Elisha Cuthbert vs. Kristen Kreuk by The Walkin' Dude

Tookey's Bar and Grill, nestled on a high hillside at the far edge of Jerusalem's Lot Maine was not what one expected from the typical bar. Actually the place hadn't even started it's life as a bar, it was originally a stage coach hotel. The place sat on its hill overlooking the town, a low, squat wooden structure from another age. The outside gave no indication that there was anything worthwhile inside at all. In fact, if it wasn't for the old neon sign and the fairly large parking lot, one could've safely assumed the place was abandoned.

But inside was a different story. The interior was populated with low lighting, plush booths where one could take a meal if so inclined, one of the best bars in the state, several large screen televisions that were tuned to any sport the patrons had a desire to watch and a large wooden dance floor where the less inhibited locals could shake their groove thing without fear of reprisal. Indeed the joint was the best (and only place) to be and the large crowd of regulars wouldn't think of spending their evenings anywhere else.

And tonight was a special night at the old bar. Tonight the dance floor had been temporarily cleared. In the place of dancing locals, there was a standard size wrestling ring, surrounded by blue mats and as many steel folding chairs as the fire marshal would allow. Yes, the dance floor had been turned into a makeshift arena, because tonight was the one night a year that women's wrestling came to the Lot, and Tookey's was the only place in town worthy of holding the festivities. The locals had been wild all night, treating every match on the card as if it were a main event, rooting on their favorites while heckling those they loved to hate. But now the crowd was about to witness the first of two main events planned to put a cap on the yearly extravaganza. They cheered exuberantly as the announcer stepped into the ring to introduce the nights penultimate pair of combatants.

"Ladies and Gentleman, it is now time for the first of TWO big main events tonight! Before I bring out the ladies, there's something you should know. Not only are these two ladies some of the hottest most popular talents on the circuit, they've also never faced each other before. So the match you see tonight is the first time anywhere in the world gets to see them collide. But even more importantly, each of these ladies is currently undefeated! Meaning at the end of this encounter, one unfortunate beauty will have her first taste of defeat. But that's enough from me, time to do my job. Introducing first, she is.... Kristen Kreuk!"

311's “Beautiful Disaster” pulses through the state of the art sound system as Kristen makes her way to ringside. The slim brunette is all grins and high fives as she jogs to ringside. For this match she has chosen a two piece bright red bikini that leaves just enough covered to keep the imaginative fan occupied. Kristen completes her look with pristine white wrestling boots and pads (both knee and elbow). Now in the squared circle, she takes a moment for one last stretch before the announcer calls out her opponent.

The announcer picked up just as the crowd hit a lull. "And introducing her opponent..... Elisha Cuthbert!" The opening notes of Trapt's Headstrong fills the club as Elisha bounds into sight. Like Kristen before her, the gorgeous blonde moves quickly to the ring, playing and talking with the fans screaming her name. Elisha's outfit is similar to Kristen's although she chose the opposite color scheme. Her bikini was a brilliant shining white and her pads and shoes were a vibrant red. Approaching the edge of the ring, Elisha rolled under the bottom rope and hopped to her feet. She saluted the crowd a final time with an enthusiastic pumping of her arms. It would be an understatement to say the response of the mob was equally enthusiastic. Finishing with the fans, Elisha rolled her shoulders and cracked her knuckles. The blonde turned to face off with her rival for the evening. Both ladies bounced with nervous energy as they waited for the bell to start their contest.

At the sound of the bell, the two young women moved confidently to the center of the ring, each stopping a few feet in front of her opponent. As the crowd urged them to begin, Elisha offered her hand to Kristen, a rare display of sportsmanship. "May the best woman win" the blonde said, without a trace of sarcasm.

The brunette shook her rival's hand. "Let's give them a match to remember us by" she returned.

Breaking the handshake, the two girls started circling quickly, each looking for an early opening. Elisha lunged first, going for a lock up. Kristen anticipated the tactic and snatched Elisha's arm. Like lightning, she tossed the blonde over her hip, sending her tumbling with a deep Arm-drag. Elisha took the move in stride, rolling with the slight impact before immediately getting to her feet. As Kristen moved in, Elisha gave the brunette a taste of her own medicine, nailing a quick Arm-drag of her own. Unlike Kristen however, Elisha kept her grip on the brunette's arm, wrenching the toned limb with an Arm-bar. The blonde's expression was one of clinical detachment as she torqued Kristen's captive arm.

