"Darkfall #1": Keira Knightley vs. Kristin Kreuk by The Walkin Dude

It was getting on toward the second week of January, and while most of the country was in the grip of a bleak and dreary winter, the citizens of the northern California Town of Antonio Bay were enjoying a remarkably mild beginning to their year. Tonight the mercury was holding at a mild 65 degrees and the sky was a dull leaden gray, a misty rain keeping the small town from doing too much. But the rain and fog weren't enough to keep folks away from the opening of the town's newest club and restaurant. On the edge of town, everyone of legal age in Antonio Bay had made their way to Richard Fannin's latest project. Housed in a refurbished Victorian Mansion, Fannin called the place Black 13, a reference that escaped everyone but the promoter and a few of his closer acquaintances.

Fannin had spent the better part of December, flying back and forth between Arkham and Antonio Bay, trying like mad to make sure that Black 13 would be ready and open for business at the appointed time. Well, it had been close, but the promoter had pulled it off and things were going remarkably well. The patrons were enjoying the food and beverages along with the other myriad diversions Fannin always had in place at his establishments.

But even though things were going good, Rich wanted to make sure the residents of the Bay had something REALLY memorable for their first night spent at his club. To that end, Fannin had brought in some of the best names in the promotion to put a cap on the party. The card was even more loaded than usual and the patrons reacted accordingly, screaming their lungs out in support of the grappling beauties. And as always, the evening had to be concluded with a match that no one had seen before. To that end, Fannin had arranged for the main event to pit Kristin Kreuk against Keira Knightley.

In the ring, the announcer picked up his mike and gave the patrons of Black 13 their first main event, "Ladies and gentleman, it's time for tonight's ultimate match! Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 4 inches, she is Kristin Kreuk!"

‘Beautiful Disaster’ heralds Kristen's arrival as the brunette strides through the curtain. Many in the audience had never been to one of these shows before and were unaware Kristin's normally friendly demeanor is replaced with a cool, stoic silence. One thing that hasn't changed is her outfit, Kristen is wearing her requisite two piece red bikini with white pads and boots and her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders She approached the edge of the ring and slid slowly inside. In the squared circle, Kristen gracefully stands to her full height, and walks to her corner, awaiting the arrival of her opponent.

After the roars for Kristin dies down, the announcer picked up where he left off, "And introducing her opponent. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall. Ladies and gentleman I give you... Keira Knightley!" Green Day's ‘She's a Rebel’ pulses to life and the lithe blonde blows through the curtain like a force of nature. The blonde's attire reflected her English heritage, she was dressed in a dark blue two-piece bikini emblazoned with the Union Jack. Her pads held the same pattern and her boots were a simple white. Unlike Kristin's cold approach, Keira was all smiles as she bounded down the aisle, slapping hands with her fans and generally working the crowd into a frenzy. Getting to ringside, Keira slid quickly under the bottom rope and popped to her feet, waiting for the bell to ring.

Silent and calm amidst the mad roar of the crowd, Keira and Kristin walked slowly out of their corners, headed toward the center of the ring. With only a few feet separating them, Keira extended a hand. Her expression wasn't exactly friendly, but it seemed to imply that she was more interested in wrestling the brunette than fighting her. But if the blonde was waiting for Kristin to return the gesture, she was sorely disappointed. The brunette only stared at Keira's extended hand for a few seconds before looking into the blonde's face.

In a voice barely above a whisper, she said, "Shaking your hand would indicate at least a modicum of respect on my part. But I don't respect you in the slightest."

Keira's eyes widened then narrowed at the brunette's unexpected slight. Dropping her hand back to her side, the blonde didn't move. Instead, she replied calmly, "Regardless of what you think, I believe an apology is in order. And if I don't get one, I'll gladly beat it out of you."

Kristin's face seemed to soften for a moment, then she answered, "All right Keira, I'm sorry.... I'm sorry you had the unavoidable genetic misfortune to be born and raised in a fog shrouded, rain drenched cesspool of a country. I'm sorry about that, but I'm not sorry about kicking your skinny ass all over the ring, you lanky, titless, crumpet sucking bitch!"

Concluding her vitriol laced tirade, the brunette closed the distance with her foe, craning her head up ever so slightly to lock eyes with her taller opponent. It was an amazing testament to Keira's mental strength that the blonde didn't let her emotions loose, going with her initial response of simply tackling the disrespectful bitch and clawing her eyes out. Instead, she bit her lip and took a deep breath.

Staring down at the brunette she replied, "There's an old phrase that advises individuals to keep their words short and sweet, on the off chance that they have to eat them. I'm going to savor making you choke on yours, you detestable trollop."

Kristin responded to the threat with a smile; her glittering green eyes never leaving Keira's furious brown ones. "I admire your restraint Keira,’ she cooed. “Most would've already swung on me by now." She moved her head and leaned even closer, lips only millimeters from her foe's ear, and hissed, "I wonder how calm and dignified you'll be when I'm ridin’ your face?"

Keira was reaching the end of her considerable patience, but she had enough left to fire back one more barb as, craning her head down, she whispered, “I'll do my best to appear as dignified and ladylike as one can when riding a disrespectful harlot's sobbing face. Of course I wouldn't expect the same composure from you. You can scream your lungs out, but I won't stop grinding until you BEG to apologize."

Finished talking, she stepped back and dropped into a wrestlers crouch, waiting for Kristin to make the next move. Sinking into a crouch of her own, Kristin began to circle the lithe blonde, then muttered, "This is gonna be fun."

