. Apparently they were taking the 'long route', thanks to Katie's navigational incompetence. They were in the middle of nowhere at the moment.

Katie flicked off the light and stared forward, "There's got to be another town up here somewhe....LOOK OUT!"

Michelle locked up the brakes as a huge moose suddenly appeared in the road ahead through the blinding snow. The car immediately went into an out of control skid, sliding past the moose and barely brushing it as it continued in a sideways skid through the snow bank at the edge of the road. As the two actresses screamed in horror, the car slid down the road embankment and came to a halt buried in the three foot deep snow drift. The solitary bull moose nonchalantly plodded through the snow behind the car and disappeared into the dark woods, unconcerned by the close brush with eternity.

"Holy shit!!!" exclaimed Michelle, her body trembling. "Are you O.K?"

"Yes.....I think so," responded the brunette as she looked out the front windshield into the snowy wilderness. "My God, Michelle, what are we gonna do now?"
"We got any beer left, Skeeter?!" asked Bud as he flew down the snow covered road with one hand on the wheel of the pick-up, tuning the radio with the other.

"Yup," answered Skeeter with a toothy grin as he cracked open a can, raised it and took a healthy swig. "This un' here!"

"Peckerhead!" snapped Bud as he shot his buddy a nasty look.

The two men drove along through the storm for several moments in silence. They'd been down at the local Moose Club, drinking beers and pulling tickets for an evening's worth of fun. They'd lived in the area all their lives and the heavy snow falling and covering the road was no big deal for them.

"I'm tellin' ya Bud," piped up Skeeter, breaking the silence. "Like I said before; in a real fight my girl Teri Hatcher would kick that Charlie Therrien's ass!"

"Bullshit, Skeeter!" snarled Bud. "Charlize could whip that little bitch raw! And her name is CHAR-LEEZ THEE-ROAN, not Charlie Therrien you dumb ass. Charlie Therrien sharpens mower blades and chain saws down the Hornpout Road."

"Oh yeah, that's right..," said Skeeter, taking a hit off his beer.

"Whoops.....Whadda we got here, Skeeter?!" exclaimed Bud as they came upon Michelle and Katie huddling beside the road and waving their arms to attract attention. "Looks like a coupla them college gal snow bunnies!"

The two girls jumped up and down excitedly as Bud slowed the truck and edged over to the shoulder.

"Some bitch, Bud. That's them two chicks on 'Dawson's Crik'!" said Skeeter excitedly.

"So it is.......," marveled Bud as the truck slid to a stop beside them. "I didn't know you watched that show. You better lemme do all the talkin' so's you don't skeer 'em."

Bud rolled down the driver's side window and stuck his head out at the girls, "Hiya ladies.......Got trouble?"

"Our car's off the road!" explained Michelle, motioning behind her. "Would you please pull us out?"

Bud glanced at the slab taken out of the snow bank where the car left the road, shrugged and said, "Four wheel drive's busted. We kin give ya a lift to town if you'd like. Get Fred Dupuis on the horn and he'll come out with his wrecker and yank ya out."

"Great, thanks!" said Michelle. Then she glanced toward the embankment where her car was and said, "What about our skis and stuff......?"

"Nobody'll bother it out here, hun," Bud said. "Hell, most everyone's home chucking wood in tha stove."

Skeeter piled out of the truck into the accumulating snow and tipped his cap to the ladies as they squeezed into the middle of the bench seat. He slithered back in and yanked the rusty truck door shut with a rusty squeak as Bud started back up the road. Bud instigated small talk, learning all about Michelle and Katie's ski weekend plans before he finally revealed that he recognized them as actresses. They verified his statement, hoping he wouldn't start acting like a star-crazed lunatic fan.

"You guys have TV up here?!" asked Katie insultingly.

"Oh hell yeah! We've got a satellite dish that pulls in all kinda shit, which would include your show," laughed Skeeter.

He was dressed in quilted overalls and a red and black checked wool jacket and Bud was dressed pretty much the same. The girls realized they were in the presence of a couple of good ol' boys, but at least they were being nice and helping them out of their predicament.