Kristen grunted at the twinge in her shoulder and elbow, but she bore the pain doggedly and managed to get to her feet, forcing Elisha to loosen the hold. Sensing an opportunity to go on the offensive, Kristen bent down, placed her free hand on the mat and proceeded to land a perfect cartwheel, reversing the pressure of the Arm-bar. Now it was Elisha who grimaced at the painful twist of her shoulder. Not relinquishing her advantage, the brunette executed a short, smooth hop, her free hand landing on Elisha's shoulder and both feet landing high on the blonde's thighs. In the same movement, Kristen leaned all her weight back, rolling to the canvas, propelling Elisha up and over her with the Monkey Flip.

Elisha's back arched when she hit the mat, but seconds later she had recovered sufficiently enough to get to a sitting position. Unfortunately for her, that was what Kristen had been counting on and the dark haired beauty planted both booted feet in the back of Elisha's head with a low, running dropkick. The crowd applauded Kristen's quick offense as she went for the first cover of the match. Elisha easily kicked out of the cover, the ref barely getting to count 1 before she was free. Both ladies hopped to their feet and locked up, Kristen took the initiative by whipping her adversary to the ropes. Elisha bounced off the ropes and rushed at the waiting brunette. Scooping Elisha under her arm, Kristen looked for a Sidewalk Slam, but with one quick motion, Elisha locked her strong legs around Kristen's head and flipped her to the mat with a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. The top of her head connected solidly with the mat and Kristen's hands flew to her forehead, tending the injury.

Elisha jumped to her feet and grinned to her fans, shouting "Now that's more like it! Let's show her who runs this joint!" Bending down, she brought Kristen to her feet, cinching in a front face lock. After grabbing a handful of the brunette's red tights, Elisha bent her knees, and popped her hips, taking Kristen to the mat with a beautiful Snap Suplex. As Kristen massaged her aching back on the mat, Elisha draped across her chest and hooked a leg, going for the pin. As before, the ref's count was almost a moot point as Kristen kicked out right after 1. Not to be deterred, Elisha hauled the dazed brunette up by her long, straight locks.

The pretty blonde again acknowledged the cheers of her fans, blowing them a kiss while still holding a handful of black hair. Turning back to her adversary, She flexed her knees and leapt straight into the air. At the apex of this jump, she wrapped her pale thighs around Kristen's head and fell back, taking the brunette over with a Standing Hurricanrana. Looking to put Kristen away fast, Elisha lands with her shapely butt firmly planted on the brunette's chest and her knees on either side of Kristen's head. Hooking her opponent's flailing legs, she leans forward trying to end things with a Front Matchbook pin. Before she can fully lean forward, Kristen's tanned legs came to life in her grip and pulled her back towards the mat. The brunette wrapped her arms around Elisha's legs, holding them steady as her legs kept the blonde's arms immobile. Seconds before, Elisha had been hoping to end the match. Now she was struggling to avoid being pinned by Kristen's Sunset Flip.

Although Elisha had been surprised by the hold, it was still far too early in the match for either of these competitors to be pinned and she bucked her way out of the hold. But not before the referee had made the first two count of the match. Each woman quickly regained her footing and stared down her rival, both now breathing a bit heavier than at the outset of their encounter. A little annoyed by Elisha's earlier showboating in the supposed ‘friendly match’ Kristen said, "You really thought you could pin me that fast? I'm insulted." Her tone was vaguely accusatory.

Elisha fired right back, "If you think that was insulting, you're gonna really be pissed after I put you down for the 3."

Kristen wasn't fazed, “Yeah right! You and what army?"

"I don't need an army to deal with you," Elisha responded, her voice growing tenser as they traded barbs.

"We'll see abo..." Kristen started to say before Elisha grabbed her wrist, whipping her into the ropes.

The blonde bounced off the other side of the ring, speeding back towards the center to intercept Kristen. When she was about six feet from her rival, the blonde launched into the air, propelling herself sideways at Kristen, aiming to take her down with a Cross-body Splash. The brunette saw Elisha initiate her jump and reacted accordingly, executing a leap of her own and firing both feet forward in a standing Dropkick. Elisha's bare abdomen was impaled on Kristen's booted feet, and she dropped painfully to the mat. Kristen stood over the gasping Elisha and took the opportunity the play to her fans for the first time.

"If you liked that move, then you'll love this!" she said, flashing her lovely grin. Turning her back to Elisha, Kristen's grin disappears and her whole frame appears to tense for just a second before she leaves her feet in a perfect back flip. Her flat midsection landed directly across Elisha's heaving chest, driving the wind from the blonde. Kristen hooked one of Elisha's legs tightly to complete the Moonsault. Looking gleefully at the stunned Elisha, the brunette said, “Maybe you should’ve called the Army."

