Darkfall #8: Jennifer Garner vs. Ashley Scott by The Walkin' Dude

It was the first week in May and Richard Fannin had had enough of the cold weather. After spending the better part of the last several months in the gray climes of the Northeast, the promoter decided that it was time for a change of scenery, not just for him, but the entire promotion. To that end, he'd booked several dates out on the west coast, the first of which was taking place this very evening. In a small California town called Antonio Bay, in Black 13, a club he owned, Fannin's promotion would wage their nightly wars for the amusement and entertainment of the loyal populace of the town.

As was typical of the cards he ran, there were several minor battles leading up to the main event that evening and much like all his main events of the past several weeks, this one featured one of his talents trying to take down a member of Katie Holmes' sadistic cadre that she hauntingly referred to as "The Darkness."

Up until now, all of Fannin's efforts to thwart Holmes and her band had gone unrewarded. It seemed that no matter what he planned, no matter what odds he put in front of the 5 anarchists, they always seemed to come out on top. He couldn't argue that it made for good viewing, but the chaos that the Darkness was wreaking on the roster had to be stopped and it had to be stopped fast, otherwise Fannin would be dealing with this madness on a permanent basis. Tonight he hoped the Darkness winning streak would come to an end. He'd beseeched a former champion to take a week off from her current feud and step up against the Dark girls.

She had accepted and now Jennifer Garner, affectionately known to her fans as "The Assassin" would take her shot at beating back the Darkness. And to make things really interesting, it turned out that her opponent tonight was none other than the Huntress Ashley Scott, who had several years ago broke into the business with Jennifer. But by now you're itching to hear about the fisticuffs, so lets go to ringside.

Standing in the spotlight, the Announcer began, "Ladies and gentlemen, now for our Main Event. Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, her fans call her the Assassin, ladies and gentlemen allow me to present.... Jennifer Garner!"

The unmistakable opening to Blur's Song 2 booms to life as Jennifer glides through the curtain. The lithe brunette's legions of fans roar as she makes her way down the aisle, clad in the blood red, two-piece tankini she always wore to battle. The look was completed with matching elbow and knee pads, not to mention boots. The dark-haired beauty's face was calm as she made her way into the ring and towards her corner, awaiting the arrival of her old partner.

"And introducing her opponent. She also stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, they call her the Huntress, I give to you Ashley Scott!"

The lights go dark and GOB's cover of Paint It Black roars to life, heralding the arrival of the Darkness. When the lights come back on, Ashley is already in the ring, the pale brunette clad in a one piece leather version of the black outfits all the Darkness members were wearing. Gone was the brunette's trademark trench coat, but she didn't need it to cut an intimidating presence. The Huntress had been a feared and respected grappler before she had hooked up with the Darkness. Now that she had Katie and the others backing her up, there seemed to be no limit to what she could do. As was Darkness custom it appeared that the brunette had arrived by herself, but everyone there knew that it probably wasn't true. With no pretense or suggestion of pre fight formalities, Ashley headed to her corner, awaiting the sound of the bell which hadn't even faded before Jennifer and Ashley were out of their corners moving toward one another. Nearing striking distance, the two brunette's slowed down to a walk, but not stopping 'til they were nose to nose. Over the hushed buzz of the crowd, Jen stared down her Dark Rival, a woman who until this had all started to happen, she'd had the utmost respect for.

Breaking her silence, Jennifer said softly, "You disappoint me Ashley. I thought you were better than this."

Ashley's dark eyes were cold, and her response was even colder, "I'm much better than you know Jen. I was just sick of being on the losing side. It's nice to be a winner now and then. You can be on our side too, and you won't have to get hurt."

Jennifer bristled and leaning closer replied, "You can't beat me one-on-one Ashley; never could. And I'd never join a group of cutthroats more interested in hurting opponents than beating them. Tonight may be an exception though; I wouldn't mind hurting you. In fact, maybe it'll knock some sense into that thick head!"

The Huntress' face was expressionless as she raised both hands over her head and curled her fingers at Jennifer. Darting her eyes upward, Jennifer got the message and responded in kind, placing her palms flat against Ashley's before entwining her fingers with the other brunette's, a classic test of strength. Seconds after their hands had locked, both beauties put all their considerable strength into the hold, each hoping to impose their physical will upon their foe. But after almost a minute pushing and straining against one another, it appeared that they were too evenly matched and the contest was destined for a stalemate. And then everything changed when Ashley pulled back from Jennifer and then shot forward, firing a knee up and into Jennifer's belly.

