Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Rose McGowan by Jackd 7/12/01

(More battles from Charmed, inspired by previous great stories) According to press reports, Rose McGowan won the role of the third TV witch after Jennifer Love Hewitt declined an offer. The real story, however, was far more complicated...

Jennifer wanted the part BAD, and was ready to do almost anything to get it. After her audition, she invited herself to the producer's private office, where she accidentally 'fell' into his lap. He welcomed Love's advances and she agreed to stop by his house the next day to 'seal the deal' over a glass of wine. Jennifer strutted off the lot, certain the part was hers.

She arrived at the producer's house the next day in a sexy red mini skirt and white cut off tank top. When no one answered the front door she went around the back and found the patio door open. She heard someone inside and looked inside where she saw the producer seated at his desk. She gave him a seductive pose and announced "your new star is here."

Suddenly, her mouth dropped when a half-naked Rose McGowan, Hollywood's latest wild girl, stood up from under the desk wearing nothing but leopard skin underwear.

"Too late bimbo," Rose giggled. "He's already got a new star, me!"

Jennifer was stunned, "What is this bitch doing here?!"

Rose adjusted her bra and grinned, "I'm giving the gentleman what he wants sweetheart. It's more than a little tease like you could ever do."

Jennifer fumed as she looked to the producer, hoping he'd disagree with Rose, but he shrugged and nodded in agreement with her.

Jennifer was in a rage, "Well, there's no way I'm walking outta here and letting that psycho steal the role because she goes down on everyone in this town."

The producer told Jennifer to calm down, that he hadn't actually made up his mind yet. Rose, who was just slipping her skirt back on, stopped.

Now Rose was pissed, "What? But you said...?!"

"Look," the producer said, raising his hands to silence both women. "Since you're both here lets just settle it right now. We want a girl who can act, who has the hottest looks, but more importantly can be the toughest, meanest witch for the show. We'll compare you both in all three categories with the winner getting the role."

Both girls readily agreed.

For the acting part, the producer checked over his assistant's notes while Jennifer and Rose glared at each other in jealousy. He announced his staff had graded Rose better in the script reading. Hewitt couldn't believe she had lost out to the low budget girl.

Rose chortled, "This should be easy, a clean sweep."

Next, the producer said he'd compare their looks. The girls were told to stand side by side. Each struggled to make herself stand out in comparison to the other. They almost got in a fight as they preened, posed and postured to show off their bodies in the best possible way.

"Save it ladies," the producer said. "They'll be plenty of time for that later."

When he announced Hewitt had the better body for the part, she grinned like a school girl, jumping up and down with joy and shaking her big breasts as if to taunt Rose.

"OK girls. You've each won one event. The last competition will decide."

Jennifer asked, "Well what is it? How do I prove I can be a better witch than this slut?"

"Well girls, I'm leaving that up to you two. We'll go out to the back yard where it's private and you can do whatever you want to the other. The winner will be whoever has shown herself to be the toughest, meanest witch."

"Excellent," smiled Rose. "We can do whatever we dream up, right?"

"Exactly," answered the producer. "No rules. Anything goes. One of you will emerge the toughest witch, the other - the one who can't take it - will go on her way."

Jennifer swallowed hard, not happy at having to go head to head with a girl with a psycho reputation to see who could be the meanest. But she wanted the part badly and she hated Rose so much, she was certain she'd win. They headed outside and the producer led them to a secluded grassy area surrounded by a high fence. He took a seat and gestured for them to begin.

Jennifer was eager to show the producer she wasn't really the good little girl of her reputation, so she charged right at Rose, who was still wearing her bra and skirt. Rose was caught off guard by Jennifer's aggressiveness and easily taken down to the grass. Rose struggled under Jennifer as she rained slaps and punches down on her face and stomach.

Rose knew she was in trouble so she reached out and grabbed the first thing she could - Jennifer's big breasts. Jennifer's breasts almost popped right out of her shirt as Rose clamped down.

Jennifer cried out, "You bitch!" as Rose pulled, tugged and yanked her hanging tits left and right.

Jennifer replied by grabbing onto Rose's chest and they struggled and cursed as they clawed each other in a dueling tit torture. The first to relent was Jennifer who released her grip on Rose's breasts, grabbed Rose's arms and finally succeeded in pulling Rose's claws from her own breasts. Back in control again, Jennifer twisted Rose over onto her stomach.

"Wanna play dirty, do you?" Jennifer barked as she gave a smile to the producer. "I can treat you like a dirty girl McGowan!"

Jennifer then turned herself around to face Rose's legs, bouncing her butt several times hard on Rose's back, winding her. Rose knew what was coming and tried to catch her breath, her heavy tits oozing from under her armpits. But it was already too late.

Jennifer pulled up Rose's skirt, exposing her leopard print panties and began madly spanking her exposed cheeks.

Rose bit her tongue to avoid crying out in pain while Jennifer cackled, "Who's the tough girl now you slut! I can kick your ass all night so you may as well give up now!"

