Darkfall #10: Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Allison Mack by The Walkin' Dude

"Considering how lousy things have been the last few months, this is actually shaping up to be a great afternoon," Richard Fannin mused from behind his desk in his office above the 'Yellow Sign Tavern.'

Catching his slight smile, the blonde on the other side of the desk smiled too. "Anything you'd like to share Rich?" Allison Mack asked as she drew another card from the deck, looked at it, sighed and looked back at him, her eyes narrowing, "Got any threes?"

Fannin smiled again, "Go Fish!" His grin growing wider, the promoter drew a card, looked at it and said, "I was just thinking; I can't believe things have gotten so bizarre that I consider sitting in my office playing 'Fish' for an hour or two a great escape from reality. Of course the company just makes it that much more entertaining."

Mack flashed her brilliant smile and shot back, "Well I wanted to play Uno, but 'Mr. Tragically Sheltered Childhood' never learned how to play."

Fannin rolled his eyes and responded completely deadpan, "Stop stalling and answer this burning question; got any sevens?"

She smirked, "Go fish!"

"Damn!" Fannin muttered as he shook his head.

And so the game and the banter continued back and forth this way for several minutes, neither if them really interested in talking about the reason he'd called her into his office, but as always reality eventually intrudes on a situation and in this case that intrusion was about forty five seconds away. Clumsily shuffling the deck after the conclusion of their last game, the promoter sighed. "Guess we better start talking about work huh?"

"Yeah," Allison answered quietly, then not waiting for his reply, she continued. "Before you say anything, I want to let you know the rumors aren't true. I'm not...." KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! The loud, insistent, knocking on Fannin's office door interrupted her.

Muttering at the intrusion, Fannin looked apologetically at her, turned and called out, "Come in!"

The door swung open and Jennifer Love Hewitt stepped into view. The short brunette was wearing black jeans and a simple white tank top. Fannin noted with mild interest that her hair was damp and slicked back behind her ears as if she'd just come from the locker room after a shower.

Striding across the carpet of the office, Hewitt stopped in front of the desk, at a slight angle to both Allison and Fannin, smiling at Rich as she said, "Sorry for the interruption, but I've been trying to find Allison all day and Sarah said she was here. What I have to ask won't take long."

Fannin shrugged and waved toward Allison, "If she doesn't care, I don't."

Allison swiveled her chair towards Jen and said, "Whatcha' need Jen?"

The friendly smile on Jennifer's face suddenly disappeared as she turned to the seated blonde and, looking down at Mack, asked quietly, "Just three questions. First, Have we ever had a match?"

Looking unsure of how to answer Allison answered, "No, not that I'm aware of."

"Then it would be safe to assume you've never beaten me either, correct?" Jen continued, her voice growing progressively tenser.

Now it was Allison's voice that got a little edgier, "That's fair enough."

"Final question then," Jen snapped. "Where the HELL do you get off saying there's no one in this promotion who can take you chest to chest? Are you dumb or just really fucking arrogant? I'd love to know."

Allison rose out of her chair in one smooth motion, the smile suddenly gone from her face as she stood nose to nose with the shorter girl and said quietly, "You must've talked to Neve!"

Unflinching, Jen spat back "That's right hotshot, friends do talk on the phone occasionally. Just answer the question!"

Dark eyes flashing, the blonde said matter-of-factly, "You're damn right I said it. And I stand by it too. There's some great talent here, but none of them can beat me in a mutual Bear Hug." She paused, her gaze slowly scanning the swell of Love's chest before she looked back up, locking eyes with the brunette. Then Allison added as she jabbed her finger in Jen's cleavage, "And that includes YOU!"

Biting back a retort, Jen stepped back and decided on another tactic. Gripping the bottom of her top with both hands, she peeled the garment over her head in one smooth motion, leaving her in just her simple black bra. Then stepping hard into the blonde, Jennifer spat, "You wanna know what I think? I think you're a mouthy blonde rookie with a few lucky wins who THINKS she's a lot better than she really is." Not giving Allison a chance to respond, Jen continued, "I ALSO think that the second you come up against someone who can squeeze back, you'll crumple like a paper bag fulla hot air and wail for the ref to stop the match."

Taking a breath, the brunette looked down at Allison's chest before firing another barb the blonde's way, "Of course you COULD prove me wrong...unless you're wearing your training bra and don't want Rich to know." Watching as Allison's face clouded in anger, Jen continued to twist the knife "But I'm sure Rich won't tell. After all, he hates exposing the weaknesses of his so-called talent. Isn't that right boss?"

Fannin didn't respond with words, instead he reached into a small drawer in his desk and pulled out a bottle of single malt scotch left over from the Christmas party. Without a word, he filled a small glass and downed it in a shot. It was going to be one of those days, he could just feel it.

Looking back to her accuser, Allison looked straight into Love's face and said coldly, "If Rich wanted to see me with my shirt off..." she paused as she pulled the maroon tank top over her head and tossed it aside, leaving her clad in the same fashion as her rival. "All he had to do was ask." Behind her, Fannin almost choked on his drink, the promoter's face turning a shade pinker which for him, constituted an embarrassed blush.

Looking down at her rival's assets, Jen sneered, "Impressive, but not nearly good enough. You mean to tell me you honestly thought I couldn't beat you chest to chest when you were showboating for Neve?" she hissed, grinding her massive mammaries into Allison's while the blonde tried to think of a reply.

Allison's mouth formed into a cocky grin as she stepped into Jennifer's grind, returning it with equal intensity, "Honestly Jen, the thought of me NOT being able to beat you never even crossed my mind. I don't think you're that good!"

