Danielle "Dani" Fishel vs. Michelle "Mish" Williams (III): The Steel Cage Match by Capflash

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Dani Fishel was sitting in her hotel room on Long Island, relaxing after a hard day of taping the MTV Karaoke show. Four shows in one day was a lot, but it was the end of the series for the summer and she was glad to be going home. Her career was finally starting to get going again after almost three years of minimal activity. She was glad she had gotten the job though, because it had been good for her physically. A little dancing, lots of sun and active days had all contributed to her feeling as good as she had ever felt. Indeed, she was as trim and fit as she had ever been. Yes, it had been a good decision to take this job.

There was a knock on the door. Dani rose from her chair and peeked through the peep hole. It was Josh, the stage hand that she had immediately taken a liking to when she started this gig. She was actually kind of sorry it was now over, because they had gotten rather close. Unlocking the door, she opened it and smiled at him.

"Hey, Josh. What brings you around here?"

He smiled, an immediate response to the warmth of her enchanting smile. "Oh, this came for you at the beachhouse, and you had already left. I just wanted to make sure you got it before you went back home."

She smiled warmly at him. "Aren't you sweet...," she giggled, taking the envelope from him and rising up on her tip toes to kiss his cheek affectionately. She really did like this guy. Sweet. That's what he was!

Josh blushed. He was certainly enamored with the little actress. "Ummm, OK, well... Take care of yourself, OK? Have a safe trip back to LA." Flustered, he turned and started down the hall, a spring in his step that his special little Dani had given him a peck on the cheek.

"I will, Josh. You take care, too. Maybe I'll see you again if they ask me back next year." She smiled as she closed the door. Walking back to the chair by the window of her room overlooking the ocean, she looked curiously at the envelope. There was no return address or postage on it. Nothing except the words, "Dani Fishel" and "Urgent". Curious, she opened it, sitting down in the chair to read.

'Dear Dani-kins,
Hey douche-bag. How are you? Mish here. Surprised I knew where to find you? Don't be! A notoriously fat, annoying slut like you is actually easy to find.'

Dani was aghast. Who the hell did Michelle think she was and why was she insulting her like this?

I've got a proposition for you, piggy. You got lucky the last time we fought, we all know that. Now, I think it's time we prove it so here's the deal, if you haven't already wet yourself in fear. You and me for all the marbles in a grudge match!
And I want it to go all the way so here's the rules: There aren't any! I want you in a cage so you can't run away. It will take place at the mansion in Florida where we met the first two times. Taped fists. No disqualification, no holds barred, no rules, nothing off limits. We fight till one of us submits. I'm going to pound you and hurt you until you scream for mercy, proving once and for all who the better fighter is.
One more thing. Forget that wimpy crop top and jeans shorts you usually wear; it's bikini's baby. That's right, bikinis! If you can squeeze that fat ass into one, that is. Let's give everyone a good look at those flabby tits of yours while I use them for speedbag practice. I want you in nothing but a bikini so you can't hide anything to cheat with, and so I can pound that porky body of yours black and blue.
I've already made all the arrangements. It's gonna be a big one, baby. Everyone who's anyone will be there. And I'll be waiting for you, in the ring, four days from now - 9pm. You know where the place is. Don't make me come get you and drag you down there by your slimy hair. One way or another, this fight WILL happen. Don't let the people down, Dani-kins.
Come out and play,

Dani sat staring at the letter, shaking her head in disbelief! The nerve of this woman! Only a few months older than herself, but so arrogant! As she sat in the chair for almost a half an hour, Dani's mind drifting back to their first two meetings.

The first time they met, it was a complete disaster for Dani. Expecting a fair fight, Michelle had jumped her even before the official start of the match. Michelle had savaged her mercilessly, beating her brutally, totally and completely humiliating her to the point that she almost never fought again. She had somehow recovered from that fight to face her again. This time she had been victorious against Michelle, though it had been a very tough fight. Now it looked like Michelle wanted to put her claim on the young actress. Over her dead body.

Dani had recovered from the first beating and had developed a reputation as one of the premier fist fighters in celebrity fighting circles. She had routinely beaten women substantially larger than herself with her surprising strength, her unbreakable will and her unmatchable heart. She had suffered some losses to be sure, but her reputation was very solid. She was a tough out, for those that could withstand her attack. Though she hadn't fought in a little while, she was comfortable with her ability to mix it up. She smiled as she thought about Michelle's stipulation for taped fists. That would play right into one of Dani's strengths. Maybe Michelle wasn't as bright as Dani gave her credit for initially.

Williams wanted a fight? Dani would give her one. A quick call to her parents and her agent to tell them she was taking a few days to enjoy the sun and surf in the Hamptons and she was on her way to Florida. Taking a flight down to Ft. Lauderdale, she prepared herself for the upcoming challenge.

When Dani got there, she was amazed at the buzz the impending fight had created. Michelle had obviously been hard at work down here, working up the fans of the showdown, burying Dani before she set foot in the Florida sunshine. She went straight to the mansion to have a look at the setup. Entering the building, she was led to the huge atrium where the fights were held. As she entered, her eyes went wide for in the middle of the room stood a massive steel cage with a ring inside. The corner posts and turnbuckles were set directly into the cement floor leaving minimal space between the ropes and the cage walls so that anyone who hit the ropes would also hit the cage. In fact there was only about an arm's length between the steel and the ropes. There was no mat, only carpet covering a cement floor of the room. 'What, no barb wire?' Dani thought, her trepidation rising as she studied the cage set-up. "Damn, better not give Michelle any ideas!" Surrounding the cage and ring were metal bleachers, guaranteeing every witness got a terrific view of the action. It was going to be a spectacle, alright; Michelle had spared no detail to make this a visual event for the ages.

Heading to her hotel room, Dani went over the setup in her mind; only three days to prepare for what would be the fight of her life. The only thing that gave her any comfort at all was that Michelle would be exposed to the same apparatus as she would be. Dani was confident in her ability for she felt she was one of the best fistfighters on the female celebrity fight circuit; in good shape, toned and tanned from her weeks in the Long Island beach sun. She was as trim and slim as she'd been in a long time, she could do this.