The long-haired brunette gasped and staggered back, but she didn't break her grip. Indeed it was only seconds after when she lunged into the Huntress, burying a knee in the Dark girl's abdomen. Much like her foe had done, Ashley staggered back, but did not break away. She shook off the impact and responded with a second knee lift, putting even more force behind this one. Jennifer was not to be outdone so easily however and for the next several seconds, the two brunette's drove a relentless series of knee lifts into their opposition's rock hard midsections. Finally, an especially high blow from the Huntress loosened Jen's grip and when Ashley pushed into her, Jennifer broke her grip and stumbled back, protecting her middle. Quickly regaining a fighting stance, Jennifer began to circle Ashley who had also slipped into a stance of her own. Locking eyes with the Huntress, Jennifer was infuriated by the small, smug smirk on Ashley's face.

Before she could say anything however, the short-haired brunette cut her off, "Still think you're going to beat me Jen? Well you're not. You're going to walk away from this fight wishing you'd never had the gall to challenge us. When I'm destroying you a little later on, remember that I gave you the chance to join us. Remember that when you're my prey."

A quiet snarl blooming on her face, Jennifer spat, "Shut your mouth..."

She lunged forward to lock up with her foe. Ashley didn't shy away from the clinch and soon the two warriors were grappling in the center of the ring, a classic Collar and Elbow tie up.

Seeing an opportunity, Ashley seized her foe's wrist and twisted in a hard circle, putting immense pressure on Jennifer's whole limb with the Arm Wringer. Grimacing at the twinge in her shoulder, Jennifer hesitated for only a second before bending down and putting her free hand on the mat. In a split second, the acrobatic brunette had completed a perfect cartwheel and came to her feet, relieving the pressure of the hold. Taking advantage of Ashley's moment of confusion, Jennifer blasted a hard punch into the Huntress' face, staggering her. When Ashley let go of her wrist, Jennifer wasted no time going after her rival with two hands, launching a blistering array of jabs, crosses and rabbit punches at her pale opponent's face. Ashley remained nonplused however, expertly blocking and dodging everything that Jennifer could hurl at her. Jennifer had just missed an uppercut that left her the slightest bit open and Ashley capitalized, shooting a wicked thrust kick straight at Jen's chest. But the long-haired beauty was no slouch either and she corrected herself just in time to grasp hold of Ashley's foot, leaving the Huntress hopping awkwardly on one leg. Hoping to disorient the Darkness member, Jen tossed the foot up hard, trying to take Ashley off her feet. In this she was successful, but not in the way she had hoped. Ashley did indeed leave her feet but only to execute a graceful back flip, landing back on her feet further away. Resuming her stance, Ashley's face broke into the same infuriating smile.

Raising her hand over her head a second time, the Huntress asked, "Care to give it another go?"

Angry that she'd yet to land a solid blow, Jennifer stalked forward and raised her hand, preparing to lock up. Unfortunately, her honesty proved her undoing as Ashley exploded forward and snapped Jennifer's head back with a Clothesline. Jennifer grunted as she hit the canvas, trying to shake off the cheap shot. She was just about to get to her feet when Ashley grabbed hold of her right leg and pulled it up. Not bothering with taunting, the Huntress pulled her foot up and back before snapping it forward, driving the point of her boot hard into Jennifer's thigh, and then her knee! She kept kicking as Jen wailed and scrambled backwards, dragging herself toward the ropes with her tormentor following, still kicking.

Jennifer almost made when Ashley stopped kicking and began pulling, dragging her clear back to center ring as Jen cursed and tried to break free. Ashley relinquished her grip before bending down to grab a handful of Jennifer's dark hair. Without a word she yanked the lithe girl to her feet, standing her on wobbly legs. Before Jen could get her defenses up, Ashley extended her arm and shot forward, again smashing her foe with another Clothesline. Jen saw stars for a while as she lay on the canvas, trying to recover. Then Ashley's voice broke through the pain and what Jennifer heard infuriated her.

"C'mon Jennifer I thought this was going to be tough. If you don't fight back, beating you won't mean nearly as much. You're a former champion so act like one dammit!"

Snarling at the contempt in her old sparring partner's voice, Jen hopped to her feet just in time to see Ashley bouncing off the ropes and hurtling back towards her. With several feet still separating them, Ashley leapt towards her red clad rival and extended her arm, trying to decapitate Jennifer with a Flying Clothesline. But Jennifer was sick of being treated like a punching bag and she let Ashley know as much when she left her feet in a gorgeous vertical leap that culminated in her shooting her feet out and forward, blasting them directly into the Huntress' chest, a perfect Standing Dropkick.

Ashley gasped and fell to the mat with all the grace of a rock, hitting the canvas with a loud thud, where she lay groaning and clutching her middle. Popping easily to her feet, Jennifer wasn't about to let this opportunity get away and she pounced on her injured foe, leaping high into the air before tucking her knees and coming down on the Huntress' stomach with an unforgiving double knee drop. Ashley's pale face went several shades paler and she rolled over onto her side, curling into a ball to escape further punishment. But escape wasn't an option when your foe was Jennifer Garner and Ashley was about to find that out. Stalking over to the downed brunette, Jennifer kicks Ashley onto her stomach before straddling her foe's back. Reaching down, Jen gets a grip on Ashley's left arm and pulls up hard, bending the limb at an unnatural angle. Ashley groans and grits her teeth as Jennifer works the Arm Bar expertly, twisting and wrenching at just the right times to make it as uncomfortable as possible.