Stung by the blatant dismissal, Jen pressed even closer to the blonde. Her voice barely above a whisper, she replied, "The reality of my superiority is going to cross your mind very soon and very often, bitch. It'll happen when my tits are grinding across your sobbing face as I squeeze out the last gasp of air from your wheezing lungs."

Unwilling to back down even an inch, Allison pressed up against the brunette; the two women appearing as if they were trying to merge their bodies into one. Making sure she kept her eyes locked on Love's, Allison purred, "If you DARE try putting your ridiculously overrated breasts in MY face, I promise you'll finish the match crushed, listening to your ribs crack one by one. Trust me on this....my precious….Love."

Jennifer was on the verge of making a response when Fannin interrupted, "Jen; Allison! Loathe as I am to interrupt such an intriguing exchange, I don't want to have to replace any more furniture. So how about this suggestion, you girls take this into the ring - I'll put in tomorrow's main event. That way we all will find out who's the better woman in a chest-on-chest duel!"

"Fine by me!" Allison answered with a quick glance over her shoulder, then returning her steady gaze to Jen.

"Just wonderful Rich, but I want a stipulation!" Jenny Love added with a tiny curl of her lip.

"What is it?" Fannin asked warily.

Staring at the blonde as she spoke, Jen stated, "Winner smothers the loser….for as long she wants. I want this pretender to suffer," she concluded with a cold smile at Allison.

A bit flustered, Rich mumbled, "Uh…..um, it's…ah…your call, Allison?"

The blonde's reply was instantaneous, "Make it happen, Rich." Then looking back at Jennifer, "We'll see WHO suffers…and you'll find out who the real pretender is!"

Jen just smiled again and stepped away and bent down to pick up her top. Slipping it over her head, she said confidently, "See ya in the ring Alli-baby!" Then she spun on her heel and stalked out the door, giving her brunette hair a saucy toss before she slammed the door shut in her wake..

Breathing heavily as she watched Jen leave, Allison slowly bent and picked up her own top, then slowly put it on, giving Fannin a sexy show in the process. After hurriedly rearranging the garment, she looked at Rich and said, "Well, it looks like I better go. I got some tape to watch!"

Fannin nodded, "Yeah, you better go. We can finish this later."

Allison nodded again and headed toward the door but just as she was about to exit, she glanced back over her shoulder. "It's not true Rich...what they're saying about me, I mean."

He smiled tightly, "For what it's worth I believe you Allison. Now go get ready for Jennifer." She nodded and slipped out the door, leaving the promoter alone with his thoughts. Taking another gulp of the scotch, Fannin sighed, "But then, I've been wrong before...."
The time is fairly late, the setting is the main room at the Yellow Sign Tavern. Jen's in her typical green two-piece while Allison's in her usual attire as well, a light purple two-piece. At the bell, both ladies rushed out of their corners and began to stalk. Foregoing the typical practice of stopping when encountering their foe, Allison and Jen literally walk into each other, each seeking to intimidate her opponent. Pressing her chest into the blonde's, Jennifer stared down Allison with no trace of fear as, speaking softly, she said, "I'm going to beat you down and then I'm going to enjoy smothering you out. Finally, I'll expose you for the fucking traitor you really are!"

Allison fumed at the barb, but managed to hold her temper in check, if only barely, replying just as quietly, "I'm not part of the Darkness Love. And I will gladly beat your ass up and down this ring to prove it. Snd smothering you afterward...well, I'll just consider that icing on the cake!"

Unfazed by Allison's denial, Jen raised her hands, running her fingers lightly over the contour of the blonde's chest, purring lightly as she opined, "Whether you're part of the Darkness remains to be seen, but there's no doubt you're a ditzy blonde with a second rate rack!"

Then before Allison could object, Jennifer dug her claws into her breasts and twisted her wrists, ripping a pained squeal from the outraged blonde. Furious at Jen's attack, Allison drew her hand and rocked the brunette with a slap, breaking her grip and staggering her backward. Fire smoldering in her dark eyes, Allison advanced, saying quietly, "You're going to regret that!"

Bringing her fists up, Allison fired rapid punches to Jennifer's jaw and cheek, each rocking the brunette back a step. She'd just fired an especially explosive haymaker toward Love's head when the curvy brunette dipped low under her fist and lunged at her! Love wrapped her arms cinched around Allison's waist and cinched her up, squeezing tight, crushing the air out of the blonde's lungs. Allison gasped in surprise and pain at the power Jen was able to get into her Bear Hug. Her gasp got louder when the brunette lifted the bigger blonde off her feet and shook her violently from side to side.

Fighting her surprise, Allison thought, 'I gotta get out of this...'

Clearing her head, she used both hands to grab Jen's head, then not waiting, she snapped her head forward and smashed Love in the face with her forehead! The Head-butt did its job and Jen released her grip, backpedaling backward holding her head. Allison paused a moment to take a deep breath, nursing air back into her compressed torso. Recovered, she was angry to see Jen staring her down, smirking really; malice dancing in her brown eyes. "What's a matter Allison, finding out you're no match for me?"

Allison's reply was just as biting. "Just surprised a pip-squeak like you can squeeze at all!"

Allison lunged toward Jen wanting to lock up, but Jen met her charge and instead of clinching with the blonde, she instead grabbed her wrists and whipped Allison hard to the ropes, then Jen took off in the opposite direction. Both women rebounded off the ropes, Jen bouncing off and running back toward the blonde. At the last second before the collision, both ducked their head and squared their shoulders to simply run over her opponent with a Shoulder Block. It was excellent in theory, but the actual execution left a lot to be desired as they merely slammed into each other, with neither going down.

