The Last Hurrah Chapter 5: Kristen Bell vs. Lacey Chabert by The Walkin' Dude

C’mon now sugar,
Bring it on, bring in on, yeah.
~The Dandy Warhols

Not too long after Rachel McAdams had left the ring to a standing ovation, the Announcer stepped back into the spotlight and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be an I QUIT match! That means the only way to win is for one woman to ask for, and then receive a VERBAL surrender from her opponent.” He paused to let the audience take this in, then continued, “Introducing first, she stands 5’3”…she is one half of the Tag Team Champions… Lacey Chabert!" Silence reigned for a few more seconds and then the distinctive opening chords to Soundgarden's ‘Pretty Noose’ rolled through the stadium, announcing the presence of the smaller, curvier half of the Tag Champs. As the lyrics kick in, the curtain is pulled aside and Lacey steps out, giving the folks in Arkham their first glimpse of her in months. For her worldwide debut, she’s in a simple white two-piece number; a long sleeve midriff top and briefs that look like cotton, but are actually of a more durable cloth. Her togs are white, while her pads and boots are flat black, but no one was complaining. She could wear burlap and still get a thunderous reaction. The aforementioned reaction got a lot more thunderous when she put her belt aside to peel the long-sleeved outerwear away to reveal the matching bra top beneath. Tossing the shirt over her shoulder, she picked up the belt and strutted down the ramp, slapping hands and jawing with fans on the way. Hopping onto the apron, she gave the strap to the timekeeper and slid into the ring. Turning to all four corners, Lacey offered the fans a small smile, then just shrugged her shoulders as if to say, 'Need I say more?'

When the cheers for the brunette had faded to an acceptable level, the Ring Announced continued, “And her opponent, she stands at five feet one inch tall, allow me to present to you, Kristen Bell!” Flyleaf’s ‘Fully Alive’ poured through the speakers and the capacity crowd doesn’t have to wait long for the slender blonde to make herself known. Standing at the top of the apron, Bell is sporting her trademark snarky grin, an expression infuriating to her opponents and endearing to the fans. Ceasing her reverie, she begins the short journey to the ring. For her battle this evening the blonde wore a stylish black one-piece that left a narrow strip of her chest and a rounded area of her midsection bare for the audience’s approval. The looks is completed with black pads and boots while her light blonde locks hang down loose to just above the swell of her modest chest. Approaching the ring, Kristen breaks into a sprint and glides easily under the bottom rope before sliding halfway across the ring and popping to her feet. Arching an eyebrow in Lacey’s direction, the spunky blonde motor mouth offered the crowd a final pose before jogging to her corner.


Kristen smiled. At long last the statement she’d been wanting to make for the last several months would be revealed to the world, and how delicious that the true intent of said statement would be revealed in the submission of that jiggly little bra-stuffer Lacey. Fixing her eyes on the tanned brunette, Bell rolled her shoulders and gently traced a nonsense pattern on the slim curve of her bare stomach. Already hearing Lacey’s sobbing capitulation in her ears, Kristen’s smile grew into a malevolent grin as she whispered, “Congratulations Lacey. Tonight you get to be the medium AND the message.” Aching to get her query’s attention, Kristen strode out of her corner and headed for the center of the ring.

Waiting patiently in her corner of the squared circle, Lacey met Kristen’s calculating smile with one of her own. Sometimes fate was cruel, but tonight it had been more than kind; there wasn’t ANYONE on this roster that Chabert wanted in the ring more than Kristen Bell. Though the brunette had earned several hard-fought victories over the gamine wonder during the course of their Apartment feud, she’d never had the opportunity to jugg or butt Kristen out in front of a ravenous mob and that’s exactly what she was going to do tonight. First, she’d take Kristen’s body and batter it useless, then she’d settle into the real fun of taking her spirit and finally, when the blonde had been smothered into semi-consciousness, Lacey would JAM a microphone in Bell’s face and make her beg to surrender.

Taking a moment to savor the delicious tingle that ran up her spine, Lacey blew a loose strand of hair off her forehead and murmured, “You were so proud after you Scissored me out on the carpet Kristen, but tonight I’m taking that back. That and everything else I could ever possibly take. And it starts right now.”

