CatfightMania2: Match 5 - Jessica Simpson-Rachel Bilson v Natalie Portman-Heather Graham by CanadianLou

"I don't believe this," Jessica whined. She grabbed a bottle of imported mineral water from her private cooler, struggled with the cap, then when it came loose she flipped it angrily against the wall and took a long pull on the bottle. "I'm a superstar, dammit! You know that, right?" Her personal assistant shook her head instantaneously, fearing her boss's diva-esque behavior would erupt. "I mean, I beat that worthless tramp last time, right?" Her PA’s head bobbed frantically, nodding in agreement. "And I did beat her convincingly, right?"

"Of course, but..."

"Then why the hell do I have to go out there and fight her AGAIN?"

Exasperated, Jessica sighed as she heaved her impressive physique down into the embrace of her leather couch, stretching out her well-muscled legs which, like the rest of her voluptuous body, were currently concealed beneath a pink Juicy couture sweatsuit.

"Well, Ms. agreed to the match before we could..."

"I AGREED to the match? When?" Jessica took another gulp of her water, her flashing blue eyes staring daggers right through her terrified assistant.

"Remember when you wanted the Porsche, Ms Simpson?"

Looking wide-eyed in surprise at the brazen attempt to explain to HER, Jessica huffed, “Of course silly. It matched my outfit."

"And remember how you paid for it?" the assistant prompted, getting on a ‘tell the boss a thing or two’ roll.

"I don't remember,” the buxom blonde huffed with a dismissive toss of her golden mane. “You remember I DO have people who do that for me?"

"Well, Mr. Dipi called and said Natalie and a partner of her choosing wanted to fight you and Ms. Bilson. And you told me you wanted the Porsche in exchange for the fight."

Jessica pondered a minute, but quickly found herself becoming distracted by her reflection in the mirror. She began to play with her hair, tossing it back and forth until it perfectly framed her cherubic face. "But I don't even LIKE that car anymore. It was blue, and blue was so last season. Can he get me a new car?" she asked, excited by the thought.

"I don't think that he can..." the assistant murmured with a slow shaking of her head. But before she could continue…

"WAIT! Who the hell is this Rachel Bison?"

"It's Bilson, Ms. Simpson,” the assistant corrected. “Rachel Bilson…the girl from ‘the O.C.’?"

Jessica’s brow furrowed, struggling to recall some long-lost factoid. Then her face brightened and she asked, "The dead one?"

"No,” the ever-patient assistant corrected. “The dead one’s Mischa Barton,” then trying to avoid further confusion, she added, “But Mischa isn’t really dead, just her character."

But Jessica’s mind was already racing ahead to subjects more pleasant than death. She brightened, "Oh. I thought Bilson sucked."

"Well..." Her assistant paused to find a delicate way to respond. “…she does."

"Then why the hell am I teaming up with her? I beat Natalie Porterman..."


Without missing a beat, Jessica corrected herself in mid-sentence and continued, "...Portman…at Catfightmania. I should move on. Go see if Lou will give me a title shot tonight."

"He can't Miss, he’s already scheduled a title match with Jolie and Charlize."

"Oh my Gawd,” Jessica gasped as she thought of Jolie. “She has nice abs. I want abs like that! Call Gustov; schedule me an ab workout. 'kay?"

"Yes, Miss Simpson. Maybe you should get ready for your match."

"What match?" Jessica blinked.
Down the hall In Natalie's locker room, things were intense. Her manager was shouting into his Razor, waving his arms wildly as he screamed himself hoarse. "This is bush league! BUSH LEAGUE!"

Natalie wasn’t concerned about the commotion, however, her thoughts were on one thing and one thing only - revenge! At Catfightmania, she’d stepped into the ring with Jessica expecting to continue her successful run. Unfortunately, the end result was far from perfect. Unknown to Natalie, the ref in her last match was knocked unconscious just as Jessica was tapping out. Thinking she’d won, Natalie began to celebrate only to be attacked by Jess.

Of course, Natalie was no stranger to post-match attacks having perpetrated several herself and she knew they usually drew a heavy fine, so, she had waited for someone to rescue her. But nobody came to her aid! Then, for the second time in her career, she’d submitted after receiving a spanking. The humiliation was so intense that she simply lay facedown in the ring for several moments, pleading her case to anyone that would listen.

