Hollywood Gym and Lounge #11: "Privacy Please" - Paris Hilton vs. Victoria Principal by TNT

"Some privacy…PLEASE!" Paris snipped at the waiter, motioning him to close the door on his way out. The plush room was an intriguing scene; a young blonde in a beautiful sexy gown was making small talk with a beautiful older redhead ho seemed both puzzled and a more than a little put off.

"Now this food is great, the wine is the best, but NOW tell me just what this all about." Victoria’s lovely face sported a grimace, then pleasure as the wine flowed freely.

"Well you see hon, this is all about entertainment. After all, you WERE a great actress…" Paris continued her accolades and ego-stroking to a point well past flattery; bordering on irritation. Yet, the young blonde's eyes sparkled with mischief.

‘Wow! Man is this hot! What's goin' down?’ The question dominated Tansel's mind as he wondered if any of his other comrades in the gym/lounge were privy to the same view he had from his private room via the secret video camera setup. Whoever was running the camera knew just when and where to focus because every inch of the women’s long, luscious, legs were displayed and Paris’ hosiery looked expensive (doh!) while Victoria’s was sheer and sexy as sheer and sexy could be!

"Her legs are ‘almost’ as good as Paris'," Tansel observed with a wry chuckle.

Sensing her companion's restlessness and growing irritability, Paris studied the older woman's moves and gestures. Her eyes focused on the low-cut gown, the impressive display of ample curves, the lovely hair, the unique facial expressions and yes those long legs that were displayed courtesy the waist high slit.

"Have a bit more of this new bottle of wine," Paris invited, silently ordering herself to calm down and wait. Soon, very, very soon.

"Listen Missy, thanks for the lovely night, but I really don't see what this is all about. If you'll excuse me, I'm going now," the mature redhead said as she began to get up.

"Well, that's rather rude. You haven't even had dessert yet. And don't you DARE leave," Paris snapped, her voice escalating, her demeanor instantly changing from nice to nasty. Her eyes stared daggers into the older beauty's widening eyes. "I invited you here so we could talk; but the main reason is...I want to fight you."

Stunned silence. Then a chuckle. A highly sarcastic laugh.

"You WHAT? Want to fight ME? Why you spoiled little tramp; I'd stomp your skinny pretty little blonde derriere into the ground." The older woman rose to her feet, slipped away from the table and continued with almost arrogant sarcasm.

"I'm bigger than you. Older, uhhhh, I mean, more experienced. I don't know what you think you're trying to pull, but I'm leaving. Get in my way or the management here will have a blonde grease spot to mop up."

Sophistication. Elegance. Class. Pure Class. The older beauty scoffed, raised her arm and rudely shoved Paris aside as she headed towards the door.

"Big mistake lady. Now I'm gonna have to kick your ass!"

"AIEEEEE. What the hell? Unnnnhhhhh." Victoria screamed in surprised but angry shock as the tall young blonde leaped at her from behind, grabbed her hair and yanked hard.

Victoria whirled around and drove a Forearm Smash to Paris's bosom - just as Paris’ Left Hook smacked her in the right cheek.

“The fight is on!" WHAM!

"Ahhhhhhhhh…” Paris screamed as she was rocked backward by the Breast Bashing Blow. Victoria was bigger and stronger than she was!

But Victoria was surprised when Paris, instead of falling on her ass, maintained her balance and her face turned really angry red.

"Take THIS you little witch!" Victoria screamed as she lunged. "YEOWWWCCCH!" A perfectly timed high heel slammed into Victoria's shin followed by a Stiletto Heel stomp on the arch of her foot stopped the redheaded veteran in her tracks. The high-pitched perfection of her scream matched in the highest pitched screech heard in quite a while in the bar. (Was that a wine glass shattering?)

"Whatcha think of THIS?" RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPP! The loud ripping sound put a deep blush on Victoria's cheeks as Paris ripped her gown open clear down to her ‘hoo-hoo’ leaving her sexy, strapless, bra and her bounty on display. "Nice tits," Paris laughed as her fist snapped out toward a big, soft, delicious target. "Awwwwwcccck! Argggggggh..."