"You girls bein' actresses and all," spoke up Skeeter. "Maybe you kin settle a argument me an' Bud was havin'. Now, in a REAL fight, who wins - Teri Hatcher or .....Char-leez Thee-roan?"

Michelle and Katie looked at each other in astonishment and rolled their eyes. This was.......odd.

"Charlize would kick her ass!" piped up Michelle.

"There ya go!" agreed Bud with a grin as he slapped Michelle's thigh and glanced over at Skeeter with a smirk.

"No way," argued Katie. "I've met Teri. She seems like one tough lady. I say she can beat that big blonde bimbo."

"We think alike!" exclaimed Skeeter, patting Katie's leg and looking at her with a goofy grin that made her cringe.

The truck ambled down the slippery road, the occupants silent as Jerry Jeff Walker drifted from the speaker, singing about Sangria wine.

Eventually, Bud broke the silence, "All I know'd sure tickle me pink ta see it."

He looked over at Skeeter and raised his bushy eyebrows as he nodded toward the two girls. Skeeter looked at him with a blank expression initially, and then as if a light came on in a dark room, he smiled and nodded.

"Why don't you dig tha dash, Skeeter," Bud said. "Show these poor girls where'n they are so's they kin get headed back the right direction when they get back on the road," he concluded giving Skeeter a slow nod.

As Skeeter opened the dash, Michelle glanced at the instrument panel of the truck and noticed a '4WD' symbol glowing orange.

"I thought you said your four wheel drive was broke," she said to Bud. "So, how come the light's on?!"

Just then Skeeter pulled a short barreled .357 magnum out of the dash and casually pointed it at the girls, "It only works once in a while. Same's us."

"What the hell is this?" shrieked Katie in fear as she nearly jumped onto Michelle's lap.

"Calm down, girls," said Bud firmly. "We ain't gonna do ya no harm. We just wanna see a tussle 'tween ya."

"Fuck off!" screamed Katie irately.

"Shut up!" hissed Michelle, jabbing her brunette friend in the ribs. "Don't piss 'em off!"

"Yeah, don't piss me off!" mimicked Skeeter with a leer as he waved the pistol under Katie's nose.

"You won't get away with this!" she growled, glaring at Skeeter. "I'll see you both in jail!"

Skeeter howled with laughter, "Shit, honey. I bet they cook a helluva lot better down at the jail than ol' Bud here. An' I know fur a fac they get Cinemax on the TV's down there."

Michelle grabbed Katie's leg and squeezed it, a hint for her to pipe down. They had to obey for now........until an opportunity presented itself to escape.

'Keep a cool head, Mish.' she thought.

"I told you I didn't wanna fuckin' come up here!" snapped Katie at the blonde. "I can't believe this shit is happening!"

Michelle's dagger stare temporarily silenced the brunette, who glumly stared at her feet as she quietly whimpered.

Soon the snowfall began to ebb and, as Bud downshifted the truck near a small woods road, he announced, "Welcome to Catfight Cabin, ladies!"

He grabbed low gear and the truck plowed up the road through the fresh snow, the antenna slapping snow laden softwood limbs hanging over the road and plopping snow across the windshield and hood. Bud precisely guided the truck up the private road for about a quarter mile until the forest canopy opened up to reveal a large log cabin surrounded by assorted piles of snow covered junk and wrecked cars. Shangri-La it was not. The truck dieseled and shook briefly before belching out a sharp backfire when Bud turned the key off.

"Get your asses inside," he ordered as he climbed out of the truck into the deep snow.

Skeeter hooted as he jumped out of the truck and stepped back, scratching his head through the top of his cap as he trained the pistol on Katie and Michelle.

"You heard the man.......git inside!" he bellowed.

The two young women slid out of the truck and were hustled up the steps onto the front porch. A bluetick hound, shackled with a chain, wandered out of a shoddy doghouse and plodded over to the guests where he immediately buried his nose in Katie's crotch and snorted, forcing a scream from her.

"Duke likes ya!" exclaimed Skeeter with a guffaw. "He's sure got a nose for good pussy!"

The brunette trembled, sniffling as she and Michelle were ordered inside the cabin.