Regarding each other with angry eyes, the unspoken challenge was agreed to as both ladies bounced off the ropes again and headed back towards her opposition. Jennifer changed her tactics this time however, the brunette extending an arm, looking to decapitate the blonde with a Clothesline. Allison saw it coming though and was ready with an answer, deftly dodging the extended limb and spinning around behind the stumbling Love. Jen had just recovered her balance and turned to face her rival when Allison exploded forward and wrapped her arms around the surprised brunette.

Now it was Love's turn to gasp in pain as the compact blonde yanked her off her feet, crushing Jen against her chest with phenomenal force. But though the pain of Allison's Bear hug was intense, Jen knew better than to panic and much like her foe had done earlier, she quickly formulated an escape. Bringing her hands up, she raked her talons across the blonde's face and smiled slightly when Allison cried out and released her prey. Dropping back to the mat, Jennifer held off on recuperation for a moment as she charged at the still blinded Allison. Bringing her knee up, Jen pivoted slightly and jammed it deep into the blonde's exposed belly, hearing air whooshing out of Allison's lungs as she spun over Jen's knee and landed hard on the mat, gasping and clutching her impaled gut.

Taking a second to catch her breath, the brunette looked down at her wheezing rival and muttered, "Rookies!" in a rather dismissive tone before executing a perfect vertical leap. She came down chest first the blonde's chest, driving the wind from her lungs again. Not interested in trying to hold the blonde down (at least not yet) Jen pulled her off the canvas and scooped her up, holding the winded blonde at her shoulder while, with a smile on her cherubic countenance, Love did a slow three quarter turn, letting everyone in attendance anticipate what was going to happen. She slammed Allison to the canvas and the impact from the Scoop Slam arched Allison's back when she hit.

Her smile growing wider, Jen taunted, "You just love making yourself a target don't you? Well that's OK; I just love using you as a target."

With Allison still groaning on the canvas, Jen executed another perfect leap, but instead of coming down chest first on the blonde, she came down ass first on Allison's bounty, flatting it painfully beneath Jen's butt. Love's smirk only grew as Allison flopped underneath her before weakly shoving the brunette off her chest. Getting to her knees, Jen moved behind Allison and pulled her to her knees. Drawing in as close as she could, Jen snaked both arms around Allison's chest, just under her armpits and clasped them tight. Leaning her cheek against the blonde's back, Jen clamped down hard, the Kneeling Bear Hug putting immediate pressure on Allison's chest cavity.

Smiling happily as she listened to Allison gasp, Jen cooed in her foe's ear, "Is this all you've got blondie? I thought you said you were good at this. Right now all you're doing is helping me work up a good sweat. That'll make it all the much more fun when I put your face in my tits."

On the other end of that barb, Allison was listening to Jen's taunts with a growing fury. Putting aside the embarrassment of having been slapped around by the brunette thus far, she secured a tight grip on Jen's clasped hands, while simultaneously getting her feet under her. It was a bit awkward looking, bit the blonde was able to do so and moments later, she stunned her brunette captor but powering to her feet with Jen still stuck on her back. Deciding a respite was the best course of action, Allison tenaciously bulled her way to the ropes, grabbing hold of the top one and demanding to the ref that Jen release her hold. Jennifer was a bit surprised at how quickly the blonde seemed to be able to summon her strength, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from getting in a last dig. Slowly releasing her grip, she quickly placed her hands on the blonde's breasts. Before Allison could protest, Jen gave each orb a rough, kneading squeeze.

"Wimp!" she sneered quietly when she released her grip and backed away.

Still leaning in the ropes, Allison's face flushed red at Jen's embarrassing treatment of her. Taking a second to make a slight adjustment to her top, Allison whirled on her heel to face the waiting brunette, took a deep breath and said calmly, "Do your worst bitch. But if you try to put your hands on my tits one more time, I'll take yours home with me!"

Not impressed in the least, Jen smirked a reply, "And just how are you going to do that? All you've shown a talent so far is breathless moaning, you overrated farce."

That drove the blonde into a fury and she proved as such by charging at the brunette, intent on taking her hard to the mat. But Allison's anger had drawn her right into Love's trap and Jennifer took full advantage of her mistake, greeting her charging rival with another heavy knee to the gut. Allison gasped and doubled over, making herself an easy target for Jennifer's second Scoop Slam. That is to say, she should've been an easy target, but the blonde didn't cooperate! When Jen tried to lift her, Allison planted both feet and used her free arm to drive clubbing Forearm shots across Jennifer's back. After about a half dozen of these blows, Jen gave up and released her grip, awkwardly stumbling back from the blonde. But Allison had been on the receiving end of Jen's torment for the better part of the match and she wasn't about to let this opportunity get away.

Cutting the distance between them, Allison bent and scooped the brunette up in one smooth motion. Holding Jen at shoulder level, Allison rose up on her toes for just a bit more height before tossing Jennifer full force to the canvas. Pleased at the meaty thud Jennifer made when she hit, Allison went to the dazed girl's feet and grabbed both ankles. Pulling them up, she secured them under her armpits and smiled down at her captive.

Rather sweetly she said, "What's the matter Love? Not fond of being slammed? Well let's see if you like THIS better."

With that, she fell to the canvas, Jen's feet still in her grasp. The effect was to pull the brunette off the canvas and slingshot her awkwardly over the blonde and directly toward the corner. Jennifer was barely able to get her hands up to protect her face before she slammed into the thinly padded turnbuckles. Winded and dizzy, she stayed in the corner for several seconds, trying to get her breath back. In the grand scheme of things it might have helped her had she not waited there so long because it had given Allison all the time she needed to cross the ring and charge the unknowing brunette. Working up a tremendous head of steam, Allison leapt at Jen and smashed into her at top speed, smashing the brunette mercilessly against the steel. Jen gave voice to something that was part gasp and part scream as she was crushed between Allison and the turnbuckles. When the blonde pulled away from her, Jen was able to slowly turn around and stagger forward a few steps.

