Darkfall #12: Jessica Biel vs. Kristanna Loken by The Walkin' Dude

PROLOGUE: (by Archer) The night before the show, somewhere outside Willow Grove Connecticut…

The rain that had been falling steadily all day had finally begun to ease after dark and was now a heavy, persistent mist. Richard Fannin had to look closely through the flicking windshield wipers, but then he saw what he was looking for and turned his car off the main highway onto a side road that led into the woods that bordered the highway. He wondered if this really going to work. Could his new recruit help stop Katie Holmes and the rest of her "Darkness" team? He thought so. He hoped so. He was determined to at least try.

Suddenly, out of the darkness ahead came headlights flashing on and off. He slowed his car to a stop and switched his own headlights on and off three times in response. Two answering flashes came from the unseen car ahead. This was the prearranged signal. He drove slowly forward until he could make out the dim outline of the approaching second car. The other driver apparently saw him, too. Both cars slowed to a stop. They turned off their headlights and it was suddenly very dark and lonely. Then both got out of their cars with flashlights and met about midway between the cars.

"I'm glad you came," Fannin said.

"I came because it's an intriguing offer. You really want ME to join your little foursome?"

Fannin couldn't really see her face, but he certainly recognized her voice, “Technically you’d make them a quintet but yes, you would be the last element needed to stop Katie and her friends."

"Are you certain the other ladies will accept me as a teammate? I haven't always 'played nice'. I suspect there's a certain resentment still there among some of them," she said with a quiet laugh.

"You don‘t have to remind me, I was there, remember. Regardless, they don't know I’ve approached you. It won't matter, they’ll have to accept my decision to bring you in," Fannin said firmly.

The woman laughed, "Really, Fannin, that's the sort of thing that brought on this rebellion in the first place! However, I think they’re all professional enough to know they’ll have a better chance of winning with me on their side."

"I’ll point that out, " Fannin retorted.

The woman laughed softly again: "You must have been feeling desperate to come to me."

Fannin was silent then he said: quietly: "You know what's been going on. We've managed to slow the Darkness, but they haven't really been stopped, let alone rolled back. To do that I need you."

The woman was silent now, but then she reached out and clasped Fannin's hand: "You do need me. It would be worth a great deal to me to see Katie and Company defeated. So count me in."

Fannin and the woman shook hands as he said; "We have a deal. I’ll contact you again soon."

"I'll be waiting," the woman said and then turned away.

Fannin went back to his own car. They both the started their cars and executed U-turns so that they each went back the same way they had come in. The taillights of the other car were quickly gone into the misty darkness and Fannin was again alone with his thoughts. His counter plan was now falling into place. The other girls might not be happy about their newest partner, but they would just have to accept it, bad blood or no.

"Katie, you have no idea what's coming," Fannin muttered with grim satisfaction, "no idea at all."......
It was the second weekend of June and in the little Connecticut town of Willow Grove, things were doing just fine. The weather was warm without being unpleasantly so, and the rain was just enough to keep things green without spoiling any of the typical summer festivities. But even if it had been a torrential downpour, one of those said summer festivities would have gone on unhindered. Tonight at the esoterically named Last House on the Left, Richard Fannin’s promotion was running their first show of the season and the folks in Willow Grove had turned out in force. And like always, the card had been stacked from top to bottom, but tonight’s main event was even better than usual. In a bold attempt to stop the march of Katie and her Dark sisters, Rich had dipped outside his usual talent pool, bringing in a woman that some would refer to as a ‘ringer’ and most others would simply refer to as an Amazon. Rich had paid a large sum of money to a nearly 6-foot titan, a beautiful blonde warrior who went by the unforgettable handle of Kristanna Loken. Rich had brought her out earlier in the show and announced his intentions to have Loken face off with any member of Katie’s crew, including Holmes herself. The Darkness hadn’t actually shown up, but the lights in the club had flickered ominously several times and Rich knew that his challenge had been accepted. And now the rest of the card had been put to bed and it was time to see if Rich’s gambit was going to pay off, or if the blonde powerhouse would become the next victim of the Darkness.

At ringside, the Announcer begins his spiel, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main event! Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce….Kristanna Loken!” Drowning Pool’s Step Up grumbles to life, as there is a second before the blonde Amazon appears in the entryway. When the guitars begin to scream, Kris makes her presence felt, sweeping aside the curtain and moving slowly down the ramp. For her battle with the Darkness, Kristanna has clad herself in a 2 piece black leather bikini, with white ring connections at the sides and between her breasts. The tall, lithe blonde completes her intimidating look with simple black knee and elbow pads, along with shiny black boots. Reaching the ring, Loken sweeps a bit of loose flowing gold hair from her eyes and slides under the bottom rope. Standing in the center of the ring, Kris eyes the entryway, with mild interest, not showing much concern with who she has to face.

When the roar died down, the Announcer resumed his duties as, speaking clearly, he intones, “And her opponent…” The lights went out and Paint it Black hit the speakers, announcing the arrival of the Darkness. When the lights came back on, there's a collective gasp in the audience, as it appeared Katie had sent her biggest weapon to deal with the blonde titan. Jessica Biel stood in the center of the ring, eyeing Kristanna with cold contempt. Clad in a black vinyl 2-piece version of the Darkness outfit, she was an imposing figure. The Announcer finally regained his breath and finished, “Er…her opponent stands at 5 feet, 8 inches tall, ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Jessica Biel!” There was a mix of cheers and boos, but the newly arrived blonde seemed to hear nothing. Eyes never leaving Loken, she backed into her corner and waited for the bell.

