Darkfall #11 (Tag Teams): Allison Mack/Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Kristin Kreuk/Erica Durance by The Walkin' Dude

May was almost over and winter had finally fled for good, even in the coldest reaches of Hobbs End Vermont. The denizens of the town were glad to finally be free of the bone numbing cold as it allowed them to get out of their houses and start enjoying the mild weather of spring before it turned into the crushingly oppressive heat of summer. On this mild May evening, all of the small pleasures of small town life could be observed among the citizens of Hobbs End, but for our purposes, we’ll be focusing on only one of them. Because one of the things happening that evening was women’s wrestling at the town’s best (and only) club. Tonight at Pickman’s Studio, Richard Fannin and his promotion had returned and all the interested locals (there were quite a few) were out in force.

The crowd had been hot all night, not just because of the under-card action, but also because they were all going to bear witness to the latest chapter in the saga of Fannin’s struggle against Katie Holmes and her followers, an evil intentioned cabal she called the Darkness. The group had been giving Fannin and everyone lese in the league problems for the better part of three months and up until a few weeks ago it had appeared that they were going to have no opposition at all in their quest to take over the league. But thanks to the timely return of Sarah Michelle Gellar, the recruitment of her friend Jennifer Love Hewitt and the surprising appearance of Allison Mack, the Darkness had been dealt a few minor setbacks, enough to give everyone the hope that Katie and her minions might not be the all powerful force they had first appeared to be. Of course, the five were still nothing to take lightly, which is why Fannin was taking no chances.

Tonight Jennifer and Allison (who had ironically been opponents last week) teamed up to face two of the Darkness - brunettes Erica Durance and Kristin Kreuk. And if we may, lets go the Ring Announcer to get his take on the whole thing. Standing in the spotlight in the center of the ring, he addressed the crowd for one final time this evening.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s now time for our main event! Introducing first…they stand 5' 4" and 5'6" respectively and are members of 'The Darkness'…allow me to present…Kristin Kreuk and Erica Durance!”

The lights go out and GOB’s cover of Paint it Black strums to life as the audience awaits the arrival of Katie’s followers. They don’t have to wait long as the lights come on in a few seconds to reveal Kristin and Erica already in the ring and dressed for battle. Both brunettes are clad in the trademark black outfits of the Darkness, shining 2 piece numbers that gleamed wickedly under the club’s mellow lighting. Both Dark girls go confidently to their corner, fixing the audience with a contemptuous sneer as they wait for their opponents.

Resuming his shtick, the Announcer continues, “And their opponents…at 5'3" and 5'5" respectively, they are…. Jennifer LOVE Hewitt and Allison Maaaaack!”

The faces elect to come out to Jen’s theme, 'This Love' and as it pulses through the club, the blonde and the brunette come through the curtain, eyes locked on their waiting rivals. Their ring attire is still the same, Jennifer clad in the emerald green 2-piece bikini and boots while Allison is wearing her usual lavender two-piece along with matching boots. The two beauties never let their gazes leave their opponents as they slide under the bottom ropes and go to the corner. Glaring daggers at the other team, Jennifer and Allison whisper quietly to one another before the bell sounds. The bell rang and after a few moments of deliberation in the respective corners, Jennifer and Erica turn and head out to start the match. Approaching each other quickly, Erica and Jennifer waste no time getting in the others face.

Looking down at the smaller brunette, Erica spoke slowly and evilly, “You’re going to pay for having the gall to stand up to us. When we’re done with you, Fannin's gonna be back down to a single dumb bitch willing to fight us.”

Love wasn’t flustered by Erica’s venom and she responded, “All I’m hearing is the same boring garbage Katie keeps spewing. I guess what Sarah says is right. You four sluts are nothing but her puppets. That’s sad…”

Her eyes narrowing to slits, Erica hissed, “Ever seen a puppet do THIS?” CRACK!

Her open hand smashed into Jen’s face, the slap rocking the smaller girl back on her heels. Blinking back tears, Jen shrugged it off and returned the favor, snapping Erica’s head to the side with a wicked backhand slap. Erica grimaced and lunged forward, clinching up with her foe in a Collar and Elbow tie-up. Not giving Jennifer a second to react, Erica shot her knee up and drilled it into Jen’s navel, doubling her over. Love gasped and clutched at her midsection giving the merciless Durance more than enough time to complete her next attack. Threading one hand between Love’s legs and the other over her shoulder, the big brunette scooped her smaller foe up with a single quick motion, then BANG slammed her back into the canvas just as quickly. Jen grunted with the impact and her hands flew to the small of her back, trying to massage away some of the pain.

Unfortunately for her, Erica was out to cause pain in other parts of her anatomy and she got off to a good start by yanking Love to her feet with a doubled handful of hair. Burying a fist in Jen’s belly, Erica wrapped her arms around the bent over girl’s, Erica paused just long enough to sneer, “I’m gonna tear you apart Jennifer. No one chokes me out with her tits and gets away with it. You’re going to end this night in the Intensive Care Unit if I have anything to say about it.”

Not giving Jen her say, Erica hauled her prey up and over in one smooth motion, tossing Jennifer three quarters of the way across the ring with a Gut-Wrench Suplex. Jen slammed into the canvas near the Darkness' corner and she had enough time to contemplate Kristin Kreuk’s sadistic glare before Erica was on her again, pulling her roughly to her feet. Pleased the other brunette hadn’t been able to offer any resistance yet, Erica pulled her fist back and rifled it forward, battering the smaller girl into the ropes with a series of vicious jabs and crosses. “Grabbing Jen’s wrist as she sneered into her face, Erica hissed, “Time to go for a ride.” as she tossed Jennifer toward the opposite side of the ring. Watching her victim come running back at her, Erica waited until the right moment before bending low, preparing to launch Love up and over with a Back Body Drop. But Durance had chosen the wrong moment and Jen made her pay for it. Putting on the brakes a few feet from the bent over brunette, Jen blasted her foot up, catching Erica square in the forehead.

The taller girl cried out and was stood up, protecting her face. Charging even as she spoke, Jen spat, “No use protecting your face Erica, it belongs to me!”

