Darkfall #9: Kristin Kreuk vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by The Walkin' Dude

The once roaring fire in the fireplace had died down to a dull red embers amid the ashes. Katie Holmes had stretched out on her back on a sofa near the fireplace, she was pondering the relentless march of the Darkness. So far, the insurgent group had been unstoppable as it drove off or destroyed all Richard Fannin's attempts to halt them. There had been a bit of a problem when Ashley Scott showed she lacked the fierce loyalty she demanded of her minions, but Katie had foreseen them and Jessica Biel was made available to smash the weakling Scott and take her place.

Katie sighed happily. Fannin must be near to panic. She knew Fannin was still counting on the fighting spirit of Sarah Michelle Gellar and for Neve Campbell to return from vacation to somehow turn the tide. The man was an utter imbecile as a strategist. First and foremost, she had crushed Sarah on multiple occasions and Katie had no doubt she could do it again. As for Neve, Katie already knew what to do about Neve. If the brunette actually did come back, she had special plans for Neve because to Katie, Neve was special--she had started the whole thing! The irony of this made Katie laugh.

It had begun outside one of those miserable little towns that Richard Fannin liked to stage his wrestling events. Katie was on the card--down the card--WAY down the card. She was no longer the bright young talent she had been not so long ago. Now she was the one who got booed and hooted at as some barely known wrestler beat her. Tonight had been all-too-typical.

She was fighting a perky blonde rookie named Brittany Snow. The teenager was quick, nimble, and had a crowd-pleasing aerial game. She also had a vicious figure four leglock that she used to wear the hapless Katie down, then used a top rope splash to nail Katie with an impact that knocked all the wind out of her lungs. Katie lay there gasping like a fish on the dock while the unruly crowd howled insults at her and cheered the victorious younger woman who strutted around her. Then Brittany rolled the brunette onto her face and planted her foot on Katie's rump. She then raised her arms in a victory pose as dozens of flashbulbs popped.

It seemed like an eternity before Katie could roll out of the ring and retreat to the poor excuse for a dressing room Fannin had provided. She just sat there in her bikini, too numbed to do anything else. Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder. She looked up. It was Neve Campbell who was fighting in the main event tonight.

"What's wrong, Katie; you were never in that fight? You should've sent that blonde bimbo home in an unconscious heap. You hurt or something?"

Katie shook her head, "What's the use of trying? Fannin doesn't care about me except to make his new girls look good or boost one of his favorites. This whole outfit is rotten at its core!"

"Well, I don't think you're going to be impressing Fannin or anybody else fighting like you did tonight. Now, come on, I've seen you fight plenty of times and I know you've got talent you haven't been using anymore. You don't like the way things are being run around here? Well, don't just sit there moping about it--focus on getting your career back on track. Once you've done that, you can get some leverage with the boss. Why should he listen to you when you're like this?"

Katie pondered this and nodded, "You always do have a way of getting to the heart of things, Neve. You're right. Fannin has no reason to take notice of me now. I will have to change that."

Neve seemed to catch an odd tone in Katie's voice and looked at her curiously. Then someone hollered, "Five minutes, Ms. Campbell!" Neve shrugged and hurried to finish getting ready.

She never spoke to Katie again about it, but she didn't really need to. Katie Holmes' mind was beginning to put together the pieces that would soon emerge as the Darkness. Richard Fannin noticed her now--and, very soon, he would be paying for all that he had done to her and the other members of the Darkness.

Katie rubbed her back against the leather of the sofa and smiled, "Soon, very soon, my plans will be fulfilled and if you dare come back, I'll be able to tell you to your face Neve, 'It was all thanks to you!'"

Katie laughed again as the firelight faded and the darkness grew around her.
It was somewhere around the second week of May and Richard Fannin's promotion was still making its tour of the west coast. On this pleasant evening the promotion was in the tiny town of Woodsboro California, spending the evening entertaining the patrons of one of Fannin's smaller clubs, a place called the Dark Tower. Mood among the patrons at the Tower was one of joyous revelry, it had been a long time since women's wrestling had been in town and they were enjoying every minute of the one night appearance.

And if that wasn't enough, the fans in attendance had an even bigger reason to be pleased. After a nearly two month period on the shelf, Sarah Michelle Gellar was making her return, planning to deliver some serious revenge on the women who had put her on the injured reserve. Indeed, Katie Holmes and her four followers, collectively known as the Darkness were the targets of the Slayer's ire and she meant to start the destruction of the evil cabal tonight, by taking out Katie's right hand, the emerald eyed Hellcat, Kristin Kreuk. But before you go getting all excited, remember that Katie and her friends had dismantled the Slayer on 2 separate occasions and Kristin wasn't about to let that pattern change. She had vowed to Katie that this was going to be the Slayer's last match, and the way Kreuk had been demolishing those who got in her way, it was hard to doubt her. They hadn't started calling her the Hellcat for no reason.