After about thirty seconds, Jennifer looks down and says rather sweetly, "Ready to give it up Huntress?"

She attempted to coerce her foe with a hard wrench of the captive limb. Her face a pained snarl, Ashley didn't bother with words, instead she got her free hand under her and pushed up hard, forcing Jennifer to stumble back. Though Jennifer still had control of her arm, Ashley was able to get to her feet and relieve most of the pressure. Shaking off the twinge in her shoulder, she turned her attention to Jen and was about to fire a punch when the red clad brunette jerked her forward, sending the Huntress into a stumbling lurch. Seeing Ashley open, Jen went to work. Stepping forward, she reeled Ashley in and then took her up and over, slamming the other brunette to the mat with a Judo throw. While Ashley was arching her back in pain, Jennifer continued to work the captive left arm, sitting down perpendicular to her victim, Jennifer pulled the arm taut before scissoring both her legs around it and locking her ankles. Pulling back with all her strength, Jennifer attempted to tear Ashley's arm out of the socket with the Cross Arm Breaker.

The Huntress wailed in agony as Jennifer tried to hyperextend her elbow, but for now, all she could do was soak up the punishment and wait for Jennifer to make a mistake. Well Jennifer didn't make a mistake, but she did give the Huntress an opening, and that might as well have been a mistake. When she relieved the pressure on Ashley's arm just the tiniest bit, the trapped brunette pushed towards Jennifer as hard as she could, awkwardly rolling onto her captor. With Jen a bit distracted, Ashley balled up her free hand and drove a series of fists into Jennifer's upturned face.

Continuing to rain down the scintillating blows, Ashley roared, "LET GO OF MY ARM!"

Finally Jen could take no more and she released her grip but Ashley wouldn't let her get away. Shifting around, the pale brunette straddled Jen's waist and began firing even more punches to Jennifer's face and chest. Jennifer's cries were distorted as Ashley continued to rain down the punishment, but Jennifer didn't panic, she brought up her arms and blocked the blows as best she could, all the while clumsily flailing her legs about, looking for the nearby ropes. In a stroke of good luck, she happened upon them not long thereafter and she wasted no time in locking her ankles around the bottom rope, securing her freedom from Ashley's pugilistic assault. Dimly aware of the ref's cajoling, Ashley wasn't quite ready to let Jen up yet and she milked the count, finally getting her last lick in right around the four count. Getting up, Ashley runs her hand through her hair as she watches Jen struggle to her feet using the ropes.

Locking eyes with her foe, Ashley couldn't help taunting, "I was always better than you, but no one believed me. After tonight though, there won't be any doubt."

Angry at Ashley's baiting, Jennifer - a bit surprised by the malevolence in her tone - hissed, "You're right, there won't!" Then she lashed a hard Snap kick at Ashley's chest.

Ashley saw the foot coming all the way, though, and she caught Jen's foot in mid-air; holding her hopping foe as she teased, "Sadly predictable Jen. You should've known I would do…ERRRRACCCHHHH!"

Her intended words never came out because Jennifer had left her foot and smashed it into the side of Ashley's head, a textbook Enziguiri. On her knees beside the slumped Huntress, Jen sneered nastily, "And YOU should've known I would do that. Being one of Holmes' cronies has made you complacent Ashley. It's actually pretty pathetic."

The Huntress was working her way to her hands and knees as Jen got easily to her feet and stepped back a few paces. Right when it seemed that Scott was ready to regain her vertical base, Jen sprinted forward and blasted a hard kick into her foe's ribs. There was a sound like someone beating a rug and then Ashley screamed as she was sent rolling along the canvas, trying her best to protect her injured ribs.

Sauntering over to her downed opposition, Jen pulled Ashley to her feet before securing her in a tight Front Face Lock. Using her free arm to hook Ashley's right leg, the long-haired warrior took a deep breath before popping her hips to take Ashley up and over with a Fisherman's Suplex. The Huntress hit the mat hard on the back of her head and shoulders and she struggled as Jen held her pinned to the canvas. Against a lesser foe, Jen's maneuver might have carried the day, but the Huntress was far from a lesser foe and she managed to break Jennifer's bridge and the count right around the 2 count. Getting to her feet, Jennifer grabbed Ashley by the hair and pulled the Huntress to her feet.

"Though I'm loathe to use such a hoary old cliché, I think it's time to take out the garbage," Jennifer said as she sped forward and tossed with all her strength, hurling Ashley out of the ring over the top rope.