The ref went to make the count and reached two before Elisha kicked out. Hoping to keep Elisha off balance with her high speed attacks, Kristen brought the blonde to a sitting position and again ran the ropes behind her. The audience cheered loudly, believing they are about to see a replay of the Dropkick from earlier in the contest. But the brunette has other plans. As she ran toward the sitting Elisha, she reached her hands down and grabbed dual handfuls of blonde hair. With hair in hand, Kristen leapt forward in a low front flip, wrenching Elisha's neck painfully forward while simultaneously driving her face to the canvas.

The white clad blonde saw stars as she rose unsteadily to her feet. Kristen was waiting for her and charged as Elisha was rising. Remembering the success of the Sunset Flip, Kristen looked for another one, flipping over her opponent and grabbing her legs, taking her back to the canvas in a pinning combination. But unfortunately for the brunette, Elisha had a great sense of where she was when in the ring, and when she felt herself being pulled down, she rolled with it. When her back hit the canvas, she arched her shoulders and rolled back, somersaulting out of the pin all the while leaving Kristen sitting on her butt in the center of the ring, wondering what just happened.

Seizing the opening, Elisha rushed Kristen's sitting form and absolutely drilled her with a low Dropkick of her own. The audience let out a collective groan, followed by a cheer as Elisha's red boots smashed into the point of the sitting girl's jaw. Kristen's head snapped back painfully from the kick, then thudded painfully into the mat. The brunette groaned from the double impact of Elisha's attack and tried to clear her head. With Kristen down, Elisha decided it was time to slow down the pace of the match. Kneeling behind the brunette, she used one hand to grab a handful of hair and snaked her free arm around Kristen's slender neck. Satisfied with her grip, Elisha bore down, squeezing the life from her foe with a Sleeper Hold. Kristen gagged and fought for breath as the Sleeper worked its magic. Elisha tossed her head back to get the hair out of her eyes, then leaned closer to her victim and said rather happily "Told ya I didn't need anybody to deal with you."

"This isn't even close to over yet," Kristen mumbled through the hold.

"It might as well be, you're going down either way. If you pass out now, you just save us both a lot of time. Not that I'd mind making an example of you." Elisha's tone was growing steadily more mocking as she taunted Kristen.

"Example my ass. You talk too damn much," Kristen replied defiantly.

Realizing she had to fight back before the Sleeper completely demolished her, Kristen, planted both hands on the mat and pushed up hard. Even with Elisha's weight pressing down on her, she was able to regain one knee.

"This would be so much easier on you if you'd just.....STAY DOWN!" Elisha said the last two words through clenched teeth as the brunette forced her way back to a standing position.

"The easy way is for pansies like you Elisha," Kristen said venomously.

Centering herself, Kristen looped one arm around the blonde's waist while the other gripped Elisha's thigh. Pushing up , Kristen brought Elisha off her feet, looking to drop her on her head with a Belly to Back Suplex. Unfortunately for Kristen, the blonde's ring savvy came into play again, and as she felt Kristen plant her feet for the suplex, Elisha pushed off as well, adding her momentum to Kristen's.

Instead of being dropped on the back of her head, Elisha spun expertly over the brunette, landing on her feet behind the still dazed Kristen. Smiling, the blonde used one hand to cinch a hold of Kristen's bikini bottom and pull her back. Utilizing her free hand, Elisha smashed a forearm across Kristen's incoming back. Her whole body stiffened up for a second as the pain from the forearm shiver raced down her spine. Elisha used the momentary paralysis to her advantage, trapping Kristen in a rear face lock. She paused for just a second, letting the audience take in the sight of her hapless captive.

Breaking the moment, she ran forward several steps and leapt high into the air, bringing Kristen's face to the mat with a resounding smack. The crowd went wild at the devastation wrought by the Bulldog, but they were surprised when Elisha immediately brought Kristen to her feet. Holding the limp brunette in front of her, Elisha spoke condescendingly to her shaken opponent.

"I think it's about time I started making an example of you Kristen sweetie. Next time you should think before opening your big mouth." Going on the offense again, she reached a hand between Kristen's legs and scooped the girl up, wrapping her arms around Kristen's waist, trapping her in position for what many assumed would be the diabolical Tombstone Pile-Driver. Holding the sweating brunette tightly, Elisha walked around the ring, smiling brightly as she talked to the audience, “Hey guys, Kristen here doesn't think I can make an example of her! But I think this is a pretty good start don't you?" Elisha bounced gently as she spoke, causing Kristen's upturned ass to jiggle slightly.