Down in the ring, the Announcer had just stepped into the spotlight and brought the mic to his lips. Taking a deep breath he greets the crowd for the last time this evening, "Ladies and gentleman it is time for the nights Main Event. Introducing first, she stands five feet three inches tall. Please welcome back The Slayer....Sarah Michelle Gellar!" 'Man in the Box' roars to life and Sarah comes through the curtain. The stint away hasn't changed her fashion sense any as she is still wearing her trademark red leather one piece outfit and the high black boots that go with it. The look is completed with a pair of fingerless black gloves. The ovation for the small blonde is thunderous, but Sarah seems to pay it no heed. She stalks down the aisle like a woman on a mission, sliding under the bottom and popping to her feet before stalking to her corner. The Slayer's inner rage was unmistakable, the pretty blonde was vibrating like a tuning fork, waiting for her chance to tear into her attackers.

Watching Sarah cautiously from the corner of his eye, the Announcer resumes his shtick, "Her opponent stands at 5' 4" and is a member of 'The Darkness'; ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce sizzlin' hot, Miss Kristin Kreuk!"

The lights went out and the opening riff of Paint it Black pulsed through the tiny club, heralding the arrival of the Darkness' number two. The lights had just come back on, announcing Kristin's appearance to the crowd when the Slayer charged her at a dead run, slamming full force into the started brunette. Before she could get her hands up to defend herself, Kristin found herself absorbing a deluge of blows from the enraged blonde.

"HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?" roared Sarah as she pounded a series of stiff jabs into Kristin's midsection. "HOW DO YOU LIKE BEING ON THE RECEIVING END OF A CHEAPSHOT? ANSWER ME BITCH!" she screamed as she drove her elbow into the brunette's sternum. All she got for her trouble in answer was a winded groan. Backing her disoriented foe into the corner, Sarah showed she was far from satisfied. Grabbing Kristin's wrist, she flung the Darkness member as hard as she could toward the opposite corner and took off after her as soon as there was a little distance between them. Kristin had just hit the unforgiving steel of the turnbuckles when Sarah squashed her even harder against the metal, blasting her with an unforgiving Clothesline across the chest. Exhaling the last bit of air from her lungs, the brunette staggered from the corner where Sarah was waiting for her.

Taking a handful of dark hair, Sarah sneered at her discombobulated foe, "Fight back Kristin. After all the shit you assholes have put me through, I deserve a fight when I come to get my vengeance."

Before Kristin could respond, Sarah took two loping strides toward the edge of the ring and hurled Kristin over the top rope, leaving the brunette to land hard on the floor below. Finally taking time to catch a breath, Sarah looked around at the redlining audience and nodded appreciatively.

"They're going to pay," she mouthed to the mob. "They're all going to pay and Kristin just happens to be first."

On the outside of the ring, Kristin was collecting herself and the limber brunette was more than embarrassed, she was in a rage. Sarah's blindside assault before the bell had caught her completely flat footed and the blonde bitch had smacked her around for the better part of a minute with absolutely no resistance from the brunette.

A poisonous leer on her lips, Kristin gets on the apron and hisses, "Hey slut, got the guts to face me when I'm ready for ya?"

Sarah turned with a snarl and charged the limber brunette. But Sarah's anger had made her forget just how good Kristin was and the brunette reminded her of the fact by ducking low and driving her shoulder between the top and middle ropes, impaling the blonde's belly as she rushed in. Not wasting a second. Kristin pulled back and then leaped forward, somersaulting over the gasping Slayer. As she passed over her target, Kristin grabbed at Sarah's waist and pulled, taking the blonde to the canvas with her. The Sunset Flip connected perfectly and Sarah suddenly found herself pinned down, Kristin holding her tightly. She almost panicked as the ref began to count but the blonde was better than that and she managed to roll a shoulder free just past the 'two' count.

Infuriated at Kristin's attempt to put her away, Sarah was on her feet fast, ready to meet the charge of the brunette who had also regained her vertical base. Snarling and spitting curses, the two beauties slammed into each other like runaway trains and they went down in an infuriated tangle of limbs. Sarah landed on top of her foe and she made Kristin fully aware of that fact by burying one claw in the girl's ebony mane while the other clawed slow, crimson welts in her face and neck. Hissing at the pain being inflicted, Kristin fought fire with fire, bringing her own talons into play. Sinking them deep into Sarah's locks, Kristin pulled hard to the left, taking Sarah off of her. Assuming the mount position, it was payback time and Kristin intended to be paid in full. Leering sadistically at the struggling blonde, Kristin clawed mercilessly at Sarah's pretty face, eliciting pained cries from the Slayer as her face was mauled.

After several seconds on the bottom, Sarah regained her wits and tossed Kristin off of her. She was just about to resume her attack when the brunette shoved her again and then they were both rolling over one another, neither able to assume the dominant position for more than a second. Eventually they reached the ropes and seeing as how she was on bottom at the time, Sarah clutched at them and demanded that the ref get Kristin off of her. The Darkness member grudgingly complied and she stalked to the center of the ring, waiting for the Slayer to meet her there. She didn't have long to wait as Sarah was on her feet seconds later and making her way purposefully towards the brunette.

