Darkfall #4: Katie Holmes vs. Katherine Heigl by The Walkin' Dude

It was mid February and the weather in the little town of Willow Grove Connecticut was brutal. The snow and wind had been piling up for days and there seemed to be no end in sight to the chilling arctic assault. But one must always try to look on the bright sides in situations such as this and if any of these clouds had a silver lining it would be that the plow operators of Willow Grove were especially good at their jobs, keeping the narrow streets of the little hamlet relatively clear of snow and ice. Why is this a good thing you may ask? Well it means that the denizens of the little burg could make their way to the outskirts of town to a renovated Victorian mansion, a stately old place with the rather odd name of Last House on the Left. And the reason folks were heading to the House on this evening was simple. Women's Wrestling was making its first appearance of the year and everyone who could be there wanted in on the action. And Richard Fannin had a doozy of a main event lined up for his audience!

Against his better judgment, he had lifted the suspension on Katie Holmes, allowing the sadistic brunette to return to active competition. Fans of Fannin's promotion hadn't seen her in more than 2 months as she had been suspended when she had tried to cripple Sarah Michelle Gellar after her last match. Rich was still bothered by Sarah's injury since he had made that match at the Slayer's urging. The fact that Sarah had been gone since that night was another big blow to the promoter. But in the end, the clamor of his audience had driven Rich to bring Katie back and to get find an opponent who could match Katie move for move, hopefully to finally beat some respect into the slender brunette. When Fannin had asked for volunteers one woman had stepped up immediately, the powerful blonde Katherine Heigl, known to her legions of fans as "Katherine the Great." The blonde had never faced Katie before but she was confidant in her abilities and thus the match was made. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to hand narration over to the ring Announcer as he actually gets paid to do this kind of thing.

Standing in the center of the ring, he brought the mic up and spoke, "Ladies and gentleman it's time for our main event! Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 9 inches, they call her Katherine the Great, she is Katherine Heigl!"

Marilyn Manson's cover of 'Sweet Dreams' hit's the speakers as Kat makes her way to the ring. For her battle with Katie she's clad in a two piece powder blue bikini with matching boots and pads. Her long blonde hair hangs loose on her shoulders and she is quite the vision as she strides quickly to the ring before sliding under the bottom rope and getting to her feet. Flexing her biceps for the roaring fans, Kat flashes a confidant grin before heading to her corner to await her opposition.

Picking up where he left off, the announcer resumed his duties. "And introducing her opponent, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, she is.... Katie Holmes!"

'Got You (Where I Want You)' strums to life as Katie makes her way to the ring. For her return to the squared circle, the pale brunette was clad in her trademark fog gray two piece bikini with the matching boots and pads. And she was still wearing the battered leather motorcycle jacket. Moving slowly toward the ring, she ignored all the crowd noise and slipped quietly under the bottom rope. Still silent, she shrugged the jacket off her shoulders and went to her corner, keeping her eyes fixed on the powerful blonde in the opposite corner.

The bell rang and the brunette and the blonde strode silently toward each other. Stopping near the center of the ring the two ladies slowly sized her rival up until Kat finally broke the silence, "You don't scare me Katie. I'm going to succeed where everyone else has failed. I'm gonna knock you around this ring. Then, when I get tired of that I'll jam my tits in your face and choke you out on them. Thus will the end of the "myth" of Katie Holmes." She put her hands on her hips and waited for the brunette to respond.

Katie was silent for a moment, then she spoke softly, "You're not the first mouthy bitch who said she was going to put me down. You should ask Sarah Michelle Gellar about that. Then again, I doubt she would be able to answer you seeing as how I just about crushed her throat." she paused for a moment, brought her right hand up and laid it on Kat's breast. "And as for your tits..." she whispered. "I'm not afraid of THESE..."

As she uttered the last word, Katie clamped her hand shut, digging her stong fingers into the soft swell of Kat right breast. The brunette did so with a calm, cold expression, enjoying seeing the pain on Kat's face as the big blonde struggled against the need to cry out. Gritting her teeth slightly, Kat grimaced, "If that's how you want to play, that's fine with me. Let's see if you can take it as well as you dish it out."

Kat brought her left hand up and dug into Katie's left breast. She wasted no time finding Katie's nipple and latching on through the thin top. Twisting the soft flesh as hard as she could, Kat smile was wide as it was Katie's turn to snarl in silent pain. The brunette responded to Kat's attack with nipple torture of her own, pulling and pinching at her foe's vaunted asset. This silent contest continued for the better part of a minute with each participant ratcheting up her attack every time her opponent did so. Finally, when it appeared that there would be no decisive end to this contest, Katie suddenly raised a foot and stomped her heel down on Kat's instep. It took the blonde by surprise and she gave a little hiss of pain as she staggered back and broke her claw.

Not giving her foe any chance at recuperation, Katie followed closely and lashed a hard right hand into Kat's jaw. The blow snapped Katherine's head to the side but it also seemed to clear her head and she responded with a snarl and a punch of her own, sending the willowy brunette back a few paces. Rubbing her aching jaw, Katie looked at Kat and smiled.