The crowd ate the maneuver up, not because it was particularly damaging physically, but because it wrecked havoc on the recipients psyche, her upside down face only inches from her dominant opponent's crotch. If anyone could've seen her face at the time, they would have noticed the deep blush on Kristen's face as her face was bounced rudely against Elisha's slick waist and her barely covered groin. She tried to break the grip holding her, but Elisha had her cinched up tight. Meanwhile Elisha continued to parade Kristen's overturned form around for the audience's amusement, laughing and joking with the crowd at her rival's expense. But eventually Kristen's weight started to wear her out, so she decided a new course of action.

Shouting one more time to the crowd she said, "Now here's where it gets really interesting!"

Suddenly, she dropped to one knee, driving her planted knee into the soft muscle right at the base of the brunette's neck. Kristen gasped at the painful impact of the Shoulder Breaker. Holding the position briefly, Elisha shoved Kristen off of her, the injured girl landing on her back awkwardly, her head at Elisha's feet. Grinning wickedly, the blonde dropped down and scooted forward, placing her round ass over Kristen's uncomprehending face. Elisha giggled and counted along with the referee as Kristen struggled against the hold.

When her vision was first blocked out by the pressing weight of Elisha's rear, Kristen didn't exactly know what was happening. But she soon got the picture when she head the ref slap the mat and when she got a deep breath of her opponents sweating womanhood. Disgusted, the brunette's hands scrambled for purchase and shoved hard, tossing Elisha off her at just after the two count. Getting to her feet, Kristen wiped her face several times, trying to relieve herself of Elisha's scent. Furious, she shot the blonde a withering glare, her green eyes narrowed to slits.

Quietly she said, "So that's how it's going to be huh?"

Elisha's return stare was colder than ice. When she spoke, her earlier attitude of sportsmanship was gone. "Beating you is more important than respecting you."

"Then it looks like I'm gonna have to beat some respect into your fat ass." Kristen's voiced dripped with animosity.

"Come on and try you talentless bitch," Elisha finished the war of words by lunging forward and sinking two curved claws into Kristen's dark hair.

The brunette groaned painfully as Elisha yanked hard on the hair, her scalp feeling as though it were on fire. Fighting the pain, Kristen returned the favor and snatched double fistfuls of Elisha's golden locks. With no wasted motion, she began pulling viciously from side to side, whip-lashing her rivals head back and forth, drawing cries of protest from Elisha. Both girls had a death grip on the other's hair and neither would let it go, regardless of the pain. Cursing and growling, they stumbled around the ring, each trying to force the other to relinquish her hold.

Finally Elisha broke the stalemate by pulling Kristen toward her and driving her knee sharply into the girl's sweat slicked midriff, Kristen gasped for air and doubled over, releasing Elisha's hair. Taking advantage of the opening, Elisha seized Kristen's wrist and whipped her hard into the turnbuckle. Following her rival in, the blonde grabbed her opponent hard around the waist and roughly lifted her to the top turnbuckle. With Kristen perched up top, Elisha climbed to the middle rope and cinched Kristen in place for a Superplex from the middle rope.

"This is where you crash and burn, Kristen," Elisha said cruelly, putting all her strength into hoisting Kristen off the top.

But when Elisha reached the moment where she should have felt Kristen leave the buckle, she was rudely stopped. Confused she pulled up again, trying to send the brunette up, over and then crashing down to the mat behind her. Again Kristen, didn't budge. That was when the captured girl smashed her free fist hard against Elisha's ribcage. Elisha shuddered at the blow, then gasped openly when Kristen hammered two more blows into her unguarded ribs. The third blow broke Elisha's grip totally and she had only a split second to brace for impact as Kristen shoved her backward with everything she could muster.

Elisha slammed into the mat painfully, her back and head taking the brunt of the blow. Winded, she writhed on the canvas, trying to get her breath back. The wheezing blonde had just drawn her first deep breath when Kristen launched off the top rope and crushed her downed nemesis with a Big Splash. Kristen's taut stomach and chest landed directly on top of Elisha's heaving chest and for the second time in less than a minute, she had all the wind knocked out of her. Groaning from the nearly simultaneous impacts, she barely heard Kristen's taunt ringing in her ear.

"That was the crash you just experienced Elisha. Now here comes the burn!"