Seconds later the two beauties surged forward and locked up. The verbal battle was over, but the physical war had just begun! Shoving and straining against each other, Kristin and Keira remained clenched in a stalemate for the better part of thirty seconds. It was the brunette who managed to break it, deftly swinging an arm up and looping it around the back of the blonde's head. Tugging hard, Kristin yanked Keira's head into the point of her hip and squeezed her grip tighter, a textbook Side Headlock. Smiling at her taller foe's little gasps of pain. Kristin wrenched the hold once more before tossing the Briton over her hip and falling to the mat while still maintaining the Headlock.

Laying with her back on Keira's chest, Kristin gave the Headlock another wrench and taunted, "C'mon this is just a Headlock. Can't you break this?"

"I was just waiting for you to ask!" Keira spat.

Bringing her height advantage into play, Keira arched her legs up and wrapped them around the brunette's neck, locking on an early Head Scissors. Kristin had the presence of mind to immediately release her hold and place both hands on the thigh cinched across her chin. Pushing up, she broke the scissors and hopped to her feet, spinning to face the blonde who had also just regained her vertical base. Regarding each other coolly, the blonde and the brunette began to circle, becoming more aware now that they'd have to survival a technical battle before they could go about the business of humiliating the other. Their brief reprieve ending, they lunged for each other again. This time when they came together, Keira went on offense, pivoting slightly before firing a knee into Kristin's bare midriff. The smaller brunette gasped and doubled over, trying to get her breath back. Making the most of her opening, Keira slipped behind her foe and hooked both arms around her waist. Not allowing any opportunity for her foe to recover, Keira pulled up hard, bringing Kristin off her feet, meaning to drop her on the back of her head with a simple Back Drop Suplex.

But just because Keira hadn't given her foe any opportunity to counter didn't mean Kristin wasn't going to TAKE an opportunity. When she felt Keira's arms around her waist, the brunette knew what was coming and prepared herself, pushing off when Keira pulled to add to her momentum. At the apex of the Suplex, Kristin rolled free from her taller rival's grip, landing almost noiselessly on her feet behind Keira. Before the blonde could turn around, Kristin blasted a forearm across her back, drawing a surprised grunt from her foe. With Keira staggered, Kristin grabbed a handful of blonde hair and bent Keira back painfully, locking her head in the crook of the brunette's arm pit, perfect position for an Inverted DDT.

Seeing Keira helpless, Kristin couldn't resist pausing to taunt, "You're done bitch. And when I'm finished with you, I'll have a lot more than words to apologize for!"

As soon as she heard the brunette speak, the haze in Keira head cleared a bit and she recognized the predicament she was in. Waiting for just the right moment to strike, the blonde let Kristin finish running her mouth. Right before Kristin could fall to the mat, to complete the DDT, Keira fired a looping fist up that smacked the brunette hard across the jaw. Unprepared for resistance, the blow caught Kristin unawares and she was forced to release her hold, stumbling back a few steps and shaking her head. Angrily stalking the dazed brunette, Keira grabbed Kristin from behind and reeled her in, hooking in a tight Waist Lock. Returning her foe's taunt, Keira hissed "The first thing you should apologize for is talking too much you arrogant bitch!" Before Kristin could reply, Keira bridged up and back, taking the brunette along for the ride before letting her go, tossing Kristin across the ring with a Release German Suplex.

But again the training and mental conditioning of her foe kicked in. Instead of landing awkwardly on her head and shoulders, Kristin went with the momentum and managed to roll through, landing on her feet yet again. And though she had escaped the most devastating aspect of the German Suplex, she was still a bit discombobulated and was unable to go on the attack, instead opting to shake her head clear of the dizziness clouding it. When Keira turned around to see Kristin on her feet already, the blonde voiced her frustration and cursed under her breath. She had never been in the ring against someone who'd been able to counter everything she attacked with so effectively.

Seeing the frustration blossom on the blonde's face, Kristin grinned wickedly, "What's the matter Keira? Am I too bloody much for you to handle?" She said, mockingly in a faux Cockney accent.

"I don't see you landing many punches yourself love!" Keira fired back, striding toward her smaller opposition.

"Well lets see what we can do about that. Care to find out who's stronger?" She raised both arms over her head and curled her fingers at the blonde, asking for the Test of Strength.

"Love to!" Keira replied curtly, extending her own arms before placing her palms against Kristin's.

They had just finished lacing their fingers when the brunette fired a vicious knee straight into the blonde's mound. Keira was overcome with agony and she let out a wavy little cry, falling to the mat clutching at her wounded nether region.

Smiling down at her injured foe, Kristin smirked, "Well we may not know who's stronger, but it's no mystery who's SMARTER!"

Bending down, Kristin grabbed a handful of golden locks and pulled Keira to her feet. Looking to maintain control, she wasted no time in cinching up the blonde's head and arm, pausing just a moment before hitting a beautiful Swinging Neckbreaker. Keira's head and shoulders slammed painfully into the mat, and for the time being she is able to do nothing more than moan and clutch her aching head. Unfortunately for her that left the rest of her wide open and Kristin took full advantage, dropping the point of her elbow deep into Keira's taunt stomach. The blonde grunted and rolled to her side, curling into the fetal position to escape more punishment. Firmly in control for the first time in the match, Kristin wasn't about to let up on her abuse. Walking arrogantly over to her foe, she bent down and again pulled Keira up by her hair. Standing face to face with the dazed blonde beauty, Kristin continued her steady stream of verbal abuse.

"Let's see if I can't shut your annoying mouth for a little while," she said spitefully.

Grabbing a dual handful of Keira's hair, she pulled the Briton forward and lowered her own head, until the point of Keira's jaw was held firmly against the top of Kristin's head. First half of her hold secure, Kristin knelt and then jumped, before lading easily on her knees, completing the Jawbreaker. For Keira the impact was anything but easy. Her trapped head was snapped back painfully on impact and she went down gracelessly, cradling her damaged jaw. Standing over her prey, a sudden anger seemed to fill the brunette. Bringing Keira to her feet again, Kristin used one hand to grab a handful of hair, while the other rained down a series of vicious open palmed slaps on the blonde's defenseless face. As she continued her barrage, Kristin taunted her rival mercilessly.