The bell clanged and neither blonde wasted any time in moving toward the center of the ring. Meeting in the middle (as the old saying goes) Jessica and Kristanna stared each other down. Thought truthfully, Kris was staring down and Jess was staring up slightly, as this was one of the few times in her career that Biel did not have the height advantage.

Not impressed with the tales of the Darkness’ exploits in the least, Kristanna said, “You’re the muscle of the group? This should be easy.”

Smiling evilly, Jess responded, “I’ve got more than enough to snap Rich’s crappy ringer over my knee. You’re joining the show late bitch. You’re too little, far too late.”

Loken responded to the barb with a challenge. “Well if you’re so bad, I’d love to see you take me off my feet.”

“With pleasure!” Jess growled.

She ran the ropes and hurled back at the bigger blonde. Centering herself, Jessica whipped out her right arm and slammed it across Loken’s chest. The blonde staggered but didn’t go down, drawing a scowl from Biel.

“Not bad,” Kris smirked. "But now it’s my turn!”

She too ran to the ropes and charged back at Biel, attempting a Clothesline of her own. Her powerful arm smashed into Jessica’s chest and the Darkness member stumbled, but she didn’t go down; it was Loken’s turn to scowl.

“Not bad yourself!” Jess chided. Extending her fingers arms over her head, she curled her fingers at Kristanna, inviting her in to the test. “Care to look at me from your knees?”

The other blonde’s face was a cold grimace as she strode forward and lay her palms against Jessica’s before clinching close. Immediately, both blondes were putting all their effort in into the Test of Strength, neither wanting to concede that the other might be stronger. For several seconds, they held even, but then Loken put her height advantage to good use and rose up on her toes, bearing down on Jess. Biel cried out and tried to maintain her balance, but Kris was unrelenting and soon Biel found herself kneeling before her nearly six-foot foe.

Smirking as she wrenched Jess’s wrists, Kristanna hissed, “You’re pathetic. I'd have beaten you pro-bono if I knew it'd be this easy. I almost feel bad taking money for this.”

Snarling quietly, Biel was sick of listening to the taunts and she surged up suddenly, surprising her foe. Quickly regaining one knee and then the other, Jess was tempted to taunt the surprised blonde but she thought better of it. Instead she lashed a foot up and caught Kris right in the navel, driving the wind from her. Loken gasped, released her grip and fell to her knees, surprised at the force behind Biel’s kick. Grinning at the sight of her penitent foe, Jessica stepped back a bit and shot her foot forward again, booting Kristanna in the face. The blonde giant went down then, rolling on the mat and rubbing her face, but she didn’t stay down long.

Quicker than Jess would’ve believed, Kris was on her feet and grabbing Jessica’s wrist. Before Biel could so much as squawk in protest, Kristanna had hurled her into the ropes, sending Biel running awkwardly back toward her foe. When Jess was close enough, Kris exploded forward, scooping Biel up in her arms and yanking her off her feet, one arm cinched around Jess’s waist while the other was wrapped around her thighs. Going with momentum, Kris rose up on her toes before falling straight down, driving the full length of Jessica’s back into the canvas with a scintillating Sidewalk Slam. Popping to her feet as Jess writhed on the mat, Kris displayed remarkably agility for someone her size....

Bending her knees slightly the big blonde exploded upward with a gorgeous vertical leap before coming down on her foe chest first, driving the air from Jessica’s lungs with the Splash. Smiling as Jess spasmed under her, Loken pulled Biel to a sitting position before clamping her claws into the muscles between Jessica’s neck and shoulders. Bearing down with incredible pressure on the Nerve hold, Kris only grinned as Jess began to kick her legs wildly against the mat.

“You feel that, cunt? That’s REAL power!” Loken taunted, giving the hold another crushing squeeze.

Grimacing in pain, Jess had enough of the abuse, and brought her hands back and up, gripping Kris around the wrists. Summoning her own strength, Jess managed to relieve enough pressure so that she was able to get to her feet, even with Kristanna tearing at her neck. Biel had just released her grip and started hammering fists into the Amazon’s gut when Kris released her grip as well. With the smaller blonde still off balance, Kris laced her fingers together and brought them crashing down on the back of Jessica’s neck.

The Dark girl went to her hands and knees and stayed there, shaking her head while Loken stalked her. Moments later, Biel got to her feet and Kristanna charged her, extending one toned arm with the cruel intention of smashing it into Jess’ face. But Biel was nobody’s tackling dummy and Loken found that out the hard way when Jessica brought her boot up fast and smashed it against the other blonde’s jaw. The impact and unexpectedness of the blow took its toll on Kris who let out a pained grunt as she was spun around before dropping to her hands and knees. Seeing the big girl vulnerable, Jess knew she had to act. Sprinting forward, she kicked out again, this time driving her boot into Loken’s ribs. There was a sound like someone hitting a big rug and Kris was sent rolling, the ringer clutching tightly at her torso. Brushing a sweaty lock of hair from her eyes, Jessica walked over to where Kristanna was laying and pulled her to her feet.

Staring into the blonde’s half-closed eyes, Biel hissed, “There won’t be anything pretty or stylish about how I beat you bitch. I’m just gonna crush and smash until you don’t want to fight any more.”

Not letting her captive blonde respond, Jess whipped her hard into the corner and followed her over. Getting in close to her victim, Biel lowered her shoulder and grabbed the middle rope on either side of Kris. Pulling back, she surged forward, driving her shoulder into Loken’s hard stomach. Air rushed from her prey, but Jessica wasn’t nearly satisfied and she repeated the shoulder-ramming maneuver over and over, until Loken’s knees finally failed her and the titan blonde went to her butt, sitting slumped in the corner. Looking for the icing on the cake, Jessica walked to the center of the ring before charging at her downed victim. With no room for error, Jess brought her knee up, smashing it against the side of Kristanna’s face. She let out a pained groan but that was all she could muster as Jessica grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the center of the ring. Dropping her foe’s foot, Biel went to Kristanna’s head and pulled her to a sitting position. Snaking a powerful forearm across Loken’s throat, Jessica used her other arm to press the blonde’s head down and forward, cinching on a potentially match ending sleeper in the middle of the ring.

