PART ONE: Megan Fox vs. Young Hollywood by Cletus Van Damme

Introduction: Being voted the world’s sexiest woman in several high profile men’s magazines and websites doesn’t come without consequences...something Megan quickly realized when she became a target for women who hadn’t quite made the cut and were looking to prove themselves. Instead of ignoring the verbal attacks from her peers - as many had done in the past - Megan decided to have some fun and challenged a number of them to “put up or shut-up.” When faced with the prospect of an actual physical altercation, many of the young women quickly recanted their comments…but others accepted Megan’s challenge, looking for a chance to knock her down a few pegs while raising their own reputations.
* * * *
Match #1: Megan Fox vs Isabel Lucas

Megan’s first fight would be against her “Transformers 2” rival, Isabel Lucas. Being rather shy, Isabel chose a closed gym with a boxing ring for their fight. Megan stood alone in the ring in black spandex pants that stretched down to her knees and a tight white tank top cut off to expose her lean midriff. She heard the heavy door of the back entrance creak open and clang shut as Isabel walked in wearing white short shorts and a pink t-shirt. She briskly made her way to the ring watching as Megan prepared herself for the fight. Isabel spread the top and middle ropes and slowly put one leg through and held her position there for a moment, trying to show Megan that her body was every bit as perfect as hers. Megan rolled her eyes at Isabel’s hesitation and looked, anxious to get the fight started.

Not wasting any time, Megan’s closed fist rocketed up from her hip and crunched off Isabel’s chin, sending her stumbling back in confusion. Before she stumbled too far back, Megan grabbed a hold of Isabel’s shirt and yanked her forward. On her way forward, Megan’s fist once again slammed into Isabel’s face, she let out a pained groan as her head snapped back and her body slumped into the ropes. Taking advantage of Isabel’s plight, Megan grabbed her hair and forced her into a seated position in the center of the ring. Megan yanked on Isabel’s hair and forced her to look up; her face was a mixture of confusion and disappointment. When Isabel saw the look of elation on Megan’s face, she knew she had to do something quickly if she wanted to avoid Megan taking complete control of the fight. She did the only thing she could think of from a seated position and grabbed Megan’s hair, trying to bring her down to the mat. She succeeded in bringing Megan down, but unfortunately for Isabel, she landed hard on her lap. Megan quickly took advantage and wrapped her legs tightly around Isabel’s waist and squeezed her thighs together as hard as she could. Isabel’s eyes immediately widened as she felt Megan’s vice-like grip clamp around her middle. Isabel’s hands darted to Megan’s legs, trying frantically to pry them apart. While Isabel concentrated on opening Megan’s legs, Megan took advantage of the situation and grabbed Isabel’s hair, putting her in a headlock.

“This was fun Isabel,” Megan said as she grunted with exertion. “but if I were you, I’d just give up now and spare yourself any further humiliation.”

Isabel knew she was in trouble and Megan’s words were literally adding insult to injury. Isabel struggled and squirmed in Megan’s dual grip as it was getting harder and harder for her to breathe while Megan leaned back and put tremendous pressure on Isabel’s waist and neck. Realizing she wasn’t going to be able to break Megan’s hold, Isabel decided to cut her losses and with a slight hesitation, tapped Megan’s shoulder, signaling her submission. Megan, however, wasn’t going to show Isabel any mercy and continued torturing the defeated woman. Isabel intensified her struggling, but all she could muster was a pathetic gurgling noise as Megan choked her. Megan felt a sudden burst of intense struggling from Isabel that quickly faded into almost nothing as she went limp in Megan’s grasp.

Megan let go of Isabel and her upper body flopped back to the mat, eyes closed, sweaty hair matted across her flushed face. Megan remained seated on Isabel’s thighs admiring her handiwork for several seconds until she had gotten enough and began to make her way out of the ring.

“Wait!” Isabel shouted at Megan before she made it all the way out of the gym.

“Why?” Megan asked.

“Because I’m not finished yet.”

