The Last Hurrah Part. 2: Sarah Carter vs. Kristin Kreuk by The Walkin’ Dude
Diamond rope, Silver chain,
Pretty noose is pretty pain
And I don't like what you've got me hanging from.


When the last of the chaos from the opening match had died down, the Announcer stepped into the ring and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a DOG COLLAR MATCH! The rules are as follows. Each combatant will have a collar wrapped around their neck and the collars will be attached with a twelve foot length of steel chain! Now, introducing first, she stands at 5’4”… allow me to present…Sarah Carter!”

The crunching strains of the Foo Fighters ‘DOA’ rolls through the stadium for several seconds before Sarah pushes her way through the curtain. Standing still at the top of the ramp, Carter’s pretty face is as inscrutable as ever, but observers in the front row thought they detected a slight upward tilt to her lips, an expression that might have been a smile on someone less in control of their emotions. For her first Dog Collar Match, Sarah was dressed as usual, in a sporty forest-green bikini with white ring connections at both hips topped off with simple white boots, pads and wrist tape. Breaking her reprieve, Carter strolled down the ramp and slid under the bottom rope only to pop to her feet in one graceful motion. Flipping her long blonde ponytail off her shoulder, Sarah raised both hands high before heading to her corner to await the arrival of her opponent.

When the blonde’s music had faded, the Announcer continued, “And introducing her opponent… she is also 5’4” tall …they call her The Hellcat…she is…Kristin Kreuk!”

‘Beautiful Disaster’ announces Kristen’s arrival as the she strolls through the curtain. The fans in attendance are perfectly aware of Kristin’s penchant for rule-breaking and cruelly vicious tactics, but even knowing all that, they can’t help but cheer her. Whether you loved her or hated her, Kreuk was a spectacular wrestler and it was awfully hard to jeer a talent of her caliber. As per usual, Kristin was wearing her favorite red bikini with black pads and boots, while her long black hair is braided into a tight ponytail. Eyeing the audience with disdain she approached the edge of the ring and rolled slowly inside. In the squared circle, the Hellcat slid gracefully to her full height, and walked to her corner. Turning a cold glance in Sarah’s direction, Kreuk rolled her shoulders and waited patiently for the bell.

With both ladies accounted for, the referee took the collars and chain from the timekeepers table and slipped into the ring. Turning to Sarah, he tossed a collar in her direction and waited patiently while she snapped it around her neck. When the blonde tugged on the chain and the collar didn’t come loose, he nodded, turned to Kristin and slung the other collar to the Hellcat. Regarding her opponent with an insolent smirk, Kreuk slipped the collar into place and snapped it closed. Turning the same smirk on the official, she pulled on the chain to confirm the collar’s strength.

Having confirmed that neither the collars or chain was in any danger of pulling loose, the official stepped to the center of the ring and called for the bell. Breathing easily despite the heavy piece of leather secured around her throat, Sarah Carter kept her eyes locked on Kristin Kreuk while she decided whether or not she was going to use the chain this early in the fight. After running her hands over a few feet of the heavy steel links, she decided against it. First and foremost, the icy blonde considered herself a wrestler and wrestlers didn’t need chains to make their opponents suffer. True, it might come in handy later, not to mention it might be extremely satisfying to grind a length of it back and forth across Kristin’s screaming face, but before it got to that point, she was going to give Kristin a wrestling lesson she wouldn’t soon forget. Then, once Kreuk was sufficiently humbled, Carter would see what sort of fun she could have with the chain. Taking the chain in her right hand, Sarah tugged it out of her way, just to make sure she wouldn’t leave herself open to any of the Hellcat’s notoriously sneaky attacks.

Listening to the metal links slither on the mat, the gamin blonde phenom took a deep breath and said, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time Kristin. And now that I’ve got you, I’m going to work very hard to make sure it doesn’t end too fast.” Then Sarah stepped out of her corner and made a beeline for the Hellcat.

While Sarah was mulling all the little details of how she was going to make Kristin suffer, Kristin was irritated that despite her campaigning, the fans had decided to put her in a match with a relative ingénue in Carter, and not Kristen Bell or Scarlett Johansson. Now those were two blondes she really wanted to get her hands on. Still… Sarah was a suitable stand-in; she had a subtle haughtiness to her every movement that made the Hellcat want to just smack the shit out of her. And of all the nerve, the slut was wearing her hair in a tightly braided ponytail. EVERYONE knew that was Kristin’s thing yet here came Carter boasting the exact same look; not giving a rat’s ass she was stepping into serious ‘gimmick infringement.’ Despite her anger, Kristin smiled. It was all going to be OK; she was going to slaughter Sarah and leave her carcass on Bell’s doorstep - just for the fun of it!

Licking her lips in a remarkably feline gesture, Kristin cracked her knuckles and purred, “I’m going to carve my name across your forehead tonight Sarah Carter and I won’t even need the chain to help me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use it.”

Seeing Sarah push out of her corner, Kristin did the same and the two vixens went nose-to-nose in the center of the ring with about twelve feet of sturdy steel chain puddled at their feet. Treating herself to a dismissive up and down glance at Sarah’s slender frame, Kristin locked her eyes with Carter’s, smiled and said, “I’m not usually a big fan of dog collar matches, but I suppose it’s the only thing appropriate to put down a bitch like you.”

The blonde’s irritation registered as only the slightest narrowing of her eyes. Addressing her foe in the cool, subdued tone that the fans found so attractive and her rivals found so goddamned irritating, Carter replied, “That’s right Kristin, I’m the meanest bitch you’ve ever encountered. Of course, I don’t expect you to believe it until I’ve made you my bitch!”

Kristin’s jaw dropped open for a perfect moment of ‘Oh no she didn’t’ incredulity and then it snapped shut. Chesting into the blonde, Kristin growled, “You have no idea who you’re UNNNNGGHH!” Sarah’s left hand snapped up and fetched Kristin a scathing slap across the face.

Offering the stunned brunette a pretty smile, Carter chirped, “Bitches don’t speak without MY permission, Kristin.”

Openly gaping at the blatant disrespect, Kristin growled, “You are so fucking dead. You don’t know it yet, but you’re so EXTREMELY fucking dead!”

The hateful threat was still hanging in the air when the Hellcat streaked forward with her claws pointed directly at Sarah’s face. Most women might have panicked in the face of such a swift assault, but the blonde had ice water where normal people had blood and she reacted accordingly. Stepping up to meet Kristin’s charge, she jabbed her right arm under Kristin’s left shoulder, then left her feet in an almost hop that sent Kristin tumbling over her hip and onto her back with a deep Arm Drag.

Kristin hit the mat with a dull THUD, but Kristin was up immediately and whirling to face her foe, which was good because Carter was already leaping towards her. Reacting in much the same was as the blonde had, Kristin hooked an arm under Sarah’s armpit and flipped her to the mat with an Arm Drag of her own. But where Carter had simply let her opponent get her feet back under her, Kristin immediately dropped down and posted one knee against the side of Sarah’s face. Keeping the captured limb under control with her right arm, Kristin used the left to grab a handful of chain and grriiiiiiind it back and forth across the blonde’s features.

Smiling sadistically, Kristin growled, “You’re the meanest bitch huh? Well how does the meanest bitch like a mouthful of steel? Answer me ARRGGH!”

Carter slammed a fist into her gut, knocking Kristin off balance just long enough for the blonde to get to her feet. Shaking off the blow quickly, Kristin grabbed a handful of chain that was closer to Sarah’s end and gave it a hard jerk, reeling her opponent into her. When Sarah was close enough, Kristin stabbed out her arm, caught Sarah under the shoulder and attempted to Hip Toss her onto the excess chain. For a moment it looked like this was going to work, but as Sarah began her descent, she put a hand out and did a perfect Cartwheel that brought her back vertical in the blink of an eye.

Smiling at Kristin’s aggravation, Sarah chided, “Hurry up Kristin, this will go so much faster if I don’t have to do all the work of making you look bad.”

Sneering at the smug comment, Kristin leapt forward only to be caught and Hip Tossed by the blonde. But as Sarah before her, Kristin put down a hand and started to cartwheel through the toss. Things were going fine until Sarah shot out her right hand, grabbed the chain less than a foot from Kristin’s throat and PULLED. The vile yank to her neck unbalanced her and the tawny brunette CRASH landed on her head and shoulder! Ignoring the applause for her creative counter, Sarah stalked around her foe and as Kristin sat up, Sarah left her feet in a short jump and drove both boots into Kristin’s face with a Low Dropkick!

With Kristin flat on her back for the first time, Sarah wasted no time, pouncing on Kristin’s right arm and taking the wrist in both hands she wrapped her legs around the captured limb. Once her thighs were pressing down on Kristin’s chin and chest, Sarah crossed her ankles and pulled back as hard as she could, trying to hyperextend Kristin’s elbow with a Cross Armbreaker.