Squeezing her victim’s head like a grape, Jess whispered, “I don’t have any urge to sit on your face when I’m done with you Kris. But I think I’d get a charge out of breaking your neck. Or back…. Maybe both.”

Loken’s face was quickly going crimson thanks to the Sleeper but she wasn’t beat yet. Drawing upon her own considerable reserves, Loken put her hands on the mat and pushed up just enough to get a knee under her. After that it was relatively easy for her to get back to her feet, even with Biel clutching at her neck. Knowing the ropes were the safest bet, Kris lurched drunkenly toward them and grabbed hold, forcing a break of the Sleeper. Jessica cursed at the escape but did as she was told, backing away while Kris gasped for breath. The second Loken turned to face her; Jess surged forward, meaning to lock up with the bigger blonde. But Kristanna had different plans and she put them into effect, squaring her shoulder as she exploded forward, driving her shoulder into Biel’s chest. The Darkness member gasped as she fell backwards, hitting the mat with an ungainly thud. But she wasn’t deterred for long and within an instant she was on her feet again, charging Loken a second time. But in this case, second time was not the charm as Kristanna flattened her with another Shoulder Block. And neither was the third, fourth or fifth time the charm. Each time Jess regained her feet, Kristanna was there to drive her back down.

After the last attack, Jess was a little slower in getting to her feet so Loken helped her up with a big handful of hair. Holding her captive woozy, Kris wrapped her hands around Jessica’s throat and said, “I’m stronger than you little girl. You better get used to it.”

As Jessica was formulating a response, Kris pulled up fast, lifting Biel off her feet while still in the choke. Jessica’s legs flailed wildly as Kris throttled her mercilessly, shaking the blonde like a rag doll. If there was one good aspect to Kris’s attack it was that she could only hold it for five seconds before the ref. made her break it. Annoyed at the intrusion, Kristanna tossed Biel aside and took a second to pose, flashing an impressive double bicep pose at the audience who was going crazy at the blonde’s phenomenal strength.

Clasping her hands together in a Double Sledge, Kris stalked Jess as the wounded blonde got slowly to her feet. When she turned to face the Amazon, Loken sprinted forward at a dead run and shot her hands forward, dealing Biel a hideous clout right across the breasts. Jess cried out in agony and went down in a heap, hands crossed over her chest. Seconds later, she was pulled to her feet, forced to stare into the face of her tormentor.

“This won’t go on much longer Jessie. I think you’ve had about enough.”

Then she proceeds to give out a little more, hammering Jessica with a series of wicked left and right crosses. After an especially hard punch almost took Jess off her feet, Kris grabbed her foe’s hair in one hand to keep her standing. Pulling back with her other arm, Kristanna formed a tight fist before driving it home into the swell of Jessica’s left breast, a wicked looking Heart Punch. Jessica’s legs finally gave out and she went down limp, easy pickings as Kris went for the cover. The ref. had slapped the mat twice and raised his hand for the third time before Biel was able to kick free.

A tiny bit surprised, Kris looked smugly at her, “It seems you’ve got more heart than I thought. Let’s see how long it takes to break it!”

Pulling Biel to her feet, Loken trapped Biel in a Front Face Lock, before gripping a handful of black tights and hoisting her into the air. Holding her foe aloft for a Vertical Suplex, Kris varied from tradition by simply tossing Biel down and letting her slam into the mat from a height of several feet. It was all the damage of a Vertical Suplex, but Kristanna never even left her feet. Standing over the mewling blonde, Kris showed off that impressive vertical leap again, this time coming down with both feet on Jessica’s belly.

Biel flopped in a tortured U shape as the air was driven from her lungs, but there was no respite for her as Loken sat down behind her. Pulling the smaller blonde to a sitting position, Kristanna wrapped her long legs around Jess’s waist, but instead of crossing her ankles, she crossed her right leg across her victim’s waist before tucking her right ankle under her left knee, securing an extremely painful Figure Four Body Scissors. Putting all her strength into making Biel tap, Kris smiled serenely as Jessica came to life in her grasp, wailing and clawing futilely at Loken’s domineering thighs.

Blocking out the horrible pain of the scissors, Jessica fixed her sights on the ropes, which weren’t all that far away. Knowing that what Kristanna was doing to her was nothing compared to what Katie would do to her if she lost, Biel gritted her teeth and began pulling herself towards sanctuary. It was slow going and by the time she got there, the blonde thought her ribs were going to explode, but she did indeed make it and after she latched a hand onto the middle rope, she was able to breathe when Kris was forced to release her grip. But she wasn’t nearly out of the woods yet. Kristanna wasn’t giving her any breathing room and Jess soon found herself standing on wobbly legs before being whipped hard into the corner. She cried out as her back rammed painfully into the steel buckles, but the burst of sensory input seemed to clear her vision and she got a good look at Loken as the big blonde was rushing to crush her in the corner with a Body Splash.