"Sit over there." ordered Bud as he lit a gas lamp. "You watch 'em, Skeeter."

Michelle and Katie sat on a tattered couch as Bud lit a few more lamps, bathing the cabin in soft light. He opened up the pot bellied cast iron stove and stirred up the coals left over from the fire that had been burning when he and Skeeter left earlier. Soon, he had several birch logs blazing and crackling inside the stove.

Slipping out of his wool jacket, he said, "We'll let it warm up a touch before we git to the fun."

He went over to a gun rack hanging on the timbered wall and pulled down a single shot, 12 gauge shotgun, checking the chamber to make sure it was loaded. Then he moved across the room and plopped down in a wooden chair next to the cluttered table. With the shotgun cradled under one arm, he grabbed a nearly full bottle of bourbon from the tabletop and watched the girls as he swilled from it. Skeeter joined him, sitting nearby and picking up his bottle of vodka from beneath the chair.

Both men downed their booze as the two actresses watched them in silence. Katie's fear was obvious...she was softly crying and terrified by the mess she was in. Although she was frightened as well, Michelle disguised it skillfully as she tried to comfort her delirious friend. She was carefully taking note of her environment, searching for anything to aid her in ending this nightmare. With two firearms pointed in her direction, however, now wasn't the time for heroics.

"Toss that big maple chunk in the stove, Skeeter," said Bud as he slammed his bottle down on the table. "Let's git the show on the road!"

"Yeah!" cheered Skeeter as he sprang from his seat and fed the log to the hot stove, then returned to his seat and rolled up the sleeves of his flannel shirt, his eyes dancing as he gazed at the two young women.

Bud motioned toward Michelle and Katie with his gun barrel, "Get up."

Michelle got up and had to lift her blubbering friend to her feet. She held Katie firmly about the waist a she looked at Bud.

"I want you two girls to strip each other........reeeealll slow. Down to your undies," he said slyly.

"God-damn! A WWF bra and panty match!" hooted Skeeter arousedly.

Michelle sighed and turned to face her emotional cast mate. She took her by the shoulders and looked up into her teary eyes. With a solemn nod, she reached for the front of Katie's red silk blouse. The brunette suddenly grabbed Michelle's wrist and shook her head vigorously.

"Katie.......," said the blonde soothingly. "We don't have any choice."

The tall, dark-haired girl began to sob as her friend slowly unbuttoned the front of her blouse, exposing a deep red, satin bra. Michelle gently took Katie's wrists in her hand one at a time, unbuttoning the blouse cuffs. She tenderly squeezed the girl's hand and then slipped Katie's blouse off her shoulders, guiding it off her arms and then tossing it onto the couch.

"Step out of your shoes," whispered the blonde.

Katie looked down at her with a quivering lip and slipped her shoes off. Michelle used her foot to kick them aside, then slipped her fingers inside the front of the brunette's jeans and started to unbutton them. Katie whimpered as she unfastened her jeans and unzipped the fly, running her hands around the girl's hips as she loosened her jeans. The denim slowly slid off Katie's hips and down her long legs with a little coaxing from Michelle.

"Yahoooo!" screeched Skeeter with a wide eyed expression. "I LOVE red panties!"

Katie stood in front of the men with her red satin thong revealed. Bud chuckled as he raised the bourbon bottle to his mouth and took another shot. Once Michelle had Katie's jeans off, she stood back up and held her arms out away from her hips. She gave the frazzled brunette an understanding look and nodded for her to begin stripping her.

Katie finally grasped the bottom of the blonde's knit sweater and pulled it off over her head, causing Bud to squirm in his chair when he saw Michelle's sheer white bra and the erect nipples clearly visible through the cups. Katie sniffled as she worked at the button on her cast mate's canvas pants, finally freeing it and swiftly yanking them down Michelle's legs and off. Both men let out a catcall as they gazed at the blonde's full ass and dark pubic patch through the sheer white bikini panties. After a stern demand and more reassurance from Michelle, the two girls were forced to kiss. Katie's emotional state was deteriorating quickly and her shoulders shook as she sobbed after locking lips with Michelle.