Megan rolled her eyes and responded, “Fine, but it’s not going to take much longer until you will be.”

Making her way back into the ring, the two girls were once again face to face with one another in the center of the ring. Not wanting to find herself in trouble early once again, Isabel immediately went to offense, throwing a punch to Megan’s face. Megan dodged Isabel’s fist, however, and grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her back. Isabel cursed herself and was in even deeper trouble when Megan jumped on her back and wrapped her legs around her waist. From Isabel’s back, Megan wrapped her left arm around her neck, and then used her right arm to pull it tight, cutting off the bloodflow to Isabel’s head. Isabel brought her arms up tugged at Megan’s wrist once before her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed to the mat.
* * * * * *
Match #2: Megan Fox vs Amanda Seyfried

Another one of Megan’s co-stars was next, Amanda Seyfried from “Jennifer’s Body.” This fight took place on set with a very select few people around who were fortunate enough to be around at the time of the fight. Amanda had gotten more than a little annoyed at all the attention Megan was getting during filming, while she had been mostly overlooked. She had finally had enough and decided to do something about it...

Sensing Amanda was beginning to have a problem with her; Megan approached her one day after shooting so she could talk to her about it. Little did she know what Amanda had planned...

“Hey, I think we should talk...”

Amanda just smiled, grabbed Megan’s hand and led her into one of the sets set up as a bedroom. Megan sat down on the bed and started trying to make peace with Amanda, but Amanda had other ideas and gave Megan’s cheek a cuffing slap, launching her head sideways and disheveling her hair. “I’ve been waiting too long for this Megan, and words aren’t going to solve it!”

“Fine, if that’s the way your flabby ass wants it, then let’s do this thing.” Megan replied as her hand covered her reddening cheek.

Amanda tried slapping Megan again, but Megan caught her by the wrist, grabbed her by the hair and forcefully threw her onto the bed. Megan attempted to straddle the other woman, but Amanda was able to roll to her knees before Megan could mount her. The two women stared fiercely at one other, waiting for the other to make a move before committing to one of their own. Amanda was the first to break, launching a closed fist towards Megan’s face, Megan blocked it and grabbed Amanda’s wrist as she threw her own punch, which Amanda also caught.

The two women struggled in each other’s grasp, each trying to power her opponent to her back, their bodies came crashing together and eventually Amanda’s size advantage came into play, forcing Megan down onto her back with a grunt of exertion. Megan let out a disappointed whimper as Amanda was able to force her onto her back and straddle her waist, pinning her arms down on the bed above her head. “See Megs, there are disadvantages to having such a slim and ‘Foxy’ figure...” Amanda teased while she pinned Megan’s hands beneath her knees and began to rock Megan’s protesting face back and forth with punishing, open handed slaps.

With a sudden, powerful burst from her hips, Megan was able to throw Amanda from her perch and onto the floor, where she landed with a painfully awkward thump. Launching herself at Amanda before she could recover, Megan grabbed Amanda by the hair, swung her around and threw her forcefully into a dresser. Megan didn’t give Amanda anytime to recover and began SLAMMING her face repeatedly into the dresser, knocking her senseless.







Megan screamed as she continued to pound Amanda’s face into oblivion. After she was just about finished, Megan picked up Amanda’s head by the hair and looked into her now bloodied face, delivering one last verbal assault before dropping her to the floor. “All I wanted to do was talk.... But noooo. You had to act like a complete cunt and make an even bigger mess out of this situation.

Amanda’s face was a mess as Megan looked at her one last time, feeling a bit of remorse as she watched Amanda writhe on the floor and attempt to get up. Megan turned out began walking towards the door; she turned the handle and glanced back towards Amanda one last time... But Amanda was now standing right behind her. Taking advantage of Megan’s surprise, Amanda wrapped her arms tightly around Megan’s slim waist, squeezing with all of her strength. Amanda leaned back, bringing Megan off her feet before lunging forward and crushing Megan against the closed door, a pained wheeze escaped Megan’s lungs as Amanda’s ample breasts crushed the brunette’s firm pair against her chest.

