Catfight Mania #2 (Part One) by Canadian Lou
Lou Dipi sat anxiously in his office, awaiting the numbers for Catfightmania; it was his brainchild, even though it was...liberally...borrowing ideas from other sports. Finally, his new assistant entered the office with a sealed manila envelope.

"About fucking time," he huffed as he snatched the letter and tore it open. His eyes scanned quickly, hoping to get the gist of the memo. "Yeah...looks like it worked," he grumbled as he tossed the paper into the trash. "It worked," he repeated as he rose from his chair. "Sweet hell, kid, it worked!" he screamed. "The numbers are fucking fantastic! We pulled in the biggest goddamn audience this sport's ever seen! Do you know what this means? Do you?"

"That...we're going to do it again?" the assistant meekly replied.

"You're goddamn right we are! Only it's going to be bigger and better than before. I want a roster, I want a phone, and I want some fucking peace and quiet!!!"

The assistant scurried out of the room on a quest to find the list of eligible competitors. After a few minutes, the assistant returned.

"What'd you do? Get lost? Give me that!" He began to peruse the new document much like the old one, hoping to attain the most information in the shortest amount of time. "What the hell is this?"

"Those are the competitors ineligible, sir."

"Ineligible? Why the fuck are they IN-eligible? No one’s ineligible to me! I'm the fuckin' pioneer of Catfightmania! I'm a fuckin' genius in this fuckin' industry the likes of which no one has ever fuckin' seen!"

"Well, sir," the assistant began, hoping flattery would cushion the blow. "...because your idea was SO successful, ah, there appears to"

"Huh? Competition? How is there ANY fuckin' competition? How can any one or any territory compete with ME after this?"

"Their main event, sir."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, Mr. Hughes - you do remember him, sir? It seems you vowed a few years ago to put him out of business; ruined his credit; sued him for merchandise rights and finally bankrupted him. You remember?"

"Of course I remember my good-for-nothing brother-in-law," Lou chuckled.

"Well, he has been acquiring the rights of women who we have...less than ceremoniously dismissed."

"Such as...?"

"Do you remember when ‘Dawson's Creek’ was canceled?"

"Yeah, and those two talentless whores STILL expected the same salary. Ingrates!"

"Well, he signed them both. And remember when Nicole Kidman said that she wanted to do ‘The Hours’?"

"Of course, she wanted to wear that ridiculous plastic nose. I guess I told HER where to stick that damn thing."

"Yes...absolutely, sir. Well, Mr. Hughes signed her too. Now he’s got one of the most talked about matches booked."

"What are you babbling about?"

"He's created his own card, calling it ‘Catfightcade’. It's headlining Katie Holmes vs. Nicole Kidman...sort of a...heh-heh...Tom Cruise main event."

"Get out!" Lou whispered. "Get out!" he shouted, throwing his lamp in the direction of his frightened assistant. Once alone, he began to think. "How the hell can I put on something to top that? I'd need to give them the only thing that could generate more heat, but that would be Jolie and Theron for the title. I can't just thrust that up there without any build, can I? I know they almost went at it at the first Mania, but the money and the effort to put this on would be astronomical. Maybe I can...I don't know...convince Rose to take a rematch? That should generate interest...Rose vs. Charlize II." Lou picked up the phone and began to dial. "Rose, it's Lou..."

"What the hell do you want?" Rose snarled.

"I'm doing another Catfightmania, and I was wondering..."

"How dare you! You ungrateful bastard!"

"What?" Lou whimpered pathetically.

"You set me up last time...promised me an easy win...promised me support. You DO remember what I got don't you?"


"I got fucked! That's what I got...literally! That psycho Amazon out-humped me in a sexfight. No one has ever...EVER...done that! You actually think I can show my face in your territory again? You set me up, you let me think that she couldn't take it, and in the end I got a face full of South African ass. So no, I don't want anything to do with that.

"Besides, Hughes offered me a nice spot on his card with that Barton chick from 'The OC' and the thought of toying with her is a lot more enticing than getting my ass kicked by some nut job in your cavalcade of sluts."


"Rose? Rose.....? Shit!"

"Didn't go so well, sir?" his assistant asked, peeking in through the door.

"Get your ass in here."

"Yes, sir?"

"Ugh...I need our marketing people on the phone. I need an ad blitz for this show."

"Do we have a main event?"

He knew what it had to be. "I think so. Let me make a call."
The Champ's On Line One:

"Charlize,, it's Lou."

"Oh, hello Lou," Charlize answered warily.

"Listen, champ, I'm doing another Catfightmania and I want you at the top of the card. What do you say?"

After a pause, Charlize appeared to agree, saying, "Anyone but Jolie."

"Why is that? She's the number one contender and you're the champ. You crushed Rose, and a lot of people think she's the next Angelina. I mean, you REALLY stuck it to McGowan, how much harder could it be to do the same to Jolie? And how much fun!"

"Did you see what that psycho did to Cam Diaz? Did you? She fucked her silly with that insane dildo thing. I'm not letting THAT anywhere near me - or that crazy bitch it's attached to!"

"What if I could bar her from using it in the match?" Lou suggested, grabbing at straws. "You know, threaten to disqualify her or something. She doesn't care about YOU, I mean, it's not personal. She just wants a title shot. All you need to do is go in there and not lose. You don't need to win to keep that gold, just avoid the loss. She's the challenger, she has to beat you. You hang on for a draw and you keep the belt. It's all on her shoulders. Come on, sweetheart, silence those critics and bounce her ass back to the UN."

"You need to guarantee she won't get that thing anywhere near me, Lou! I swear, I'm not about to be violated in front of an audience. Oscar time is coming up and I want to be in prime position for a nod again this year."

"Yes, and by the way, congrats on the Golden Globe nod. Just think what a win over your rival would do for the voting? I can't tell you how many votes you'd get after they see you posing over of Angelina."

"That is a good point. If you assure me there'll be no dildos or anything weird, I'll take the match…plus you double my salary AND give me a piece of the gate."

Lou nearly fell out of his chair, but he didn't have much of a choice in this situation. "Ab...absolutely, sweetheart."
Devil With The Black Panther On:

As the phone kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing, Lou was getting more and more nervous. "Come on, pick up, pick up, pick u..." Just then the phone clicked and there was someone on the other line.

"Hello?" the sultry feminine voice purred.

"Angelina, babydoll! Hi, it's Lou, Lou Dipi."


"I was wonder..."

"I'm busy, get on with it."



"You and Charlize for the world title at Catfightmania 2."

"Lou, I'd kiss you if you didn't look like a toad."

"Uh...but there's a stipulation..."

"I don't do stipulations, Lou, you know that!"

"If you don't take the stipulation, Charlize won't face you."

"Let me hear what the cunt asked for."

"Funny you should use that term...heh...uh...because...she wants your plastic prick banned for the match."

"What does that mean, Lou? That I can't use the Black Panther on her? Is that what you're saying?"

"Yes. You're making me slightly uncomfortable, so just agree and we can move on."

"Oh Lou, does the thought of me...thrusting...that long, thick, black dildo in your precious champion make you a little on edge?"

"Of course it does! She represents a lot of revenue - of course, so do you, sweetheart. But a match-up between you two could be the pinnacle of this sport. All she wants is a guarantee that you won't try to...uh...pen...pen..."

"C'mon Lou, you can say it...penetrate...her."

"Yes, that. Just don't do that to her with your thing and we're all OK. Do you agree?"

"Let me ask you this; under the table-of course. When I beat your blonde little 'Amazon' and I strip her of her precious title ...after your little zebra referee rings the bell, THEN can I go to my corner, grab my Black Panther and fuck the livin' shit outta her?"

"I'm not officially answering that question. To condone such an action would put me in professional jeopardy. Unofficially however - and you didn't hear this from me - her stipulation was you couldn't use the Black Panther DURING the match. You win and you can pretty much have your way with her after the bell rings. AFTER...we clear?"

"As crystal, Lou! Now hang up the phone and make me a nice card, because I need to be inspired to top all of the matches, and I can't do that without a nice, solid, rock hard card. Can you do that, Lou?"

"Yes...yes I can." (Click) "Damn!"
Filling Out The Card:

Hillary Duff was finally eighteen. She had waited years for a chance to be a breakout movie star, and being eligible to compete in catfights assured her an opportunity to get noticed for major roles. Now, finally "legal," Hill was anxious for her first chance to fight. But when she walked into Lou's office she felt like a mouse standing in front of a lion. Lou looked up from his papers and emotionlessly signaled for her to sit. He was busy on the phone, negotiating a deal that would bring the Intercontinental Champ Eliza Dushku to “Catfightmania 2” for a match with Britney Spears. Once he got his assurance, he hung up the phone and turned to the jailbait waiting for his attention.

"Speak your mind, dear."

"Thank you, Mr. Dipi," she said as she tried to sit as seductively as possible on the chair. However, due to her significant inexperience in that area, it was incredibly awkward. Lou noticed that and tried his best to suppress laughter.