Kristen placed a hand on Elisha's forehead, right below her hairline, then digging her fingernails in, she raked down the whole of Elisha's face, all the way past her chin to the base of her neck. The blonde cried out at the painful clawing and bucked Kristen off of her. It was a good thing she had too, because the ref's hand had been coming down for the three and as it was, she threw Kristen off at just about 'two and a half.’

Although she had avoided being pinned, Elisha was still feeling the effects of the Splash and could offer only token resistance when the brunette yanked her to her feet.

Moving behind the groggy Elisha, Kristen hissed in her ear, “Time to teach you how to respect your betters Elisha."

Holding Elisha tightly, Kristen steeped forward and wrapped her right leg over, then between Elisha's right leg. Securing the first part of the hold, Kristen wrapped up Elisha's left arm with her right and pushed down hard, bending Elisha's middle painfully over Kristen's leg. To complete the Abdominal Stretch, Kristen placed the palm of her right arm over Elisha's chin and pushed down again adding even more pressure to the blonde's wounded side. "Learning to respect me now Elisha?" Kristen sneered as she pushed down on the captive girl's chin.

Through gritted teeth, Elisha fired back "Is this all you've got bitch? If it is, you should give up right now, cuz this doesn't hurt. It almost tickles."

Angered by the blonde's flippant reply, Kristen decided it was time to play dirty.

"You're funny Elisha. Tell me, does THIS tickle, you slut?"

She reached over with her free left hand and viciously pinched Elisha's right nipple through the thin material of her top. Grinning evilly, Kristen rolled the trapped tit between her thumb and forefinger, going as slow as she could to intensify the pain. Elisha cried out with equal parts pain and indignation as she was subjected to the painful tweaking. The crowd was shocked and stunned at the violent turn this match between two supposed "good girls" had taken. They were especially surprised at Kristen's catfight like tactics as she had never used so vicious a maneuver in her earlier matches. But although they were shocked, the crowd was not silent. They cheered loudly as the two warriors continued waging battle. Back in the ring, Kristen had finished her nipple torture.

Releasing a handful of Elisha's hair, she gave it hard pull, forcing the blonde to look at her, Kristen asked, "Ready to give yet?"

Breathing hard, Elisha still hadn't been broken. "Fuck you bitch, I've had days at the spa tougher than this."

"Somehow I don't think so," Kristen spat as she released her grip on Elisha's leg.

But she wasn't out of trouble yet, Kristen was still holding her arm trapping it between the brunette's torso and her arm. Shifting her footing, Kristen snakes her other leg around the just released limb. Pushing down on Elisha's torso, Kristen lifted her right leg and locked it over Elisha's head, her strong thigh crushing down on the blonde's neck. With a final tug on Elisha's captive arm, Kristen locked in the brutal variation on the Abdominal Stretch. The fans of Japanese wrestling went wild as Kristen brutalized Elisha with the move they knew as the Octopus. Elisha groaned as her ribs and neck were stretched to the breaking point. Every time she groaned, Kristen would press the leg draped over Elisha's neck down even harder. This in turn would cause Elisha to groan again and the whole cycle would repeat itself.

After about a minute with Elisha trapped in the Octopus, Kristen again asked for the blonde's submission and again it was denied. Tiring of the hold, Kristen released it, dropping Elisha to the mat in a sweaty, groaning heap. Picking Elisha off the mat by her hair, Kristen bent at the waist, wrapped both arms around Elisha's midriff and placed her head between Elisha's arm and torso. She paused for a moment to collect herself before pushing off the mat, bringing Elisha up and over her, the blonde landing hard on her back again. The brunette had just nailed a perfect Northern Lights Suplex. When she felt Elisha hit the mat, Kristen bridged up high, meaning to hold Elisha's shoulders on the canvas for a three count. But despite the beating she had taken, the blonde managed to break free of the bridge at ‘two.’

Kristen cursed and brought Elisha off the mat, positioning her for a second Northern Lights. But she had gone to the proverbial well once too often. As she lifted up the second time, Elisha gripped Kristen's trapped head tightly and leaned all her weight forward. Unbalanced by the sudden weight shift, Kristen fell forward and had her face smashed into the mat. Elisha had turned the suplex into a makeshift DDT. Both girls lay dazed on the mat, Kristen nursing her traumatized cranium while Elisha nursed her tender midsection. Both women rose shakily to their feet right about the time the referee had reached 6 on his count.