As the last word passed her lips, Jen's Clothesline smashed across Erica’s nose. The force of the strike knocked Erica flat on her back while Jen fell to her knees. Taking a deep breath, Jen was getting to her feet at the same time Erica staggered to hers. Knowing she couldn’t give the Darkness member a second to recover, Jen doubled Durance over with a boot to the gut and stepped forward, trapping her in a Front Face Lock.

Hooking Erica into position for a Suplex, Jennifer addressed her rival, “You may be bigger than me Erica, but you’re sorely mistaken if you think you’re stronger. Allow me to demonstrate…”

She grabbed a handful of Erica’s tights and hoisted up, bringing the big brunette off her feet in a smooth arc until she was held inverted over Jennifer’s head. Not willing to simply let her fall, Jen held her in that position, listening to the audience count the seconds as she held Erica inverted. Not until they reached 'TWENTY!" did Jen finally fall backward, driving the full length of Erica’s back into the canvas from a fairly long way up. Erica grunted when she hit the mat, involuntarily arching her back as she tried to get away from her opponent. Getting away wasn’t an option however as Jennifer found Erica in her sights right before she dropped the point of her elbow between the downed brunette’s breasts with a textbook Elbow Drop.

Smiling at the spasm that passed through her rival when the elbow connected, Jennifer pulled Erica up by her hair and whipped her into the ropes. Sending Durance on her way, Jennifer headed in the opposite direction, bouncing of the ropes for momentum. As she approached her charging foe, she extended her arm again, intending to decapitate Erica with a second Clothesline. Well her plan worked, but not without a high price because Erica had had the same idea and both warriors took their opponent’s arm across the chin - simultaneous Clotheslines. Collapsing in a heap, both brunette’s shared another idea: It was a good time to tag out. Rolling gingerly toward their respective corners, they tagged in their partner’s at roughly the same time and a few seconds later, Allison and Kristin were facing off for the first time.

Looking across the ring at her old friend, Kristin spoke coldly, “You’re going to regret this Allison. We could’ve been great together.”

Shaking her head, Allison replied, “Oh, I’ll still be great; but on my own, not with the help of a bunch of junior league psychopaths.”

Kristin snarled at that statement and she extended a hand over her head. Curling her fingers at the blonde she asked, “Care to find out how great you really are?”

Allison didn’t even bother with a verbal response; she only raised her hand and laced her fingers with the brunette‘s, completing one half of the Test of Strength. She was about to raise her other hand when Kristin’s free talon shot forward, directly at her eyes. Moving faster than you’d believe, Allison caught the brunette’s hand coming in and squeezed it painfully.

Looking directly into Kristin’s surprised face Allison said, “I was always the best of the three of us. Now I get to prove it.”

Kristin was formulating a response when Allison drove her head forward, smashing Kristin in the bridge of the nose. Kreuk grunted and staggered back, shaking her head. “Oh no you don’t.” Allison growled quietly as she cut the distance between them. Reaching out, she grabbed a double handful of the brunette’s long locks, tossing her halfway across the ring by them. Kristin shrieked and clutched her head as she bounced on her butt, the pain in her scalp actually worse than the pain in her spine from the hard landing. Watching carefully, Allison waited for Kristin to pull herself up, the limber brunette using the nearby turnbuckles for support. When Kristin was almost on her feet, Allison exploded forward, hurtling at the cornered brunette. With mere feet separating them, Allison left her feet right and slammed chest-first into Kristin, crushing the smaller girl in the corner with a perfect Stinger Splash.

Kreuk gasped for breath as the air was driven from her lungs. Moments later, Allison peeled herself of the brunette and let her stumble from the corner, where she fell to her knees. Stepping behind the brunette, Allison put one hand under Kristin’s chin and another on the top of her head. Clamping down, she twisted her rival’s head slowly to the right, putting intense pressure on her neck.

Hearing Kristin's groan, Allison said quietly, “Give up now and it can be over Kristin. The five of you can just get up and leave. Go somewhere and bother someone else,” she concluded, ratcheting up the pressure on the hold to help Kristin make up her mind.

Grimacing at he twinge in her neck and the implication of the blonde’s words, Kristin growled, “I was going to say the same thing to you Allison!”

Then before the blonde could fire back, Kristin brought her claws up and sank them into Allison’s hands. The blonde grimaced and fought the pain, but it was inevitable that her grip would weaken slightly and Kristin used that to her advantage. Pushing up hard, she managed to get to her feet and lean into the pressure, relieving most of the pain of the hold.

Putting the final touches on her escape, Kristin released the blonde’s hands only to claw at her face, raking and digging at Allison’s features. She cried out and broke the Neck Vise, her hands coming up to protect her face. Standing tall again, Kristin stalked forward and buried her talons in Allison’s short blonde hair. Pulling her victim down, Kristin fired a knee up, the joint thudding directly against Allison’s forehead. The blonde groaned in pain and Kristin repeated the maneuver, her opponent’s wailing only serving to motivate her further. After an especially hard Knee Lift knocked Allison straight up, Kristin switched tactics, driving her forearm into Mack’s chin over and over with a series of scintillating European Uppercuts.

As the fifth Uppercut rocked Allison back on her heels, Kristin switched it up one more time, leaving her feet in a gorgeous vertical leap before drilling them into Mack’s beleaguered jaw with a Standing Dropkick. That last blow finally took the powerful blonde off her feet and she went down in a heap, trying her best to protect her battered features.

Hands on her trim hips, Kristin looked down at her old friend and, smirking, taunted, “YOU were the best of the three of us? That’s a fucking joke! Let me show you who’s the best.”

Lips curling in a silent snarl, Kristin bent down and hauled Allison to her feet. Standing in front of the wobbly blonde, Kristin was silent as she buried a hand in Allison’s mane while she used the other to just rain slaps across the blonde’s cheeks, knocking her head left and right with the brutal, disrespectful blows.

As she kept up her assault, she sneered, “You’re nothing but a goody two shoes bitch Allison. I’m actually glad you turned us down, I’ve been wanting to take you down a notch for a long time.”

She had just pulled back her hand for another slap when Allison shot her hands up and broke the brunette’s grip. Caught off guard, Kristin tired to get her hands up, but Allison was too quick, peppering the Dark girl’s face with a hard series of lefts and rights that had her stumbling around the ring.

Getting in close to the brunette, Allison snarled “YOU'RE the one needs to be taught a lesson and if anyone should have the privilege of doing so - it’s me!”