"Not so fast blondie!" Victoria hissed as she caught Paris’ thin arm in mid-swing and dug her long, sharp, nails into her wrist. Victoria wrenched the arm over hard and - her foot and leg still throbbing - she tried to focus on taking the young blond heiress down fast and hard.

"YEOOOWWWCH. My arm. Please let goooo," Paris shrieked as her lovely slim body bent naturally toward the pain.

“HEEEEYYYY! NOOOO…” Paris’ desperate but determined move made Victoria shriek..in embarrassment, not pain! Two long fingers had snagged her bra cup and Paris pulled just enough to bare one lovely breast…well, almost bare it. The thick stiff pink nipple was peeking over the edge of the lace-trimmed cup and then presto, "A royal flush!"

"You're gonna pay for that big time," Victoria snapped but her threat sounded hollow. Paris knew she’d scored somewhat of a victory when the older woman released her painful hold and grip. As Paris backed away rubbing her arm, Victoria did a quick “bend and tuck” move to recover the uncovered and holster her “weapons.”

"You mentioned dessert? Here, have some!" SPLAT! Fluffy, sticky and gooey; definitely NOT calorie free and likely not designed for wearing! Paris snickered as she plastered the concoction square in the old redhead’s face. She tossed the plate aside, relishing Victoria's predicament as she grabbed the front of the busty beauty’s bra and yanked down on the choice fabric. PLOP, FLOP! Double exposure! “Weapons free” came the cry as Victoria’s Principal assets spilled out full and free!.

SMACK! SWACK! Two stinging swats to those delightful full breasts and Paris giggled gleefully as she swiped a finger thru the remaining glop on Victoria's face and stuck her finger in her mouth for a taste while Victoria grabbed her bouncing boobs which were glowing pink from Paris’ “forehand-backhand” slapping.

Losing no time, Victoria wiped her face, then - almost instinctively - she reached down to re-cup her magnificently bouncing wildly breasts. "Sticky, sweet, knockers, huh Victoria? Nice, very nice!" Paris was all snickers and giggles as she looked at the surprised, then furious, crimson face of her rival.

(Whoosh!) Victoria's angry fist created a slight breeze at it barely missed Paris’ jaw. The blonde almost lost her balance as she dodged a second fist but then fist Number One WHAM nailed the blonde flush under the left ear on its return. Excellent hook, Vicky!

"You're going down Party Girl!" Victoria’s angry fingers buried deep into the stunned young woman's blonde tresses and Victoria shook the lovely head up and down; side to side as Paris’ beautiful eyes grew wide with fear.


"Stupid move!"

"YEOWWWIEEEE!" Another scream to break glass…well, almost! Victoria grabbed Paris's arm and twisted, knocking the wine glass from her hand which shattered when it hit the nearby wall. Tossing the drink would have been a smarter move; blinding those lovely eyes or soaking that lovely chest. Perhaps even removing some of the of sticky sweetness. But no!

"Your choice. I twist your head off or I slap you silly. Or maybe I’ll strip your skinny, skanky body and give your ass a good hard spanking! God knows you deserve it! I bet your butt's never been warmed, has it you spoiled brat?"

"Think Victoria, think! A spanking, well maybe that, never; but I bet that area’s been warm plenty!" Tansel laughed.

Tansel flinched as Victoria shook the lovely blonde, then slammed her back into the nearby wall. Grabbing Paris’ lovely throat in one hand, Victoria squeezed as her other hand moved in, fingers curled into talons. She grabbed the front of Paris's gown and slowly pulled it down around her waist.

K&G’s expert camera crew caught the choice view of two lovely full, bare, breasts smashing into and then overwhelming, two smaller, firmer ones. A bit more movement and four erect nipples met to start their own duel. Paris sported a dab of sweetness on her own chest...what kind of dessert was that?

"Please! Please don't hurt me. You're hurting me…down there. STOP!" Paris suddenly sounded desperate.

Victoria’s lovely long leg was slightly raised, her knee pressed hard against Paris’ cringing crotch.

‘OW!’ Tansel thought. Should he intervene? Should he? Nahhh, surely his lovely blond heiress would find a way to win and win big time…after all - she’d planned this whole thing.

‘Come on. Buddy if you don't follow orders I’ll have your ass!’ Paris thought. She’d paid good money, very good money, for that ‘special’ second bottle of wine.