Shrieking and thrashing as the hateful fire of the joint-lock raced from her fingers to her shoulder and back again, Kristin tried to reach for the ropes but Sarah had taken care to apply the hold in the middle of the ring and there was no way she could get there before the blonde broke her arm! Gritting her teeth against the pain, Kristin fumbled around until she felt the chain. Wrapping it around her free hand, the Hellcat steadied her breathing and when there was the tiniest lapse in Sarah’s grip, she ROLLED toward her, stacking the blonde up on her shoulders.

Some wrestlers might have tried to hold her there for the pin, but Kristin wasn’t ‘most wrestlers.’ In the brief span she had unrestricted access to Sarah’s face, Kristin pounded three quick chain-wrapped punches down into Sarah’s delicate features, forcing her to release the hold. When Sarah’s grasp dropped away from her arm, Kristin had to fight the urge to break off the attack for a moment and massage some of the twinge from the joint. Knowing Sarah would continue to go after her arms at every opportunity, Kristin decided not to give her any. Hauling the stunned vixen to her feet, Kristin drove a sharp knee into Sarah’s belly and said, “Go ahead and try to break my arm, I’ll fracture your skull. Guess which one of those will heal first?”

Not letting Sarah answer, the Hellcat turned her back on her, reached over her left shoulder with both hands and grabbed a double handful of blonde hair. In the same motion she dropped to one knee and yanked Sarah forward, pulling Sarah off her feet and dropping her on her butt with a Snap Mare. Seated directly behind her opponent now, Kristin shifted from technical wrestler to hard-core brawler in an instant when she took a length of chain in both hands, pulled it taut and wrapped it around Sarah’s throat. Jamming her knee into the flailing blonde’s back, Kristin reefed back hard and roared, “Scream for me Sarah! Scream while you still can!”

Gagging and choking, Sarah managed to get a few fingers between the collar and her windpipe, but it wasn’t nearly enough to keep her conscious for very long. Resigning herself to doing this the hard way, Sarah drew as deep a breath as she could, then twisted into her adversary. It wasn’t enough to fully escape the strangle, but it did get Kristin’s knee out of her back and that was a good start. Trapped on her hands and knees while Kristin choked the life out of her, Sarah tried to push to her feet, but Kristin simply planted a boot between her shoulders and pressed down, keeping her in place while making the strangle even more unbearable.

Shaking her head to fight off the dark spots that were starting to intrude on her vision, Sarah saw the chain pooled beneath them and found another way out. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t elegant, but if Kristin wasn’t going to wrestle a clean match, why should she?

Digging her hands into the loose coils, she wrapped as much of it around her fist as she could and then THUD drove a punch right into the front of Kristin’s crimson togs. Despite the blood roaring in her ears, Sarah could hear Kristin’s howl of pain and that brought a smile to her lips. When Kristin collapsed beside her, Sarah pushed to her feet, took a few deep, shuddering breaths, then, just because she could, she raised her left foot, then pistoned it down onto Kristin’s navel.

After grinding it back and forth a few times, Sarah began to feel a little bit better and gasped, “I’m going to take one of your arms tonight Kristin and when I do, it’ll mean the end of your career. Because there’s nothing more pathetically endearing than a three legged Hellcat hobbling around mewling about how tough it used to be before it got crippled.”

When Kristin didn’t respond, Sarah hauled her up with a handful of ponytail, then spun around behind her adversary and quickly bent Kristin’s right arm up against her back with a Hammerlock. Holding Kristin’s arm pinned in place, Sarah used her other arm to wrap around Kristin’s middle in a loose Waistlock. Bending her knees, Sarah lifted up and back, hoisting Kristin up onto her shoulder. The moment Kristin was parallel to the canvas, Sarah dropped straight down, drilling Kristin into the ground with a Belly-to-Back Suplex that saw all the Hellcat’s weight come down on her Hammerlocked arm.

Pleased that her game plan was coming together so flawlessly, Sarah rolled to one knee, smoothed out her hair and asked, “Has your arm gone numb yet Kristin? I hope not…” Pulling Kristin to her feet, Sarah stood to her left and took Kristin’s wrist in both hands. Stepping back to fully extend the arm, Sarah had just started to wring the toned limb in a circle when Kristin exploded forward and drove her shoulder into Sarah’s belly. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make Sarah let her go and that was all Kristin needed.

Before Sarah, the ref or the audience realized what had happened, Kristin whirled around behind her victim and leapt onto her back. Scissoring both tawny thighs around Sarah’s trim waist, Kristin snaked her right arm under Sarah’s chin while her left cupped Sarah’s skull and pushed down to crimp Sarah’s neck with the Rear Naked Choke. Holding onto the bucking blonde with every once of strength she possessed, Kristin bore down on Sarah’s neck, trying her beat her opponent to the canvas where the hold would almost guarantee a victory. Breathing hotly into Sarah’s ear, Kristin taunted, “It’s okay Sarah, you can hit the mat, I’m sure it won’t be the first time you’ve gown down.”

Kristin punctuated the prurient statement with another hard wrench of Sarah’s neck. Bristling at the feel of Kristin’s breath in her ear, Sarah finally stopped trying to pry Kristin’s arm from around her throat and instead she moved her grip to around each of the Hellcat’s thighs. Looking like some sort of murderous variation on the old ‘Piggyback rides’ from childhood’s the world over, Sarah lurched towards the corner, trying her best to avoid tripping on the chain as it slithered and oozed along with her progress. When she was about six feet from the nearest corner, the blonde pulled a quick about-face and propelled herself back the rest of the way in. Kristin had just enough time to mutter “Shit…” before Sarah rammed home, crushing her adversary between her own body and the thinly padded steel of the buckles.

When Kristin’s arm fell away from her throat, Sarah’s first thought was to drop to her hands and knees, but she resisted this urge, knowing that to present her back to Kristin was to invite certain defeat. Instead, she spun around and slammed the broadest part of her right thigh up into the Hellcat’s taut abdomen. As Kristin started to gasp, Sarah leaned in close and whispered, “You’re one to talk about going down when everyone knows you’re going to end this match flat on your back.” Speaking no more, she laced her fingers behind Kristin’s neck and pulled her head down. With Kristin’s forehead within easy kneeing range, that’s exactly what Sarah did; she rammed her right knee up over and over again, pounding the bony joint off Kristin’s skull with an ominously dull THUNK, THUNK, THUNK.

Finally the ref started his count, so Sarah treated herself to one more taste of Kristin’s forehead, then she stepped back, pulled the Hellcat out of the corner and tossed her over her hip with a Judo style throw that was as haughty as it was effective. With Kristin laying prone at her feet, Sarah went back to work on Kristin’s right arm, stretching it out with another application of the Cross Armbreaker. Taking the time to mash her thighs into Kristin’s chin and chest, Sarah blew a stray hair out of her face before she said, “Are you ready to give it up Kris? Or do I have to make you scream before you understand how outclassed you really are?”

She gave the Armbreaker another insolent tug, forcing Kristin to yelp. Pretty face crimped in anguish, Kristin growled, “You know what happened to the last blonde bitch that thought she could make me submit? I choked her out and sat on her face. I think I’ll do the same to you.” She started tugging and inching her way towards the ropes in an effort to free herself.

Making only minimal effort to keep Kristin in place (Sarah knew that every time Kristin pulled on the hold, she was doing more damage to her shoulder and elbow) her foe replied, “As I recall, Scarlett later choked you out and made you snuggle her tits. AND in your third match, you tapped out like a little bitch and it was only Billie Piper’s interference that saved your undeserving ass. Face it Kristin, when it comes to beating blondes, you just can’t do it.”

Using Sarah’s smug monologue as motivation, Kristin continued to inch her way towards the ropes until she was finally able to wrap her ankles around the bottom cable. Not bothering to say ‘break’ the Hellcat snarled, “Why don’t you ask that slut Cuthbert about what I did to her before you say anything about me not being able to beat blondes. Of course, you’ll have to wait till I’ve decided to get off your face, and I have no idea how long that’ll be.”

By then the official had reached ‘FOUR’ and Sarah finally released her with a derisive mutter of “bitch.”

Pushing to her knees, Kristin rolled her right shoulder a couple of times in an attempt to work some of the pain out. She was still in this position when Sarah buried her hands in Kristin’s ponytail and tugged her to her feet. Outraged that Sarah wasn’t giving her any breathing room, Kristin slashed out with her claws only to have Sarah swat them aside and drive a punch into her shoulder. Gasping in pained surprise, Kristin’s arms went to the wounded area which allowed Sarah all the time she needed to leave her feet and slam her boots into Kristin’s chin with a Standing Dropkick.