She whipped Kristin toward the ropes but the crafty brunette had other plans, reversing the momentum and sending the blonde for the ride. She had just hit the ropes when pain exploded in her back, courtesy of the knee Erica had just planted there. Allison gasped and stumbled forward, bent over from the force of the blow. Kristin used the cheap shot to its fullest, charging the wounded blonde from the side to enact her attack. With very little room between them, Kristin executed a perfect front flip and as she passed over Allison, grabbed hold of the blonde’s head in both hands. The brunette’s momentum took them both to the mat, Allison getting the worse end of the deal as Kristin’s Flipping Neckbreaker wrenched her neck sadistically. Getting to her feet, Kristin looked from Allison to her partner.

“You want her?” she asked Erica who just nodded, so Kristin hauled Allison to her feet and tossed her into the Darkness corner.

The tag was made and Erica stepped into the ring with her old friend; leaning into the dazed blonde as she whispered, “You’re going to pay for that cheap shot on me Allison. No one embarrasses me and gets away with it.”

Not letting the blonde answer, Erica fired a Knife Edge Chop into her chest, forcing a pained yelp from the blonde’s lips. Erica wasn’t content with one shot however and she continued to pour on the pressure, lacing Allison’s assets with chop after chop before finally letting the crippled blonde stumble free of the corner. Lining up Mack in her sights, Erica bounced off the ropes before sprinting at the blonde and leaping through the air, nearly diving right through her with a Flying Shoulder Block. Allison hit the mat with a groan that was snuffed out seconds later when Erica dropped one toned thigh across her face. The Leg Drop was dead on and Allison flopped in agony as Erica got to her knees beside her. Leaning over Allison’s prone form, Erica opened her right hand and laid it palm down on the blonde’s face, putting her left over her wrist for extra leverage then she squeezed down.

“Give it up right now Allison," Erica grimaced as she applied pressure. "Otherwise I’ll just keep squeezing until I crush your traitorous head into so much gunk.”

Ignoring the pain exploding in her temples, Allison got both hands around the intruding claw and pushed as hard as he could. Unprepared for resistance, Erica was pushed backwards a bit, allowing the blonde to get to her knees and then to her feet. Roaring in pain and fury, Allison released her grip on Erica’s hands only to drive several punches into the big brunette’s gut. Erica grunted with the shots and released her claw shaking her head clear as Allison bounced off the ropes and charged back at her. The blonde looked she was about to take Erica off her feet when the brunette came to and brought her boot whipping up, catching the blonde directly in the face. Allison groaned and went down hard, looking at lights and trying her best to move toward the frantic voice of her partner. But Erica wasn’t about to let that happen and she pulled Allison to her feet.

Slapping Allison lightly, she chided, “That was almost impressive Allison, but it doesn’t change anything. Kristin and I are going to destroy you for betraying us.”

Not receiving an answer, Erica took a few steps back and then shot forward, intent on knocking the blonde out with a second boot to the face. But Mack wasn’t going to go that easily and as the boot sped at her face, she ducked under it and slipped behind the stumbling Erica. When the brunette whirled to face her, Allison lunged forward and wrapped her arms around Erica’s waist. Without much thought, Allison rose up on the balls of her feet and fell to her knees, driving her knee between Erica’s thighs with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Erica’s legs turned to water and she gave voice to a weak, whimpering shriek as she tried to pull away. But Allison wasn’t letting her go anywhere. Not releasing her grip on Erica’s hips, Allison rose up on her feet again, but this time she drove herself forward and down, smashing Erica into the canvas with a Spinebuster.

Breathing hard after the prolonged attack, Allison pulled Erica to her feet and threw her into her team’s corner. Moving gingerly, she tagged in Jennifer and said, “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Climbing through the ropes, Jennifer replied, “No sweat. What’s say we introduce these cheating twats to the concept of double teaming?”

“Good plan!” Allison responded.

Dragging the dazed brunette out of their corner, Allison and Jennifer trapped Erica in a double Front Face Lock before lifting the big brunette up and over, holding her inverted for as long as they could with a Double Vertical Suplex. Finally the ref initiated his count and the two partners fell back, slamming Erica’s already tender back into the canvas. As Allison exited the ring, Jennifer went for the first cover of match. Hooking Erica’s leg, she was a bit angry when the brunette was able to kick out just after 2. Her face cold and cruel, Jennifer pulled Erica to her feet and scooped her up.

Holding the other brunette across her chest, Jennifer taunted her captive, “You really aren’t that tough Erica. Neither are your bitch friends. Rich seems to think there needs to be five of us to take you all out, but I don’t believe it. I think we can break the back of your pathetic cabal tonight. Just like THIS!”

Jen rose up on her feet and dropped to one knee, slamming the small of Erica’s back down onto her posted knee. Pushing the moaning girl off, Jennifer paid back the cruelties Erica and Kristin had visited on her partner, ruthlessly stomping and kicking away at Erica’s ribs and back. After a minute or so of this torture, Jennifer tires of the stomping and pulls Durance to her feet. Yanking Erica into her, Jennifer slips her arms around Erica’s chest and cinches her grip tight. Taking a deep breath, she lifts up and back, pulling Erica off her feet with the Bear Hug. Erica wails as Love works, the hold, bouncing and shaking her victim to crush the air from her lungs.

After an especially hard constriction of the other brunette’s mid-section, Jen demanded, “Submit.”

Grabbing hold of Jennifer’s hair, Erica pulled back hard so she could look her tormentor in the face and hissed, “Never!”

She shoved her down and getting her feet on the canvas, Erica wasted no time in stomping as hard as she could on Jennifer’s toes, desperate to alleviate the pain of the Bear Hug. Her gambit worked and Jennifer released her hold, hobbling back on tender feet. She got a lot more tender seconds later when Erica stalked forward and buried her boot between Love’s thighs. The smaller brunette shrieked a piercing cry and fell back, landing hard on the mat. Knowing discretion was the better part of valor, Erica ignored the downed girl and headed to her corner, tagging Kristin in to deal with Love.

Seconds later Kristin was hopping over the top rope, making a beeline for the just now recovering Love. Charging at the sitting Jennifer, Kristin’s face was remarkably calm as she fired a hard kick into her rival’s face. Jennifer had no chance to prepare for the blow and it slammed her back into the canvas, sobbing and clutching her mangled face. Smirking evilly, Kristin grabbed a handful of dark hair and pulled Jennifer to sitting position again.