Amanda repeated this several times, reveling in each agony-filled groan that Megan produced. Megan could feel her strength and resistance fading quickly while trapped in Amanda’s powerful bear hug. Nearing complete exhaustion, Megan did the only thing she could of and used her sexuality, looking deep into Amanda’s eyes just before planting a long and passionately wet kiss on the other woman’s lips. Megan was pleasantly surprised when she felt a tremble in Amanda’s deadly grip, moments later she released the bear hug and pulled Megan’s body closer to her own while massaged the inside of Megan’s mouth with her tongue.

Feeling completely in control now, Megan leaned back, forcing the two women horizontal as they continued their passionate kiss. Megan couldn’t believe Amanda had reacted so strongly to her sexual advances but the moans and slurps coming from Amanda’s mouth let her know that Amanda was right where she wanted her. With Amanda’s sweaty body pressed against her own, Megan wrapped one leg around Amanda and began rhythmically grinding herself against the other woman. Amanda immediately reciprocated the gyration while she reached for Megan’s hands. Finding Megan’s hands, Amanda grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the floor above her head, moaning angrily as she did so.

Amanda suddenly broke off the kiss and looked down at a very surprised Megan with a devilish smirk on her face. Megan quickly realized her mistake and knowing there was no escape she couldn’t stop a pathetic whimper of defeat escape her throat.

“Just so you know, you almost had me there a few times...” Amanda said with sincerity, “but you know what they say, ‘almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.’”

Amanda kept Megan’s hands pinned down above her head and made matters even worse by grapvining Megan’s legs and spreading them out painfully wide. Try as she might, Megan couldn’t stop herself from sobbing at what she knew was about to happen. Taking no pity on her soon to be defeated rival, Amanda slid herself forward over Megan’s lithe, slick body and brought her well endowed chest up to Megan’s head. Amanda giggled as Megan’s sobs increased in intensity when she realized what Amanda had planned. Her body completely immobilized, Megan was powerless to stop the downward descent of Amanda’s magnificent breasts. It was almost as if they were perfectly designed to envelope another woman’s face and deny her of any oxygen, which is precisely what they were doing to the one and only Megan Fox.

Amanda could feel Megan’s panicked breaths get lost in her sweaty cleavage and enjoying every second of it. Wanting to get as much enjoyment out of this as possible, Amanda let go of Megan’s wrists with one hand and used it to delicately fondle Megan’s left tit. Amanda felt a slight moan of pleasure escape Megan’s lips and reverberate against her breasts. Continuing to massage Megan’s breast, Amanda lifted her own off of Megan’s face just long enough for her take one deep breath before her face was once again engulfed by Amanda’s immense cleavage.

Amanda really bore down this time and wrapped both of her arms around Megan’s head, completely suffocating the gorgeous brunette with her sweaty titflesh. Megan only lasted a few seconds in Amanda’s grasp before her body shuddered and she let out a final gasp before she went completely limp. Sitting up completely satisfied, Amanda looked over the completely dominated form of the woman lying beneath her and couldn’t wait to humiliate her further.

Amanda’s innocent features were a complete contrast to the sadistic thoughts she was having about the things she was about to do to the unconscious woman lying before her. A devilish smirk spreads across Amanda’s angelic face as she slipped her right hand under Megan’s shorts, that smirk quickly grew to a soft, mocking chuckle as she felt the dampness of the unconscious brunette’s panties.

“Oh Foxy, did a face-full of my tits get you wet?” The blonde asked with a derisive snicker, mostly to herself. A feeble whimper was drawn out of Megan’s body as Amanda gently rubbed the brunette’s lower lips through her panties. The devilish blonde then trailed the fingers of her left hand over the expanse of Megan’s taught stomach, her index finger delicately circling the brunette’s belly button, before dragging her fingers up to Megan’s right breast. The brunette’s tongue involuntarily licked her plump lips as Amanda rolled Megan’s nub between her fingers, bringing it to its full attention...