The night of the showdown arrived. Dani made her way to the mansion early. She was determined not to be intimidated or rushed, let alone attacked prematurely like she was the first time. Older and wiser at 22 years old, she told herself she was ready for the blonde hellcat. Going into the bedroom she was given to prepare, she changed out of her sweat suit, sliding the pants off her hips and down her legs. Pulling out the pink bikini panties she had brought with her, she slid them up her smooth legs, settling them on her hips and adjusting them until they were comfortable. Then she took out the matching string bikini top and tied it around her back. As she tied the top string behind her neck and fluffed her luxurious hair over it, she thought about her attire. Why would Michelle insist on bikinis? Dani was well endowed, to be sure. Firm, large, round breasts adorned her chest, the cloth triangles of her bikini top straining to hold them in. Michelle was well-built as well, but there was probably not much difference between their respective sets of tender young tits. Maybe Michelle had a skin fetish? Dani shrugged her shoulders, setting her luscious breasts a jiggle. She had never fought in a bikini before and the concept made her a little self-conscious. She'd be over it by the time the match started - she hoped.

Sitting on the bed, she wrapped her hands in white tape, winding it around her knuckles. Not so tight as to cut off her circulation, but not so loose she wouldn't do damage when they hit Michelle. She needed to be able to use her hands since it wasn't strictly a fist fight. Pounding her fists into each other to check her wrap, she sat on the bed clad only in her pink bikini and took a deep breath, setting her mouthwatering cleavage ajiggle within her top. "Well, it's time to go," she sighed softly. "Too late to back out now." Standing, she checked her image in the mirror one last time; smooth supple arms, sleek, strong legs, succulent chest, bare feet, her light brown hair with sun-lightened streaks that made it more a dirty blonde than light brown, cascading down over her shoulders and back, framing her cute face. She was as ready as she'd ever be; a vision of curvy loveliness! Taking a deep breath and then exhaling firmly, she stiffened her spine and walked through the door out into the atrium...

Michelle warmed up in the ring, stretching, dancing from one foot to the other, shadowboxing. She was wearing only a tiny black bikini and had her fists taped up. With her long blonde hair cascading down over her tiny white shoulders, her breasts bouncing with each step, she looked terrific and she knew it. She hoped that, to the large audience, she also looked confident without a hint of nervousness. However, she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she didn't have very often, going into a fight. She was actually a bit nervous.

She had beaten Dani severely and easily in their first fight, but it wasn't a fair fight at all. It was an ambush. Dani didn't have a chance in that one. In their second match, a fist-fight, Dani won, knocking her out and really putting a black mark on Michelle's reputation in the celebrity fighting world. Which made tonight's fight very important. Michelle wanted the fighters and the audience to once again see her as fearless, a skilled fighter not to be taken lightly and the only way to get that reputation back was to make a 'brawl-to-settle-it-all' type match, a grudge match, and not only did she absolutely have to win, but it was equally important that she hurt Dani very badly, humiliate her, hopefully even end her career. And this was just the place to do it. In a steel cage. She hoped her letter to Dani was insulting enough to get her to agree to this fight. She made it a submission-only match for two reasons. If it was any other kind of match, what if Dani passed out or got knocked out? That would be too easy and the fight would be over before Michelle could perform the kind of massacre she was going for. It certainly wouldn't give the crowd what they wanted. They were prepared to see a battle like they've never seen before and Michelle was prepared to give it to them, having put in more preparation for this match than any other. The other reason Michelle made it a submission match? She would never tell anyone else this, but...what if Dani knocked HER out again? Michelle would never be able to show her face around here anymore, that's for sure. That wasn't going to happen here tonight. This no-holds-barred fight would end when one girl gave up and not before.

A huge and very eager audience assembled. The hype was great, but when they saw the cage and young woman inside, pacing back and forth, most of them knew they were going to see something special tonight. Michelle took a deep breath when she saw Dani walk in the room, through the crowd and into the cage. Dani looked better than she'd ever seen her. Dressed in her pink string bikini, she had obviously been working out. She looked stronger than Michelle, maybe two inches shorter. Her arms and legs were toned and muscular, less baby-fat than the last time they met, and a defiant, intense look on her face that she'd never seen. Had Michelle gone too far this time?

The crowd's anxious chatter turned to cheers when Michelle and Dani met in the middle of the ring, staring each other down. It was an amazing sight for the lucky onlookers. Two beautiful young women in skimpy bikinis in the ring, surrounded by a cage, ready to take each other to hell and back. When the cage door was closed and locked, Michelle smiled at Dani. "I'm gonna slaughter you, piggy."

Looking up slightly, Dani met her gaze, her taped fists flexing and relaxing slightly. "Don't be too sure about that. I beat you last time, and I have no plans for that to change this time. Just remember, you asked for this ass kicking."

If Michelle was nervous, she hid it well. She smiled at Dani like a Cheshire Cat, as if there was a joke and Dani was unaware of the punchline. "We'll see, honey. We'll see. Now go to your corner and come at me with all you've got, you fat, pathetic tramp."

Dani was incensed. Michelle was going to pay for that insult. Turning, she started toward her corner, expecting a bell. She never heard one.

Michelle pounced immediately. Swinging a forearm at the back of Dani's head, she hit with full force. The crack staggered the spectators, some of which were just taking their seats. Dani staggered forward a step or two, trying to keep her balance. "Boy are you stupid!" Michelle laughed as she grabbed Dani's thick hair and pulled her back toward her. "I can't believe you turned your back on me, you moron ! Haven't you learned anything?"" Pulling the stunned girl's head under her arm, she locked a headlock on her. Immediately, she began pumping taped left fists into Dani's unprotected face. Rapid fire punches plowed into that 'girl next door' face, the tape making them even more damaging. Dani shuddered as she struggled to push herself from Michelle's grasp. Taped hands pushed against the blonde's smooth alabaster sides, but to no avail. Michelle wrenched the little actress around forcefully, the light brown-haired young woman stumbling along beside her. Over and over again Michelle's taped fist arced up into Dani's face, slashing into the delicate, tender features of the stunned young woman. Finally, Dani threw a hard punch into Michelle's lower back, hitting her above her left hip in the small of her back and heard her opponent gasp. Two, three, four punches hit home, until Michelle released the staggering Fishel, Dani dropping to her knees as she pulled free. Shaking her head in shock, she tried to regroup. Michelle looked down at her kneeling opponent and glared, a slow sinister smile dawning on her face. Crimson tinted her rival's face, Dani springing a slight leak from some unidentified facial feature, the same color that slightly tinted the tape on the blonde's fist.