But though she did throw the Huntress over the top rope, that was no guarantee that she'd hit the floor. Indeed on her way over, the ever aware brunette had grabbed hold of the top rope in both hands and hung on for dear life, hanging outside the ring with her feet a little ways from the thinly padded concrete. With Jennifer playing to the crowd, Ashley had no problem using her amazing agility to pull herself back up into the ring. Jennifer realized what was going on a second too late and as she shot forward to intercept her foe, Ashley scissored her thighs open and snapped them shut around Jennifer's head. Before the trapped beauty could protest, Ashley pulled forward, dumping Jen over the top rope with a bizarre makeshift Headscissors.

Seeing Jennifer hit the outside floor, Ashley finally released her death grip on the ropes, allowing herself to land neatly on the outside next to her victim. Looking to take Jennifer out of the fight then and there, Ashley pulled her foe up and scooped her into the air. Holding her prone momentarily, Ashley dropped to one knee, driving Jennifer's exposed ribs into the bent joint. Jennifer cried out and squirmed feebly as she was dumped unceremoniously to the floor.

Not even close to finished with her prey, Ashley got to her feet and climbed onto the apron, facing the ring. Looking over her shoulder, she waited the short span it took Jen to get to her feet before springing into action. Looking back toward the ring, the Huntress executed a graceful hop onto the top rope before using it like a springboard to back flip onto her hapless rival from a height of several feet. Jennifer didn't have the time to get out of the way and Ashley's Asai Moonsault caught her flush, driving her to the floor in a heap. The crowd was roaring its approval as Ashley pulled Jen to her feet and tossed her back into the ring. With no excess motion, Ashley glided under the bottom rope and went for the cover, hooking Jen's near leg. The count was close, but the long-haired brunette was able to beat the "three" by a good half second.

Sighing at Jennifer's resilience, Ashley nonetheless pressed her attack, dragging the wounded girl into the center of the ring. Grabbing hold of Jennifer's right ankle, Ashley fully extended the leg and flipped her foe onto her stomach. Limb still in hand, she sat on the small of Jen's back and gripped the leg tightly. Leaning back as hard as she could, Ashley cinched in the Single Leg Crab, sending pulses of agony throughout Jen's back and knee. The trapped brunette wailed in pain and beat futilely at the canvas, but she wouldn't surrender when the ref asked her to. Enjoying her rival's helpless wailing, Ashley bounced up and down on Jen's back, occasionally sliding her butt back and forth to add to the embarrassment.

Giving the leg an especially hard tug, Ashley demanded, "Give up Jennifer! I don't WANT to cripple you, but don't think for a second I won't; I'll do anything it takes to win."

Snarling in pain (as well as the condescension in Ashley's voice) the trapped girl spat back, "Not on your life Ashley! I don't submit to women who aren't as good as me. That includes you AND all your little friends."

Jennifer ended her little speech and began to take action, crawling / dragging herself and her tormentor towards the bottom rope. Several painful seconds later, she was a mere hands length away when Ashley got up and began to pull her back towards the center. Howling in frustration, Garner couldn't do much more as Ashley relinquished her hold, only to immediately yank Jen to her feet and send her hurtling into the ropes with an Irish Whip.

Knowing there was no way for Jen to counter her next move, Ashley ducked low, preparing to send her rival face first into the mat with a Flapjack when she got close enough. Jennifer had reached her and Ashley lunged forward, shoving her foe into the air to send her crashing back down. But things don't always go as planned and this was one of those times. At the apex of her upward momentum, Jen tucked her feet in and hen fired them forward, slamming them into Ashley's chest with a desperation Drop-kick. The blow sent the Huntress stumbling backward and it gave Jen just the time she needed to get back on her feet.

Ashley shook off the blow quickly and charged at the dazed Jennifer, meaning to take her head off with a Clothesline. Unfortunately for her, Jennifer wasn't as wounded as she appeared to be, and the long-haired brunette nimbly ducked under Ashley's incoming arm. Knowing she had a split second window of opportunity to work with, Jennifer set herself ready and waited for Ashley to turn around. Seconds later her wish was granted and when the Huntress turned around, Jennifer nearly decapitated her with a Superkick to the point of the jaw. Ashley's eyes glazed and she fell to her knees, kneeling like a penitent worshiper before her goddess.

But if Jennifer was to be her deity this evening, she was a vengeful one and the crimson clad assassin tensed for just a second before drilling a hard kick into the side of Ashley's head, just behind the Huntress' ear. Ashley voiced a small groan and fell forward on the mat, not moving. Knowing the battle was hers, Jennifer fell to her knees and muscled Ashley onto her back Hooking both legs, Jennifer waited for the 3 and was shocked when the Huntress was able to escape the predicament. Frustrated at her inability to put Ashley down, Jennifer yanked the brunette to her feet and once again applied the Arm Wringer to her injured left arm.