Unfortunately, she stumbled directly into Allison and before Love knew what was happening, Allison shot forward and spread her arms wide, threading one between the brunette's legs and another over her shoulder. With Love cinched up, Allison twisted her hips violently and took Jen off the canvas; spinning in a smooth little half circle she drove her foe into the canvas with a Power Slam. Interested to see if she could finish Love off quickly, Allison hooked a leg and went for the first cover of the match. She was a bit disappointed but not surprised when Jen was able to kick out at the count of "TWO!"

Pulling the longhaired brunette to her feet, Allison slipped behind her foe and wrapped her arms around Jen, making sure her hands were clasped directly over her foe's vaunted rack. Squeezing tightly, Allison pulled Jen off her feet and leaned back, putting as much pressure on the Reverse Bear Hug as she could. Smiling for the first time in a few minutes, Allison took the opportunity to taunt her victim. "I'm glad your not tapping out yet Jen. I want to make sure you're completely used up when I finish you off. That'll make your struggles all the more useless when I introduce you to a real breast smother." She then ceased talking and returned her focus to crushing the life out of her foe.

Jennifer was dazed and in pain, but still cogent enough to be furious at the blonde's implication. Foregoing a reply for the moment, she instead put all her strength into a sudden jerk down. Her tactic succeeded and she found her feet back on solid ground. Before Allison could haul her back up, Jen brought her foot up and then down, smashing the blonde's toes under her heel. Allison cursed and released her grip, stumbling back on her uninjured foot. Knowing she had to regain control of the match, Jen pursued Allison and slipped behind her. Moving quickly, she slipped her arms up and under the blonde's before clasping her hands shut behind her victim's neck. Pressing down hard, she forced Allison's head down forcing the blonde to stare into her own cleavage. Working the Full Nelson expertly, Jen jerked from side to side, doing her best to keep the blonde off balance.

Leaning in close to her foe's ear, Jen hissed, "A real smother? That's rich. Let me introduce you to the facts. What you're currently looking down at is nothing. A bottom of the basement rack disguised as something more thanks to a few lucky wins. What you're currently feeling pressed against your back..." Jen ground her chest hard into the blonde's damp back at this point "…is the best smothering weapon in the business. I assure you, you'll be intimately acquainted with it when this match is over."

Allison had heard just about enough and she roared her fury before surging towards the ropes again, managing to reach them before Jen could put on the brakes. Listening to the ref admonish her, Jennifer wasn't quite ready to give up her grip yet. Leaning hard against the blonde, she marched Allison up almost the full side of the ring, dragging the blonde's breasts painfully against the top rope.

Eventually the ref began to threaten a DQ, and Jennifer had to release Allison, backing away slowly. Allison was less than pleased at the abrasive treatment Jennifer had just given her chest and she turned to the brunette with hate smoldering in her eyes. Without a word, she exploded forward, meaning to use her size to simply overpower and smash the smaller brunette. But again Jennifer demonstrated the folly of simply charging at her as she planted her feet a bit as the blonde lowered her shoulder and shot forward, catching Allison flush across the chest with a charging Shoulder Block. Allison let out a groan as she was knocked off her feet, almost head over heels, landing awkwardly and laying groaning as Love stood over her, gloating; hands on her hips.

Jen looked down at the wounded blonde and said, "How many times do I have to knock your stupid ass down before you realize that running at me isn't a good plan?"

Allison could only mumble a response while Jennifer sauntered over to her head, took a deep breath and then leaped into the air! At the apex of her jump, Jennifer extended her leg and when she dropped, her thigh smashed painfully down across the blonde's face. The Leg Drop caused Allison to flop spasmodically for a moment but that was all as Jen was pulling her to her feet only seconds later.

Standing face to face with the disoriented blonde, Jennifer whispered, "Enough foreplay, lets get to the good stuff."

Using both hands, Jen grabbed Allison's head and yanked the blonde forward, pulling her face into the deep valley of her cleavage. Allison may have been out of it, but she wasn't so far gone she didn't recognize a bad spot when her face was in it! Acting on instinct, she whipped her claws up and buried them in Love's bounty, twisting and kneading the soft flesh relentlessly. Yelping at the unexpected pain in her chest, Jen shoved Allison, sending the blonde staggering back a few steps. More than a little pissed, Jen stepped in and drove her boot into Allison's midriff, knocking the wind out of her. Scooping up the blonde, she held Allison across her body just long enough to spit, "Big mistake slut!"

Jen rose up on her feet and dropped to one knee, smashing Allison's exposed ribs down on her bent knee. The Rib Breaker more than lived up to its name as a pained shudder ran through the pale blonde when she was shoved off Jen's knee and allowed to drop wetly on the mat where she writhed in agony. Still angry about being groped, Jen took time to adjust her top before stalking over to Allison and pulling her to her feet. Dragging the blonde to the ropes, Jennifer pushed her back into the cables and put her limp arms out to the sides. In a flash, she twisted the top and middle ropes over one another, leaving Allison's head and torso completely exposed to whatever punishment she wanted to dish out.

Knowing her time was limited; Jen still took time to pull Allison's head back at a harsh angle. Going nose to nose with the blonde, she hissed, "Now let me show you how to properly soften up a chest. By the time I finish, you'll be begging for me to smother you out…but I don't know now if I will!"