The tanned brunette snapped her bottoms across her hips and stalked out to face her opposition. When they met, it was Kristen who won the verbal quick-draw with the first insult. Lifting her right hand, she slowly, deliberately jabbed her index finger into Lacey’s left breast and chided, “Plastic’s a wonderful thing, Lacey; truly one of man’s modern marvels.”

Slapping the blonde’s hand away, Lacey stepped forward, chesting into the smaller grappler. Pressing her ‘girls’ against Bell’s more modest assets, Lacey replied, “The only plastic you’ll encounter tonight will be the breathing tube they ram down your throat after I jugg you out. Remember what that feels like? I recall you moaning something like ‘Lemmmebweeeevvve’ right before your eyes rolled back in your head. Or was that when I sat on your face? It’s happened so often I get confus…

“UNNNGHHH!” Kristen brought her hands up, placed them on Lacey’s chest and SHOVED, sending the brunette backpedaling a few feet.

Kristen fired back, “As I recall, the LAST time you and I fought, those pulpy monstrosities growing on your torso got squashed between my thighs while you were busy moaning and asking, ‘Why won’t you lemme go Kris? I gave up hours ago, why won’t you lemme go’….

“UMMMPPPHHHH!” Taking the blonde’s slander in stride, the brunette strolled forward, wrapped her arms around Kristen’s head and tugged the slender beauty’s startled face down into the depths of her cleavage. It wasn’t a smother, just a quick back-and-forth jugg scrubbing, but Lacey wanted to remind Kristen where her mouth was going to end up before too long. As Bell pushed frantically at her hips, Lacey released her grip and shoved Kristen away.

Smiling prettily into the blonde’s wide, furious eyes, Lacey tapped the end of her nose and said, “You got something right the…

“ARRGH!” Unable to believe the brunette’s gall, Kristen left her feet in a High Leap, tucked her knees in under her chin and then blasted her legs straight forward to catch Lacey across the jaw with a perfect Standing Dropkick. The blow sent both of them to the canvas, a place they occupied for a single breath before scrambling to their feet.

Without a word of warning, Chabert stormed forward and CRACCK dropped a Knife-Edge Chop across the top of Kristen’s breasts. Sneering as the blonde winced in pain, Lacey taunted, “Whattsa matter Kris, tits hurt? Oh wait I…”

CRACCK! Lacey’s face crumpled in a hurt wince as Kristen treated her cleavage to sizzling retribution.

Noting and appreciating the welt her Chop raised along the brunette’s rack, Kristen countered, “Guess those airbags don’t protect you from…

“OWWWWW!” Lacey chopped her right back!

“C’mon A-Cup, lemme see you try that again. I can keep this up a LOT longer than you…

“caaaahhhh!” Kristen switched from Chops to an open-palmed SMACCCK down onto Lacey’s vulnerable décolletage.

“You’re pathetic Lacey. I could slap you once and you’d jiggle for hou…

HEYPUTMEDOWNYABITCH!” Lacey slipped an arm between the blonde’s thighs and lifted her onto her shoulder in position for a Body Slam. But before the curvy brunette could fuse her adversary with the canvas, Bell wriggled out of the hold and landed on her feet behind Lacey. She was just beginning to turn around when Kristen wrapped her up in a Waistlock and squeezed down HARD.

Digging her chin into Lacey’s shoulder, Bell taunted, “I just realized that a match with you is like wrestling with a snot-filled hanky that somehow learned to fight back. I mean, it used to be funny, but now it’s just gross. Haven’t you ever heard of toning?”

Prying ineffectually at the blonde’s clasped hands, Lacey dug her feet into the mat and powered toward the ropes directly in front of her. Reaching the cables without incident, Lacey grabbed the top rope in both hands and bucked her hips backward in an attempt to dislodge her blonde attacker. If her goal had been to break the Waistlock, then Lacey’s tactic could be judged as a success, however, if she’d been hoping to get Kristen off her, she’d failed miserably. Because while Bell did let go of the brunette’s hips, it just allowed her to reach up with both hands and give Lacey’s breasts a hard, groping, SQUEEZE!

Chuckling as Lacey gasped in embarrassed surprise, Kristen said, “I knew a tramp like you would love this. Now get out of MY ring.”