"C'MON KEIRA! (slap) YOU WANT ME TO APOLOGIZE? (slap) YOU WANT TO SIT ON MY FACE? (slap) IF YOU WANT TO (slap) ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING (slap) YOU BETTER (slap) WAKE UP (slap) AND (slap) FIGHT (slap) BACK!" She concluded her violent rant by grabbing another handful of blonde hair and proceeded to toss Keira half way across the ring by her hair alone. The blonde landed near the corner with an undignified slap, coming to rest on her back. She stayed in that position until Kristin stalked over and pulled her legs up, hooking one foot under each of her armpits.

Looking down at her groggy rival, Kristin hissed, "You're in way over your head bitch. And you're just beginning to find out what that means."

Threat concluded, she simply fell back, meaning to use her own weight and momentum to propel Keira face first into the thinly padded steel of the Turnbuckle. So confidant in her control of the match at this point, Kristin didn't even bother to look and see if her move had connected. Instead she strode to the middle of the ring and posed, her fans and detractors both eating up the dominating display. It was only seconds later did she realize she never heard the blonde hit the ground. Green eyes narrowing a bit, she whirled to face the corner and her incapacitated foe.

Sadly for the brunette, Keira wasn’t as helpless as Kristin thought she was. In fact, the brunette's Slingshot attempt had failed miserably. Instead of being driven face first into the buckle, Keira had used the momentum to her advantage, landing nimbly on the second buckle. Quickly turning to face her rival, she was infuriated when Kristin didn't even bother to turn around. Enraged that the brunette would dismiss her so quickly, Keira bided her time, crouched silently on the second buckle, waiting for the arrogant bitch to turn around.

As soon as Keira saw Kristin start to move, she launched herself from the corner, soaring through the air with both boots aimed directly at Kristin's face. The lanky blonde's aim was true and Kristin's first view upon turning around was the soles of Keira boots smashing into her forehead. The brunette didn't get the chance to even groan as the force of Keira's Missile Dropkick sent her rolling all the way to the edge of the ring. Feeding on the roars of her fans, Keira got quickly to her feet and made a beeline for the downed Kristin. Reaching her, she bent down and grabbed double fistfuls of Kristin's ebony mane. Yanking the brunette ruthlessly to her feet, Keira stared into her foe's dazed green eyes and said viciously "You like cheap shots you mean spirited slut? You like pulling hair? Well so do I!"

With that she returned a favor from earlier, tossing Kristin around by her hair. But Keira didn't release her grip on the brunette's hair. The result was Kristin traveling a shorter distance, but slamming more rudely into the canvas. And Keira wasn't satisfied after just one. Indeed, she repeated the maneuver two more times, each one drawing several pained gasps from her smaller nemesis. Finally, Keira released her grip and disgustedly pulled several of Kristin's hairs from her hands, the follicles removed by her brutal Hair Tossing.

Fixing her attention back on Kristin, Keira was enraged all over again at the humiliating way Kristin had abused her. A feral snarl on her face, she bent down and yanked the brunette to her feet. Returning yet another favor from earlier, she buried a claw in Kristin's hair and used the other to crack brutal slaps across the brunette's unguarded face.


Simultaneous with her last word the blonde brought her knee up, smashing it between Kristin's thighs. The brunette's knees turned to water and she fell slowly to her side, protecting her damaged center. Taking a hold of Kristin's feet, Keira hooks them high under her armpits and turns the brunette over in a torturous Boston Crab. Kristin's back explodes in pain and her screams are long and loud as Keira leans back as far as she can, the Union Jack emblazoned on her bikini bottom bouncing roughly against Kristin's red clad backside. Smiling for the first time in the contest, Keira applies more pressure and asks for surrender "Ready to apologize Kristin?"

In incredible pain, but not willing to concede this early, Kristin screams, "FUCK YOU!"

Keira sighed and said "Dirty words from a gutter slut. I should've expected as much. You need a lesson on respecting your betters!" She leaned back even further on the Crab, bending Kristin in to an ungodly C shape. Finally, the blonde tired of the hold and she tossed Kristin's sweat soaked legs derisively aside.

She Pulled Kristin to her feet, before bending the brunette double and forcing her head between Keira's thighs. Wrapping her arms around Kristin's waist, the blonde lifted her up until the small of Kristin's back was resting against the point of her shoulder. With Kristin helpless and looking at the lights, Keira slowly shifted her grip, bringing one hand and then the other up so they were clasped across the brunette's chin. Holding this position for just a second Keira suddenly fell backwards, landing rather comfortably on her back. Kristin's landing was anything but comfortable, the brunette's back and head slamming into the canvas from several feet up, a victim of Keira's innovative offense. A bizarre combination of Suplex and Neckbreaker, she called it "The Tower of London!"

Feeling Kristin stretched out limply beside her, Keira rolled over onto her foe and hooked a leg, looking to end the match right there. But Kristin wasn't done yet and she managed a strong kick out before the ref had even reached two. A bit perturbed by her foe's quick break, Keira got to her feet and dragged Kristin along with her. Gripping the brunette's wrist, she hissed "Unlike you, I'm smart enough to watch and make sure you smash into the corner like a good girl. Enjoy the ride bitch." Keira whipped Kristin hard toward the ropes and was satisfied with a meaty, slightly damp sounding thud when the brunette hit the steel. Wasting no time, she charged toward the corner and leapt, landing with both feet on Kristin's thighs. In the same instant, she looped both hands around the back of Kristin's neck and fell to the canvas, tossing the brunette up and over with a Monkey Flip.