Not allowing her rival the luxury of a response, Jennifer drew back her free hand and shot it forward, drilling her forearm into Allison's chest. The blow sent a shiver through the blonde's frame, but Jennifer wasn't even close to done yet. Pulling back, she rammed shot after shot against Allison's breasts and belly, great thudding shots that were surely going to result in a load of nasty bruises after the match was over. Through the torture, Allison gritted her teeth, trying not to scream, but Jennifer knew how to work her girl and the blonde found herself crying out in spite of herself. Eventually the ref moved in to stop the abuse, starting the mandatory five count. Almost content, Jen used the last few seconds for another tactic. Standing in front of her victim, Love pressed her tits hard against Allison's face, rubbing them back and forth across the furiously protesting blonde's face.

As the count timed out, Jen taunted, "Consider this a preview Allison. I don't want you to be completely unfamiliar with the experience when it starts. It's fun when they know how powerless they are."

She backed off, allowing the ref to pull Allison free of the ropes. Well, the blonde might have been free, but she was far from OK as she stumbled forward almost immediately, landing hard on her hands and knees. Sensing the opportunity to finish Allison off, Jen walked over to the girl and straddled her, facing the blonde's head. Sitting on her victim's back, she laced her fingers under Allison's chin. Jen tensed her frame for a moment before pulling back hard, trapping Allison in the Camel Clutch. Realizing she had to finish the blonde convincingly to send a message to the Darkness, Love showed no mercy with the clutch, pulling and twisting at the blonde's neck. If that wasn't enough she also added the occasional bounce of her hips against Allison's lower back, bending her even more awkwardly. Jerking the mewling blonde's head from side to side, Jen ground down on the hold and demanded surrender.

"Give it up Allison," she growled. "Better to not have a broken neck when I choke you out. It's easier to recover from a smother than it is from a twisted neck." She illustrated the validity of this argument with another wrench on Allison's chin.

In agony from the abuse, Allison was also very angry. Refusing to just tap out to the brunette, Allison calmed herself as best she could.. Pulling her arms back, she was able to get a pretty decent grip locked behind Jen's knees. Bracing herself for the pain she was sure was coming, Allison shoved upwards with all her strength. Her gambit paid off and she was able to get one foot under her. Before Jen could put her back down, the blonde pushed up again, getting both feet under her. Holding Love across her back in some kind of demented piggyback ride, Allison slowly moved toward the nearest corner. Turning around as she approached it, she drove herself backwards as hard as possible, flattening the incredulous Jen in the corner. Jennifer's grip on Allison's chin was finally broken, but she was able to shake off her aches and pains much more quickly than the blonde, who was still pressed weakly against her.

Infuriated by Allison's tenacity, Jen grabbed her shoulders and spun them both around, forcing the blonde heavily into the corner. Getting right in the blonde's face, Jen roared, "SUBMIT YOU BITCH! I'VE BENT YOU ALL I CARE TO AND I HAVE NO PROBLEMS BREAKING YOU! JUST GIVE UP WHILE I'M STILL WILLING TO LET YOU!"

She ended her tirade by jamming her tits in Allison's flushed face again, grinding the sweaty orbs across Allison's nose and mouth. Feeling Jen's breasts slapping her, awakened Allison's rage and this time there was no way for Jen to stop it. With an almost feral roar, the blonde whipped her claws up and buried them in Love's mane. With another wild cry, she switched positions with her rival, slamming Jen back into the corner. Not thinking about humiliation, only hurt, Allison lowered her shoulder and drove it hard into Jen's navel. Air exploded from Jen's lungs in a surprised gasp, which was quickly followed by another as Allison drove her shoulder forward over and over again, apparently trying to cut the chesty brunette in half.

After several seconds, Allison tired of this tactic and adopted another, this time twisting her hips before firing a knee into Love's belly. The force of these blows actually lifted Love off her feet briefly and after a few more, she seemed to be on the verge of collapse. But Allison wasn't going to let her go that easy. Getting her hands under the brunette's quivering chin, she shoved Jen back into the corner.

Stepping in as close as she could, Allison pressed into Jen's face and whispered hatefully, "You can't break me Love, not on your best day. But I can CRUSH you. And I will derive oh so much pleasure from doing so."

Determined to give Jen a glimpse into her future, Allison pulled back a few steps before shooting forward, just overwhelming Jen's body with her own. Grinding her breasts into the brunette's face, Allison gave them a final shove before stepping backward, allowing Jen to fall face first out of the corner. Not done with the brunette by a long shot, Allison drug her foe towards the center of the ring. Standing behind the brunette, Allison pulled her to a sitting position. With no more preamble, Allison stepped forward, planting her right foot in front of Jen's spread legs. With her right arm she grabbed Love's head and pulled it back, securing the brunette's chin in the crook of her elbow. In the same motion she looped her left arm around Jen's left arm, pulling back hard. Cranking back with both arms, Allison's combination of Abdominal Stretch and Dragon Sleeper twisted Jen like a pretzel, putting horrible pressure on her neck and already injured midsection.

Giving her hold a convulsive jerk, Allison asked, "Ready to whimper your submission Love?"

Gritting her teeth, Love fought through the pain and spat, "I'm not in the habit of submitting, let alone whimpering!"

Allison was about to reply when Jen used her free hand to smash several desperate punches off the blonde's face. Unprepared for resistance, Allison cried out and fell back, breaking her grip on the brunette. Checking the damage to her face, she looked up to see Jennifer getting slowly to her feet. A snarl crossing her pretty features, Allison strode toward her prey only to be met with a boot to her gut. Doubling over as the wind rushed out of her, she found herself at Love's mercy. But after the beating Allison had doled out over the past few minutes, Jennifer wasn't inclined to he the least bit merciful. Trapping the blonde's head in her armpit, Jen wrapped her arms under Allison's arms, and then clasped both of her hands on the small of Allison's back. Before the blonde even knew what was going on, Jennifer left her feet and fell toward the canvas, driving her rival's unprotected head into the canvas with a skull crushing Double Arm DDT. Allison let out a single soft groan, then rolled over onto her back - the perfect position for Love's pin.