With Dani on her knees, Michelle entwined her fingers into her rival's hair and pulled upward. Dani hissed as she was pulled to her feet, lurching unsteadily as her mind was still whirling. Grabbing at Michelle's wrists, she tried to pull her hands free of her thick hair. Turning her quickly, Michelle buried her knee into the pit of Dani's soft stomach, producing a tremor in her target's body, shaking her thighs and ass as well as her belly, Dani's large breasts jiggling as she shuddered. Refusing to take a knee again, Dani struggled to straighten up again, only to be rocked by another knee to the gut. Air exploding from her mouth, Dani slowly sank to her knee, hands still gripping Michelle's wrists in their attempt to pry her hands out of her hair.

Michelle kept a tight grip on Dani's hair, trying to ignore the pain in her lower back. Dani had really hit her hard there several times and it wasn't the kind of thing Michelle's tiny frame could forgive. She needed a break just for a few seconds and knew exactly what to do to get it. She brought her leg back again and this time, instead of burying her knee in Dani's stomach, she slammed it right into Dani's jaw, knocking her backwards, the back of Dani's head slamming hard onto the floor. The crowd let out a surprised gasp. Michelle slowly walked around her opponent's body, while massaging that nagging ache in her left lower back. If Dani was out cold, so be it. It would give her a little more time to recuperate. And when she was ready, there were plenty of nasty ways to wake Dani up.

Dani lay on her back, blinking her eyes and looking up at the top of the cage. She moved one hand to her aching stomach. She was starting get her focus back and could see Michelle walking around her, looking down at her as if she couldn't quite decide what to do with her next. She wondered if she had lost consciousness for a second or two. Her head had hit the carpeted floor very hard. There was a ringing in her ears and she had a sharp stinging pain in her lower lip. Had she been busted open already? Yep. There it was. The taste of blood. Michelle wasn't simply after first blood, however. She made it very clear that this was going to be a long night and there was no way out. Dani would have to fight for her life.

Michelle was thinking about doing that old trick where you stand on your opponent's hair and pull up on her arms, but decided against it. She wasn't sure how much damage had been done to her back, but pulling up hard like that would only aggravate it. She decided instead to reach down, grab Dani's ankles and pull her legs up. Spreading Dani's legs open to a V-shape, she looked down at her, watching her come back to life. She saw Dani's hand move to her stomach. "Good morning, Ms. Fishel. I have a surprise for you..". She then mercilessly dropped her knee flush into Dani's groin, her opponent letting out a screech so loud and pained, even Michelle herself couldn't help but wince for a second. Satisfied, Michelle raised her arms in the air and walked in circles around the other young fighter, who was now curled up in a fetal position, moaning, her eyes shut tight, one taped fist clutching her midsection and the other covering her crotch. The crowd cheered, but many just sat there with there mouths open, in shock. This was turning out to be exactly what Williams had said it would be. A massacre like they'd never seen before.

Dani tried to control the rising panic inside her. She had to focus, but it was hard to do with the lightening voltage of pain coursing through her from her crotch and the pain in her belly. Eyes closed, she writhed on her side, one taped hand covering her belly, the other her crotch. Oblivious to the strutting blonde circling her, she tried to level her breathing. Slowly getting control of herself, she started to roll to one elbow and lift herself onto her knees.

Michelle watched from above, a smirk on her luscious lips. Stepping in behind her fallen foe, she waited until Dani's bikini-clad derriere was raised then planted a swift kick up between her thighs eliciting another scream and driving Dani face first into the carpet again.

This time Dani did not flop to the carpet. Her chest heaving in her effort to control the sobs that were building within her, she somehow remained on her knees, one forearm by her head steadying herself and the other shoved between her thighs. With the excited crowd noise filling her ears, she rocked slowly forward and back, using the repetitive rhythm to try to calm herself down and refocus her spinning head. She had to get away, try to regroup. Pulling her left hand from her crotch, she began to haltingly crawl toward the ropes.

"Oh, no you don't, sweetheart. There's nowhere to go," Michelle purred with a nasty smile. "We're just getting started." Reaching down to the crawling ingenue, Michelle's taped hands playfully rubbed Dani's smooth sides and lower back then patted her behind, almost as if encouraging her attempted escape. "That's it. Run away, little piggy. Run and hide."

Laughing malevolently, she dogged Dani as she tried to get to the ropes. Dani's head was clearing as she crawled toward the ropes. There was no sanctuary there she knew, no sanctuary anywhere in this hell cage, but at least she could get to her feet easier. The sharp tang of blood that seeped into her mouth from her lower lip helped her focus. She figured that wasn't the only place she was seeping from, but she didn't have time to find out where else. With her thick hair cascading over her shoulders and partially obscuring her face, her strong thighs and ass tensing, and her fleshy tits jiggling as she crawled, Dani focused on the ropes in front of her.

Seeing her quarry just out of reach of the ropes, Michelle decided it was time to play again. "OK, piggy. Time to get up." Reaching down, the blonde wrapped her hand in Dani's hair and hooked the other under the bikini string in the middle of her back. Holding her there, she chuckled as Dani struggled to go forward. Pulling back on her victim's hair, she tilted Dani's face to the crowd.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Dani hissed, closing her eyes in pain as Michelle's hand further entwined in her luxurious hair.

"Up we go," Michelle said as she pulled Dani slowly to her feet by her hair and bikini string. One of Dani's hands pulled at Michelle's wrist as she was hauled painfully upright into a standing position. Looking into the pained girl's expression, the blonde smiled as she saw the seepage from her forehead and above her left eyebrow.

"That's gonna hurt," she giggled. Pulling her over toward the nearest turnbuckle, Michelle led her captive into the corner. Leaning her forward as she walked, she scraped Dani's face against the cage, eliciting yet another cry of pain. Dani's taped hands flew to her face to try to shield it from more abuse. "Oopsie. Too close," Michelle laughed as she hauled the stumbling, suffering Fishel to the corner.

Dani's eyes saw the intended target but couldn't pull free. She again tried to pull Michelle's hand free of her hair, but Williams had it tightly entwined. Reaching the corner, Michelle rammed Dani's face into the padded turnbuckle sending a shudder through the curvy sun-streaked girl's body, from her boobs to her thighs.

"Unnnhhhhhhhhhh..." A second slam shook her again, her tanned skin rippling from the impact. Dani was dazed again by the solid impact of face on turnbuckle, slumping to her knee, the blonde's hand still entangled in her hair near her scalp. Michelle hauled her to her feet again, walking her a short distance from the corner, then whirling her around by her hair, flinging her back towards the corner. Dani hit the turnbuckle solidly, back first. Her head snapped back, pounding into the buckle, her voluminous hair flying, her tits, belly, ass and thighs all shaking from the impact. Her arms draped over the top ropes, Dani was stunned. Hanging in the corner, her luscious body was a blank canvas for Michelle to express herself upon.