But as if that hadn’t been bad enough, her weakened condition was exploited by Rachel who earlier that evening had been victimized by Jessica Biel and left at ringside like road kill. Rachel was fed up with being the victim all the time and she took that moment to create a new image for the fans by face sitting the Star Wars queen into oblivion.

"Ugh…" Natalie grunted, recalling the horrifying ordeal. "Not tonight," she said as she turned to talk to her trainer. "It's not going to happen tonight! Those two whores are going to get what's coming to them. Then at the end of the match, I’m going to be perched on one of their faces for the victory - and the revenge - I so richly deserve. I mean, I went to Har-fuckin-vard; I’m an Ivy Goddam League thespian; an Oscar nominee! I won a Golden Globe for Christ’s sake! I am NOT one of those two-bit hacks in a floundering TV show or selling my dignity on a damn reality show. I AM going to beat them and I AM going to win a title. Then I’m going to have my pick of roles. I want that Oscar and when I get it, I’m leaving this hellhole of a promotion just like all the greats have done. I'm going to leave and never look back!"

"Natalie," her manager said, covering the mouthpiece of his cell phone. "There's an issue, we need to talk."
Rachel Bilson never got her own dressing room - jobbers never do! However, since she's teaming with a superstar, Lou Dipi saw to it that she got the same big-time treatment her partner got. Rachel used the deluxe shower with the imported bath salts, wrapped herself in a designer robe, letting the plush fabric gently mold itself around her nude frame as she sat in front of the giant dressing mirror and prepared for the biggest opportunity of her celebrity wrestling career.

Being a jobber isn't something you're assigned; it’s a moniker that - for lack of a better explanation - is “earned.” Most actresses start at the bottom, competing in small venues against other unknowns, hoping to be noticed by a major federation and then a major talent agency. Rachel was small but scrappy and while she didn't win as often as others, Lou liked her spunk. Plus, despite her poor record, she wasn't viewed as ‘sympathetic’; people loved to see her lose. They saw her as an uppity bitch and being associated with people like Mischa Barton didn't help. Rachel embraced the fans loathing, however, and whenever she could she’d take swipes at beloved actresses like Alexis Bledel or Kristin Bell to maintain her standing as ‘most hated.’

Now, tonight, Rachel was partnering with a tough winner, despite Natalie's last outing. Plus, her partner, Heather Graham, was a legendary terminator whose cruel tactics are well documented. There is a very good chance that she could be demolished tonight, but there is a chance her skills could help her overcome the situation and earn a much-needed win.

In Lou Dipi's skybox, things couldn't be better. Catfightmania 2 had been a roaring success and the next tag match was going to be a nice buffer between the two main events. Admittedly, he had hoped some thing would turn out better than they had; that Carmen Electra would have crushed Lindsay Lohan - giving Lou a bargaining chip when renegotiating the redhead's contract. He was also hoping the McAdams/Heigl issue wouldn’t have reared its ugly head, but in both the Bledel and the tag title match it had!

Oh that tag title match! Lou was hoping to crown new champions, but instead the crowd was subjected to a handicap match, thanks to Heigl getting herself handcuffed to the ring post for the whole contest. And even then they didnt’ get a finish! McCarthy and Anderson had already left the building and Lou had doubts they’d ever fight as a team on US soil after the stunt they pulled. But now he had a great tag match with some feisty competitors; nothing was going to ruin this!

"Um, sir..." an usher began as he tapped Lou's shoulder, "You have a call"

"Thank you. Hello, this is Lou."

"Lou, its Carl."

"Carl? Why are you calling me?"

"Its about Heather."

"What about her? She should be in the tunnel ready for her entrance."

"Not exactly, sir."

Lou smashed his glass of whiskey against the floor and rose from his chair. "What the fuck does ‘not exactly’ mean? Not exactly? Exactly where IS her ass?"

"We don't know…"

"You lost your talent, Carl? How the hell do you ‘lose’ your talent?"

"She called last night and said she'd meet me at the arena. But she didn't show."

"Well shit! What are we supposed to do? She's up next?"

"I don't know. She took the cancellation of her show pretty bad."

"I'd hope so; shit-canned after one week. Just like she'll be tomorrow if she doesn't show up! Fuck me!"

"About her partner..."