Drawing within striking distance of her prey, Kristin lunged forward and grabbed a hold of Sarah's right arm. In the same motion she twisted her hips and tossed, slinging the blonde across the ring with a perfect Arm Drag. Luckily for Sarah, the blonde was more than able to deal with this move and she rolled with the impact, popping to her feet as Kristin closed the space between them. Looking for a little reciprocation, Sarah grabbed hold of Kristin's arm and returned the favor, tossing the brunette with an Arm Drag of her own. But much like the Slayer had done, Kristin landed nimbly and was on her feet in seconds, ready to tangle again. Charging at each other, both extended their arms, meaning to level the other with a Clothesline, but each had read the mind of the other and as they neared collision, both put on the brakes and ducked aside. Their backs were to each other for a split second before blonde and brunette turned to face each other again. More on instinct than anything else, both left their feet at the same time and blasted them forward, trying to drill the opposition with a Dropkick. But Dropkicking your foe when she's trying to do the same isn't the easiest thing to do and both would be disappointed - their feet merely brushed the soles of their opponent's. Getting to their feet again, Kristin and Sarah squared off, both furious that they hadn't been able to take the other down again. Kristin seemed to be about to say something when Sarah's hand flashed out and gave her a satisfyingly brutal slap. The blow spun Kreuk around on wobbly legs and as she came back to face the blonde, Sarah grabbed a handful of hair.

Looking disdainfully at the dazed brunette, Sarah whispered, "No need to talk, bitch."

She dropped to one knee pulled Kristin down with her ramming the back of the brunette's head hard into her planted knee. Kristin gave a little groan and rolled onto her stomach, hands trying to protect her injured head. Straddling Kristin's upper back, Sarah planted a knee between the brunette's shoulder blades before lacing her hands under Kristin's chin. Pulling up hard, Sarah wrenched Kristin's neck back, working the modified Camel Clutch like a pro.

Hearing the sweet sound of her prey's groans, Sarah taunted, "You like clawing a girl's face Kristin? Let me show you how it's done."

Before Kristin could reply, Sarah formed her fingers into hooks and slipped them inside the brunette's mouth. Satisfied with her grip, she pulled back hard, ripping and tearing at Kristin's perfect visage. Kristin's cries were oddly distorted by Sarah's intruding fingers, but her mind was as clear as ever. Boiling at the demeaning treatment, Kristin did what any person would do in her situation. She bit down as hard as she could. Sarah's cold sneer turned into a grimace of agony as the tables were turned and she had to yank her digits from Kristin's maw. Pulling free, she takes a second to nurse her chewed hand while Kristin regains her feet.

Using the pain as motivation, Sarah bares her teeth at the brunette and sprints forward, meaning to take her down hard. But Kristin has other plans and the means with which to enact them. Before Sarah can even think about putting on the brakes, Kristin fires her foot up and catches the Slayer squarely between the thighs. The blonde's rage suddenly dies, only to be replaced by blinding pain as she falls back, protecting her bruised center. Still feeling the effects of Sarah's cruel fingers in her mouth, Kristin stalks over and stands at her victim's head.

Looking down with an imperial sneer, Kristin says angrily, "You're a no talent hack when it comes to being cruel Sarah. Allow me to instruct you."

With Sarah still crippled, Kristin planted the heel of her boot on Sarah's face and began to grind back and forth, using the rough material of the sole to abrade and abuse the blonde's features. Eventually the Slayer was able to roll free of this punishment, but the brunette was far from done with her. Picking up the wounded blonde, Kristin pulled her toward the center of the ring, before slapping on a tight Front Face Lock.

Cinching the Slayer for a Vertical Suplex, Kristin readied herself and added, "We can probably just finish you off right now. I'd hate to be accused of heaping too much damage on an opponent too fucking dumb to know when to stay down."

With that she jerked up hard and took Sarah off her feet. Holding the trapped blonde inverted over her head, Kristin didn't fall back, instead she worked to keep her balance, letting the blood rush to Sarah's head. After about fifteen seconds, her strength began to falter and she fell back, allowing Sarah to slam awkwardly to the mat. The instant she felt her back touch the mat, Kristin released her grip on the blonde and rolled backwards, landing across the Slayer's chest in a pinning predicament. Hooking a leg, Kristin smiled coldly as the ref counted Sarah down. The brunette was a little surprised when Sarah managed to kick out at 'two.'

"Well it looks like you're interested in another lesson. Then I must oblige you. Observe."

Kneeling behind her rival, Kristin pulled Sarah to a sitting position before wrapping both hands under the blonde's chin. Pulling back, Kristin bent Sarah's neck against her knee with a Simple Rear Chin Lock. It got a little less simple when the brunette returned a favor from earlier. Freeing one hand, Kristin used the talon to pull and tear at Sarah's mouth and nose, gouging at the Slayer's face like a demented sculptor would tear at the features of a statue that displeased him. Listening to Sarah wail, Kristin grinned evilly and asked, "Are you learning anything?"

Through the fingers ripping at her face, Sarah managed to reply, "More'n you'd guess."

She darted her head forward and bit down on Kristin's fingers, the very same tactic the brunette had employed against her. Not enjoying having the tables turned on her, Kristin tore her hand free and backpedaled away from the blonde, trying to plan her next move. Sarah was trying to do the same thing and after ascertaining that the damage to her face was merely superficial, the blonde got to her feet and made a beeline for the wounded brunette. Ignoring finesse and skill, Sarah opted to fire a hard Haymaker at the brunette's head, hoping to take her out with the simple maneuver, But Kristin wasn't so easily trumped and she proved as much by ducking under the looping fist and slipping behind the blonde. Before Sarah knew what was happening, Kristin had tied up her other arm with a Hammerlock and was pouring on the pressure.