"Now, you tall skinny whiner," demanded Bud devilishly. "Kiss that darlin' blonde pussy."

"I'm not kissing her pussy, you fat shit!" protested Katie but Michelle sank to her knees and slowly pressed her lips into the soft satin covering her friend's mound.

She gently kissed it, pausing to look over at Bud, then kissed it again as Katie gasped, "DON'T" and stared down at her in disgust.

"Shut up, Katie," snapped Michelle. She looked back at the men and rose to her feet. "Did you like that, you fucking woodchucks?!"

"Oh yeah!" buzzed Skeeter, beside himself with delight.

"That's enough lovin' for now........there'll be more of that later," announced Bud. "Now you girlies are gonna fight for me 'n Skeeter."

Katie's terror bubbled over and she began sobbing uncontrollably, covering her bra with her arms folded over her chest as Michelle embraced her and tried to calm her.

"Keep it together, Katie," Michelle whispered. "We'll put on a show and then, I promise, I'll get us out of here."

"What the hell are you two talkin' about?" asked Skeeter suspiciously.

Michelle suddenly gave the brunette a firm shove, sending Katie stumbling backwards and crying out.

"I just told her I was gonna kick her bony ass!" she growled.

Both men's reddened, intoxicated eyes lit up as Bud yelled excitedly, "My money's on the blonde!"

"I'll take that tall brunette!" countered Skeeter.

Michelle stepped toward Katie, who looked at her in disbelief. The dark-haired girl yelped as her friend suddenly grabbed her long mane and yanked her toward her, sending her stumbling across the floor until she tripped and went down on her hands and knees with a shriek. The blonde pursued her whimpering friend and planted a foot on Katie's ass, kicking her face first to the floor. Bud howled with pleasure as Skeeter frantically shouted encouragement to the brunette.

"Strip her!" yelled Bud, taking a quick slug from his bottle.

His overalls became increasingly tight as his pecker stiffened as Michelle used her foot to roll Katie onto her back, then plopped down on the distraught brunette in a schoolgirl pin.

"Don't!" pleaded the panic stricken brunette as she grabbed Michelle's wrists and looked up at her through her puffy eyes.

"Lemme tell you what the stakes are here at the Catfight Cabin," announced Bud, his speech beginning to slur. "Winner gets ta walk outta here - loser stays and becomes me and Skeeter's little teddy bear!"

"Yeah!" added Skeeter delightedly. "One with a fuzzy pussy I can call my own!"

Rage suddenly welled in Katie's eyes and she abruptly hammered a punch into the side of Michelle's face, knocking the blonde off her to the floor. Katie scrambled to her feet as Michelle rubbed her jaw and moaned as she lay on her side. Without hesitation, Katie rammed her heel into Michelle's gut, jarring her into convulsions. Michelle groaned and clutched her belly as she looked up at the brunette with a look of utter shock on her cherubic face.

"What the ...shit...are you....doing?" she gasped.

Katie answered with a brutal heel strike to Michelle's pussy, eliciting a sharp yelp from the battered, agonized blonde.

"I'm getting out of here, Michelle! I'm not gonna be their fucking whore! That's a job more suited to your talents!"

The tall dark-haired girl, revitalized by the prospect of freedom, grabbed a handful of Michelle's golden mane and hauled the gasping girl to her feet. Skeeter howled with pleasure as he watched his girl ram her knee into Michelle's belly, folding her at the waist. Michelle remained bend over, wheezing and clutching her gut.

"You....stupid bitch!!" she grunted between breaths. "They're not...gonna...let you...go!"

"They will if I win!" snarled the brunette as she stepped back to measure her cast mate for another kick.

Michelle watched her, still bent at the waist and suffering, but suddenly with a building animosity toward her naive 'friend.' As Katie drew her leg back to deliver a kick labeled for the blonde's head, Michelle sidestepped and caught the leg at full extension as it flew past inches from her side. Michelle held Katie's leg securely, staring into her eyes as Katie bounced on one foot briefly before Michelle gave a mighty yank and sent the brunette to the hard floor with a THUD.