Believing her surprise maneuver had taken the last out of Allison, Jen hooked a leg and waited for the ref to count "THREE!" She was more than a little angry when the sturdy blonde managed to roll a shoulder at "TWO!" Pulling the blonde to her feet, Jen trapped her in a Standing Headscissors before she could blink and had her arms wrapped around Allison's middle just as fast.

Steadying herself, Jen whispered, "Fine have it your way. I'll break Katie's newest crony before she can do any damage."

Jen hauled Allison up and over, bringing the blonde's back to the point of her shoulder. Squeezing her grip on the blonde's middle a bit tighter, Jen bounded up and down, trying to snap her foe with a Canadian Backbreaker. Listening to Allison wail. Jen asked for her submission again, but the blonde frantically shook her head "no." Knowing there wasn't any way she could survive Jen's backbreaker for long, Allison got her hands around Jen's and pulled violently. Much to both ladies surprise, the gamble worked and Allison slid down Jen's sweaty back, landing behind her. Faster than one would have expected for someone in her condition, the blonde bent at the waist, looped a hand between the brunette's legs while the other grabbed her chin. Grunting with exertion, Allison lifted Jen off the mat, and draped the brunette parallel across her shoulders in the insidious Torture Rack. Listening to the audience roar and Jennifer groan, Allison walked around the ring, displaying the bent brunette for all to see.

Bouncing up and down to add pressure to the hold, Allison sneered at her captive, "Sorry to do this to ya Love, really; it's breaking my heart"

Bending her knees she surged upward releasing her grip on Love's chin while shifting hold on the brunette's legs As Jennifer fell, Allison wrapped both arms around the brunette's thighs and sat down hard on the canvas! The effect was to turn the Torture Rack into a modified Sit Out Powerbomb, Jen's head, shoulders and back bouncing off the canvas, even while Allison held her in place. The crowd counted along with the official but both found themselves coming up short as Jen rolled a shoulder free.

A cold sneer on her face, Allison pulled Jen up and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors of her own, then wrapped her arms around Jen's waist and hauled her up, holding the injured brunette up for a Powerbomb. Allison held Love for only a moment before slamming her down with ring shaking power. As the canvas jumped with the impact, Allison held onto her grip on Jennifer's thighs. Taking a deep breath, she pulled up with all her might and brought Jen back up, pulling her back into the Powerbomb position. Turning 90 degrees so everyone could witness this remarkable display, Allison drove Love down again, taking sick satisfaction in the fact that the second Powerbomb flattened her against the canvas.

Reaching the limits of her strength, Allison paused as the crowd chanted, "ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!"

Gathering her reserves, Allison pulled Jennifer up one last time and delivered a third spine destroying Powerbomb. Refusing to believe Jen could get out of this, Allison held the brunette to the canvas as the ref made his count, only to scream her fury a second later when Jennifer managed to get off her back. Shaking her head in disbelief, Allison drug Jen closer to one of the corners and left her there, panting and barely conscious. Deciding extreme measure needed to be taken, Allison slowly climbed to the top turnbuckle before leaping off, hurling all her weight down on the brunette with a Frog Splash.

Unfortunately, these tactics are known as "High Risk" for a reason! Allison was about to learn why because at the last second, Jennifer pulled her knees up and let Allison slam herself into them. The harsh landing drove all the air from the blonde's lungs and she did no more than gasp a watery little scream before falling to the canvas next to her foe, cradling her injured middle. If she hadn't been so beat up, Jennifer might have been able to get the win right there, but she wasn't in the greatest shape either so both ladies took their time in getting up, not regaining a vertical base until 9 on the ref's count.

Rising on wobbly legs, blonde and brunette locked eyes and the dislike (someone more poetic might call it hatred) between them was palpable. Neither was the least bit willing to entertain the thought that they could end this match suffering under the sweaty, inescapable fate of their rival's breasts. Raising their hands, Allison and Jen surged forward, locking up in the classic Collar and Elbow Tie-up. After several seconds of useless pushing and shoving the clench was broken and he two rivals began circling again.

Beckoning for the blonde to come get her, Jen hissed, "C'mon Wonder bra, show me what you've got."

Incensed at the slight, Allison waded into Jen with fists flying throwing everything she could at the diminutive brunette. She was just about to clang a haymaker of Love's skull when the brunette ducked the blow and slipped behind her. Turning around, she stood back to back with Allison and went to work. Steadying herself, she reached back and up, lacing her right arm up and under Allison's left armpit while simultaneously lacing her left arm up and under Allison's right armpit. With the blonde's arms trapped, Jen pulled up even tighter and clasped her hands together, holding them tightly between the base of her and her opponent's neck Her hold almost complete, Jen looked to finish it off. Straightening up, she leaned forward and pulled Allison up off the canvas, stretching her tightly across Love's back.

Holding the taller blonde immobile and helpless, Jen walked her around the ring; the bounce in her step sending pulses of anguish through Allison's tautly stretched back and shoulders. As her foe fought for release and the audience roared, the suddenly dominant brunette said, "Just go ahead and admit you're working for Katie right now and maybe I won't smother you all night."

Shaking her head in agony, Allison growled, "I'm not part of it! I never was and I never will be!"

"You're a goddam liar!" Jen roared. "Have it your way though," she continued. "I'll just snap you in two before you even get to try on your new outfit."