"Not a problem, kid, but you know the rules, eighteen or your out."

"But I am eighteen, sir." Lou was furious that his assistant had not mentioned this to him, and he made a note to have a serious conversation probably leading to a serious firing.

"You are? Excellent. People have been waiting for a few years to see you get that tight little body into the ring." Hillary shifted uncomfortably, not used to being talked to in such a frank manner.

"Yeah...thanks. Anyway, I have an opponent in mind."

"Really, sweetheart? Who would that be?"

"Paris Hilton!"

Lou let out a hearty cackle, "You gotta be kidding me."


"Paris is a top draw; a marquis name. No offense, but who the hell are you? Your television show drew the underage and under-valued crowd and I couldn't fill one of your movies if they were giving away free blowjobs. But I tell you what, you say you wanna piece a Paris? OK, I'll give you the next best thing. She's got some 'actress' she keeps as a sorta pet, Tara Reid. You can fight HER…and if you beat Tara, MAYBE I'll give you Paris someday. Do we have a deal, pink panties?"

Hillary realized that in her attempt to sit seductively, she was giving Lou line-of-sight of her underwear and-instantly embarrassed-she snapped her legs closed. "It's a deal, sir."

As she was walking out, Katherine Heigl walked in - actually, she stormed in screaming. "Lou, I want a title shot!"

"And I want a nice glass of whiskey and a foot massage, but we don't always get what we want now do we?"

"Look at what I've done out there. You wanted me to fight that McAdams chick? I crushed her…twice. Bledel? Crushed her too. Come on Lou, I basically run this place. All I want is some gold. Give me Charlize. Lemme tit smother that over paid cunt!"

"HA! Sorry Kitty, but she's got Angelina on her plate…and judging by box office and awards, you ain't no Angelina!"

"Then give me Eliza! Bring her in and I’ll Chokeslam her into retirement."

"Sorry, she's gettin’ a piece o’ Britney Spears."


"Hey, Britney's hot again…beat Elisha Cuthbert. Ever since, Brit’s been parading that blond around and using her as her sex slave. Now THAT commands attention. What have you done lately?"

"I face-fucked both McAdams and Bledel - at the same time!"

"Yeah, nice language, Kitty. The only major title out there now you're ineligible for, that being the Cruiserweight belt. You ain't no Cruiserweight…more like a battleship actually"

"Shit Lou, you’re killing me here. Hey, what about the tag belts?"

"You're only one person, Kitty. The tag champs been undefeated for…what…eight years? Eight years! You know how long that is? They are feared. Besides, last I checked they're in Japan or something."

"So? Get their asses back here!”

"You need a partner fir…" Lou began to explain, but then fate or kismet intervened and the door opened and in strode Jessica Biel who, like Heigl, had quickly become a feared competitor. At Mania 1, Biel had dominated an admittedly ‘less-than-threatening’ Rachel Bilson. "…and destiny opened a window," Lou shifted gears as smoothly as a NASCAR veteran.

"What?" Biel asked.

"You and Kitty over here, my new tag team. I put you in with the tag champs and if you win then you both get some nice gold. But if you lose, your undefeated streaks are toast. Whaddya say, you game?"

"Who the hell are the tag champs, anyway?" Biel asked, demonstrating her knowledge of the sport was focused exclusively on her own stats.

"Are you serious?" Heigl asked.

"Yeah," Biel replied as she got in Kat's face.

"Ladies, calm it down. Jess, the tag champs are Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy. They won the gold at the height of their careers, and thanks to a liberal contract - and a horny promoter - they don't have to defend them all that much, and when they do...holy crap."

"Those two? They're washed up. Who the hell knows who they are anymore?"

"You name any major tandem of the past decade and they beat ‘em! Several different combination of those chicks from ‘Friends’…any two chicks from ‘Buffy’…hell, any ANYONE!"

"So fine, if you think Kat can hold up her end, I see no problem beating the hell out of those two silicone whores and talking their titles."

"Excellent!" Lou said, clapping his hands excitedly, then making another tic mark on his line-up as the two women walked out of the office, suddenly thrust into an uneasy alliance.

Two more matches were added within the hour as - apparently - Alexis Bledel didn't take too kindly to Rachel McAdams' interference and subsequent double humiliation, so in an attempt to save face, she issued a challenge that was quickly accepted. Also looking to avenge a humiliation was Natalie Portman, who not only was forced (albeit due to a miscommunication) to submit to of all things - a spanking - at the hands of Jessica Simpson, but then was ridden like a pony girl by BOTH Jessica Simpson and perennial jobber Rachel Bilson. Nat wanted them in a tag match with a partner to be named later. After Lou flashed a few bills, both ladies accepted.

Lastly, Mr. Dipi had a fairly big fish to fry. One of the blotches on his last card had been the Lindsay Lohan-Rachel McAdams match. McAdams had Lohan fairly well scouted, but just before the "festivities" were to begin, Lohan feigned a back injury and the match was halted. Lou wanted Lohan to pay and he had just the idea. He called Carmen Electra.

"Listen, I know you're out of the fighting scene, but the deal is too sweet to pass up!"

"What are we talking about, Lou?" the sultry sexpot sighed.

"Hot little redhead, big mouth, not a lot to back it up. You could wipe the floor with her in under three minutes."

"You're getting me all excited. I'll take it," Carmen said eagerly.

"Thanks, Carm. Oh, and please be sure to be extra thorough in your finisher; I want this girl to taste you for a week."
Catfightmania 2: The Show

The new arena located was double the capacity of the last, due in no small part to the blockbuster main event and the stacked undercard. Lou had learned some valuable lessons from the last card, and the first and foremost was to make the most money possible with the least amount of expenses. Gone were the giant jumbo screens and the expensive video packages. Instead, it was “let the fight speak for itself.” Lastly, due to all of the fluke occurrences with his previous referees, he went out and hired one special enforcer, Shannon Elizabeth and instructed her to “keep order by any means necessary and ensure each match has a clear-cut winner!” The matches:

Hillary Duff vs. Tara Reid (w/Paris Hilton)
Carmen Electra vs. Lindsay Lohan
Alexis Bledel vs. Rachel McAdams
Katherine Heigl-Jessica Biel vs. Jenny McCarthy-Pamela Anderson (Tag Teams)
Jessica Simpson-Rachel Bilson vs. Natalie Portman-Heather Graham (Tag Teams)
Eliza Dushku vs. Britney Spears (w/Elisha Cuthbert) - Intercontinental Title
Charlize Theron vs. Angelina Jolie - World Title
Match #1: Hillary Duff vs. Tara Reid (w/Paris Hilton)

Tara was led to the ring by her owner Paris Hilton, who took great joy in parading the crawling girl around at the end of a diamond-studded leash. Paris was decked out in a pink sequined micro-dress and atop her head rested her beloved tiara. Tara, on the other hand, was wearing a worn white two-piece that clearly had seen better years. Then again, so had Tara who knelt and kissed Paris’s foot which signaled the rich playgirl to unleash her submissive.

“If you lose this, then there are going to be some stiff punishments. Do we understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tara replied, and was greeted with a slap to the face.

“What did I say about looking me in the eyes? Now get in there and don’t embarrass me!”

Tara climbed into the ring and was approached by the referee, Shannon Elizabeth who purred silkily, ”Just because we were in a movie or two doesn’t mean I’m going to help you, understand?”

A slightly more confident Tara replied, “Don’t do me any favors, bitch! I don’t need your help!” Shannon began her investigation of the tattered attire, ensuring that there were no hidden objects concealed beneath the pathetic garment. The ‘bitch’ comment ensured Tara not only a thorough - but a rough - search. Shannon took an extra second after investigating the top to give Tara’s breasts a hard squeeze, sending a message to mind her manners. “Enjoy the freebee, Shannon?” Tara hissed with a crooked half-grin.

Hillary had butterflies in her stomach and a lump in her throat. She was hoping to make a good first impression, but she also feared what could be done to her in there. She had made no delusions of what might happen, but she hoped to leave the ring with her clothing and her dignity in tact. After a quick prayer, she went through the curtain to face the arena. Her attire was quite conservative; a spandex two piece that accented her impressive figure but still concealed a decent amount of skin. After all, she did have an empire of family films to look out for. To ensure that her goodie-two-shoes image would remain intact, she took the time to high five every fan she could, hoping to win over a notoriously vicious audience of producers, directors and executives.

Shannon towered over the blonde teenager, and she was all too anxious to get her hands on all that spandex. “I’m checking for any foreign objects, Duff!” Shannon said, hoping to make it look a little official as she molested the teen. Hillary blushed as Shannon slowly and totally checked her bottom. After a quick fondling, it was time for the festivities to begin.

DING! DING! DING! The bell rang and Hillary was about to lose her catfighting virginity, but hopefully not her actual virginity. Tara’s hungry eyes devoured the form in front of her. The girl’s baby blue spandex made her look like a gift-wrapped victim, and Tara was hoping for an early Christmas.