Bud and Skeeter were acting like they'd just won the lottery, inhaling their booze and cheering as the two actresses engaged in heated battle for their perverse amusement. Michelle unleashed her fury on the flattened brunette, straddling her and windmilling slaps to Katie's face, snapping her face back and forth as she cried. Michelle was on fire, and once the blonde's switch was thrown, it was prudent to get the hell out of her way.

Unfortunately for slender Katie, getting out of her way wasn't an option. The little blonde powerhouse plunged her hands into Katie's mane, spun her around and began dragging the squealing, kicking brunette across the dirty floor on her back. She finally yanked the overwhelmed girl to her feet with her back to the two men and drove her knee deep into Katie's taut belly. The brunette's eyes bulged and her mouth opened in a breathless grimace before she collapsed to her knees. She toppled forward until her forehead bumped on the floor between Michelle's feet.

"C'mon, baby!" lamented Skeeter with a pained expression. "Your pretty panties is all grubby! Hit that bitch!!!"

The fire blazing in the wood stove was fully engulfed and the temperature in the room was pushing 90 degrees or more. Both girls showed the effects from the sweltering heat with perspiration covering their half dressed bodies. Michelle dropped to one knee and grabbed Katie's mane, pulling the groaning girl backward over her outstretched knee. She jammed her left elbow into the brunette's pubic bone as she pressed the heel of her right hand under Katie's chin. Applying excruciating pressure to the backbreaker hold, she soon had Katie quivering and screaming for mercy.

"Think you're gettin' out of here now, bitch?" hissed the blonde as she exerted severe pressure upon Katie's arched back. "You aren't going anywhere!"

Katie screamed out as she languished in the paralyzing hold. With her head bent back, she desperately and blindly reached for the blonde, her groping fingers finding one of Michelle's bra cups. She frantically clawed at it until the cup pulled down and her tit flopped out over it. Katie's fingers felt the soft fleshiness of Michelle's breast and attacked it; clawing and gouging savagely. Michelle shrieked as her tit was tormented, unwilling to release her backbreaker.

"Uh oh....," mumbled Bud as he witnessed Katie's counter-attack.

"That's it! Git her, baby!" screamed Skeeter. "Tear that tittie off'n her!"

Michelle retaliated, lifting her left elbow and driving it into Katie's pubic bone. The brunette's feet left the floor and her tit attack instantly stopped as she howled in agony. She was dropped on the floor, landing face down and sobbing; her hands thrust under her clasping her cunt. The brutal blonde mounted her on her knees and pulled her left arm out from under her body, grasping the elbow joint and painfully folding it behind Katie's back in a chicken wing. Michelle snaked her free arm under Katie's throat and cinched a chokehold around it as she lifted Katie's face off the floor. The dark-haired girl was defenseless and in bad shape.

"I...always were a......barbaric....SLUT!!!" gasped Katie, sweat rolling down her face.

Michelle's face wore a nasty smirk as she released the holds and smacked the back of Katie's head, bouncing her face on the floor like she was dribbling a basketball. She unhooked the dazed brunette's bra and wrestled it away from the weakly struggling girl, drawing cheers of pleasure from the two horny spectator's. She stood up holding the now topless girl by her hair and dragged her to her feet. She turned Katie around so her back was to the couch, then grabbed her by her bare breasts and squeezed. Katie whimpered sharply as the blonde ratcheted up the pain in her tits.

"And I always knew you were a gutless pussy!" snarled Michelle.

She freed up her right hand and unloaded a hard right cross that grazed Katie's chin as the brunette defensively jerked her head back at the last second. The tall girl staggered, stunned by the grazing blow. Michelle's punishment, combined with the unbearable heat from the nearby wood stove, had totally drained her and she wavered to and fro on wobbly legs, her arms dangling useless at her hips. The little blonde confidently tipped back her opponents head with a finger under her chin.

"Sweet dreams, baby!" Michelle hissed, then drilled Katie's chin with a devastating punch that sent her sailing backward onto the couch where she landed in a seated position, her chin on her chest and legs spread - out cold.