With that she leapt into the air and tucked her knees. The landing sent a shockwave of pain through the blonde and she collapsed face first on the mat when released, having just become the newest victim of Love's inverted Full Nelson. Muscling Allison onto her back, the brunette was exasperated when she managed to break free again. Going to the blonde's feet, Jen cinched her foe up in a Boston Crab, bending Allison to the breaking point. As she put everything she had into the hold, Jennifer demanded an admission again. "ADMIT IT YOU LYING BITCH!"

Tears in her eyes, Allison desperately clawed her way towards the bottom rope and freedom. Getting a hand on the lifeline she screamed back at her tormentor. "I'M NOT PART OF IT YOU CRAZY SLUT!"

Infuriated by the blonde's wherewithal, Jen pulled her to her feet and marched her towards the center of the ring. Forgoing any finesse or showmanship, she wrapped her arms around Allison's hips and exploded upward. At the height of her momentum, Jennifer twisted around and fell to her knees, driving the full length of Allison's back into the mat with a Spinebuster. The blonde groaned as Jen went for the cover and two and half seconds later, Love joined her as Allison kicked out yet again.

Shaking her head, Jen cursed quietly, "What do I have to do to keep this bitch down?"

Deciding on a plan, she pulled Allison up and scooped her over her shoulder, going for another slam. But Allison wasn't willing to go quietly and she bucked her legs furiously, managing to slide her way down Love's back. Landing behind her confused foe, Allison wasted no time in readying her attack Bending the brunette over, Allison threaded her right arm through Jen's legs and grabbed the brunette's dangling left wrist, pulling it back tightly between Love's thighs. At the same time Allison cinched Jennifer's right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the brunette awkwardly. Allison held this position momentarily before pulling up with both hands, bringing Jen off her feet and up, positioning her stomach down on Allison's shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Allison shifted her grip so that one arm was draped over Love's back while the other held the brunette's head in place. The second her grip was secure, Allison slammed herself forward and down, driving her rival into the mat with a BRUTAL Pump Handle Slam.

The crowd's approval merely a drone in her ears, Allison wearily went for a cover and had to blink back frustrated tears when Jen got a shoulder up. Wiping the tears aside, she hauled Jen up by her bottoms and got behind her. Locking the brunette in a Full Nelson, Allison took a second to hiss in Jennifer's ear, "I'm not with them, regardless of what you or the rest of the locker room thinks."

Not waiting for Love's reply, Allison rose up on her feet before slamming her victim down, smashing Love full length against the mat with a Full Nelson Slam. Falling to her knees, Allison went for the cover, only top howl her rage when Jen shoved free yet again. A sinister calm overcoming her face, Allison pulled the brunette to her feet and stood before her.

Staring into Love's dazed face, Allison hissed, "I'm sorry to take Sarah's only companion out of this, but you gave me no choice."

With that she slung the brunette toward the corner, listening to her hit with a loud thud and a dull groan. Steeling herself, the blonde surged forward and leapt, meaning to obliterate Jen with another splash in the corner. The Splash was dead on the money and all the fight seemed to leave Love as Allison peeled herself off her victim. Stepping back a bit, Allison let Jen stumble towards her, prepping to lock the brunette in the Bear Hug that would finally conclude their war. Love was only feet away when Allison swooped in to tie her up, but Jennifer pulled out her last ditch effort at just the right time, burying her knee in Allison's crotch. The blonde's knees turned to water and she slumped forward into Love's arms. The brunette welcomed her with open arms, encircling Allison in a chest-to-chest Bear Hug that had the blonde gasping for air in no time. Getting her head against the blonde's shoulder, Jen poured her last into the hold, pulling Allison off her feet.

Doing her best to break the blonde's back, Jen whispered venomously, "Just submit and admit it Allison. Maybe I won't cripple you."

Fighting the hellish pain in her chest, Allison managed to get a hand on Love's damp mane. Pulling the brunette's head back, Allison glared down and whispered back, "I admit nothing."

Then she snapped her head forward and sank her teeth into the bridge of Jen's nose, resorting to animalistic means to escape the torture. Her tactic paid off and Jen had to release the Bear Hug to pry Allison off her face. Blinded from the pain, Jen took a wild swing only to find herself pulled in close, her legendary assets being crushed and subjugated as Allison mauled her with a Bear Hug. Powering the brunette off her feet, Allison leaned back as far as gravity would allow her, grinding the writhing brunette against her with absolutely no mercy.

Shaking Jen like a rag doll, it was Allison's turn to demand, "Surrender now Love. I wasn't joking when I said I'd crack your ribs. I can feel them beginning to go."

Biting her own tongue to keep from submitting, Jen brought her hands up into Allison's face and raked wildly, aiming for the blonde's eyes. More thanks to luck than any type of skill she was successful and Allison released her with a cry, stumbling back in a blinded little half circle. When she came back to face Love, the brunette was there to meet her with a boot to the gut. With Allison doubled over, Jen muscled the blonde onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. The crowd roared at the set up for the Heartbreaker and Jen roared with them.

Looking at Allison she said tiredly, "This will all be over soon. Then the fun can start."

Well she was right, but not in the way she'd intended. Before she could complete the Heartbreaker, Allison squirmed her way free and landed behind her. Maintaining her wits, Jen whirled around and went for a Clothesline, only to have it ducked by the tenacious blonde. Whirling around again, Jen grabbed hold of Allison's wrist and whipped her hard toward the ropes. But before she could release her grip on the blonde's wrists, Allison planted her feet and reversed the momentum, pulling Love toward her at a high rate of speed. With only inches between them, Allison lunged forward, wrapping an arm across the Jen's chest and positioning another on her back while at the same time, she spun her hips, jumped and dropped to her knees, driving Love full length to the canvas with a Twisting Sidewalk Slam she'd dubbed "The Deadline."