"Seems you're more than just a brainless catfighter. But it'll just make breaking you so much more fun!"

Before Katherine could respond Katie blasted her across the face with an open palmed slap, the brisk noise echoing through the confines of the club. Kat wasn't used to getting such disrespect from her opponent's and she let Katie know it wouldn't go unpunished. Stepping forward, she fired a slap that caught Katie full across the face, sending the brunette reeling.

Fire in her eyes, Kat advanced on the brunette, "Don't you EVEN try to embarrass me bitch…or I'll humiliate you so bad it'll be just like the days when you were losing to every jobber and second-string curtain-jerker you were in the ring with! Losing like that wouldn't do to much to this little vengeful streak you've got going now, would it?"

She finished her rant and locked up with her rival in the classic Collar and Elbow tie up. Locked in the clinch with Katherine, Katie snarled silently and pushed into her foe with all her strength. The surge of power caught Kat unawares and she was forced awkwardly back across the ring, her back coming to rest against the ropes.

With Katie still pressing all her weight into her Kat called angrily for the ref to break the clinch. Soon after, the zebra was there, getting in between the two gladiators to force the break. As Katie began to pull away, the brunette shot her hand forward and slapped Kat's face for a second time. Furious at the slight, the blonde shoved the ref out of the way and charged forward. Extending her arm, she smashed it across Katie's chest and dropped the brunette to the canvas with a simple Clothesline.

Though the Clothesline had hurt, Katie was remarkably resilient these days and she was on her feet in a flash, charging towards her blonde adversary. Kat was ready for her and as Katie rushed in, Kat buried a fist deep in the smooth expanse of Katie's stomach. The brunette doubled over gasping, but Kat offered her no respite, instead firing two more punches into Katie's undefended gut. Just as it appeared that Katie was going to collapse to her knees, Katherine grabbed a grip on her hair and held her up. Before Katie had a chance to defend herself, the powerful blonde brought a knee up, catching Katie right in the navel. Katie's gasp was even more audible this time and her long legs had seemingly turned to water. But still Kat did not relinquish her grip. Instead, she threaded an arm between Katie's thighs and another over the brunette's shoulder. With no discernible effort, Kat hoisted Katie off the mat, holding the lanky brunette perpendicular in front of her. Strolling around the ring, Kat smiled brightly and addressed her fans. "See this bitch here?" she called. "She's nothing but hype! And let me show you all what Katherine the Great does to hype!"

Grabbing a handful of her opponent's helpless rear, Kat squeezed it derisively before jumping up and falling forward, pan-caking Katie between herself and the unforgiving canvas. Kat's fans cheered as Katie lay on the mat retching, the brunette temporarily helpless after Kat's Falling Power Slam. Kat rose up off Katie and got to her feet. Kneeling, she grabbed a hold of Katie's hair and pulled the winded brunette to her feet. Not wasting any time, Katherine gripped both sides of Katie's head before slamming her own head forward, delivering a hard Head Butt to the brunette's forehead. Katie went down again, this time holding her abused cranium.

But Kat knew what Katie was able to do with only a second or two of breathing time and she wasn't about to become the next victim of the sadistic brunette. Reaching down again she pulled Katie up and jerked her from side to side, intent on yanking out large clumps of dark hair. Looking to start the attack that would eventually spell the end for her foe, Kat reached out her right hand and buried it deep in the muscle between Katie's neck and shoulder. Bearing down hard, the blonde's Shoulder Claw forced Katie to her knees where she clutched uselessly at Katherine's vice like grip. Squeezing her grip even tighter Kat said, "Give up now Katie and I promise I won't cripple you. It's more of a courtesy than you deserve, but I'm not looking to end anyone's career tonight."

Grimacing against the pain in her shoulder, Katie placed both hands on the mat and slowly pushed her way to her feet. Still in the grip of the Claw, Katie looked into Kat's face and said rather serenely, "I could make the same offer to you Kat. You should really be flattered. I haven't offered mercy to anyone else as of late."

"You're in no position to threaten me Ka….URRRRGHHHH!"

Kat's response was cut off when Katie brought her knee up, slamming it into the mound between the blonde's thighs. Breaking her grip, Katherine tried to stagger away but Katie had none of it, gripping the blonde by her hair and pulling her in close. With Kat standing wobbly in front of her, Katie snaked her right arm over Kat's right shoulder and her left arm under the blonde's left shoulder, clasping her hands tightly in the middle of her victims back.

Knowing full well that Kat wasn't going anywhere, Katie whispered hatefully into her ear, "You're just another disbelieving bitch for me to destroy Kat. You should have given up when you had the chance."