Not thinking, only acting, Biel pulled herself to safety at the last possible moment, leaving her overzealous foe to crash chest first into the buckles. Smiling as she watched Kris stagger back from the corner, the grin suddenly became a predator’s snarl. Eager for retribution, Jessica chased after the retreating blonde, hammering a hard Forearm shiver into the back of her neck. Kris cried out in pain and surprise and went face first into the canvas, where she lay cradling the back of her head. Standing over her downed opposition, Jessica was intent on some payback. Sitting down, she straddled the Amazon’s upper back, her butt bouncing rudely on Kris‘ back. Reaching down with her left, she buried a claw in Kristanna’s gold mane, pulling her neck back painfully. Using her right, she began smashing a vicious litany of Forearm Shots into the base of her victim’s neck, seemingly intent of beating her head off her shoulders. After a dozen or so of these shots, Biel grabbed Kris’s head in both hands and pulled back a little further before slamming it down at top speed, bouncing Loken’s head like a basketball. Putting hands on sweaty hips, Biel looked vindicated.

“You may be bigger, bitch, but there’s no way in hell you’re stronger. And I’ll gladly keep proving it to you.”

Hearing no coherent reply, Jessica got to her feet and pulled Kris up with her. Standing back to back with the injured Amazon, Biel reached back and looped her fingers under Kristanna’s chin. Tightening her grip, Jess took a deep breath and leaned forward, pulling the big girl off her feet in an agonizing Hangman. Dead set on shattering Loken’s mystique, Jess decided a demonstration was an order. Steadying herself, she marched around the ring with Loken squirming helplessly on her back. Now it was the audience that was amazed by Jessica’s power. To their recollection there had never been anyone that had been able to woman handle Kris the way that Jess was doing right now.

Bouncing slightly to increase the effectiveness of the hold, Jessica taunted, “Let’s see if I can’t snap this Amazon’s neck hmmmm?”

When Kris gurgled her response, Jess sat out, dropping to the canvas while bending Loken’s neck wickedly over her shoulder. The effect was a sadistically modified Reverse Neckbreaker and at that point it looked like it was living up to its name. Kris was lying on the mat and moaning, doing everything in her power to protect her injured head. Wondering if it was possible to put her foe away, Jess muscled Kristanna onto her back and hooked a leg. 2 seconds later she found out that Loken wasn’t done yet. Nodding to herself, Biel mutters, “Have it your way.”

Placing her right hand palm down across Kristanna’s face and gripping her right wrist for extra leverage, Jess clamps her hand shut, mauling her foe’s injured skull with a Face Claw. After several seconds in the hold, Jess demands, “Give it up. You’re beaten.”

The trapped blonde shrieked something muffled….probably, “Fuck you!”

And while Biel didn’t quite understand her, the intention was clear enough; Kris wasn’t ready to give in just yet. Jessica was about to give another squeeze with her Claw when Kristanna rocked her jaw with a desperation punch. Grip faltering for a second, it was enough time for Kris to hit her with a second and third punch. Getting to a sitting position, Loken gripped Biel’s claw with both hands and pushed hard, trying to break the agonizing hold. Jess didn’t completely give up her grip, but the pressure was relieved long enough for Kris to get her knees under her and then push to her feet. Roaring in muffled rage, the blonde Amazon drove another few punches into Jessica’s gut. The last shot finally breaking the claw, Kris grabbed her foe’s wrist and tried to whip her into the ropes.

Unfortunately, at this point Jess was the fresher of the two women and she reversed the momentum, pulling Loken awkwardly towards her. Dropping low, Jess muscled Kris onto her shoulders in an impressive Fireman’s Carry. In the same instant, she shoved Kristanna’s torso up and off her shoulders while still maintaining her grip on the blonde’s legs. Falling backwards, Jess drove her foe’s face and torso into the canvas with a modified Flapjack. Kristanna hit with terrible force and she rolled onto her back, putting Jessica in easy position to go for a cover, which is exactly what she did.

Hooking a leg, Biel hopped her foe was done for, but those dreams were dashed when Loken kicked out at 'TWO!'

Scowling, Biel pulled Loken to her feet and backed off a few steps. Before Kris could regain her bearings, Jess shot forward and leveled her with a Clothesline, the force of the blow knocking the big blonde head over heels. Flexing her arms in a taunting mockery of Loken’s earlier display, Jessica cooed, “Now THAT’S power, baby.”

Intent on finishing the bigger girl off, Jess pulled Kristanna up and ducked low, wrapping her arms around the blonde’s hips. But when Biel lifted up to haul Kris up with the Inverted Atomic Drop, Loken planted her feet and stayed put.

When Jess went for a second lift, Kristanna sprang into action, slamming both fists into the small of Jessica’s back. The smaller blonde grunted in pain as she was driven to her knees by the force of the blow. An eye blink later, she found her head being scissored between Loken’s thighs and the Amazons arms cinched around her waist. Without missing a beat, Kris inverted Jessica, holding her victim prone in the Pile Driver position.

Holding Jess helpless, Loken spat at her, “You know nothing of power, slut. But when I’m done with you, you will.”

She held Jessica up for several more seconds before falling back, spiking the blonde’s head into the canvas with the Stalling Pile Driver. The move nearly knocked Jessica senseless, but it had taken its toll on Kris as well and the two warriors lay beside each other, not moving for the better part of the ref’s count. But the Amazon hadn’t been dropped on her head, and so it was Kristanna who made it to her feet first, then 'helped' her rival up using a handful of hair. Returning to the basics, Kris whipped Jessica into the ropes before charging after her and absolutely squashing the blonde in the corner with a Body Splash. Pulling away from her foe as Jess staggered forward, Loken scooped her foe up on her shoulder and turned around. Sprinting on a diagonal, she jumped into the air before falling down and forward, smashing Jessica into the canvas with a Running Power Slam. Roaring her triumph, Kris pinned her foe nonchalantly, convinced that Jessica was unconscious. But if Jess was unconscious, she played the part badly, kicking out just before 'THREE!'