While Sarah slapped at her twisted shoulder, Kristin decided it was time to raise the stakes so she whispered in the blonde's ear, "These idiots never seem to get enough of you Sarah. Seeing as how this will be your last match, lets make sure they get to see all they want."

As Sarah started to reply, Kristin brought her free hand up and gripped the top of the Slayer's red outfit. With a quick jerk, Kristin pulled the material down, giving the capacity crowd an exceedingly rare glimpse of the Slayer's chest. Sarah's face went as red as her outfit as hundreds of flashbulbs went off, documenting her humiliation. Thinking of nothing but the pain she was going to inflict on the brunette, she steadied her thoughts before firing her free elbow over her shoulder, smashing Kristin right in the mouth. Unprepared for resistance, Kristin was caught unawares and she released her hold immediately, stumbling back to tend to her assaulted face.

Knowing her window of opportunity was small, Sarah chose to spend a second of it readjusting her outfit, drawing a legion of disappointed groans from the crowd. Ignoring the mob, Sarah turned her attention back to Kristin who was charging her at a dead run. Standing her ground, Sarah didn't move until it appeared that Kristin was going to plow into her. At the last possible moment, the blonde executed a beautiful split, dropping low right in front of her charging rival. Before Kristin could wipe the incredulous look off her face, Sarah had fired a short, hard punch between the brunette's thighs. Kristin's green eyes filled with pain and she dropped to her knees before the Slayer. Face to face with her foe, Sarah gripped both sides of Kristin's head before slamming her own head forward, bashing Kristin across the bridge of the nose with a vile Head Butt. The brunette slumped backward, easy prey for the Slayer as she left the split to mount Kristin in a simple straddle.

Looking down at her foe, the blonde's face was cold as she said, "Let ME show YOU what I've learned about cruelty."

With Kristin moaning beneath her, Sarah dug her talons into the brunette's defenseless chest and tore viciously, kneading and inching the pliant flesh beneath her fingers. Suffering under the Slayer, Kristin wasn't about to let this indignity go unpunished. Gritting her teeth, she whipped her claws up and sunk them into the Slayer's bounty.

"Let's see how much YOU can take...Slayer!" Kristin hissed contemptuously as she returned Sarah's mauling with all the strength she could muster.

With both combatants blinking back tears, Sarah and Kristin began tumbling over each other once again, both trying to assume the mount that would spell doom for the other. After several snarling changes, Sarah ended up on top again. Breaking the claw on Kristin's chest, Sarah muscled the brunette onto her stomach and grabbed a double handful of hair. Without a word, the blonde began to bang Kristin's face against he canvas, alternating this attack with an occasional grind of her features across the mat. After keeping up this demoralizing abuse for the better part of a minute, Sarah pushes the brunette back onto her back and goes for the cover. The Slayer isn't really surprised when Kristin kicks out at 'two'.

In fact, the blonde welcomes it. Getting to her feet, Sarah pulls Kristin up by the hair and stands back to back with the brunette. Reaching over and behind her, Sarah loops both hands under the brunette's chin and pulls her close. Without any more preamble, the Slayer drops to her butt, driving the back of Kristin's head into her shoulder with a Neckbreaker. Picking the Darkness member's head as the focal point of her attack, Sarah pulls Kristin to a seated position before locking a Sleeper across her throat. Squeezing her grip tighter, Sarah pulls them both to the canvas and snakes a leg around one of Kristin's making it that much harder for the brunette to escape.

Still furious over the brunette exposing her to the crowd, Sarah leaned in to hiss, "That little stunt with my top is going to cost you Kristin. I'm gonna hand your little insurrection its first loss tonight and I'm going to do it while I'm riding your face!"

Gagging as her air was cut off, Kristin still wasn't the type to take that kind of abuse, "We've beaten you up too many times bitch, you're dreaming if you think you can beat me."

Sarah readied her response but it turned into a pained scream. Kristin had managed to get her head down far enough so that she could bite down on the crook of the Slayer's elbow Gnawing viciously, the brunette squirmed and writhed, waiting for her inevitable release. Moments later, she got what she was looking for and scrambled to her feet. Seeing that the Slayer was till on the canvas nursing her injured elbow, Kristin took full advantage! Looming over her prostrate nemesis, Kristin raised her heel and brought it down, stomping Sarah's heaving chest. The blonde groaned and tried to roll away, but Kristin moved with her, ruthlessly stomping away at any and every target Sarah offered up. After a last derisive stomp to Sarah's chest, Kristin paused to take a deep breath and comb her hair back behind her ears. Looking down at the injured blonde, Kristin's smile could've cut glass.

Bending down, Kristin took a handful of Sarah's hair and jerked her to her feet, leaned in close and smirked, "That thing with the split was pretty cute Sarah. I can't do a split, but I have my own methods. Tell me what you think."