Kat made some unintelligible groan in response as Katie, cinching her grip tighter, pulled Kat as close as possible, making sure the blonde's chin was resting on her shoulder, then with a slight bend of her knees, the brunette leaped into the air, lifting Katherine….then as they started to descend together, Katie tucked her legs under her and landed on her knees! It was only a slight jolt to Katie's body, but the same couldn't be said for Kat as her chin cracked painfully on Katie's shoulder. Kat fell back as if shot, moaning and holding her jaw. Knowing the modified Jawbreaker could have finished off Kat, Katie still chose to inflict additional punishment, raining down brutal stomps to the softest, most vulnerable parts of Kat's anatomy.

After several seconds of this, she pulled the blonde to her feet. Staring into Kat's glazed eyes' Katie said, "You're not great; you're a fucking pretender! I'm gonna take pleasure in showing everyone the truth about Kat Heigl tonight!"

Before Kat could retaliate, Katie slammed several punches directly into the swell of Katherine's chest. The blonde cried out and pushed Katie away trying to get some distance between her and her rival. That turned out to be a bad idea as it gave Katie the space she needed to charge at Kat, picking up a head of steam before leaping off her feet and planting her pad covered knee right between the blonde's eyes. Kat grunted and fell back, landing on the mat dazed and hurt. She was still looking at the lights when Katie pulled her to her feet. With Kat still out of it, Katie had an easy time setting up her next attack.

Standing beside the winded blonde, she wrapped an arm across Kat's chest and her other arm hooked one of her rival's legs, directly behind the knee. Showing off her own impressive strength, Katie hoisted Kat into the air, holding the blonde aloft for several seconds before jumping up and slamming the full length of her back into the canvas with a Sidewalk Slam. Katherine spasmed and arched her back with the impact, but she couldn't muster enough energy to escape Katie's clutches. Kneeling beside the blonde, Katie stepped up her attack on Kat's back and stomach. Pushing Katherine's protesting hands aside, Katie plunged her right hand into Kat's midriff, directly over her navel. Digging in deep with her right hand she planted her left hand over the Claw and pressed down, forcing her fingers deeper into Katherine's well toned stomach. Katie's face lit up in a sadistic grin as Kat came to life in her hands, the blonde thrashing wildly as she tried to break Katie's grip.

Smiling as Kat started dragging herself toward the ropes, Katie said, "There's no sanctuary for you there kitty. Just beg me to stop right now and I promise you'll be able to walk out of here under your own power. Otherwise, what I do to you will make what I did to Sarah look mild by comparison."

She ended this threat by digging even deeper into Kat's belly. The blonde ignored Katie's comments for the most part and focused all her attention on getting to the ropes. Seconds later she had done just that and relief flooded her as she heard the referee begin the count that would force Katie to release The Claw. But Katie still managed to milk the count for all it was worth, letting it go until just after 'four' before releasing the pressure. Backing up, she waited in the center of the ring as Kat had to use the ropes to haul herself to her feet. Then in an uncharacteristic impulsive action, Katie rushed forward to Clothesline Kat over the top rope to the floor but the blonde wasn't about to just stand there and let that happen!

As Katie rushed in Kat shot a hand up and slashed her talons across the brunette's face. Katie snarled and stumbled away, shaking her head to clear her vision. Taking full advantage of the opening, Kat bounced into the ropes for extra leverage before hurtling back at the brunette and absolutely leveling her with a running Body Block. Katie went down like a felled tree and lay on the mat moaning, trying to shake off the monstrous impact of Kat's surprised attack. Still reeling form Katie's attack, Kat steadied herself with a few deep breaths while she planned her next move. Some epiphany seemed to strike as Kat looked down at her foe. The blonde had watched the tape of the Gellar / Holmes match over and over as research and she knew Sarah had come to within an eyelash of beating the brunette by systematically working on Katie's arm and shoulder. Knowing she could succeed where the Slayer had failed, Kat ran the ropes used their spring to launch herself into the air, coming down with a brutal Knee Drop on Katie's left shoulder.

The brunette howled in pain and she immediately rolled away, getting some space between her and the suddenly aggressive blonde. Wincing at the pain in her shoulder, Katie was a bit slower in getting up this time. She had just regained her feet when Kat grabbed her by the hair and tossed her over the blonde's shoulder, the brunette landing hard on her butt. Kat wasn't satisfied with just one Hair Mare however and she yanked Katie up by her locks, only to repeat the maneuver several more times, each impact disorienting Katie more than the last and putting more damage on her beleaguered tailbone. Finally after nearly a dozen more trips to the canvas, Kat hauled Katie to her feet and stood beside her. Grabbing Katie's left arm, Kat pulled the limb taut, the arm laying over Kat's right shoulder. She then proceeded to clasp her hands tightly across Katie's injured shoulder and push down with all her weight, the ingenious Standing Crossface putting intense pressure on the brunette's elbow and shoulder. The pain of the hold quickly forced Katie to one knee and Kat knelt with her making sure Katie's head was pressed awkwardly against her own bent knee.

Hearing the brunette's soft moans of pain Katherine taunted, "Submit bitch. Sarah almost tore your arm off before and I'm a lot stronger than she is. If you ever want to use this arm again you should beg me for mercy right NOW!"