Standing in front of her prey, she taunted, “Last time we faced off you told me to get out of YOUR ring. You’re about to find out whose ring this is.”

Not giving the other brunette a chance to respond, Kristin hopped up and drilled her feet forward, driving both boots into Jen’s forehead with a Low Dropkick. The force of the impact drove Jen to the canvas and then back up into the sitting position, even more discombobulated than before. Kristin took opening and used it for all it was worth, bouncing off the ropes behind Jen and speeding back toward her. When the distance was perfect, she leaped, somersaulting over the sitting brunette's head and as she passed over, she grabbed two handfuls of Love’s hair and snapped her forward, driving Jen’s face into the canvas. THUD! Jennifer's face hit the mat, then her body whiplashed back up. Kristin’s latest assault had taken a lot out of Love who was still holding her head in her hands when Kristin covered her and hooked her leg.

Acting on instinct more than anything else, Jennifer managed to kick free at "TWO!" infuriating Kristin who quickly grabbed Love's ankle and dragged her to the center on the ring, telling her, “Don’t give up just yet Love. I want all these people to hear you scream nice and loud while I’m dissecting you.”

She flipped the brunette onto her stomach and dropped straddling her back. Hooking Jen’s right leg up, Kristin appeared to be locking in a Single Leg Crab, but then, she dropped Love’s leg, letting it fall between her legs and at the same time, she shifted position - laying on Jen’s back facing her head while scissoring her legs together; keeping the brunette’s right leg bent and trapped between her thighs. To complete her hold, Kristin looped her left arm under Jen’s chin and locked her hands. Then Kristin leaned backward, bending Jennifer into a hideous shape as the hold did its work.

Smiling as Jennifer writhed under her, Kristin pulled back on the hold and sneered, “Now you can submit, slut. I’m sure these idiots love seeing their precious heroine tied up like a fucking pretzel in the middle of the ring.”

Mad with pain, Jennifer ignored Kristin’s taunts and started pulling herself toward the bottom ropes and freedom. After what seemed like an eternity but was in actuality only several seconds, the trapped brunette succeeded in reaching the bottom rope, forcing Kristin to release the her. Scowling at her sister brunette’s tenacity, Kristin gave the hold a final derisive jerk before releasing it and getting up off her foe.

Shaking her head, Kristin muttered, “Stupid bitch.” as she pulled Jennifer to her feet.

Holding the brunette in front of her Kristin trapped her in a Front Face Lock and held her there momentarily.

Turning to face Allison, Kristin mocked the blonde, “What’s the matter Allison? Can’t save this dumb slut? Wishing you’d picked the winning side? Well fuck you, ya cunt!”

As Allison fumed, Kristin fell back with all her weight, driving Jen forehead first into the canvas with a DDT. Still not done hurting Love yet, Kristin pulled her off the canvas and was about to launch another attack when Jennifer roared forward and began driving fists into her face and chest. Surprised by the blind side assault; Kristin managed to push Jennifer away a few steps. She was still shaking her head clear when Jen charged at her, trying to mow her down. This time Kristin was ready for her and as Jen rushed in, Kristin spun to the side and brought a knee up, impaling Jen’s belly. The rushing brunette spun over Kristin’s knee and fell to the mat retching, holding her stomach. Kristin was about to fire another verbal barb when she realized that her blow had put Jen dangerously close to her partner.

A snarl crossed her features as she charged at Allison, hissing, “Oh NO you don’t!”

Before the blonde knew what had happened, Kristin had knocked her off the apron to the floor, obliterating any chance of Jennifer tagging out. Looking down at Allison recovering on the floor, Kristin dismissed her and turned back to Love. Pulling Jen to her feet, Kristin marched her towards the center of the ring.

Cinching her wounded opposition in the Front Face Lock again, Kristin whispered, “That was close Love, but you don’t get to tag out. Not unless we LET you. And that’s not very likely.”

Receiving only a groan in reply, Kristin hauled Love over her head and held her there, seemingly repeating Jennifer’s earlier Vertical Suplex. But Kristin had something more wicked in mind and after a few seconds she executed her plan, dropping straight down with Jen in tow, smashing the brunette’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a Brainbuster. Believing that Love was done, Kristin went for the cover and waited for the ref's count. Unfortunately for her, Love managed to defy the odds, getting a shoulder up moments before the "three".

Growing more frustrated, Kristin pulled Jen to her feet and was about to lay into her when Allison taunted, “Hey Kris why don’t you let her tag out? You afraid your cowardly ass couldn’t beat me face to face?”

Incensed by the blonde’s jibe, Kristin whirled on her heel and charged at the blonde, meaning to knock her off the apron again. But that was just what Allison wanted and as Kristin got close, she reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of the brunette’s head. In the same motion she stepped off the apron, pulling Kristin throat first across the top rope. Gagging and spitting, Kristin turned back into the ring, trying to clear her head. Luck wasn’t with her in this case and the lithe brunette stumbled into the waiting Jennifer Love Hewitt. Still too wounded to deride her foe, Jennifer simply booted Kristin in the gut and stepped forward.

Trapping the brunette’s head in her armpit, Jen wrapped her arms under Kristin’s arms, and then clasped both of her hands on the small of Kreuk’s back. Without a second though, Jennifer left her feet and fell toward the canvas, driving her rival’s unprotected head into the canvas with a skull crushing Double Arm DDT. Normally Jen would have gone for the pin, but she knew she needed to make a tag out and that’s what she intended to do.

Crawling on her hands and knees, she made her way to the corner and tagged in the eager Allison right as Kristin was tagging in Erica. Spoiling for a fight, the blonde charged at her rival and leveled her with a Clothesline. Erica grunted and went down, but was up fast; after all she’d been waiting to get in the ring these last few minutes as well. Charging at Allison, the brunette was greeted with another stiff Clothesline that knocked her to the canvas. Up a bit slower this time, Erica lurched toward the blonde only to be scooped off her feet in one dizzying motion and then driven into the canvas full force by Allison’s Power Slam. Popping to her feet, Allison didn’t bother with words as she continued her assault on Erica. Standing at the brunette’s side, she leapt into the air and came down chest first on Erica’s middle, driving the air out of her foe.

