Last Hurrah #3: Jessica Alba vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by The Walkin' Dude
I'm gonna learn ya my philosophy,
You wanna know about atrocity, atrocity?
~ The Stone Temple Pilots


After the bloody chaos of the Kreuk-Carter battle had been contained, there was a short lull in the action as the ring crew descended on the squared circle and broke it down. Before the audience got too worried, the crew began assembling what appeared to be a smaller ring, perhaps only a third the size of the standard, with ropes that hung slightly looser than normal and a bottom that was scooped out, creating a depression that was maybe 6 six inches deep. A knowing buzz began to roll through a good chunk of the crowd and that buzz became a cheering roar as the crew members began to pour gallons and gallons of oil into the new battleground.

As they were finishing their job, the Ring Announcer stepped into the spotlight at the head of the aisle and began, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is an OIL WRESTLING MATCH! The rules of this match are simple. Pin-falls do not count, the only way to win is to knock your opponent out OR make her submit. Are we clear?" The mob replied that yes, they were very clear and please proceed if you don't mind. With the blessing of the guests, the announcer continued.... "Introducing first, standing 5í3Ē tall; she is the Mistress of The Heartbreaker and The Love ClutchÖ Miss Jennifer LOVE Hewitt!"

'This Love' comes through the speakers and the brunette presents herself to clamoring Arkham crowd. For her pay-per-view debut the curvy brunette was clad in a form fitting coffee colored bikini that complemented her creamy complexion nicely. The astute fan would notice that Love had skipped out on pads and boots as they would only prove a hindrance in the oil, but truth be told, no one really cared. Moving quickly down the aisle, Jen flashed a brilliant smile before stepping up onto the low apron and into the ringed pit. Trying to get used to the oil, she made a few circuits of the ring and then settled down in her corner.

After Jenniferís music had faded, the announcer said, "And her opponent, standing 5í7Ē tallÖthey call her ĎDark Angel,í she is the one... the onlyÖ Jessica Alba!"

Soil's 'Halo' erupts and the brunette makes herself known to the audience. Stepping through the curtain, she stops to pose for just a moment and everyone is grateful that she did. For her wrangle in the oil pit, Jessica had chose a white one-piece with blue piping around the edges. But calling this work of art a 'swimsuit' hardly did it justice. For starters, it had no sides and almost no back. Aside from a thin strip of material around her hips to complete the back of the bottoms, the only fabric on her back were spaghetti-thin midnight blue straps that helped the wondrous creation defy gravity. The overall shape of the fabric was a U atop a nearly non-existent triangle. Despite the fact that nobody was sure the thing could hold up to the rigors of a wrestling match, everyone was VERY interested in seeing if it could. Like her foe, Jess left her pads and boots in back, so it was on bare feet that the glorious Dark Angel headed for the newly-minted ring.

Fixing Jennifer with a taunting smile, Jessica climbed into the oil-pit and strutted to her corner. When the referee posted outside the ring had settled into position, the bell rang and the crowd went wild as the battle got underway. Still getting used to the feel of the oil 'squooshing' up between her toes, Love dropped to one knee, dipped her hands into the slick substance and rubbed it into her shoulders and biceps. She could tell from the hoots and chants the audience wanted her and Jessica to start rolling in the stuff immediately, but that was bad strategy. She'd be coated in the stuff sooner rather than later anyway, she could at least TRY to make it harder for the tawny brunette to grab a hold of her in the early going.

Keeping her eyes locked on the Dark Angel, Hewitt pushed to her feet, put her hands on her hips and mused, "Welcome to the Oil Pit Jessica Alba. It may not be my preferred venue for ass kicking, but like any good hostess, I'll make sure your time here is as uncomfortable as possible."

The curvy brunette stepped away from the corner and cut a silent wake through the oil on her way to face the Dark Angel. While Hewitt was getting acclimated to their surroundings, Jessica Alba was making sure every eye in the audience was on her. Cutting a stunning figure in her oddly shaped white one-piece, Jessica dipped into a low crouch and made a slow, sensual show of dipping her hands in the oil before massaging it into her arms, shoulders, thighs and belly. As the 'YOU'RE SO HOT' chants started shaking the building, the tawny brunette traced her fingers over the surface of the oil and got to her feet.

Satisfied that she had the mob eating out of the palm of her hand, Alba smiled wickedly in the direction of her foe and purred, "I'm going to humiliate you in front of the world Love. My only regret is that the cameras won't be able to tell your tears from the oil. But that's OK. I'll know. And when this is all over, I'll clean you up just enough so everyone can see you for the blubbering quitter you are."

Ready to meet the other brunette's advance, Jessica pushed away from her corner and headed towards the center of their gleaming arena. Heartbeats later, the two brunettes were inches apart and it didn't take long for the verbal jousting to start.

Fixing her opponent with a dismissive smirk, Jessica sneered, "Ya know, it's not that I mind an oil match, but an oil match against a greased pig just doesn't seem fair. I'm almost insulted."

Eyes narrowing, Hewitt fired back, "YOUíRE insulted? How do you think I feel being handed Neve's leftovers? Tell me, did you really beg to kiss her feet?"

The smaller vixen's smirk dripped contempt and if there's one thing Jessica Alba wasn't going to tolerate, it was contempt from Hewitt. Leaning her face on Jenís ear, Alba whispered, "I begged for her mercy, just like you're going to beg for mine. You know the only difference?"

"Do tell!" was Love's caustic reply.

"I'll have an audience!" Jess hissed right before she SHOVED both hands against Jennifer's chest and sent her stumbling back several steps before she caught her balance. Beaming into her rival's glowering face, Jessica ran a hand over her décolletage and then flicked a spattering of oil in Hewitt's direction. As the other brunette recoiled in disgust, Alba cooed, "Come and get it... squishy."

The condescending emphasis on the last word stole the last of Jen's control and she hurled herself at the Angel with all ten talons directed at the taller beauty's face. Unfortunately for her, that was exactly what Jessica wanted and as her adversary approached, Alba turned on her heel, thrust her right arm under Love's right armpit and with a bend of her knees and a twist of her hips, sent the smaller grappler up and over in a low arc that ended with her landing PLOP in the oil thanks to a no-frills necessary Hip Toss.

Hands on her hips, Alba was positively strutting when Hewitt scrambled to her knees and then pushed to her feet. Arching an eyebrow in Love's direction, the Angel challenged, "Wanna try that again?"

Love just snarled and came forward. She'd gotten to within arms length of Jessica when the taller brunette reached out and snagged her in a loose Headlock. Working very hard to make it all look effortless, Jessica pivoted on one foot and slung Jennifer over her hip to drop her straight on her back with a Judo throw that sent her into the oil. THWAP!

Offering the crowd a Cheshire Cat smile, Alba sauntered away from her fuming rival and snapped the bottoms of her one-piece back into place. Noting the 'squelching' sound coming from behind her, Alba whirled around just in time to greet a charging Jennifer Love Hewitt, who had apparently adopted 'the third time's the charm' as her new mantra. Perhaps a better choice would have been 'bad things come in threes' because as she bore down on the Dark Angel, Jessica thrust out her right leg and buried her foot in the smaller brunette's paunch. As Hewitt doubled up around her foot, Jess commented, "It's like kicking a garbage bag full of yogurt."

She grabbed hold of Love's shoulders, rolled onto her back and TOSSED Jen up and over with a Monkey Flip that deposited her near the edge of their shrunken battleground. Taking only a moment to enjoy the feel of the oil pooling around her, Alba quickly rolled to her feet and stalked over to the gasping Hewitt. Pulling Love up with a handful of hair, Jessica dragged her back to the center of the pit and bent her double to apply a Standing Headscissors.

With her hands resting on the Love's gleaming backside, Jess squeeeezed her thighs together and asked the crowd, "See how easy I make this look uNNNNNGH!" The last word had barely gotten out of her mouth when Jennifer hooked her arms behind the greased brunette's legs and yanked them out from under her, dropping her flat on her back into the slippery stuff. Stunned by the landing (the oil was deep, but not deep enough to keep her head from bouncing against the bottom of the pit) Jessica could only groan as Jennifer held her legs in a splayed V and asked, "See how easy YOU look?"

Still holding Alba's ankles in her grasp, Love left her feet in a short hop that ended with her coming down ass-first across the taller brunette's belly. Offering her flopping foe a hard grin, Jennifer leaned all the way forward, folding the Angel in half with a simple Matchbook Pin.