“I tell you what, if you just lay down on the mat right now, I’ll just pin you and you can go home to your mommy and daddy, OK?”

“OK!” Hillary replied with a grin.

Tara looked a little confused but hoped that her offer was accepted. “You’re smarter than you look,” she replied.

It took a few seconds before Tara realized she was far dumber than she herself looked. Hillary stepped forward innocently enough, but in a lighting fast motion, delivered a devastating kick to the stomach. Tara bowled over in two, covering her wounded belly. “Oooh,” she wailed as Hillary charged forward with a running clothesline. The move sent Tara off her feet and into a position familiar to her, flat on her back.

Hillary waved to the crowd as Tara tried to get back to her feet. Out of the corner of her eye, the young girl saw her opponent stirring, and she was already three moves ahead. As Tara got to a vertical base, she was greeted with a spinning heel kick, which connected squarely on her chin. Again, Tara fell back to the ground, and again Hillary was celebrating.
Paris was growing increasingly frustrated, and she began to yell at Shannon, claiming that the youngster had grabbed a handful of hair.

Hillary, meanwhile, was busy putting the boots to her opposition. Each stomp was effective, striking with catlike precision. Tara was in trouble and she knew it. Finally, Tara saw an opening. As Hillary brought her foot down, Tara grabbed it and used the appendage to flip the girl onto her back.

“Ugh!” Hillary let out as her head bounced off the mat.

“Not so much fun as you thought, is it?” Tara mocked as she moved into a more dominant position.

Tara stared down at the girl, watching as she clutched her head in pain. Hillary was seeing stars, and taking your first bump is not the most pleasant experience. Tara bent her elbow and sent it crashing down into the girl’s stomach, hoping to knock the wind-and the fight-out of her.

“OOF!” Hillary said as the wind escaped her lungs.

Pleased with herself, Tara did it again, only this time she went a bit higher. With the elbow cocked, she drove it down at full force, connecting with the actress’s right breast. The bone hitting the soft flesh was pure ecstasy for Tara, and a nightmare for Hillary. The pained girl clutched her right boob, hoping to massage the pain out of it, a sight that the crowd relished.

Tara forced the girl up with a handful of hair, as she positioned Hillary for her next diabolical move. Tara reached between the girl’s legs and scooped her up for a Powerslam. Before dropping her, Tara paraded around the ring, demonstrating her power and control over the starlet. Paris looked on with disinterested approval, and with a thumbs down gesture, signaled to drop the dead weight.

Tara arched back and drove Hillary into the mat; the impact alone bounced Hillary up once or twice before settling in an esthetically pleasing heap. Tara dropped to the mat and inched closer to the eighteen year old with devilish intentions. She rolled Hillary onto her stomach and took a seat on her back. Tara cracker her knuckles and then locked her fingers right under Hillary’s chin.

Before Hillary knew what hit her, she was tied up in a perfect camel clutch. The tears came naturally as Hillary endured unspeakable pain. Her neck was arched up, putting incredible strain on her vertebra. Even worse, the weight of Tara’s body was wreaking havoc on her tender back. The most tragic part was that she was so close to the ropes, but through the tears she couldn’t see what it would take to reach freedom.

Shannon checked in to see if Hillary wanted to concede, “You want me to ring the bell, Hillary?”


“Come on, give it up, prick tease!” Tara screamed. “You’re done for!”

Shannon repositioned herself behind the clutch, ensuring that there wasn’t an illegal choke being performed. But as soon as Paris noticed the distracted ref and took the opportunity to join in on the fun as she crept up to the ropes and stared right at Hillary’s unprotected boobs, jutting forward due to the mechanics of the move. Keeping a watchful eye on Shannon, Paris snaked her hands under the bottom rope and she began to fondle and squeeze the forbidden fruit.

Hillary had never been touched like that; so violently, so invasively. Her tender tits hadn’t faced the years of abuse that come with the industry, so she was incredibly sensitive to the pinching and mauling. Thankfully, the spandex gave her a little protection, at the very least concealing her quickly hardening nipples.

Unfortunately for Tara, Paris’s attempt to secure second base made Hillary aware of how close to the ropes she was, and in one lunge of strength, the snatched onto the rope, forcing Tara to break the hold. Tara, however, chose to ignore that demand from the ref, knowing full well she had a five count to work with.

“Break the hold. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” Tara just beamed and the woman in black and white didn’t take too kindly to it. Knowing that Lou gave her full command of the ring, Shannon grabbed Tara’s golden tresses and forcibly unseated her from her victim.

“Hey! You can’t do that!” Tara whined, jabbing a finger into the cleavage between Shannon’s bulbous breasts.

Hillary, meanwhile, was writing in anguish. Her neck hurt, her back was in pain and her breasts were throbbing. She didn’t like the discomfort, and almost thought about conceding right then and there. Then, she looked at Paris. Paris was all smiles, mockingly grabbing her own breasts and licking her lips. “Oh baby, your titties got me all wet. Maybe after you lose I can sit on your lips and you can have some real fun.” Hillary was repulsed and enraged, and the sights and sounds from Ms. Hilton gave her the impedance to fight back. Seeing Tara distracted, Hillary charged forward, striking Tara with a forearm to the back of the head. The move sent her hurdling forward, and eventually her face met the mat.

Hillary was a woman possessed. She grabbed Tara by her bottoms and pulled her up, delivering in the process a devastating wedgie. She spun Tara around and struck her right in the face with one hell of a punch. The blow disoriented Tara, who was used to the sensation. Hillary fired back with another and another, hoping to beat the pain right out of her body. Shannon warned about the closed fists, but even she wasn’t getting near the fiery teenager.

Tara was backpedaling, pleading with the girl for a little compassion. She used her right hand to try and keep distance while she tried in vein with her left to free her bottoms from their new home deep in her backside. Hillary reared back and decked the girl with a roundhouse, which sent Tara tumbling into the ropes. They were the only thing to cushion her fall, and while she clung to the cables, Hillary was prepping to deliver another strike. The girl left her feet and hurtled forward, delivering an impressive Dropkick that caught Tara right in the chest. She went hurtling right over the top rope, landing at the feet of an angry Hilton.

“You useless slut, get back in there!” Paris grabbed Tara by her tights and flung her back in, like a babe to the slaughter.

The inexperienced Hillary may not have been in a match, but she knew how to dish out punishment. Hillary grabbed Tara by the head and delivered a pitch-perfect DDT, driving her skull into the canvass.

“Unnnnhhh,” Tara moaned, unaware of where she was anymore.

While trying to reorient herself, Tara failed to realize that her top had shifted, and once again, her breasts were exposed to the public, unknown to the frame on which they hung. Hillary was repulsed at the sight of the large areolas and long, unflattering nipples. Even Shannon looked distressed, realizing that she had put her hands on those things. Tara took two steps forward before collapsing again to the mat, a move known as the Flair flop. Hillary wrapped her legs around Tara’s throat, executing an effective Leg Scissors. The teen’s smooth gams locked tightly around Tara’s neck, cutting off the oxygen to the party girls’ brain. Tara clutched at Hillary’s ankles, hoping to pry them off and give her some much needed air.

“Now this is the fun I heard about!” Hillary said as her smile brightened the arena.

Tara’s bucking and flailing had slowly begun to loosen the grip, but Hillary was well aware, and took the necessary actions. She slid forward, using her thighs to lock Tara in place, forcing her face mere inches from Hillary’s spandex bottoms. Hillary flexed her legs, both increasing the pressure on Tara and adding to the entertainment factor for the crowd. Hillary fluttered her eyelashes innocently, as if she didn’t know the damage she was inflicting. Shannon went to check on Tara, who’s glassy-eyed expression made the ref feel that she needed to call the match.

Paris, however, had other ideas. “Hey ref, she doesn’t give up…and I won’t allow her to!” Paris was now on the apron, waving her hands in protest.

“Get off the apron!” Hillary shouted. The distraction, however, gave Tara an opening. She reached up and stuffed her hands into Hillary’s briefs, clawing at the unexplored treasures that lie inside. “OH NO!!” Hillary shrieked as she quickly released the scissors, hoping to free herself from the grabby hands as Tara continued to molest the teen dream. Her hands had found a snug, warm, home and they didn’t want to leave!

Hillary kicked her legs wildly as her hands tried to keep their grip on the waistband of her trunks. Tara’s cruel fingers were doing the trip, pinching anything they could get their hands on. Hillary, however, wouldn’t give up her kicking, and one boot finally found its mark on Tara’s chin. Tara pulled back, trying to shake the cobwebs loose. Hillary, meanwhile, was trying to readjust her waist, making sure everything was present and accounted for.

“Nobody goes to my special place!” Hillary cried as she sprang to her feet with renewed vigor.