Kneeling beside the gasping Erica, Allison chuckled, “You having trouble getting out of the blocks Erica? It sure does suck when you’re always getting beat to the punch. Fun for me though. Let’s see what else I can do to you.”

Pulling the brunette to her feet, Allison bent and hoisted her over her shoulders, hooking the brunette in a classic Fireman’s Carry. Walking slowly to the center of the ring, Allison began to spin in a circle, picking up speed with every revolution. When it seemed that she could no longer maintain her pace without falling over, she did exactly that, leaping up and then falling back, driving the length of Erica’s back into the mat with a Spinning Samoan Drop. Erica's body spasmed, limp on the canvas. Allison went for the cover, but despite her wounded condition, Erica was able to get free just after "two". Glowering but still determined to put her rival away, Allison pulled Erica to a sitting position and stood behind her. Leaning forward, she grabbed her captive’s wrists while simultaneously planting a knee in her back. Pulling back violently, Allison worked Erica’s back even more, the Surfboard variant doing nothing for Durance’s already tender back.

Pulling back on her victim’s wrists, Allison asked, “Ready to give in Erica?”

Shaking her head no Erica growled back, “Submission is for weaklings like you Allison, not members of the Darkness.”

Then she pushed herself to her feet with the blonde still maintaining a solid grip on her arms. Before her captor could wrench the hold and put her back on her knees, Erica shot a foot back, catching Allison squarely in the groin. Unprepared for this foul, Allison wheezed a tiny scream before releasing Erica’s wrists. As the blonde was starting to fall, Erica spun around and caught her around the waist. Pulling her prey close, it looked like she was going to squeeze Allison with a Bear Hug but instead she popped her hips and tossed the blonde over her with a perfect Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Allison hit the canvas with a wet splat and lay there groaning as Erica collected herself. Starting to feel a bit more with it, Erica got to her feet and strode over to where Allison lay sprawled on the canvas. Looking down at the blonde she said, “Back in our training days, everyone wondered which one of us was stronger. Let’s see if I can’t put that question to rest.”

Then she pulled Allison slowly to her feet, one hand buried in the smaller girl‘s sweaty gold locks. Looking to answer the question emphatically, Erica thrust her free hand into Allison’s crotch before hoisting her high overhead, holding the smaller woman prone in a gorgeous Military Press Slam. Keeping the blonde helpless, Erica began to walk around the ring, holding her prey aloft, all the while letting the audience despair at the sight of the Darkness dominating their victims. When Allison’s weight finally beginning to wear on her, Erica pushed her up one final time and tossed her forward. Letting the blonde fall, Erica dropped to one knee and waited as Allison landed gut first on the bent joint, all the air driven from her lungs in a single convulsive gasp. Hoping the Press Slam/Gutbuster combo had finished off Allison, Erica muscled the blonde onto her back and went for the cover. Seconds later she was dismayed when the blonde managed to power free of the pin.

Shaking her head angrily, Erica was still deciding on her next move when Kristin called out, “Hey E, maybe the traitor should experience some Emerald Fusion!”

Smiling at her partner, Erica answered, "Hey, not a bad idea!”

Pulling Allison to her feet, Erica hoisted the blonde onto her shoulder like a sweating, groaning sack of potatoes. Looking to unleash one of her finishers, Erica shifted her grip, wrapping her left arm across the bare expanse of Allison’s back, right above her dangling arms. The she used her right arm to cup the back of the blonde’s neck positioning her so that her head was just about even with Erica’s hip. Satisfied her grip was secure, Erica rose up on one foot and then dropped straight down, driving the back of Allison’s head and neck into the canvas with devastating force. The oddly named Emerald Fusion was right on the money and Erica went for a nonchalant cover on her beaten foe only to be enraged when Allison again managed to get a shoulder up. Incredulous, Erica hauled Allison toward the Darkness' corner and tagged in her partner.

Looking at the smaller brunette, Erica ordered, “Go up top. We’re going to snap this bitch in two.”

Kristin obliged, hopping to the top rope in one easy motion as Erica scooped Allison up and dropped her across her knee, torturing her with an Over the Knee Backbreaker. Holding Allison in place, Erica looked up at Kristin who yelled “Now!”

Kristen nodded and leapt off the top rope, extending her right leg out in front of her. As gravity did its thing, Kristin came smashing down on the helpless Allison, her leg going full force across the blonde’s chin. When Kristin’s leg drop connected, Erica released the Backbreaker and let the blonde slump to the mat. Knowing there was no way for the blonde to escape this, Erica exited the ring as Kristin went for the cover. And though Erica was correct that there was no way for Allison to break free of this pin, that didn’t prevent Jen from charging into the ring and breaking the count with a boot to the back of Kreuk’s head. Furious at the intrusion, Kristin barked at the ref to get Jen out of the ring before turning back to the wilted blonde.

Pulling her up she hissed, “That wasn’t smart on her part Allison. Now instead of the match ending, this gives us an excuse to hurt you more. Of course I really don’t need an excuse to hurt you, but it’s nice to have one.”

She booted Allison in the gut and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. Bending down, she wrapped her arms around Allison’s waist and took a deep breath. The crowd roared at this move, as they knew Kristin was setting up to hit the dreadful Powerbomb/Facebuster combination that was her finisher, she called it the Beautiful Letdown. Kristin had just started to pull the blonde up, when Allison planted her feet and held fast, stopping the momentum. Before Kristin could try again, the blonde grabbed her around the knees and stood up, holding the ever-tenacious brunette on her back like some sort of bizarre parasite.

With a cold look on her face, Allison said quietly, “I don’t need an excuse either.”

She whipped forward and down, slamming Kristin’s back and head against the canvas in a wickedly modified Spinebuster. Near delirium from all the abuse she had taken, Allison fell to her hands and knees and began to slowly crawl towards her corner where Jen was frantically waiting for the tag. Seconds later, Allison obliged her and the brunette was in the ring like a ball of fire, streaking over to where Kristin was just now getting to her knees.

Looking to deal out some serious hurt in retribution for the beaten Allison had taken, Jennifer hauled Kristin to her feet and hissed in her ear, “You like trying to break people in half? Let’s see if you can take what you like to dish out!”