Kristin hit the mat with a THUD and she tried to roll under the bottom rope to create some distance, but Sarah was immediately on her and dragging her back to the middle of the ring. Jerking Kristin to a sitting position, Sarah sneered, “Where ya going Kris? That classy blonde too much for your tawdry brunette ass to handle?”

Kristin tried to respond but Sarah just kicked her in the shoulder again. Silencing the Hellcat (at least momentarily) Sarah dropped to her knees and easily forced Kristin’s right arm back into another Hammerlock. Holding it in place, Sarah reached out with her unencumbered hand, took hold of the chain and began wrapping it around the Hellcat’s chest. Making sure to leave her enough chain to stand, Sarah eventually stood up and surveyed her handiwork. Pleased to see Kristin’s Hammerlocked arm pinned tightly in place thanks to the chain, Sarah purred, “I knew this thing would come in handy eventually.”

Falling silent, the icy blonde raised her right foot, positioned it carefully and then shot it out, stomping hard on Kristin’s folded arm. Ignoring Kristin’s cry of pain and feeble escape attempts, Sarah just lined up another shot. And another, and another and another until finally the coil around Kristin’s torso started to loosen and the Hellcat was able to pull the trapped limb out of the Hammerlock and cradle it across her chest. Shaking her head ‘no’ Sarah whispered, “We’re not done yet.” and scraped Kristin off the canvas.

Standing in front of her victim, Sarah reached around Kristin’s right side and applied the Hammerlock a split second before she reached through Kristin’s legs and scooped her off the mat. Holding Kristin in the stall position for a Body Slam, Sarah hesitated just long enough to position Kristin’s body over the biggest pile of chain, then she TOSSED her down, smashing the Hellcat’s already wounded arm between the steel links and her own body weight. Standing over Kristin after the Body Slam connected, Sarah debated for a spilt second before dropping to her knees and smearing herself across the Hellcat’s chest. Hooking the far leg, she rolled Kristin up in a tight cradle and waited impatiently for the ref to count, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Kristin rolled her left shoulder (‘gonna have to work on that one too’ Sarah noted dryly.) off the mat, breaking the count. Pushing up Sarah stepped back from her rival and circled her warily. Several seconds later, Kristin got back to her feet and after a few gingerly movements, confirmed that her right arm was still functioning.

Turning her emerald glare to Sarah, she said softly, “You went for a cover off a Body Slam? I’m insulted.”

Just as soft, Sarah replied, “No need to expend energy doing anything fancier when you can’t fight out of the basics.”

Kristin arched an eyebrow, “Is that what you think?”

“Until you prove otherwise, yes.”

Rolling her shoulders, Kristin replied, “Then let’s change your thinking.” She raised both hands and slipped down into a wrestler’s crouch.

Adopting something of a MMA striker’s stance, Sarah beckoned her rival in with, “I’d love to see you try.” ‘Try’ was still on her lips when Kristin lunged forward for the lock-up, but Sarah intercepted her with a Chopping Overhand Left that came down across Kristin’s collarbone. The blow stopped the Hellcat in her tracks, but she wasn’t stopped for very long as Sarah buried one hand in her dark hair while the other secured a hold of the collar around Kristin’s neck. Bending her knees, Sarah torqued her hips and hurled Kristin more than halfway across the ring with a simple Beal Toss that deposited her flat on her back with a loud SPLAT!

During the time between when Kristin had left the mat and rejoined it, Sarah noticed that a small but emphatic ‘FUCK HER UP SARAH, FUCK HER UP!’ chant had started and that made Sarah very happy. Taking hold of the middle of the chain where she was sure to have plenty of slack, Sarah made about a long loop, closed off the open end with her fist and whispered, “Anything for my fans.”

At that very moment Kristin was starting to push to her hands and knees and Sarah couldn’t think of a better target. Raising the chin high over her head, she paused just long enough to let the audience start roaring before she brought the metal links slicing down across Kristin’s butt. Kristin howled in pain and pushed up onto her knees, but that just gave Sarah a new target and she slashed out with the chain again, this time taking the Hellcat across her left side and around onto her belly. Kristin gasped and hugged her arms tight across her abdomen, which of course gave Sarah free reign over her back, so she brought her slinky whip ‘snaaccking’ down on Kristin’s wounded shoulder.

That last lick proved a little too much for Kristin to bear and she collapsed onto her chest, sobbing and trying to protect the worst of her injuries. Planting the sole of her boot in the small of Kristin’s back, Sarah looked out to the mob and said, “It would be cruel to do this when she’s not even defending herself!”

She promptly lashed her one more time. Letting the chain fall from her hands, Sarah grabbed Kristin by the back of her collar and yanked her to her feet. Just to ensure Kristin’s compliance, she blasted the point of her elbow down onto Kristin’s right shoulder and instantly snatched hold of the Hellcat’s left wrist she tried to ward off the blow.

Stepping away from her adversary, Sarah wrenched Kristin’s trapped arm in a wide, slow circle and said, “I think this arm needs the same treatment as your right. After all, I want to make tapping out such an agony that you’d rather SAY ‘I’m a quitting, blubbering bitch.’ when you give it all up.”

Kristin glared daggers at her but the coming words were cut off when Sarah began snapping off crisp little high kicks into Kristin’s bicep and armpit. Kristin groaned and tried to pull away, but every time she did Sarah just twisted her arm again and reset her feet for another brace of kicks. Eventually, when she figured Kristin’s arm had to be going numb, Sarah released the pressure on the Arm Wringer only to step back a little further and whip her adversary off the ropes. Setting her feet carefully, Sarah waited until Kristin was bearing down on her before she took a little shuffle step to the left and blasted her right foot at Kristin’s face with a beautiful Super Kick. But if the Super Kick was beautiful, then Kristin’s counter of it was nothing short of gorgeous.

Realizing what Sarah was going to do, Kristin prepared herself and when Sarah kicked out at her, she went into a Baseball Slide that sent her scooting safely under the offending limb. Acting with the same brutal swiftness she brought to all her matches, Kristin grabbed a length of chain in both hands and brought it roaring up in a sort of vertical tripwire that ended between Sarah’s thighs. Her mouth dropped open in a large ‘O’ which would’ve been comical if you hadn’t known the reason for it; then she was down on her side, groaning and cradling her injured groin while Kristin caught her breath and mulled over all the terrible things she was going to do to her!

Catching her breath, the Hellcat remembered the condescending tone in Sarah’s voice when she had talked about Kristin not being able to defend against the ‘basics.’ Offering her victim a chilling smile, Kristin taunted, “So you like the basics Sarah? This is about as basic as you can get.”

Wrapping a length of the chain around her left hand, Kristin measured her shot carefully, then hopped up into the air and came down with her chain-wrapped knuckles skidding off Sarah’s forehead in a wicked Fist Drop. Sarah groaned and tried to roll away, but Kristin wasn’t letting her get away that easy, not after all the shit Sarah had already put her through.

Scrambling to her knees, Kristin straddled Sarah’s belly, grabbed a handful of ponytail with her non chain-wrapped hand and proceeded to pound a vile series of blows down onto Sarah’s forehead. Working methodically, Kristin would pause in her work after every third and fourth punch just to grind the links back and forth across Sarah’s forehead or eyebrows. With a smile on her face and a song in her heart, Kristin asked her opponent, “You still enjoying the basics Sarah?”

Trying to focus on Kristin’s voice through the pounding in her head, Sarah groaned, “I’m gonna… gonna break… break your arms bitch.”

“Not if I break your NECK first!” Kristin sneered as she pushed out of the mount and dragged Sarah to her feet, only to loop several lengths of the chain around her neck. Whirling behind the disoriented blonde, Kristin reached over her right shoulder, cupped Sarah’s chin in both hands and pulled her close. Without a word, she pushed up and sat out, neatly whiplashing Sarah’s neck against the point of her shoulder with the hideously augmented Reverse Neckbreaker. Wincing at the pain that rolled down her wounded arm after that latest bit of offense connected, Kristin muttered, “Thought you took out my shoulders didn’t you ya cunt? You haven’t taken out anything. And I’ll be happy to prove it to you.”

Pulling the chain away from Sarah’s neck, Kristin jerked her to her feet and stood beside her. Glaring out at the audience, Kristin roared, “Could a chick with broken shoulders do THIS?”

Showing them what ‘this’ entailed, Kristin bent at the waist and looped one hand between Sarah's legs while the other found its way around her victim’s chin. Ignoring the fiery twinge that appeared in her right arm, Kristin lifted Sarah off the mat, holding the lissome grappler draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the insidious Torture Rack. Listening to the audience applaud while Sarah moaned, Kristin pulled down on her foe’s chin and thigh, even as she started to march around the ring. Pausing every now and then to rock up on her toes, the Hellcat taunted, “You’re not talking so much now sweetie. What’s the matter, got nothing clever to say when your back’s about to break?”

Fighting off the urge to wail, Sarah grunted back, “Just stunned those scrawny arms of yours can hold me up for this long.”