"Fuck her partner! If Portman can't lock down her own partner she deserves this."
Meanwhile, back in Natalie's dressing room, the initial panic had died down.

"We have a problem." Talk about an understatement. Her partner didn't show and she has to go out there alone.

"What's that?" Natalie asked, unaware the answer was going to be a very bad situation.

"You’re going out there at a disadvantage."

"What the hell do you mean, ‘disadvantage’?"

"Well," her manager began. “We lost your boots. We got a replacement pair, but they aren't your LUCKY white ones."

"That's just great!" she shouted. "This is the worst thing that could have happened to me! My boots? My fucking boots! I need those! How am I supposed to win without my boots?!"

"Natalie, you're up!" a stage manager shouted.

"Hold on, I need to lace my boots," she said as she shot daggers at her manager.

"You can put them on in the hall, lets go."

As Natalie left, her manager grabbed a cup of coffee and tapped his assistant on the shoulder. "How ‘bout that?"

"She took that out on you pretty hard, sir."

"I think she'll forget about the boots."

"What makes you say that?"

"I just got off the phone and it turns out her partner isn't going to show."


"Bitch yells at me? This is going to be good."
The arena was on fire. After the last match-up and its anti-climactic finish, these people wanted a fight. And thanks to Heather Graham, they were going to get more than a fight, they were going to get an execution.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a tag team grudge match set for one fall. Introducing first, from ‘The OC’ is Rachel Bilson!" Rachel came out in a turquoise one-piece, a pair of designer sunglasses and a look of utter disdain for the crowd. She stood at the top of the ramp with her hands on her sides, waiting for her partner's arrival.

"And her tag team partner, star of stage and screen, music phenomenon Jessica Simpson!" The reaction to Jessica was a mix of cheering preteen girls combined with boos from pretty much everyone else. Jessica looked like she didn't have a care in the world. Decked out in a tiny pink bikini, she walked over to her partner with a big ol' country smile.

As she leaned in to hug Rachel, however, Jessica through her gritted teeth, delivered a message, "I don't like you, I don't know why you're here fuck toy, but if you get in my way or worse cost me this match, I will kill you. 'Kay?"

With that, Jessica began to walk down the aisle. Rachel kept her scowl, but under her sunglasses tears welled in her eyes. She thought Jessica had picked her for her partner, but now at the eleventh hour, she’d discovered Jessica wanted nothing to do with her.

"And their opponents. First, a Golden Globe winner and the star of the biggest franchise in movie history, Natalie Portman!"

Natalie walked out to cheers from sci-fi geeks and snooty art house connoisseurs alike. She wore a black singlet, conservative and classy, just like herself…or at least, how she wanted to present herself! She smiled to her fans, but the sight of Jessica and Rachel led to the smile melting away as she focused on delivering a beating.

"And her partner, Austin Power's right hand lady…Ms. Boogie Nights herself…Heather Graham!" Natalie stepped between the ropes, waiting patiently for her partner's big entrance. She didn't know why she’d picked Heather; her choice had been Ashley Judd, but Natalie’s manager had lobbied hard for Heather and finally prevailed. "Miss Heather Graham!" the ring announcer repeated, hoping Heather was building to a grand entrance.

At ringside, an attendant waved over referee Shannon Elizabeth and whispered in her ear. Shannon then walked over to the Simpson/Bilson corner and told them, "Listen, Heather didn't show up. Lou said the match is still on if you want. I think the best thing to do is let her forfeit and then get a rematch at the next show. Lou said he's fine with that, and if..."

"HELL NO!" Rachel interrupted. "We want this."

Rachel wanted a chance to let out the aggression built up inside her and a handicap match meant the chances of her not getting her ass kicked were even better which was fine with her.

"Fine," Shannon said as she turned and walked over to Natalie.

"What the hell is going on?" Natalie asked nervously.

"Heather didn't show," Shannon explained, spreading her arms to show she had just found out too.

"Fuck! Well, ask Lou if I can fight one of them anyway. And I don't care who."

Shannon just turned and walked away.

"Shannon? Shannon!” Natalie screamed. “Do NOT tell them I forfeit! Let them pick my opponent! Shannon…"

Shannon looked down at the timekeeper, paused for a moment in the hopes that someone would come to their senses. "I can't do this," she thought, "I can't let them just gang up on this poor girl."