Fully aware that the match was only going to end by submission, the controlling beauty mashed her belly down against Alba's struggling face and asked rather loudly, "You ready to quit Jess? Or maybe you like having your ass on display?"

Furious over the way Hewitt had seized control of the battle, Jessica sneered, "I'm gonna LOVE displaying my ass on your face Jenny."

Grunting with the effort, the lissome battler twisted hard to her left and wrenched free of the Matchbook. Seconds later both ladies were scrambling to their feet and this time it was Jess who went on the offensive first. Looking to show Hewitt who was going to dictate the pace of this war, Jessica lunged forward and launched a blistering forehand slap at the smaller woman's cheek only to have Jennifer pluck her wrist out of the air and hold it steady. Tugging to be free, Alba snarled, "LEMME GO UNNGH!"

Love fired off a slap of her own and Jess was too busy making demands to stop it from CRAACKING off her cheek. Licking her lips as Jessica's head snapped back, Jennifer smiled and observed, "Hmmh, oil makes bitch slaps even more satisfying. I'll have to remember that."

Acting while Alba was still off balance, Hewitt slid forward, threaded an arm through Jessica's thighs and hoisted her out of the oil and over her shoulder which of course was the stall position for a traditional Body Slam. Taking just enough time to let the audience see that she was palming a healthy handful of angelic buttocks, Love rose up on her toes and hurled Jess down into the oil where she landed with a wet SPLAT.

Taking her place to the disoriented grappler's right, Jennifer bent her knees in a deep crouch, then pushed up in a vertical leap all so she could straighten out parallel to the mat and come down SMACK across Jessica's bronzed midsection with a beautiful Standing Splash.

Letting the gasping warrior take every bit of her weight, Jennifer treated Jessica's cheek to a smug pat and cooed, "I don't think we have to draw this out too long do you Jess? After all, these people came here to see wrestling, not a slaughter. I'll make this quick for you."

Pushing up off the breathless Dark Angel (she made sure both hands went DEEP into Alba's tummy when she got up) the fair skinned lass buried both hands in the tangles of Jessica's dark locks and scooped her out of the oil. Quickly shifting her grip to behind Alba's head, Love's right arm reefed down across the back of Jessica's neck so she could grasp her left elbow while Jenniferís left arm busied itself cupping the top of Alba's skull to better allow her to pull the taller grappler's startled face into the cavernous depths of her cleavage. The crowd roared and started to chant 'JMD!' almost before the Front Sleeper had been cinched on.

Even those who had been cheering on the Angel found themselves solidly in Loveís camp as the curvaceous brunette humbled her haughty foe with one of the most demeaning and deadly moves in her arsenal. But while being trapped in the buxom hell of her opponent's juggs wasn't anything she'd brag about later, the Dark Angel managed to keep her wits about her and she formulated a counter before Love's girls could do too much damage to her airways... or her psyche for that matter. Wrapping her arms around Jen's hips, Jess twisted her head with all her might and was able to turn away from the smother just long enough to draw a deep breath. In the split second before Jennifer pulled her back into a perfect face-on-jugg seal, Alba pushed up on her toes, held the pose for a moment and then dropped to one knee, treating her foe to a brutally unpleasant crotch-first landing across the smooth, coppery plane of her thigh.

Allowing herself a muffled cheer as she felt Love's legs quiver, Alba tore herself away from the Front Sleeper and managed a pair of deep breaths before she hurled herself forward and plowed shoulder-first into the smaller brunette's gut with a Spear that more than made up for the lack of distance with an overabundance of cruel enthusiasm. Riding her gagging rival to the oily pool that was the floor of the pit, Jessica straddled Jennifer's waist, leaned in close and whispered, "You ready to start bawling squishy?"

Not bothering to let Hewitt answer, Jessica rolled the shorter brunette onto her side and quickly wrapped her legs around Love's skull. Sliding Jen's head up until the point of her chin was nuzzled comfortably against her groin, Alba sank her hands into Love's slippery tresses and JERKED the squirming girl's face against her center. Grinning savagely as she put all her strength into crushing a sobbing surrender out of the curvy beauty, the Angel rolled her hips forward to a beat only she could hear, a slow, sultry melody, she called it, 'How to make Jennifer suffer.'

Continuing to grind and mash her center against the other brunette's flushed features, Alba bit her bottom lip in a coy smile, then murmured, "Kiss my crotch Love. Kiss my crotch and this can all be over."

Knowing full well that there was no referee around to help her break this humiliating hold, Jen resolved to break herself out and she was going to do it before she had to endure another second of groin-to-lips contact. Brining up both hands, she sank her nails into Jessica's hips and when the Angel's grip loosened the tiniest bit, she pulled back as hard as she could and was rewarded when her head came free of it's oil-slicked prison with an audible POP!

Gasping, Love got her knees under her and was recovering admirably when Alba raked a claw across her face and tugged her to her feet. Doubling the smaller woman up with a thick knee to the navel, the Dark Angel trapped Hewitt in a Front Facelock with one arm as she used her free hand to grab Love's tights. Bending her knees, she paused long enough to sneer, "The oil should make this sting even more..."

Falling back with quite a lot of force, Jessís only problem was that Jennifer had planted her feet and SHOVED Jessica's hips with her free hand. That sent the taller brunette SPLAT down into the oil as her Snap Suplex attempt was countered in a most creative fashion.

Seeing Jess laid out at her feet, Love wasted no time in pouncing across the Angel's waist and the mob's cheers got even louder for a moment as Hewitt pummeled her helpless rival with a deluge of brutally unscientific but visually appealing punches from the mount position. With one hand buried in Jessica' hair and the other scrubbing short, banging fists off her forehead, Jennifer was able to hammer away at her leisure for the better part of half a minute before she paused to ask, "You ready to call it a night Jessie?"

Hissing through the pain in her head, Alba muttered, "You must be crazy bitch, I've got you right where I want you."

Rolling her eyes, Jen chided, "Yeah righARRRGGHH!"

Striking with cobra-like precision, Jessica stabbed out with both hands and Raked her nails across Jen Loveís eyes. With her attacker temporarily blinded, it was an easy thing for Alba to slide out from under her opponent and kick Hewitt away. Trying to shake off the effects of Love's knuckles, Jessica decided she was going to drain the fight from the other brunette and then take a good long time to finish her off. Picking the perfect move for just that sort of stratagem, she slithered over to Jennifer, grabbed her right wrist and pulled it between her thighs.

Wrapping her legs around the squirming brunette's neck, Alba locked her ankles and pulled back on the captured wrist to complete the Triangle Choke. Giggling evilly as Love's face started to turn red, Jessica rocked up and down on her hips and jostled her thighs, forcing Hewitt to expend even more energy as she fought against the awful power of the hold. Thoroughly enjoying her domination of the shorter vixen, Alba let Hewitt push onto her knees before she taunted, "Oh no you don't Jenny!" and crushed down on the scissors, forcing the trapped beauty to collapse back onto her belly.

Happily digging her heels into the curves of her victim's backside, Jessica gazed up into the lights and sighed, "What a magical evening this has been already. Just you, me, the oil and all these thousands of people watching you get made my bitch. I wish it would never end." Pushing up on her elbows, she sneered into Jenniferís oily, choking face and added, "Don't worry slut. It doesn't have to. Not until I get bored anyway and judging by the way you squirm, I'm not going to EVER get bored of UNNNGHHHH!"

In a normal match, Jennifer's blatant low blow would have brought a stern rebuke from the official, but here in the oil pit, it just brought a howl from Jessica and a roar of approval from the audience. Gasping for air, Hewitt had just started to pull away when Jessica snapped out with her right leg and smashed her heel into her forehead. Good vibes cut short, Love collapsed onto her back with her arms flung overhead and stayed in that position even as Alba pushed to her feet and loomed over her.

Incredulous that this outclassed bitch would even THINK of going to her trunks, the Dark Angel spat, "Iím going to make you PAY for that cheap shot Love. And your first payment is due right fucking now!"

Taking her adversary by the shoulder-straps, Jessica peeled Jennifer out of the oil and quickly scooped her up to hold her perpendicular across her chest. Turning to all four sides of the small ring, Jessica let her actions do the talking when she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, nearly snapping Jennifer in half with a simple Over-the-Knee Backbreaker.