Rising quickly to her feet, Keira was shocked and angry to see the smaller brunette standing dead center in the middle of the ring, hands on her hips and a vicious grin on her face. Smirking at Keira's surprise she taunted "A Monkey Flip Keira? Please, a first year rookie could land on her feet after being tossed by one of those. Of course you could try it again. If you're brave enough to come get me you predictable cunt!"

Her emotions getting the better of her, Keira growled, "Be careful what you wish for Kristin." before charging the smaller woman at a dead run.

Kristin watched her foe close the distance between them and when Keira was close enough, the brunette shot forward. Spreading her arms wide, she threaded one through the blonde's legs and another over Keira's shoulder. Microseconds later she popped her hips and spun in a tight half circle, driving Keira hard into the mat with a Power Slam. All the wind rushed out of the blonde and she wheezed helplessly as Kristin held her down. The ref knelt to make his count and had reached 2 before Keira was able to free herself. Taking a deep breath, Kristin got to her feet and pulled Keira up to face her. Locking eyes with her foe, she started to taunt and then thought better of it, remembering what the lovely Briton could do with only the smallest openings. Kristin bent at the waist, wrapped both arms around Keira's waist and wedged her head between the blonde's right arm and torso. She paused for a moment to collect herself before pushing off the mat, bringing Keira up and over her, the blonde landing hard on her back, Northern Lights Suplex connecting perfectly. When she felt Keira hit the mat, Kristin bridged up high, intent on pinning Keira with this visually impressive maneuver.

But again, Keira was able to force a shoulder free just after the ‘two’ count. Secretly pleased at the opportunity to dish out more hurt, Kristin got to her feet and waited for Keira to rise. The blonde did moments later and she fixed the brunette with a glare of searing hatred. Smiling Kristin taunted, "What's wrong Keira? Can't finish me off? Looks like you're not getting that apology after all."

Her pretty face twisted into a mask of rage, Keira replied "This is just the beginning Kristin. I'll break you before this is over. I'm just giving you time to mull it over." With that she lunged at the brunette, claws extended. But Kristin was waiting for her with a Knee Lift, her surprise attack driving all the wind from the blonde. With Keira stunned, Kristin elected the use of a simple but brutal maneuver. Reaching forward, she latched a tight double claw on Keira's modest (but nonetheless impressive) chest. Clamping down, Kristin grinned evilly as Keira uttered a pained little shriek and began to flail wildly. Kristin was on the verge of taunting her foe once more when Keira slammed an awkward Haymaker into her jaw that forced the brunette to relinquish her hold.

Rubbing her jaw, Kristin watched Keira rub her injured chest. Looking to twist the knife a bit more, the brunette said snidely, "I should have known that wouldn't work. You need to have breasts for a breast claw to actually do some damage."

Keira's face flushed a bright red when she heard her foe's remark. Breathing hard, she said, "Talk all you want Kristin. It'll make your pleas for mercy that much easier to ignore when I sit on your face."

She ended her threat by bursting forward and grabbing the brunette around the wrist. In one smooth motion she had Irish Whipped Kristin into the ropes and was waiting for her to come stumbling back into the blonde's clutches. As Kristin approached her, Keira took a few steps back standing right next to the ring ropes. With the brunette in range, Keira shot an arm out, catching Kristin under the arm. In the same motion she hauled up and over, intent on Hip Tossing the hateful bitch over the top rope and onto the floor below. But Kristin's superior balance made another appearance and as she sailed over the ropes, she managed to get her feet under her and land safely on the apron. Enjoying Keira's startled expression, Kristin shot both hands up and grabbed dual handfuls of blonde hair. Stepping back, she fell to the floor, pulling Keira throat first across the rope in an insidious Hangman.

The blonde wretched and gagged, falling to her back mewling helplessly as Kristen hopped up on the ring apron and measured her writhing foe. Picking her spot, Kristin grabbed the top rope and leaned back as far as gravity would allow. Then she leaped up, landing on the top rope for just a second before jumping off again, coming down chest first across Keira's midsection with an amazing Springboard Splash. The blonde flopped helplessly and tried to roll clear, but Kristin hooked both legs and pressed down hard, convinced she could get the win. But Keira hadn't reached her limits yet and she was able to break a shoulder free moments before the final count. Irritated, but not yet frustrated, Kristin rose to her feet and stalked behind Keira, waiting for the limber blonde to regain her feet. Moments later she was rewarded, Keira rose on wobbly legs, her back to the brunette. This proved to be a mistake that Kristin took full advantage of. Sprinting forward, Kristin dropped low and drove the point of her elbow into the back of the blonde's right knee, a vicious Chop Block.

Keira screamed in pain and surprise as her legs were cut out from under her and she was again on the mat, this time nursing her assaulted joint. Standing over Keira, Kristin remembered the pain of the Boston Crab all to well and looked to pay the British bitch back. Bending down she grabbed Keira's right ankle and pulled up, slowly turning the blonde onto her stomach and sitting down, locking in a Single Leg Crab. Keira cried out and fought wildly for escape, Kristin's hold doing evil things to her lower back and already damaged knee. Grinding her ass on Keira's lower back, Kristin leaned back even further, listening to Keira wail. Torturing the knee as much as possible, Kristin asked her foe glibly "Ready to apologize for being such pathetic opposition Keira?" She smiled cruelly and bounced even harder on Keira's tautly stretched back.

In a nearly indescribable combination of pain and rage, Keira screamed, "I won't give you the satisfaction of submitting; you no class tart!"

Kristin tossed hair from her eyes and pulled back even further, making a tsk-tsk sound as she responded, "It's not your submission that gives me satisfaction Keira; it's feeling your impotent rage slowly turn to panicky desperation. From there it's only a short road to sobbing helplessness. THAT'S what I like! Here, lemme show you!"