She punctuated this statement with another colossal squeeze on Katie's arm. The smug confidence she heard in Kat's voice drove the brunette nearly insane with rage and she grew more determined than ever to end Kat Heigl before the night was over. Putting aside all thoughts other than those of her revenge, Katie got her free hand under her and managed to force her way back to a standing position. Locking eyes with Kat, Katie's pain drenched face broke into a cold smile. Before Kat's eyes could even register their surprise, Katie fired a fist into the blonde's crotch, drawing a cry of agonized protest from the blonde. When Kat broke her hold, Katie took a moment to tend to her injured arm before giving chase to her wounded opposition. Grabbing Kat by the wrist, Katie hurled her into the ropes and waited for Katherine to come stumbling back. When Kat was in reach, Katie lunged forward and caught the blonde low around the waist.

The brunette lifted up fast and with one vicious twist of her hips she had driven Kat's back and head full force into the mat with a Spinebuster. The blonde flopped like a dying fish for a moment before laying still, Katie's vengeful reprisal taking a lot of the fight from her. Figuring Kat was finished, Katie hooked a leg and went for the cover. The ref had just gotten past "two" when Kat managed to get a shoulder up. Flipping hair from her eyes, Katie got up and stood over her, hate filling her eyes.

"Alright Kat," Katie spat. "You want to keep fighting? Go on and I'll just keep hurting you!"

She raised a boot and stomped down hard on the blonde's chest, taking special care to grind the sole of her boot against the swell of Katherine's bounty. The blonde cried out and tried to get away but the brunette was relentless, following Kat slowly across the mat as the big blonde tried to find relief from Katie's attack. She had almost reached the ropes when Katie changed tactics, ceasing her stomping to grab a hold of the blonde's ankle. Dragging Kat back toward the center of the ring, Katie flipped her onto her stomach and sat on the blonde's back. With no expression on her face at all, Katie deftly untied Kat's top and pulled it free. The blonde flushed a deep red but could do nothing but curse and flail helplessly while Katie remained perched on her back.

The brunette used one hand and grabbed a handful of hair to pull Kat's head roughly off the mat. At the same time she threaded the blonde's discarded top under her victim's neck. With one quick shift of her hands, Katie had the top in both hands and was pulling back hard, choking her rival with the garment. Kat fought wildly and clawed at her neck, but Katie held fast, pulling back even harder and giving a lucky section of the audience a brief glimpse of Kat's chest.

Rocking up and down on Kat's slick back, Katie hissed at her thrashing foe, "You still wanna smother me out Kat? Huh? Do you? Maybe you should focus a bit more on trying not to get choked out with your own top you trashy bitch!"

Katie's face was a mask of rage and hate as she pulled back one more time before finally letting the top go, leaving Kat to rest her head against the canvas, gasping for air. But Katie wasn't done with her strong rival yet, not by a long shot. Leaning in, she locked her arms up and under the blonde's before clasping them behind Kat's neck, a classic Full Nelson. Pulling the blonde to her feet, Katie twisted around slowly, making sure the whole audience got a view of Kat's exposed breasts. The blonde flushed an embarrassed crimson and tried to escape, but Katie held her fast, forcing Kat to soak up the catcalls and leers of the crowd. Moving on to the next stage of her plan, Katie marched Katherine over to the ring ropes and pressed her into them, the blonde's bare breasts coming to rest firmly on the top rope.

Leaning hard into Kat's back, Katie whispered hatefully, "I don't think you're going to be smothering anyone for a long time kitty. Maybe not ever again."

Then she began to walk slowly to the right, dragging Kat and scraping her breasts along the rough coil of the rope. Kat wailed in agony but could only flail as Katie pulled her along one side of the ring and then the other. She had almost made a full circuit of the ring when Kat fired her foot up and back, her desperation Low Blow catching Katie dead on. The brunette uttered a single low moan and fell to the mat, clutching her injured groin. In agony, Kat forced the pain aside and allowed her rage to take over. Pulling Katie to her feet, Kat bellowed a cry of fury and leveled the torturing bitch with a devastating Clothesline. Smiling viciously as Katie's head bounced off the mat, Kat pulled Katie up and planed a boot in her gut, doubling her over.

Trapping the brunette's head between her thighs, Katherine wrapped her arms around Katie's waist and hauled her up, Katie coming to rest with the small of her back atop the point of Kat's right shoulder. The crowd cheered in anticipation as it looked like the blonde was going to subject Katie to her own finisher, but instead of nailing a Holmes Wrecker Kat simply flung Katie down and forward as hard as she could, the brunette landing stomach and face first on the canvas, the full length of her frame taking the brunt of the impact. She cried out and curled into the fetal position trying to nurse some of the pain from her battered middle. Hoping her ingenious move had finished Katie off, Kat went for the cover and hooked a leg. She scowled when Katie was able to break free right at "two".