Tara was hardly prepared for the onslaught, and she put up a valiant but futile defense. Hillary was a cyclone of fists and feet, kicking and punching in the way a petulant child would throw a fit. But the bad news for Tara was that these punches and kicks were hardly idle threats. Each one struck their intended target as Tara was helpless!

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”

Hillary tackled Tara, and with two handfuls of hair, began to drive her head into the mat repeatedly. Tara bucked and thrusted, but she couldn’t unseat the determined girl. After a few moments of this, Tara was completely out of it, and most everyone knew it was academic.

Paris, however, wasn’t going to take this lying down. Disgusted, she got up, knocking her chair over backwards with a loud clatter as she stormed off, stalking angrily toward the back muttering under her breath.

Tara looked over and pleaded for her boss to come back but Paris ignored her. Then Hillary grabbed Tara by the briefs and pulled, officially stripping the actress down to her ‘smile.’ Humiliated, Tara tried to cover up her lower extremities, leaving her face exposed. One more punch and she was on dream street. Flat on her back and dazed, Tara had had enough! She looked up at Shannon and signaled her concession but Shannon decided to ignore it and let the chaos continue.

“You know, I didn’t quite finish my scissor, so how about I give that a second go-around. But first…” Hillary grabbed Tara’s briefs and used them to tie her hands, then she again snaked her legs around Tara’s throat, letting her thighs clutch the contours of Tara’s neck. Tara’s eyes bugged out, but without the aid of her hands or her master, she was sunk!

Hillary was again all smiles. She loved this, and hoped it would last a lot longer. Tara, however, did not. She was close enough to Hillary’s briefs to smell the scent of the youngster, and it smelled like defeat for the actress. Her eyes became heavy, and slowly she succumbed to the darkness of unconsciousness.

Shannon tapped Hillary’s shoulder and the youngster released the hold, throwing her arms up in victory. She hugged Shannon and blew kisses to the crowd. Tara was flat on her back, completely exposed to the gawking onlookers. Hillary placed her triumphant foot right on Tara’s chest, pressing down with her heel to pancake her fake boob as a final insult to her first opponent - and first victim!
Match #2: Carmen Electra vs. Lindsay Lohan

The crowd was buzzing after an exciting opening contest, and the excitement showed no signs of slowing down.
Jumping from one teen star to another, the next match on the card featured the overly vocal and incredibly agitating Lindsay Lohan. Ms. Lohan, whose controversial loss at Catfightmania 1 was considered a blight on the card by Mr. Lou Dipi, did not fully read her contract, which specified that she was obligated for three more Manias, should they ever happen. And when Lou gets pissed, he gets pissed. Even though it meant reaching into the wallet a little deeper than normal, Lou was able to secure the services of a ring veteran, with the hopes that the notoriously dirty fighter would make an example out of the starlet.

Electra was a superstar in the catfighting industry; her matches and feuds helped keep territories afloat single-handedly and most attribute her longevity in Hollywood to her impressive in-ring prowess; not her acting skill! However, a few years ago she pulled some capitol together and founded the NWWL (Naked Women’s Wrestling League). Where celebrity catfights were a much more exclusive event, Electra’s NWWL had its own website and DVDs. The gamble cost her a contract in one of the big organizations - and essentially ostracized her from the world that made her a star. Her league was, and still is, considered a failure with low-end production values and cheesy characters; a mix of all that was bad about WOW and GLOW - with naked women as its sole redeeming quality. And some of them SHOULD keep their clothes on! In the end, Carmen saw the NWWL was probably NOT the best idea, and appears to once again want to make a big name for herself in the industry by destroying someone even more hated than herself!

Carmen came to the ring first, and the fans were prepared to welcome her back with open arms. She was dressed in a gray thong bikini, hoping that flashing skin would help get her over with the masses. It worked in spades as flashbulbs popped all over the arena, each spectator hoping to capture the return of a legend. She slid into the ring, climbed onto the bottom turnbuckle, and continued to greet her adoring public. Shannon Elizabeth tapped her on the shoulder, hoping to begin her search for foreign objects. Carmen complied, too wrapped up in the excitement of the crowd to care. Shannon soon realized how excited Carmen was, as one quick sweep of her crotch left a residue on Ms. Elizabeth’s hand.

“Can you try and control yourself until after the match?” the ref asked.

“Sorry, you know how it is. Big crowds get me all worked up,” Carmen replied with a small smile.

Her smile soon faded as the curtains flew back and Lindsay Lohan came parading out. She was flanked by her paparazzi, who were assigned to photograph the narcissistic teen from all angles at all times…and always in a flattering light. She was wearing a skimpy blue bikini, hoping to seduce some fans into support with a wiggle or two. For the most part, she didn’t care about the audience. In her mind, as long as her fans remembered her, she would always have a career. Also in her mind was the thought that she doesn’t want to be remembered with her face up Carmen’s ass. She climbed into the ring, posing every step of the way for her private cavalcade of cameras. Once she stepped through the ropes, Shannon was right on top of her, making sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious actions.

“I’ve been instructed to be thorough when searching you,” Shannon said with a blank expression.

“Whatever. I’ve got nothing to hide because I don’t need much against that ho over there.” Shannon didn’t hesitate, taking in two huge handfuls of Lohan’s boobs, mashing them together to see if any object would fall out. “Hey! Can we be a little more careful?” Shannon didn’t respond as she moved to the bottoms. In the same way she did with Carmen, she patted down the front and back, but unlike with Ms. Electra, Shannon reached inside. “Hold up!” Lohan screamed as she grabbed Shannon’s wrist. “Get your filthy hands out of my bikini!”

Shannon removed her hand, and decided that Carmen would do more than enough searching when the bell rang. She signaled for everything to begin, and both ladies made their way to the center of the ring.

“All right, grandma, can we get this over with? I have a nail appointment in like twenty minutes.”

“You have no idea what you’re in for,” Carmen smiled as she lifted her right arm, signaling for a test of strength.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lohan asked.

“Come on, big girl, show me how tough and strong you are. Overpower and dominate me.” Lohan was angered at the taunting, and decided to comply. As she lifted her arm, Carmen smiled. “What’s so funny?” Lohan asked as she reached in.

“THIS!” Carmen replied. Carmen kicked Lohan squarely in the crotch. There was an audible gasp from the crowd as Lohan immediately clutched her throbbing womanhood. Carmen stood over the fallen girl and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her ear to her lips and hissing, “We’re not having a wrestling match, you little slut, we’re having a catfight! And if there’s one thing I love besides fucking, it’s catfighting.”

She forced Lohan’s head back to the mat and sent a kick right to the small of Lindsay’s back. Lindsay arched backward clutching her two wounded areas, which made her vulnerable to Carmen’s next lesson. Electra sat behind Lohan and slipped her arms under her shoulders. Once inside, she locked her hands right behind Lindsay’s neck, synching in a tight full nelson. To complete the hold, she wrapped her legs around Lohan’s waist, crushing the girl’s sides. “I am going to love fucking you up,” Carmen whispered into Lindsay’s ear. She then forced the red-haired actresses head forward, so that her face was pushing closer and closer to her own tits.

Lindsay mewed in pain, unaware that her whimpers were causing Carmen to grow more excited. Carmen’s subconscious took over, and without her even realizing, her crotch began to grind into the immobilized girl’s backside. Slowly and sensuously, Carmen’s whole body began to writhe, her pussy swaying forward and backward, starting at the top of Lohan’s back and ending down at her ass. Each time she rocked, her grip tightened, like a boa constrictor.

Lohan, meanwhile, was in all worlds of pain. Her neck was beginning to tense up, her breathing was more and more restricted due to her face being forced down, her sides were on fire thanks to Carmen’s muscular thighs, and mentally she was distraught because she was being used as one giant humping post by her captor. Thankfully, however, she would soon get a chance at freedom.

“Ohhhh,” Carmen moaned as her stimulated pussy began to override her circuits. Soon, her grip was loosening so that she could focus more energy on her steaming crotch. Finally, her urges could take no more. She released the full nelson and latched on to Lohan’s tits. Before Lindsay knew what hit her, she was being ravaged from behind by the horny Carmen. She tried to pry Carmen’s hands away, but her opponent was a woman possessed. Carmen’s grip tightened to the point where she was crushing Lohan’s tits like they were made out of Nerf material, and her legs were squeezing together so hard Lindsay was starting to lose feeling below her waist.

Ultimately, Carmen bowed to nature and came in a powerful climax. She let go of Lindsay’s boobs and relaxed her legs; then, exhausted, Carmen flopped backward, sprawling out on the mat with a look of complete contentment. Unfortunately, she’d had her dessert before the meal and her opponent was pretty damn hungry! Lohan was in a pretty deep state of shock. In her young career, she had never experienced anything like that. Her opponent essentially had her dead-to-rights. Lindsay was immobilized, helpless and on a one-way trip to the loser’s showers. In an inexplicable turn of events, Carmen had become so excited (both from the crowd’s reaction and the friction between her legs) that she simply had to complete her urges. Now, she was bereft of energy and at the mercy of the teenager. Lindsay got to her feet, cleaned herself off, and refocused on the fallen vet. “Okay, that was disgusting!”