"Uhhhhhh. I...uhhh...I'm not feelin' so good. Is it warm in here blondie or is your overwhelmingly beautiful pretzel body making me hot, huh?" Victoria groaned as her legs suddenly turned to rubber.

Paris' beautiful lips seemed suddenly more beautiful; poutier; fuller; definitely smirkier! She leaned in and locked lips with Victoria and Paris moaned, but not with pleasure…well, not mostly! It was Vicky’s big firm boobs; they felt like they were crushing hers. If there was one thing Paris definitely hated, it was being shown up in public!

"I'm gonna take you down Miss Vicky! Wanna feel my legs wrap around you as I squeeze you breathless? I'm gonna wrap my tongue around your nipple and suck until you BEG me; you hot, ol’ big-boobed, granny. So unless you wanna go down to an embarrassing defeat, you …BACK OFF RIGHT NOW!"

"Unnnhhhhh...Wha…what did you doooooooh…unnnhhhhh," the beautiful older woman moaned as the room started to spin and her vision blurred. Paris' snippy, catty remarks seemed to pass her sneering beautiful lips with eerie warbles and an almost musical tone. The pain in her ribs seemed amplified ten times over. Victoria couldn’t seriously believe her young rival could punch THAT hard.

"Have a bit tooooo much to drink, VICtoria? You look a little tipsy. Think you could walk or excuse me - crawl - a straight line? What say we find out!" Paris cackled. She grabbed a handful of Victoria’s lovely hair, jerked her head upright and delivered a stinging backhand that sent Victoria stumbling backward and THUD dropped on her butt. Her sense of balance had gone as quickly as her confidence that she could whip the young blonde party girl.

Ripppppppppp (tear) Rippppp!

Paris laughed as she shredded the remains of Victoria's gown, stripping it from her luscious body with several quick yanks. Victoria screamed as she stumbled trying to get to her feet and escape, all thought of dominating this haughty young blonde forgotten in her desire to flee. Paris was all over Victoria, pelting her back, neck, and ribs with punches, slaps; clawing her full breasts and tugging on her pantyhose. To add insult and spite to injury, Paris even snapped her garters.

Paris dragged the dazed and disoriented redhead over to a table, hauled her to her feet and threw her face down across it. BONK! BONK! Paris banged Victoria’s head on the table top a couple of times and then left her sprawled on her belly with her legs hanging limp over one side of the table and her arms over the other. Paris paused to unsnap Victoria’s now useless, torn, bra - which was already around her waist - pulled it out from under her and looped it around her neck like a lasso.

"C'mon get up you beautiful old broad, I wanna finish kicking your butt. Naaaahh, on second thought I'd rather do THIS!” Paris used the bra like a leash to pull and tug, Victoria had to scramble forward off the table or be strangled. She crashed in a heap on the floor, then Paris jerked up on her leash, forcing Victoria to all fours!

"Noooooo. Stop it. Please. Get away from me. Get off of me." Victoria's body wouldn't cooperate with her mind’s stubborn resistance.

Whatever the surprise was that Paris had treated her to was obviously working. She straddled Victoria’s back as she was trying to crawl away but Victoria bucked her off and sent Paris crashing into a table. She let out a pained shriek, cussed and decided to get down to business. It was clear her long gown was hindering her leg action, so the lovely blonde hotel heiress tried to rip her own gown open, tugging at the tear at her waist. But the fabric was too strong, so instead of opening a slit for her legs, Paris simply slithered out of the lovely encumbrance altogether and kicked it aside like so many rags.

"Whaddaya know, the sexiest pantyhose ever - and garters too boot!" sighed the one who appreciates this kind of thing with delight.

"Eiiiayyyahhhh!" Not really a karate keiai or a battlecry per se, but Victoria definitely got the point as she increased the frantic speed of her crawling. She’d almost reached to the door when the fabric-liberated young blonde warrior princess charged after her and dove. Perfection! Landing on Victoria's lower back hard, Paris brought her down with a loud grunt.

Paris wrapped her two gorgeous long legs tight around the lovely, frantic, long-legged package and quipped, "Ready for some real fun pretty lady?" She tightened every muscle in her legs, starting with her thighs. Victoria found herself rolling over, her derriere trying to raise off the floor. Key word being ‘Trying.’