Finished with words, Kristin brought her knee whistling up, smashing it violently against the Slayer's womanhood. The blonde uttered a pitiful shriek and tried to fall to her knees but Kristin wouldn't allow it, grabbing a hold of her foe's shoulders. "What's the matter?" cooed Kristin insincerely. "Didn't like that? Maybe this is more up your alley."

She reached her right hand down and got a tight grip on the material covering the blonde's groin. With a cruel smile she jerked up as hard as possible, visiting an insidious Front Wedgie on the already weakened Slayer. Tears poured from Sarah's eyes as it took a monumental effort on her part to keep standing. Seconds later, Kristin took the decision out of her hands, drilling her feet into Sarah's jaw with an amazing Flipping Dropsault, an innovative maneuver that started like a Dropkick but ended with Kristin landing on her belly as if having just completed a Moonsault. Convinced her last couple attacks had finished the Slayer off, Kristin scooted over to the downed blonde and straddled her face, applying the Front Face Sit as the ref went for his count. Much to her chagrin, Sarah was able to kick out just after 'two.'

Growing a bit more impatient, Kristin hauled Sarah to her feet and shoved her into a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist, Kristin's face was expressionless as she inverted the Slayer. Holding her prey aloft momentarily, Kristin sat down, driving Sarah's head into the mat with a Pile Driver. Pushing the limp blonde onto her back, Kristin went for the win again, this time applying the Reverse Face Sit to the wounded Slayer. But just like before, Sarah was able to break free of the humiliating pin just before the three count.

Incredulous that Sarah was able to escape the Face Sit, Kristin applied the hold again, really grinding her rear into the blonde's upturned face. But there is an old saying about going to the well once often and Kristin was about to discover its meaning. As the ref's hand was coming down for 'two', Sarah bit down on Kristin's intruding ass, drawing a pained yelp from the long haired brunette.

Forgetting everything but the pain in her backside, Kristin quickly got of Sarah and limped away, rubbing her abused posterior. Seconds later, she turned to face the recovering blonde, fire flashing in her emerald eyes. Still smarting from Sarah's bite, Kristin walked over to the kneeling blonde and yanked her to her feet. With one hand in Sarah's hair, Kristin pulled back her other, preparing to blast Sarah across the face.

Before launching her offensive she spat, "Don't you EVER do that again or I'll make sure I break your neck."

Her threat delivered, Kristin lashed out at Sarah's face, but the blonde's own hand shot up and caught the incoming hand. Jerking it to her, Sarah looked at Kristin with malevolence in her eyes and said, "Do what, THIS?"

She jerked Kristin's hand forward and bit down yet again, chewing and gnawing for all she was worth. The brunette went into a fury at the pain in her hand, but she couldn't seem to free herself. Deciding that she as going to have to out vicious the blonde to win this fight, Kristin tried to dull the pain before she shot her head forward and down. Opening her mouth wide, she sank her teeth into the muscles at the base of Sarah's neck and shoulder. In agony at the pain in her shoulder, Sarah fought to pry Kristin's jaws off of her.

She made a fist with her free hand and pounded Kristin's temple as hard as she could, as many times as she could. It only took about three of these shots for Kristin to relinquish her grip, stumbling back on wobbly legs as she tried to clear her head. Fighting off the pain coursing through her system, Sarah loped after the brunette and when she was within striking range, absolutely drilled her across the back of the neck with a hard Clothesline. Kristin went down like a felled tree and Sarah kept up the abuse on the brunette's head. Standing over the Darkness girl, Sarah executed a high vertical leap before extending her leg to have it come crashing down on the back of Kristin's head. The brunette convulsed once and lay still, the Leg Drop having taken a lot out of her. Pulling the brunette to her feet, she trapped Kristin in a tight Front Face-Lock and fell to the mat, landing on her back with the brunette on top of her. Before Kristin had time to react, Sarah brought her legs up and around Kristin's trim waist locking them at the ankles.

Her grip secure, she gave the trapped brunette a titanic double squeeze, crushing her middle with the Scissors and her head with the Face-Lock. The Guillotine Choke was a devastating hold and the Slayer had it locked on perfectly. Feeling Kristin squirm against her only motivated Sarah to squeeze the hold tighter and when her foe let loose with an especially pained gasp, Sarah sighed happily.

"After you wake up," Sarah said. "Tell Katie I'm coming for her. Eventually I'll get that bitch in the ring one on one and this is what's in her future."

Gasping for breath, but still in the battle, Kristin spat, "TELL HER....YOURSELF."

At the same time she brought both her hands up and raked them across Sarah's face, blinding the blonde. Feeling her tormentor's grip loosen slightly, Kristin put all her strength into one huge surge and she succeeded in getting herself free. Kristin's face rake had stunned the blonde and the brunette was still fending off the effects of the devastating choke, thusly it was quite a while before both ladies were back on their feet and ready to do battle again. Without a word, the two hellcats lunged forward, talons flashing in the harsh light of the club. Striking first, Sarah managed to rake her claws across the brunette's eyes, temporarily blinding her.