Standing a few paces away from her foe, Jen hissed, "Torture's not usually my thing Ashley, but you seem to be giving me no choice. As soon as you want to give up, I'll stop hurting you."

The Huntress only groaned, so Jennifer went to work! Holding the arm fully extended, Jennifer began to launch a series of hard, snapping kicks up and into Ashley's armpit. The Huntress screamed aloud at this pain and tried to rise up on her toes to alleviate some of the pressure, but Jen just tugged the arm down before delivering another kick. After about ten of these impacts, Ashley's legs finally give way and the black clad brunette fell backwards landing on the mat in a graceless sprawl. Hoping that had done the trick, Jennifer again went for the cover, hooking both legs this time. But still Ashley wouldn't stay down, this time kicking free right after 'two!'

Angry at this continued defiance, Jennifer pulled Ashley up by her injured arm and whipped her full force toward the corner, listening grimly as the Huntress rammed back first into the barely guarded steel. Approaching her incapacitated nemesis, Jennifer grabbed Ashley's wrist and hurled her towards the opposite corner. This time she followed along behind her victim, meaning to squash Ashley in the corner the moment she hit the steel.

But in her single minded devotion to the win, Jennifer had underestimated the damage done to the Huntress. As she neared the corner, Ashley leapt, placing one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top turnbuckle. Before you could blink she had spun off the corner using the ropes for leverage and fired a Spin Kick at Jennifer's incoming face. The kick caught her right across the cheek and she was spun completely around before falling to the canvas, legs unable to support her weight. Ashley landed heavily on her feet and took a few seconds to get her breath back, while also enjoying the roar of the crowd. Love her or hate her, when the Huntress executed that Climbing Spin Kick, everyone cheered for her. Standing over the dazed ruin of the other brunette, Ashley's previously pained expression was replaced with one of vicious satisfaction. Bending down, she grabbed Jen by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Standing behind the brunette, Ashley bent her backwards, forcing her fellow brunette's chin into the crook of her armpit.

Holding Jennifer helpless, Ashley echoed her own earlier words back at her, "I'm not much one for torture either Jennifer. But I do believe in eye for an eye, and I fully plan to make you pay for every bit of pain I've suffered tonight."

Jen only gurgled a reply as Ashley sprang her trap. Holding Jen tightly, she suddenly fell to one knee, bringing Jennifer down with her. The effect was to drive her bent knee directly between Jennifer's shoulder blades, an ingenious combination of Reverse DDT and Backbreaker A shockwave pulsed through Jen's body but she lay still when Ashley let her go and threw her to the mat. Hands on her hips, it didn't take long for Ashley to decide her next move.

Bringing herself and her victim to a standing position, Ashley scooped up Jennifer and held her perpendicular across her body. Rising up on the balls of her feet, Ashley dropped to one knee and slammed the small of Jen's back into the posted joint, an Over the Knee Backbreaker. Not satisfied to let Jen fall free, Ashley put one hand on Jennifer's chin and the other on her groin, pushing down with all the force she could muster. Jen gurgled and attempted to escape but Ashley weathered the weak attempts and pressed the advantage, bending Jen to the breaking point.

Eventually Ashley decided to change tactics and she did so in style. Pulling her hands up off Jennifer, Ashley clasped them together into a single fist before bringing it smashing down into Jennifer's defenseless stomach. The power of the sledge like blow shot Jen's head and chest up and Ashley attacked there too slamming her augmented fist into Jen's face with a meaty thud. That blow finally knocked Jennifer off the Huntress' knee and she went sprawling face first to the canvas, where she lay breathing heavily. Knowing Jen was running on empty, Ashley grabbed hold of her rival's right ankle and right wrist before standing up. Placing her right foot against Jennifer's middle, the short-haired brunette began to pull up sadistically, bending Jennifer into a horrible U shape with her modified Surfboard.

As she listened to Jennifer wail, Ashley increased the pressure on the hold and screamed down at her writhing foe, "GIVE IT UP JENNIFER! DO YOU THINK I WANT TO SNAP YOUR SPINE? WELL I DON'T BUT GOD HELP ME IF YOU DON'T STOP BEING SO STUBBORN I'LL MAKE SURE YOU DON'T WALK OUT OF HERE TONIGHT!"

In incredible pain from the Surfboard, Jen was nonetheless able to give a cogent response, "FUCK OFF ASHLEY! I TOLD YOU BEFORE I DON'T TAP OUT! NOT TO YOU; NOT THERON, NOT BELL…NOT ANYONE!!"

Her position firmly stated, Jennifer went back to trying to escape her torturous predicament. Ignoring the pain, she manages to get her free hand on Ashley's stomping ankle and push hard, breaking the hold. Frustrated at Jen's pain threshold, Ashley drops her foe's limbs and goes back to her hair, yanking Jennifer to her feet. Not allowing any separation between the two, Ashley flies forward and raises a knee, meaning to snap a rib or two. But Jen wasn't going to just sit there and take abuse forever and she proves it by getting her hands up and slapping the Huntress' knee away. Acting on sheer instinct, she slips around behind Ashley and cinches in a tight Waist Lock.