Forcing Lacey’s head and shoulders under the bottom rope, Bell backed up just far enough so she could put her left boot against Lacey’s quivering butt and nudge her out of the ring. The brunette hit the thin mats on her hands and knees with a solid THUD that hadn’t even faded before she pushed to her feet.

Doing her best to quell the rage she felt boiling up inside her, Lacey put her hands on her hips, glared up at Kristen and said, “You think you’re funny?”

Fluffing her hair a bit, the sleek blonde replied, “No, I think YOU’RE funny, at least in the tragic sense. Me on the other hand, I’m a laugh riot."

Tilting her head to the side, Lacey purred, “Come on out here and I’ll make you look like a fucking joke.”

Standing just outside the brunette’s reach, Kristen sighed and said, “Oh Lacey, how well you know me. It’s my curse to go through life acquiescing to challenges of the shabbiest, flabbiest little brunettes I can find…”

Just when it appeared Kristen was going to continue her monologue, she sped forward, grabbed the top rope and leapt into the air. At the apex of her momentum, she tucked her knees in close and swung back down to jam her legs out between the top and middle ropes in an attempt to flatten Lacey’s chest with a surprise Dropkick.

But the attack was anything but a surprise to the brunette and she moved nimbly out of the way. And with Kristen’s legs dangling helplessly beside her, Lacey had little problem in taking hold of Kristen’s ankles and YANKING her out onto the floor. Kristen made the short journey easily and landed on her feet, but she didn’t have any time to celebrate as Lacey immediately charged forward and knocked the slender vixen ass over teakettle with a short Clothesline. Kristen let out a stunned groan that only increased in pitch and volume when Lacey planted a foot on her upturned rump and stepped down hard.

With the blonde pinned to the floor under her foot, Lacey took the opportunity to get to know the fans in the front row better. Offering them a knowing smile as she ran a hand through her hair, Lacey singled out an especially appreciative fan and asked, “What’s your name pal?”

Trying to pick his jaw off the floor, the guy grinned dumbly and replied, “Hi, I’m Kevin.”

Grinding the sole of her boot against Kristen’s ass, Lacey continued, “Kevin, I’m Lacey and I need your honest opinion.” She paused so she could wiggle her hips in his direction. Running a hand over the smooth curve of her backside, she asked, “Do you think Kristen has ANY chance of making ME quit?”

Trying and almost succeeding in tearing his eyes off the brunette’s glutes, Kevin stammered, “Not right now no.”

Flashing him a wink, she said, “Good answer Kev. Consider this next move all for you.”

Taking her foot off the moaning blonde’s haunches, Lacey pulled the black-clad grappler up and tossed her back into the ring. With Kristen smeared out on her back next to the ropes, Lacey hopped up onto the apron and made a show of pulling her white briefs up in a tawdry Half Wedgie.

With every male eye on her, the brunette vixen took the top rope in both hands and easily sprang over it only to come down with both booted feet … next to Kristen’s head? Before the audience could begin to boo the apparent misfire, Lacey snapped her right foot back, catching Kristen across the cheek with a dismissive little SLAP of sole on skin. Glancing over her shoulder, Lacey flashed Kevin and his dumbfounded friends another wink before snapping her bottom back into place.

Having properly enthralled the masses, Lacey returned her attention to Kristen and commented, “As much as Rich would prefer this to look like a wrestling match and not a torture session, I’m afraid your appalling level of suckiness is giving me no choice.”

Burying her hands in Kristen’s hair, the brunette pulled her nemesis to her feet and marched her to the center of the ring. After removing her claws from the blonde's mane, Lacey wrapped her right arm over Kristen’s left shoulder while her left arm snaked under Kristen's right shoulder, a move that allowed the brunette to clasp her hands when they met between Kristen's shoulder blades. Lacey was just about to call out for her IFR finisher when her blonde captive pulled up her near arm and HAMMERED the point of her elbow into Lacey’s temple. The brunette’s grip was broken and she started to stumble away, but she had made it less than two steps before Kristen grabbed her right wrist and reeled her back in.