She let Keira's leg fall from her hands. In the same move, she shifted her position so that she was laying on the blonde's back facing her head, while at the same time scissoring her legs together, keeping Keira's injured right leg bent and trapped between her thighs. To complete her hold she looped her left arm under Keira's chin, before locking her hands together. STF in place, Kristin leaned back as far as gravity would allow, now putting pressure not only on Keira's knee and back, but her neck as well. Feeling Keira squirm helplessly in the STF, Kristin spoke softly to the captured blonde.

"Feel that Keira? That's all that confidence and all those threats starting to slip away. Only to be replaced by the terrifying realization that I can do anything I want to you. If you beg for mercy right now, I promise that the end will come quick. Otherwise...." The cold-hearted brunette clamped the hold even tighter. "…this will be the tip of the iceberg."

On the receiving end, Keira's agony was both mental and physical. The STF was slowly taking her apart and that was bad. But listening to Kristin taunt her was just as bad, if not worse. Shelving all thoughts except escape, Keira planted both palms on the mat and began to slowly drag herself toward the ropes and freedom. Kristin was so intent on maintaining her hold that she didn't realize what Keira had done until the blonde was in reach of freedom. Eyes widening in surprise, Kristin gave the hold another colossal wrench, hoping to pull Keira back, but the blonde managed to grasp the bottom rope and hold on, tearfully demanding the ref force Kristin to release her.

Furious at the blonde's escape, Kristin held on for as long as was allowed before finally breaking the hold and rising off her victim. The brunette's expression was pure malice as she watched the blonde collect herself in the ropes and finally get to her feet. Reprieve over, Kristin march forward and scooped the weakened blonde up, hauling her into position for a Body Slam. Marching towards the center of the ring, Kristin slammed her nemesis down and arrogantly placed a boot on her face. Not interested in the cover, Kristin was more interested in doing more mental damage.

Pressing down hard, she hissed, "I'm not asking you for a submission any more bitch. When I'm finally ready, I'll finish you off and then use you up. There won't be anything left of you when I'm done."

Pressing down a second longer, Kristin stalked away, heading toward the corner turnbuckle. Reaching them, she didn't pause at all, hopping quickly from mat to top turnbuckle in one catlike motion. She’d just turned around when a fist slammed into her gut. Taken by surprise, Kristin slumped forward and into the arms of a recovered Keira.

Firing another fist into the brunette's gut, Keira said, "You forget how powerful your threats can be sometimes Kristin. Being threatened that way can be a powerful motivation. You'd do well not to forget that. And just so you'll always remember...."

With Kristin still slumped on the top buckle. Keira pulled her forward until she had managed to trap the brunette in a tight Front Face Lock. Stepping back, she pulled Kristin away from the corner bringing her parallel to the mat, her ankles hooked over the ropes and the Face Lock being the only things keeping her from crashing down. With Kristin prone and helpless, Keira suddenly dropped back to the mat. Kristin was taken for the ride, and the top of her head was driven into the canvas with sickening force, the brunette all but destroyed by Keira's ingenious application of the DDT. Pausing for just a second to soak in the applause of the crowd, Keira flipped Kristin onto her back and hooked a leg.

The ref's hand was coming down for the three when Kristin got a shoulder up. Surprised the brunette wasn't out cold from the DDT, Keira hoisted Kristin's bulk up and tossed her chest first into the corner. Standing behind her foe, Keira grabbed Kristin around the wait and hoisted her up, placing the dazed brunette on the top turnbuckle, this time facing the audience. Turning her back on Kristin, Keira reached back and grabbed Kristin's armpits. Pushing up a bit, Keira forced Kristin's arms out to her sides, creating a rough cross shape. Stepping forward, the blonde pulled the brunette off the turnbuckles while still gripping her under the arms. Kristin was now being hauled around, ass bouncing against Keira's shoulder blades, arms spread out to both sides, her feet dangling limply a few feet off the ground. Parading the helpless brunette around the ring, Keira enjoyed being on the dominant side of the fight again.

Taking a breath, she yelled to the audience, "Who want to see this twit driven through the ring?" The crowd opined that they did! "You heard the people Kristin!" Keira said nastily. "Down you go."

She rose up on her toes and tossed Kristin forward at the same time sitting out hard. The blonde's Crucifix Powerbomb hit beautifully and Kristin slammed full speed into the mat, her back and head bouncing painfully upon impact. Convinced the brunette was done, Keira went for the cover, hooking both legs this time. She was quite displeased when Kristin managed to get an arm up before ‘three’. Pulling the brunette to a sitting position, Keira sat behind her, one exquisite leg on each side of her foe's waist.. Scooting in, she locked her ankles and then snaked her arms up under Kristin's. The brunette's cruel taunt echoing in her head, Keira sank both claws into Kristin's chest and began to maul ruthlessly, enjoying Kristin's pained shrieks to no end. Feeling her victim's nipples through the flimsy material of the top, Keira latched on and twisted hard, causing as much pain as she could.

As the brunette writhed in her grasp, Keira spoke, "Still proud of your miserable sacks, love? How do you like being embarrassed and humiliated in the center of the ring? How do you like being tortured and dissected for everyone's amusement? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?" She punctuated her statement with another cruel tug on her victim's areolas.

Biting back a scream and blinking back tears, Kristin was still defiant. Gritting her teeth, she managed, "It's still better than having a bra size with a minus in front of it!" She ended her taunt by trying to claw her way free.

Infuriated by the brunette's defiance, Keira had another plan! "Well if you're so proud of these, I'm sure you wouldn't mind sharing them with everyone!" she hissed.