Snarling at Biel’s tenacity, Loken got to her feet and jumped again, driving the full force of her weight into Jessica’s belly with another Double Stomp. Biel gagged and appeared about to vomit but she managed to keep her insides in check long enough for Kristanna to pull her to her feet. Slipping behind her victim, Kris wrapped her arms around Biel’s chest and clasped them tight before hauling the blonde into the air in a sadistic Reverse Bear Hug.

Shaking her violently, Loken demanded surrender, “Give up or I’ll snap your spine!” She punctuated the statement with another hard shake. Mad with pain, Jessica shook her head “no” and reached plaintively for the ropes. Seeing her intention, Kris took several steps back and pulled up higher, leaving Biel well away from the ropes. “Tenacious bitch!” Loken hissed as she tossed Jess hard to the mat, smiling as she landed with a wet splat.

Cracking her knuckles, Kristanna pulled her foe up and was about to belt her one when Jess laced into her with a series of hard right hands. A big haymaker from Biel staggered the Amazon back a few steps and it was then that Jess lunged forward, trying to take her head off with another big boot. But Kris was quicker than Jess had anticipated and she stepped nimbly aside as the blonde stumbled past her. Gripping her confused rival’s shoulder, Kristanna spun her around and pulled her close. Wrapping both arms around Jessica’s middle, Kris showed off her amazing strength again, flipping Biel 270 degrees before falling to the mat, driving her foes back into the canvas with a Tilt-a-Whirl Power Slam. Getting to her feet, Kristanna looked out at the audience and made a motion like snapping a stick. The crowd went nuts as the recognized the blonde's signal for the Torture Rack, one of her two finishers. Pulling Biel up on spaghetti legs, Kris bent at the waist and looped one hand between her foe’s legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Gritting her teeth, Kristanna lifted Jessica off the mat, draped parallel across her shoulders, the Torture Rack cinched in perfectly. Bouncing hard on her feet, Kris paraded Jess around the ring, listening to her captive wail as the Torture Rack destroyed her back.

Bouncing wickedly, Loken asked, “Ready to scream I quit? Or do you want me to crack something first?”

In almost indescribable pain, Jess managed to hold her traitorous mouth shut. Focusing every bit of will she had left, she whipped a free hand into Kristanna’s face and raked with all her might. The maneuver caught Kris flatfooted and she cried out in shock as she was temporarily blinded. Her grip weakening, she didn’t even feel it when Biel slipped out of the hold and landed behind her. She did however, feel it when Jessica’s boot came rocketing up and smashed between her legs. Giving voice to a pained scream Kris collapsed, clutching at her injured center.

Nursing the pain in her back, Biel looked down at the crumpled blonde with murder in her eyes as, pulling Loken to her knees, she hissed nastily, “You like the Torture Rack? Well, lemme show you a version I’ve been working on.”

Pulling the bulk of her opponent up, in a few quick movements Jess had Kris tied up in her own finisher. Walking to the center of the ring, Jess bounced the hold a little before yelling at the crowd, “Prepare to be impressed, you idiots.”

Then she bent her knees slightly and pushed up twisting her torso hard to the right. In the same moment she released her grip on Loken’s legs, sensing rather than feeling the Amazon’s frame go sailing out behind her. With Kris’ chin still in her grasp and the rest of the blonde stretched out behind her, Jessica simply fell to her back, landing nicely on the mat. Kristanna’s landing wasn’t nearly so pleasant however. Jessica had ingeniously turned the Torture Rack into an elevated Neckbreaker and the big blonde smashed hard into the mat, her neck and shoulders taking the majority of the impact. Flopping weakly, she offered no resistance when Jessica muscled her onto her back and went for the cover.

The resistance came a couple seconds later when she broke free of the pin. Dismayed that her ingenious offense hadn’t been able to keep Loken down, Jess got to her feet and resorted to simpler means. Clearly remembering the stomps Kristanna had laid on her, Jessica returned the favor, stomping cruelly at any available spot on the blonde’s anatomy. Feeling she’d softened her victim up adequately, Jess leaped into the air and came down ass fist on her opponent, driving the air from her lungs in one harsh blast. Deciding to cement the truth of her superior strength, Jess hauled Kristanna to her feet and planted a boot in her gut, doubling her over. Stepping in close, she hooked Kris’ arms up, locking the limbs above her foe’s bent torso with the loop of her own arms. Pulling up, Jessica hauled Kristanna off her feet, holding the blonde upside down. Holding the Amazon inverted, Jessica slowly turned in a circle, letting everyone see the impressive feat. When her arms began to tire, she fell backwards, driving her victim’s back into the mat with the Double Underhook Suplex.

Pulling Kris up, Jess wrapped her arms around her belly and hissed in her face, “Impressed yet you big slut?”

Loken only moaned and that served to further motivate Biel, when she hauled Kris into the air and squeezed hard, crushing her out with a Bear Hug, Dizzy with the pain in her back, Kristanna wasn’t about to give up the fight. Willing her hands to rise, she curled them into fists before punching Jessica in the face several times. The last shot broke the Bear Hug and Kris fell back to the mat, landing on wobbly legs. She was about to charge at her foe, when Biel raked her face again. Staggering and blind, Kris walked right into a knee lift from the smaller blonde. Then standing next to her wounded rival, Biel locked her up in a Full Nelson. But instead of merely working the hold, she put her left leg in front of Kris’ right leg, then shoving forward with all her strength she took Loken off her feet, driving her unceremoniously into the canvas, a victim of Jessica’s Full Nelson Face-buster.