When each girl saw their rival was still standing, they attacked with a renewed vigor. Lunging forward, they locked up in the center of the ring, pushing and shoving for an advantage. Kristen seized the advantage when she whipped Elisha hard into the ropes. But before Kristen could release her hold on Elisha's wrist, the blonde reversed the whip, sending Kristen into the ropes. The move so discombobulated the brunette that she ran right into Elisha's waiting arms. Catching her surprised foe, Elisha lifted hard, spinning Kristen around almost 360 degrees before dropping to one knee and planting it dead center in Kristen's back. The Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker had caught the brunette completely off guard and she could only moan silently when Elisha shoved her rudely off her knee. When Kristen hit the mat, she rolled onto her stomach, not wanting to put any weight onto the small of her back. Unfortunately, she had played right into Elisha's hands!

With an evil gleam in her eye, the blonde pulled Kristen to her hands and knees, before sitting on her back and lacing her fingers under Kristen's chin. Elisha leaned forward for just a moment before pulling back hard, trapping Kristen in the Camel Clutch. Remembering the agony of the Abdominal Stretch and the Octopus, Elisha showed no mercy with the clutch, pulling and twisting at Kristen's neck. If that wasn't enough she also added the occasional bounce of her hips against the brunette's lower back, bending her even more awkwardly.

After a particularly cruel round of wrenching Elisha asked her nemesis a question, “You feel like giving up yet Kristen?"

Though it was hard for her to reply with Elisha holding her jaw, Kristen managed a legible enough response, "Ugggnnhhh....FUCK YOU!"

"I'm so glad you feel that way," Elisha said coldly as she pulled back on Kristen's neck.

The blonde grinned sadistically as Kristen suffered in the unbreakable hold. As she punished the brunette, some more wicked ideas ran through the blonde's mind. Suddenly she released the grip on Kristen's chin, letting the weakened woman slump forward on the mat. Standing over her, Elisha jumped straight up in the air, only to bring her ass crashing down on the small of Kristen's back. Kristen screamed aloud as the impact sent waves through her. Standing up, Elisha delivered another butt smash, then another. The third time, she ground her ass on Kristen's damp back, playing to the crowd as the brunette writhed helplessly under her. Getting to her feet, Elisha brought Kristen up as well. Standing behind her opponent, she locked the brunette in a Half Nelson. Speaking slowly into Kristen's ear, Elisha savored her next move.

"You thought your little Octopus was enough to finish me off? Well let me show you something I've been working on."

Her threat voiced, Elisha cinches the Half Nelson tighter and bridges up and back, taking Kristen with her. The crowd cheers, anticipating a Half Nelson Suplex, one of the most impressive (and dangerous) moves in wrestling. But Elisha has something more unique in mind. As she reaches the apex of her bridge, she twists her torso and drops to one knee. Still holding Kristen in the Half Nelson, she drives the brunette down across her outstretched knee with sickening force. Kristen flops on the mat like a dying fish as the crowd gapes at Elisha's inventive cruelty. The most knowledgeable fans in the audience could only describe what they'd seen as some sort of a "Half Nelson Backbreaker."

Convinced in her heart that Kristen was done for, Elisha covered her and hooked a leg. The ref's hand was on the way down for the 'three count' when Kristen, somehow, weakly kicked out. Cursing the brunette's tenacity, Elisha dragged her to her feet and trapped her in a Front Face Lock. Moving toward the corner, Elisha picked up speed, almost loping toward the turnbuckles with her foe along for the ride. Upon reaching the corner, Elisha nimbly placed one foot on the middle rope and stepped up, placing her other foot on the top rope. With one last step, she moved her lower foot to the opposite top rope, walking up the turnbuckles like a normal person walks up stairs. With a titanic push, she spun around and fell backward, intending to drive Kristen's face into the canvas with a second DDT.

Sadly this was not to be. Through the fog in her brain, Kristen realized what was happening, and when she began to turn back towards the center of the ring, she reached out with both arms and grabbed the ropes, holding on for dear life. When Elisha fell back, Kristen's hold on the ropes didn't loosen and Elisha's own momentum threw her off her intended victim. She landed awkwardly on her back perhaps four feet from the brunette. But the landing hadn't taken anything out of her and she was up fast, charging the groggy Kristen. But Kristen wasn't as out of it as she appeared to be. As Elisha charged, she leapt off the mat and drove both feet forward, smashing them into Elisha's jaw with another Standing Dropkick. Elisha crumbled to the mat in a heap as Kristen went on the offense. Kristen grabbed a handful of hair and dragged Elisha to the middle of the ring. Adequately positioned, Kristen forced Elisha to her feet before burying one booted foot in the blonde's gut, doubling her over. With Elisha bent prone, Kristen ran the ropes to the blonde's right and sped back toward her foe. Reaching the blonde, Kristen placed one hand on the back of Elisha's head and the other under her chin, before doing a front flip and landing back first on the canvas, Elisha's head still in her grasp. The effect was a modified Swinging Neckbreaker, made all the more painful thanks to the speed and snap involved.