“Oh I can hold you up for as long as I want Sar…”


Kristin was cut off in mid-sentence by this loud exclamation. Turning her head to the side, Kristin’s pretty face twisted in surprise and disgust when she realized Sarah had used the verbal distraction to reach out and grab hold of the top rope. Annoyed at her lapse, Kristin continued to crank down on the Torture Rack as the ref began to count. Licking her lips, Kristin whispered, “You want a break Sarah? I’ll give you several.”

Smirking, Kristin rose on her toes and dropped to her butt, which nearly bent Sarah into an inverted U on the Hellcat’s tawny shoulders. Savoring her rival’s shocked sob of pain, Kristin pushed Sarah off her shoulders and let her go slopping to the canvas. Thinking about what she was going to do next, Kristin spotted the chain coiled up next to her right foot and it gave her an idea. Wrapping several loops of the links around her left boot, Kristin got to her feet and pulled Sarah to her hands and knees. With one hand buried in Sarah’s hair, Kristin chided, “Ya know those basics you were so proud of Sarah? I don’t think they like you very much.”

Proving her point, Kristin brought up her left foot, placed it against Sarah’s face and then stomped down, rubbing the chain against Sarah’s features with a diabolical variation on the old Boot Lace Rake.

Laughing nastily as the audience and Sarah groaned, Kristin repeated the face tearing maneuver several more times before she finally drove a Short Kick to Sarah’s face that sent her back to the mat. Feeling much more in control of the situation at this point, Kristin stood over her battered foe and took a good long time adjusting her top, tugging her bottom back into the proper alignment and generally making sure she looked prettier than the scuffed up blonde at her feet.

After she’d smoothed out her hair and checked the condition of her braid, Kristin put her hands on her hips and said, “Ya know Sarah, screw the basics. I’m ready to kick your ass with a little more flourish.”

Having already decided what said flourish was going to be, the domineering brunette peeled her rival off the canvas, grabbed hold of her wrist and whipped her hard into a corner on the other side of the ring. Working with the air of someone who was just here because they had nothing better to do, Kristin wrapped several lengths of the chain around her left forearm and when she was satisfied, she sprinted off after her stunned opponent. There was still a good four or five feet between them when Kristin left her feet, pulled up her chain-swathed arm and THWAM brought it smashing down across the bridge of Sarah’s nose in a perfect Flying Forearm. Sarah moaned and started to slide down the buckles, but Kristin wouldn’t allow it.

Taking Sarah by the ponytail, Kristin switched positions with her and hopped up onto the top turnbuckle. Taking a seated position, the Hellcat pulled the chain off her forearm only to wrap it around Sarah’s neck. Trapping Sarah in a tight Front Facelock, Kristin said, “I don’t know if adding the chain to this move will make it more painful or not, but the idiots will cheer and that means a bigger check for me, so what the hell right?”

Not caring if Sarah answered (which is good, because she didn’t) Kristin pushed out of the corner, swung around in a perfect 180-degree arc and then dropped back to the canvas, ripping Sarah off her feet to drive the crown of her skull into the mat with a Tornado DDT.

Looking to humiliate Sarah the same way she’d been embarrassed earlier in the fight, Kristin rolled Sarah over onto her back, straddled her waist and placed both hands on her foe’s shoulders in a move that was reminiscent of the ‘sexy pins’ of the halcyon days of apartment wrestling. As the ref swooped in beside them, Kristin purred, “I dare you to get up Sarah. I fucking DARE you…”

Then the official was counting off ‘ONE… TWO…’ and Sarah took Kristin’s bet because she rolled her right shoulder off the mat, forcing the match to continue.

Kristin rolled her eyes, “Dumb. Brave and dumb. How typically blonde.”

Getting to her feet, Kristin dragged Sarah to the middle of the ring, then nudged her over onto her belly. Turning around so that she was facing towards Sarah’s feet, Kristin bent Sarah's right leg at the knee and then crossed it across the extended leg, creating a shape that most closely resembled a ‘figure four.’ Grabbing the straightened left leg in both hands, Kristin placed one foot on Sarah's legs where they crossed and fell back, pulling Sarah’s legs and lower body up off the mat at a hideous angle. Kristin landed on her shoulders beside Sarah, pulling and pushing the twisted legs while also bending Sarah's spine into a distended C.

Sarah shrieked in pain and tried not to immediately surrender as Kristin's version of Ashley Scott's Black Vise tore her in two. Fighting a terrible urge to give up right then and there, Sarah dulled the pain as best she could before placing both palms down on the canvas. Catching her breath, the blonde bit her tongue and pushed up as high as she could. The increased pressure on her spine almost forced her submission, but before her twisted form could betray her, she placed the crown of her head flat against the canvas and pushed up a little more. When she had just enough room to work with, Sarah tucked her chin into her chest and pulled forward hard. This brilliant bit of counter-wrestling was all she needed to escape the murderous knot Kristin had tied her in, unfortunately it still left her feet in the Hellcat’s possession, a fact Kristin reminded her of when she fought to her feet to STOMP Sarah’s groin.

Tossing Sarah’s limp legs aside, Kristin growled, “Good, I didn’t want to beat you with someone else’s finish anyway.” Leaving Sarah in a tangled pile of aching limbs, the Hellcat jogged towards the most convenient corner and quickly ascended to the top rope. Turning to face the ring, she waited silently as Sarah fought to get her feet back. When Sarah had regained her verticality, Kristin whispered, “Gonna kick all the haughty off your face now slut.”

As Sarah turned to face her, Kristin leapt out into the void, tucked her knees up under her chin and then pistoned them out, searching for Sarah’s face with the Missile Dropkick!

Unfortunately for Kristin, Sarah had been working out a plan when her back was turned and Kristin had willingly dove right into it. As the Hellcat bore down on her, Sarah stepped aside and as her foe was passing by, Sarah brought up a long length of chain and just LASHED it across Kristin’s exposed middle. There was an ‘ohhhhh’ from the audience and an agonized scream from Kristin as the counterstrike dropped her out of the air with all the grace of a dropped rock.

Knowing that her attack had struck home, Sarah couldn’t resist booting the sobbing brunette over onto her back so she could observe the nasty looking welt that was already forming across her tummy Breathing hard, Sarah growled, “You’ve got your claws, I’ve got mine.”

Intent on giving Kristin another taste of her wrath, Sarah pulled down the pad on her right knee and hauled Kristin to her feet, Taking hold of the chain nearer to Kristin’s end, Sarah planted her feet and whipped the Hellcat towards the rope using nothing but the chain. When she thought Kristin had gone far enough, Sarah reeled her back in only to break into a sprint of her own. As the distance between them shrank to nothing, Sarah exploded off her feet in a high leap that ended when she CRASH drove her bare knee against the side of Kristin’s head. The Flying Knee took Kristin off her feet in an instant, but she barely had enough time to enjoy her trip to the canvas before Sarah was pulling her up again.

Forcing her to bend over, Sarah slapped a Standing Head Scissors, wrapped her arms around Kristin’s waist and hauled Kristin off her feet. With the point of Kristin’s back resting on the ball of her shoulder, Sarah held her position for several seconds before taking two steps forward and then driving the Hellcat down and forward while simultaneously dropping to one knee. Kristin's tenderized right shoulder slammed full force into Sarah's bent knee, and Kristin's face went pale with shock as she flopped onto the mat. Brown eyes gleaming as the Inverted Shoulderbreaker sent shockwaves of agony through her nemesis, Sarah pushed Kristin onto her back and pounced across her chest, hooking the far leg.

Heartbeats later the ref counted, ‘ONE… TWO… THNO!’

Kristin bucked free of the cradle, breaking the pin and the count. Sitting up on her haunches, Sarah rubbed her forearm across her face and was mildly irritated when it came back smeared with crimson. Dabbing carefully, she located a shallow cut just below her hairline, no doubt opened up during one of Kristin’s vicious assaults with the chain. Satisfied that the wound wasn’t of any serious concern (at least not yet) Sarah slapped Kristin across the back of the head and chided, “So you want to play for blood Kris? Then let’s play for blood.”

Coiling the Hellcat’s fight-frayed ponytail in her fingers, Sarah pulled the woozy brunette into the center of the squared circle only to double her up with a stiff kick to the belly. Maintaining her death-grip on Kristin’s mane, Sarah stood to her rival’s left, paused for a moment, then began snapping her right leg up over and over again, battering Kristin’s face with the flat part of her foot. Working with machine-like precision, the cold-hearted blonde MAULED the Hellcat’s delicate features, keeping her pace steady and rhythmic as she pounded the pretty out of the Hellcat’s face. Eventually, Kristin could take no more of the hateful pummeling and she collapsed to one knee, but Sarah wasn’t having it.