Refusing to let the other brunette go wriggling off her knee just yet, Jessica placed one hand on Love's chin and the other on her thigh so she could push down, bending Jen even further into the hatefully inverted U her body formed. Seeing a golden opportunity present itself, Jessica leered into her foe's grimacing face and purred, "I think you went after my crotch in hopes that I'd go after yours. If that's what you want Love, that's what you're going to get!"

Taking her hand off Jenniferís thigh, she formed her hand into a wicked spade-like claw and buried it in the center of Jen's togs. Teeth bared in a ferocious smile, Alba just grinned and twisted her hand even harder as Love continued to thrash and scream. After a particularly hard wrench of the claw got a sobbing whimper from her prey, Jessica said, "Beg me to let you go and this can be over."

Hoping to feed into the Angel's delusions of grandeur, Jennifer opened her mouth to respond and then THUD! she slammed her right knee into the side of Alba's head! Her captor grunted and wavered, but the Backbreaker remained in place, so Love hammered home three more shots and was finally freed from the torturous maneuver. Fighting off the pains in her back and groin, Hewitt pushed to her feet just as Jessica was getting to hers. Hissing in the direction of her rival, Jennifer chided, "You wanna hear me beg? Fine, I'm BEGGING you to stop sucking so much. I know it might be hard, but please, try it for me"

Upper lip curling in a feral snarl, Jessica replied, "You'll beg for a lot more than that after I'm done with..." The Angel was cut off in mid-threat as Jennifer exploded forward and fired a foot at her belly. Barely avoiding disaster, the taller brunette shot out both hands and grabbed Jennifer by the ankle, forcing her to hop on one foot." Smirking, Alba taunted, "Pathetic." That was when Love pushed off and sent her other foot streaking toward the back of Jessica's head.

The Enziguiri would have worked against just about everyone else, but Alba wasn't everyone else and she was able to duck the blow, a move that sent Jennifer crashing belly-first into the oil. Glaring down at the deliciously exposed expanse of Jenís back, Alba pounced across the smaller wrestler's back and immediately snaked her arms around Hewitt's throat to apply the Rear Naked Choke. Wrapping her legs around Love's curvy hips, Jessica rolled onto her back and squeezed down on both holds. Soaking up every bit of the other brunette's thrashing, Alba nuzzled her face in next to Jennifer's and whispered, "I'm not gonna choke you out just yet squishy. But I'm going to make sure you can't do SHIT when the real fun starts."

Squirming and writhing against her sinewy nemesis, Jennifer pressed her lips against Jessica's cheek and replied, "Lets get started then bitch." Before Alba could reply, Love opened her mouth and bit down HARD on the other brunette's cheek, drawing a shriek of pain from the startled Dark Angel. A quick rake of Jenniferís eyes disengaged the chomping nicely, but Alba wasn't going to let the offense go that easily.

After an inspection of her features revealed no blood, Jess buried her heel in the shorter brunette's belly and ground in deep. Pinning Love in the oil like a bug on a card, Jessica sneered, "So you're ready to play rough are ya Jenny? Good, I was getting tired of toying with your flabby ass."

Ignoring Love's muttered retort, Alba sank her fingers in her foe's hair and tugged her to her feet. Leading Hewitt over to the nearest set of ropes, Jessica smudged Jennifer up against the cables and pulled her arms out at her sides. Keeping pressed in close to the struggling brunette, Alba took the middle rope in both hands and pulled it up over the top rope, capturing Love's arms out at her sides in a helpless T shape.

Standing belly-to-belly with her captured prey, the Dark Angel ground against Love's oil-slicked undercarriage and asked, "Do you think your pudgy, cottage cheese loving hips have enough strength to hold a real woman?"

Tugging uselessly at her confinement, Hewitt growled, "You wouldn't be the first fat-ass that tried to find out."

Dabbing a bit of oil off the tip of Love's nose, Alba replied, "That's it Jenny, stay fat and sassy, it'll make riding you into the ground even more fun."

Jennifer opened her mouth to speak, but the words instantly devolved into a pained gasp and Jessica hopped into the air and snapped both legs shut around the curvy brunette's hips. And just to make sure that she wouldn't go slipping down her foe's frame, Alba wrapped both arms around Love's neck and clamped down tight to force the other brunette's face down into her cleavage. Bouncing away on her thrashing rival, Jessica squeeeeeezed down on the Body Scissors even as she was energetically grinding Loveís mewling features against her glistening rack.

Trying her damnedest to drag the chubby, defeated little quitter in Hewitt out into the bright lights, Jessica reefed down on both holds and demanded, "How do my tits taste poser? Ya better tell me before I break all your ribAARRRGGGHHH!"

Apparently they were good enough to sink your teeth into, which is exactly what Love did. To her credit, Alba maintained her pair of holds for a good ten seconds after the gnawing began, but eventually the pain got to be too much and she peeled away from her adversary with a clearly audible SLAP. Wincing as she investigated her munched mammary, Jessica's grimace of pain soon gave way to a look of utter fury.

Glaring daggers at Hewitt, Jessica asked, "You proud of yourself?"

Nodding her head 'yes' Jennifer made a show of smacking her lips before commenting, "That was an 81 Alba I believe, a vintage year, if you like the taste of pathetic bitch I meaUNNNNGGGHH!"

Looking to silence the slanderous filth coming from Love's maw, Jessica took a hopping little stutter-step to her left and then blasted her right leg up at Jennifer's face to THWAP off the smaller woman's face in an undefendable Super Kick.

Snapping the edges of her suit back into place even as Hewitt was puddling against the ropes, Jessica taunted, "I'm gonna make you my little yogurt filled punching bag Love. And after I'm done showing these nice people all the different ways I can hurt you, I'm gonna sit on your face until you scream for me to let you go."

Not waiting for Loveís response, she stepped forward, undid her improvised knot and dragged the spaghetti-legged brunette into the center of the pit. Stepping around behind her victim, Alba bent Love backwards and wrapped her right arm around the hapless grappler's neck, trapping her in an Inverted Facelock. Using her free hand to secure control over Jenniferís togs, Jessica beamed into the crowd and said, "For those of you who may just be joining us, I call this Paradise Lost."

'Lost' was still leaving her mouth when she bent her knees and lifted Jennifer off her feet. The smaller brunette had only made it a few inches when Jess spun under her while maintaining the Facelock, a move that jerked Jenniferís body around a split second before she was driven face-first into the mat compliments of the Angel's version of the wicked Rolling Cutter. Sitting up on her haunches, Jessica ran her hands through her hair and commented, "Now that I've embarrassed you MY way, I think it's time you got a taste of your own greasy, nasty, medicine.Ē

Pushing to her feet, she nudged a foot under Love's ribs and flopped her over onto her back. Picking a corner that suited her, she strutted over to the buckles, turned around and hopped up onto the second turnbuckle. Facing the ring, she glanced over her shoulder just long enough to offer the cameras a 'You know I make this look good' grin before she leapt off into the void and came down THWAP across Jen's curvy middle in an oily Splash.

Skooshing and squishing her taut midriff against her foe's quivering tummy, Alba said matter of factly, "I haven't punched you enough yet."

Looking to correct that oversight, she got to her feet and helped Love to hers. Leading the gurgling brunette over to the corners, she tossed her foe into the buckles and slowly climbed to the middle rope. Making a real show of it, Jessica buried her left hand in Jennifer's gleaming mane and pulled her head back at an awkward angle, even as she lifted her right high above her head and curled it into a fist. Allowing herself the small pleasure of feeling Jen's fevered cheek against her oil-dipped abdomen, Jessica opened her mouth and demanded of the crowd, "COUNT 'EM OFF!"

As the cheers went up, Alba's fist came down onto the forehead of her rival and as she had commanded, the mob noted, 'ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT... OHHHHHHH!'

They never reached nine and ten, because right after eight, Hewitt reached up and wrapped both arms around Alba's intruding hips. Before the Angel even knew she was in trouble, Love had taken two lurching steps forward and dropped backwards, a move that sent Jessica's startled face streaking towards the top turnbuckle, a destination it reached with a muted little THUP!

Alba's head snapped back and her legs threatened to give out, but she maintained her verticality which was more than fine with Love. Scrambling to her feet, the smaller brunette rushed in and SHOVED Jessica chest-first against the buckles. Savoring the startled little 'ungh!' that came from her opponent's lips, Jennifer grabbed the bottom rope on either side of her tawny foe and cooed, "Get used to that sound Jessie; it's just the first of many."