With one quick jerk, she pulled Kristin's top off and tossed it aside, leaving the brunette naked to the waist. Shifting her claw to a Full Nelson, Keira pulled back hard, not so much to hurt Kristin, but to make sure everyone got an unobstructed view of her bounty. The brunette's face flushed a deep crimson when her top was removed and she bucked and twisted violently, but Keira held her fast. For the better part of a minute, Kristin's breasts were on full, lewd display of the audience, and throughout that time, blonde torturer and brunette victim exchanged the vilest taunts and threats imaginable. Finally, Keira released the Nelson and kicked Kristin disgustedly away. Kristin rolled toward her top and wasted no time in slipping the garment back over her breasts.

Fixing Keira with a withering stare, she hissed, "I'll HURT you for that."

Hands on her hips, Keira wasn't about to let her advantage slip away. "Empty words from an empty head. Come and get me if you've got any spine at all." Kristin's response was a feral scream of rage and she launched herself at the blonde, meaning to cripple and main this bitch who had exposed her to everyone. Unfortunately, rage can cause mistakes, and charging blindly at the blonde was a big one. When Kristin drew within range, Keira fired a boot up and planted it in the brunette's gut. Kristin doubled over and offered no resistance when Keira stepped behind her. Kneeling down, Keira placed her head between Kristin's thighs and then pushed up standing with the brunette held on her shoulders. Knowing that is she didn't act fast, Kristin would recover and fight free, Keira simply fell back, slamming Kristin into the mat with an Electric Chair Drop from several feet up.

Kristin's back arched when she hit the canvas, but that was all the brunette could do. Keira's string of high impact offense had taken a lot out of her. It was for this reason, that she didn't protest more when Keira kicked her onto her stomach and sat by her head. Breathing deep she extended a leg on either side of the brunette's head. Grabbing a handful of Kristin's sweaty dark locks, the blonde wrenched her head up and stared into Kristin's dazed eyes. Collecting herself, Keira taunted "Now I finally get my apology."

Speaking no more, she clamped her strong thighs around Kristin's head and squeezed as tight as she could. The move was a simple reverse Head Scissors that Keira had made her own, simply by dubbing it "The London Fog" The brunette's reaction was immediate and violent. She began to claw frantically first at Keira's thighs and then at her breasts. Each of these attacks the blonde brushed aside and she rocked her hips up and down, thrusting her groin roughly against Kristin's struggling features.

Drinking in the brunette's humiliation, Keira leaned her head back and grinned from ear to ear, shouting, "Beg you filthy trollop! Beg or I'll snap your neck BEFORE I sit on your face instead of after!"

Her mouth and nose being ground ruthlessly against Keira's womanhood, Kristin knew she had to get free soon or the blonde very well could snap her neck. Calming herself as much as possible, Kristin brought her hands up and sank them into Keira's thighs, pulling them apart as hard and as far as she could. Keira shrieked at the pain in her legs and shifted her position ever so slightly before clamping her thighs shut again. And that's when Kristin sank her teeth into Keira's thigh. This time the blonde screamed even louder and her scissors popped open like magic, so desperate was she to free herself from Kristin's maw.

When the brunette felt the limbs holding her relent, she rolled away as fast as she could, intent on nothing more than trying to breathe and getting the hideous pain out of her neck. Both ladies stayed down for a while, but Keira was first to her feet, able to shake off the pain of the bite quicker than Kristin was able to escape the effects of the Fog. Fire burning in her eyes Keira grabs the still recovering Kristin by the hair and yanks her to her knees. She had just begun to pull up again when the brunette pounded a desperation fist into her groin. All the fire in Keira's eyes were abruptly dimmed as she gave a low moan, sinking to her knees before the now rising Kristin. Seeing Keira hurt, Kristin took only the briefest moment to act. Stepping back a bit, she tensed both feet and then lashed a leg forward, attempting to put her boot through Keira's face with a Super Kick. The blonde uttered a single cry and then fell backwards, dazed and laid out on the mat.

Standing over the crippled blonde, Kristin smoothed her hair back before addressing Keira, "I have to admit, I underestimated you. There's a viciousness in you that I wasn't expecting." She yanked Keira to her feet then and stood next to her. "But as vicious as you are, I'm even a little moreso!"

Grabbing the blonde's wrist, Kristin whipped her toward the corner, watching contentedly as Keira rammed into the steel chest first. Approaching the slumped blonde, Kristin wrapped her arms around Keira's waist and hoisted her up top, the blonde facing the crowd. Several spectators thought Kristin was going to return the Crucifix Powerbomb Keira had blasted her with earlier but that wasn't the brunette's intention. Grabbing a handful of blonde hair, Kristin pulled Keira back until the blonde was hanging upside down in the corner, tied to the infamous Tree of Woe.

Pausing once more, Kristin said, "I promised I'd hurt you for that little stunt with my top Keira. And if there's one thing you learn from this fight, let it be this: I ALWAYS keep my promises."

She pulled a foot back before shooting it forward, burying s hard kick in Keira's helpless midsection. Over and over the brunette kicked, enjoying the sensation of Keira's hard, flat stomach getting progressively softer. After she was through kicking, the brunette changed it up a bit, ramming her shoulder into the abused abs more times than she could count. And after that, Kristin got really nasty.

Standing in front of the strung up blonde, Kristin laid her hand on the crotch of Keira's bikini. Letting the blonde shiver involuntarily at her touch, Kristin sank her claw into the defenseless triangle of material, clawing and digging like a woman possessed. Down a bit lower, Keira was screaming out her agony as Kristin ravaged her groin. Fighting back the overwhelming urge to shriek her submission, the blonde instead focused every bit of energy on getting a leg free. Endless seconds later, she had managed the task, and before Kristin realized what was going on, Keira smashed a leg into her face. The blow forced Kristin to release her torturous hold and she staggered back several steps, shaking her head.