Lohan grabbed Electra by the legs, holding them up and exploiting the dominant position. She dangled her foot between the prostrating limbs, looking to the crowd for a little encouragement, hoping that the bloodthirsty lust of those in attendance would lead them to toss her some support. However, their hatred of the redhead overshadowed their desire to see some punishment dished out. Lohan, upon hearing the crowd’s resounding resentment, disregarded their chants and drove her foot down between Carmen’s legs. Electra sprung up and then wilted back to the mat. Her nude crotch was completely unprotected, and Lohan’s heel really jolted her system. Lindsay, meanwhile, whipped her foot on the mat, hoping to get off the excess pussy juices that just recently coated Carmen’s pubic mound. Lohan held the legs and decided to go for another stomp in the hallowed ground. She dangled her foot, looking down at the helpless woman at her mercy, and allowed a sinister smile to creep across her lips.

“Tell you what, bitch, I won’t do this if you submit now. Just quit, admit that I’m the better woman, and I won’t smash your gaping snatch. Deal?” Carmen looked up at Lindsay and the sight of the cocky teenager enraged her. If she submitted, she’d never live down conceding to someone like Lohan. However, if she didn’t, her body might not recover. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance to answer. Lohan had grown impatient waiting for an answer, and for a second time delivered a devastating stomp between her legs. This time, she kept her foot there, grinding it into the sensitive region. “So, you getting off on this, whore?” Lohan taunted, “Bet you thought it was real funny the way you fucking creamed yourself while humping my back. That is so sick! You’re just an old, perverted whore. And I’m going to put you out to pasture!”

Lohan raised her foot and sent it crashing down for a third time. The third time was not the charm, however, as Carmen somehow (whether instinct or dumb luck) got her hands up and got a hold of Lohan’s foot. Lindsay wasn’t prepared for that, and suddenly her balance was suspect. Carmen’s eyes were shut-they had welled up with tears from the pain-but she could feel the girl’s ankle and she knew she had the advantage. Lohan tried desperately to keep her balance. She was shaking her arms and pulling her leg hoping to free herself. She tried her best, but Carmen had her wrapped up. And, with one big heave, Electra sent Lohan crashing to the mat on her ass, the impact jarring to her whole spine.

“Thankfully I didn’t land on my head,” Lindsey thought. “Because who knows what she’d do if I…” She didn’t finish the thought. Somehow, some way, Carmen had sprung forward and mounted the actress. The adrenaline flowing through Carmen was blocking out the throbbing waves of discomfort, and for the moment, she was impervious to pain. Lohan was caught off guard and thanks to Carmen’s weight, fairly immobile. Carmen pinned Lindsay’s arms down with her knees, leaving the girl’s face unprotected.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Lohan kept repeating, hoping for a stay of execution. But Carmen was in no mood for absolution, and she balled up her fists and began to swing with reckless abandon. The fury of the punches didn’t match the accuracy, but a fair amount of them were striking Lohan. Lindsay was despondent, and having never reacted well to pain, was looking for a way out. In between blows, she recalled how she escaped her last match.

“Ref!” she shouted. “I quit! I quit! Get this bitch off of me! I…”

Her words were cut off as Carmen slid forward. Suddenly, Lohan’s mouth was covered by the big, wet pussy of her opponent, and despite the pain Carmen was feeling, she didn’t want to be anywhere else.

“Disregard that, Shannon,” Carmen said, and Ms. Elizabeth followed her wishes, secretly enjoying watching the spoiled teenager get a face full of a real woman.

Meanwhile, under Carmen’s ass, Lindsay was beyond terrified. She had never been the recipient of a facesit, and the lack of air and the vile smell didn’t help matters. Worst of all, she had never experienced this kind of humiliation. She tried to mover her face as best as possible, but no matter where she turned, her nose was right up Carmen’s slit. Carmen was sitting like the queen of the castle, bumping and grinding like only an expert can. Many a catfighter had wound up in this position, and they all found out that Carmen won’t stop until she’s satisfied.

“Kick me in the box, huh? Fucking amateur!”

Carmen leaned upward for a second, giving the girl a quick breath of air. Lindsay sucked in the oxygen as best she could, hoping to holler out another submission. Carmen had other plans. By moving upward for a moment, she allowed herself to reposition, and then, she came crashing down, baring the full weight of her body on Lohan’s face. Lindsay scratched and clawed at Carmen’s ass, but with the way her shoulders were pinned down, her hands were nowhere near as effective. In fact, the poking and prodding of Carmen’s butt cheeks only excited the Playboy Playmate.

“Come on, baby! Harder! Harder!” Electra mocked, hoping to shame Lohan into never fighting again. However, to her surprise, not to mention to the surprise of the audience, it turned out that the girl under her ass might actually have some fight in her. Lindsay began to wiggle and squirm, hoping to unseat the more experienced fighter, or at the very least, gain some fresh oxygen. The persistent squirming demonstrated to Carmen that her potential victim might have some fight left. Knowing that she could lose her position at any moment, Carmen did the unexpected and dismounted from the girl’s face.

Lindsay sucked in all the air that she could, but she could feel the effects from the lack of oxygen. Carmen held on to the girl’s arms and she dragged her around the ring for a bit. Finally, she found the perfect spot and stopped pulling. Lohan was free from the smother, but she was far from out of the woods. Carmen had grabbed a hold of her legs, and she found herself in the same position Ms. Electra recently was in. “Oh shit!” Lindsay thought, as she saw Carmen’s dangling foot mere inches from her bikini bottoms.

“Aw, did you not want me to stomp on your little pussy?” Carmen mocked, “Because if you ask really nice, I might not.” She smiled warmly, knowing full well that she would extend the same mercy that she had received. However, whereas she had been the victim of that move before and could almost prepare for the pain, Ms. Lohan was in uncharted waters, and about to enter a world of hurt.

“Oh no, please, no, please, I subm…OOOOHH…” Carmen sent her foot crashing down on her intended target.

“Bingo!” she sneered, looking down at the doe that lay before her. Lohan had a glazed over look in her eyes, and her mouth was open but no sound was coming from it. Instead, just a silent sign of agony. “Now picture that twice,” Carmen said. She looked down at the sobbing girl, watching with great joy as Lindsay rubbed her aching mound through her bottom. “Wait,” Carmen thought, “Why the hell is she still dressed?”

Carmen had a new goal, to strip the girl of her clothing and any dignity she still had left. Lohan was beyond the point of no return. In the past few minutes alone, she had her face sat on and her groin stomped on. This was it. She wanted out, and fast. Digging down deep, the girl began to crawl towards the ropes, hoping to slip through and ultimately make a break for it. Carmen, meanwhile, was simply content with watching the beaten girl crawl. The sight was equally pathetic and erotic; the uppity princess reduced to crawling like a dog, and Carmen knew that it was her handiwork that put the girl in this position. Leaning against the ropes, Carmen let her hand wander down between her legs, ever so gently grazing her still warm groin.

Lindsay was inching closer and closer to freedom. Each slow stride seemed to move her miles and miles away, and soon the pain and the embarrassment would be a memory. She snuck out from her match with Rachel McAdams and it didn’t affect her career at all. Who could blame her for this? Sure, she got her face sat on for the first time in her career, but she escaped for Carmen could release on her. Sure, she got kicked in the pussy, but at least her clothing stayed on. Finally, she grabbed the bottom rope and began to pull herself out. A smile crossed her lips as she realized she was about to get out of this hell.
It was then that Carmen sprung her trap. The still stimulated Electra reached down with both hands, grabbing as much of Lohan’s attire as possible. Her right hand latched onto the girl’s bra, while the left synched up with a decent amount of her panties. Then, in a sign of complete dominance, she pulled upward, lifting Lohan off the ground. Once confident in her grip, Carmen began to walk around the ring, dangling the suspended teen like she was a piece of luggage.

The attire that Lindsay Lohan wore was top notch all the way. Her sexy yet conservative bikini style outfit was sewn by one of the top designers in Paris, and the material was the most expensive cloth available. This also meant that it was incredibly durable and able to sustain its constancy under incredible pressure. That pressure was Lohan’s body, which was testing every stitch of the attire. Lindsay was in immense pain. The top was severely crushing her prized bosom, the pull of the material was digging its way deeper and deeper into the sensitive material. The bottoms were not helping matters; the back was creeping faster and faster up her backside and the front half was invading her wounded snatch.

“Come on, break already!” Carmen shouted as she shook her victim, hoping to disrobe her and leave her with nothing to try and put back on.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Lohan cried with each tug, hoping now that her clothing prison would finally snap.