Doubling up, Hewitt reared back and then dove forward until SMECCK, the ball of her right shoulder slammed into the small of Jessica's back. Grinding the bony joint home for a few seconds, Jenny pulled back, reset her stance and repeated the move until Jessica's legs DID give way and the lissome vixen collapsed onto her knees with her forehead resting lamely against the middle buckle.

Smacking the back of Alba's head, Jennifer taunted, "You still think that's yogurt smacking your punk ass around Jess? I think you need a more thorough inspection."

Jerking Alba to her feet, Hewitt spun her foe around and immediately whipped her across oily ring into the opposite corner. Making special adjustments to make sure she didn't go tumbling into the oil herself, Jennifer dropped into a low crouch and then sprinted across the pit after her opponent. When she was bearing down on the stunned Angel, she left her feet in a short hop and let her momentum carry her the rest of the way in to SPLAT against the taller brunette's helpless figure. Grinding her breasts against Alba's own impressive assets, Love whispered, "That's one."

Taking hold of Jessica's wrists, she whipped her back the way she had came and followed her in with a second Avalanche Splash. SPLAT!

Her lips pressed against Alba's ear, she purred, "That's two."

Shifting her footing a bit, Jen whipped Jessica into a corner she hadn't visited yet and marked the occasion with a third crushing Avalanche Splash. "That's three! I'm pushin' ya downhill now ya no talent skank."

Looking to finish the set, Love hurled her nemesis towards the last corner and followed along hot on her heels. The crippled Angel had barely had time to turn around before SPLAT Jennifer CRUSHED her tawny frame in the corner with the fourth Splash in less than ninety seconds.

Holding Jessica in place with nothing more than the curves God gave her, Jenny smiled and finished, "And that makes four straight. If this had been Posts, your bony ass would have been swept out by now. As it is, I've got a lot more time to make you suffer. Speaking of which..."

Everyone though Jennifer was going to step back and let Jessica go 'plopping' face-first into the oil, but instead, the curvaceous battler buried her hands in Alba's hair, pulled her out of the corner and thrust her against the ropes. Working quickly, she trapped Jessica's arms between the top and middle cables, just as the formerly domineering beauty had done to her a few minutes prior. Loosely cupping her foe's breasts, Love gave them a light, taunting squeeze and said, "I'm gonna teach you why it isn't wise to start something you can't finish Jessica."

Shaking her head to clear the fog, Alba met her rival's gaze and mumbled, "You should take your own advice Jennifer."

Wiping a loose hair off her forehead, Hewitt smiled and said, "Don't worry baby, I'm going to finish you off right now," Acting on her words, the smaller brunette took a step back, squared her shoulders and began to fire off a murderously steady barrage of rights and lefts into the Dark Angel's tummy. Loving the meaty TUP, TUP TUP mingling with the moist grunts of her foe, Jen kept up the scathing body work for the better part of a minute before she stepped back, admired her handiwork for a moment and then BANGED a left Uppercut off the Angel's hanging chin. Smiling wide as Alba sagged in her bonds, Jen ran a finger over the top of her cleavage and queried the crowd, "Is she ready for another taste?"

The 'JUGG HER OUT!' chants were deafening, so Love didn't bother to confirm that audience's desires. Instead, she slowly wrapped her arms around the back of Jessica's head and pulled her face down into the depths of her décolletage. Gripping her elbows to make it that much harder for Jessica to turn away from the Smother, Hewitt leaned all her weight into the taller girl, making sure Jess wouldn't be denied a single opportunity to drink up all the jugg she wanted. Crushing down on the hold with a hard-working smile on her face, Jennifer let her rack do the work of breaking Alba down, and if the shuddering spasms and wet sobs were any indication, her girls were working as effectively as they always did.

Shifting her position to better crimp Alba's neck. Jennifer laid her cheek against the crown of Jessica's skull and whispered, "You're a quitter Jessica. Always have been, always will be. So stop fighting destiny and take it a like OOWWWWWW!"

Jen's arms flew open and she staggered back from her adversary even as Alba tried to take another chunk out of her dual cannons. Sneering in between gasps, Jessica said, "You're not the only one who knows how to use your teeth bitch."

Pretty face twisted with rage, Jennifer exploded forward and buried a sadistic right hand in the Dark Angel's ribs. As Jessica melted around her fist, Love whispered, "By the time this match is over, you're going to be begging to get your face back in my tits. But until then..."

Moving in a blur, she bent down, grabbed hold of Jessica's ankles and stepped back. Pulling as hard as she could, Hewitt reefed Alba's legs up at a high angle which was finally enough to pull the Angel free of her confinement and promptly dump her on the back of her head and shoulders with all the force of a makeshift Powerbomb.

Still holding the lissome brunette's ankles in either hand, Jennifer spun around over her opponent and sat down on Jessica's haunches, trapping the Angel in a humiliatingly modified Reverse Matchbook. Taking her hands from Alba's ankles, Loveís dark eyes shown with sparkling malice as she said, "I always wanted to hear an Angel SING!"

She formed her left hand into a claw and plunged it down into Jessica's center. Jennifer got a few magical seconds of hysterical music from her captive but shortly after the initial application of the Crotch Claw, Alba's bucking got too frenzied and she tossed her attacker off of her.

The hold must have galvanized both brunettes because Alba and Hewitt recovered their footing at almost exactly the same time. Fixing her foe with a stare that bespoke the blackest of murder, Jessica hissed, "I will KILL you for that!"

Unable to keep from twisting the knife, Love taunted, "From what I hear, you'll come to like it after a few hours. Oh sorry, 'come' was probably a poor choice of words."

With a hateful roar, Jessica lunged forward and launched a stiff kick towards her opponent's belly. Instead of being surprised, Love's face blazed with triumph as she caught Alba's foot with one hand and PULLED her in the rest of the way just so she could strike out with her free arm and club Jess across the chest with a Standing Clothesline. Shaking the tingle out of her Clotheslining arm, Jen treated the audience to a jaunty little pose and said, "I think she's ready to feel the Power of Love!"

Shifting back into action mode, Hewitt dropped to one knee, buried her hands in Jessica's hair and scraped her out of the oil. Standing in front of her breathless opposition, Hewitt stepped forward and cupped both hands behind Jessica's neck. Pulling the bigger girl close before she could collapse, she bent her knees and left her feet in a short hop. As she reached the end of her momentum, Jen brought both knees up into Alba's chest and when gravity pulled Love down into the oil, she hit on her back and Jessica's rack was pancaked into her knees via the Inverted Lung-Blower she'd dubbed 'The Power of Love.'

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Hewitt let out a deep breath, then sloshed to her feet so she continue the joyous task of dismantling the Dark Angel. Padding to the other brunette's feet, Love took an ankle in either hand and pulled Alba's tawny gams up into a loose V. Shifting Jess' ankles so they were under each armpit, Hewitt clasped her hands together in a tight loop, then turned to her right, a move that rolled Jessica over onto her belly and made it that much easier for Jenny Love to sit down on the small of her back. With the Boston Crab cinched in, Hewitt pulled back as hard as she could, bending the sobbing Angel into a nasty C.

Mashing the full force of her weight down onto Jessica's tautly stretched back, Jennifer roared, "GIVE IT UP JESSE!"

Unable to even conceive of offering her nemesis a verbal surrender, Jessica knew that if she DIDN'T find a way out of the Crab, she'd pass out, a fate that was even worse if you could believe that. Using the pain to sharpen her senses, Alba placed both hands flat against the bottom of the pit and when Love leaned forward she surged out with everything she had and managed to flip the smaller brunette off her back and into the oil. With Jennifer suddenly prone behind her, Jess pushed up on her knees, scooted back and dropped the full weight of her ass down across Jenniferís face. Too pleased with herself to even hear the heady roar of the crowd, Jessica MASHED her cheeks down into Love's panicked face; she wasn't out to humiliate yet, she wanted to hurt her adversary.

Grabbing Jenniferís wrists in a death-grip, Alba held her arms out at her sides and continued to griiinnnd away. Rocking her hips in tight, tawdry circles, Jessica sucked in a deep breath, let it out and cooed, "HOW YA LIKE THAT SLUT? MY ASS TRUMPS YOUR SAGGY TITS ANY DAY!"