Jennifer and the producer both expected Rose to cry out her surrender, but Rose was filling with rage, not resignation. She reached back, grabbed Jennifer's long hair and yanked. Jennifer screamed with surprise as she tumbled backward off her rival. Rose got up slowly, pulling her skirt down and rubbing her ass. Jennifer was angry about losing control of a match she figured she had won.

She got to her feet and looked to the producer, "Well, do I win the mean witch contest?"

But Rose growled, "You ain't won nothin' yet, you conceited little brat! You think that was mean?! Wait till you see what a real witch can do to that sorry lookin' ass of yours!"

Rose charged headlong into Jennifer, driving her back into the fence with a crash. She followed up with vicious kicks to Jennifer's gut and crotch that left her doubled over in pain. Rose propped Jennifer up against the fence, tore her shirt open and began punching her chest and stomach. Jennifer yelled in pain as her big soft tits were pounded left and right, almost popping out of her pink bra. Rose kept up the assault on Jennifer's proud peaks with an evil smirk until Jennifer could barely stand, then she spun Love around and rammed her facefirst into the fence.

Jennifer clung to the fence for dear life, desperate not to fall down and show weakness. Rose stood behind her beautiful prey as she looked her body over. Rose moved in and slowly ran her hands up the back of Jennifer's legs until they disappeared up under her skirt. Jennifer tried to reach back to slap the prying hands away, but it was too late. Rose bent her knees and leaned in, pushing hard up on Jennifer's ass with her open palms, lifting her off the ground by her own butt. With Jennifer on her toes, her body pressed against the fence and her ass being squashed, Rose slapped her belly up against Jennifer's back.

"You like the feel of a strong girl's hand on you ass, don't you Jen," Rose whispered in her ear.

"Screw you!" gasped Jennifer.

"Oh? Maybe you like it rougher?" asked McGowan, who curled her fingers on Jennifer's ass, grabbing two handfuls of her soft cheeks and squeezing hard as she could.

Jennifer yelped in pain and humiliation as Rose mauled her butt beneath her skimpy skirt. When Rose finally removed her claws from Jennifer's sore rear, Jennifer reached back with her left hand to rub her battered bottom while she caught her breath.

But her brief rest was overcome by panic when she felt Rose hand sliding up her back and then down into the back of her skirt, finding a new target in her bikini panties. Grabbing hold, Rose yanked up with all her strength, pulling most of her pink panties up out of her miniskirt. Jenny screamed in pain as her panties cut deep into her crotch and her ass rose up with the tug.

"No Rose! Pleaase! Pleeeease!," Jenny pleaded as she tap-danced on her tiptoes to ease the pain.

"I'll show you MEAN, bitch," screamed Rose as she began to parade the stuck-up starlet around the yard holding her up by her stretched panties.

As Rose paraded the helpless Jennifer before the approving eyes of the producer, she lifted Jennifer's skirt to show her round sexy asscheeks, now pink from abuse. Her bikini panties were barely visible as they were cutting deep into her butt crack. Rose slapped Jennifer's bare butt as she marched the humiliated girl around the yard, each whack jiggling her rapidly reddening butt and bringing a fresh cry of humiliation from the once cocky brunette. Jennifer Love Hewitt had never known such embarrassment as she was pranced around on her tiptoes by Rose McGowan.

Finally, Rose brought the exhausted Jennifer back to the fence and released her from the painful wedgie, leaving the badly stretched underwear hanging from the top of her skirt. Jennifer was too dazed to resist when Rose took the ribbon from Jennifer's pony tail and used it to tie her hands together behind her back. By the time the dazed Jennifer realized the peril of her predicament, Rose had already spun her around and thrown her back against the fence. Scared, Jennifer felt totally vulnerable as she stood face to face with her rival with her hands secured behind her at her butt.

Rose slapped Jennifer's busty chest, sending her breasts bouncing left and right in spite of her bra, while she yelped in pain at each SMACK and SPLAT! When Rose stopped, Jennifer was panting and out of breath. Her body slumped as she bent forward to hide her tears from the producer. But Rose reached around behind her and again grabbed her by the panties.

"Let's see how you handle THIS, you stuck-up bitch!" howled Rose.

Rose yanked Jennifer's panties high into the air and latching the waistband onto a flowerpot hook in the fence. Jennifer cried out as her entire weight was being supported by her panties as they cut into her tender ass and sensitive crotch. Jennifer could barely reach the ground by extending her toes, relieving at least some of the strain. She desperately tried to unhook herself, but with her hands tied and unable to turn around to see what she was hooked on to, her clumsy efforts failed. Rose stepped back and observed her handiwork with a grin - here was arrogant sexpot Jennifer Love Hewitt dangling helplessly by her own bikini panties.

"Wait. I know what's missing from this picture!" said Rose.

She stepped forward and took hold of Jennifer's skirt. Jennifer squirmed knowing what was coming but couldn't stop Rose, who yanked her skirt down her legs and off. Her bikini panties - or the thin thong that remained - could now be seen wedged deep between Jennifer's labia, exposing the full thickness of her luxuriant, dark bush.