Without any thought to the pain this might cause her, Jennifer bridges up and back, popping her hips violently before releasing the Waist Lock, tossing Ashley head over heels with a Release German Suplex. The startled Huntress has no time to prepare for the landing and she crashes into the canvas high and tight, landing hard on the back of her head neck and shoulders. The power of Jennifer's throw leaves her folded up on the canvas, giving Jennifer the precious time she needed to get her wits back

Seeing that Ashley was still down, Jennifer strode over to were her opponent was laying and kicked her legs down, leaving her laying flat on the mat. Turning her back on the wounded Huntress, Jennifer tensed before hitting a perfect back flip, a standing Moonsault onto Ashley's sensitive middle. Unfortunately for her, Jen's abs weren't doing the best these days either and the move seemed to do just as much damage to her. But the long-haired Amazon was able to suck up the pain and she continued her attack. Sitting beside Ashley, Jennifer extended her legs and wrapped them around the brunette's slender neck. Locking her ankles, Jennifer put all her considerable strength into squeezing Ashley's head clean off her shoulders.

Pushing off the canvas for extra pressure, Jen sneered at her flailing captive, "Give up now Ashley, or I'll turn this into a Face Sit so fast it'll make your head spin. It probably wouldn't impress your boss too much if I rode your face to choke you out."

She gave the Scissors another pulsing crush to end her statement. Furious at Jennifer's taunt, Ashley got her hands on the canvas and maneuvered around until the top of her head was pressing against the mat and she was facing her captor. With a slight push, she somersaulted forward, breaking the Headscissors while simultaneously coming to rest on Jennifer's chin. Clinching her thighs, Ashley bounced hard on Jennifer's face as the ref counted her down. He had reached "two" before Jennifer got her hands under Ashley's butt and shoved her off. Getting to her feet, Jennifer was righteously pissed off at the Huntress' impromptu Face Sit and she revealed her displeasure by driving the point of her elbow into Ashley's twisted shoulder not once, but several times.

Tears filled the pale brunette's eyes as she fell to her knees, weakly guarding her mangled limb. But Jennifer allowed no respite, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to her feet. Without a word, Jennifer scooped her up like a sack of potatoes and held her prone, parading her about the ring. Deciding enough was enough, Jen rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, driving it into Ashley's defenseless shoulder. The Shoulder Breaker lived up to its name as Ashley screamed in silent agony, her arm feeling like it was about to come off. Sick of trying to go for the pin, Jennifer went for the surrender. Sitting at Ashley's head, the crimson clad warrior scissored her legs around Ashley's head and wounded arm before locking her ankles and pulling back, securing a potentially match-ending Triangle Choke.

The Huntress' reaction was immediate and intense, the Darkness member flailing wildly as she tried desperately to drag herself toward the ropes. With her vision going cloudy thanks to Jennifer's thighs cutting off her air, the way was slow going, but the Huntress wasn't so out of it that she didn't recognize the feel of the bottom rope when her thrashing boot brushed against it. Making a final violent surge forward, she got both her ankles wrapped around the lifeline and croaked for the ref to get Jennifer to break her merciless hold.

Now it was Jennifer's turn to be frustrated at her foe's resilience and she stretched the count for all it was worth, giving a final titanic squeeze on her foe's head when the official reached "four!" Breaking the choke, she wasn't about to let the crippled Huntress have any air and she grabbed a damp handful of hair, pulling the winded girl to her feet. Tossing her rudely into the center of the ring, Jennifer set herself in a Marital Arts stance and waited for only a second before unloading a brutal series of punches and kicks to the Huntress' lanky frame. Each blow seemed to take a bit more fight out of Ashley and she appeared to be out on her feet as Jennifer set and then launched another Superkick at the Huntress' chin. But it was hard to nail Ashley with the same trick twice and this proved to be no exception as she sidestepped Jennifer's foot at the last second. Using every microsecond she had, Ashley whirled behind her.

Back to back with the confused Jen, Ashley snaked an arm up and around Jen's neck, pulling the long-haired beauty tight against her back. In the same breath, Ashley jumped and then fell to her knees, bending Jennifer's back and neck painfully across the Huntresses own back. The bizarre Reverse Backbreaker did its job and Jennifer slumped forward on the canvas, at least temporarily incapable of further resistance. Breathing in pained little pants and starts, Ashley brought Jennifer to her feet and led her towards the corner. Scooping up her nemesis, Ashley ties Jennifer to the Tree of Woe, draping the long-haired brunette helplessly inverted in the corner.

Taking a deep breath, Ashley hissed venomously, "Now it's your turn to be helpless and tortured you bitch."