Jen bent at the waist and looped one hand between her legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Gritting her teeth, Jennifer lifted Kristin off the mat, draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the Torture Rack. Kreuk squirmed uselessly as Jen walked around the ring, bouncing ever so slightly, trying her best to break Kristin in two.

In an amazing show of strength, Jen quickly dropped to one knee with the other brunette still tied to the Rack. The drop bent Kristin at an even more painful angle and she cried out, trying even more desperately to free herself. Wanting to finish Kristin in style, Jen powered to her feet and in the same motion, thrusts Kristin off her shoulders, tossing her to the mat in front of her. As Kreuk fell, Jen dropped to one knee again, smiling with sick satisfaction as Katie landed draped across her knee, delivering her own version of the Gutbuster. Believing Kristin was almost done, Jennifer pulled her to her feet and trapped the winded brunette in a Standing Headscissors of her own.

Wrapping her arms around Kristin’s waist, Jen hoisted her foe high into the air and held her there for a few short seconds, letting the audience know what she was about to do. The she shoved down with all her might, driving Kristin head and shoulders first into the mat with a Powerbomb. Over the roar of the crowd, Jennifer forced Kristin to her hands and knees, so that the damaged girl was facing toward the Darkness' corner. Sitting on Kristin’s back, Jennifer pulled the girl’s arms over her bent knees before looping her hands under Kreuk’s chin. Steadying herself, Jen sat down and leaned back as far as possible, trying to snap Kristin’s spine with the Camel Clutch.

The green-eyed hellcat was in agony as Love poured everything she had into making her submit. Kristin tried to drag herself towards the ropes, but Love just leaned back further, bending her at an ungodly angle. Kristin screamed in agony, on the verge of tapping out when suddenly the pressure was released. She didn’t know how it had happened and she didn’t care. All she cared about was that the pain had stopped. What had happened was actually quite simple. Seeing that her partner was about to pass out from the pain, Erica shot through the bottom ropes and before Jen could stop her, drove a boot in to the domineering brunette’s face. The blow caught Jen flush and she was knocked back, temporarily unable to do anything.

Standing over the dazed brunette, Erica hissed, “You’re not the only one who can break a count Love…arrrghhhhh!”

Allison hit her full speed, driving them both back into the Darkness' corner. Regaining her senses, Erica fought back; exchanging merciless punches and chops with the powerful blonde. Allison was just getting the upper hand when Kristin hit her from behind, sending her to her knees.

Looking at her partner, Kristin said, “Thanks for the save; thought I’d return the favor.”

Erica nodded and replied, “Consider us even, now what say we finish this?”

Kristin only smiled as Erica hauled Allison to her feet. Placing the blonde back against the ropes, both Darkness members charged her at full speed before extending their arms and knocking her over the top rope with a Double Clothesline. Looking at Allison sprawled on the mat outside, Erica said, “You deal with her, I’ll finish Love.”

“Understood!” nodded Kristin.

Leaving Kristin to finish off the blonde, Erica turned back to Jennifer who was just now getting to her feet. Seeing the smaller brunette helpless, Erica smiled cruelly and swept forward, scooping the brunette onto her shoulder. In seconds, Erica had Jen set up for another Emerald Fusion and she wasted no time in hitting it, smashing her rival’s head and neck into the canvas as hard as she could.

“No getting up this time Jen,” Erica cooed as she lay back first across her foe and hooked a leg, leaning back as far as she could. The ref’s hand was coming down for the final time when Jen’s shoulder rolled weakly up. At the same time Erica was trying to finish off Jennifer, Kristin was stalking Allison. Still standing at the edge of the ring, Kristin waited until the blonde got to her feet before sneering down at her.

“Hey dumb ass! If you can still manage it, look up here and watch us finish off your slut partner!”

Just as Allison looked up, Kristin used the top rope like a springboard, hurtling herself over the rope and down towards the blonde with a Flying Cross-body, a very impressive maneuver visually and one that would have been even more impressive had it gone as planned! But instead of crashing into Allison and driving the blonde into the thinly padded concrete, Allison reached up, caught the hurtling brunette in mid-air and clasped her to her chest.

Smiling for the first time in the match, Allison said viciously “Big mistake Kristin.”

Then charging full speed toward the corner of the ring, Allison rammed Kristin’s exposed back against the solid steel upright corner pole. Kristin shrieked in agony as her back was bent to the breaking point. Her situation wasn’t helped at all when Allison threw her onto the ring steps aside before heading back into the ring where Erica had hauled a dazed Jennifer to her feet and was berating her, screaming in her face.


Love couldn’t respond with words, so Erica decided it was time to finish her off. Booting Jen in the gut, Erica trapped the prone girl in the Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Jen’s damp middle. But the astute fan knew that Erica wasn’t going for a Powerbomb, but instead the vicious Spinning Crucifix Facebuster she called the Durance Driver.

Hauling Jen over her shoulders, Erica secured her grip and said, “This ends now.”

“How true!” a voice said from behind her.

Startled, Erica turned with Jennifer still in her grasp only to be met with a boot to the face from Allison. The blow caused Erica to release her grip and Jen slid down her back. As Durance stumbled back from Allison’s boot, she found herself yanked off the canvas and draped along Jen’s shoulders, having fallen into perfect position for Jen’s Heartbreaker. Love didn’t say anything as she leapt and fell to the side, the Death Valley Driver connecting beautifully. Erica hit the mat with a thud and lay there not moving as Jen went for the cover. As Allison guarded against intrusion, the ref’s hand came down once; twice…

… then the lights went out.
When they came back on a few seconds later, the other Darkness members were in the ring. The Jessica’s went after Allison while Katie tore into Jennifer. The ref immediately called for the bell, signaling a disqualification, but that didn’t stop Holmes and her followers from beating down the already weakened blonde and brunette.

The crowd booed this untimely interruption but their tone changed considerably when they saw Sarah Michelle Gellar racing down the aisle and diving into the ring under the bottom rope. Setting her sights on Katie, the small blonde tore into the Darkness leader with a flurry of punches and kicks that seemed to have the tall brunette on the ropes - until a thumb to the eye stopped the Slayer in her tracks and sent her stumbling and staggering blindly backward.