"Yes!" celebrated Bud as he jumped to his feet and looked over at a dejected Skeeter. "My girl beat yours like a rented mule, jes like Charleez Thee-roan would whip ol' Teri Hatcher!"

Skeeter gazed at his fallen princess sadly, then tilted the bottle of vodka up and drained it while Bud brandished the 12 gauge and stepped toward Michelle.

"In there, my queen!" he ordered, motioning the barrel toward the adjacent doorway.

He staggered behind Michelle as she nervously entered the bedroom. He forced her to lay face down on the hand-hewn cedar log bed while he grabbed a pair of handcuffs from a dresser drawer and cuffed her wrists around one of the bedposts at the head. Using a couple of lengths of rope, he bound Michelle's ankles splayed wide to posts at the foot of the bed, leaving her legs open and her body vulnerable. He turned on a small table lamp which cast a soft, yet ominous, glow in the room.

"I hope you're comfy, honey pot," he slurred as he patted Michelle's upturned fanny. "Your prince will be back in just a minute."

"Bastard!!!" growled the struggling blonde.

Bud chuckled and staggered back into the other room. He glanced over at Skeeter who was collapsed in his chair.

"Skeeter!" he hollered, and Skeeter lurched and mumbled incoherently.

Bud shook his head in disgust and went over to the unconscious Katie. He lifted her limp body up and slung her over his shoulder, uneasily stumbling back to the bedroom carrying her. He tossed her on the bed beside Michelle face down and lashed her to the bed posts in similar fashion as he had Michelle while the blonde cussed wildly.

"Wheewww!" Bud sighed as he staggered back and leaned against the wall, catching himself. "I do believe I'm shit-faced! Pretty soon I'm gonna have some of your sweet honey on my face, though!"

He weaved back to the table where Skeeter lounged in an intoxicated slumber and screamed, "Skeeter!!!"

Then he flopped into his chair and tipped his head back.

"We got two of the...sweetest piece's of tail......we'll the bedroom........ an'..... you're..... friggin'...... passed out," he groaned just before passing out himself.

Michelle lay on the bed, searching for any means of extricating herself from her bondage, but finding none. She waited for the nightmarish arrival of the two slobs, but soon she distinctly heard two different pitched snores coming from the other room.

"Thank God...." she sighed.

A few minutes later, Katie began to stir as she slowly awoke from her unconsciousness. The brunette grunted and her limbs began to struggle, finding themselves secured to the bed.

"What the fuck?" she mumbled.

When Katie turned her head to the side, she saw Michelle staring back at her. She opened her mouth to speak but was abruptly cut off by the blonde.

"Don't say a fucking word, you cunt!" hissed Michelle angrily.

Eventually, the exhausted, frightened girls couldn't keep their eyes open any longer and they both dozed off. It was dawn when they were both awakened by the baying of the hound dog outside.

"BANG!!!" came the report of a shotgun blast, causing both of them to shriek.

Then they heard the front door slam and the sounds of footsteps as someone entered the cabin.

"What the hell are you shootin' at, asshole!!!" screamed Bud, who had been sound asleep when Skeeter fired the gun from the porch.

Skeeter kicked the snow from his boots and whined, "That son of a bitchin' coyote was back nosin' around the chicken coop! Didn't you hear him Duke?!" whined Skeeter.

"No!" growled Bud. "But I sure as hell heard that 12 gauge!"

From inside the bedroom, Katie started another hysterical whimpering fit, blubbering to Michelle, "W...what are w...wee gonna do...dooo?"

The blonde shot her an icy glance, "'Don't say a goddam word' still applies today you sniveling bitch! Shut the fuck up!"

Bud rose from his chair and stretched his aching back as his head pounded from the prior evening's drunk fest.

"Get some coffee boilin'.........make yourself useful!" he barked at Skeeter. "I'll go get our lil sweethearts."

He grabbed the pistol from the table and shuffled into the bedroom.

"Mornin' girls!" he greeted them lewdly.

He freed Katie and made her free Michelle while he cautiously watched with the pistol in hand. The two scantily clad actresses were marched into the main room as Skeeter began perking some java.