Releasing the Nelson, Jess rolled Kristanna over and went for the cover but after a 'Two' the match was still going on! Getting frustrated at her inability to keep Kris down, Jess pulled her up and hooked in the Full Nelson a second time, going for a duo of Face-busters. But before she could drive forward, Kristanna brought her foot up and slammed it down on Jessica’s defenseless toes. The Dark girl shrieked in pain and she released her grip, trying to attend to her mashed foot. But Loken wasn’t one to allow such a time out and she proved as such by slipping behind the hobbling blonde. Bending Jessica forward, Kris reached her right arm through Jess’ legs and grabbed the blonde’s dangling left wrist, pulling it back tightly between Biel’s thighs. At the same time Loken hooked Jessica’s right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the blonde awkwardly. Kristanna held this position momentarily, looking for all the world like she was about to apply some bizarre Abdominal Stretch variation. Instead, she pulled up with both hands, bringing Jessica off her feet in a smooth arc. But instead of bringing Jess to rest on her shoulder for the Pump Handle Slam as everyone was expecting, Kristanna simply fell back and flung her foe over her, tossing Jessica the full length of the ring with an evil looking Pump handle Suplex. Taking a deep breath, Loken got to her feet and pulled Jessica to hers. She might have been able to finish Biel right there, but Loken wanted to hurt the other blonde for her insolence.

Grabbing a dual handful of hair, Kris bent Jess over and proceeded to drive several knee lifts into her chest, hitting her over and over again, the last blow knocking Biel fully upright. Before her rival could get away, Loken shot out her right hand and clamped it onto Jessica’s belly in a cruel claw. Digging deep into the tortured plank of the other blonde’s stomach, Kris clenched her fingers tight in a Stomach Claw.

“I always wanted to see if I could draw blood with this move. Do me a favor and hold on long enough to see if I can,” she hissed.

Barely able to speak above a whisper, Jessica spat, “Fuck you, freak!”

Jessica hammered her fist into Loken’s temple. Staggered, the blonde titan released her grip and stumbled back as Jessica straightened up and charged…only to run right into a boot to her gut! Trapping Jessica’s arms over her head, it appeared as if Kris was going to return the favor of Jessica’s Double Underhook Suplex but instead, when she pulled Jess off the mat, Kris didn’t fall back but dropped to one knee and drove Biel down across her raised thigh, bending her spine with an insidious Double Underhook Backbreaker!

Kristanna got to her feet, but it looked like the battle was beginning to take its toll! Kris usually finished her foes much faster than this. Deciding it was time to deviate from her typical game plan, she jerked Jess to her feet and threw her into the corner. Getting in close, she muscled the sweating blonde up so that she was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Climbing up, she trapped Biel in a Front Face Lock while gripping a handful of black tights. Pulling up, she meant to take Jess off the top and drive her through the mat with a Superplex. But Jessica had other ideas! Grabbing the top rope with one hand, she held on while with her free hand she drove hard, sharp punches into Loken’s gut. The fusillade of blows finally broke Kris’ grip and Jess gave her a huge shove, sending Kris crashing to the mat several feet below.

Taking a deep breath, Jessica whispered venomously, “Now I’m gonna smear you all over the canvas Loken!”

She leapt off the top rope, crashing down on Loken's chest with a beautiful Body Splash. All the air was driven out of Kristanna in a single gasp and - if Biel hadn’t injured her own ribs in the landing - Jessica could have put Kris away right then and there. But the blonde HAD hurt herself and she rolled off her prey holding her aching middle. Still, the impact was less for her and she got to her feet first, circling Loken in a pained stalk as the blonde Amazon regained her feet.

When Loken turned to face her, Jess shot forward, wrapped both hands around her throat and snarled in Kristanna’s face, “This is where I end you.”

Then she hauled Loken off her feet, holding her in position for the devilish Two Handed Choke Slam/Sit-out Powerbomb that was her finisher. She was just about to drive Kristanna home when her ribs turned traitor and gave out. Groaning in pain, Jessica let Kris fall, the other blonde landing in front of her while she tried to protect her ribs.

Wrapping her own hands around Biel’s throat, Kris taunted, “Ribs give out bitch? Watch and learn!”

She hauled Jessica off her feet, strangling the blonde with another Two Handed Choke Lift. It’s often said that pride comes before a fall, and this is a saying Loken would have done well to remember because she hadn’t been holding Biel for even 3 seconds when her own ribs gave out and she dropped her captive, leaving both face to face, holding mangled midsections. And though both were in a terrible amount of pain, Loken seemed to be a little better off as she recovered first, trapping Biel in a quick Front Face Lock before falling back to the mat, bashing Jessica’s head with a desperation DDT.

Several deep breaths later, Kris was on her feet and waiting, lining up Biel for a huge Boot to the Face when she managed to get to her feet. A moment later and Biel obliged her, turning to face Kristanna on wobbly legs. The Amazon lunged forward and shot her foot upwards, but she had waited a second too long. As she closed in, Biel ducked the blow, sending Kris staggering harmlessly by. Whipping the big blonde around to face her, Jessica shot her right hand out, gripping Kris around the throat, while her free hand clutched Kristanna by the armpit with death grip like ferocity.

Leaning close, Biel taunted, “I‘m going to enjoy being the one that finally breaks your back Kris. Thanks, I‘ve really enjoyed myself today.”

She lifted Loken off her feet, holding the big blonde a few feet off the canvas. When the blonde’s arm is fully extended, she hurled it down, tossing Kris into the mat with vile force. The Choke-Slam did its job and Kristanna is laid out in the center of the ring with Jess standing over her. Taking a second to steady herself, Jess falls to her knees and goes for the cover, hooking both legs. But that second's reprieve may have cost her - Loken was able to get a shoulder off the canvas microseconds from the end. Howling in impotent fury, Jess pulls Loken up and traps her in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist, she pulls her into the Powerbomb position but then she drops forward and to one knee, spiking Kristanna’s shoulder against her knee with a wicked Overhead Shoulder Breaker. Deciding she wouldn’t try to pin Loken until she was sure she'd STAY down, Biel hauled the big blonde to her feet and scooped her up, going for a Body Slam.