"Let me down!" pleaded the helpless and embarrassed Jennifer, but Rose just smiled at her tormented rival and shook her head.

"I don't know Jennifer, there's still something missing from the picture. I know, we don't see the fat tits you're so proud of!"

Rose stepped forward and took firm hold of Jennifer's pink bra.

"Don't you dare!" a fearful Jennifer warned, but with her hands tied and her still body dangling perilously by her hanging wedgie, she was in no position to make demands of her tormentor. Rose gently unlatched the front closure bra, baring Jennifer's huge tits in all their glory. Then Rose playfully cradled each breast in a hand and began squeezing them together, mashing the big breasts into each other.

Bound and now naked except for the panties cutting into her crotch from the hanging wedgie, with her precious puppies at the mercy of her rival, Jennifer knew that a humiliating loss of the fight - and the role - to Rose was about to happen unless she did something fast. Jennifer desperately tried work her hands free but her effort was interrupted by Rose who took hold of her nipples and began squeezing them between her thumbs and forefingers. Slowly, Rose increased the pressure, pinching harder and harder on Jennifer's swelling nipples.

"Leggo my tits you pervert slut!" cried Jenny as Rose started to pull and twist.

"Oh, but they're so big and floppy," Rose teased. "Hey, I bet I can stretch them half way across the yard!"

Rose leaned back, stretching Jennifer's supple nipples and stretching her breasts further and further from her heaving chest. While Rose worked Jennifer's chest with tug after tug on her outstretched nipples, Jennifer's weight was now all supported by her panties which were pulling her ass back the opposite way, back toward the fence. She cried out as her upper and lower bodies were snared helpless in Rose's vicious trap. Her boobs were being pulled out from her chest while her panties dug deeper and deeper into her crotch pulling her back from behind.

Rose smiled proudly to the producer, then glared at Jennifer, "The brat don't look so cocky now, does she?"

Just when Jennifer thought she could take no more, her hands came loose! She reached out with her last gasp of strength and grabbed Rose's hair in both hands. Rose was stunned as Jennifer pulled her head down, turned her around and kicked Rose in the back sending her to the ground. Jennifer half turned, stood on tip-toe and pulled her panties off the hook.

Pausing briefly to look down at her own battered breasts, Jennifer yelled, "You'll pay for that!" as she dove on Rose. With the two struggling, Jennifer targeted Rose's bra, tearing it off so both beauties were now topless. But Rose wasn't the least bit shy and unfazed by her exposure. In fact, Rose was glad Jennifer wasted time and energy trying to strip her.

Instead, Rose took aim at Jennifer's cute little rounded belly, delivering several short but very effective punches that took a toll on the already weary and exhausted Hewitt. They continued to roll around on the grass for several minutes, but clearly Jennifer's strength had been drained by her repeated thrashings. The two young beauties eventually came to a halt with Rose securely on top and Jennifer panting under her weight.

Rose looked down with contempt at her bested foe, "And how exactly were YOU going to make ME pay, Jen? Maybe by letting ME kick YOUR ass and walk out of here with your precious part!" Jennifer looked up helplessly as Rose raged, "Its time to finish your sorry butt off!"

Jennifer begged for mercy, but Rose just leaned down and gave her a wet lick on the cheek while her left hand reached back and slid gently over Jennifer's dirty, tattered pink bottom.

"Here's what a true 'mean witch' can do to a prissy wimp like you Jen."

Rose locked a claw hold onto Jennifer's crotch. Jennifer kicked her legs and screamed in utter humiliation but Rose refused to let go of her grip, clamping down even more ruthlessly on her writhing rival.

"I give, Rose. I give! Pleeease let go! No more!"

But the crazed Rose only wanted to further punish her hated foe. While her left hand continued to work Jennifer's crotch, she clamped her right hand down on Jennifer's left breast and dug her nails deep into the mashed tit as she savagely squeezed the big, soft breast. Jennifer's tit flesh oozed between Rose's biting fingers as she mauled the beaten beauty's breast with one hand and continued to maul her pussy with the other.

Jennifer begged and pleaded for Rose to end her merciless assault until Rose finally released her dual claw holds. She sat up on Jennifer's stomach and smiled at the producer, then she tweaked Jennifer's nipples and reached back to give a last pull on her stretched and worn panties, wedging the fabric one more time into the brunette's battered privates.

Rose told the producer, "I'd say she looks more like a beaten sissy then the toughest witch around."

The producer nodded and laughed, "You're right Rose. You're clearly the toughest witch in town. You've won the right to be the next star of our show."

Rose smiled, got up off of her rival and slid her bra back on, leaving the thoroughly thrashed Jennifer Love Hewitt curled on the ground tenderly rubbing her battered boobs and assaulted ass. The producer and his new star walked arm-in-arm back into his house while the humbled Jennifer Love Hewitt lay weeping on the lawn looking on helplessly. An hour later when Rose left with her signed contract, Jennifer was gone. Rose shook her head sadly when she realized her rival had flown the coop before she could collect her up to take her home to 'celebrate' her new role.

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