With a ruthless TUG, she brought Kristin back to her feet just long enough for her to take a giant step back, then lope forward and send her kicking leg slicing up in a wicked punt that caught Kristin under the chin. The sound of her teeth clacking together was totally obscured by the sympathetic groans and the ‘DAAAAAANGEROUUUS!’ chants that were beginning to crop up in more and more of Sarah’s matches.

Hands on her hips, Sarah wiggled a boot under Kristin’s ribs and flopped her over onto her back. Pleased to see that she’d bloodied Kristin’s nose and lip, Sarah glanced out at the mob and said, “Awww, poor Kristin’s gotten her lumpy face all bloodied up? You think she needs to be washed?”

Knowing full well what Sarah was referring to, the crowd replied in the positive and that was all the encouragement Sarah needed to drag her unresisting foe to the nearest corner. Placing the back of Kristin’s neck against the bottom buckle, Sarah grabbed a huge handful of the chain and placed it against Kristin’s face as best she could. Mussing the Hellcat’s hair, Sarah mused, “This should make the highlight package at the end of the show.”

Straightening up, she moved to Kristin’s right and took the top rope in both hands Using it for balance, she placed her left foot against the edge of Kristin’s face, then scraaaped it forward, abrading the already abused features beneath the chain.

Hardly sated with one, Sarah repeated the cheek-scrubbing maneuver FOUR MORE TIMES, then told the mob, “NOW LET’S REALLY CLEAN HER UP!”

With a whole arena cheering her on, Sarah whirled around on her heel and sprinted for the ropes. Picking up an ungodly head of steam, Sarah headed back towards the corner and when she was within striking distance THWHACK, she caromed her left boot off the side of brunette’s head to complete the Face Wash.

Pulling her kicking foot from the gap between the bottom and middle ropes, Sarah scrambled to Kristin’s ankles, grabbed hold of both and dragged her into the center of the ring. Tossing the boneless limbs aside, Sarah pounced across the Hellcat’s middle, hooked both legs and grinned from ear-to-ear while the official counted, ‘ONE… TWO… THRNO!’ Despite (or perhaps in spite) of the abuse she had taken, Kristin pounded a fist into Sarah’s temple, forcing Sarah to relinquish the cover.

Catching her breath, Sarah tweaked the tip of Kristin’s nose and mused, “I wonder… does the Hellcat have nine lives? Is that why it takes so much to keep her down?”

Fighting to be heard over the marching band that was running loose in her skull, Kristin muttered, “I… I only… only need one to… to fuck you up.”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Sarah cooed, “You’re sorely mistaken Kristin. You’re going to need all your lives to get past me. And if you’re already on the last one, you’re going to be tapping out VERY soon.”

Acting on her callous statement, Sarah slid her legs around Kristin’s head so that the back of Kristin’s neck was nestled against her crotch. But instead of locking her ankles, Sarah pulled Kristin’s head up with one hand while the other began wrapping the chain around her skull. When Kristin’s face was mostly obscured, Sarah crossed her ankles and rolled over onto her belly, a move that forced Kristin onto her stomach as well. Palms braced against the mat, Sarah taunted, “Smart money says I’ve got more stamina than you Kristin. Only one way to find out though…”

Gathering her breath, Sarah pushed up while maintaining the Head Scissors, a move that pulled Kristin’s captured head several inches off the mat. Just as Kristin was starting to realize the trap she’d fallen into, Sarah released the pressure and dropped, banging the Hellcat’s chain-swathed head on the canvas. Proving ‘hell is repetition’ Sarah did several more ‘push-ups’ - each one ending the same as the first, with Kristin’s forehead slamming against the canvas like a rapidly deflating basketball.

When the burn in her arms and shoulders went from pleasant to troublesome, Sarah rolled back over onto her butt, gave those world class thighs a colossal squeeeeze and sweetly asked, “How many lives lost now bitch?”

Kristin only whimpered so Sarah was going to begin squeezing again, but then the ref started his count, a development that startled Sarah. Glancing in the direction of the official, he nodded towards the edge of the ring and she saw that in her haste to finish off the Hellcat, she’d rolled close enough to the ropes for Kristin to lay her left foot across the bottom cable.

Scowling over the sloppy mistake, Sarah released the hold and taunted, “Very clever kitten, but all you’ve done is delay the inevitable…” Sarah trailed off as she pulled the chain from around Kristin’s face to reveal a countenance that was now bleeding from at least half a dozen swallow cuts along the forehead and cheeks. Getting to her feet, Sarah hauled Kristin up after her and said, “Why Ms. Kreuk, you’re looking positively ghastly. I’m afraid the nice referee might stop this match on account of blood loss and we certainly don’t want that do we? I guess I’ll stop pounding your face… for a while.”

Standing face-to-face with her opponent, she grabbed Kristin’s right arm, folded up the injured limb and forced it around behind her back. Keeping her grip tight, Sarah worked the Hammerlock with one hand while she threaded the other between Kristin’s legs. Helping herself to a jiggling handful of helpless brunette butt cheeks, Sarah scooped Kristin up for a Body Slam and held her prone. With the Hammerlock still in place, Sarah sat out fast, dropping the Hellcat on the crown of her skull with a modified Michinoku Driver, the same move Trachtenberg had tried on Cuthbert in the previous match. Knowing that it would be almost impossible for Kristin to kick out with her pinned arm, Sarah scooted forward and sat down hard on Kristin’s heaving chest, trying her best to keep the Hellcat down.


Kristin bucked the haughty blonde off of her, forcing the match to continue for at least another three seconds. Starting to feel the first pangs of frustration, Sarah glowered and said, “Screw trying to do this the gentle way. If you don’t want to stay down, I’ll just break something and make sure you CAN’T get up.” Kicking the damaged brunette over onto her belly, Sarah sat down near Kristin’s right shoulder and threaded her legs around Kristin’s right arm. Resting her legs across the Hellcat’s back, Sarah worried her feet under Kristin's left shoulder and locked her ankles. Brushing a lock of hair out of her face, Sarah put her hands on the mat and said, "Get ready to howl for me little Hellcat."

When Kristin didn't reply, Sarah tensed her legs and pressed down hard, putting sadistic pressure on Kristin's shoulders with a join-lock that was best described as a Reverse Cross Armbreaker. Kristin gasped and tried to jerk her way free, but Sarah clamped down even tighter, grinding Kristin's face against the canvas. Balancing on one hand, Sarah reached out with her free hand, took hold of the chain and worked it down Kristin’s face until it was pulling tightly against her slender throat.

Sighing heavily, Sarah told her, “I know this isn’t the cleanest way to win a match, but since I’ve seen you torture your opponents just for fun, I don’t feel bad about returning the favor.” ‘Favor’ was still hanging in the air when Sarah YANKED up on the chain, adding a vile stranglehold to the already considerable agony of the Armbreaker.

With her right shoulder feeling like it was about to be torn off and her neck caught in the murderous noose of the chain, Kristin knew that she had very little time before she passed out or was choked out. Digging her left hand into the mat, Kristin pushed up as far as she could and began to drag herself across the mat. The going was slow and absolutely agonizing, but Kristin WAS moving and just before the blackness swarmed over her vision, the Hellcat grabbed the middle rope and burbled, “BREAK!”

Grinding down on the Armbreaker until the ref reached ‘FOUR’ Sarah finally uncrossed her ankles and pushed to her feet. Snapping her briefs back into place, Sarah sneered, “OK slut, guess I’ll just have to wring your grubby little neck.”

Hauling Kristin to her feet with a handful of ponytail and briefs, Sarah turned to the edge of the ring, surged forward and threw the Hellcat OVER the top rope, splattering her on the mats below. Grabbing the chain in both hands, Sarah wound the links around her wrists and started to reel Kristin back into the squared circle. Several seconds later, Kristin was pulled to her feet, a position she was only able to enjoy for a moment before the force of Sarah’s tugging started choking the life out of her. With one hand frantically prying at the collar, Kristin flailed around with her free hand and managed to grab hold of the middle rope. Breath coming in terrible hitching gasps, Kristin dragged herself up onto the apron, a move that relieved the pressure on her windpipe.

Sarah realized that Kristin had entrenched herself on the apron, so if she was going to get her back in the ring, she’d have to get closer. Growling low in the back of her throat, Sarah stalked towards the ring ropes and buried both hands in Kristin’s locks. She was in the process of hauling the Hellcat back into the squared circle when Kristin shot up both hands and looped a length of chain behind Sarah’s neck. Smiling despite the pain, Kristin stepped forward and dropped off the apron, a move that pinched Sarah’s throat between the chain and the top rope. Sneering savagely as Sarah above her burst into frantic life, Kristen tugged down on the chain for about five seconds before she released her grip. Gagging and choking, Sarah immediately pulled away from the ropes, staggered back into the ring and collapsed onto her back in a breathless, groaning heap.