Hauling the brunette to her feet, Kat stood behind her and taunted, "You think you know how to hurt a girl Katie? You got nothing when it comes to me. I'm gonna break you in two and after that..... Well I think I might just smother you out for the fun of it."

Kat knelt and forced her head between Katie's arm and torso. In the same movement she wrapped her other arm around Katie's waist. Her grip secure she lifted her foe off the mat, looking for all the world like she was attempting a standard Back Suplex. But right as she began to fall back, Kat twisted her weight and fell to one knee, letting Katie land back first across her bent knee from a height of several feet. Katie moaned and then lay still, the surprise of Katherine's modified Back Breaker catching her completely off guard. With Katie prone at her feet, Kat kicked the tall brunette onto her stomach and went on the attack again. She bent down and grabbed the brunette's legs before bending them back, and crossing them, forcing them against Katie's butt. Kat knelt, placing both knees against Katie's back. With one hand she held her captive's feet in place and the other she slipped under Katie's chin, cupping it tightly. Hold in place, Katherine pulled back hard, falling to the mat on her back, while bringing the brunette up, bending Katie painfully over her bent knees. The Bow and Arrow paid dividends immediately as Katie began to squirm and groan the hold doing nothing for her already sore back.

Jostling the hold a little more Kat asked, "Ready to submit?"

Katie shook her head no as best she could before hissing, "Fuck you Kat. You made a basic mistake here."

She shot a hand out and grabbed desperately at the bottom rope. Kat saw what Katie was talking about and cursed loudly. In her exuberance to finish off the brunette she's applied the Bow and Arrow too close to the ropes, making escape that much easier for her foe. As the ref admonished her into breaking the hold, Kat pushed Katie away and got to her feet. Standing over Katie, Kat knelt and pulled her opponent to her feet. Remembering all the indignities Katie had thrust upon her, Kat sneered and fired a litany of stinging slaps into the brunette's face. Katie tried to protect herself, but Kat pushed Katie's defenses aside and continued to just assault her with berating slaps. Finally, Kat changed tactics and returned another indignity. Grasping Katie's top, Kat yanked it away in one motion and hurled it into the corner, leaving the two tall beauties on equal footing, at least as far as attire went. Ignoring the raucous response of the crowd, Kat focused on putting Katie away.

Kat went face to face with Katie and said, "You're strong Katie I'll give you that. But I'm that much stronger. And now you're going to find out firsthand" She wrapped her arms around Katie, pinning her arms to her side. Lifting up, Katherine squeezed with everything she had, her Bear Hug locked firmly in place. Sweat was pouring off both captor and captive as Kat tightened the hold and leaned back, bending the brunette to the breaking point. Grinding her chest into Katie's, the blonde wrenched on the hold again and demanded surrender. "Give up Katie. You and your tits can't take much more of this." She illustrated her point by crushing her breasts even harder against those of her rival.

Sweat running down her face, Katie shook her head no and gasped, "Fuck you! I've been squeezed by better than you and they didn't try to cajole me into submission. You're a second rate hack and everyone but you knows it. That's OK though. I'll make sure you know by the end of the match."

Furious at Katie's defiance, Kat sneered and charged forward, running the full length of the ring before ramming Katie back first into the thin padding of the corner. Releasing the Bear Hug, Kat instead cinched up Katie's weakened left arm, tying the limb tightly between the top and middle ropes. With Katie incapacitated, Kat took the time to taunt her victim, rubbing her breasts back and forth across Katie's struggling countenance. While engaging her makeshift smother, Katherine used her left arm to pull hard on Katie's trapped left wrist, bending the wrenched limb to the point of no return. And while she was twisting Katie's arm, she continued grinding her assets against Katie's face, taunting the brunette incessantly.

"You liked playing with my tits slut?" Kat hissed. "Well, play with 'em now, you mean spirited bitch!"

She released her grip on Katie's arm only to grab the brunette by the sides of her head and really pull her face into the depths of Kat's cleavage. The dominant blonde smiled as her breasts slapped and slid across Katie's features, she was relishing the brunette's frantic thrashings. Pulling Katie's head back at an awkward angle, Kat looked into her foe's eyes and she was rewarded with something no one else had brought out of Katie in the past eight months - fear!

Feeling the ref tap her on the shoulder, indicating that she needed to break her choke (Katie was in the ropes after all) Kat leaned in once more and gave her opponent a final derisive rub before backing away several paces. Looking to put the nail in Katie's coffin, Kat exploded forward and leapt, dead set on crushing Katie into paste in the corner. But unfortunately for Kat, Katie moved aside at the last minute, leaving the blonde to crash chest first into the non existent padding in the corner. Dazed and discombobulated, Katherine staggered out of the corner and into the grip of a furious Katie.