"You deaf bitch! I want an opponent Goddamit!" Natalie screamed.

"Well, if you’re going to be like that, I guess I can," Shannon shrugged with a smile. "Ring the bell!"

DING! DING! DING! Confused, Natalie stood in her corner and waited to see which girl would leave the ring and which would step up to face her. Her answer? Both of them! Rachel and Jessica started walking toward Natalie, both wearing sinister smirking grins.

"Hey Jess, how do you want to do this?"

"I don't know Rachel? How about real fast and real hard!"

With that, the twosome charged towards Natalie, still completely stupefied about what was happening. The girls each drove a charging shoulder into her, sending Natalie crashing into the mat. Once down, she was subjected to two sets of stomping boots, most of them finding their mark. Nat tried to cover up, but the number of feet were greater than the number of hands she had and far less than the vulnerable areas on her body that needed protection. Jessica was working on Nat's legs and glutes while Rachel paid special attention to her abs and chest.

"This is sure more fun being the one getting kicked," Rachel thought as she drove her foot right into Natalie's soft belly while Jessica stomped on Nat's right thigh.

"All right, that's enough!" Shannon said as she tried to break up the mauling. "I'm all for an ass kicking, but we gotta do this fair and square. One of you back to your corner whie the other one kicks the crap outta her!"

"Lemme start, Jess,” Rachel begged. “Then I'll tag you in."

"Neah! I don't think so," Jessica responded, punctuating her words with another hard kick to Natalie's jiggling butt.

"Come on!" Rachel whined, showing her frustration with a foot that pancaked Natalie’s left breast.

"Winners fight; losers keep the corner warm, muffin," Jessica replied, stomping on Nat's hip.

"I'll make the decision!” Shannon finally interrupted. “Bilson; back to your corner."


"I said get in the corner or I'll disqualify both of you."

"Why me?"

"Because Jessica at least has earned her facesit!" Shannon's word was final. Rachel clomped back to her corner like a petulant child.

"Thanks Shan," Jessica said as she began to drop her knee down on Natalie's prostrate body.

Throughout the argument, all three women seemed too distracted to notice Natalie at all. She was simply an object for them to beat on as they bickered. Natalie, however, noticed the entire situation, how could she not? She was getting her ass kicked...literally and figuratively!

Jessica rolled Natalie on her back and dropped with both knees right on the soft curve of Natalie's upturned stomach. The hard kneecaps smashed deep into soft flesh with an unimpressive SPLAT, the deceptive sound not revealing nearly how effective the move had been. The impact drove all the air out of Natalie's lungs, stopping her from sucking in precious oxygen. Jessica repeated the move twice more, but then seeing Nat couldn’t fight back, she knew she could do more damage without being impeded. She used a handful of Natalie's hair to haul her to her feet, then held her at arms length and simply let go, grinning as Natalie crumpled back to the mat.

"Aw, get up, sweetie, this is embarrassing," Jess taunted. As Natalie struggled to get back to her feet using the ropes, "Atta girl."

Jess waited for Natalie to get to her feet before delivering a thunderous Clothesline that nearly took her head off. Nat’s body (SLAM) hit the mat so hard the impact whiplashed her neck and bounced her head several times on the hard canvas. Jessica charged off the ropes and delivered a full-body splash onto her opponent. She took special care to ensure her elbows dug into Nat's already hurt stomach.

"Ohhhh..." Natalie groaned as she clutched her belly and rocked back and forth trying to ease the pain. Jessica looked down at her for a minute, contemplating her next move. Not being that bright, she simply decided to go back to putting the boots to her so she stomped Nat’s neck and gut and legs, working her way down from head to foot; making sure to watch the pained winces Natalie’s face made with every impact.

Once down by at Nat’s feet, Jessica reached down and grabbed her ankles. Everyone knew what was coming except Natalie; she was lost in a world of pain. Her neck hurt; her back hurt; her legs hurt…it even hurt to breathe in. It hurt to move. It just hurt to be her!! When she looked up and realized Jessica was standing between her legs, her arms spread wide holding her feet in the air, Natalie felt an awful sinking sensation as she knew she was helpless to prevent what was about to happen.

"Oh, please..." she whimpered as Jessica raised her foot above her pubic mound.

"Oh please what?" Jessica said as she wiggled her foot, taunting her fallen enemy.

"Please don't..."