Suddenly, long fingers sporting sharp nails dug into Victoria's lovely face. Her upper body squirmed; her legs tried to kick out but all her frenetic thrashing was to no avail. "Think I can make you pass out, huh bitch?" Paris hissed in Victoria's ear as she wrapped an arm around the older woman's neck and applied pressure against her throat.

“gaaaak...”Victoria gasped.

“AIIEEEEE!” She yelped when Paris’ groping fingers found a stiff, sensitive, exposed nipple.

"How's THIS feel Vickie? I can call you Vickie, right? I mean, now that we’re close?" Paris taunted as she nipped at Victoria's ear lobe. Victoria's face turned red as quickly as her nipple turned hard. Sweat formed on her lovely brow. "Oooooh noooo. Is that marvelous, wonderful makeup gonna smudge?" Paris snickered. "By the way your skin is quite soft and firm. Luscious in a special sort of way. Very, very, scratchable. Even PINCH-able!"

"Ouch, please stop it. Let me go. You're crushing me. My ribs, please no more. I give. I give up."

"Oh no. Sorry Victoria, but there’s no giving up allowed. Look over there and smile for the camera. Wanna wave to the folks watching at home on You-Tube?"

Victoria did NOT smile for what she thought it might be a cellphone camera. Maybe the little blonde brat was just blowing hot air to frighten her?

"That's it; kick those pretty legs. Harder! Higher!"

Some words just fit certain events perfectly, you know? And Paris seemed to know exactly which words to use on this special occasion. She winked as the camera zoomed in on her lovely face just as her pouty lips mouthed a few seemingly inappropriate words while she ripped off the last shreds of Victoria’s pantyhose and raked her nails over the well-formed, firm, calf muscles.

“ARRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE!” Victoria screamed like a banshee.


"Sorry about that, but I wanna switch positions and you won’t stay still," Paris said, matter-of-factly rationalizing her brutality as she nailed a punch to Victoria's jaw. Victoria's lovely eyes widened, tears welling as she frantically tried to escape.


Another punch, this one square to the right breast; Paris's middle knuckle inverting Victoria’s erect nipple. The blonde smiled with delight as Victoria groaned in agony. She wrapped her legs around the whimpering older woman's neck. Not a full strength squeeze this time, but just enough…maybe more than enough! Victoria flailed her arms wildly, arching her back as she tried to bridge out of the lovely, but deadly, erotic trap.

"They do bounce nicely, I mean, for an old broad," Paris snickered as she leaned in, slapped and swatted the huge, luscious, breasts. Victoria let out a most appropriate response and soon she had brought her high energy struggles down to a barely noticeable highly drained, strain.

"You sure put up a good fight. So glad you enjoyed the wine. I'm kinda glad I didn't have any though," Paris snickered. Victoria's lovely face was now a full grimace, her tongue lolling out. One more long sloooow squeeze. "Perfect. Just perfect, RIGHT?" Paris was barely whispering as the camera zoomed in. She slowly ran her tongue over her lips, then released her now motionless prey.

"You're not totally out, are ya big girl?" Paris asked. A hard fingernail flick of a nipple brought a moan in response; a low, barely audible, moan. Paris bent down, her lips engulfing the nipple. Then she began to suck…suck…suck harder…harder!

She squeezed the big orb at the base, forcing the soft flesh into a bulbous ball, then flicked the distended nipple with the tip of her tongue before her mouth once again engulfed the seemingly ever growing, ever hardening, pleasure button.

(Snap) (Snapp) (Snnap!) Ah, those lovely garters!

"Hey dude. You really do get great customer service here at the gym. Satisfaction guaranteed!" Paris silently mouthed the very appropriate words to the wide-eyed watcher. "Later. I'll say Good Night Mr Tansel. Just not quite yet…Hee-hee…"

“Make a note of that, Ginny,” hissed Kim pointing to the floor with an imperious SNAP of fingers. “Get that grease spot cleaned up by morning! I want everything spic-an-span for tomorrow‘s guests.“

They were making their final rounds, checking that everything had been put back in its proper place as they got ready to close the gym, It had been a very satisfying day with lots of exercise and some great workouts… :)

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