Tragically she stumbled right into the waiting arms of Jessica Biel who, grabbing the Slayer around the throat, said quietly “Second string am I? Well at least I’m on the winning team.”

Before Sarah could do anything, Jessica lifted her high in the air and then sat out, driving Sarah into the canvas with the Two Handed Choke Slam/Sit-out Powerbomb combination she dubbed "The Biel Bomb." Sarah hit the mat and groaned, only to find no reprieve, immediately getting a sound all-over body stomping from Katie and Biel. This beat down of the three Darkness fighters continued for the better part of two minutes until it seemed all the fight had been crushed out of the trio.

Running hands through her dark hair, Katie took a deep breath and motioned for a microphone. Kristin handed her one almost instantly and the leader of the insurrection nodded appreciatively before turning toward the entry ramp and demanding, “RICHARD FANNIN, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW…OTHERWISE WE’LL FINISH THESE PATHETIC FRIENDS OF YOURS OFF!!”

For several seconds nothing happened, but just as Katie was about to launch into another tirade, the embattled promoter stepped through the curtain.

Raising his mic to his mouth, the promoter said quietly, “Hi Katie. What can I do for you?”

Snarling at his flippancy, the brunette growled, “THIS is what happens when you cross us Fannin. Anyone gets in our way is going to end up like them,“ she said, gesturing to the battered bodies of Sarah, Jennifer and Allison arrayed at her feet. “Where’s your vaunted army now asshole?” she smirked.

“Right now," Fannin sighed. "Three quarters of them are laid out at your feet. Feeling proud Katie? You needed five of you to beat down three. How impressive! No, wait, not impressive; really totally fuckin’ pathetic!”

The vitriol in the promoters voice surprised Katie slightly. Fannin wasn’t usually one for foul language.

“Preparing her response, Katie said, “Now you listen to me you….”

"NO! I’VE SPENT THE LAST 3 MONTHS DOING NOTHING BUT LISTENING TO YOU AND YOUR MOUTH. JUST THIS ONCE, YOU ARE GOING TO STAND THERE AND LISTEN TO ME!” The roar that came from Fannin was so out of character that the brunette was shocked into silence. Getting his breath back, Fannin continued, “I used to wonder what the hell I was doing wrong, why it seemed that no matter how well I planned you were always a step ahead of me. I wondered why the hell I had such a hard time getting any type of force together to oppose you. So I sat back and thought about it and after awhile I came to a realization. I’m losing because I’ve refrained from sinking to the level of my opposition. And considering that the opposition is 5 disgruntled mid card talents, I have to sink pretty low.” Katie and the others started forward at that, but Fannin continued his tirade, “I mean lets looks at you all on an individual basis. First there’s your fearless leader, a girl so insecure about her talent she can’t deal with the jeers of drunken fans without freaking out. So what does she do? She recruits a group of like-minded sycophants in a lame ass attempt to make everyone stop laughing at her. It might’ve worked if the whole thing wasn’t so pathetically funny.”

That barb froze Katie in her tracks, the slender brunette visibly fuming as Richard went on, “And let’s look at her followers how about it? First there’s Jessica Alba, another sadly insecure girl so desperately terrified that she can’t beat her arch rival alone that she’d willingly play hench-bitch for Katie, if only to wipe out the feeling of that spray paint on her back. Hate to tell you J, but I’ve got one of those Polaroid’s and so does everyone else.” The Angel’s face was a storm cloud and it appeared that the only thing keeping her from making a beeline for Fannin was a glance from her leader. Moving on, Fannin set his sights on Jessica Biel, “Ah, the other Jessica; a great wrestler who never seems to win the big match! She wants so badly to be a winner she’d partner with a girl who humiliated her less than a year ago and three others who she has nothing in common with if only to silence that nagging voice that keeps telling here she’s a second rate talent and always will be. Newsflash Jess! You’re STILL second-rate. If Ashley hadn’t had the guts that she did, you’d never be a part of this. You may be on the team, but you were still picked last.”

Jessica went to the edge of the ring and glared daggers at the promoter. If looks could kill, Fannin would’ve been dead where he was standing. Finding a new target for his ire, Rich’s gaze met Kristin Kreuk’s.

“What’s your excuse Kristin? These first three have inferiority issues but I never got that from you. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re a genuine rarity. A dyed in the wool the sadistic bitch that gets off on hurting people more than you do winning. In my eyes you’re worse than Katie. You shouldn’t be allowed near a ring, but I’ll let you keep fighting because someday your going to meet up with someone that’ll torture you the way you’ve tortured everyone else.”

Kristin’s green eyes narrowed, but the brunette remained in place, letting Fannin dig his own grave; he had NO idea how badly they’d punish him for this!

Reaching the end of the line, Fannin stared directly at Erica Durance, “You…. The others make me angry but you disappoint me. I gave you everything you could ask for. Not just the job, but also a main event slot in your first match, promo time, the hype machine behind you in full swing and what happens? You lose one match and join these nuts? A feud between you and Jennifer would’ve made you both bigger stars but you couldn’t handle losing, so instead of just brushing yourself off and getting a rematch you took the easy way out, aligning yourself with these psychopaths so you could beat Love down when the odds were in your favor. That doesn’t make you a winner Erica, it makes you a coward. Like I said, the others make me angry. You fuckin’ disappoint me!”


The Jessica’s smiled and slid through the ropes without a word, making a slow, but steady line towards Fannin while the others stayed in the ring to watch over their beaten victims. They had cut the distance between them and the promoter to about 30 feet when Fannin spoke again, “You’ve got one chance Katie. Call off your goon squad and get out of here, or I’ll make you regret it.” The Jessica’s stopped, waiting to hear what Katie would say.

With a poisonous contempt in her voice she spat, “You’ve got NOTHING Rich. Tonight, you’re going to fall into the Darkness!”

The Jessica’s continued their stalk but Fannin still looked nonplused and as they got closer he spoke one last time, “You’re going to lose this fight Katie. You’ve only got minions. I’ve got friends. I may not have many, but they’re enough to deal with the likes of you. See, everyone needs someone to rely on when times get tough. Someone to face the darkness, regardless of the odds. A fighter, a champion, a gunslinger if you will. Allow me to reintroduce mine...”