"Please don't what? Just say it and I won't do it!" Jessica had a 100-watt smile as she forced Natalie to think about what was about to happen to her.

"Please don't stomp meeeeee…." Natalie pleaded, ashamed at being forced to beg her hated opponent for mercy.

"Where? Your face? Your neck? Your back? Tell me where not to stomp sugah?"

Natalie stared up at Jessica with a look of pure disgust, "Between my legs..."

"Oh! Oh! Between your legs? You mean your vagina? Your worthless little vagina? Or do you mean your pusssssssy?" The word sent shivers down Natalie's spine. "You don't want me to stomp your pussy? Your little nest of cum and bile? Right? Is that it?"

"Yes…please don't…not there….pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese."

"Sorry!" Jessica said as she sent her leg hurdling towards Natalie's midsection. However, Natalie had gone to Harvard and took some Psych classes. She knew how to distract a mental inferior and she’d played Jess like a fiddle. As the blondes foot came down, Natalie caught it and used Jessica’s momentum to flip her onto her back. Oh yeah, Natalie took Physics too!

Jessica went from almost crushing Natalie’s pelvis to slamming backward to the mat, ending up in the same position Natalie had just been in. The shock combined with the fall stunned the singer who couldn't believe she’d lost her advantage. Natalie ignored the pain in her body and let the adrenaline roar through her veins as she sprang to her feet in a textbook kip-up.

Natalie knew this was her one chance at getting the win. She grabbed Jessica’s ankles and spread her legs as far apart as she could, leaving Jessica in the same predicament she’d just faced. Only, instead of savoring the moment and talking, Natalie struck like a cat! She quickly lifted her foot and (STOMP) sent it crashing down between Jessica's legs right on her "nest of cum and bile."

Jessica’s body jerked upright, her hands clutching her battered womanhood. The move was instinctive, and Natalie was waiting for it. When Jessica sat up, she was met with a boot to the face that sent her right back down flat on her back! Jessica lay clutching her face, leaving her body unprotected! Natalie, not wanting to blow the opportunity, grabbed Jess's legs and again stomped down on her exposed crotch. The comedy of errors could have continued for minutes except the numbers game was stacked against Natalie.

Rachel was in the corner pouting while her partner picked apart Natalie, in fact she wasn't even watching the match until Jessica's scream from Natalie’s first "cunt punt" snapped her back from her daze. The second one sent her into action!. Rachel stormed into the ring and gave Natalie a forearm across the back, knocking her forward and off of Jessica.

"Bitch!" Rachel screamed as she jumped on Natalie’s back, two hands entangled in the girl's short hair as she rammed her face repeatedly on the mat. "Fuck you! Fuck you Jessic...Natalie!" Rachel shrieked as she continued her attack until Shannon wrapped her arms around Rachel's waist and dragged her off of Natalie and carried the wildcat back to her corner.

But by then it didn't matter, the damage had been done. Natalie was flat on the mat and her adrenaline rush was ebbing away. Jessica got to her feet, rubbing her afflicted area in an attempt to assuage the pain as she hobbled toward the downed Natalie to extract her revenge.

"Kick me in the puss, will you?" Jessica huffed as she dragged Natalie back to the middle of the ring. "You'll pay for that!"

Jessica dropped her leg right across Natalie's throat, signaling that she was done playing. The impact made Nat gag and sputter but that didn't deter Jessica. She straddled Natalie’s waist, reached down and clamped her hands around Natalie's throat. Once seated comfortably, she began to crush Natalie's windpipe with all that she had.

"Get the fuck offa her," Shannon shouted, warning Jess to break the illegal choke hold.

"Fine," Jess muttered as she lifted her hands from around Nat's throat, then just as quickly, slammed them right back, wringing Natalie's neck for all its worth. "Fucking bitch! Kick ME in the crotch will you!" Jessica shouted.

Shannon tackled her, hoping the physical response would signal that she wasn't kidding. "Do it again and I'll make you regret it," Shannon said with authority.

"Fine!" Jessica wrapped her arm around Natalie's neck, synching her up for a sleeper. "Good night, bitch!" she taunted as Natalie struggled to get free. "Go ahead, check her," Jessica commanded as Shannon evaluated the situation.

"Do you give?" Shannon asked.

"Nuh…ooh..." Natalie forced out between labored breaths.