Holding Lacey’s captured arm across her chest, Kristen purred, “This is how it starts baby!” The taunt was still reaching the audience when Kristen dropped straight back and took Lacey to the mat with a Single Arm DDT that compounded the misery of the fall by nearly dislocating her shoulder in the landing. Letting out a mental cheer as Lacey writhed on the mat beside her, Kristen pushed to her feet. “That’s how it begins and I KNOW you know how it’ll end, but before we get there, we’ve got all the stuff in the middle and that’s the most fun anyway.”

Dragging Lacey to her feet with a handful of hair, Kristen stepped in front of her foe, reached over her left shoulder with both hands and clasped the back of Lacey’s head in a Three-Quarters Facelock.

In one single, well practiced movement, Kristen dropped to one knee and tugged Lacey off her feet, sending the brunette somersaulting forward to land on her butt with a dull THUMP.

With the Snap Mare having put Lacey back where she belonged, Kristen kept right on the attack. Standing behind the dazed brunette, Kristen left her feet again, pulled her legs in close and then SLAM smashed down between Lacey’s shoulders in a short, but viciously effective Dropkick.

Hopping back up as Lacey rolled around on the canvas, Kristen strutted around her adversary and called, “Lacey really seems to think her butt can compete with mine. Obviously she’s delusional, but because my domain is a democracy, I’ll let you all decide. What’s more appealing, THIS…” She gave her butt a saucy little shake and pointed to it with both hands. As the crowd went wild, she continued, “or THIS?”

Kneeling down behind the barely seated brunette, Kristen grabbed a HUGE double handful of Lacey’s white briefs and YANKED the tanned vixen to her feet. Acknowledging Lacey’s indignant screams with a sparking smile, Kristen patted the wriggling cheeks and then treated her foe to a single clapping SPANK. Holding Lacey up on wobbly legs, Kristen treats Lacey to a rough hip-check and says, “See? Lacey here is clearly an inferior product.”

Done taunting the buxom grappler for the moment. Kristen took hold of Lacey’s left wrist and whipped her into the nearest corner. Sauntering in after her woozy rival, Kristen wrapped both arms around Lacey’s sturdy middle and hoisted her up into a sitting position on the top buckle. Climbing to the middle buckle, Kristen forced Lacey to lean forward so she could cinch the brunette up in a Front Facelock After slinging Lacey’s near arm over her shoulders and hooking a handful of tights, the blonde bent her knees and began to lift Lacey out of her perch but her Superplexing efforts were stopped cold when the brunette used her free hand to grab hold of the top rope.

Grunting her displeasure, Kristen dug in and prepared to try again when PIK, PAK, PEK, Lacey buried three sharp punches into the blonde’s undercarriage and the force was enough to break her grip. Straightening up, Lacey grabbed Kristen by the shoulders and sneered, “You’re about to get a bomb dropped on you smartass.”

Having made her intentions known, Lacey shoved Kristen off her perch and watched with open amusement as the blonde landed flat on her back with a ring-shaking THWAM! Standing up straight, Lacey brought her right hand to her lips, kissed her palm and then gave her butt a jaunty little swat, the traditional signal she gave right before she leapt off the top rope, pulled her legs up and came crashing down with the full weight of her ass on Kristen’s rapidly heaving chest.

The mob roared in stunned delight as Lacey had successfully connected with her A-Bomb finisher less than five minutes into the contest. But while the spasmodic jerking of the pinned blonde made for an enticing visual, pins were null and void in an ‘I QUIT’ match, unless of course one could make her opponent submit to a cover. Luckily, this was a task that Lacey was more than happy to take on. Sitting heavily on Kristen’s chest, Lacey leaned back, hooked her victim’s legs just behind the knees and then leaned all the way forward to fold Kristen in half with a Matchbook pin. Mashing her belly against the blonde’s weakly protesting face, Lacey turned her head to the side and told the referee, “Gimme a mic.”

A second later, she let Kris’ right leg go flopping out behind her so she could take possession of the microphone. Bringing it to her lips, the brunette was all smiles as she cooed, “You like lickin’ my tummy Kristen? Cuz if you don’t, all I need to hear is two little words.”

She placed the mic somewhere close enough to hear the blonde’s mumbled reply, assuming she made one. And indeed she did. The trapped wrestler grumbled, “GEDOFFAMEBIDGGE!”

Rolling her eyes, Lacey taunted, “That doesn’t sound like quitter to me. That sounds like a girl who wants her ass kicked some more.”