Jennifer hit the mat full force and went limp under the blonde's weight. Knowing that the match was hers, Allison wanted everyone else to know it too. In one smooth motion she spun around and planted her butt on the brunette's upturned face. In the same motion she reached forward, hooking Jen's right leg with her right arm. She completed her pin by placing her left hand roughly in the middle of Jen's chest and pressing down hard. Seeing the ref kneel for the count, Allison leaned her head back and mouthed, "ONE....TWO....THREE." The bell rang and the announcer was declaring her the winner. Getting off the beaten brunette, Allison got to her feet and raised both arms, rightfully celebrating the biggest win of her career. She continued in this fashion for the better part of a minute as the crowd chanted, "SMOTHER HER! SMOTHER HER! SMOTHER HER!"

A victorious smile crossing her face, Allison turned back to the semi conscious brunette. Walking slowly over to her victim, Allison straddled her waist, one leg on either side of Jen's decimated form and running her hand over the sweating curve of her chest, Allison told Jen, "We both earned this Love."

Then she sat down slowly, seating herself comfortably on the brunette's belly. Over the scream of the crowd, Allison grabbed Jennifer's head and pulled her gently off the canvas. Her million-watt smile making its first appearance, Allison nuzzled Jen's face against her breasts as she cooed quietly, "Wake up Jennifer. It wouldn't be fair if you weren't awake to appreciate this."

Love's eyes began to open and as she realized what was about to happen, her eyes filled with fear. Begging quietly, she mumbled, "Please don't....smother me Allison...y…you won…you…you're better…than me..."

Smiling at her submission, Allison brushed a loose hair from Jen's forehead, then tightening her grip on her hair, she looked down at Jennifer and said, "That was never an issue, Jen. I KNEW I was better than you. Now I just get to PROVE it to you."

Through talking, she began to pull Love's head into her cleavage, even as Jen tried to plead her way out. The brunette had only expelled a breath or two into Allison's darkness when the lights went out!!!

When they came back on, they had been joined by an old friend of Allison's, Erica Durance. Seeing her old training partner, appear from the gloom, Allison got unsteadily to her feet and walked over to the newcomer.

Smiling broadly, Erica said, "I didn't mean to interrupt. I just wanted a ringside seat when you put the bitch under."

Breathing heavily, Allison replied, "They've got monitors in the back for that. Where are your friends Erica? And what do you want?"

Durance's tone held just the tiniest not of reproach, "I asked them to stay in the back and they agreed. As for what I want, I'm sure you know…we want you…want you in the Darkness."

Behind them, Jennifer had gotten to her knees and was glaring at both of them, but at Allison in particular. "I knew you were lying, you miserable bitch!" she hissed.

Erica's gaze was remarkably predatory, "We'll deal with you in a second Lovie, just be patient and wait your turn." Returning her gaze to Allison, she said, "You know you belong with us. Kristin and me and all the others. Katie knows Fannin can't get anyone to beat us and he's almost done. When we're running this place, we'll do whatever we want. If you don't want to get trampled underfoot, it's the only way to go. What do you say?"

Allison was silent for several seconds. Then she smiled and extended her hand, "You've got yourselves a new member!"

Durance grinned ear to ear as she shook the blonde's hand, staring her old friend dead in the face as she said, "You won't regret this Allison, I promise."

"I KNOW!" growled the blonde as she suddenly pulled Erica off balance and threw the brunette off her feet, driving the unsuspecting girl to the mat with another Deadline. Erica hit the canvas and curled into the fetal position, gasping and moaning from the devastating power of the slam. Taking just a second to stand over her old friend, Allison spat, "I'll NEVER join you."

Then she bolted for the edge of the ring, sliding under the bottom rope just as Jen was beginning to make her getaway as well. Stopping beside the brunette, Allison slipped Jen's arm over her shoulder and helped the limping girl up the aisle.

Turning to her, Jen seemed genuinely sorry, "You never WERE with them…were you?"

"I told you!" Allison answered grimly.

"I'm such a bitch!" Jen replied. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

Allison was about to reply when a voice from the ring, roared her name. Both blonde and brunette turned to see Erica back on her feet, surrounded by the other Darkness members. Katie and the two Jessica's looked furious enough, but Kristin and Erica were regarding their old partner with murder in their eyes.

Addressing the blonde, Erica said, "You spit in my face Allison, now we're gonna have to cave yours in!"

Katie merely nodded as the other four left the ring, advancing up the ramp toward the two exhausted and injured women. There wasn't much space between them when an army of officials came poured out from behind the curtain, pushing 'The Darkness' back and forming a protective barrier between the insurgents and their intended victims. Fuming at the intrusion, Katie only grew angrier when Richard Fannin and Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped through the curtain together, standing side by side with Jennifer and Allison.

Snarling her fury, Katie yelled, "This is pointless Rich! You can't stop us and you know it! No matter what you try, no matter who you get to fight us, in the end you will ultimately fail! And when you do, then we will end you for good."

The promoter merely shook his head slowly, then spoke into the mic, "Not true Katie! See, I'm just finally beginning to learn how to play this game - and I'm having fun! I've already signed three recruits and I've got a few more lined up. As soon as the sides are even, this WILL end and you'll come to know what everyone else already does, that in the end, Darkness always gives way to light."

Then he turned and went back through the curtain ushering his growing army along with him. Katie and her followers watched them go with a rage bordering on mania. This fight wasn't over yet, but it was suddenly getting a whole lot more interesting!

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