"Too bad!" Jessica said. “Because once I put you to sleep, I’m gonna put you in a familiar position, over my knee, then to spank you until you cry for me. Then, I'm going to sit on your bitchy little, know-it-all, face."

Jessica turned to the crowd and flashed a smile, not wishing to reveal her true nature to her younger fans. Seems odd that parents would let their children come to such an event, but there are some bad parents in the world. Nevertheless, Natalie was fading fast, and Jessica could feel Natalie's energy leaving her. "Come on, go to sleep for me," she cooed in Nat's ear.

The crowd began to stomp and clap, hoping to reinvigorate the fading beauty succumbing to a lack of air.

"Do you give?" Shannon asked again.

Natalie looked at Shannon's face, focusing on her features, hoping to find a focal point that would help her regroup her senses. Shannon's eyes, Shannon's nose, Shannon's mouth, Shannon's breasts. They were huge and right in her face. Big, round, tan tits. Sharp pointy nipples surrounded by dark areolas. In focusing on - of all things - Shannon Elizabeth's tits, Natalie was able to clear her head in crisis and began to evaluate her situation. She began to swing her arms and Jessica shook her head ‘no’ hoping she could will Natalie down. But Natalie was on one knee and pushing upward and once she gained enough height, she buried her elbow into Jessica's flat abs, winding her! A second elbow was followed with a third, and on the fourth shot, Jessica lost her grip on the hold!

Once free, Natalie charged to the ropes, hoping to generate momentum to knock her country-fried opponent down. But on the charge backward, she found no ropes - and instead Natalie went hurdling ass-backwards over the ropes and down, landing outside the ring. She hit on her neck as she crashed violently onto the mat outside. Jessica looked over to see her partner, Rachel, who had pulled the top two ropes down, and she gave her a brief smile. Natalie was just about out. By some great miracle, she hadn't broken her neck but she was in no condition to continue. Try as she might, she couldn't get up and with a sinking heart she knew she was going to take a count-out loss.

"That wasn't necessary," Jessica told Rachel.

"What? She was about to hit you!."

"I don't think so. I knew she was coming. I was gonna catch her and slam her…or something."

"You are such a liar."

"Bite me!" Jessica snarled as she climbed out of the ring to pick Natalie’s bones.

"Hey, get back in here!" Shannon screamed, half pleading with the bombshell.

"I got her!" Jessica said as she prodded Natalie's body with her foot.

Natalie offered up a mild moan, her glassy eyes clearly showing that she was completely out of it. Jessica grabbed Natalie by her hair and the back of her trunks, hauling her to her feet in a surprising display of power. Once she had Natalie up, she tossed her under the bottom rope, looking to inflict more pain. Rachel, meanwhile, stood in the corner and stewed over being belittled (again) by her partner; knowing full well that but for her, Jessica would be getting her ass kicked.

Jessica decided that in Natalie's current condition, she was primed for a little humiliation. Too bad Jessica was looking to do more than dish out a little humiliation. She wanted to end Natalie's career tonight, and the combination of her injuries and being outnumbered meant that there was nothing that Natalie could do.

"First thing's first, lets lose the...outfit thing you're wearing. It's pretty ugly, but what's underneath has got to be worse."

Jessica slipped the straps off of Natalie's shoulders, then in one motion pulled the garment off of her frame. Natalie was naked, except ironically for the boots, which weren't even hers. Her body was impressive. She had been in excellent shape since filming the action film ‘V for Vendetta’ and it was clear she hadn't abandoned her workout regimen. Her tan breasts and shaved crotch showed she took special care about her appearance - an appearance about to be crushed.

"Wow, those are some pathetic looking little boobs," Jessica taunted as she jabbed Natalie's right breast, indenting it with her index fingernail. "Maybe you need a look at a real pair, bitch," she chuckled as she groped the unprotected breasts, then squeezed and rolled the soft doughy flesh in her hands. "Hey Rachel, get your ass in here…" Jessica commanded. Rachel perked up and ran in, hoping that she would get to humiliate Natalie. "…and undo my top," Jessica added as she reached up and pulled her hair out of the way.

"What?" Rachel gasped in disbelief.

"You heard me. It's not that hard. Just untie the knot then get out before Shannon yells at us."

"You're kidding…"

"No! Now untie it dammit before she gets to a five count."