Amanda leaned down and began to tease Megan’s right nipple with her tongue as her left hand made its way to the brunette’s left breast, again gently toying with Megan’s features, all the while continuing to stroke the brunette’s nether regions with her other hand. Megan began to languidly moan and groan as Amanda’s tongue and fingers expertly pleasured her. The voluptuous brunette unconsciously arched her back as Amanda slipped her fingers underneath Megan’s panties and began to gracefully stroke the brunette’s outer walls, giggling as she did so.

Megan’s body was under Amanda’s complete control at this point and the blonde could have ‘finished’ off the brunette any time she pleased, but the gasps and moans coming from Megan’s throat were beginning to arouse Amanda and she could feel herself becoming extremely wet looking down over her vanquished foe. Deciding to first humiliate Megan by getting her ‘off,’ Amanda at first gently rubbed the brunette’s lower lips, drawing even more sexual groans from Fox’s throat.

The devilish smirk once again enveloped the blonde’s face as she forcefully inserted three fingers into the unconscious brunette. The extreme pain rudely awakened the sexy brunette and her legs involuntarily shot out extremely fast... The brunette’s right knee making sickening contact with Amanda’s chin.

A few seconds later, Megan had regained full consciousness, and began processing what had just happened. The last thing she remembered was Amanda’s breasts covering her face and denying her of oxygen. What had happened since then was a mystery, except for the fact that she felt extremely aroused at the moment and wasn’t exactly sure why.

Either way, she knew Seyfried had something to do with it, and seeing the blonde writhing on the floor in pain with her hands covering her face, brought a sinister smile to Megan’s features. She peeled herself off the bed and took a seat on the blonde’s heaving stomach.

“I don’t know what happened while I was unconscious, but you can bet your fat-ass that I’m going to pay it back 10 fold!” Megan screamed as she yanked the blonde’s hair, forcing her to make eye-contact with the dominant brunette. Megan didn’t hold the eye-contact for long as she pulled her panties to the side and slid up the blonde’s body until her crotch made full contact with Amanda’s face.

Without hesitation, the brunette began to grind her moist center across the full expanse of Amanda’s face, pleasuring herself as the blonde struggled for air beneath her. Forcefully grabbing Amanda’s blonde locks, Megan roughly thrust herself onto Amanda’s delicate features, making absolutely sure that the blonde’s face was deep within her pussy at all times. Amanda’s legs were sweeping pathetically across the floor as the dominate brunette expertly rode her face, and eventually the blonde’s mind accepted her fate and her body stiffened, then shuddered and eventually went completely limp beneath Megan Fox.

Amanda’s ultimate defeat wasn’t enough to deter Megan’s determination for total release, and she continued to hump and grind Amanda Seyfried’s sleeping face until the sexy brunette finally moaned, stiffened and then released herself all over her vanquished foe’s delicate features.
* * * * * *
Match #3 (pt 1): Megan Fox vs Leighton Meester

Megan’s next opponent was Gossip Girls’ Leighton Meester and she chose her on set trailer as the location for their fight... Two girls would enter, but only one would leave of her own accord.

After a day of filming and everyone had left the set, Leighton waited in her trailer for Megan’s arrival, still wearing the school girl-esque outfit she was shooting in earlier that day. Knowing she was going to be fighting after filming GG, Leighton instructed Megan to wear something similar. Making her way through the empty lot, Megan found Leighton’s trailer, quietly opened the door and made her way inside.

“I thought I told you to wear something specific...” Leighton said, noticing Megan’s current attire.

“What’s the matter Leighton? You didn’t think I’d honor your request?” Megan asked rhetorically as she took off her oversized shirt and sweatpants, revealing a cleavage-exposing white blouse tied up just under her breasts showing off her toned mid section, a short pink skirt and white stockings.