As Kristin staggered away, Sarah stepped up behind her and wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist. Not giving Kristin a chance to recover, Sarah hauled her off her feet and held her aloft, showing off the brunette's flawless backside to anyone interested in taking a look. Holding this pose for almost ten seconds, Sarah took two giant steps forward and brought her captive crashing down ass first on her bent knee, a textbook Atomic Drop. Lightening raced up Kristin's spine as she gingerly limped away but the blonde wouldn't let her get far. Running after her prey, Sarah wrapped an arm around Kristin's head and leapt into the air. Seconds later she came down rather easily on her butt while Bulldogging Kristin's face hard against the mat. Going for a rather acrobatic finish to the match, Sarah raced forward, hopping over Kristin's downed form as she sped toward the ropes.

With only a few feet separating her from the edge of the ring, the Slayer leapt into the air, coming to rest perfectly (yet precariously) balanced on the top rope. In the same breath, she used the rope as a launch pad, back flipping off it and landing chest to chest on the winded brunette. The Springboard Moonsault drew thunderous applause from the crowd and Sarah ate it up as she hooked a leg, waiting for the ref to make his count. Well he tried, but the official couldn't complete it as Kristin kicked out before the 3. Angry now, Sarah pulled Kristin to her feet and hissed into her face "That's the problem with you Darkness sluts. You don't know when to quit." Without getting a reply, Sarah hurled Kristin toward the corner and gave chase, intent on smashing the brunette into nothingness against the steel. It was a good plan, but Kristin didn't feel like going a long with it. Putting on the brakes moments before she hit the steel, Kristin whirled around and waited for her prey to get closer. When there was no way for Sarah to counter, the brunette exploded out of the corner and damn near cut Sarah in half with a wicked Spear. Looking at Sarah writhe, beside her, Kristin decided it was time to pull out all the stops.

Pulling the Slayer to her feet, Kristin threw the blonde into the corner. Stepping in, she wrapped Sarah in a Front Face Lock. Pulling her out of the corner and positioning herself, maintaining her grip firm, Kristin backed up until she was sitting comfortably on the top turnbuckle. Then taking a deep breath, she pushed off and twisted her body violently, falling to the mat and driving Sarah's head into the canvas with a skull-busting Tornado DDT.

Popping to her feet beside the crippled Slayer, Kristin grabs a hold of one of the blonde's wrists and one of her ankles, dragging her into position by the corner. Dropping her foe's limbs arrogantly, Kristin climbs to the top rope. Looking out with a hateful sneer on her face, she takes a moment to draw a finger across her throat, signaling then end. Microseconds later, the agile brunette executes an amazing front flip off the top, completing 1 and half full revolutions before coming down full force on Sarah's midsection. The 450 Splash drove all the air from the Slayer's lungs and she flopped only once as Kristin didn't even bother to hook the leg. Seconds later she was wishing she had as Sarah managed to somehow get a shoulder up before the 3 count. Physically stunned by her disbelief, Kristin soon shook it off and pulled Sarah to her feet.

Dragging the blonde to the center of the ring, Kristin hissed, "OK, so you don't want to stay down. I guess I'll have to settle for tearing you to pieces."

Standing against the damaged blonde's left side, Kristin bent Sarah over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling over. In one deft motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde's left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to the Slayer's ribs. In the same motion she reached over the blonde's bent torso and hooked Sarah's right arm with her left arm. Finally, she swung her left leg up and slung it over Sarah's neck, the back of the brunette's knee resting comfortably against the side of the blonde's face. With the Octopus locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on the Slayer's ribs and neck. The blonde groaned and tried to fight the hold, but Kristin had been practicing this move and she had it locked in perfectly. Sarah's eyes filled with tears as she faced the very real possibility of another loss at the hands of the Darkness. Fighting off these thoughts, she focused her remaining energy on escape. Knowing there was no way for her to power free of the hold, she turned to baser tactics.

Gritting her teeth against the pain that was sure to come, she twisted her neck just enough to get her mouth next to Kristin's thigh. As soon as there was an opening, Sarah opened her jaws and bit down, her teeth sinking deep into Kristin's tanned thigh. The controlling brunette was shocked by the sudden pain in her leg, so much so that she released the Octopus and pushed Sarah away to relieve the damage. Seeing that's Sarah's chewing had drawn blood, Kristin's features flooded with anger. Wiping her bloody fingers on her shoulder, she looked at Sarah with hateful disdain.

"You're one fucking tenacious bitch!" she whispered. "No wonder Katie hates you so!"

Intent on destroying the Slayer once and for all, Kristin charged forward, cutting the distance between her and the injured blonde. Just as she had sank her claws into Sarah's mane, the blonde powered upward and broke Kristin's grip. As the brunette stumbled backwards, Sarah bent and hooked her around the knees.

In one quick jerk, she had taken Kristin to the mat with a simple Double Leg Takedown. Hoping to teach Kristin some humility, Sarah grabbed her foe's ankles and pulled them up. Taking a deep breath, she put one leg between her opponent's, planting her foot right by Kristin's hip. In the same motion she crossed Kristin's captive legs across her threaded leg and turned over, locking on perhaps the most effective submission in all of wrestling. The Sharpshooter in place, Sarah sat on Kristin's sweat drenched lower back, pulling on the brunette's legs while leaning back as far as gravity would allow. The crowd came to it's feet at this point, Sarah's Sharpshooter almost guaranteed a victory for the blonde and almost everyone in the crowd was rooting for her to finally hand the Darkness their first loss.