Beating her feet frantically against the oily slipperiness of the pit, Jennifer blocked out Jessica's taunting just long enough to wrench her hands free of the Angel's grip. Moving by feel, she groped for the other brunette's waistband, found what she was looking for and YANKED up, splitting Jessica's backside in a terrible wedgie. Howling as her own attire was used against her, Alba shot to her feet and scurried away from her foe so she could make wardrobe adjustments without fear of reprisal.

Tugging the bottoms back to a more socially acceptable position, Jessica sank into a tense crouch and silently begged the other brunette to get up. Seconds later, Jennifer did just that and sadly, she was too preoccupied with rubbing the ass smell out of her nose to notice what Jessica was doing. Sprinting through the oil, Alba left her feet in a feline leap and snapped out her right leg so that the back of her knee was nestled across Love's chin. Riding her own momentum, Alba curled her gam around the other brunette's neck and tore her off her feet with a Leaping Leg Lariat Takedown.

Skidding through the oil after her move connected, Jessica grabbed the ropes and hauled herself back to a more vertically inclined position. Stalking around her flattened foe, the furious Angel growled, "Now that you've been sufficiently battered, I think it's time to fry your sloppy, nasty ass."

Reaching down into the sloshing three-inch sea at her feet, Jess helped herself to a rude handful of Love's slippery hair and tugged her to her feet. Forcing the smaller brunette to double over in front of her, Alba took her time in wrapping up Jenniferís head in a tight Front Facelock and when that was secure, she used her free hand to grab her foe's waistband and YANK those coffee colored briefs up in a malicious Wedgie.

Turning in a slow circle so everyone could get a glimpse of Jennifer's ass (she had no idea why any sane person would want to do this, but denying anyone their particular fetish seemed wrong to her) Alba smiled sweetly for the cameras, rose up on her toes and fell back into the oil, taking Hewitt along for a ride that ended with the buxom girl's forehead being spiked into the floor of the pit with a DDT. Noting that the force of her DDT had somersaulted Love over onto her back, Jessica pushed to her knees and quickly rolled the other brunette back onto her belly. Sliding her way into a pleasant straddle of her mount's lower back, Jess reached down, hooked Jenniferís arms at the shoulders and pulled her upper body up so she could thread those oil-slicked arms over the equally slick curves of her thighs. Camel Clutch almost in place, Alba took hold of the other brunette's hair in both hands and cranked her neck back at a sharp angle.

Teasing her victim with a slow, lingering lick of her cheek, Jessica whispered, "I'm going to put you to sleep Love. And when you're asleep, the things I'll do to you... well, you should pray you don't wake up."

Threat completed, the Dark Angel slipped her left arm around Jenniferís throat while she used her right hand to press down on the back of Jenniferís skull. Holding Love's chin in the crook of her elbow, Jess pulled back on the Clutch and pushed down on the Sleeper, torturing her hapless opponent with a brilliant combination of moves.

Mewling helplessly as Alba bent and choked her at will, Jennifer tried to fight her way out but all she could do was pull her left arm free and worry uselessly at Jessica's dripping forearm. Willing away the swirls and cracks that were flitting into the edges of her vision, Hewitt began squirming forward and reaching for the ropes. She knew that there was no ref to enforce a break, but she had to believe that the leverage they provided might help her get back to her feet and out of this lethal predicament Alba had trapped her in.

Face aglow with cruel amusement as Jennifer hurked herself toward a sanctuary that wasn't there, Jessica reefed back on the other brunette's neck and sneered, "Ohhh that's so cute! The stupid little piggy thinks she's going to escape. All right piggy, let's see what you can do."

Redoubling her efforts to choke Hewitt into unconsciousness, Jessica suffered a sharp pang of irritation when Love kept going and took hold of the ropes. It didn't matter that she didn't have to let the hold go, the fact that Love had even scored a minor moral victory against her was one victory too many.

Transforming that irritation into inspiration, Jessica brightened noticeably and smirked, "All right squishy, you made it to the ropes. You want me to let you go?" She paused, but when Jennifer didn't answer, she jiggled the Sleeper back and forth and repeated, "Do you want me to let you go?"

Her voice distorted by the choke and her own anger, Hewitt growled, "Yes."

Kissing the top of Love's head, Jessica said, "All you had to do was ask."

With that, she actually did release her hold, but any JLH fans that were hoping for some act of kindness from the Dark Angel were heartily denied when the tawny grappler grabbed Jen by the hair, pulled her to her knees and draped her throat over the middle rope. Adopting a very bad Texas accent (no doubt another none too subtle shot at her opponent) Jessica adjusted the edges of her outfit and told the mob, "All this pig wrasslin' has got me plumb wore out! I reckon I could sit a spell!"

Doing just that, the Angel spun around and sat down with her world-class backside resting firmly on the back of her rival's neck. The fact that her perch was effectively strangling Hewitt against the cable was certainly not lost on the other brunette, but she dutifully ignored her seat's frantic writhing and twitching until Jen was able to buck her off several seconds later. Looking slightly put upon, Alba placed a knee between Love's shoulders and said, "I guess you've still got some fight left in ya squishy. Don't worry, I'll take that out of you soon enough..."

Pushing away from her penitent foe, Jessica spun around and ran for other side of the pit as fast as she dared. Bouncing off the ropes, Alba headed back towards her waiting crash pad and when there was only a few feet left between them she left her feet to soar through the air and come down THWAP with all her weight across the smaller beauty's shoulders. Holding the top rope for balance, Jessica bounced up and down on her perch for several seconds, riding Love's thrashing form like a mechanical bull until the fun wore off.

Peeling herself away from Hewitt in a surprisingly dainty movement, Jessica promptly pulled Jennifer to her feet and led her over to the nearest corner. Depositing her foe back-first against the buckles, Alba took the top rope to Jenniferís left in both hands and said, "I'm sorry your stumpy little legs won't allow you to do this, but should you ever grow into something resembling a human female, remember that the audience likes moves like this..."

Speaking no more, she brought her right leg into the air and deftly placed her heel against the hollow of Love's throat. After nearly a minute of being choked against the ropes, you'd have thought that Love's reaction to another round of strangulation would have been somewhat less violent, but you'd have been wrong. The air-denied grappler fought and twisted like a fish out of water, but it wasn't until one flailing foot was able to strike Alba's plant leg did she knock the Dark Angel off balance and force an escape from the choke. Falling to her knees, Jenniferís hands immediately went to her neck as she tried to ascertain the damage, unfortunately, that left no hands free to defend against her opponent and Jess took full advantage of the situation by drilling a knee into the smaller woman's forehead.

Burying her hands in Love's hair to keep her upright, Jessica taunted, "All right pig, I'll let you breathe for a little while longer, having enough oxygen will only make you more aware of everything I'm doing to you."

Pulling the wounded brunette into the center of the ringed pit, Alba hoisted her to her feet only to bend her over. Standing tall with the pale, gleaming curve of Love's back at her mercy, Jessica dropped into a deep crouch, then leapt into the air with a beautiful vertical leap. As she began her descent, the Angel brought her left arm slicing down and THWAP slammed it hard across Love's shoulders in a vertically augmented Forearm Smash. The instant her first strike connected, Alba dropped to one knee in front of her foe and brought up her right arm SNAPPING Jenniferís head back with an Uppercut that lifted Jen up on her toes and then PLOPPED her back down in a helpless sprawl in the oil.

More than a little pleased with herself, Jessica pushed to her feet and made a show of slipping her foot under Jenniferís side to flop her over onto her belly. Standing over her fallen opponent with one foot on either side of Jenniferís curvy hips, Jessica looked out at the audience and asked, "You want me to embarrass her?" There was a large chunk of the crowd (mostly Love's fans I'd guess) who told the Dark Angel to go to hell, but they were drowned out by Jess' supporters and that disturbed group of fans that had no loyalty to any particular fighter. Working with a mandate from the people, Alba cooed, "All right Jenny. If you can do this move, anybody should be able to do it."

She bent and took hold of the flattened brunette ankles just before she lifted them out of the oil and tucked them in her armpits. When Jen felt Jessica pull her legs up in that telltale C, she knew what was coming and a bolt of panic ripped through her. Refusing to let the Angel slap her own finisher on her, Love wormed her arms under her body and locked them tight, effectively blocking Alba from cinching on the second half of the Love Clutch.