Tossing the mic aside, Lacey released the Matchbook and quickly got to her feet. Scraping Kristen off the mat, she doubled her over and slapped on a Front Facelock of her own. When she’d taken hold of Kristen’s trunks and tugged them a few times, Lacey bent her knees and lifted, taking the smaller beauty up, over, and down with a Vertical Suplex.

Kristen's back had just started to arch when Lacey rolled to her right and got her knees under her. Pushing up, she got to her feet and dragged Kristen along for the ride. Resetting her feet, Lacey hoisted Kristen again, taking her back to the mat with a second Vertical Suplex. If anything, this one hit harder than the first, but apparently, two wasn't good enough for the brunette. Getting to her feet one more time, Lacey jerked Kristen's loose-limbed frame in close and adjusted her grip on the out-of-it blonde's distended black bottom. Treating Kristen to a taste of her own medicine, Lacey yanked Kristen's black briefs in a scandalous Wedgie.

Pausing just long enough to tell Kristen, "They're cheering the Wedgie, not the ass under it."

She hoisted Kristen up and held her in place this time, letting the blood rush to her nemesis head for a good ten seconds before she dropped back and deposited her on the mat to complete the trio of Vertical Suplexes. Releasing the Facelock, Lacey stood over Kristen’s flattened form and told her, “Just in case you’ve forgotten what this felt like…” She dipped her knees in a deep crouch, then pushed up in a straight vertical leap that ended with her derriere coming down hard on Kristen’s sternum. Rubbing her buns against the blonde’s battered breasts, Lacey cooed, “I think it’s time to start playing with you.”

Scooting off Kristen’s chest, she rolled the blonde onto her side and quickly spooned in behind her. Cinching her summer-browned legs around Kristen’s pale hips, Lacey locked her ankles and clamped down with a Body Scissors. The domineering brunette let Kristen flail at her for a few seconds before she reached down, hooked both of her arms and pulled them up over Kristen’s head.

Working carefully to control both of Kristen’s arms with one of her own, Lacey pressed her lips against the struggling girl’s ear and said, “I remember the last time I did this to you, there was only a handful of people around to see. I wonder if it’ll feel any different with the whole world watching.” Ready to find out, the brunette reached up with her free left hand and slooowly wormed it under the edge of Kristen’s top. Smiling devilishly as the audience roared, Lacey began to knead the blonde’s left breast. After several seconds of this torture, Lacey murmured, “You always were a little handful Kristen…”

She punctuated this comment with another hard squeeze as Kristen began thrashing in earnest.

Lacey growled, “Quit dammit!”

Face flushed from the squeeze and the embarrassment, Kristen hissed, “Let me be perfectly clear on this Lacey. FUCK… YOU…

“AAARRRHHHH!” The brunette took her foe’s nub between thumb and forefinger and twisted as hard as she could.

When she got bored of the torturous tactic, Lacey removed her hands from Kristen’s suit and demanded, “MIC!” When she was wired for sound, Lacey put the device to her lips and said, “TELL ALL THE NICE PEOPLE YOU QUIT BITCH!” She jabbed the mic down into Kristen’s face and ground it back and forth, meaning the crowd and everyone at home got to hear Kristen’s embarrassed panting and howled reply.


After a few more echoing SMACKs against the blonde’s face, Lacey tossed the mic away and dug into Kristen’s right breast. Going immediately for Kristen’s nipple, Lacey pinched, tweaked and stretched the sensitive flesh while she calmly told her captive, “Ya know Kris, I’m scheduled for a live web chat after this match and I’m sure the fans will be dying to know what this felt like and it will be my great disappointment to tell them the only joy I got out of it was hearing you cry and moan and…

UNNNGHHHHH!” Absolutely HATING the continued presence of the brunette’s hand inside her suit, Kristen tore her arms from Lacey’s grip and with a furious roar, she slammed her elbows back into Lacey’s ribs. The dual strikes loosened the brunette’s Scissors enough for Kristen to wriggle around to face her tormentor and the moment she could get her knees under her, the blonde formed her hands into talons and SANK them into Lacey’s ample bosom. Clawing and tearing with a hate she’d very rarely felt over the course of her career, Kristen’s pretty face twisted in a grimace of maniacal rage as she roared, “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT YOU TRAMPY LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT?”