Fortunately for Loken, she was able to slide free at the last second and land behind her opponent. Before Jess could turn around, Kristanna ducked low and threaded her head between Jessica’s legs, while also wrapping her arms around Biel’s thighs. Gritting her teeth at the pain, Kris pushed up with all her might so that she was standing at her full height with Jessica perched helplessly on her shoulders. Not giving her rival a chance to muster a counter, Kris fell back hard, driving Jessica’s injured back full force into the canvas with an Electric Chair Drop. Biel spasmed once as Kris went for the cover. She thought it was through but Jess proved her wrong, getting out at the last possible moment. Getting slowly to her knees and then to her feet, Loken waited for Jess to rise and then strode to face her.

Whispering into her rival’s face, Kris said, “One of us is leaving on her back and it’s not going to be me.”

Jessica’s response was just as quick, “Then you’re mistaken!”

The two warriors started slugging away at one another, great hammering shots off any and every available target. Loken was leaning back for a big uppercut when Jess changed tactics, ramming a knee between the Amazon’s thighs. Kristanna’s knees turned to water and she slumped forward as Biel grabbed her with one hand in Loken’s crotch and the other around the blonde’s throat. Biel steeled herself and lifted high, holding the big blonde above her in a Military Press Slam. This was a very impressive sight and would’ve been even more so if Jess had been able to complete the move, but her weakened torso gave out again and she faltered, allowing Kristanna to slip down her back. Loken knew that she had to put Biel away now and there was no time to waste. Spinning the other blonde to face her, Kristanna booted her in the gut and doubled her over.

Stepping forward, she trapped Jess in a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Biel’s middle. Not even bothering to call for her finisher, Loken hauled Jess up into the Powerbomb position, giving the Dark girl scant seconds to contemplate her end before Loken demolished her with the Blonde Destroyer - arguably the most wicked Powerbomb in the industry. In those seconds, Jess saw her future and she must not have liked what she saw because before Kris could break her in half, Jessica brought up her right hand and drove her fingers into Kristanna’s eyes. Temporarily blinded, Kris loosened her grip and that was all Jess needed to free herself, landing unevenly in front of Loken. Pushing aside all the impulses of her traitorous body, Jess wrapped both hands around Kristanna’s throat and lifted her up high.

Holding her aloft for a millisecond, Biel hissed, “Now everyone knows I’m stronger.” before sitting out and taking Kris along for the ride. The Biel Bomb connected perfectly that time and Jess went for the cover in style, straddling Loken’s chest with one hand on her victim’s face while the other was extended above her head, counting "1...2...3!"

When the bell rang, Jessica's body collapsed; the victory over the giantess taking all the fight out of her. She laid on the mat for several seconds before getting to her feet and fixing the crowd with a contemptuous salute. Sneering at the multitude, Jess thought to herself, 'No one calls me seconds string anymore. Not after tonight.'

She was just about to head through the ropes when her theme died - replaced by the amplified sound of a lone person clapping. Eyes widening in surprise, Jessica’s pretty face contorted in a snarl as Richard Fannin appeared at the top of the ramp, holding a mic in his armpit as he applauded the victorious blonde's impressive performance.

“Bravo Jessica, bravo. Most impressive. I can honestly say I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Angry at the promoter’s condescending tone, Jessica grabbed a mic and yelled back, “Shut up Fannin! I just beat the shit out of your precious ringer, and I did it all by myself. Looks like that was money poorly spent. The sides are still in our favor, cuz Kris sure isn’t in any condition to fight us.”

Fannin’s small smile got a little wider, “I like the way you think Jess, but you’re way off base. Kris wasn’t my fifth, she was simply backup plan. If she beat you, great; if she didn’t, that’s OK too. In fact….”

“SHUT UP!” roared Jessica. “I don’t give a shit who you bring in! I can beat anyone you throw at me and that includes this giant cunt!” She picked Loken and hurled her body over the top rope, landing in heap a hurtin' woman flesh on the cement floor ringside. Looking back at Fannin, she taunted, “Who’s NEXT on your 'hit list' dork? Who wants to be demolished?”

Fannin’s expression hadn’t changed a bit. Bringing the mic up again, he responded, “You are a remarkable talent Jess, and you’d be that much more impressive if you could just stand on your own, without moral support from Katie and those other nimrods. But I shouldn’t mock. Today you were the better woman, but there’s no telling if you’ll be the better woman tomorrow. You see, some days you’re the bat and some days you’re the ball. Some days you’re the windshield, others you’re the bug. And if you’ll allow me one final example; some days you’re the Huntress and others you’re the prey. Today in all three cases, you are the latter.”

Simultaneous with his last word, all the lights in the club went out, and then the haunting first chimes of I’d Start a Revolution pulsed to life and the crowd was on their feet. Then a low blue spotlight came on, illuminating Jessica staring furiously at the entryway. The light also illuminated the figure behind her, draped almost entirely in a black vinyl trench coat.

Over the roar of the music, Ashley Scott taunted, “Behind ya pretender!”