Michelle looked at her opponent and shook her head. "Look at you. You're pathetic! (Michelle slapped Dani's face sharply, snapping her head violently to the side) These people came here to see a show and you're giving them nothing! (a quick jab to Dani's nose, snapping her head back on her neck) You're giving ME nothing! (Another jab) Why did you even agree to this fight? (jab) Answer me! (A much harder jab, one that started blood flowing from Dani's nose) And now you're bleeding like the stuck pig that you are!"

Dani looked up at Michelle with seething anger and hatred, each stinging jab making the rage grow stronger inside her, her frustration with herself forcing tears out of her eyes that she had been trying so hard to hold back. She was so tired of being humiliated, but felt she was hopeless now, arms draped over the top ropes, slumping in the corner.

Michelle continued punching Dani with brutal taped fists. Snapping her head back on her neck, increasing the flow of red from her nose. An uppercut to her left tit. Her right breast, nearly knocking it out of her skimpy bikini top. Plunging a left into her belly. Breast, breast, belly, face, belly, face, breast, breast. Uppercut, hook, cross. Headsnap, tit bounce.

"Ooooofffff! Unhhhhhh! Unggggggg!" Dani was beside herself, getting mauled from all angles as Michelle played speedbag with her belly, boobs and face. Pink appeared all over her flesh. A couple maliciously vicious uppercuts to her aching tits. The tawny-tressed punching-bag sagged in the corner.

"You're more pathetic than I even imagined, and that's saying something," Michelle spat as she observed the damage her taped fists had done to her curvy rival. Bleeding from her nose, cut on her forehead and over her eye, bruising on her breasts, arms and belly, Dani was a slack-jawed mess. The blonde smirked as she watched Dani slowly push herself back up, legs straining, her breasts and ass jiggling as she struggled back to an upright position. "She wants more. My pleasure," Michelle cooed.

Michelle turned her back on her beaten rival. Dani had an opportunity to jump her, but couldn't move, her legs like jello. Michelle walked to the middle of the ring and turned around to face her opponent. Raising her fists in the air, getting the crowd's approval, Michelle then ducked down and ran forward, burying her shoulder into Dani's stomach.

"Oooof!" A loud gush of air came out of Dani's lungs and a resounding OHHH! from the audience. Dani struggled to breathe, nearly split in half at the navel by the alabaster shoulder. Michelle walked back to the middle of the ring. Dani looked on in horror. If Michelle was going to do another one of those, Dani (and Michelle and everyone else) knew it was lights out. She could not take another one, but she was too weak to move out of the way. Michelle charged forward and Dani didn't bother trying to move. However, she did let go of the ropes, letting herself fall down to the floor at the last second. Michelle's shoulder didn't find Dani's stomach. It found the empty space between the turnbuckles and then the cold steel of the cage, her head smashing against the cage post and her body crumpling in the narrow space between the cage and the turnbuckle.

The crowd roared with delight. In one moment, with Michelle's one mistake, everything had changed. If Williams was unconscious pinned against the cage, Fishel might actually have enough time to get herself together and turn this thing around !

That would be a lot easier said than done. Dani's stomach, tits and face had taken such a beating, she was still on the floor, curled up, trying hard to get some air into her lungs and breath through the blood that ran from her nose. She wondered if her ribs or nose were broken. Her last-second effort had paid off, though. She looked over and saw Michelle lying motionless pinned outside the ropes, her body pressed up against the cage. Dani had bought herself some time, but was it enough?

Michelle had crumpled to her knees, her body splayed against the cage wall like a bug on a windshield. Momentarily blacked out, she was held suspended there, a marionette with her strings tangled. For quite a few moments, neither girl moved. The crowd was hushed in anticipation and wonder about what was about to happen. The only sounds were Dani's struggles for breath and control. Slowly she crawled to the ropes a short distance from Michelle, expecting her to attack at any time. Reaching them, she slowly and haltingly pulled herself to her feet, holding the ropes to keep from collapsing again. Leaning on the ropes for support, she labored for breath, breathing heavily through her mouth and wiping a trail of crimson from her lips. Seeing the blonde beginning to stir against the cage wall, she knew she didn't have much time. She had to act now, whether she was ready or not. The crowd began to cheer her on, encouraging the gutsy youngster. Maybe this was going to be a fight after all!

As Michelle began to get her bearings, she felt a presence behind her. Before she could turn around, she felt the searing pain of Dani's heel slamming into the flesh surrounding her kidney!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." she groaned, her eyes closing, a hissing intake of breath. A second time the heel smashed into her lower back in the same spot. Dani had seen the damage her initial desperate punches had done there and decided to work on that tender area again. Three, four times Dani's pounded her heel into the soft flesh of Michelle's lower back, the last two times grinding the heel in for added destruction. Michelle's face was plastered with a look of pain, gritting her teeth against the ache.

With Michelle groaning, Dani reached over the top rope and entangled her hands in Michelle's blonde locks, pulling straight up, bringing the screaming hellcat with them, her hands clutching at Dani's. The crowd was amazed as they watched Dani pull Michelle to her feet after the beating she had taken. From the look on Dani's normally girlishly cute face, only now with crimson streaks and smudges in spots, everyone knew that Michelle was not going to like what was about to happen next.

Pulling her up to her feet, Dani hissed in Michelle's ear, "Now who's the stupid one?" Pulling back on the screaming blonde's hair, she bent her back over the ropes. After pulling her back so that the blonde's torso was almost horizontal, she released her grip on her hair. With the ropes acting like a slingshot, Michelle's face and torso were flung forward, mashing into the cage wall with a powerful clang! Groaning, Michelle semi stood, plastered to the chain-link wall. Dani, a grin on her face for the first time in the match, entwined her hands in Michelle's hair a second time.

Pulling her back even farther this time on her rope powered catapult, Dani looked down into Michelle's shocked and pained visage. "Ready?" she chuckled. Michelle's eyes went wide as she felt Dani let go of her hair again. Rocketed forward by the tension on the ropes, Michelle slammed into the metal curtain a second time, hitting harder than the first time. This time, Michelle slowly sank to her knees, her face roughly dragging along the cage wall as she descended. Still between the ropes and the cage wall, she was held in that upright position, face and chest leaning against the cool steel, chest laboring for air and focus. She found she was not getting enough of either.