Back on the outside of the ring, Kristin had taken stock of her injuries and realized she was still more than capable of continuing. But that didn’t change the fact that she hurt like hell and that meant someone had to suffer. Namely that smarmy little cunt that thought she could make an example of the Hellcat. Glancing over her shoulder, Kristin’s smoky green eyes narrowed as she spied Sarah laying prone on the canvas. Inspiration coming in a flash, she started to wrap the chain around her left arm over and over again. After a moment she paused to make sure she could still bend her arm. Finding she could, Kristin licked her lips and whispered, “I’m gonna rip out your heart, Carter; but first I’ll shatter your sternum. Ohhhh yeaaaaaah!!” After channeling Randy Savage, Kristin hopped up onto the apron, jogged over to the corner and scrambled onto the top rope where she paused to drink in the cheers and the exploding flash of cameras recording the moment.

Ready to fly, Kristin dipped her knees and leapt out into the void. Tucking herself into a loose U, she cocked her chain-wrapped arm, aimed and THWAAAAAM the ring shook as she came down in a picture-perfect Flying Elbow Drop all the more emphatic thanks to the chain. Pushing to her knees, Kristin slid into a tight straddle of Sarah’s chest and purred, “I’d stay down, otherwise I might be inclined to scoot forward a little bit.” While Kristin was threatening her prey, the official dropped to his knees and counted, ‘ONE… TWO… THRENOO!’

It might have been the nonchalant cover or maybe it was just her last burst of adrenaline, but Sarah was able to shove Kristin off of her with less than a second to spare. Cracking her knuckles, Kristin spat, “Good for you slut, I thought you were broken already…” Grabbing a handful of Sarah’s hair, Kristin scraped her opponent off the mat and started wrap the chain around Sarah’s head. When she couldn’t see anything but the slope of Sarah’s nose and chin, Kristin marched her girl over to the nearest corner and sneered, “Try not to lose count bitch.”

Then the Hellcat DROVE Sarah’s link-swathed skull into the top turnbuckle and after two more times, the audience caught on and counted off, ‘FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT… NINE… TEN!’ At ‘TEN’ Kristin pulled her stumbling victim away and led her back to the center of the ring. Looking out to the audience with a malicious smile on her abused face, she whispered, “You are all gonna LOVE this.”

Gutting the hapless blonde with a knee lift to the belly, Kristin trapped Sarah’s chain-wrapped head in a Front Facelock, slung the near arm across her shoulders and used her free hand to grab Sarah’s green briefs. Bending her knees, the Hellcat lifted Sarah off the mat and swung her into position directly over Kristin’s head. The moment Sarah was inverted above her, Kristin sat out hard, SPIKING Sarah’s head into the canvas with a skull-crushing Brainbuster.

After a moment of absolute silence, the audience exploded with a cacophonous ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant even as Kristin was rolling Sarah onto her back and hooking the far leg. Cringing at everything he’d seen thus far, the zebra knelt beside the warring gladiators, checked Sarah’s shoulders and slapped the mat, ‘ONE… TWO… THRENOOOO!”

Somehow, Sarah rolled a shoulder off the canvas, breaking the cover. Nodding in cynical appreciation, the Hellcat purred, “Damn bitch, your head must be harder than I thought. But I’m still gonna scrape out what’s inside.”

Continuing with her task, Kristin peeled the chain off Sarah’s head and was more than a little pleased to see Sarah’s features were just as bloody as her own. Getting her feet under her, Kristin took Sarah by the ankles and draaaaaged her well away from the ropes. Staying at Sarah's feet, the Hellcat bent down grabbed an ankle in either hand and pulled Sarah's legs into a taut V. Moving like someone who hadn't been beaten with a sturdy length of chain, Kristin placed her right leg between them, and then executed a one hundred and eighty degree turn to her left over the helpless blonde's left leg. Completing the revolution, Kristin grabbed Sarah’s free leg and fell backwards.

Landing hard on the canvas, Kristin laced her free leg over Sarah's bent ankle and pressed down to cinch in the Figure Four Leglock. Planting both hands on the mat, Kristin rocked up and down in an attempt to snap her rival’s leg. Grinning wickedly into Sarah’s stricken face, the Hellcat sneered, “HOW’S THAT FEEL SLUT? SCREAM MY NAME!”

Biting down on her forearm to keep from shrieking ‘I quit’ Sarah tried to haul herself to the ropes, but every move she made was countered by the leering brunette. Nearly sobbing with desperation, Sarah’s pained face regained a shred of its old calm when she noticed the chain pooled between them. Focused on nothing but escape, Sarah stabbed out her right hand, grabbed a hold of the chain and then SLASHED it across the Hellcat’s eyes. Kristin let out a stunned yelp and collapsed onto her butt. There was still a lot of pressure on Sarah’s bent knee, but with the Hellcat no longer actively cinching on the Leglock it wasn’t hard for Sarah to wrench her way free.

Curling into a loose ball, Sarah cradled her knee in an attempt to massage away some of the pain and she was at least KIND OF successful, but she had only managed to push to her hands and knees when Kristin sprinted forward and drove a stiff kick into her ribs. Looming over the smoldering ruin of her rival, Kristin purred, “So you don’t want a knee brace do ya Sarah? How about a full body cast?”

Not giving Sarah a chance to answer, Kristin scraped her off the mat and trapped her in an insolent Standing Head Scissors. Wrapping her arms around Sarah’s trim waist, Kristin bent her knees and hauled her new nemesis skyward, lifting Sarah into position for a Powerbomb.

Much like her earlier application of the Brainbuster, Kristin didn’t hold the stall position, she just SLAMMED Sarah down as hard as she could, nearly driving Sarah through the ring with the force of the landing. The instant Sarah’s shoulders were on the canvas, Kristin bent her knees and executed a tight little front flip that brought her into a perfect Bridge with Sarah's wriggling legs still in her grasp. Pouring the rest of her reserves into the cover, Kristin nodded in time with the ref as he slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!'

Sarah jerked her wriggling legs free of the Jackknife and flopped over onto her side, frustrating Kristin’s efforts yet again. Snarling her fury, Kristin pushed to her feet and did her best to scrub the blood off her forehead. (She didn’t check her arm which was good, because if she had, the amount of crimson thereon might have given the Hellcat pause) Feeling slightly more human, Kristin took a deep, ragged breath and panted, “I’m through trying for the fucking pin. You don’t want to lay down? Then I’ll bend you til you break!!”

Stalking over to her crippled adversary, Kristin buried her hands in Sarah’s red-tinged ponytail (the wounds on her forehead and face had turned Sarah’s usually golden locks a wet, vivid crimson. It didn’t look pleasant.) and peeled her off the mat. Slipping around behind Sarah, Kristin forced her opponent to double over even as she was threading her right leg around Sarah’s right. Just like that, the Hellcat was halfway to her finisher and she would be a lot closer as soon as she slung her left leg up and over Sarah’s neck; unfortunately she didn’t make it that far.

In the split-second that Kristin was off balance, Sarah tugged free of Kristin’s grasp and whirled around behind her. Remembering exactly what Kristin had done to her in the ropes a few minutes previous, Sarah grabbed a length of chain, wrapped it around Kristin’s neck and pounced on the Hellcat’s back. Holding the chain in both hands, Sarah snapped her thighs closed around Kristin’s waist and squeezed as hard as she could, strangling the fight out of her writhing foe with a diabolical version of the Rear Naked Choke. In one of the damnedest displays of intestinal fortitude ever seen, Kristin managed to keep her feet under her, even though Sarah was desperately trying to drag her to the canvas so she could end the fight for good. But Kristin refused to yield!

Digging both hands under the links of constricting metal, she pulled with all her might, making sure Sarah assassin riding her couldn’t steal any more of her air. Stepping in fencepost holes, the gurgling Hellcat lurched her way toward the edge of the ring and when she within arms reach, she removed one hand from the collar and reeeeeeaacched for the cables only to have Sarah immediately release the Body Scissors and plant her feet against the canvas.

Before Kristin could demand release, Sarah wrapped her left arm around Kristin’s throat while the right cupped the top of her skull and pushed down. As the more traditional version of the Rear Naked Choke was applied Sarah reefed back on the choke and dropped to the canvas, taking both weary vixens to the canvas with a nasty SPLAT. Aware of nothing but the blood in her eyes and the breath that wasn’t in her throat, Kristin uttered a little prayer to whoever might be listening and ROLLED in the direction of the ropes. She and Sarah traded places a few times and having her battered face pressed into the canvas wasn’t a very good feeling, but a few moments later Kristin felt the reassuring presence of the ropes and she grabbed them without hesitation.

Mustering the energy to form words, Kristin mumbled, “You fight like a girl Sarah.”

Enraged by Kristin’s seemingly endless reserves, Sarah squeezed down on the choke one last time and replied, “You’re right. I fight like the girl that’s kicking your ass.”