Seeing Jenniferís pathetic attempts at defense only pissed Jessica off and she let the other brunette know it. "Gimme your arms right now or I'll break your back bitch."

Shaking her head 'no' as best she could, Jennifer growled, "Fuck yoAAARRGGHHH!"

Alba might not have actually broken Jenniferís back, but the intent was clearly there as she tossed the captured limbs aside, leapt into the air and came down with both knees in the small of her rival's back. Grinding the bony joints back and forth, Jessica taunted, "What was that squishy? I couldn't hear you over all the sobbing and crying."

Letting Jennifer moan into the oil for a few seconds more, Jessica primly pushed to her feet and dragged the other brunette to hers with a handful of distended tights. Foregoing words for the moment, Jessica slipped an arm through Jennifer's legs while the other secured her shoulder so she could lift the curvy lass off her feet and hold her perpendicular across her chest. Holding Love helpless, Jessica again turned in a slow circle so that the entire viewing audience could soak in Jennifer's humiliation.

Pinching Jenniferís butt just because she could, Jessica said, "Continuing on in our series of moves that Jennifer is too dumpy to pull off, here is the Fall from Grace."

With a smirk and a wink, she released the hand holding Jen's butt and shoved out, feeling the other girl's legs and torso swing under the arm that's still holding Jenniferís shoulder. Simultaneous with that motion, Alba twists her hips violently in the direction of the spin and slams forward, driving the full length Jennifer's body into the oil with the Swinging Rock Bottom variant that she'd labeled 'The Fall from Grace.'

Rising out of the oil, Jessica looked down at her wounded foe and chided, "Just to prove a point..." She placed her right foot directly between Jenniferís ample breasts and kept it there while she raised a hand over her head and ticked off, 'ONE... TWO... THREE.'

The fact that it wouldn't end the match didn't bother Alba at all. She just wanted everyone to know how thorough her control over the other brunette was. Pulling her foot away from Love's shallowly rising chest, Jessica pulled her victim to her feet and greeted her with a disrespectful slap across the face. As the CRAACK of the impact echoed through the arena, Alba dipped her knees and executed another vertical leap that ended with her wrapping both legs around Jennifer's neck. She was just about to begin the backwards twist that would complete the Hurricanrana when Jennifer got her arms up, placed them against Jess' but and shoved as hard as she could.

Normally such a counter wouldn't have worked, but the oil was well, oily and that little bit of momentum was all Hewitt needed to POP her head free of the Angel's thighs and send her SPLAT face and chest-first into the oil. More than a little wounded after Jessica's shabby treatment, Hewitt sank to one knee and fought to catch her breath. She was just beginning to recover when the floored Angel let out a breathless groan and pushed to her hands and knees. Shaking her head 'no' in a stern denial, Jennifer whispered, "What do you think you're doing?"

Getting her feet under her, Love backed up a few steps, then charged forward and grabbed Jessica by the hair. Leaving her feet in a short hop, the curvaceous brunette pulled her right knee up against Alba's forehead and when she returned to the oil it THUNK against the Angel's skull in an impromptu Facebuster.

Staying close to the reeling grappler, Love jerked Jessica to her feet and trapped her in a tight Full Nelson. Standing slightly to Alba's left, Jen slipped her right leg in front of Jessica's left leg and planted it against the floor of the pit. Rearing back, Jen forced the Dark Angel's chin into the top of her cleavage and sneered, "What's wrong Jessie? Is squishy little me kicking your ass too hard?"

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she pushed forward, sweeping Alba off her feet and smashing her face and chest-first into the oil slicked floor with a Full Nelson Facebuster.

Relishing the hapless moan that burbled out of her foe's mouth, Jennifer released the Nelson and got to her feet. Taking a position looming over her face-down foe, Jennifer snapped her bottoms back into place as she asked, "You ready to see how it's REALLY done?"

When the mob replied with an affirmative, Jen bent down and grabbed both of Jessica's ankles, pulling her legs up and then tucking them into her armpits. Working as fast as the oil would allow, Love bent down a bit farther and grabbed her opponent's wrists, one in each hand. Almost ready, she took a deep breath and then pulled up, lifting Jessica off the canvas by her feet and hands, folding the trapped brunette into an insidious U.

The Love Clutch had just been cinched on by its true mistress and Hewitt added the final touches by beginning to swing Alba gently back and forth, putting even more intense pressure on her captive's extended limbs and bent back. The agony of the Love Clutch cleared the haze from Jessica's head, but that just allowed her to focus on what was being done to her and that was something she most definitely did not want.

Over the panicked chorus of voices in her own head, Jessica heard Jennifer demand, "Give it up Jess. Say my name before I break you in half."

Shaking her head frantically 'no' Alba shrieked, "LET GO OF ME!"

She pulled and tugged, but it spite of the oil, Jen's grip on her bent limbs remained secure. Infuriated that Alba could resist her finisher, Hewitt kept the Love Clutch locked in for as long as she could, but eventually the Angel's weight began to drag on her and she didn't want to tire herself out if the dumb bitch wasn't going to concede. Settling for one last show of dominance before she released the hold, Jennifer bent her knees, then pulled Jess up as far as she could before dropping down on her butt to SPLAT the trapped vixen into the oil while she was still bent in the Clutch.

Releasing her grasp on the taller brunette's limbs, Jenny Love pulled her hair back in a loose, oily ponytail and confided to her victim. "I'm going to jugg you out Jessica. And I'm going to do it real soon, but I'm going to make sure it takes a looooooong time. I want all of our brand new fans to see just what it looks like when a girl is used up by my rack."

Getting nothing cogent from her tawny adversary, Jennifer got her feet and scraped Jess to her knees. Forcing the taller brunette into a Standing Headscissors, Love walked her fingers down Jessica's spine and stopped only when she could take hold of the edges of her foe's white bottoms.

Tugging on them ever so slightly, Jen ginned out at the sea of faces and said, "Angelic ass? I'll let you decide."

The words had barely left her mouth when she JERKED up as hard as she could, treating Jessica to the same embarrassing wedgie she'd been forced to endure several minutes ago. Through with humbling Alba for the moment, Jennifer wrapped her arms around the other brunette's waist, locked her hands and then hoisted her up into the stall position for a Powerbomb.

Holding the pose just long enough for everyone to note the helpless slump of her prey's shoulders, Hewitt rose up on her toes and tossed Jess down into the oil, neatly folding the lissome beauty in half with the Powerbomb.

Hands on her hips, Love kicked Jessica's legs down and stood over the Dark Angel. Moving her hands from hips to chest, she drove the mob into a near frenzy when she flicked some oil off her fingers and into Alba's insensate face. Licking her lips, Hewitt rolled her shoulders and said, "Lets end this." Sinking to her knees, the supple brunette laid down on her paralyzed adversary, spreading all her weight across the helpless Angel. Pinning Jessica's wrists over her head, Jennifer kept her head just far away from Alba's so that she couldn't surprise her with a Headbutt or a Bite. Moving slowly and carefully, Jen snaked her shins around Jessica's slippery pair and began to stretch her into the lewd V that was the hallmark of the Double Leg Grapevine.

Adding her own special touch to the move, Hewitt lowered the boom on Jessica, sealing the Dark Angel's face in place with nothing more than the solid bulk of her breasts. Biting her lip as Jessica started to squeal and thrash, Jennifer wiggled her chest from side to side and purred, "Give in Jessie, you're not going anywhere!Ē

Blind and gagging, Jessica couldn't stomach another second of this smothering embrace. Knowing her only chance for salvation was in the oil itself, Alba steadied herself for just a moment and with a titanic PULL was able to free her legs from Jenniferís torturous embrace. This allowed her to scuttle into a sitting position which was slightly better, unfortunately, Jen was still seated in her lap and when the Grapevine had been broken, Love wasted no time in wrapping her arms around Jessica's head to keep the Jugg Smother in place. Rapidly running out of air, Jessica dug her claws into Jennifer's shoulders and was able to weaken her attacker's grip just enough for her to turn her head away from the deadly furnace of Love's girls. Face flushed, eyes glassy with the first stages of Jugg Shock, Jessica took in a few gasping breaths and shrieked, "STOP SMOTHERING ME!"

Laughing cruelly at her rival's demand, Jenny smiled and replied, "Aww baby, you're just not used to it yet. Try 'em again, I know you'll like it."