Stepping behind Kat, Katie hooked her up for a Back Suplex of her own. But much as Kat had added a slight modification to the move, so did Katie. At the apex of her lift, Katie spun Kat around so that her feet were now pointing towards the brunette. In the same motion Katie fell straight down, driving Kat into the mat with the Back Drop Powerbomb. Kat flopped and lay still as Katie went for the cover, hooking both legs this time. Though Kat had taken a serious hit, she was still able to get a shoulder up at the 2 count. Kneeling beside Kat, Katie was still furious at the blonde's smother in the corner. Pushing Kat onto her stomach, Katie pulled the blonde to her hands and knees. Then Katie sat on her back and laced her fingers under Kat's chin. The brunette leaned forward for just a moment before pulling back hard, trapping Katherine in the Camel Clutch. Still able to feel Katherine's breasts in her face, Katie showed no pity with the hold, leaning back as far as she could, putting maximum agony onto Kat's neck and back.

After a hard tug of her opponent's chin, Katie said, "You like feeling helpless Kat? You're not going anywhere now bitch, not unless you beg for forgiveness. You put your tits in my face one more time and I'll tear them off you with my bare hands!"

She pulled back even harder to emphasize her point. Kat's first words were muffled by Katie's hands, but she was still able to get out, "Piss off Katie! You're not strong enough to hold me here forever and as soon as I get the chance I'm putting my tits right back in your face. And there won't be any ropes to save you this time!"

Katie suddenly released her grip on Kat's chin and slid her hands down to the curve of her opponent's breasts. "You're not going to have any tits left to smother me with kitty." threatened Katie. Then she dug both hands into Kat's hanging breasts, paying special attention to the blonde's nipples. Attacking Katherine's chest with reckless abandon, Katie worked the Clutch / Claw combo for a long time, digging cruel red furrows into her rival's chest. Finally tiring of the hold, Katie released Kat's tits and let her drop gracelessly to the mat. Not getting up, she instead spun around so that she was facing Kat's legs. Bending forward slightly she grabbed Katherine's right leg and pulled back on it with all her considerable strength, a hideous variant on the Single Leg Boston Crab. As Kat began to scream in agony, Katie intensified the pain of the hold by bouncing her ass up and down on Kat's lower back. Every few bounces, she'd add insult to injury, grinding her derriere from side to side on Kat's tortured back. Katie's smile told the story better than any words could, her expression let everyone know that she was taking sadistic joy in dissecting Katherine Heigl.

But again, Katie wasn't satisfied with the hold, so she released it and got to her feet. Pulling Kat to her feet, Katie stood behind her and bent her backwards, the blonde's chin coming to rest in the crook of Katie's armpit. The crowd roared when they realized Katie was setting up the blonde for the Dragon Sleeper, the same move that had choked out Sarah Michelle Gellar a few months back. Katie was just about to fall to the canvas, (a move that would have brought the match to a swift end) when Kat fired her free hand up and slammed it into Katie's jaw. The desperation punch hit home and Katie was forced to release her hold, stumbling back to tend to her face. Knowing that both she and the brunette were nearing the end of their reserves, Kat closed the distance between her and Katie before bringing her arm and smashing the point of her elbow hard into Katie's injured left shoulder. Katie screamed aloud and fell to her knees, tears filling her eyes. And though she was wounded, Kat took no opportunity to rest, instead bringing all the fight she had left to her downed foe. Grasping Katie's wrist, Kat pulled her to her feet and wrenched the arm in a long, slow circle. After one whole revolution. She shifted her grip, one arm still holding Katie's wrist while the other clasped her under the armpit. With a loud groan of exertion Kat lifted Katie into the air, holding the tall brunette aloft by her injured arm.

Kat's arms were trembling with exertion, but she held her grip for several seconds, long enough to demand submission from her rival, "Give up now Katie or I swear to God I'll break your arm. After all the trouble you've caused, Fannin will probably give me raise and title shot as a reward!"

Katie's only response was an agonized growl and a shake of her head, indicating she wouldn't throw in the towel. The brunette's weight finally getting to her, Kat dropped Katie to her feet before immediately flipping the brunette off her feet and onto her back. Still with her grip on Katie's wrist, Kat hauled her to her feet and pulled a few steps away. Taking a deep breath, she lunged forward, smashing her healthy shoulder into Katie's injured one. The brunette dropped to her knees but Kat pulled her up and repeated the Shoulder Ram. Again Katie collapsed and again Katherine pulled her up, repeating the joint battering maneuver over and over again.

Finally Katie's eyes seemed to glaze over and Kat knew that her victory was all but assured. Pulling Katie to her feet one last time Kat lunged forward with everything she had, quite sure she was about to dislocate Katie's shoulder. But as Kat closed the short gap between them, Katie shot her good arm forward, hand spread wide. Catching Kat square in the chest, Katie roared an inarticulate cry and shoved upwards with everything in her good arm. Kat was powered off her feet and held up for only a second before Katie drove her down as hard as she could, slamming the blonde's head and back full force into the canvas with her desperate, one armed application of the Spine Buster.