Snarling, Leighton lunged at Megan, violently shoving her into the ‘kitchen’ area of the trailer. Taking Megan by surprise, Leighton quickly got the upper hand, wrapping her hands around Megan’s throat and forcing her back against the counter. “What in the fuck makes you so special Megan?” Leighton screamed while she tightened her hands around Megan’s neck.

Megan grabbed Leighton’s wrists and after a short struggle was able to pry them away from her throat. After a few sputters and coughs Megan offered her response, “I can’t help it if people find me far more attractive than two-bit nobody like you...” Still holding Leighton’s wrists, Megan planted a hard kick to her stomach that sent Leighton stumbling back into the ‘lounge’ area of the trailer. Megan rushes after Leighton but is stopped dead in her tracks when Leighton’s foot smashes into her crotch. A pained gasp escapes Megan’s luscious lips as she sinks to her knees, her hands covering her wounded womanhood. Leighton gets to her feet and grabs Megan by the hair, forcing her to look up at Leighton.

“Payback’s a bitch, bitch!” Megan gasped as she launched her fist hard into Leighton’s pussy. A familiar gasp was expelled from Leighton’s lungs, and she too, quickly found herself on her knees with her hands covering her crotch. Both sultry young women have their eyes squeezed shut in agony as they try to rub the pain away so they can take their anger out on the other woman. Megan is the first to make it to her feet and she helps Leighton roughly up to hers with a hard yank to her hair. Leighton is still trying to recover from Megan’s low blow when her head is violently turned to the side by a hard slap to the face. Her face is then smashed to the other side, and then back, and back again as Megan continues to slap Leighton senseless. After several cuffing blows to the face, Megan releases Leighton and lets her limp body slump onto the couch.

Megan took a seat on Leighton’s lap and began slowly unbuttoning Leighton’s tight black top, as she whispered strangely seductive insults into her ear. Leighton finally regained her senses as Megan began to undo the last button, and realizing her predicament, immediately begins bucking her hips and thrashing about, doing everything in her power to unseat Megan, but Megan had her arms pinned against the back of the couch with her legs. Thinking quickly as Megan got the last button undone; Leighton smashed her forehead into Megan’s nose, causing her to fall backwards, landing hard on the floor. Leighton reveled at the sight of Megan rocking back and forth on the floor in agony, holding her nose, doing her best to recover from the quick turn of events.

Quickly taking advantage of her downed opponent, Leighton straddled Megan’s slim waist, wrapped one hand tightly in Megan’s raven hair and began ramming her fist, piston-like, down onto Megan’s face. Megan brought her arms up and blocked most of Leighton’s punches, eventually grabbing one of Leighton’s wrists, and then the other, halting Leighton’s assault. Displaying considerable effort, Megan eventually forced Leighton to the side and was able to reverse positions with her rival. Sitting astride Leighton, Megan pinned her wrists to the floor above her head with one hand and began removing her own blouse with the other, staring seductively into Leighton’s eyes as she did so.

Seeing Leighton squirm beneath her in a fruitless effort to get free brought a wicked smile to Megan’s face, and she looked down into Leighton’s eyes mere seconds before she lowered her firm, perky breasts onto the prone woman’s face. Leighton instinctively squirmed and thrashed about as Megan’s sweat-slicked boobs enveloped her face. Megan took great pleasure in humiliating an opponent this way and her pleasure suddenly doubled when...

“Unnnghhh...” from beneath her reverberated across Megan’s titflesh, bringing an enormous smile to the dominant’s face.

“Oh Gawd Leighton, I hope you’re enjoying this half as mu...AAUUGGHHH!”

Megan never got to finish her insult becauseLeighton sank her teeth painfully deep in her left breast. Megan immediately sat up and rolled off of Leighton, massaging her wounded tit as Leighton sat up right behind her and wrapped her shapely legs around Megan’s trim waist; then squeezed her strong thighs hard around Megan’s ribcage.