Dani, still recovering from the initial beating she had taken, stood at the ropes, leaning on them for support, wiping at her forehead and upper lip at the crimson staining her cherubic facial features and staring with malice towards her staggered adversary. Grabbing Michelle's hair with her taped hand again, she roughly tilted her head back. Encouraged by the trickle of red that was now seeping from Michelle's nose, her spirit lifted. With Michelle's head tilted back, her large, milky white breasts were thrust forward into the cage wall, the skimpy black bikini top providing negligible protection. Pulled up once again by her younger opponent, those breasts were roughly scraped on the cage wall, drawing a pained cry from the hurting blonde and giving the spectators on that side a clear view of Michelle's succulent tits. Pulling Michelle back a third time, this time Dani yanked hard on the blonde mane, pulling Michelle into the ring over the top rope. Michelle landed hard on her back, followed by an elbow to her aching breasts. The pale girl's eyes rolled back in her head momentarily, stunned by the slam of the elbow.

Slowly getting to her feet, Dani looked down on her fallen foe, lying on her back in the ring. Raising her foot, Dani stomped Michelle in the pit of her belly. Michelle convulsed on the carpet, her breasts bouncing and jiggling as she shuddered, rolling onto her side in a fetal position, cradling both her breasts and belly with her crimson tinted taped hands.

Dani grabbed Michelle's hair and slowly lifted her up, a painful process for both, but she eventually got her to her feet. Grabbing her from behind, she walked her to the corner and pushed her forward into the turnbuckles. Michelle was facing into the corner, her arms draped over the top ropes, her head resting on the top turnbuckle. Dani punched Michelle in the back, Michelle responding with a sharp cry of pain. Dani raised her fists in the air, mocking Michelle's arrogance from earlier in the match, and the crowd cheered her on. Dani began slamming punch after punch into her opponent's back, each one causing Michelle's body to shudder in pain. She leaned in tight, pounding Michelle's kidneys and back like she was working out with a punching bag in the gym.

When blood began to come out of Michelle's mouth, Dani stopped for a moment. Dani spoke right into Michelle's ear. "Ready to give up? I'm just getting warmed up here." Actually, Dani was exhausted and wanted to collapse to the floor, but didn't want her to know that.. "You didn't think I had it in me, huh?" Another punch. Michelle moaned in pain. "Give up?"

Michelle managed to whisper and Dani had to get in close to hear her: "Never, you bitch... Not to you.. NEVER." Dani grabbed a hold of the ropes in each hand and pressed her knee into Michelle's back, grinding it in as hard as she could. Michelle wailed. "You don't know when you've been beat, Williams. I'll win this fight the same way you win all of yours.. by fighting dirty. You don't think I've finally learned how to play rough? You don't think I can fight as dirty as you?" She undid Michelle's bikini top and ripped it off. She turned her around and grabbed Michelle's large milky white breasts in her hands and squeezed and twisted, Michelle crying out in shock and agony. The audience was amazed to see Dani like this. It seemed Michelle had beaten and taunted her so much, she'd been turned into a wild animal, gritting her teeth, mauling Michelle's breasts with both hands "Give it up, you bitch! Give it.." Her words were cut off when Michelle's knee came up and hit her between the legs. It was a desperate move and didn't have much power behind it at all, but Dani's midsection had taken such a beating already, it caused her enough pain to let go of Michelle and stagger back a couple steps.

Hunched over, hands between her legs, Dani felt like she would pass out. So much blood was gushing out of her nose, she was now certain it had been broken and her vision was starting to go dim. She glared at Michelle, who glared back at her, both of them with such hatred in their eyes, the whole room wondered if either would ever give up. These two girls seemed willing to beat each other to death.

Michelle wasn't sure if she could stand without the aid of the ropes. She tried as hard as she could, but any attempt to stand on her own caused a sharp jolt of pain to run through her spine. She wanted to get to Dani before Dani got to her, but it was hopeless. Dani slowly came forward again. "That was a stupid thing to do, bitch. Now, I'm..."

"Shut up, Fishel!" Michelle spat out. "You didn't let me answer your question. The answer is no!" Dani wasn't sure what she meant. Michelle reached out and grabbed Dani's hair and pulled her face just an inch from hers. "No, Dani, I DON'T think you can fight as dirty as I can!" To the audience, it looked for a moment like Michelle was kissing Dani, but when Dani started screaming in pain and they got a better look, many of them were horrified at what they saw. Michelle was biting Dani's nose. She clamped on so tight, that when Dani fell backwards, Michelle landing on top of her, she still didn't let go. Dani cried and flailed her arms and legs, but Michelle's teeth stayed clamped on her bleeding nose. Dani's high-pitched screeching caused many to cover their ears and several called out for Dani to give up. Michelle stopped just long enough spit some blood out of her mouth and say, "You heard them. Better give the people what they want, Dani. GIVE IT UP, you pathetic bitch !" She bit down again and Dani squealed in agony.

Desperate and in terrible pain, the sobbing Dani pushed, slapped and writhed on the carpet beneath her ruthless tormentor. Michelle's hot breath filled Dani's senses, the blonde's bare, sweaty tits mashing into her own bikini-clad ones. Her nose hurt so badly, she felt like it was about to be torn off her face. Nearly choking on the blood that ran from her nose into her mouth, she somehow finally achieved a moment of clarity. Even as she screamed into the skin of Michelle's face, she started plowing her taped left fist into the fleshy side of the blonde's right tit. Pounding it repeatedly, the fist made a smacking sound as it battered the soft pillowy mound. As her mind began to explode from the pain of the bite, Dani maintained the presence of mind to grind the taped knuckles into the giving soft mammary tissue. Detecting a slight change in Michelle's breathing, she decided she had to risk everything to get free. With the blonde distracted slightly by the painful grinding of her breast, Dani threw all she had into an uppercut square on Michelle's jaw, the knuckles hitting the underside of Williams' chin with a startling THUNK! While it did stun the blonde's bite open, freeing the anguished young woman's nose from her shark like grip, it also drove Michelle's bottom jaw up into the upper, clamping one last horrific chomp on Dani's already throbbing nose. As Michelle rolled off stunned, Dani let go a blood curdling scream and rolled onto her side.

Michelle sat, blinking, the desperate punch catching her by surprise. Rubbing her jaw, she spit out a mouthful of Dani's blood on the carpet. Wiping her mouth with her forearm, she took a couple of deep breaths, taking in the stunned sounds coming from the crowd. Having anticipated a titanic match, never had they imagined the height of cruelty they were witnessing. Michelle slowly got to her knees and turned in the direction of her agonized victim.