When Jennifer only groaned in response, Ashley set herself and began firing away at the other brunette's exposed midriff, driving an endless stream of kicks against the toned muscles with murderous force. Jennifer came to life in the grip of this agony and she tried to defend herself, but Ashley was like a woman possessed and she just kept up the assault, hacking and smashing at Jennifer's quickly softening belly.

Finally the ref stepped in to break it up and Ashley stepped disgustedly away as the zebra untangled Jen from the corner. Determined to finish this thing now, Ashley pushed the ref aside and yanked Jennifer up by the roots, pulling her towards the middle of the ring. Standing face to face with her nemesis, Ashley took long enough to sneer into Jen's face before getting her hands into the brunette's chest and shoving upward with all her might. Jen was pushed into the air and her legs landed scissored around Ashley's head. For a second it looked as if she might be about to execute a Hurricanrana, but the Huntress dashed those hopes when she fell to her butt, brutally sitting out and driving Jennifer full speed into the canvas with a modified Sit-out Powerbomb. Holding Jen's limp form in place, Ashley demanded that the ref begin his count. She went almost mad with anger when Jen rolled a shoulder free at the last possible second. Roaring her fury for all to hear, Ashley scrambled around so that she was sitting on Jen's chest, facing her stomach. Tensing her hand into a wicked claw, Ashley plunged it down into the tenderized meat of Jen's midriff, her iron fingers sinking into the flesh like it was bread dough. Gritting her teeth in fury and exertion, Ashley poured her hatred into the hold and demanded that Garner surrender!

"TAP Jen! Tap or I swear to God I'll tear your fucking stomach out…ARRRRGGHHHHH!"

Her vitriol was replaced with a pained roar as Jen had sat up and was pounding desperate fists into Ashley's tortured shoulder. The Huntress tried to maintain her claw, but the fire in her arm was too much to bear and after a few more seconds she pushed free of her intended victim. Injured and in agony, both beautiful grapplers were a long time in getting up, not making their way back to their feet until the ref had reached 8 on his count. When each got to her feet and saw the other still standing, their glazed eyes began to burn with a smoldering anger. Assuming loose stances, they began to circle warily, both knowing that they couldn't take much more.

Staring directly into Ashley's eyes, Jennifer said softly, "This is the endgame, you know."

Ashley continued to circle as she answered, "Then lets end it!"

On some silent signal, the two fighters hurled forward and began to empty their arsenals into one another. A blinding array of martial arts kicks were thrown and countered over the next minute, each one only millimeters away from ending the contest but none of them were able to hit their intended targets. Finally, Jennifer changed tactics lunging forward to cinch up Ashley's arm. With a nearly imperceptible grunt, she tossed the Huntress towards the ropes while she headed toward opposite side bouncing back towards her fast approaching rival.

In most circumstance, the two acrobatically inclined grapplers would've tried something with a bit more finesse, but the war had taken its toll on them and a basic Clothesline was all they could muster. In a painful but poignant example of great minds thinking alike, the dueling Clotheslines smashed into their targets and took them both off their feet. Ashley and Jennifer landed clumsily next to one another and lay there just breathing for the better part of the ref's ten count. Not until he reached "nine" were they able to push away from each other and then rise slowly to their hands and knees.

Within mere inches of one another, Jennifer and Ashley forgot everything they knew about technical wrestling or martial arts and began to hammer away at each other with mindless fists, taking their turn to snap their foe's head back and then absorbing the blow she threw back, only to repeat the process almost a dozen more times. Finally Jennifer seemed to regain her senses and she changed her target, driving her knuckles into the Huntress' shoulder. The fire bloomed in the joint once more and Ashley wailed as Jennifer increased her awful slugging, the long-haired girl completely intent on crippling her hated adversary. Eventually, Ashley stopped moaning and simply hung her head, no longer even trying to defend herself.

Breathing hard, Jennifer saw her last chance approach and she meant to take it. Getting to her feet, she stood in front of the kneeling Huntress before sprinting toward the ropes and bouncing back toward her victim, clearly intended to decapitate Ashley with the Shining Wizard Kick she used to defeat her opponents. With less than two feet between them, Jennifer left her feet, hopping forward while lashing her right leg out in a short, brutal arc that ended at Ashley's temple.

That the Huntress was able to duck the blow at the last moment shocked everyone in attendance, none more so than Jennifer herself. The force behind her kick spun her around so that her back was to the Huntress for the briefest of seconds. That was all Ashley needed as she put all she had left into drilling the point of her elbow into the small of Jennifer's back. She gave an agonized cry and stumbled forward several steps as Ashley was slowly getting to her feet.