“This is fucking ridiculous,” Carmen said, unceremoniously dropping her cargo. Lohan crashed in a pile of flesh on the floor, trying desperately to rearrange her outfit to relieve the pain. Once everything was back in place, she looked up, only to see a gleeful and nude Carmen standing over her. “I think we know what’s going to happen now,” she said, in a creepily chipper tone. “Why don’t you just hand me your little training bra and your cute little panties and we can get this over with?” she asked, hoping that Lohan would relent, because-after all-what could be more fun than stripping an unwilling opponent.

“Please, just leave me alone,” Lohan pleaded. Then, in a shocking move, she removed her top, using one hand to cover her boobs while she handed her prize over with the other one, “Just let me go.”

Carmen snatched the top, looking as confused as everyone else. “Uh…yeah…” she began, unsure where she was going. “Why not…give me the panties also…uh…whore.” Lohan was still covering up her breasts with one hand, and with the other she reached down and grabbed onto her waistband. “Wait! Let me!” Carmen said as she reached down and latched onto the submissive actresses panties. “This is going to be fun, sweetie,” she mocked. Right before she began to pull, however, Carmen got a closer look at Lohan’s boobs. Something seemed off. “Wait, are you wearing PASTIES!!?” Carmen gasped, perplexed. Just then, Lohan’s eyes began to glow and her leg snapped up, again - catching Carmen between the legs. “Oh…..oh….” Carmen wailed as she fell to the mat.

Lohan stood up to reveal her ‘master plan’. She was fully prepared to expose herself, because she made sure to cover her precious breasts with small covers, much the way actresses do when doing a nude-back scene. The devious teenager looked down at the pained veteran, hoping to end this match before the tide turned against her again.

“I like can’t believe you fell for that. Did you actually think I would let you fucking strip me? No one gets to see me naked if I don’t want them to, and none of these fucking people deserve to. Especially you.” Carmen wasn’t prepared for the kick, and she was once again on the mat in pain. Only this time, her adrenaline might have run out, and the youth of her opponent put her in a great disadvantage. Lindsay climbed on top of the nude woman, taking special care to avoid touching any part of her body that could get her hands sticky. Finally, when she had Carmen on her back pinned down, she went for the next stage. “You know, sitting on your big, saggy fake tits makes me glad to have my young, perky, natural boobs,” Lohan mocked as she shook her bounty. “I bet you are SO jealous of these things. I mean, who hasn’t seen your little surgical miracles already? Mine, on the other hand, are my own little mystery. In fact, some fucking losers have tried to doctor photos to make it look like you could see them, but those aren’t mine. You’ll know soon enough what they feel like, though. Remember when you put your sleazy, smelly, nasty fucking cunny on my face and wouldn’t let me breathe? Because I do, and by the way, do something about the odor. Well, I think I should repay the favor, so say hi to the twins.” She lowered her breasts onto Carmen’s shocked face, manipulating the flesh to cover her nose and mouth.

“Mphhh…” Carmen moaned from under the titflesh.

“So, does this mean your career is over? If I smother you out, that like means that you could never show your face again, right? Not like anyone can see your face now.” Lohan began to squeeze her legs, putting incredible pressure on the older woman’s sides. Carmen tried to bite down on something, but she couldn’t even get her mouth open. She was trapped. Either through skill or luck, Lohan had stumbled onto the perfect breast smother, and even the skilled veteran Carmen couldn’t escape. After a few minutes of struggling, she finally began to succumb to the hold, and before long, she was out…cold!

Lohan looked up at Shannon Elizabeth. “So, does this mean I win?”

“Didn’t you quit like ten times?” Shannon asked.

“Well, yeah, but I did just knock out the great Carmen Electra. Let me have my moment.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“How about a role in my next movie.”

“Deal!” Shannon said, helping the girl up off her fallen foe as Lindsay grabbed her top before she posed for this hissing crowd. As Lindsey swaggered off down the aisle, she blew kisses to the paying customers, who were so close to seeing her vanquished, only to be again disappointed.
Match #3: Alexis Bledel vs. Rachel McAdams

The next match-up on the card was something of an enigma. Both girls in this fight have been doomed with the label of "cute". Both girls have frequently been named the friendliest celebrities, something of a curse in this industry. This era of film seems to be dominated by the bad girls, those women who have been perceived to have an edge. The poster child for this era is Angelina Jolie, who later in the evening will square off with the champ Charlize for the title. Neither of these two girls will be confused with the "Tomb Raider" star.

However, although both were somewhat reluctant to enter this arena, they have each participated in some highly publicized matches. Alexis trumped Keira Knightly for the role in "Sin City", but since that high-profile win, she has been routinely and consistently thrashed in the ring. Rachel entered the sport against the titan Katherine Heigl, and although she was mere inches away from victory, her eventual defeat and humiliation became a cautionary tale for young starlets.

These two women seemed to be miles apart, that is, until Catfightmania. Rachel secured her first victory at the show, narrowly defeating Lindsay Lohan in a controversial contest. After the match, however, Rachel was assaulted and stripped by Lohan, but was saved by Katherine Heigl, who stated that only she reaps the benefits from McAdams. Alexis, meanwhile, was served up to the aforementioned Heigl as an appetizer, and was consumed relatively quickly. In the end, a quivering Alexis was forced to lick her conqueror's backside, only to receive a devastating facesit. Once Kat had secured her position, she was forced to relent when an irate McAdams attempted to make the save. A few stomps and a Chokeslam later quashed the rescue mission, and for the second time in her career, she found herself at the mercy of Heigl. Kat executed a rarely seen double facesit, using both actresses for her own stimulation. The dominant display and the cruel humiliation only added to Heigl's rep, but as for her two victims, their anger was quickly misplaced.

Alexis blamed Rachel for adding to her torture, and Rachel was up in arms that her attempted assistance was met with anger instead of appreciation. So, facing a potential war between two of his cuties, Lou decided to make a buck off of it and signed them for a match. And that match was right now.

The crowd was bloodthirsty after the last match, where most had hoped to see Lindsay Lohan tortured and defeated once-and-for-all. Short of that, they would settle for two adorable girls beating the holy hell out of one another.

Alexis came out first, dressed in a turquoise two piece. She had on her trademark smile, and was more than happy to shake some hands of some top executives. Most in attendance agreed, the girl looked prepared. She had been training extensively since her last fight, and in a recent interview swore that she would never allow herself to be put in the position she was in the first fight. After a quick tour around the ring, she rolled under the bottom rope for a few more minutes of preening and posing for the cameras. Suddenly, her youthful exuberance and boundless energy seemed to freeze, and her smile faded as she saw her opponent come through the curtain.

Rachel McAdams was guaranteed that she would be a star. Her films had covered a wide array of genres; she did the romantic period piece, the white-knuckle thriller, the obligatory bad Rob Schneider film and the high-grossing male-oriented comedy. However, despite all the success, she still found herself not getting the rolls she wanted, and when she signed on with Lou Dipi and his organization, she was told that she would be a top draw in no time. Well, her fabled first outing was a humiliating disaster, and even though at Catfightmania she secured her first win, she failed to dish out the abuse to her opponent and still found herself being stripped naked and tortured. But not tonight. Tonight, she was going to take this jobber and show everyone that she was a player in this industry. Perhaps if she really dominates, she can convince Lou to give her the winner of the Eliza/Britney match later in the night.

She came to the ring in a simple red two-piece, looking for function over style. Sure, there are advantages to showing some more skin, but her main goal this evening was to execute a picture-perfect victory, and that meant climbing onto Alexis's face and smothering her out. Rachel climbed up the stairs and stepped into the ring, never taking her eyes of Bledel. Shannon Elizabeth immediately approached the girl to begin her search for foreign objects.

"Do you have any questions about the rules?" Shannon asked.

"Why would I have any questions?" Rachel responded.

"Don't mouth off to me, kid. I'm just doing my job."

"Just ring the bell so I can make this bitch cry!"

Shannon followed the request, secretly impressed at the surprising show of confidence from the girl. As soon as the bell rang, Rachel charged Bledel, who met her opponent in the center of the ring. Both girls latched onto each other's hair, and were rolling around on the ground. This had quickly turned into a girly-fight, with hair pulling and shrieking. It was hardly a technical masterpiece, but the animosity was clear. Neither girl enjoyed the humiliation they both endured last time, and they were taking out that pent up aggression on one-another. They rolled back and forth with neither girl taking the dominant position, and their constant movement took them dangerously close to the bottom rope. Shannon, not wanting to see this match end because of a fall from the ring apron, called for a break. Unfortunately, neither girl could hear the request, as they were both too busy squealing in pain from the hair pulling. Shannon administered a four count for them to break it up, and after she reached four, her frustration grew and she simply pulled them apart.

Each girl was forced to go to their respective corners, where they took the time to lick their wounds. Shannon approached Alexis first. "Hey! When I tell you to break a fucking hold, you break it, kid. You hear me?"

Alexis looked away and meekly responded, "Yes."

Shannon walked over to Rachel to repeat her threat, "You pull that crap again, and I'll disqualify you, you hear me?"