Elisha groaned and held her neck as Kristen stood over her. Looking out at the audience, the brunette grinned coldly as she slowly drew a finger across her throat, signaling the end. The crowd went wild as Kristen brought Elisha to her feet, then hoisted her off her feet in position for what appeared to be a run of the mill Vertical Suplex. But when Elisha was extended directly over her head, Kristen did not fall back. Instead, she slowly began to spin around in tight little circles, Elisha still inverted over her head. Kristen continued picking up speed until it seemed impossible that she not trip over her own feet and send both her and her rival tumbling awkwardly to the mat. It was at that moment when Kristen fell to the mat, bringing Elisha down directly on her head with a lethal Spinning Brainbuster. The blonde's head made a sound like a pumpkin hitting concrete as she made contact with the canvas. She fell slowly to her side, slumped and not moving.

Sensing the end, Kristen pushed the blonde over onto her back and covered her, waiting for the inevitable three count. Both she and the crowd were incredulous when Elisha got a shoulder up, microseconds before the 3.

"FUCK!" Kristen screamed as, her burning, she pulled Elisha to her feet, meaning to drop the blonde again but Elisha surprised her. breaking the brunette's grip and smashing several forearm shots across Kristen's jaw.

Kristen staggered back several steps as Elisha ran the ropes and hurtled back at her. When Kristen was in range, Elisha left her feet and spread her legs, meaning to wrap them around Kristen's head and drill her with a Hurricanrana. Her thighs had just closed around Kristen's head when the brunette wrapped her arms around Elisha's legs and sat down. Elisha's battered back and head were driven full force into the mat by Kristen's desperation Sit-Out Powerbomb. Elisha laid on the canvas in a daze, her eyes glassy and uncomprehending.

Kristen slowly rose to her feet and surveyed her opponent. Realizing she had to bring out the best she had to defeat Elisha, Kristen lifted the dazed girl to her knees and placed her head between the brunette's thighs, in position for another Powerbomb. But instead of wrapping her arms around Elisha's waist, Kristen bent over her opponent's back and reached between Elisha's legs, grabbing hold of the blonde's dangling wrists before crossing them over one another and pulling tight. Elisha was still bent over in the Powerbomb position, but now her arms were crossed in front of her chest and held tightly between her thighs, locked in Kristen's iron grip. Kristen took a deep breath, summoning all her remaining strength for this move. Bending her knees, she pulled up mightily, lifting Elisha off her feet, the blonde's thighs now on either side of Kristen's head, her wrists still tightly crossed in front of her crotch.

When Elisha reached that point, Kristen sprung into action. Still holding Elisha's wrists, she stepped back, yanking hard. This pull shot Elisha's body out behind her, until she appeared to be floating parallel to mat, although she was actually about 6 feet above it. Elisha seemed to float there for just a moment before Kristen fell to the mat, legs spread before her. Elisha dropped like a rock when Kristen sat out and with her hands tied above her, she had no way to soften the impact. The best she could manage was to turn her face sideways so she didn't break her nose in the landing. This was the last thing she remembered before the canvas rushed up to greet her. Then everything went black and for a few moments, she knew nothing but darkness.

When Elisha hit the mat, Kristen immediately released the blonde's wrists and turned her over onto her back. Using her last bit of energy she covered Elisha and hooked a leg. Wishing nothing more than for this to be over, she was startled when the referee grabbed her wrist and helped her to her feet. The ref raised her hand high and declared her the winner. For several moments Kristen could only offer a pained smile to the fans who were going absolutely insane over the innovative maneuver she'd used to put Elisha away. Speaking of Elisha....

Kristen turned to check on her opponent who was just then beginning to show signs of life. As she watched Elisha recovering, Kristen bent down and offered the blonde her hand, a gesture more in keeping with the girl the audience was familiar with. Realizing she had beaten Elisha by the skin of her teeth, Kristen felt obligated to offer a sign of respect to the blonde. She waited patiently with her hand extended, willing Elisha to raise her head. Moments later the pretty blonde did look up and see Kristen's gesture. Elisha looked first to Kristen, then to the hand, then back again. A flash of suspicion, creased her brow for a moment, then she gingerly offered her hand to the brunette. The crowd cheered as Kristen helped Elisha to her feet and put a hand on her shoulder.