Lacey didn’t like it much at all truth be told, but she was never going to give Kristen the satisfaction of telling her. Feeding off her hate for the blonde, Lacey tuned out everything but Kristen’s twerpy face and THUD drove a wild, looping Haymaker up into the blonde’s chin. It wasn’t the prettiest punch she’d ever landed but it was enough to knock Kristen off of her and that was all she needed at the moment.

As Kristen sprawled over onto her back, Lacey rolled atop her in a tight straddle and pinned both of Kristen’s wrists over her head with one hand. Breathing hard, the groped brunette ran her free hand over the top of her chest and hissed, “The only part of you that gets to touch these is your FACE. Understand bitch?”

Bucking and squirming under Lacey’s weight, Kristen growled, “Get offa me you fat piGUUMMPPPHHH!”

Kristen mewled in muffled disgust as Lacey placed her sweaty hand against the blonde’s face and mashed it back and forth for several seconds. When Lacey thought her nemesis had gotten enough tit-sweat in her diet for the moment, she got to her feet and dragged Kristen along with her. Taking hold of the lissome beauty’s wrist, she stepped away from Kristen and whipped her into the nearest corner.

Kristen’s body slammed THUD against the turnbuckles as Lacey took off at a dead run and bounded towards her helpless prey. When there was only a few feet remaining between them, Lacey left the canvas in a gorgeous leap and pulled both knees up across her chest. She was in flight for just a second longer and then THWACKK, she collided with Kristen, driving all the air out of the smaller woman’s lungs in a single tortured burst.

Kristen’s pale face went several shades paler and she started to sink to her knees, but the brunette wouldn’t allow it. Staying close to her rival, Lacey took Kristen’s wrist and whipped her in the other direction but instead of letting go, she put on the brakes and tugged the blonde right back into her clutches. Stepping to her left, Lacey snaked her right arm across the blonde's battered chest and grabbed her behind the neck while she reached down with her left arm and grabbed Kristen behind her right knee. Without even stopping to breathe, Lacey hauled Kristen off her feet, spun around in a quarter circle and dropped to her butt, fusing the full length of the blonde's lean frame to the mat with a high impact Sit-Out Spinebuster.

Pushing Kristen away from her, Lacey got to her feet, adjusted the edges of her disheveled top and placed her right boot inches from Kristen’s mouth. Hands on her hips. Lacey spat, “Kiss my boot Kristen. Kiss it for the whole world to see and I’ll consider that just as good as you whimpering ’I quit.’

Eyes narrowed in a nauseating combination of pain and utter hatred, Kristen shoved Lacey’s intruding foot away and panted, “Go try that shit on Bilson. I hear she likes sucking toes.”

Shaking her head ’no’ Lacey muttered, “You insolent little slut, I’m gonna…” she trailed off as the anger got to be too much, so she settled for showing Kristen what she was going to do. Burying her fingers in the blonde’s shoulder-length locks, Lacey dragged Kristen to her knees and led her over to the ropes.

Forcing Kristen’s throat down across the middle cable, Lacey took the top rope in both hands and climbed up onto the suddenly squirming Kristen. Placing as much weight on her victim’s neck and shoulders as she possibly could, the brunette strangled the life out of her adversary even as she was roaring, “GOT ANYTHING FUNNY TO SAY KRIS? HOW ABOUT I QUIT? IN A SECOND, I’M GONNA LET YOU BREATHE JUST LONG ENOUGH TO TELL THE WORLD YOU QUIT!”

Gesturing to the referee with a savage nod, Lacey waited until the ref was within inches of Kristen’s crimson face before she released the pressure. Sucking in great tearing lungfuls of air, Kristen rasped, “Huhhh… huhhhh… kiss… kiss… kiss my ASS Lacey!”

Infuriated by the continued resistance, Lacey stomped down on Kristen’s head for another five seconds or so and then hopped down from her perch. Understanding that she’d have to smack the blonde around a little more before she got the surrender she craved, Lacey hauled Kristen to her feet and marched her back toward the corner. Standing in front of her woozy opponent, the brunette spun around so that her back was to Kristen and quickly reached over her left shoulder with both hands to wrap up the back of Kristen’s head in a Three-Quarters Facelock.