Forcing Jessica back down into the oil, Hewitt released her grip just long enough to spin around so that she was kneeling by the Angel's head. Cinching up the struggling brunette's waist with both arms, Jenny went right back to work, sealing off Alba's face under the dual threats of her near mythic chest. Working the Reverse Breast Smother with great gusto, Jennifer was about to mash her breasts down again when Alba shifted underneath her and pulled free of the choke.

Rubbing her guns against the Angel's sweaty cheek, Jen smiled and asked, "Do you want me to let you go?"

Horrified with how fast she blurted her answer, Jessica gasped, "YES!"


Hewitt released the Breast Smother and pulled the hollow-eyed Angel to her feet. Trapping the taller beauty in a tight, grinding Side Headlock, Jennifer made sure Jessica's cheek was pressed tight against the side-swell of her breast as she told the mob, "Jessie's not quite ready yet, but she's getting there!"

On a roar of applause, Love took several giant steps forward, leapt into the air and came down with a wet PLOP that was instantly overshadowed by the SPLUTHUNK of Alba's forehead crashing into the floor of the pit. Sitting on her butt, Jennifer allowed herself the pleasure of several deep, relaxing breaths while she contemplated just how to finish breaking down her sniveling foe. Coming up with a more than suitable plan, the brown-clad brunette SLAPPED her right hand down across Alba's upturned rump and said cheerfully, "All right Jessie, lets get you back on those dainty little feet of yours."

Yanking the Dark Angel out of the oil without encountering a word of protest, Hewitt snuggled in belly-to-belly against her opponent, wrapped those sturdy arms around Jess' torso and started to squuuueeeze down with a Bear Hug. Resting her cheek against the taller girl's chest, Love smiled and whispered, "Your heart's fluttering dear. What's got you so terrified?" She punctuated her question with another vile constriction of that slick, coppery chassis.

Mouth-breathing in spite of herself, Alba's head was lolling on her shoulders as she replied, "Of course I'm scared, I'm trapped in the clutches of the Blob. Wouldn't you be scarEEENNNGHHH!"

Love bore down on the hug, turning Jessica's insolence into a cry of pain. Choosing not to waste any of her rapidly dwindling energy on a verbal retort, Alba wriggled and micro-adjusted for seemingly endless seconds before she was able to wrench her left arm free of the other brunette's coil. Going with the first thing that came to mind, she formed her fingers into a vile claw and raaaaaked them across Jenniferís eyes. The buxom battler let out a startled cry and released her grip on Jessica's waist, allowing the tortured Angel to draw her first unimpeded breath in the last few minutes.

Alba's joy at escaping the Bear Hug was short lived! As she started to advance on her flailing rival, the toll of the Hug poured back into her and she dropped to her knees to clutch tightly at her ribs. She was still trying to douse this fire when Jennifer grabbed her by the shoulder-straps and hauled her to her feet.

Treating the stunned brunette to a callous Headbutt across the bridge of the nose, Hewitt taunted, "Bruised ribs are about to become the least of your concerns." Standing slightly to the Angel's right, Love slipped her right arm around Jess' right thigh while her left arm moved up in a quest for Alba's chin. When she had hound what she was looking for, Jennifer lowered her right shoulder, placed it against the small of Alba's back and lifted her up onto her shoulders in a very impressive example of the Torture Rack. Bouncing on the balls of her feet, Hewitt listened to Jessica wail for nearly a minute before she asked, "Is that quitter I UNNGGH!"

Fighting like her life depended on it, Alba drew up her left arm, cocked her elbow and brought it hammering down into the smaller brunette's forehead. Love groaned and sagged a bit, but the Torture Rack stayed in place, so Jess hit her again. After a few more shots, the Angel was finally able to wriggle free and land on her feet behind the wobbly-legged grappler. Moving on pure instinct, Jessica bent Jennifer backwards and wrapped her head up in a neck-wrenching Inverted Facelock. With Jenniferís face snugged nicely into her armpit, Alba grabbed a handful of Love's tights, bent her knees and lifted straight up. Hauling Jennifer off her feet and into the air, Alba waited until Hewitt is nearly over her head before she sat out hard to bring the back of Jen's head and shoulders THUD into the oil to complete the 'Future Shock.'

Normally the Future Shock was a kill move, a guaranteed three count, but pins didn't count in the oil pit, and even if they had, Jessica was far too exhausted to slide over and cover her brunette. Instead, they laid on their backs and looked up into the lights for nearly fifteen seconds before either started to move. Rolling away from one another, Jen and Jess got to their hands and knees and stayed there for several more heartbeats before regaining true verticality.

They'd only just locked eyes when Alba hopped forward and THWAP her left foot struck Jennifer's chin with an achingly beautiful Super Kick. Chuckling evilly as Hewitt tumbled onto her back like a puppet with cut strings, Alba limped forward until she could look down into Jennifer's face and say, "This might not be flashy, but it's enough to finish a pig like you."

Before Love could protest, Jessica placed her right foot on Loveís throat and began to press down, choking her out in the simplest, most brutal way possible. Placing her hands on her right knee, Alba leaned down even harder; she wanted this to end and she wanted it to end right now. For her part, Jennifer was fighting as best she could; she had gripped the Dark Angel's ankle and pulled it off her windpipe for a moment, but every time she was able to dislodge herself, Jess just pressed down and Hewitt again found herself gagging under the other brunette's heel.

Snarling down into Love's crimson, terror stricken face, Jessica licked her lips and said, "Tap out Love. Tap and I MIGHT let you breathe."

Disgusted at how long she actually considered her opponent's offer, Jennifer took both of her hands away from Jessica's ankle and settled on her toes. Grabbing whatever she could, Hewitt clamped down and twisted in two different directions, a tactic that brought a sharp scream of pain from her adversary. Alba was able to maintain the Stomp/Choke for another second or two, but then the pain in her digits got to be too much and she jerked her foot away, almost falling on her ass in the process.

The pain in her foot almost immediately forgotten, an enraged Jessica Alba drove a kick into Jennifer's ribs that rolled the downed brunette over onto her belly. Moving with the speed and efficiency of the righteously pissed off, Jessica took a place at Love's head, extended her left leg straight out in front of her and then dropped to her butt, smashing her thigh across the back of Jenniferís neck with all the subtlety of a crowbar. Pausing just long enough to drive her thigh down onto Jennifer's gurgling skull a few more times, Jessica got her knees under her and rolled Love over onto her back.

Straddling Jen's waist, Jessica curled the fingers of both hands into murderous claws and hissed, "I know you're chock-full of warm, doughy filling and I'm gonna GORGE myself on it."

Jennifer tried to slither her way free, but Jessica was already in motion and her hands THWAP across her rival's creamy midsection and dug in deep with a two handed Belly Claw. Trying her best to actually tear a whole through one side and out the other, Alba buried her fingers in Love's tummy and twisted in different directions. Drinking in every second of her nemesis' anguish, Alba found her voice and shrieked "GIVE UP!"

Tugging uselessly at Jessica's wrists (which seemed to be the only part of her hands that weren't inside her at the moment) Hewitt suddenly seemed to understand the futility of this strategy and settled on another. Hoping and praying that Jessica was as low on energy as she was, Jennifer dipped deep into her reserves and surged up off her back just far enough to wrap both arms around Jessica's head and bury the Dark Angel's face in her breasts. Locking in the Front Sleeper once more, Jen sobbed in pain and triumph as she countered, "NO! YOU GIVE UP!"

Absolutely humiliated to find herself trapped in the sweaty, oily confines of Jenniferís DDungeon again, Jessica fought down the panic she felt welling up in her throat and dusted off one of her favorite counters. Releasing half of her grip on Love's paunch, Jess let her hand slide south until she felt the waistband of her foe's tights and then she dug in deep once more. Howling in shocked surprise as Alba's Crotch Claw ripped through her core, Love tried to keep the Smother in place, but the anguish between her thighs was just too great and she could only sob when Jessica slid free of her clutches.

Bringing her face to within inches of her rival's, Jessica promised, "That is the very last time your tits will EVER touch my face."

Not waiting for a cogent reply, the Dark Angel released the other half of her Belly Claw and drove a stiff fingered Palm Thrust directly into the helpless brunette's neck. As Love sputtered and fought for breath, Alba got to her feet and dragged the crippled brunette along for the ride. Doubling Hewitt up with a pretty little Knee Lift, Jessica secured a tight Front Facelock on her victim and made sure she wouldn't go anywhere by helping herself to a handful of tights. Without preamble of any kind, Alba bent her knees, then took Jen up and over with a Snap Suplex that had even more SNAP on it thanks to the oil.