"Fine," Rachel said as she undid the pink bikini top. Once the knot came loose, Jessica's breasts flopped out of their prison and settled on her chest, riding high and firm without a hint of sag. While Jessica adjusted her unencumbered bosom, her eyes never waved from the face of the dazed Natalie.

"Hi girls," she said as she admired her own chest compared to Natalie. She began to slap Natalie's face to wake the dreaming girl.

"Unnnnhh..." Natalie moaned as she came to, "...wha...wha….happened?"

"This!" Jessica said as she lowered her massive bosom over Natalie's model features. Jessica adjusted her position, ensuring that Natalie's mouth was engulfed with sweet breast meat. "I hope you're enjoying this, sugar, because it'll be the last thing you ever see in a ring." Jessica pressed down, hoping to smother Natalie out for good. Shannon was going to signal for the bell when she was interrupted by Rachel.

"Wait! Don't ring it yet! I want my turn!" Rachel scurried over to Jessica and tapped her shoulder.

"What the hell do you want?" Jessica asked as she lifted her soft tits off Natalie's flushed face.

"I want my turn."

Jessica dismounted from Natalie and stood up, staring down her partner.

"You want a turn?" Jessica jutted out her topless frame, making sure her impressive tits were pressing into Rachel's modest bosom. "Were YOU in the ring? Did YOU do anything important in this match? What did YOU do? Hold down a rope? You didn't learn anything, you moron; you need to earn THIS. Now get the hell outta MY ring!"

"No dammit! I want my TURN! If it wasn't for me she'd a kicked you right in your precious little pussy."

"She DID!" Jessica screamed. "She DID kick me in the pussy! Where were you when she did THAT, huh?" Jessica stared down Rachel, then when Rachel broke her gaze, Jessica swung her leg back and (WHUMP) kneed her in the crotch! Rachel crumpled to the mat cupping her throbbing womanhood. Jessica’s knee hit the unprotected area, causing intense pain. "And now it's happened to you too!"

When Jessica turned her attention back to the naked Natalie, who was trying to crawl to the ropes and get out of the ring. "Whoa! Where do you think YOU'RE goin', sweetie? I haven't even spanked you yet! Hey Shannon, gimme a microphone..." Jessica grabbed Natalie by her short hair and forced her face up into Jessica's. "You should NEVER have taken this match. You need to learn that a body like THIS beats brains every time!" Then Jessica kissed Natalie on the cheek before calling to one of the ring attendants to give her a chair. "Oh, don't look so worried, Shannon," she chuckled. "It's just for sitting...ya know, just like Natalie's face."

Jessica set the chair up in the ring and draped Natalie's semi-conscious frame across her lap. It was a familiar scene, and one that everyone knew the outcome of. Jessica slowly rubbed Natalie's ass, taking the time to kneed her flesh like dough. The once-proud Natalie was in no shape to fight back, and even if she wanted to, she was outnumbered. Natalie had no idea that Jessica had taken out her own partner, but if she did then maybe Natalie would have fought back. Instead, the proud Natalie took what was coming like a coward. Something she never was before, but would now and forever be branded.

Jessica reached back and when she had a good angle, she sent her hand crashing down, slapping the exposed region. The smack was loud. Very loud. The microphone picked up the noise, which resonated throughout the arena. Natalie's rear almost instantly began to redden, the crimson color a unique contrast to her otherwise cream skin. Jessica reached back and again delivers a slap, colliding with the flesh without interruption.

"I guess that's two. Should I keep count? Nah." Jessica then let loose with a flurry of slaps, each one stinging and degrading. "How’s it feel, Natalie? How’s it feel to be spanked again by a better woman?" Natalie had no response other than a stream of tears. She began to openly sob, weeping like a child as her ass was repeatedly spanked by the blonde bombshell. "Put the microphone up to her face," Jessica commanded, and Shannon chose to comply rather than deal with the screeching Jessica. "Do you surrender?"

Natalie looked up at Shannon who expected a simple no, perhaps a defiant no to signal that no one could break her. Instead…

"Yes! Yes please! I quit! I quit! Get her off me! Please stop spanking me! Please...." Natalie's cries were pitiful, depressing and, to Jessica, welcome! She threw the crying girl to the canvas, stood, turned slowy and waved to her new fans as Vanna returned to the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Simpson!!" Enraged, Jessica ran to the ring announcer, forcing her to revise her statement. "Correction Ladies and Gentlemen; your winner…Jessica Simpson!"