Dani lay on the carpet, in near fetal position, her hands covering her screamingly painful nose, the flow of blood from her nose mingling with that from her mouth and her eye and her forehead. She absently kicked her right foot in distress, the agony beyond anything she had ever experienced. Whimpering, she tried to fight through the pain that consumed her consciousness. Michelle looked down on the trembling actress and smiled. It was almost over. There was no way Dani could recover from this. She had hurt her - hurt her so deeply that she might never fight again.

Sidling up to the fallen Fishel on her knees, Michelle spoke in a snakelike hissing tone. "Looks like it's over Dani, you porker." Surveying the tremulous form before her, she chuckled, "Well, it looks like you won't be needing this anymore." Slowly, teasingly she untied the string of Dani's bikini top, pulling it off her roughly, exposing Dani's substantial sweat-shiny breasts to the crowd.

"Come on Michelle. That's enough!" a few spectators called, their hearts breaking at the damage done to Dani.

"Oh no!" she called. "It's not done until I say we're done or until she surrenders!" Rolling her onto her belly, pinning her face to the mat with a hand on the back of her neck, she regarded the trembling Californian. In a softer, dismissive voice, she said to Dani, "Not so tough are you, you little pussy bitch?" Dani's foot absently kicked the carpet, indicative of the pain she was in. "Come on, little piggy," Michelle hissed quietly, getting slowly to her feet and turning Dani's head in her hands, slowly bringing the sobbing actress back to her feet.

As she slowly pulled Dani to her knees, she suddenly felt arms wrapped around her and locked around her back. Incredulous, Michelle found herself lifted slightly off her feet and being propelled backwards toward the ropes. The crowd was stunned as a maniacal Dani Fishel somehow rallied her broken spirit, charging the blonde as she was pulled to her feet. The wild look in her eyes told those that saw them, including Michelle, that she was incensed. Unable to stop Dani's charge, Michelle had only seconds to brace herself for impact. Her broad, soft shoulders taut with effort, Dani's legs drove the two women into the ropes and cage wall, the blonde's battered midsection taking the brunt of the impact, mashed between the cage wall and the solid, driving shoulder of her rival.

"Ouuuuuuuufffffff!!" Michelle's breath exploded from her mouth, droplets of blood raining out with it speckling Dani's back with crimson. Not releasing her, Dani again pounded her back into the ropes and cage wall, again skewering her foe with her shoulder. Staggering backwards, she somehow remained upright as she looked at her bewildered enemy. With blood streaming from her ruined nose, Dani steadied herself with difficulty and launched a right fist at Michelle. BANG! The fist hit home on Michelle's bare left breast, twisting the taped knuckles on impact to maximize damage. Rearing back and firing again, she sent another looping right fist into her alabaster foe's frame, hitting her just below the tit as Michelle tried to evade. Another right, this time to the face, starting a flow from the blonde's hairline. Running on unguessed reserves, adrenaline or just raw will, Dani pounded her fist over and over again into her staggered and bewildered foe, big bare boobs bouncing and jiggling on her chest as she flung looping punches. Occasionally pinning Michelle on the ropes, propped against the cage wall, she rested momentarily before resuming her barrage, knowing she had to keep throwing until Michelle collapsed, hitting any part of Michelle that happened to be available.

If this were earlier in the match, Michelle would be in serious trouble because fist-fighting had always been Dani's forte. Luckily for the blonde, Dani's punches had been robbed of much of their power to do substantial damage. That was not to take away from their impact. Michelle was being overwhelmed by volume if not by power. The attack had also succeeded in bring the crowd to its feet. Dani was not beaten yet, though how she managed to sustain this attack frankly puzzled everyone, even Dani herself. Detached, almost in a dream like state, she mindlessly swung her taped fists at Michelle, heaving shaky punch after shaky punch into her face, bare tits, belly, arms, hips, ribs and any other body part that happened to be in the way. Though lacking the power she would have had earlier in the match before getting worked over, the fists did damage, drawing blood from her mouth, nose and hairline. As she threw fist after grueling fist into Michelle's softening body, Dani seemed to get stronger and recover some semblance of control of herself. How long she could maintain this comeback was still a matter of uncertainty. She had a reputation for being able to take extreme levels of abuse in her matches, so no one ever counted her out completely. Driven by her hatred of this cruel blonde bitch in front of her, her nose screaming in pain at her and streaming blood, she drove herself beyond the limits anyone expected, pumping her taped fists into Michelle, cutting, abrading and punishing her slighter alabaster frame, her beautiful pale face and breasts.

Michelle was stunned by Dani's punches and her determination. As she weathered the storm of admittedly less powerful but still harmful punches to her significant tits, belly and tender face, she looked for a way out. On some level, she saw that, though Dani's jiggling body was still pumping fists into her aching flesh, there was a mindlessness to it, and that she was still unsteady on her feet. As Dani threw another punch, the blonde ducked under the arc of the right arm causing Dani to list off balance and right into a gutting knee to the soft slightly pudgy pit of her wide open belly. Dani staggered forward into the ropes, Michelle pulling her past her and face first into the cage wall. Her destroyed nose hitting the steel as her face was mashed into cold links, Dani screamed. The crowd groaned.

As Dani staggered away from the ropes, she blundered right into another devastating knee to the pit of her belly, lifting her up to her tiptoes, her eyes closing in pain as her vulnerable tummy absorbed the hit. Doubling over in anguish, her breasts shimmying as they hung from her naked chest, she turned away from Michelle. With a tremble-legged Fishel offering her back before her, Michelle took the opening offered and slammed a double ax-handle square into the middle of her back. Hissing in pain and straightening up, Dani sank to her knees in front of her rival. Michelle licked her bloody lips and smiled at the helpless girl facing away from her on her knees before her. Her eyes lighting up, she stood behind her fallen foe.

Suddenly, she clamped her talons into the soft, vulnerable flesh of Dani's upper right shoulder from behind. Instantly, Dani grimaced as Michelle's fingers dug into the smooth, sensuous flesh. Shuddering as the blonde's fingernails bore into her, Dani closed her eyes in pain, her mouth a suffering pinched line, lips stretched tightly over her gritted teeth as she tried to withstand the screaming pain to the right of her neck. Delving into the sensitive, lush tissue of her foe's shoulder with both hands, Michelle gritted her own teeth in concentration. She was tearing Dani up without restraint or resistance right now and it was sustaining her exhausted attack. She could feel the young ingénue suffer beneath her clawing fingers, her body beginning to tremble as Michelle mined into her bare shoulder. Grinding her fingers in without mercy, she shook her prey enough to set Dani's sizable tits jiggling on her exposed chest, just to dig in deeper. She could feel Dani's resistance collapsing beneath her fingers, giving way beneath the merciless onslaught. Her massive tits jiggling as she shuddered in sobbing anguish, tears seeped from Dani's eyes, her will to resist frayed to the snapping point. She couldn't give in, yet she couldn't hang on.