“URRRKK...” A pained gasp immediately escaped Megan’s lips as the air was forcefully expelled from her lungs. Leaning forward, Leighton brought her right arm in front of the incapacitated woman and forced Megan’s neck into the crook of her arm pit. Leighton then leaned all the way back to the floor, stretching Megan’s lean torso over her own. With Megan beginning to squirm on top of her, Leighton removed her legs from Megan’s waist and wraps them around her legs, subduing the thrashing somewhat.

“You’re mine now, bitch!” Leighton hissed in Megan’s ear.

Megan could only offer a half-hearted gurgle as a response as she struggled in her opponents grasp and the grin on Leighton’s face grew ten-fold. Leighton proceeded to move her right leg away from Megan’s leg and while licking Megan’s ear, rubbed it against Megan’s panty covered crotch. Feeling Megan writhe against the intrusion of Leighton’s foot, Leighton immediately began to intensify her footwork, giggling as she did so. With her body immobilized, Megan could do nothing to escape Leighton’s torture and she eventually found herself moving rhythmically in time with Leighton’s foot, the provocative moans coming from Leighton’s mouth weren’t helping her any. Leighton continued to pleasure/humiliate Megan and turned it up a notch by reaching up and fondling Megan’s breast.

“Damn, Megs, you’ve got a great set of tits. I’m gonna have F-U-N toying with these!”

“...*cough*.. did.. unngh... you.. figure... *cough* that out... unnngh... when they we-unngh-re mashed.. over your ...face?”

Not liking Megan’s retort, Leighton worked her foot even harder and faster into Megan’s womanhood, making Megan’s body move in ways she had no control over, and she loathed every second of it. Unable to control herself any longer, Megan finally stopped resisting and let her body take over. As Leighton continued her hand and foot fondling, Megan’s lithe body gyrated on top of Leighton’s and gasps of pleasure began escaping Megan’s lips, bringing a satisfied glow to the dominant woman’s face. Leighton absolutely loved the sensation of Megan’s supple body beginning to quiver atop her and the wetness she was feeling against her heel let her know that Megan was almost finished. An exasperated moan was eventually coaxed out of Megan’s throat as her body tensed and shuddered on top of Leighton’s.

Leighton finally released Megan and rolled her onto the floor and just lay on the floor, taking in everything that had just happened with a giant grin on her face. Megan on the other hand quickly realized what Leighton had just done to her and tears began to well up in her gorgeous eyes as she curled into the fetal position. Seeing the completely broken form of Megan Fox laying next her, Leighton crawled on top of her and forced Megan onto her back, sitting on her chest. Leighton gently brushed the hair away from Megan’s face and looked deeply into her defeated, tear filled eyes .

“Don’t worry Megsie; it’s almost over. I promise.”

Megan could no longer stifle the sobs that were welling up inside her, and she broke down when she realized that Leighton wasn’t finished with her. Sliding a bit further up, Leighton pressed her crotch against Megan’s chin and let her know what she had in store for the defeated woman.

“You got yours, Megan, and now it’s time for me to get mine...”

Sliding further up Megan’s prone body, Leighton covered her conquered foe’s face with her crotch, yanking on Megan’s hair to make sure her face made full contact with her pussy. Her spirit completely broken, Megan barely resisted as Leighton began gyrating herself on Megan’s beautiful face, pleasuring herself at the other woman’s expense. Megan tried to squirm free, or move her head to the side so she could breathe, but with her arms pinned under Leighton’s legs and her face being forced into Leighton’s moist center by her hair, Megan’s effort was fruitless; she just wanted to crawl into a hole and for her torment to end.

Leighton continued her grind as moans of ecstasy were liberated from deep inside her lungs while Megan’s legs pathetically swept back and forth across the floor. As Leighton continued to hump and grind Megan’s face into oblivion, she felt a vibration emanate from the other woman’s body a microsecond before it went completely still. A few seconds later, Leighton’s body also shuddered as she let out a long moan of pure pleasure while she orgasmed onto Megan’s sleeping face.