Rachel didn't respond, instead she brushed by the Amazon ref and charged Alexis, who was creeping up with the intention of pulling a Pearl Harbor. Both girls again grabbed hair and pulled each other onto the ground. Unlike the last time, one girl finally got into the dominant position, and to few surprises, it was McAdams. She secured her grip and began to slam Alexis's head into the mat, hoping to daze the girl.

"I try to help you, and you call me out?" Rachel screamed in between slams. She kept her grip on Alexis’ head and pulled her to her feet. Once upright, she reached back and slapped the dazed girl, which caused Alexis to begin to tear up. Rachel smiled as she scooped the girl up and slammed her hard into the mat. Alexis clutched her back with one hand while she tried to wipe the tears away with the other. She could live with the pain, but the thought of her rival bringing her to tears was too much to handle.

McAdams, meanwhile, was creeping into the driver's seat. She sat down behind Bledel and wrapper her arm around the girl's neck, synching in a beautiful sleeper hold. Before Alexis could react, she was trapped in a debilitating move. Rachel's right arm was cutting off the oxygen to her brain, while her right hand was keeping her head secure, making escape nearly impossible. Adding to her troubles was the fact that she was in the center of the ring and unable to stand, let alone walk to the ropes.

"All right, check her, see if she's done," Rachel commanded as she continued to enjoy her new, more dominant position. Shannon bent down to check on the struggling cutie, observing her flushed cheeks and glassy stare.

"Do you quit?" Shannon asked. As she questioned her, Rachel began to rock her arms back and forth, synching the hold and adding more pressure.

"No..." Alexis forced out, though at the angle she was at, it was hard to even open her mouth.

"Come on, give it up!" Rachel screamed, looking to ham it up for the crowd. Then, taking a page from Katherine Heigl's playbook, she leaned over to Alexis's ear and began to verbally torture her the way she’d been tortured in the past. "Oh, come on baby," she whispered, "just close your eyes and go to sleep. Then, once you're in dreamland, I am going to sit on your little button nose and grind it into your skull." Rachel began to feel a tinge between her legs, but being a student of the game, she realized not to make the same mistake Carmen Electra made earlier in the night.

"Do you give?" Shannon asked again. Alexis considered submitting. She had a way out, and although conceding defeat is humiliating, being face-fucked was quite another thing entirely. So, despite her better judgment, she responded.

"No!" she gasped, though it was quite apparent that there was little left in her tank. The match had just started and already she was being the 8-ball.

"Seriously?" Rachel asked. "Seriously?" she repeated her query. "You'd rather get stripped naked and tortured instead of giving up?" Like most of the audience, Rachel had assumed Alexis was nothing more than a creampuff. Then again, after her loss, she too had been branded as a pushover, though her toughness is deceiving! Alexis tried to reposition herself, hoping to find some way of escape. She brought her hands up to her chin, trying to pry the arm away, but her lack of strength made that impossible. She reached back and grabbed Rachel's hair and began to pull, but a quick weight-shift made that a thankless task as well.

Finally, without any other options, she reached back and found Rachel's waistband. Rachel's enjoyment of the moment was gone. Her eyes went wide with fear, knowing that she might be moments away from some serious pain. Frantic, she began to squeeze with all she had, hoping to choke the girl out before she could execute her plans. "Move your hands or so help me I'll..." Too late. "Oh! Oh no! No! No!" she shrieked.

Alexis took two big handfuls of Rachel's panties and yanked upwards as hard as she could, subjecting McAdams to a deep penetrating wedgie. The material almost instantaneously invaded Rachel's ass crack, exposing her well-tanned butt cheeks. Meanwhile, the business in her front was equally as distressing. The crotch of her gear had worked its way up relatively slowly, but the stubborn Bledel wouldn't quit until it just wouldn't go any more. Rachel had a decision. Either she could abandon the hold and relieve her enflamed privates, or she could keep the hold on and put Alexis Bledel to sleep. Ultimately, she needed to relieve the pain, so she released her captive.

Alexis collapsed in a heap, sucking in as much air as she could, hoping to get enough wind to begin her comeback. Rachel, meanwhile, was going through the painful process of extracting her garment from her nether region. Very delicately, she fished the front half out from between her lips, then she plucked the back half from her backside. Embarrassed and uncomfortable, McAdams decided to end this thing before it got too out of hand.

Stalking her prey, Rachel crept up behind Alexis like a lion to a gazelle, and before Bledel knew what hit her, she was tackled and trapped under the weight of Rachel's body. Rachel had straddled her in a perfect grapevine; her legs intertwined with Alexis's, her arms pinning the girl's shoulders to the mat, and her attention completely focused on her starlet opponent. Once they were face to face, Rachel poured on the torment.

"You just don't know when to give up, do you cutie?" Rachel mocked. She leaned down and planted a peck on Alexis's lips. "You think that you can beat me?" she again kissed the trapped girl. Alexis tried to move, but she couldn't escape the conqueror's lips. "You know, I was going to make a name for myself with my debut," she continued, and it was becoming increasingly obvious to the fans that Rachel was intentionally beginning to grind her tits into Alexis's. “But I think we all know how that went." Another kiss. "So I swore vengeance on that bitch and when I saw what she was doing to you, I knew I had to do something. The way she was torturing you," Rachel then began to grind her pussy into Alexis's, "the way that she was humiliating you," a big thrust of her pelvis greeted the pause. “The way she sat on your cute little face and," Rachel extended her tongue and licked Alexis's cheek, "…came all over your picture-perfect smile." The thrusts were becoming more intense, "I just wouldn't let that happen. But, no good deed goes unpunished, and she sure punished me. And you ungrateful little bitch, you actually had the balls to call me out?" Rachel leaned in and gently nibbled the girl's earlobe. "Sorry, I might be a rookie, but at least I'm not some pathetic little victim like you!"

She pressed her lips right against Alexis's, and began to force her tongue into the girl's sealed mouth, restricting her breathing. Tears had formed in Alexis's eyes again; first from the complete verbal humiliation, then from the forced simulated sex, and now from the lack of oxygen. She knew that she was beaten, and that the bad stuff was coming soon. At least when Katherine demolished her, it was expected. This was hardly expected. Most considered this a coin toss, but it quickly had devolved into a one-sided ass kicking. Rachel broke her kiss and ceased her dry humping. She stood up and just stared at the frame of the defenseless Alexis Bledel. The girl's body was not meant for such abuse; being slammed and tossed around, being choked out and crushed. She just couldn't take it. Rachel peeled her victim off of the mat, intent on making this her first true dominant victory.

"I’m going to take your pride and your dignity, and when you never show your face her again, everyone will know that it's because of me." Rachel slapped Alexis in the face, and the pathetic girl didn't even try to defend herself. She was mentally and physically drained, and she was simply too exhausted to fight back. Rachel reveled in the complete control of her opponent. With one hand tangled in Alexis's hair, Rachel reached up and ripped off the girl's top. "Look what we've got here," she said as she began to gently fondle her opponent's pert right breast. Then, just to make sure to give equal time, she kneaded the flesh of Alexis's left breast, slowly massaging the flesh in a loving, gentle manner.

"Please stop," Alexis begged, her voice a pitiful whine. She tried to put her hands up to defend herself, but there was simply no fight left. Every attempt to stop her fondling was met with a slap to the face, which was a very effective deterrent. Rachel's gentle touch soon vanished, and was replaced with a vicious claw, digging her fingers deep into the sensitive mammaries. "Ohhhh!" Alexis screeched as her tender boobs were being unmercifully crushed.

"What's the matter? Need a little help? Too bad no one's going to save your sorry ass!" Rachel mocked as she twisted and turned Alexis’ tits. Alexis was trying to pry her hands away, but it wasn't working. "Come on, cry for help," Rachel taunted, hoping her new victim would reward her with a serenade of pleas. "Cry for help like you did with Heigl."

It was then that Alexis connected all the dots…realized WHY Rachel accepted the fight…had been uncharacteristically vicious! Rachel wanted to beat her worse than Heigl had! Alexis had taken beatings in her career, but nothing compared to the one that Kat dished out, and if Rachel wanted to match that, then the actress was in for a night of anguish.

Rachel loved the feeling of Alexis's breasts. They felt like victory, and that was something she had longed to revel in. She looked deep into Alexis’ pleading eyes and she drank in the pain. She drank in the desperation. This was her chance to prove that she could be the premier superstar in this industry. While lost in her daydreaming, she had all but forgot about the pain she was inflicting, but her victim certainly had not. Rachel had securely latched on to her pink nipples, and the pulling and squeezing was more than she could handle. The idea of submission had crossed her mind, and she decided that it was time to concede defeat.

"Shannon!" she screamed through her hysterical crying.

Rachel saw what was going on and intended to put a stop to it quickly. If Alexis quit, she wouldn't be able to complete her plan of attack. Running out of options, Rachel shot her foot up and punted Alexis between the legs. The kick to her unprotected pussy was beyond vicious! Alexis's hands slipped off of Rachel's wrists and simply fell to her side. Her cries of pain had ceased and her writing in pain was replaced by an eerie calm. It became pretty obvious to the fans in attendance that the only thing holding up Alexis's frame was Rachel's grip on her tits. The pain from the kick combined with the pain from the pinching was too much for the poor girl, and she had simply passed out.