Grinding her ass against Kristin's, Sarah roared hoarsely at her writhing nemesis, "GIVE IT UP KRISTIN! AFTER ALL YOU SLUTS HAVE DONE TO ME I HAVE NO QUALMS ABOUT BREAKING YOUR LEGS! JUST TAP OUT RIGHT NOW!"

But as damaged as she was Kristin was loathe to surrender. Tapping out could very well bring Katie's wrath down upon her and she had no urge to end up like Ashley Scott. Shaking her head "no" to ward off the referee, Kristin got both hands under her and began to laboriously crawl towards the ropes and freedom. Sarah did all she could to stop her foe, but the brunette was almost supernaturally resilient and a long while later, she drew within reach, clutching the bottom rope and bawling for the ref to get Sarah to release her. Amazed and pissed that Kristin was able to escape the Sharpshooter, Sarah stalked back to the middle of the ring and waited for Kristin to join her. Almost a minute later, the brunette did, limping painfully toward the final showdown with the blonde. Her smoky green eyes locked with Sarah's dark eyes and Kristin raised both hands over her head.

Curling her fingers at Sarah for a test of strength, Kristin said, "I have to know."

Sarah answered, "So do I!"

Raising her arms and moving forward to accept the brunette's challenge, Sarah walked right into a trap…or to be more precise, she walked right into Kristin's knee! The blow doubled the Slayer over and she was helpless in front of the grinning Kreuk.

"God you're trusting!" she smirked. "Let's see if we can't fix that."

Stepping forward, Kristin shoved the blonde's head down between her thighs and then wrapped her arms around Sarah's traumatized waist. Pulling up, she lifted the Slayer into position for a traditional Powerbomb. With Sarah's legs hanging limply on either side of her head, Kristin deviated from the normal course of action. But instead of slamming Sarah down, Kristin instead pushed up and out on the blonde's legs, sending them trailing out behind Sarah which put her head much closer to Kristin's hands. As gravity began to pull the blonde down Kristin grabbed the Slayer's head in both hands and sat out hard. Sarah's face and chest smashed into the mat with an ungodly CRASH! The Slayer experiencing Kristin's hideous Beautiful Letdown finisher for the second time in her career. Feeling the blonde go limp, Kristin muscled Sarah onto her back and went for the cover. The emotions of Kristin and the audience were at polar opposites over the next 3 seconds. For the first 2.99 seconds, Kristin was elated and the audience distraught. For the final .001 seconds they flipped entirely as Sarah somehow managed to get a shoulder off the canvas. Absolutely raving in her disbelief, Kristin pulled Sarah to her feet and set her for a second Beautiful Letdown.

Lifting Sarah in the air, she screamed, "STAY DOWN OR I'LL KILL YOU SLAYER! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL!"

She was just about to drop Sarah on her face for the second time in as many minutes when the blonde rammed a fist into her forehead. Stunned, Kristin dropped the Slayer. Sarah landed awkwardly on her feet in front of the dazed brunette and, realizing this was probably her last opportunity to clinch the win, she booted Kristin in the gut, then locked her in position for her own finisher, the brutal Spiral Bomb.

Gripping her victim as tightly as strength would allow, Sarah hoisted the brunette up into position for the Spiral Bomb. With Kristin's crotch mere inches from her face, the Slayer began to spin in a slow circle, gradually picking up speed as she went along. After four full revolutions, she felt her balance and strength ebbing away and she sat out hard, driving Kristin's head, shoulders and back into the mat. Holding her girl on the mat after the impact, Sarah didn't recall much about the next seconds except that they didn't end as normal. Instead of the bell wringing, and announcing her the winner, Sarah was forced to continue on as Kristin managed to kick free of the Spiral Bomb seconds before the 'three' count. Shaking her head in disbelief, she got to her feet as Kristin got to hers.

Looking straight into the brunette's eyes, Sarah raised her hands and gestured to her foe as she croaked, "Come on then. Let's end this!"

Shaking off the effects of the Slayer's finisher, Kristin whispered back, "Lets." before rushing forward.

Blonde and brunette met in a final sweating clinch, hammering punches and any other type of blow they could think of as they staggered around the ring. Feeling her back being pressed against the ropes, Sarah grabbed a hold of Kristin's arm and heaved with all her might, trying to toss the brunette over the top rope. She was half successful in this effort as she did throw the brunette over the top rope, but not to the floor as Kristin managed to land on the ring apron. A gleam flashing in her emerald eyes, Kristin revisited a tactic from much earlier. Lowering her shoulder, she rammed Sarah in the gut, doubling her over. With the gasping blonde bent before her, Kristin somersaulted over the ropes, going for the Sunset Flip a second time. She had just landed on her back and was waiting for the Slayer to slam into the canvas when something went wrong. Instead of Sarah landing on her back, the Slayer was still on her feet. Before Kristin could escape, Sarah sat down hard on her chest, pinning the brunette to the canvas with a makeshift Schoolgirl pin. Looking up at her captor, Kristin's eyes widened in rage as she saw the blonde was gripping the middle rope with both hands, gaining extra (and illegal I might add) leverage on her pin.