Unfortunately for the blonde she was in no position to capitalize on the opening. The best she was able to do was mange to pull herself free of the corner and land slumped awkwardly on her side, right near the ropes. Her mind nothing but a thick haze of pain, Keira curled in on herself, trying to protect her assaulted middle and crotch from any more harm. However, Kristin wasn't willing to offer anything but the briefest of respites, and after she'd cleared her head, she stalked over to where Keira was curled and dragged her into the center of the ring. Stretching the blonde out, Kristin knelt by her side and ran a hand over the battered terrain of Keira's abdomen. Forming her hand into a claw again, Kristin sank it into Keira's stomach, directly over her navel.

Squeezing the Belly Claw as tightly as she could, Kristin looked into Keira's eyes and pleaded, "If you can hear me Keira, I begging you.... FIGHT BACK. I want you to fight till your last breath and I want to watch your eyes fill with terror when you realize you're helpless. For once, don't be the little bitch who claws to the ropes and whines to the ref. FIGHT BACK!" She plunged her hand even deeper into Keira's slick midriff.

Hearing Kristin bait her, Keira did as she was asked. Without a word, she brought both hands up and sank her talons into Kristin's chest. The brunette gritted her teeth against the pain, and did not relinquish her hold, actually clamping down harder instead. Two pairs of eyes remained locked for the better part of a minute as two beautiful women did their best to destroy one another. Powered by their own rage and their opponent's prior treatment of them, Kristin and Keira fought like foes who had been clashing for centuries, instead of foes who had met less than an hour before.

Moments later, the pain of their mutual holds became too great and the rivals broke apart, tiredly pushing away from each other as they lay on the canvas, doing their best to recover in some small way. Several seconds passed by before they slowly regained their knees and then got tiredly to their feet. Saying nothing, they locked up in the center of the ring, pushing and shoving for dominance. In this encounter it was Keira who came out on top, managing to muscle Kristin into a Front Face Lock and then put her into position for a Vertical Suplex. She was just about to hoist the smaller brunette up and over, when Kristin's free hand flashed up, her talons raking Keira across the eyes. The blonde grunted and released her hold, hands going to her injured features. That little distraction was all the brunette needed and she exploited it to the fullest. Charging the blonde, she ducked her head and fired forward, her brutal Spear catching Keira right above the navel. The limber blonde was bent into a C shape for the briefest of moments before being driven back into the canvas, all the wind rushing out of her body. Kneeling beside the blonde, Kristen extended her legs and wrapped them around Keira's middle. Kristen squeezed as hard as she could, putting unbelievable pressure on the blonde's ribs.

Keira struggled against the scissors but was having no luck in breaking the brunette's grip. Realizing that desperate times called for desperate measures, Keira snaked a hand up and locked it around Kristin's windpipe. Squeezing tight, the blonde put everything she had into choking Kristin out.

Looking into the blonde's pain twisted face, Kristin gargled, "Let... me...go."

But Keira only nodded her head ’no’ and hissed, "Never. I want... to see your eyes.... When you know I've beaten you." She crushed down even harder on Kristin's throat.

"Mouthy bitch!" Kristin hissed.

She held her scissors a moment longer but she had to release them to focus her full attention on pulling Keira off her neck. Moments later she succeeded and again the two enemies rolled pulled away from each other, licking their wounds. At 7 on the referees count, both Kristin and Keira had regained their feet. Staring at Keira from across the ring, Kristin decided the time for taunting and games was over, she needed to put the Brit babe down and put her down HARD.

Powered only by adrenaline, she closed the distance between her and the blonde, bringing wicked talons up to rend and score Keira's pale skin. But the brunette wasn't the only one being driven by instinct and when she had drawn within range, Keira lunged forward, slamming the toes of her boot right between Kristin's legs. The blow stopped her dead and her green eyes seemed to fill with an incredulous sort of hate before she began to sink. Knowing it was now or never, Keira caught Kristin and shoved the brunette's head between her thighs.

Bending down she grabbed a double handful of the brunette's red bikini bottoms. Holding it tight, she said, "I may not be able to make you apologize, but leaving you beaten and broken will be a more than suitable alternative."

She pulled up hard on Kristin's tights, the wedgie actually lifting the brunette off her feet. Holding Kristin up by her tights, Keira sat down driving Kristin skull first into the mat with a Pile Driver. The crowd cheered uproariously when Keira pushed Kristin onto her back and covered her, waiting for the count of the referee to put a merciful end on this war. His hand was inches from the mat when Kristin rolled onto her side. The crowd went through the roof and Keira just sat there, unable to come up with a plan that would keep the seemingly indestructible brunette down. Finally deciding on a course of action, Keira rose to her feet and pulled Kristin up with her. Then cinching a hold of the brunette's wrist, Keira tossed her hard into the corner. Knowing that if finesse had failed her, she could simply crush Kristin's body with her own, Keira charged toward her victim, intent on smashing the brunette into nothingness.

But exhaustion had slowed the blonde's senses just a little…just enough to keep her from stopping when Kristin got a foot up and rocketed it at her jaw. Keira ran into the boot and was knocked back to the center of the ring, dropping to one knee while she tried to clear her head. Most eyes were on the blonde's drunken staggering at this point and because of that only a few savvy fans noticed Kristin fumbling with something on the turnbuckle behind her. Seconds later, Keira was on her feet and staring hateful daggers at the brunette.

Kristin just grinned cruelly and said, "Care to try that again.... Crumpet Sucker?"

For Keira that was the last straw and she screamed her fury in one long bellow, charging at Kristin faster than most in the audience could believe. She had drawn within feet of the brunette when Kristin dodged to the side, revealing what she had been doing. Keira's eyes widened in horrified fear as she realized her mistake, the distance between her and the exposed steel of the turnbuckle too little for her to even try to stop. The blonde rammed full force into the bare metal and gave a tortured gasp before staggering out to the middle of the ring where Kristin was waiting for her. Her face a hard, pitiless mask, Kristin buried a boot in Keira's gut to double her over, then stepping forward, Kristin shoved the blonde's head between her thighs and then wrapped her arms around Keira, clasping her hands beneath her traumatized belly. Knowing that it was finally time to finish Keira off, Kristin paused for a moment to catch her breath.