Kat was sprawled on the canvas at her feet, but Katie couldn't follow up, she was just too exhausted. Instead she collapsed to her knees and then slumped to her side, breathing deep, gasping breaths. Seeing both combatants down, the ref began his count, the crowd eagerly counting along with him. He had just reached 8 when first Kat, and then Katie pushed to their knees, then their feet. Circling each other warily for a second, the blonde and the brunette lunged forward and started swinging, nailing wild looping haymakers to their rival's face. This went on for the better part of 30 seconds before Kat finally changed tactics, burying a boot in Katie's gut to double her over. Stepping forward, she wedged Katie's head between her thighs.

Standing dominant for the moment, Kat brushed some hair from her eyes and proclaimed to the crowd, "Tomorrow this bitch is going wake up with the worst Hangover of her life!"

The crowd roared at the threat implied by Kat's words, it was obvious that she was going to hit Katie with one of her signature moves, a sort of Canadian Backbreaker into Inverted Shoulder Breaker, she'd dubbed it the Heigl Hangover and in her weakened condition there was no way Katie could survive the Hangover.

Looking to enact her plan, Kat bent down and wrapped her arms around Katie's waist before hauling her up high, Katie's back resting against Kat's shoulder. The blonde held her position for only a moment before whipping Katie down and forward while simultaneously dropping to one knee. Katie's shredded shoulder slammed full force into Kat's bent knee and she wasn't able to even gasp as she fell off Kat's knee and lay slumped on the canvas. Confidant of victory, Kat pushed Katie onto her back and went for the cover. The refs hand came down once, twice, thre...

Kat went ballistic when Katie got her good shoulder up at the last possible moment. Enraged beyond rational thought, the blonde dragged the weakly protesting Katie to the center of the ring. After delivering a stomp for good measure, Kat headed toward the turnbuckles and climbed to the top. The crowd cheered even louder than before as Kat was going for her other finisher, a beautiful top rope Moonsault a certain pun infatuated promoter had dubbed the Kat-a-Clysm.

Steadying herself, Kat took one last look at the audience and yelled, "Let this be lesson to all of you. Everything ends with a cataclysm!"

She was milliseconds from leaping off the top when a fist smashed between her legs, up into her unguarded mound. Kat let out an agonized groan and fell straight down, crotching herself on the top turnbuckle!

Behind her a weary Katie rubbed her shoulder and looked both exhausted and vengeful at the same time. With Kat still perched painfully on the turnbuckle, Katie slipped through the middle rope, onto the apron of the ring before climbing the turnbuckle herself. She ended up precariously balanced on the second buckle, her crotch mere inches from the blonde's face. Breathing deep, the brunette grabbed Kat's head and forced it downward, placing it between her thighs. Wrapping her arms around Katherine's slightly protesting middle, she lifted the blonde up off the buckles. Katie doesn't stop lifting until Kat's back is resting against her uninjured right shoulder. Initiating the final step of her plan, Katie carefully places one foot on the top turnbuckle and then the other, standing high above the ring with the helpless Kat draped over her shoulder.

Preparing herself for the pain certain to follow, Katie whispered more to herself than to Kat. "You're right Kat, everything ends in cataclysm, but in this case, it's not the one you were hoping for."

Taking one more deep breath, the brunette leaped off the top rope and landed hard on her knees, delivering the Holmes Wrecker from the top rope. Kat was bent across Katie's shoulder at an ungodly angle, her head and feet almost touching the mat before Katie let her go. Pushing Kat onto her back, Katie straddled her, grapevining the blonde's legs, simultaneously pinning Kat's wrists to the mat. Relishing the opportunity to give Kat a dose of her own medicine, Katie lowered her breasts on Kat's dazed face and scrubbed them back and forth while the ref knelt to make the count-out and three seconds later, another intrepid blonde had fallen to Katie Holmes!

As her theme began to play, Katie held the smother for a few seconds longer before releasing Kat and getting to her feet. She stepped back to let the ref move in to tend to Katherine, taking the time to retrieve her discarded top which she put on, then her jacket which she also put on over her top. Turning back to the kneeling ref, Katie lashed a foot forward and booted him hard in the head! He went out like a light, leaving Katie to do whatever she wanted with Heigl! Looking over her shoulder, she spied something outside and went to the edge of the ring, then slid out under the bottom rope. Shoving the timekeeper and the announcer aside, Katie grabbed a folding chair in each hand then climbed back into the ring.

Approaching the beaten blonde, Katie opened one chair partway and slipped it under Kat, forcing the blonde's head into the gap. Pressing it shut, Katie held the other chair in her left hand and raised it overhead. The act seemed to cause her a great deal of pain, but she appeared to almost enjoy it, lifting the chair with her bad arm in direct defiance of Kat and all her fans. Bringing up her right hand to steady her grip, Katie held the chair high and tensed. Her intent was hideously clear to everyone in the audience, she planned on bringing the chair down on the other one, crushing Kat's throat in the process.

Savoring the anticipation of her heinous action, Katie smiled and said, "Goodbye Kat. Say hi to Sarah when you see her. If you can that is."