With the blonde noodle-limp in her clutches, Lacey turned to face the corner and took three loping steps forward. When she reached the buckles, the brunette placed one foot on the bottom buckle, and proceeded to ’climb’ the corner until both feet were high in the air. Using the momentum of her lunge, Lacey started to swing around in a half circle that would end with her dropping to the mat with Kristen’s face joining her soon thereafter, but before gravity let her complete The Acid Drop, Kristen got her arms up around the brunette’s waist and changed the direction of her descent just enough so that Lacey landed crotch-first across the top rope and not comfortably on the mat as she had intended. Revitalized by her opponent’s gasping scream, Kristen pulled away and paused just long enough to admire her handiwork.

Patting Lacey’s cheek, Kristen cooed, “I’d try to land on your tits if I were you Lacey. It’s the only way you’re going to survive this fall.”

The vengeful blonde executed a leap of her own, at the apex of which she fired her legs out and THWAP kicked Lacey in the left shoulder with both boots. The Dropkick wasn’t the flashiest move in her arsenal, but given Lacey’s current position, it was probably the most effective. Lacey was knocked out of her unenviable perch and sent crashing to the outside of the ring, where unfortunately she landed hard on her right shoulder, an injury that was sure to be noticed and capitalized upon by the blonde.

Leaning heavily against the ropes, Kristen looked down at the smoldering brunette wreckage and joked, “Lacey fall down go boobs… I mean, boom.”

After a few more seconds of rest, Kristen felt adequately recovered so she slipped through the cables and hopped out to join her adversary on the floor. Placing one foot against the back of Lacey’s head, Kristen cast a glance in the direction of the official and said, “I think you’ll want to get out here with that mic, she’s not going to last too much longer.”

Returning her attention to Lacey, Kristen hauled the gut-shot brunette to her feet and quickly wrapped her up in a Front Facelock. Spying the steel ring steps several feet behind her foe, Kristen backed the captured grappler up until her butt was almost brushing against the rough metal. Cinching down on the Facelock, Kristen slung Lacey’s near arm over her shoulders and grabbed a handful of white togs. Bending her knees, the blonde taunted, “This is what quitters hitting metal sounds like Lacey.”

Lapsing into an uncharacteristic silence, Kristen hoisted Lacey into the air and held her inverted overhead for a good three seconds before she stepped forward and dropped Lacey forward and down, slamming her chest-and-belly-first against the uppermost step with an ear-twanging BWAM! Lacey let out a bubbling groan and tried to rise, but Kristen just slapped the back of her head and that was all it took to put the brunette down.

With a malicious gleam in her eyes, Kristen grabbed the middle rope for balance, then brought her right leg up and placed the sole of her foot against the side of Lacey’s face. Pressing forward as hard as she could, the blonde abraded Lacey’s pretty face between leather and steel for a good ten seconds before she chided, “You wanna indulge in some foot worship Wonder-Bra? Then have I got a deal for you. Just stick that nasty little tongue of yours out and lick the sole of my boot. And if you do it in the next ten seconds, I MIGHT not sit on your face before you howl ’I Quit.’

Continuing her domineering grind even as the brunette thrashed underfoot, Kristen shooed the ref in and let him get the microphone as close to Lacey’s obscured lips as was possible. When Lacey’s grunts and groans were echoing through the arena, Kristen asked, “Where’s that tongue action Lacey? I’m getting impatient!” She illustrated her point by mashing her foot even harder against the brunette’s trembling cheek.

Despite being unable to free herself from the painful, humiliating position, Lacey wasn’t going to give up and clued Kristen into it by screaming, “ENJOY THIS WHILE YOU CAN BITCH! I’LL HAVE MY TITS BACK IN YOUR FACE SOON ENOUGH!”

Lips curling in a disgusted, disappointed pout, Kristen pulled her boot away from the flailing brunette and grabbed her by the hair again and BANG driving Lacey’s head into the side of the steps a single time, Kristen replied, “I’m going to enjoy every second of this Lacey. Kinda like the way you enjoyed a glass of champagne when you were sitting on my face after our second fight. You remember that dontcha? Sure ya do! You took your time making me suffer that night and now I get to pay you back for that - and every other haughty little indignity you made me sit through. Only I get to do it on a grand scale. Hope you like public humiliation Lacey, because I’m just getting warmed up.”