"I'm sorry Keira, but this is going to hurt," she said, lifting the taller girl for a traditional Powerbomb.

With Keira's legs hanging limp on either side of her head, Kristin deviated from the normal course of action. Instead of slamming Keira down, Kristin pushed up and out on the blonde's legs sending them trailing out behind the blonde, her head now much closer to Kristin's hands. As gravity began to pull the blonde down Kristin grabbed Keira's head in both hands and sat out hard. Keira landed face and chest first on the mat, hitting with an ungodly crash, the lovely blonde becoming the newest victim of Kristin's finishing move, A brutal Powerbomb/Facebuster combination she called, "The Beautiful Letdown."

The crowd was on its feet as Kristin pushed Keira's unconscious bulk on to her back. Knowing the match was over, Kristin went for a nonchalant, yet dominating cover, one hand pressed on Keira's stomach while placing her other forearm roughly across the bridge of the beaten girl's nose. The crowd counted along with the ref as he delivered the academic count. 1....2.... but then Kristin lifted Keira's head off the canvas interrupting the count out!! The crowd went nuts wondering what the brunette was up to and the ref was none to happy.

"What are you doing?" He demanded. "She's out of it!"

Fixing the ref with a cool gaze as she pulled Keira to her feet, Kristin said, "Do I look like I give a shit?"

The official clamed up then, dejectedly waiting to see what the brunette had in store. Standing against the sleeping blonde's left side, Kristin bent Keira over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling over. In one deft motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde's left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Keira's ribs. In the same motion she reached over the blonde's bent torso and hooked Keira's right arm with her left arm. Finally, she swung her left leg up and slung it over Keira's neck, the back of the brunette's knee resting comfortably against the side of the blonde's face.

The Octopus finally locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on Keira's ribs and neck. Even the brunette's most steadfast supporters howled their consternation at the application of such a devastating hold on an obviously unconscious opponent. This fact didn't seem to bother Kristin at all and she worked the hold methodically, trying her very best to tear Keira in half with the move. Though the ref didn't like Kristin's tactics, he knew the easiest way to put an end to them. Moving in, he grabbed Keira's limply hanging left wrist and raised it once. He dropped it and it fell. He repeated the process a second time. The results were the same. He went in a final time and just as he was raising the blonde's wrist, Kristin released the hold, letting Keira slump limp on the mat.

Locking eyes with the zebra, Kristin said, "Amazing! She's still got some fight left in her." The ref only shook his head and sighed, trapped by the fact that Kristin's torture was by all accounts perfectly legal. Kicking Keira over onto her back, Kristin looked down at her, then slipping her thumbs into the sides of her bottoms, she spoke to Keira as she pulled the material up, “You know, I just realized I've never sat on anyone's face before. It's a shame that you aren't wake for this, but I think I've already proved my point. This will just be the icing on the cake." she paused for a second and then smiled. "So to speak..."

With that she lowered herself down, coming to rest with the fork of her crotch pressed firmly against Keira's uncomprehending mouth and nose. Knees holding her victim's arms in place, Kristin started to grind very slowly, making sure her center never left her rival's face. Leaning her head back, there was an almost serene expression on her face as the ref was finally allowed to make his count. Three seconds later and it was official. Kristin Kreuk had beaten and then thoroughly dominated Keira Knightly. The brunette maintained her perch for a few seconds longer and then rose off the slumbering blonde. Kristin looked down at Keira and then out at the audience, fixing them both with them same cold, indifferent glare.

Turning her back on the wreckage she had created, Kristin left the ring and headed up the ramp. Fixing the fans with a sneer as she headed through the curtain, it was quite obvious that the brunette could care less about the fans or her opponents. But these revelations only lead to more questions. If Kristin doesn't care about friends or fans, what does she care about? And perhaps more importantly, what brought about this sudden change of heart in the perennial fan favorite?

Still breathing hard from her match with Keira, Kristin walked into her locker room and closed the door behind her and leaned on it as she heaved a relieved sigh. Her hand had just found the light switch when a voice out of the gloom said, "Don't turn on the light."

Her hand hesitated. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could just make out a vaguely-defined female figure across the room in the shadows. "Is that...you?"

"None other!" said the voice. "How'd it go?"

"Just like you said!" answered Kristin. "I went after her just like you said and I beat her. I didn't just beat her, I used her up and threw her out. The fans and the ref didn't like it, but fuck them! Sucking up to them’s never gotten me anything!"

"That's why you're my harbinger Kristin. What you did tonight was just the beginning. Once we've collected a few more like minded individuals, we'll make our presence known. And when we're done, this whole miserable promotion is going to lie in ruins. That includes everyone. From the curtain-jerkers to our esteemed champion; even Fannin if it comes to that."

Kristin looked surprised, "What's HE got to do with this?"

"Nothing...yet!" said the voice from the darkness. "But our employer isn't a big fan of anarchy and that's what we're going to create. First time he sticks his nose in our business, I'm gonna cut it off!"

"Fine with me," Kristin shrugged. "When do we go public?"

"Soon!" said the voice. "The shadows have to get a bit deeper before the darkness arrives; I'm just waiting for the signal. But trust me Kristin, when we come out of hiding, EVERYONE will know it! It's going to be a day no one in this promotion ever forgets." Then the voice began to laugh; quietly at first, increasing in volume as it continued. Soon, Kristin joined in. In the ebony darkness of the locker room it was the only sound. No one else could hear the laughter or see the darkness....but soon, very soon, everyone would witness more than they ever wished to!!

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