Heeding the ref’s announcement of ‘FOUR’ Sarah released her hold and rolled away.

Noting her bleeding features in the most cursory of fashions, Sarah was much more interested in the blood of her opponent. While Sarah’s condition was much more eye-catching, Sarah could see that Kristin’s dark mane was shinier and somehow thicker than it should have been and she was willing to bet money that the next time she touched Kristin’s hair, her hand would come away red. Looking to test that theory, she limped over to the woozy Hellcat, booted her in the shoulder and then pulled her back to her feet. Standing in front of Kristin, Sarah applied another Hammerlock to Kristin’s arm. Confident that her prey wasn’t going anywhere, Sarah used the other hand to wrap the chain around Kristin’s torso and pinned arm, repeating the tactic over and over until the majority of it had been used up.

Resting her forehead against Kristin’s, Sarah whispered, “This is how you lose Kristin.“

Letting go of the chain,, she bent down, wrapped both arms around Kristin’s waist and then threaded her head between Kristin’s left arm and her torso. Clasping her hands together in a white-knuckled grip, Sarah bridged up and fell back once , hitting a Northern Lights Suplex, that had the added benefit of dropping all of Kristin’s weight onto her weakened right arm not to mention the gravy that was the chain. Feeling Kristin groan more than she actually felt it, Sarah bridged up as the ref dropped down to count.

‘ONE… TWO…’ In direct defiance of her opponent and the hateful steel cocoon, Kristin bucked her legs and twisted onto her side to bring the count to a grinding halt.

Wiping frustrated tears from her eyes, Sarah tore the chains from Kristin’s midsection and pulled them both to their feet. Impaling Kristin with a vile knee to the crotch, Sarah let Kristin sag against her just so she could whisper, “I hope you understand Kristin… if you leave this arena on a backboard, it’ll be your fault, not mine.”

Taking a moment to savor the deep shivers that were wracking her opponent’s lissome frame, Sarah took hold of Kristin’s right arm and stepped to her left. Drawing the crippled limb across her chest, Sarah rose up on her toes, then snapped back, taking them both on a short but brutal journey to the mat. It was bad enough Kristin’s lacerated features were reintroduced to the canvas, but the landing was even harder on her brutalized shoulder. But if the Hellcat thought that the landing would bring an end to her torment, she was sadly mistaken! They’d been on the canvas for only a few seconds when Sarah (still in possession of Kristin’s arm mind you) rolled to her left, a move that put her knees to the canvas and allowed her to bring them both back to their feet.

Cinching on Kristin’s arm like she owned the damn thing, Sarah looked to the audience and asked, “AGAIN?”

Well of course they weren’t going to say no. When the mob gave her an affirmative, Sarah hit the deck for the second time in as many minutes and this time even the loud THUD of the landing couldn’t overpower Kristin’s shriek as the Single Arm DDT did its best to break her arm. Resting on her back, Sarah turned her head, planted a taunting kiss on what might have been the only spot on Kristin’s forehead that wasn’t painted with blood and cooed, “Sorry about this Kristin, but you know the old saying about bad luck coming in threes.”

Ignoring Kristin’s feeble protests, Sarah rolled to her left and pushed back to her feet. Not bothering with a taunt this time, Sarah just DROVE herself back to the mat, nearly breaking Kristin’s nose and shoulder in the same violent motion. Finally releasing her grip, Sarah kicked the Hellcat over onto her belly and went about finishing her off. Laying perpendicular to Kristin's body, Sarah took hold of Kristin’s left arm and stretched it out as far as it would go. Trapping the helpless limb between her thighs, Sarah used her left arm to hook Kristin’s right arm around the elbow. Pulling back with vicious force, Sarah completed the hold by using her right hand to cup Kristin’s right shoulder and yank back, adding even more pressure.

The capacity crowd roared their approval (while Kristin just plain roared) as Sarah successfully applied one of her finishers, the viciously painful Sarah-tonin! Ignoring her own blood, sweat and tears as best she could, Sarah pulled back her head and screamed, "SUBMIT!"

Several inches away, Kristin’s body was more than willing to obey that command, but her incredible will wouldn't allow such a blatant betrayal. After all, she was the Hellcat. She made blondes submit, not the other way around. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming, Kristin used her relatively healthy legs to struggle toward the ropes, but with her arms tied up behind her, she couldn't get close enough to enforce a break. Fighting down a panicked uprising, Kristin raged against the pain as she started to wriggle around in a circle, carrying every bit of Sarah's weight, not to mention the agony of Sarah's finisher as she did so. The ref thought the Hellcat was going to pass out long before she could complete her rotation, but Kristin just wouldn't die and as soon she could, she snaked out a foot and laid it along the bottom rope.

Unable to keep her mouth shut even at this stage in the fight, Kristin mumbled, "That all you got cunt?"

Ready to chew nails, Sarah sneered, “You’re not going to be conscious long enough to find out.”

Releasing her hold before the official could get any more annoying about it, Sarah got to her feet, took a deep breath and then dragged Kristin to hers. Burying both hands in the Hellcat’s sweat and blood slicked locks (Sarah had been right, her hands came away red) she marched her semi-coherent victim over to the edge of the ring and backed her into the ropes. Pulling Kristin’s arms out across the top rope, Sarah grabbed the middle cable and pulled it up and over, trapping the Hellcat in a defenseless T.

Trying desperately to catch control of her own breathing, Sarah cupped Kristin’s chin in one hand and tipped Kristin’s head back. Meeting her foe’s bleary gaze, Sarah purred, “I’ve been waiting to do this ever since you stepped out from behind the curtain.”


Sarah released her grip and whirled around fast, snapping her dampened ponytail across Kristin’s face, a move that was really more symbol than strategy at this point. Still, the Ponylash always got the crowd on her side and tonight was no exception. With the mob urging her on, Sarah planted her feet, squared her shoulders and proceeded to UNLOAD the most merciless torrent of body punches seen in quite some time. It was as if Sarah suddenly decided she’d been wrong in lavishing so much attention on the Hellcat’s arms and now she wanted to make up for it. And make up for it she did. Hooks, jabs, even the occasional uppercut, all of them slammed into Kristin’s helpless chassis with the same reckless abandon.

It was only when the ref started his count that Sarah came back to herself and pulled Kristin free of the ropes. Stepping aside, Sarah allowed Kristin to tumble to the canvas; the only adjustment she made was Flip Kristin over, then drag her into a position near the edge of the ring. Hopping over what was left of her rival, Sarah slipped out onto the apron and grabbed the top rope in both hands. Leaning back, she gauged the landing with a falcon’s eye and when she was satisfied, Sarah leapt up and over the ropes, sling-shotting herself over the top rope only to come down sternum-first across Kristin’s belly with a Splash. Hooking Kristin’s far leg, Sarah closed her eyes and prayed as the ref counted, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Kristin twitched her left shoulder into the air, forcing an end to the count.

When Kristin escaped the Splash, something snapped inside Sarah. Something very small, but very important to her state of mind as a fighter went with a brisk little ‘crack’ that was completely swallowed by the mindless shriek of rage that escaped her lips. Throwing restraint to the wind, the crazed blonde scrambled to her feet and dragged Kristin to her knees. Pulling the penitent Hellcat in close, Sarah secured the base of Kristin’s braid with her left hand while the right busied itself by seeing how many punches it could bang off Kristin’s forehead in a single second.

Seeing the world through a thin red haze (Sarah didn’t know if it was the anger or her own blood and frankly, she didn’t care) Sarah just bludgeoned her rival’s skull, all the while screaming, “WHY WON’T YOU DIE?”

Kristin didn’t respond, probably couldn’t respond, but the silence only enraged Sarah further. Ceasing her pugilistic assault, Sarah tore her foe off her knees and reeled her in. Lacing her left arm across Kristin's chest, Sarah grabbed the back of her opponent's neck and clamped down tight. Too angry for words, she bent her knees and executed a perfect back-flip with Kristin hanging limp in her clutches. The end result was something that mixed the best of a Rock Bottom and a Standing Moonsault to flatten Kristin against the canvas with Sarah's other finisher, the breathtaking Sarah-rizer.

Slopping across the Hellcat's chest, Sarah didn't bother to hook a leg, she just smiled and waited as the referee and the fans counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOOO!' The audience exploded in a mixed cascade of cheers and boos. Because Kristin hadn't kicked out of Sarah's finish, but she had draped her left foot along the bottom rope, a tactic that required the count to end.

Beyond anything like a quip or barb at the moment, Sarah just sobbed in frustration and slammed a petulant little punch into the Hellcat’s trembling tummy. Knowing she could end this fight if she got Kristin to the middle of the ring, Sarah wiped the tears from her eyes and hauled them both back to a vertical base. Leading Kristin well away from the ropes, Sarah slung her left arm across Kristin’s chest and prepared to deliver a second Sarah-rizer.