"Look," whimpered Katie unashamedly. "Let us go, please. We'll never say a word, I promise!"

"Darlin'," answered Bud, "me and Skeeter didn't get to have our fun last night. But my fuckin' head's pounding like a drilling rig right now. I think I'll put some coffee to me while I watch you two girls go another round. You do want a rematch, don't ya skinny girl?!"

Katie burst into sobs once again as Michelle sighed and looked over at Skeeter, "Can I please have something to drink first? Do you have any water here?!"

Skeeter grabbed two plastic cups and filled them under the faucet which moved to Michelle to ask incredulously, "You've got running water here?"

"Hell yes!" answered Skeeter proudly. "Whaddya think, we a coupla hillbillies or sumpthin'?"

The blonde rolled her eyes as he handed the cups of water to them. They gulped it down, savoring the cool liquid as it entered their parched bodies. A few moments later Skeeter and Bud were back in their chairs, enjoying their coffee.

"Get it on, girlies!" commanded Bud with a wave of his hand.

Katie moaned, seeing no escape from the horrific nightmare. Michelle's mind raced as she took notice of her surroundings, searching for a weakness in Bud and Skeeter's armor. Skeeter now had taken possession of the pistol which he thrust in front of himself at Katie.

"My trigger finger's gittin' itchy again........go on baby, get your revenge!"

Both girls stepped back and faced one another, their eyes locked in an intense stare-down. Katie was hell bent on revenge, and since this second fight was being forced on her, her mind concentrated on getting it. Michelle had seen the brunette's true colors the night before; dishing out another beating to the spineless bitch was going to be a pleasure. Their eyes flashed anger simultaneously and they slammed together, grabbing the other's hair and commencing a grappling hair-pulling contest. The men cheered as they shrieked and struggled back and forth across the floor. Katie freed up a hand and suddenly sunk it into Michelle's crotch, brutally clawing and raking the tender flesh as Michelle howled in anguish; stunned by her dirty trick.

"Now I've got you, bitch!" hissed Katie as she yanked Michelle's hair.

The dangerous blonde glanced down at her foe's feet and abruptly stomped down with her heel, forcing a scream from Katie's lips. Another heel stomp broke Katie's crotch claw as she hopped bellowing in pain, her hands hold her raised foot. Michelle slammed a hand into the brunette's silk covered mound, administering her own pussy claw. Katie yelped as the blonde roughly abused her womanhood as she shoved her back against the wall. The brunette pried at Michelle's wrist, desperately trying to break her grip, but Michelle persevered, and even used her other hand to inflict damage on Katie's bare breasts, gouging and squeezing them sadistically.

"Please!!!" begged the brunette between shrieks. "Stop!"

Bud hooted and hollered as he watched the smaller blonde dominate the brunette.

"Dammit! My girl is 100% sissy!" groaned Skeeter, ashamed of Katie as if he'd selected her from a thousand eager candidates instead of lucking into even meeting her by chance.

Michelle was relentless with her punishment, determined to destroy her traitorous cast mate. She let go of Katie's abused pussy and ripped a punch into the girl's belly, knocking the wind from her as Katie's torso lurched forward, her mouth twisted in a frozen gasp with her tongue protruding.

"Pathetic bitch!" snarled the blonde, delivering a heavy backhanded slap to Katie's face that staggered the overmatched girl.

Michelle pulled the whimpering brunette away from the wall and cracked her face with another backhand. Katie was staggered across the room toward the couch under a relentless barrage of fore- and backhand slaps until she tottered on failing legs, nearly out on her feet.

"The skinny skank's done fur, Skeeter!" crowed Bud as he saw the brunette wavering with her chin on her chest.

Michelle stood confidently before her battered costar, watching her struggle simply to remain upright. When Katie's legs could stand no longer, she moaned and began to collapse only to be caught under the arms by the blonde who held her slumping body in a firm grasp. The blonde wildcat grunted as she turned her limp foe around, grabbing her by her hair and the back of her panties as she dragged the lifeless brunette to the couch.