Sensing the war raging within her victim's shuddering frame, Michelle relished Dani's suffering. Leaning in close so that only Dani could hear, she purred, "Give it up, you fat little porker. There's no escape. Quit now, lard ass, before I really tear you apart."

In spite of her extreme pain, Dani's defiance reared its head. In a pain soaked, halting voice, just barely a whisper, she defied the ruthless blonde with all that she had left. "Bite me," she breathed in rebelliousness, the very words dripping with suffering.

Michelle's eyes shone in malice. Bloody lips kissing Dani's ear, she purred, "What a wonderful idea. Thank you. Don't mind if I do."

Before Dani could realize her poor choice of vernacular, Michelle pulled her left hand off of the nubile's shoulder and brushed aside the damp hair that clung to the right side of Dani's face and neck, laying bare the tasty joint of her neck and shoulder. With shark like aggression, she plunged her mouth down onto the naked skin, teeth tearing into the flesh at the base of Dani's neck. Instantly, the little warrior's body sprang to life, writhing desperately to relieve the screaming pain of Michelle's ferocious attack. Her mouth wide open in panic, her face a pitiful mask beyond pain, she cried out as she squirmed under Michelle's ruthless domination.

"Owwwww....owwwww... OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" The sound sent chills down the spines of three quarters of the crowd yet Michelle refused to relent; her teeth wreaking holy havoc on the girl's neck and shoulder. Dani's body was a-dance as she thrashed about, legs kicking, belly pumping in her fright of how far Michelle would go. Already she had nearly bitten off her nose, split her forehead open, punched every inch of her invitingly luscious little body and face and savaged her tits. To the spectators who were transfixed on this brutally macabre scene, it appeared that Dani's body had a mind of its own as she thrashed about trying desperately to free herself from the jaws of her tormentress. Nearly out of her mind in panic, she twisted her body around, catching Michelle flush in the face with a taped left fist, smashing into the bridge of her nose. Michelle recoiled from the punch, unprepared for Dani's desperate act, the punch adding to her own suffering.

Free of Michelle's gnawing attack, Dani huddled forward on her knees, nearly sobbing as she covered the point of attack with her hand, cradling her throbbing trapezius muscle where Michelle had ruthlessly worked her over. Grimacing, her face registered the level of torment that Michelle had wreaked on her. Michelle too showed the extreme toll this match was taking on her as well, between the energy of her attacks and the damage inflicted on her by her headstrong adversary. Realizing that she didn't have much more to give, she decided that she had to try to end things now.

Kneeling beside her brutalized enemy, the damage of the fight twisting her face in pain, Michelle grabbed the sobbing Dani by the hair and pulled her slowly back to an upright position on her knees. Unsure how much more she could endure, Dani rose meekly and was roughly turned to face her attacker. The two were quite a sight, their crimson defiled faces just inches apart, their hot laboring breath washing the face of the other. Michelle let go of her swaying rival's head with a snarl, snaking her arms under Dani's and around the younger woman's sweaty heaving torso, wrapping her arms around Dani's bare back. In defense, Dani did the same, simultaneously slithering her arms around the blonde's moist, alabaster upper body. Locking their arms around each other's backs, they ensnared each other in a mutual bearhug. Their sweaty young bodies smacked together as they each locked the other in her arms. Normally a move Dani used to utilize her strength, both she and Michelle were almost completely drained by their efforts and the amount of abuse they had dished out to the other. Still, they tensed their arms around the other, trying to use what strength remained to get the other to surrender. Two sets of mammoth breasts slapped together, mashing into each other as breast, belly and thigh merged together as one. Eyes closing, both women steeled themselves for the test of will. The crowd wondered if either of them would survive.

Dani struggled to grind her arms, but she had almost nothing left. Still she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, her broad sexy shoulders tense as she struggled to make the blonde quit. Michelle was equally drained, her thinner arms also squeezing for all she was worth. The blonde threw back her head as she fought the rising pain from within, the damage Dani had done internally nearly bringing tears to her eyes. Like one animal trying to rip itself apart, the two young women struggled on their knees on the carpet. The crowd cheered them on, driving them to levels of effort that neither had likely reached before. Alternately rocking slightly side to side, now one pulling the other forward, only to be pulled back by her equally determined adversary they struggled for supremacy. Their firm, succulently fleshy tits ground into each other's, a battle of the flesh that drove the crowd wild. Michelle's slighter build seemed to give Dani an advantage, but the damage Michelle had done to the shorter siren equalized their contest.

The two women continued to squeeze each other mindlessly, their clutch sapping each other's remaining power. Dani now threw her head back in agony, her young body reaching break point. A new spittle-stream of blood seeped from Michelle's lips as her insides felt ready to collapse. Yet the two refused to release the other, determined to extract from the other a tearful surrender.

Despite the lack of visible movement, each in the crowd knew that there was an inhuman amount of pain being mutually inflicted. Finally, slowly, Dani's head began to droop, finally coming to rest with her right cheek on Michelle's left shoulder, eyes closed and breathing like a bellows. Their heaving chests jiggled as flesh slithered against flesh, tit pressed upon tit, thigh contended with thigh, belly vs. belly. Slowly, Michelle's head too began to slump, dropping to Dani's shoulder. Both girls' bodies trembled as they contended.

The crowd wondered how long these two could continue this torturous war. They sensed that this blood-bath would be over any second now. There would be no submission. They were both going to collapse.

Dani sensed it too. Making the first move, she shrugged her shoulders, slithering her arms out from around Michelle's sweaty torso, pulling herself free of Michelle's exhausted grasp. Pushing her away slightly, the two faced each other on their knees, their bodies trembling with exhaustion. Dani slowly cocked her right fist, flinging a tired wide roundhouse right at the blonde's bloodstained face. Michelle pulled back enough for the normally lethal but now exhausted fist of Dani Fishel to glance harmlessly off her left cheek. Michelle countered with a tired right uppercut, plunging it into Dani's heaving belly, drawing a WHOOF of breath from between her cracked lips. Even with minimal power behind it, it still brought a grimace to the youngster's face as it penetrated slightly into the soft flesh surrounding her belly button, jiggling her gut and breasts. Somehow fighting through the pain, Dani cocked her fist again, putting all her remaining strength into another punch at the blonde's sleepy-eyed face. Michelle somehow managed to avoid the desperation punch, the motion of the wide right hand sending Dani off balance.