She’d just started to dip her knees when Kristin jerked up her left arm and drove a trio of skull-jarring Elbow Smashes into Sarah’s temple. The fusillade of blows was enough to knock Sarah loopy but it wasn’t enough to take her legs from her. That’s why Kristin roared forward and punted her right between the thighs. Uttering a scream so high pitched it was almost inaudible, Sarah collapsed onto her knees and that’s right where Kristin wanted her.

Fully aware that she was doing something good (the crowd reaction also reinforced this thought) Kristin couldn’t for the life of her remember what she called this move. Forcing the whimpering grappler’s head between her thighs, the shopworn brunette wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist and locked her hands. After several deep breaths, Kristin bent her knees and slowly lifted the stunned girl into position for another Powerbomb.

With Sarah's legs draped limp on either side of her head, Kristin pushed up and out on Sarah's legs, sending them trailing out behind the rest of her, which in turn left Sarah's head close to the Hellcat's talons. As gravity began to pull Sarah down. Kristin caught Sarah’s head and sat out hard. Sarah hit the mat face-and-chest first with an ungodly a deafening WHAM that was instantly swallowed up by the crazed cheering of the fans. Already into the act of rolling Sarah onto her back, Kristin thought ‘the Beautiful Letdown. That’s what that was called.’ Then it was gone and Kristin collapsed across her opponent’s chest.

Hoping to God that it was finally over, the ref slid into place and counted, ‘ONE… TWO… THRENOOOOO!’

But Sarah shot a shoulder off the canvas and now it was Kristin’s cheeks that were burning with frustrated tears. Picking Sarah up with a handful of stout leather collar, Kristin lead her over to the nearest corner and tossed her in back-first. Stepping in close, Kristin took Sarah’s ponytail in one hand and her shoulder in the other.

Panting, Kristin hissed, “I’m going to make you mine…”

The words were barely out of her mouth when she pulled Sarah’s head to the side, exposing her neck. Darting forward, Kristin lowered her head, opened her jaws and BIT DOWN HARD on the soft juncture of neck and shoulder. Sarah howled in absolute anguish but was too weak to break free. Instead, she was forced to rely on the official’s count - which took four seconds longer than she would’ve liked. When the Hellcat finally broke away, it was as if she’d had the finest meal she’d ever tasted! At ringside, ‘Scape managed to get a picture of Kristin as she pulled back; her eyes partly closed; her mouth twisted in a sleepy half smile as she licked Sarah’s blood from her lips. That shot became the iconic image of the Hellcat’s career although Kristin didn’t know that at the time - all she knew was the bell hadn’t sounded, so she still had work to do!

On autopilot, the exhausted grappler wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist and lifted her into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Slowly climbing to the middle rope, Kristin applied a Front Facelock with her less-damaged arm (the left if we are correct) then slung Sarah’s near arm over her shoulders and grabbed a handful of dark green briefs. Lifting Sarah to a vertical position, Kristin gingerly climbed to the top rope and once her footing was secure, she bent her knees, lifted and fell back.

BWHAAAAAM! They seemed to fall forever; much, much longer than Kristin remembered it being, but just when she was beginning to wonder if it would ever end, they hit the mat with an echoing impact. The Superplex bounced both women off the canvas several inches, but when they settled down, the two devastated warriors lay side by side, neither strong enough to take advantage of what should have (no doubt) been a three count.

Waiting just long enough to confirm they weren’t injured, the ref began to count…


The crowd was at fever pitch, hoping and praying this wasn’t going to end in a double count out. Whoever the celestial entity is who watches out for wrestling fans rewarded their fervor…Kristin and Sarah let out simultaneous groans as they rolled to their knees. Neither of them was moving very fast, but they WERE moving and no matter how slow their pace, whichever got to her feet first was certainly going to win!

Kristin answered that question when she surged to her feet and SMACK slammed her boot into Sarah’s forehead. Ignoring Sarah’s groan, she pulled the boneless beauty up and trudged with her back to the corner they’d just flown off of. Standing behind her blonde, the Hellcat cinched up Sarah’s waist, lifted her in the air and dropped into a sitting position on the top buckle facing the audience and not the ring.

Hoping she had it in her to do what she was going to do, Kristin made sure not to get tripped up in the chain as she stepped through the ropes out onto the apron. Climbing to the top turnbuckle, she thrust Sarah’s head between her thighs and glanced out at the roaring sea of faces. Drawing an achingly deep breath into her lungs, Kristin screamed, “BIGGEST LETDOWN EVER!”

As the mob began to process her announcement, Kristin snaked her arms around Sarah’s waist and hauled her into a stall position for a Powerbomb. The crowd held its breath as Kristin started to push Sarah off her shoulders, but the silence became a stunned ‘GASP’ when Sarah locked her legs on Kristin’s neck and TWISTED her body backward, tossing Kristin off her perch halfway across the ring where she landed flat on her back. Sarah’s journey didn’t travel as far, but ended just as painfully when she hit flat on her chest, belly and face. There was a sonic boom of BWAAAMBWAMs! But everyone in the arena sprang to their feet; cheering on both women as the ref began his ten count - again!


On opposite sides of the squared circle, Kristin and Sarah got to their feet and locked eyes as the stumbling autopilot they’d been on for the past few minutes vanished in a white hot surge of hatred. Each knew EXACTLY who she was in the ring with and EXACTLY what she was going to do to her before the bell rang again. Wishing nothing but pain and humiliation on her foe, Kristin and Sarah exploded forward with dual banshee shrieks that could be heard in the nosebleed seats. As their imminent collision approached, it was assumed the rivals were merely going to go down in a tangle of snarling limbs, but Sarah made an ass of anyone thinking that when she lowered her shoulder and DROVE through Kristin with a Spear that nearly broke her rival in half!

Though it wasn’t her finisher, Sarah knew the match was over when she hooked Kristin’s far leg and nodded savagely as several thousand voices chanted, ‘ONE… TWO… THRENOOO!”

Kristin kicked out of the Cradle and Sarah let out an anguished howl! She’d hit Kristin with EVERYTHING she could think of; twisted, stretched and beat her until she was bleeding and raw; yet still she wouldn’t STAY DOWN! Hell, the slut’s shoulders had to be useless, how was she even kick… The tears dried up as Sarah realized how Kristin had managed to resist her.

Rubbing her temples in disbelief, Sarah murmured, “I hook a leg and you break the cradle. So I guess….” Pouring herself across Kristin’s heaving chest, the exhausted blonde grabbed Kristin’s left wrist in both hands and forced it flat against the mat. In the same breath, she Scissored Kristin’s maimed right arm between her thighs and forced it flat too. Licking her lips, Sarah stared into Kristin’s eyes and purred, “…I won’t hook a leg.”

Understanding dawned on Kristin’s abused face and she frantically placed her feet on the mat in hopes of…

‘ONE!’ bridging up, and she was able to do so, but it wasn’t enough to roll Sarah off her shoulders …

‘TWO!’ The Hellcat knew it was over but that didn’t stop her from screaming…



Then the bell was ringing, the fans were cheering and the Announcer was proclaiming, “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall… SARAH CARTER!”

Playing those words over and over in her mind, Sarah held the Crossbody Pin just long enough to tell Kristin, “Don’t hate me because I won Kristin; hate me because I’m BETTER’N you!”

Kissing the squirming brunette on the forehead, Sarah got to her feet; able to stand just long enough to remove the collar from her neck before she slumped into the referee‘s arms.

Not too far away, the Hellcat had struggled to her knees and was about to lunge at the hated blonde. But before she got to her feet to strike, Dr. Straker and his staff piled into the ring and intercepted the weary beauty. Falling into the ‘fight doctor’s’ embrace, Kristin tried to grab Sarah, but she collapsed; her arms just hurt so damn much! Easing Kristin away, Straker whispered consolingly, “Relax Kris, you’re gonna be fine.”

Hating the tears welling up, Kristin glared into his shoulder over which she spotted Sarah being tended to by other medics. Calming her nerves, the Hellcat mouthed at her, “This… isn’t… over.”

Beckoning Kristin in with nothing more than arched eyebrow, Sarah mouthed, “I’ll be waiting… loser.”

Kristin hissed and tried to pull free, but Straker held her in check. Shortly thereafter, she was being led from the ring. Being helped out of the squared circle herself, Sarah kept her eyes on Kristin as she was helped through the curtain. Not until Kristin had disappeared from view did she relax and wave a weary hand to her fans. Pausing halfway up the ramp, Sarah smiled and muttered, “Let’s see anybody top THAT SHIT!”

Leaving the audience to wonder if the show had peaked after just two matches, Sarah hobbled up the ramp and disappeared through the entryway into the back where the two women for the next match applauded her effort.

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