Leighton rolled over and collapsed onto the floor next the completely dominated form of Megan Fox, the sight of which brought a tremendous smile to the victorious woman’s face. Leighton eventually got to her feet and dragged Megan’s body to the bedroom area of the trailer and handcuffed her to the bed, figuring she’d enjoy some more one on one time with the other woman in between takes for the next few days...
* * * * * *
Match #3 (pt 2 w/Blake Lively) Megan Fox vs. Leighton Meester

Megan awoke hours later in complete darkness, her hands cuffed to the bedposts, and the pungent aroma of Leighton’s humiliating domination filling her nostrils. She began to whimper to herself as she thought about what Leighton had in store for her when she returned...

Leighton arrived on set and headed straight for her trailer, extremely anxious to have some more fun at Megan’s expense. The sight of Megan’s body still hand-cuffed to the bed brought a giddy smile to Leighton’s face as she slowly crawled over her victim. Leighton paused at Megan’s stomach, wrapped her arms gently around Megan’s slim waist and began to sensuously lick the smooth skin around her belly button.

Unfortunately for Leighton, the beds in mobile homes aren’t made from the highest quality materials and Megan had managed to free herself and had been playing possum. Megan grabbed Leighton by the hair and yanked her to the side, reversing their positions so she was now on top of Leighton. Megan had been stewing for hours and was now consumed by rage and a pure hatred for Leighton, the look on her face and in her eyes sent a chill down Leighton’s spine as she felt Megan’s hands clench tightly around her throat. Megan squeezed Meester’s throat mercilessly and absolutely loved the look of completely helpless desperation on Leighton’s reddening face. Feeling Leighton’s strength slowly leave her body through her fingers brought about a sweet sense of revenge fueled satisfaction in Megan. The fruitless kicking of Leighton’s legs was gradually getting weaker, and wanting to get as much enjoyment out of Leighton’s plight as possible, Megan let go of Meester’s neck, who immediately began coughing and sputtering as she desperately sucked down lungful after lungful of much needed oxygen.

Megan didn’t give Leighton much reprieve before grabbing her by the hair and yanking her off the bed onto unsteady legs. Holding her slack body upright, Megan split Leighton’s legs with her knee, slamming it into her foe’s crotch. Leighton’s eyes went wide in shock and agony, and her mouth formed a distraught ‘O’ shape as Megan’s knee made two, three, four more sickening blows to Leighton’s crotch. Megan absolutely loved her complete domination of Leighton and threw her into the living room area by hair. Megan was drinking in the sight of Leighton writhing in mind-numbing pain on floor and slowly walked up to her until she was standing at Leighton’s feet, staring down at her soon-to-be prey.

“Oh Leighton, you have no idea how lucky you got last night, but you’re going to make up for it right now...” The words were lost on Leighton who could barely comprehend her surroundings, let alone a thinly veiled threat from a woman who was about to enact some serious revenge.

Megan knelt down and slowly crawled up Leighton’s prone body, the same way Leighton had done to her earlier, and began to sensuously lick Leighton’s stomach before crawling up further and pinning her arms to the floor above her head. Leighton’s head was finally beginning to clear, but seeing Megan’s smirking face directly above her own, was an unsettling sight.

“There are two ways this can end Leighton, my way, or my alternate way.” Megan teased. “Now, you’re going to lick and suck my tits while I take pictures with my phone until I think you’ve learned your lesson... If you do a good enough job, that will be the end of your humiliation, if not, well... You just better hope you do a good enough job.” Megan let a maniacal laugh after finishing her insidious threat.

Unable to dislodge the dominant woman on top of her, Leighton accepted the downward descent of Megan’s perky breasts and gingerly began licking and suckling them to the best of her ability as Megan took numerous photos and several minutes of video on her iPhone. Leighton made sure that her lips and tongue made contact with every square centimeter of Megan’s perfect tits, hoping to avoid any further humiliation at the hands of Ms. Fox. Revenge was indeed sweet as Megan was relishing the sensation of Leighton pleasuring her breasts, combined with the slurping sounds coming from Leighton’s eager mouth, the feeling was almost orgasmic.