Seeing the opening Dani's desperate punch created, Michelle swung once more, hoping her fist would strike her target where she wanted. It worked. Michelle's fist connected with Dani's throat. The taped fist hitting flush on the girl's windpipe, Dani's mouth opened wide in a silent scream. She felt she couldn't breathe for a couple seconds and fell backwards, holding her throat. This gave Michelle a chance to slowly and painfully climb on top of her opponent. Michelle sat on top of Dani's upper thighs and placed her hands on Dani's soft stomach. She dug her nails into the soft mound of flesh and squeezed hard, hoping Dani would submit to a stomach claw. She had to submit to something and quick, Michelle thought. She was running on empty and she knew it. Dani's plush midsection had already taken such abuse it would only be a matter of time. Dani now cried out and Michelle began talking to her. "Give it up, Dani. You can't take anymore. Just give it up and this will all be over". Dani moaned in pain, her head shaking back and forth, bare breasts bouncing and rolling on her chest, but she would not give up. Michelle pressed and squeezed, kneading the softness of her foe's tummy, but Dani would not submit. Michelle was getting worried. Every movement caused so much pain in her back, she felt she couldn't go on any longer and yet she had to get that submission out of Dani or this all would have been for nothing. She decided to try something else.

Michelle moved her body up so that she was sitting on Dani's stomach, her own milky white breasts jiggling and swaying as she moved. Slamming her ass into the softness of her foe's belly, she grabbed Dani's large, firm breasts in her hands and squeezed. Dani's cries increased in volume, but she didn't say the words Michelle wanted to hear. Michelle pushed and pulled, kneading the round tender titflesh like dough and, frustrated with her opponent, yelled, "Give up Dani ! GIVE UP NOW!!" Dani's whole body was screaming for her to give up, but she would not allow the words to reach her lips. She wailed, arching her back in anguish, her head bent back, the crown of her head pressed against the floor, slapping the floor and the blonde with flailing arms. Still no capitulation.

Michelle suddenly lost complete control and grabbed Dani's throat with both hands, wrapping her fingers around the younger woman's defenseless neck, choking her. "GIVE IT UP GIVE IT UP YOU BITCH GIVE IT UP!" she screamed, each word punctuated by slamming her head onto the floor, both women's succulent breasts bouncing madly. The crowd joined in the chant, "GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP!"

With no response coming from the besieged Fishel, Michelle let go of her throat. Shifting further up Dani's torso, she grabbed her flailing arms and pinned them to the floor at her sides with her legs, sealing off Dani's last avenue to fight back. With a snarl of anger and frustration at Dani's stubborn resistance, Michelle put her hands on either side of Dani's head, her thumbs pressing on Dani's eyelids. Suddenly frightened, Dani cried out, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!"


"Yes, Dani," Michelle grated through clenched teeth, the strain of the fight driving her near the brink herself. "It's over! You're going to say 'I surrender'. Not, 'I give' or 'I quit'. You're going to say 'I surrender' and say it loud for everyone to hear! I'm only going to keep pressing down harder!" To emphasize the point, she dug her thumbs into Dani's eyes harder. "Surrender! SAY IT !!"


Dani continued to scream and Michelle continued to press down on those vulnerable, defenseless eyes. Dani's body was squirming desperately, as much as she could squirm pinned as she was beneath the resolute, sweaty and bloody blonde. Arms pinned helplessly beneath Michelle's sweaty legs, she twisted her shoulders, trying to buck the blonde off. Her bare breasts bounced and jiggled wildly, thrust forward, squeezed between Michelle's sweaty thighs. It was no use. There was no escaping Michelle's control.

"DAMN YOU FISHEL, JUST SAY IT !! YOU KNOW I'LL DO IT !! SURRENDER NOW ! IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE ! SAY IT !!" Michelle was hysterical, screaming at Dani. "JUST FUCKING SAY IT !!!" She pressed her thumbs even harder into Dani's eyes.

"OW! OW! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Dani was screaming hysterically, tears flowing from her abused eyes as she cried.


Still Michelle did not relent, pressing her thumbs harder and ever harder into Dani's eyelids. Dani felt her head was going to explode and suddenly...


"I SURRENDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!" Dani heard herself scream the words; her voice saying the two words broke her heart, but it was like she didn't have a choice in the matter anymore. She'd taken all she could take, but it was just too much to bear. The pain in her eyes, her body and spirit broken, Dani surrendered!

The officials at the side of the ring called out, "Fishel gave up!" and the crowd went ballistic. She did it ! Oh my god, how could she hold out for so long?? Many felt it had been the most brutal, intense fight they'd ever seen and they were on their feet cheering.

Michelle sat up, exhausted. Pulling her hands away from Dani's sobbing face, she raised her fists in victory, but could only keep them up for about two seconds. Each hand felt like it weighed fifty pounds. She got the win and the submission, but she hardly felt like the winner right now. She fell over on her side, exhausted, the impact of her body on the floor sending another jolt of pain through her body, her back in a spasm and she gritted her teeth to keep from crying out.

Dani, on the other hand, was already weeping as she rolled into a ball and cried out loud; long, moaning sobs of disappointment and pain, her spirit broken. She'd given everything she had; fought harder than she ever had before and yet she still lost. She'd tried fighting fire with fire, fighting dirty, but in the end nothing mattered. She'd batttered Michelle worse than any other opponent, but she still got beaten even worse. Michelle Williams had beaten her and Dani could never reverse or erase that fact. Overcome with the mind-numbing pain of the fight, the bitterness of the defeat, and a broken heart, Dani wept unconsolably.

The cage door was unlocked and people flooded in to help these two young fighters, who had fought with everything they had, nearly killing each other in the process. Both near-naked bodies were drenched with sweat, their hair matted to their heads. And blood. There was so much blood - on the carpet, on their faces, and on the fists which had been wrapped with white tape, now stained red. Michelle reflexively opened and closed her fists, so sore from the battle, stained with Dani's blood, blood dearly wrought. Her own blood adorned Dani's taped fists as well, one of which was covering the younger girl's screamingly throbbing eyes and the other gently massaging her poor, pulverized belly. At this moment, neither cared about what anyone thought, so consumed were they in their own private hell of pain and exhaustion. At least Michelle had the comfort of securing the decisive victory over her rival; Dani didn't even have that, she had only the pain of the fight and the memory of her tearful, desperate, submission.