Jessica spun on her heel and caught sight of the girl she’d replaced. Screaming in rage, she charged Ashley, wildly throwing fists. She landed a few shots before grabbing the brunette’s wrist and Irish Whipping her into the corner. She was following Ashley across the ring when the Huntress reached the turnbuckles and leapt up, landing with one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top. In a flash she'd spun out of the corner, using the ropes for leverage and fired a Spin Kick at Jessica‘s face. The kick caught her right across the cheek and she was knocked for a loop, going down on her face in an undignified flop. Roaring with savage delight at the damage she was doing, Ashley tore off her coat in one quick movement, tossing it aside. Going to Jessica’s head, she looked out at the audience before drawing a finger slowly across her throat. Pulling Jessica to her feet, Ashley stepped forward and trapped Jess in a Front Face Lock with her left arm while simultaneously hooking Biel’s left leg with her right arm. Then the Huntress lifted her prey directly over her head and held her there for just a second before sitting out, and smashing the top of Jessica’s head into the mat with her Fisherman’s Brainbuster/Pile Driver variant; the sadistically innovative Fallen Angel! Popping to her feet, Ashley was about to celebrate when she spied the other four Darkness members climbing over the barricade and scrambling into the ring. Seconds later she was surrounded, facing off with her former leader.

Smiling wickedly at the Huntress, Katie said quietly, “So you’re the last? Fitting that one reject should join four others.”

“You’re the reject Katie. I’m gonna teach you not to hunt what you can’t kill.” Ashley snarled as she dropped into a martial arts stance and was preparing to tear into her attackers. Just then, Fannin’s other recruits came barreling down the ramp and hit the ring. For the first time in this whole sordid affair, the sides were even, with a total of ten girls in the ring!

There was no hesitation on the part of 'Fannin’s Army' as they split up and went at the Dark girls. Allison Mack and Erica Durance were exchanging furious blows in one corner, while Jennifer Love Hewitt brawled with Kristin Kreuk in the next corner. On the other side of the ring, Ashley was slugging away with the recovering Jessica Biel and Neve Campbell was grappling furiously with Jessica Alba. And in the center of it all, Sarah and Katie were going toe to toe; rocking each other with wicked punches and kicks. For the better part of a minute, the fight seemed even, but ever so slowly, the recruits were driving the Darkness back.

Alyson sent Erica over the top rope with a Clothesline and Durance was soon joined on the floor by Jessica Biel. In the center of the ring, Sarah rolled under a Katie haymaker, then blasted the willowy brunette under the chin with a Super Kick, sending her flying backward through the middle ropes and crashing to the floor. In her corner, Neve had just stunned the Dark Angel with an Uppercut and the Scream Queen turned on her heel to survey the land. Diagonally to her, Kreuk had raked Jen’s face and was about to lace into her when Neve called out, “HEY KRISTIN!”

Kreuk turned when she heard Campbell's call, her green eyes narrowing to slits. Curling her hands into claws, Neve crouched low and asked the other brunette, “Why wait?”

Kristin nodded ever so slightly and was about to sprint across the ring when Love came back to life and spun her around. Before Kristin could protest, Jen had scooped her up in a Fireman’s carry and dumped the slim brunette over the top with a roughly modified Heartbreaker.

A bit irked at being denied the chance to wrangle with Kreuk, Neve hissed, “Dammit Love!” just as Dark Angel Jessica Alba grabbed her and spun her around. Neve reacted quickly and ducked Jessica’s kick, slipping behind the blonde and trapping her in a tight Waist Lock. Seeing a blur of movement coming at Jessica, Neve bridged up and back taking Jessica over with a German Suplex. And if that wasn’t enough, her as of yet unseen partner drilled a hard Super Kick against Alba’s chin, as the German Suplex was beginning to go over. Jessica landed hard on her neck and shoulders and she rolled out under the bottom rope, the last of her Dark sisters to end up on the floor. Getting to her feet, Neve’s thanks for the assist died on her lips when she found herself standing face to face with Ashley Scott! Staring into Scott’s arctic eyes, the shared history between the Huntress and the Scream Queen passed through their minds in an instant. Breaking the stillness, Neve extended her hand and offered one word, “Partners?”

Ashley shook her hand and responded with two little words, “For now.”

Breaking their grip, the two brunettes joined with their three partners as they faced off with the Darkness out on the floor.

Katie and her crew seemed about to attack again when Richard Fannin’s voice broke through the roar of the crowd, “ENOUGH! ENOUGH! THAT’S ENOUGH!”

Getting the attention of the ladies in the ring and on the floor, Rich addressed his next comments to Katie. Holding a piece of paper out in his free hand, Rich said, “You see this Katie? It’s a contract. For a match. In two weeks you and all your followers will face off with the five ladies who just kicked your asses all over the ring in an elimination tag match. If the Darkness wins, I’ll give you what you want; complete control of the promotion; letting you run it however you want. BUT… if you and your goon-squad loses, Darkness must disband forever. I’m not going to fire you either; I’d rather let the roster pay you back for all the shit you’ve put them through. What do you say Katie? Ready to put up or shut up?”

Snarling in fury, Katie snatched a mic and responded, “You’re on Fannin. In two weeks, you and your pathetic slut squad are going away forever. And afterwards, I’m going to turn this little place into my own private playground. The Darkness is going to run this place forever. Until then, goodnight Fannin. See you in two weeks!"

The lights went out and when they came back on, the Darkness was gone!!

Back in the ring, Sarah looked at the four other girls in the ring and said, “This is how it should be. We’re going to put Katie and company out of commission for good!" Then looking up at the Huntress, she said, “Glad you saw the light Ashley. If you have our backs, we’ve got yours.”

“Consider your backs got!” Ashley replied.

“Then lets get out of here!” Sarah said.

The others nodded and the five members of the newly constituted 'Fannin’s Army' slipped out through the ropes and headed up the ramp. In two weeks this would all be over; either the light would drive the Darkness away or the entire promotion would fall under the yoke of eternal night. Only time would tell which side would be victorious.

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