The match was finished. The crowd knew it. Shannon knew it. Even Rachel knew it; but Rachel didn't want to admit it.

Something had replaced the sweet, kind girl that entered this sport a few short months ago. The old Rachel would have simply ended the contest and let the medics come in and tend to her opponent. The old Rachel probably would never have gone this far. But something had changed in her. It dated back to her humiliation at the hands of Katherine Heigl. Some women are born competitors: champing Charlize is one; Angelina was another! Katherine certainly was! While other women are born victims: Alexis, Tara Reid, Rachel Bilson and…up until this match, Rachel McAdams was on that list.

The only thought in Rachel's mind for months has been the feeling of Katherine perched on her face, invading her body with her prying hands while forcing her to service her waiting pussy. The memory of it was so horrible that it changed Rachel. Changed Rachel into the woman who was in the ring right now. Shannon walked over to check on Alexis, who was still hanging lifelessly from Rachel's grip. She grabbed Alexis's arm, lifted it, and watched it fall. Again, Shannon grabbed the arm, lifted it, and again it fell to her side. Rachel didn't want this to end just yet, so she released Alexis's nipples and Alexis crumpled to the mat in a heap.

Rachel waived off Ms. Elizabeth's inquiry, "This isn't done yet!"

Shannon, not looking to interfere in what should be one hell of a show, stepped back and allowed the chaos to continue. Rachel stepped over Alexis's fallen body and examined her handiwork. Alexis’ eyes were closed, and outside of the rise and fall of her exposed, raw chest, she showed no signs of consciousness. She was defenseless, just the way Rachel wanted it to be. McAdams reached down and peeled away Alexis's bikini bottoms, leaving her stark naked in the middle of the ring. Alexis's skin was paler in comparison to Rachel, and her lily white backside was exposed for the entire world to see. Rachel bent down to continue her degradation of Bledel. First, she spread Alexis's legs open, making sure the crowd had a clear view of the fallen girl's unfettered pussy. Then, with her thumb and forefinger, she spread the girl's lips wide open, continuing her display of complete control. Rachel put her index finger in her mouth, making sure it was properly lubricated, and then inserted it right into Bledel.

"Oh, this feels pretty good," Rachel said with a friendly smile. Then, she inserted two more and began to pump it in and out, hoping the stimulation would revive Alexis. "Oh baby, harder, harder," she mocked, leering out into the audience. Rachel rolled Alexis onto her side as she continued her finger penetration. She then reared back with her other hand and began to SPANK the pale flesh of her opponent's backside. "Come on, wake up, wake up!" she repeated, hoping the added spanking would stir her foe from dreamland. The slaps echoed through the near silent arena, as the spectators watched the transformation for McAdams from mid-carder to dominant superstar. She had single-handedly thrashed a promising star, and at the same time she had elevated her stock in the film industry. Slap! slap! slap! "This is crazy!" she shouted in frustration. The fingering and the spanking was taking its toll on her arms, which had grown fatigued from the repetitive motion. However, just before she was going to cease her attack on two fronts, she began to reap the rewards.

"Unnngh," moaned Alexis, her picture-perfect lips barely open to let out the first sighs of coming around.

"Welcome back, slut," Rachel said as she increased her spanks and redoubled her thrusting. Alexis's eyes slowly opened, and it all came flooding back. The pain in her nipples was severe. Her tenderized tits were aching, but they were not her primary concern. She felt like she was being unwelcomingly invaded down below, and the sensation of pain and pleasure was not very pleasant. Plus, her ass was killing her.

"Wha...?" she asked, trying to shake loose her dizziness. Rachel paused her slaps and removed her fingers, hoping now to be greeted with the fruits of her labor. She sat up and came crashing down onto Alexis’ chest, pinning her arms down with her shoulders.

"Well look who woke up," Rachel said as she adjusted her hair. "You'll notice that you don't have any panties on anymore, and I took the liberty of fingering your pussy and giving you a sound spanking. Now, since I think I've checked off almost everything on my checklist, I have one more thing to do."

"No! Please! I'm sorry!" Alexis sobbed, staring right at Rachel's panty-covered pussy.

"Yeah, that's it, beg. I kinda like it. Makes me all wet and stuff." Rachel then inched closer and closer with her crotch, moving it inches away from its final destination. "I heard that facesitting is the greatest thing of all time. They say you'll never have a better orgasm. I guess I'll have to test that theory." Seeing Rachel's ass hovering over her head, Alexis knew the inevitable was coming. "Yeah, Kat said you were the best," Bledel said, right before Rachel's ass came to rest on her face. "Sorry, can't hear you!" Rachel laughed as her privates first made contact with Alexis’ face.

The anticipation had caused her groin to become increasingly moist, and the soaked panties felt equally refreshing and humiliating for Bledel. Rachel put her full weight down, ensuring that her pussy was lined up with Alexis's pointy nose. Then, moving like a more experienced fighter, she began to grind onto Alexis’ pretty face. "Oh yeah! This is the greatest! How are you doing down there, sweetheart? Enjoying the goods?" Her pleasure was increasing every second, the more she humped the wider her smile seemed to get. "Come on, loser, how about you let me get a little tongue? Its only fair since I got your motor started. Lets go!" Rachel was grinding harder and harder, and her orgasm was closer and closer. She felt that she was almost at the top of the mountain, and that once she came, she would open her eyes and see that she was the new superstar. Suddenly, she felt a hand grab her by the hair. "Hey!" she shouted. "Leggo Shannon!" Rachel turned, only to see Shannon resting in the corner. "Oh shit!" she said, and without even turning around, she knew….

It was her tormentor…her nightmare…the woman who owned her! Katherine Heigl had seen enough. While it was clear since their match that she had unquestionably bested Rachel, there was something about seeing Rachel succeeding that just didn't sit well with her. She wanted to be the one to rid the catfighting world of Rachel on her first outing, but the girl's resolve and determination was unbreakable. Now, mere moments away from her first true and total victory, Rachel McAdams found herself again at the mercy of Katherine Heigl! Using her raw strength, Kat pulled McAdams off the face of Alexis Bledel. Rachel looked terrified, and in the current aroused state that she was in, she hardly had the energy to defend herself. Katherine wrapped her hand around Rachel's neck, and scooped her up for her patented Chokeslam. The impact of Rachel's head on the mat nearly knocked her out, and certainly put her in a position where she couldn't defend herself.

"When are you going to learn? As long as I'm around, you will never get any pleasure ever again." Katherine removed Rachel's top and then peeled away her soaked bottoms. Amused at how wet they were, Kat mockingly smelled them, then inserted the soiled garment in Rachel's mouth. "Taste good?" she asked with her shining smile. Katherine looked over and saw a semi-conscious Alexis Bledel trying to catch her breath. As the girl sat up, the glow on her face from Rachel's perspiration and juices was evident. Thankfully, Rachel didn't finish, or else Alexis would surely be covered in a host of other liquids. As she looked around, she saw the Amazon standing over McAdams.

"Please…don't…hurt me.." Rachel begged.

"You're not worth it!" It was then that Katherine had a great idea. "You know, I've got my big tag title match later, so I can't exactly finish on Rachel now and be expected to be at my best later, so I want you to take my place. I can't think of anything that would humiliate Rachel worse."

"Really?" Alexis asked, hoping this wouldn't lead her to suffering anymore.

"Sure kid!" Kat helped the small girl up and gave her a warm pat on the back. "Go sit on her face." Kat gave her a playful slap on the ass, but thanks to the earlier spanking, the gesture was a lot more painful then intended. "Sorry."

Rachel was staring up at the lights, not entirely sure where she was or what was going on. Then, a shadow cast over her, and she put the pieces together. "Kat...please..." she mumbled, but it wasn’t Katherine Heigl's ass hovering over her, it was Alexis's!

The crowd erupted as Bledel began her facesit. Using one hand to guide Rachel's features, Alexis used her other hand to tussle her hair, drawing comparisons to a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco. "Now that tongue you were talking about..." She wanted to do more than return the favor. Sure, she humped and ground the way Rachel just did to her. But she wanted to up the ante. She reached back and grabbed Rachel's exposed nipple. "You pinched my tits, which was really mean. Well I'm going to rip your little titties off unless I get some damn tongue." Not wanting to be hurt anymore, Rachel complied with the demands, still under the belief that it was Heigl that she was servicing. McAdams voraciously licked Alexis's pussy, hoping that once she climaxed, she would leave her alone.

Alexis, as cute as can be, bit her lower lip and let out a tiny squeal as she reached her orgasm. "Thanks, sweetie," she said as she climbed off of the poor girl's face. "And I was wrong, turned out I did need your help for something."

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