Looking down at the pinned brunette Sarah leered, "Cheating's a bitch isn't it?"

Kristin roared in impotent fury as the oblivious ref counted her down, "YOU GODDAM TWAT! YOU MISERABLE CHEATING BITC....."

But her tirade was cut off as the refs hand hit the mat for the third time. By hook or by crook (the latter in this case) Sarah had pinned Kristin and handed the Darkness their first loss. Sarah got off the brunette immediately and made a beeline for the ramp as she was well aware that Katie and her followers weren't going to just let her walk out of here, especially after how she'd won the match. She was almost through the ropes when the lights went out. The lights were only out for a split seconds before the light returned and Sarah found herself encircled by the Darkness, Katie at the center, with the Jessica's on her right and Erica and Kristin on her left. Kristin, still infuriated with the Slayer's trick lunged forward at the weary blonde but Katie held her back.

"Stand down Kristin!" she said quietly. But Kristin wasn't willing to let the matter drop so easily.

"FUCK THAT! SHE DIDN'T BEAT YOU!" she glared furiously at the Slayer.

Katie addressed Kristin, but her eyes were locked on Sarah, "And she didn't beat you either. We all saw what she did. This pathetic slut knows she can't beat any of us, isn't that right Sarah?"

Breathing heavily, Sarah still managed a smile, "I wouldn't say that Katie. Records indicate I've now beaten two of your little cronies." She paused before adding with a smirk, "Well, beat one and slayed the other; right Jessica?"

Now it was the Dark Angel's turn to be held back as she surged toward the Slayer.

Putting a tight grip on Jessica's arm, Biel said, "Keep it in check Jess, she's about to get what's coming to her."

"Indeed she will!" chuckled Katie. Keeping her gaze fixed on the Slayer she continued, "This is the last time Sarah, after we're done tonight, you won't EVER be back. Come on ladies, let's finish her once and for all."

Then the Darkness began to advance on the slowly retreating Slayer, backing her against the ropes, only a few feet separating the blonde from certain destruction. But in their zeal to finish off Sarah, Katie and her followers had forgotten about other enemies they had made, thus they didn't even sense the presence of the girl sliding into the ring directly behind them (despite the roaring of the crowd). They remained all but oblivious to the newcomer until she announced herself by slinging one of the two steel chairs she was carrying over the heads of Holmes' and her followers, the makeshift weapon landing easily in Sarah's hands.

Her distraction worked perfectly, dividing the cabal's attention between the danger in front and the unknown danger behind. The two Jessica's spun around to face the interloper and were greeted with stiff Chair Shots to the gut and head respectively. Biel and Alba went down in a heap, both women rolling under the bottom rope in an instinctive act of self preservation. At the same time this was going on, Sarah swung on Katie and her other two minions, but the other Darkness members were a bit quicker on the draw, ducking under Sarah's swing to scramble under the bottom rope and out of harm's way. On the outside, Katie looked up to see who would dare intrude on the Darkness' plans. Who she saw standing next to Sarah caused her normally calm demeanor to crack, an enraged hiss coming from her throat, "HEWITT...."

Jennifer Love Hewitt kept her gaze locked on Katie and her followers as the stood outside the ring and smiled coldly at Katie while the other Darkness members took stock of the changed situation, then grinned and said, "Hi Katie. Nice to see you again!"

"You're so done Love!" Katie snapped. "I made the mistake of forgetting about you but now I'll be sure and bury you beside your friend Sarah."

"Come and try!" Love shot back. "Last time we tangled, you're the one got buried!"

Katie only glared in silence, but Sarah quickly filled conversational void, "That's right Katie, between Love and me, we've beaten four of you five clowns, all except Biel. But of course, she's a second string replacement so she doesn't count. I can't believed you ditched Ashley for her; dumb!"

Biel snarled at the slight but this time it was Erica who held her back. Looking up at the blonde and brunette in the ring, the normally silent Durance told Jennifer, "Don't think I've forgotten YOU Jen. I remember all too well the last time we were in the ring together. When the time comes, I'll be the one who gets the pleasure of breaking you!"

Jen remained stone faced, but she ran a free hand over the swell of her breasts as she purred, "Bring it on Erica, I'd love to reintroduce you to MY kind of Darkness." Erica's blue eyes widened, but the brunette stayed put, willing to bide her time for now. Furious at having been robbed of her rightful prey, Katie was still smart enough to realize they would live to fight another day.

Taking a step forward, she said to Sarah and Jennifer, "Congratulations ladies, you've managed to prolong the inevitable by a day or two. But we will get you eventually. And when we do, you're going to wish you'd never crossed us. But until then...... sweet dreams. And good night."

The lights went out and when they came back, the Darkness were gone, leaving Jen and Sarah to celebrate their minor victory.

Looking at the brunette, Sarah said, "Thanks! I owe you one."

Love smiled and shrugged, "Hey, what're friends for? And don't thank me; Katie's going to be after both of us now - and we're at least three people short of making it an even fight."

Sarah nodded, "I know. But two is better than one. I just hope we get some backup before it's too late."

The two friends saluted the crowd before wearily climbing out of the ring and trudging slowly up the ramp toward Sarah's dressing room.

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