Then all the lights went out. A few seconds later, a spotlight illuminated Biel and Alba on the ramp, blinding them temporarily. They looked around, uncertain of how to react. The silence held for the next few seconds and then the speakers’ spat a burst of static and the rippling opening riff of 'Black Hole Sun' poured into the club. The hidden crowd exploded to their feet, as everyone knew who was back. The Jessica’s knew it too and they stood their ground, even as the mob sang along with the song. As the opening verse reached its end, the crowd chanted the line that had become a sort of unofficial cue for the woman in question.

“Call my name through the cream and I’ll hear you SCREAM again….”

The chorus and the lights hit at the same time and Neve was right in front of them, but she hadn’t come alone. The steel chair she was carrying flashed in the bright light as it smashed off the skulls of both Jessica’s. BWANG! BONG! The blind-sided girls went down without a cry and the Scream Queen looked only briefly at the dents in the chair before fixing her gaze on the ring. Seeing the rest of the Darkness waiting for her, Neve strode toward the ring, the dented chair firmly in hand.

In the ring, Katie looked at Erica and screamed, “Stop her!”

Erica nodded and slid under the rope, waiting for the other brunette.

Kristin looked at her mistress and said, “Let me help?”

Katie shook her head. “No; stay with me.”

Kristin bit back a reply and waited to see what would happen as Neve drew within striking distance of Erica and stopped.

Over the roar of the crowd she said, “Step aside Erica. I’m here to talk with Katie.”

Now it was Erica who shook her head, "Sorry, can’t do that!”

Then she lunged at the pale brunette. But Neve was ready for the attack and pulled the chair up, burying it Erica’s gut. As the wind left the taller brunette, Neve dropped the chair at her feet and trapped Erica in a Front Face Lock. In the same breath she dropped straight down, driving Erica skull first into the chair with a DDT.

Getting to her feet, Neve slid under the bottom rope and faced off with the other two still standing in the ring. Walking forward, she made a beeline for Katie only to find herself staring into the furious emerald eyes of Kristin Kreuk.

Standing nose to nose with Katie’s second in command, Neve said quietly, “Get out of my way. I didn’t come all this way to talk to a lackey.”

Kristin only smirked. “That’s funny. Did you come all this way to get your ass kicked by one?”

Neve’s dark eyes flashed at the implication. “Clever words Kristin, but if you think I won’t slap them right out of your mouth, you’re sorely mistaken.”

Kristin’s eyes narrowed. “I’ll do a lot more than slap you Neve; I’ll expose you for the over-hyped, no-talent bitch you are!”

Neve stepped forward, her nose brushing against Kreuk’s, her voice barely a whisper, “I’d love to see you try.”

Kristin was about to say something else when Katie interrupted, “Stand aside Kristin!”

The brunette whirled to face her mistress. “What?”

“Collect the others and leave. I want to talk to her myself!”

Kristin clenched her fists, but did as she was told, even moving to let Neve step past her. As the Scream Queen passed, however, Kristin couldn’t resist getting in the last word, “It must be nice to have the support of all those idiotic bureaucrats in Fannin's office, Neve. Of course, you probably fucked EVERY one of them to get it! But, hey, who am I to question your methods? Whatever works, right slut?”

Neve froze and turned to face the other brunette, the only visible trace of the fury she felt raging her eyes. As she got in Kristin’s face, the green-eyed girl taunted, “Did you sleep with Fannin too? Is that why the dopey little geek has such faith in you? You must be really good….”

Neve didn’t respond for a several seconds, but when she did, it was all ice. “When this is over, if you’re still around, you and I are going to go. And I’m going to tear you to pieces. That’s a promise.”

Kristin leaned in as she responded, “Not likely, bitch! I’m gonna write MY legacy in the blood of yours; just wait and see!”

She spun on her heel and slipped through the ropes, attending to the fallen members of the Darkness. With all the underlings out of her way, Neve turned to face Katie.

She was about to speak when the tall brunette cut her off, “You made the wrong choice Neve.”

Neve only shook her head, “No Katie, I made the right choice. It’s you that’s been making bad decisions. A lot of them. Ultimately you’ll have to answer for them.” As Neve was speaking, the other three women were slowly regaining their bearings and getting to their feet. Looking at her recovering victims, Katie turned her attention back to Neve.

“So this is Richard’s great plan?" Katie snorted. "Chase off the others and then let the four of you take me out? Hardly seems sporting!”

Watching as the others joined her in a rough circle around Katie, Neve answered, “You don’t have much credibility when it comes to fair fights Katie, but you’re safe for now. I’m just here to deliver the message. You wanted a war, you got one. There are four of us now and soon there’ll be five. When the sides are even, you and your girls are going to answer for everything you’ve put this league through.”

Katie looked around, staring into the angry faces of Jennifer, Allison and Sarah. Fixing her gaze on the Slayer she said, “All of you should enjoy this moment. Because in the end, the Darkness will destroy all of you. And I will glean a great deal of satisfaction from watching Fannin despair as his precious friends are obliterated once and for all. Go get your fifth member. Even up the sides, it won’t make a difference. You’ll all beg for mercy before we’re through with you.”

Sarah found her voice, “ You’re the one who’s going to beg Katie. I’m gonna make you tap out. And I won’t let go until I’m satisfied you’re broken for good.”

Katie only smiled that infuriatingly calm smile, “We’ll see Slayer, we’ll see. For now, goodnight!” The lights suddenly went out and when they came back up, Katie was gone…leaving the four rebels by themselves. Shaking off their aches and pains, Jennifer and Allison both greeted the newest member of their growing club.

“Nice to have you on board Neve,” Jen said. “But you think next time you make an entrance that you can do it before they beat us up?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Neve smiled as she answered.

“We’ve almost done it," Allison said. "We’ve almost got even sides! We’re really going to win this, aren’t we?”

“Yes we are!” Sarah answered plainly as she turned to face her old partner. Staring the Scream Queen straight in the eyes, the Slayer asked, “Have a good vacation?”

Neve smiled slightly and answered, “Yeah, but it was getting kinda boring. Besides, it seems I can’t leave this place without everything going to hell in a hand basket!”

Sarah nodded, “Katie’s trying to take us there, but she won’t make it. Not as long as we’re all still here.”

There were murmurs of agreement all around, then the four women left the ring and headed up the ramp; already planning the next campaign in their war on the Darkness.

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