Hollywood Gym and Lounge #7: Paris Hilton vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by TNT

WHAM! "Unnnnnhhhhhh." SLAP! SLAP! "Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh." A punch and two slaps were followed by a classic hair pull, then a blistering backhand, and strangely a rather ego-boosting complement.

"You really are a favorite!" the blonde snickered as she jerked the short, busty, brunette around by her silky dark hair. THUNK! A knee to the groin pretty much sealed the outcome of this fight as the blonde continued her explanation. "A favorite to go down, I mean!" Paris Hilton, a bit surprised but really relishing how the surprise battle was going jerked Jennifer Love Hewitt off balance; pushed her down and smacked her head into a nearby table.

She yanked the stunned, groaning, brunette's head up and slapped her lovely face, then slipped around to the side, reached out an curled her fingers in the back of Jennifer's low-cut, sleeveless, top and ripped it clean down to her waist. In a flash she unsnapped the stapless bra and tossed it to the nearest bystander.

"Uhhhh-Argggggh," Jennifer gasped as she felt a bony fist slam into her back. JLH unsuccessfully clawed at Paris' face but the blonde somehow kept ducking out of her reach and pummeled her upper body with slaps and light punches.

“You’re taking too long!”

WHAAACK! WHAAACK! RIPPPPPP… "Nooooooo! Aieeeeee!" Jennifer shrieked as another blond moved in to join Paris.

Claudia Schiffer nailed the topless brunette with several punches before ripping off her skirt and sending her sprawling. Jennifer made it to her hands and knees and tried to scramble away, but succeeded only for a moment before Paris pounced, wrapped her long legs around her and wrestled her to the carpet.

"Anybody taking bets?" Tansel asked, enjoying the show. The trapped brunette struggled frantically, her own beautiful legs kicked sending her heels flying. The sounds of fine hosiery being shredded seemed like music to at least one lucky spectator.

"You can take it from here, Paris. I think someone else needs my help," Claudia chirped. As she skirted across the room, Claudia muttered, "Choices, choices, choices!"

Claudia’s eyes flitted from battle to sexy battle. Over here, Charlize Theron was slapping the daylights out of the lovely Patty Heaton. She’d succeeded in taking control early after the lovely busty redhead lost a tennis shoe - and most of her workout top. (Patty was a gym remember.)

Over there, a beautiful brunette shrieked "SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!" as her lovely opponent put her in a side headlock and then ran her into an exercise machine.

"Hey, this really was one fantastic idea," Kim announced loudly to Ginny who seemed beside herself trying to figure out with bout to focus her hungry eyes on.

"Yeah, ‘Kick the ass of your favorite jobber’ is a great theme for a party. Splendid idea, ma’am!”

"Now this is just smart money," Tansel noted as the cash bets for Paris piled high.

Jennifer's squeals sealed the deal and a few guys - including Tansel - moved from the cash toward the action. Some things are just much more fun and exciting than mere money.

"Gonna squeeze you senseless; that's it, really kick and struggle and squirm-put on a good show," Paris said as her sexy long legs continued to do their work, slowly rendering the topless, busty, brunette breathless.

Ripppp. Rippppp...

"Think I'll stop for now," the tall blonde snickered. “…maybe we can continue this later?” She shredded, then tore off, the last shredded remnants of her conquest's pantyhose and raked her nails slowly over both thigh and calf. Finally, she leaned forward to apply a combination Face and Breast Claw.

"Uhhhhh. Uhhhhh. Yieeeowwwwch! Lemme go-pleaseeeeee."

“Uh sorry, what?” Paris snickered as she demanded her lovely, breathless victim repeat her barely audible plea - but she received none. Her fingers captured a thick stiff nipple, then pinched down hard and pulled; adding a bit more erotic torment.

"Ya know, I just had a really hot idea. You deserve a special treat - if ya know what I mean?"

"Nuuhhh-Uhhhhhh. Please…don't," Jennifer rasped.

"Don't what? Are you that good of a guesser you ‘know’ what’s coming?" The lovely partygirl's hands quickly confirmed the lucky guesser's intentions. All eyes were focused on the anticipated action. "This is gonna be fantastic! Watch closely. Hey everybody - over here!"

Enthusiasm for a good show brought more attention. A few of the contenders even stopped their battles to see “the fur" and to watch “the fur fly.”

Ripppppp. This time the erotic sound was intentional, done by the winner of said contest.

"NOOOOOOO!" Lovely Jennifer must have gotten a second wind - wind which would soon to be slowly snuffed out. "NOOOOO-Uhhhh-Uhhhmpffff...muffmphhhhh…"

For lack of better commentary. Screams different from two lovely battlecats pulling hair for sure.

Gasps. Groans.

"Yeah, I've heard that before," Tansel noted with a smile that had many counterparts.

"Hey Tansel, buddy…when ya gotta minute here's some cash. Some just don't play good odds."

One final shriek…the best kind. Then silence - broken only by a few chuckles.

Total Victory - plus cash! A very good night at the new classiest gym and lounge.

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