Keeping Love cinched up after the throw connected, Jessica thrust her legs into the air, twisted her hips and rolled onto her knees. Pushing to her feet, she reset her footing and slammed Hewitt back into the oil with a second Snap Suplex. This time when the throw connected, Jessica maintained the Facelock, but she Somersaulted backwards, landing heavily on Love's lap with the other brunette's head still under her control.

Snaking her legs around Jenniferís gulping hips, the Angel released Jen from the Facelock just so she could thrust her arms under Love's armpits and clasp them across her foe's back, a move that forced Jen's arms out at her side in crude T.

Having secured the Butterfly Lock, Alba let out a gloating cry and really bore down on the hold. Nearly bending her trapped opponent in half, Jessica kissed the base of Jennifer's neck and purred, "Give it up right now baby. Give it up before I put you in a wheelchair."

Loathing the feel of the Angel's lips against her skin, Love fought off submission by picturing what Jess' eyes would look like when she finally surrendered consciousness and went to sleep under her breasts. Wanting very much to see if the real world was anything like the beautiful mind movie she'd created, Jen slowly bulled her head forward until she could taste the other brunette's sweat on her lips. Not hesitating for a second, Love opened her mouth and chomped down hard on the web of flesh between Alba's right bicep and breast.

There was a startled scream from somewhere above her, then Hewitt was free and the very first thing she did was wrap those arms of hers around Jessica's neck and slap on the jugg-augmented Sleeper again. Treating her shuddering foe to a kiss of her own, Jennifer panted, "Never say never Jessie, don't you know that?"

Absolutely beside herself with fury, Jessica dug her hands into Jennifer's hips and squirmed her way to her feet but Love refused to let the Jugg Smother go and Alba started to get desperate. Able to think of nothing else, she shifted her weight slightly and then THUD, drove her left knee up into the smaller brunette's crotch.

Jenniferís arms fell away in a second but that was still too much time for Jessica to deal with. Going after Hewitt with hell burning in her eyes, the Dark Angel reached out with both hands and laced them behind Jenniferís head to cinch on the Three-Quarters Facelock. Grip in place, Jessica tugged Jen down so that her face was pressed against the taller brunette's chest. Facing across Jenniferís prone body, Alba looked out into the crowd and roared, "HERE'S SOMETHING FOR YOU TO REMEMBER ME BY!"

As the cameras started to flash, Jessica lifted up and fell backwards, taking Jen off her feet with nothing more than the grip on her skull. Hewitt sailed over her opponent and landed hard on her neck and shoulders with an oily SPLUT being the only thing to mark her as the first victim of the Cravate Suplex Alba would come to call the Broken Halo.

Soaking up every last one of the 'HOLY SHIT' chants flung her way, Jessica slowly got to her feet and pulled Love to hers. Marching the helpless grappler over to the ropes, Jessica put Jen's back against the cables and trapped her arms the top and middle ropes for the second time that night. Flipping her oil-soaked hair out of her eyes, Jessica put a hand under Jennifer's chin and titled the smaller wrestler's face up to meet hers. Locking eyes with her captured nemesis, Alba said one word, but it spoke volumes. "Beg."

Love's pretty face screwed up in a hateful expression just before she spat a wad of phlegm and saliva onto Jessica's cheek. "Screw you!" she growled.

Wiping the spit off her face, Jessica's eyes went cold and hard as she took her vengeance. Working silently, Jessica stepped forward, brought her claws up and yanked Jen's brown top up, baring the brunette beauty's orbs for the redlining audience. With Love's ample assets exposed and defenseless, Alba laid a hand on each and began to maul mercilessly, a much deserved payback for all the smothering she'd had to endure. Jennifer's squealing and thrashing only motivated Jessica to hurt the brunette that much more - and it's exactly what she did. Focusing her attack on Jenniferís nipples, she twisted and stretched the sensitive flesh to the limit just so she could let them go and repeat the whole process again.

Filling her claws with Jennifer's bounty, Jessica repeated her previous demand. "BEG!"

Tears running down her cheeks, Hewitt raised her head, looked into Jessica's eyes and with trembling lips she... drove her right knee up into the Dark Angel's crotch. WHACK!

Beaming in the face of Jessica's confused anguish, Jennifer kicked her opponent away and TORE herself loose from the slick trap laid for her by the ropes. Walking her girl down from behind, Jennifer pulled her top back into place just before she hooked a hand into the other brunette's trunks and spun Jess around to face her. In the same motion, Jennifer trapped the lissome brunette's head in her right armpit while wrapping her arms under Alba's arms so she could lock her hands just above the small of the Angel's back. Before Jessica could make a peep, Hewitt left her feet and dropped into the oil, fusing Alba's disbelieving face with the floor of pit thanks to the Double Arm DDT.

At this point, it was expected that Love would unclasp her hands and move onto something different, after all, that's what she always did. In obvious defiance of expectations, Hewitt kept her hands locked and struggled back to her feet with Jessica hanging limply in her grasp. Turning to face another side of the ring, Jennifer smiled beatifically, rose up on her toes and planted Alba with a second Double Arm DDT.

OK, the mob was thinking. She's hit two in a row, she has to let go now right? Wrong. Lacing her fingers tight, Jen pushed back to her feet and turned another quarter circle, giving another side of the arena the best view. Satisfied that they'd gotten a proper eyeful, Love sat out and spiked Jessica with an unheard of third Double Arm DDT.

Mercifully, Hewitt finally released her hold on the Angel's arms, but that kindness quickly faded into another evil as she plucked Jessica out of the oil and muscled her onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry.

Strutting around the ringed pit, Hewitt asked the crowd, "IS SHE READY?"





'BREAK HER HEART!" came the thunderous reply.

Smiling contentedly, Jennifer whispered, "You heard the people Jessie."

'Jessie' was still hanging in the air when Love rose up on her toes and dropped hard to her right, drilling the back of Jessica's head and shoulders into the ground with the Death Valley Driver that she'd personalized as 'The Heartbreaker.' Getting to her feet, Jennifer Love Hewitt stood over the steaming, oily wreckage of her foe and knew the fight was hers. Jessica was just barely twitching and that meant that Hewitt could leave the oil-pit and no one would question her as the winner of this match. The thing was, she didn't want to leave yet. Jessica may have been beaten, but she wasn't helpless and that was a very important distinction for her.

Letting out a contented sigh, Jen reached behind her, undid the knot of her top and pulled the oil drenched garment away. As nearly every camera in the building went off, Jennifer pointed to the recently bared wonders and asked casually, "JMD?"

The answer was as fast as it was emphatic, 'JUGG HER OUT! JUGG HER OUT!'

Obeying the wishes of several thousand fans, Jennifer strutted over to her fallen opponent and placed one hand in her hair. Tugging Jessica to her knees, Love forced the other brunette's face against her foot, then slooooowly pulled her to her feet, forcing the taller woman's cheek to pass along every swell and curve of her conqueror's body. When Alba's semi-conscious face was level with her breasts, Jennifer snaked her arms around Jess' head for the last time and pulled her in deep.

The air deprivation brought Jessica back from the brink and she tried to pull at Jennifer's hips or claw at her shoulders, but it was far too little, far too late. After less than twenty seconds of the warm, snuggly smother, Jessica's struggles start to slow and heartbeats later, they faded entirely. Wanting just one more thing from the Angel, Jennifer pulls Jessica's face away from her cleavage and stares hard into her weakly fluttering eyes. When she caught Alba's attention, Jennifer said, "Beg!"

Jessica's lips part and she murmurs, "Please..."

And there she had it. With Jess' surrender now undeniable, Jennifer simply released her hold on the Angel's shoulders and let her go slopping onto her knees and then onto her side. Kicking the jugged-out vixen onto her back, Hewitt placed her right foot on Alba's slumbering face and held it there while she offered the audience a long, lingering double bicep flex.

After the Announcer had finally declared her the winner, Jen slipped between the ropes and as she put the oil pit behind her, she whispered, "Sarah... Allison... or whoever's the champ at the end of tonight... You better be ready...because I'm coming for you... you're going to end up just like Jessica... right before I take your title!Ē

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