They looked at each other silently for a few seconds before Kristen spoke, "Listen Elisha, I'm sorry for the way I acted during the match. I wanted to tell you that I respec....."

At that instant, Elisha's right hand shot up and smashed her across the cheek. The slap caught Kristen so completely off guard that she fell back hard on her ass, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Rubbing her assaulted face, she looked up at Elisha with an expression that was equal parts surprise, dismay and anger. A stunned hush had fallen over the crowd as Elisha stared down the girl who had just beaten her.

The blonde fixed her with a hateful, contempt filled gaze before speaking, "Don't you dare patronize me you disingenuous bitch. You lay a hand on me again and I'll claw your eyes out. You got lucky this time, but next time we meet I'll destroy you."

"It wasn't personal...." Kristen said quietly, still shocked.

"I made it personal," Elisha replied before spinning on her heel and leaving the ring, making her way back towards the locker room amidst a mixed crowd of cheers and boos.

Kristen watched the blonde go, Elisha was halfway to the curtain before Kristen moved at all. Getting to her feet, she strode over to the corner of the ring and motioned for the announcer to hand her the microphone. He did, albeit a bit reluctantly. Mic in hand, Kristen turned to face the retreating Elisha who had almost reached the curtain.

Green eyes blazing, Kristen spoke in a tone no one had ever heard her use before, "Stop right there you fucking bitch!"

Elisha stopped at the command and slowly turned around, placing her hands on her hips. Locking eyes with her attacker, Kristen continued. "I started this match thinking you and I would have a straight up, no bullshit wrestling match. But you had to try to humiliate me. Well I guess it backfired because I beat your little blonde ass 1,2,3! Then I try to be a good sport after I won, and you have the nerve to slap me in the face? You think you're going to destroy me next time we meet? I've got news for you Elisha, there is no next time, there's only right fucking now! So get your ass back to this ring so we can settle this once and for all!"

Elisha had been listening to Kristen's diatribe with a growing rage. When the brunette made her challenge, Elisha strode slowly back to the ring, climbed through the middle rope and stood face to face with her challenger.

Taking the mic she spoke to Kristen over the roar of the crowd, "If you're looking for a fight, you found one! Tell you what …that slap was a cheap shot, so I'll give you the first punch. But you better make it a good one, because it's the only one you're going to land!”

Kristen raised her right arm and pulled it way back, preparing to get even for the earlier indignity. Elisha steeled herself as Kristen's palm flew towards her face. A second before impact, it stopped, inches from Elisha's cheek. Surprised, her eyes moved from Kristen's face to the brunette's hovering hand. Nothing happened.

Bringing the microphone up again, Elisha said, "What's the matter? Afraid I'll...." That's when Kristen spit in her face. The blonde stepped back, wiping the glob of spit of her cheek. She dropped the mic and glared at Kristen, her gaze nothing but pure, unadulterated hate. "I'll kill you for that."

" I just wanted it to be personal for you too Elisha." the brunette hissed before lunging at the blonde. The two girls came together in a snarling, roaring heap, claws, teeth and nails flashing, every bit of wrestling knowledge they knew put aside in favor of a more brutal approach. They collapsed on the mat, rolling around, each intent on demolishing the other, all the while the crowd cheered them on. Those cheers soon turned to groans however as a horde of referee's hit the ring and pried the two beauties apart. But even the half dozen zebra's had a hard time keeping the two separate. And just because they couldn't hurl punches didn't mean they couldn't hurl insults.

"YOU'RE DEAD BITCH! YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!" Elisha screamed as refs dragged her away from the struggling brunette.

"BRING IT YOU CUNT! YOU'RE NOTHING! NOTHING!" Kristen screamed right back as the officials restrained her.

The two hellcats didn't stop struggling until the refs had dragged Elisha all the way down the ramp and through the curtain, the blonde kicking and screaming all the way. Finally Kristen relaxed and stared around at the crowd, they were still cheering the brunette on as she smoothed her rumpled hair back and took a deep breath. The bloodthirsty expression on her face looked out of place. Eventually she left the ring, heading back to the locker room, hoping against hope that she'd run into Elisha. In this she was disappointed, but ultimately the two would cross paths again and finally settle their grudge....

Back in the arena, the club patrons were trying to catch their collective breaths. The last bout had exhausted them but the evening in 'Salem's Lot wasn't over yet. They still had another main event before this night came to a close. The audience drew a breath into their lungs and began to cheer as the announcer stepped into the ring. The second main event was about to begin......

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