After several minutes, Megan mercifully removed her exquisite breasts from Leighton’s hungry mouth and she grinned wickedly at the look of relief that overcame her dominated foe’s face.

“Sorry Leighton,” Megan whispered seductively, “but you’ve taken more from me, than I’ve taken from you; so far...”

The look of relief on Leighton’s face was immediately replaced with an expression of fear coinciding with a pitiful whimper. “The only difference” Megan continued, “is that unlike me, you’re going to be conscious as I pleasure myself with your face.” Fully comprehending Megan’s threat, the once proud and confident Leighton broke down into sobs. “But first, there are five words I’m just dying to hear you say.” Megan paused, waiting for a response. “Well, out with it already...”

Confused and wanting to avoid what she knew was all but inevitable, Leighton uttered the first statement she thought Megan wanted to hear.

“Muh...Megan a woman.”

“That’s six words you stupid whore!” Megan shouted as head-butted Leighton square in the nose. “What I need to know is who my bitch is.” She said as she brought out her phone again and pointed it right in Leighton’s face after her threat.

Leighton’s sobs became louder and even more pathetic as she struggled to get the words that Megan wanted out of her mouth. “I am.... I am Meg- Megan Fox’s... Fox’s bi-bitch.”

“Much better.” Megan cockily replied. “Now, you’re going to be a good living sex toy and eat me out, right?” Megan asked rhetorically. Leighton had no response until Megan asked again, this time smacking Leighton’s cheeks in between each word.

“OK,” Leighton finally blubbered.

“Good girl!” Megan wickedly replied as she slid her body over Leighton’s prostrate form until her crotch was hovering over Leighton’s sobbing face. “Get to work, bitch!” Megan spat.

Wanting nothing more than to crawl into a hole for the next 5 years and hope Megan doesn’t leak the pictures and videos of her humiliation, Leighton reluctantly brought her head up and began probing her tongue in and out of Megan’s pleasure zone. The first touch of Leighton’s tongue brought about a quick gasp from Megan’s lips and she immediately wrapped her fist in Leighton’s hair, making sure Leighton was focused on doing only one thing, and doing it well.

Leighton proved to be an excellent ‘living sex toy’ as she was able to lick and suck multiple orgasms out of the dominant woman riding her face. Feeling she had finally exacted an appropriate amount of revenge on her hated rival, Megan once again took out her phone and began recording video as she forced Leighton’s face deep into her hot center, grinding herself hard onto Leighton’s face while she fought for oxygen.

Leighton’s body began to shiver at the lack of oxygen, even though she continued to pleasure Ms. Fox, if only to bring an end to her complete humiliation. Megan started moaning in complete euphoria as she felt Leighton’s body shudder and then cease movement completely. A few seconds later, an extreme vibration coursed through Megan’s tight body as she experienced the greatest orgasm of her young life at Leighton Meester’s expense. Holding Leighton in place as the aftershocks of her orgasm made their way through Megan’s body, she finally removed herself from Leighton and let her curl into the fetal position as she retrieved her tattered clothes.

Megan spent several minutes cleaning herself up in the makeshift trailer bathroom and Leighton was still lying on the floor in the fetal position as she made her way out of the trailer and through the Gossip Girl set to her car. On her way out however, Leighton’s co-star, Blake Lively saw Leighton lying on the floor in her trailer and confronted Megan about it.

Blake stepped in front Megan, “What the fuck happened in there?” she angrily asked.

Megan simply walked past her without saying a word, but Blake grabbed her shoulder and spun Megan around to face her. Megan used her momentum to throw a CRUSHING cross to Blakes’ chin. Blake’s head swiveled almost 180 degrees and her eyes rolled back into her head as she corkscrewed down to the pavement, her right leg bent awkwardly beneath her unconscious body, her left leg out long and straight, twitching in KO’d slumber. Megan glanced around to the other cast and crew for a moment before turning nonchalantly to her car and walking away triumphantly.

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