Katie's panties were wedgied deep in the crack of her ass as she tip-toed until, with a heave, Michelle tossed her forward, draping Katie's limp body over the back of the couch. Katie emitted no sound as she neatly folded over the top of the tattered piece of furniture, her ass jutting provocatively in the air pointing at the drooling men - out cold!

Michelle smirked as she looked at the destroyed girl, then casually grasped the waist of Katie's wedged panties and peeled them down to her knees. Hearing the men's gasps, she turned to face them and planted her hand on a cocked hip with a coy smile.

"You boy's do alot of dirt roadin' around these parts, do you?!" she asked.

Then licking her index finger seductively, she slowly circled Katie's asshole with it as the guys breath caught in their throat.

"You wanna go for a cruise?!" she asked them with a wink.

Bud and Skeeter were mesmerized by the wondrous vision before them. They jumped out of their chairs and ran toward Katie, their eyes locked on her bare, inviting ass. Michelle stepped aside and as Bud neared her she shoved him hard, sending him staggering off to the side. Before Skeeter could react, Michelle hit him low with a shoulder tackle, knocking him to the floor. His head smacked the hardwood floor, stunning him! The pistol he had been holding skittered across the floor. The blonde swiftly scrambled over to it, scooped it up and leveled it at the quickly approaching Bud's groin.

"One more step and I'll blow your balls clean off, asshole!" she hissed.

Bud halted and nervously folded his hands over his privates as Skeeter struggled to get to his feet behind him. The blonde ordered them into the bedroom to retrieve the handcuffs from the bed, then snatched them out of Bud's hand and marched them out onto the front porch.

"Down to your drawer's, boys," she ordered with a menacing brandishing of the pistol.

"Aw come on!" protested Skeeter, but his protest ended with a whimper when Michelle cocked the pistol and glared at them malevolently.

They stubbornly stripped to their tattered boxer's, commencing a shivering fit in response to the crisp winter air. Putting the men on either side of a heavy vertical cedar support pole for the porch roof, she made them face one another and put their hands around the other's back. Using the handcuffs, she cuffed them around the pole to each other, in a perverted hug.

"You don't mind if I borrow that piece of shit truck, do ya?!" she asked.

"You can't leave us here! We'll fuckin' freeze to death!!!" sputtered Bud.

"Don't fret, douche bag," snapped Michelle. "We'll be back with the sheriff soon."

Then she went back into the cabin and got dressed. Gathering Katie's clothes, she piled them on the couch beside the unconscious brunette, shoving the pistol under one of the cushions.

"I oughta leave your bare ass here, you pitiful bitch!" she spat.

But with a resigned sigh, she pulled the limp girl into a seated position and eventually got her up over her shoulder. She stood up, her hands groping and squeezing Katie's ass cheeks as she adjusted the load until it was balanced. Picking up Katie's clothing with her free hand, Michelle staggered through the door and out onto the porch with her near naked cast mate's body draped over her shoulder. Duke's chain rattled as the hound padded across the porch and began to lap at the brunette's face as it dangled within reach at the back of Michelle's knees.

"See you soon, boys!" announced Michelle as she carefully descended the steps and headed for the truck.

She opened the creaky passenger door and flopped the unconscious brunette onto the seat, tossing her clothes on her chest and slamming the door. Michelle walked around and climbed in the truck, fired it up with a thick puff of blue smoke and spun it around in the snowy drive, disappearing into the woods as she headed for the main road in a spray of gravel with the horn blaring.

"Lordy, Skeeter........the boys at the Moose Club are gonna bust our balls for this!" moaned Bud.

"Ta hell with them!" snapped a shivering Skeeter. "What about all them bad-ass motherfucker's at the State Pen?!!!"

After a few moments, the two cuffed, chilled rednecks heard Michelle accelerate as she hit the now plowed paved main road. They struggled in vain, having no way of escape without the handcuff key which Michelle had left in the bedroom. Skeeter looked at Bud with a sheepish expression.


"What?!!!" growled his angry buddy.

"I gotta piss!" groaned Skeeter.

"Skeeter, if you piss on me I'm gonna cut yer...AAAARRGHHH!!! YOU ROTTEN SON OF A bitch!!!"

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