When the crimson clad beauty turned to face her foe, Ashley was waiting with a boot to the gut that doubled Jen over, taking all the air out of her. Gritting her teeth, Ashley stepped forward and trapped Jen in a Front Face Lock with her left arm while simultaneously hooking Jennifer's left leg with her right arm. Then the Huntress lifted her prey directly over her head and held her there for just a second before sitting out and driving Jennifer's head into the mat with her Fisherman's Brainbuster/Pile Driver variant, the deadly and inescapable 'Fallen Angel.'

Feeling Jennifer go limp when she hit the mat, Ashley kept the captive leg hooked and waited exhaustedly as the ref made his count. 3 seconds later and the Huntress had chalked up what was possibly The Darkness' biggest singles win thus far.

It took Ashley the better part of thirty seconds to get to her feet, but she did - just in time to hear the announcer declare her the winner. The official had just raised her arm in victory when the lights went out! Several seconds later they came back on and the other Darkness members were present; Kristin Kreuk and Erica Durance outside near the apron and Jessica Alba standing over the beaten Jennifer Garner. Directly in front of the Huntress stood the Mistress of the Evil Cabal, Katie Holmes herself.

Smiling coldly at the exhausted but triumphant Huntress, Katie said, "Absolutely beautiful Ashley. You said you'd make Jennifer pay and you did. Now all we have to do is send a message to everyone else."

Before Ashley could ask what her leader meant, Katie turned to Erica and Kristin, giving the two women a quick nod. Looking over to the Dark Angel, Katie snapped her fingers and ordered, "Bring her here!"

Still overcome with fatigue from the battle, Ashley looked back toward Kreuk and Durance who had retrieved a folding table out from under the ring and were sliding it into the ring. Seconds later they joined it in the squared circle and were setting the table up in front of Katie and the Huntress.

A question forming on her face, Ashley was again cut off when Jessica threw Jennifer's limp body into her arms and said, "Here you go partner. You did the deed, you get all the glory."

Shaking her head, Ashley looked at Katie and asked, "Just what do you want me to do with her?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Katie replied. "I want you to hit the Fallen Angel a second time. Only this time, drive her clear through the table!"

Realization flooded the Huntress' face and she gasped, "NO! I won't do it. On the chair was bad enough but through the table…that could paralyze her, maybe even kill her."

Katie looked unfazed, "I don't CARE about your objections Ashley, do as I tell you!"

Shaking her head, Ashley laid Jennifer on the canvas and replied, "No. I beat her on my own. That's enough. I won't be part of something that ends someone's career." She stared at Katie with ice in her eyes.

Holmes looked sad, but sympathetic, "I understand Huntress. You have to do what you think is right, but so do I. It's going to be difficult to replace someone of your caliber."

Before Ashley could even respond she was hit from behind by someone moving at top speed. Dazed from her war with Jennifer, the Huntress was easy prey as her unseen assailant grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her feet. In an instant she had been whirled around, and two strong hands were clasping her around the throat. Ashley had just enough time to comprehend a cruelly beautiful face, framed by a mane of dark hair. The she was being lifted off her feet at dizzying speed. Then she was going down and there was nothing but the crash of the table shattering as she crashed through it. The Huntress' eyes opened for just a second and she could see Katie and the others standing over her, staring down at her. She opened her mouth and tried to speak, but the darkness of unconsciousness claimed her and she knew no more.

When the four miscreants attention turned to Ashley, someone sprang to ringside from the second row of seats, grabbed Jennifer's ankle and dragged the unconscious brunette's body out of the ring. Charlize Theron heaved Jennifer's limp body over her shoulder and carried her up the aisle past several late-arriving security guards who were ambling down to the ring to get a close-up view of the action involving Ashley. Charlize carried Jennifer back to her dressing room where Fannin's crack team of second year medical students and highly paid malpractice attorney's waited to get their hands on her.

Ignoring Jennifer's departure, Katie stared down at the wreck of the Huntress and said, "That's the good thing about dissidents; they're easily replaceable." Then smiling she looked up and winked at the Darkness' newest member. "Isn't that right Ms. Biel?"

Jessica looked at her new leader and grinned sadistically, "You've got that right boss. Glad to help dispose of this pretender. We're going to have some fun aren't we?"

"Yes we are." Katie answered. Looking through her ranks, Katie saw nothing but malevolence on the face of the three others. "Kristin, Erica, Angel! Let's throw a party, you know, to properly induct out new recruit!"

There were synchronized nods on the faces of her three protégés and Katie couldn't be happier. These four wouldn't question her, no matter what she asked.

Giving a final glance at the decimated Huntress, Katie whispered, "Don't ever show your face around here again Ashley Scott. Otherwise it'll be the one and only time you have to endure being MY prey. Goodnight little girl."

With that, the lights went out and came back on. When they appeared, the Darkness was gone, save for the ruined ex-member still laid out in the middle of the ring. Things were looking worse and worse for Richard Fannin's little promotion. If Katie would do this to her own group, there was no telling what she would do to anyone else who got in her way.

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