Jessica rolled into the ring, only to find the trainer already tending to Natalie. With Natalie no longer an option to exert her evil desires, Jessica looked for other options. Shannon Elizabeth was too big and mean. Rachel was weak, timid and already down…problem solved! Rachel was still down from the low blow delivered earlier, and she didn't seem to be moving too far. She was in pain and wasn't taking it well.

"I'm sorry, Rach," Jessica purred as she rolled Rachel onto her back. "Heat of the moment and all. Let me help you."

She reached down, grabbing Rachel's arm to pull her up. Suddenly, she shifted her hands, shoving Rachel back down to the mat with authority. Once down, she pinned Rachel's arms with her knees. Suddenly, the partners were no longer on the same side.

"What are you doing? Get the hell offa me!"

"Yeah, I didn't get to get off on Natalie, so I'm going to get off on you? That's what friends are for, to help in time of need. And I need to release some of this...tension. Come on, where better than your face? To go where lots and lots of girls have gone before." Jessica scooted forward, placing her panty-covered pussy right onto Rachel's face.

"Mmmph..." Rachel protested, finding herself in familiar settings. She always had her face sat on, and this was the one chance when that wouldn't happen. She was hoping for a chance to be more than just a jobber; a loser. But it wasn’t going to be today! Today she was under Jessica's ass and she knew she’d wind up servicing the hayseed in front of thousands.

"I appreciate you doing this," Jessica said as she began to thrust herself onto Rachel's features and hump with reckless abandon; grinding Rachel's pussy-perfect nose deep into her waiting moist pussy. Suddenly, the pain she was feeling was replaced with a new, a pleasant sensation. "This is all you’ll ever be, Rachel," Jessica said, hoping to degrade Rachel the way she degraded Natalie. "Your one function in life is to make people like me happy. Make me happy, Rachel; make me real happy," Jessica repeated as she bucked and gyrated in gratifying patterns across her partner's face.

Rachel was sick of the indignation, so she simply conceded to end the process that much sooner. Much as she had for Jessica Biel and countless others before her, Rachel stuck out her tongue and began to lick her conqueror's pussy. She licked and licked, her tongue’s motions refined by years of unfortunate practice.

"Oh wow! She's licking me! The dyke is sucking my pussy! What a whore!" Jessica began to bounce up and down, the weight of her body crushing poor Rachel.

"Why is she doing this?" Rachel thought. "I'm servicing her, why won't she leave me alone?" Jessica's cruel movements heightened her own pleasure, while at the same time adding incredible pain to Rachel's already bad situation. "Please," Rachel thought, "please leave me alone."

Jessica finally erupted in a hard-fought orgasm, streams of her hot fluid spilling out to coat Rachel's beautiful features. Jessica unseated herself, wiping the excess gunk from the insides of her thighs. Rachel began to roll away, hoping the trainer hadn't left yet and he could take care of her.

"I don't think so, sweetie," Jessica said with an evil smirk. "I don't think you should take any of your dignity with you." Jessica grabbed Rachel by the back of her trunks and pulled upward, delivering a cruel and painful wedgie.

"Please...!" Rachel squealed as the material carved upward, cutting deep into her most sensitive region.

"Please what? I'm supposed to take pity on you? They made me your partner and I don’t partner with losers. You’re just some pathetic little bitch who voluntarily licks other women, you submissive little loser!" Jessica let go of her grip, only to pull on the material, stripping 'The OC' star.

"Stop!" Rachel shouted as she tried to hold onto her outfit. But it was a losing battle, and in the end she was stripped bare.

"Hey! I can see your pussy!" Jessica mocked. Rachel tried to cover herself, which is exactly what Jessica wanted. Maybe she wasn't as dumb as she looked. When Rachel put her hands down, Jessica delivered another massive clothesline, knocking her partner onto her ass and out cold. She then looked right into the cameras. "Hey Eliza! Hey Britney! I want the winner and I'm taking your belt!"

Jessica picked up her top, modestly covered her chest and slipped out of the ring, walking past a beaten Portman and a humiliated Bilson. Her message was sent, and both Eliza Dushku and Britney Spears heard it loud and clear.

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