With that she rose up on her toes and prepared to bring the chair crashing down.

That's when the lights went out!!

For a long moment the darkness was total and the only noise was the excited chattering of the crowd. Seconds later there was the sound of a large switch flipping and a beam of light pierced the black, illuminating Katie and Kat in bright circle of light. Katie squinted and glared against the light, her expression equal parts anger and expectation. Seconds later another light flashed on, illuminating the entryway at the top of the ramp.

By this point the crowd had grown very still, the sense of anticipation hanging in the air almost a physical thing. After another moment of hushed expectancy the speakers spat a burst of static and Man in the Box roared to life. When the drums and guitar spilled into the club, the crowd went berserk, knowing full well that the song heralded the arrival of Katie's last conquest, a woman she had tried and failed to cripple. After a long absence, Sarah Michelle Gellar was making her return. In the ring, Katie's eyes registered mild surprise and then nothing but rage. Dropping her chair, she kicked Kat's form aside and kept her eyes locked on the other circle of light.

"Come on Slayer," she hissed at the light. "Come and get me if that's what you want. Come and get what you've got coming."

The song had just reached the first chorus when Sarah stepped through the curtain and into view. The petite blonde had come dressed for battle, clad in her typical red leather one piece outfit, along with high black boots. The blonde stayed at the top of the ramp for just a moment before slowly stalking down the ramp, her eyes not leaving Katie's once. She reached the edge of the apron and stopped, looking up at the woman who'd tried to end her career. Katie returned Sarah's gaze without a flinch. Instead she simply shrugged her shoulders, letting the leather jacket fall in a heap behind her. Still not speaking, she stepped back and spread her arms wide, inviting Sarah into the ring. The Slayer took Katie's challenge in stride, hopping onto the apron and waiting there, still staring a hole in the brunette.

Unwilling to be psyched out by Sarah's return, Katie broke her silence. "I'm right here Sarah. If you want your vengeance you're gonna have to TAKE IT from me. So stop stalling and FIGHT ME YOU FUCKING BITCH!"

"Gladly!" Sarah whispered before launching herself onto the top rope and hurling herself at the brunette with a massive Springboard Tackle.

The directness of the attack surprised Katie and she was caught flat footed when Sarah smashed into her and drove her to the canvas. Landing on top of the brunette, Sarah was immediately driving closed fists into any part of Katie she could find, the Slayer intent on paying Katie back for the months she'd been out of action. But Katie wasn't one to just sit and take a beating and she wasted little time in muscling Sarah over onto her back and she rained down her own furious litany of blows. The two rivals exchanged wild shots in this fashion for the better part of a minute before finally breaking their clinch and getting to their feet. Once standing the war didn't cease as the lunged at each other and began hammering away again, both absolutely set in their resolve to end the career of the other. Sarah had just rocked her foe with a hard Palm Strike when a horde of zebras hit the ring and got between the two women, a several officials holding each of them back. And still it seemed it wasn't enough as both strained against their captors, trying to get in one last hit on their nemesis. As the refs pulled them through different sides of the ring, Sarah and Katie locked eyes one last time. Each knew they would do anything in their power to obliterate the other, even if it meant destroying everything around them.

Staring into the Slayer's eyes, Katie screamed, "You're dead Slayer! This time I'll make sure there's nothing left of you when I'm done! You're finished!"

As the officials dragged her up the ramp, Sarah managed to snarl a retort, "You better bring everything you've got Katie because I'm coming to end you! You understand me? I'm going to end you and anybody who tries to get in my way! You're so fucking DONE!"

Katie tried to reply but right then the officials pulled Sarah through the curtain and Katie was left ranting and raving in the grip of nearly half a dozen officials. She fought wildly against them and finally they released her, leaving the furious brunette to collect herself and begin planning the ultimate destruction of her newly returned rival.
While their leader was battling her arch nemesis, four pair of eyes watched the action from a dark corner with great interest.

"Happened just like she said it would; should we help her?" asked one of the new voices.

"No way!" said Kristin. "She said to wait here and watch and that's what we're going to do. You need to understand that crossing her is NOT a good idea; believe me, I know!"

"I can't wait to get my hands on that bitch," said the first voice. "That slut almost ended my career and I'm going to make her FUCKING PAY."

"You'll get your chance," replied Erica in a cold, flat tone. "Things are starting to move fast now. Soon it'll be time to go public…when that happens.....we'll all get our chance to burn this place down!"

Kristin smiled at her friend's venom. "Erica's right! What we saw tonight was the spark she was looking for. I have a feeling we're going to be all anyone is talking about very soon. But before that happens, we should send a little message to let everyone know we're coming."

"What'd you have in mind?" asked one of the newcomers.

"Just a sample of things yet to come," Kristin replied evilly. "Come on, let's go find the boss. I want to see what she thinks about my idea!"

They turned on their heels and disappeared into the recesses of the club; four eager followers going to seek out their mistress with intentions darker than the gloom surrounding them.

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