Clamping down on the brunette’s head in another Front Facelock, Kristen took hold of Lacey’s tights and lifted her off the steel steps. She held the brunette overhead for a few heartbeats and then dropped back to the mats, depositing her victim on the barely-padded concrete floor with a sweaty SPLAT! Getting to her feet, Kristen snapped the edges of her trunks into place across her hips and went right back to work on the wounded brunette. Tugging Lacey back to a vertical base, the blonde trudged her opponent over to a steps-free corner of the ring and wasted no time in wrapping the brunette’s right arm around the steel post.

With Lacey’s shoulder kissing the cold metal, Kristen took a step back, then leapt into the air and pulled off a vicious Dropkick that planted both feet firmly against the defenseless joint. The formerly quiet brunette shrieked in agony as she scrambled away holding her wounded limb but she didn’t get very far before collapsing to her knees and from that point on it was just a matter of time before Kristen stalked over and yanked her to her feet with a handful of briefs. Nuzzling in cheek-to-cheek with the curvy brunette, Kristen’s voice dripped insincerity as she asked, “What’s wrong Lacey? You ready to go back inside the ring? All right, let’s get your jiggly little ass in there.”

One hand on Lacey’s waistband, the other at the scruff of her neck, Kristen spun Lacey towards the apron and rolled her back into the squared circle. Sliding in after her prey, Kristen was about to send a joke the crowd’s way when she noticed Lacey was fighting to her hands and knees. Sneering her hate, Kristen growled, “Oh no you DON’T!” She streaked forward to THWACK a hard kick off Lacey’s ribs. Standing over her decimated adversary, locking eyes with the ref, she said, “Make sure you get it CLOSE; I want ‘em to hear her tears hitting the canvas before she quits.”

Leaving the official with his instructions, Kristen muscled the injured brunette onto her belly, then took hold of Lacey’s right arm before lying leisurely across the brunette’s sweat-slick back. Locking her elbows, Kristen's trademark smile made an appearance as she chided, “I'm honestly not sure if someone as gelatinous as you actually has bones to break, but if you do I'll find out.”

Continuing her quest for knowledge, the blonde planted her feet on the mat and leaned back across the brunette’s body, cinching on the Fujiwara Arm Bar to draw a terribly pained shriek from Lacey’s quivering lips. Trying and failing to combat the hellish pain running up and down her arm, Lacey was doing her best not to sob when the official placed the mic next to her face. A moment later, Kristen’s smug voice demanded, “Lemme hear you say ‘I QUIT’ Lacey!”

Face clenched in pain, the brunette didn’t reply with words. Instead, she snatched the microphone out of the ref’s hand and SMACK smashed it across the back of the blonde’s head. The surprise attack was enough to break the Arm Bar which was good, but it wasn’t enough to make Kristen stop her attack, which was too bad. Lacey was still gasping and trying to rise when the enraged blonde loomed over her to STOMP hard on Lacey’s injured shoulder. Grinding her foot back and forth, Kristen leaned down, plucked the mic from Lacey’s hand and thrust it into the brunette’s face. Tapping it against Lacey’s tear-streaked cheek, Kristen purred, “C’mon, saaaay it.”

Refusing to resign herself to such an ignominious fate, Lacey mumbled, “Make me bitch.”

Smiling, Kristen replied, “Did you say, ‘Make me your bitch’? Well, I’ll let it slide on account of the mind-numbing pain you must be in. Unless you insist…” Kristen tossed the microphone down THUMP, pulled Lacey to her feet. Standing face-to-face with the brunette, Kristen slipped an arm between Lacey’s thighs, hoisted her into the air and inverted her. Wrapping her arms around Lacey’s waist, she strutted around the ring, displaying Lacey's helplessly jiggling butt to all who cared to see. Arching an eyebrow she called out, “She's just lucky I didn't decide to work over her ASS or she'd have NOTHING left when the match is over!"

Smirking as the crowd enjoyed her zinger, she rose up on her toes…then dropped to one knee, crushing Lacey’s tenderized right shoulder against the posted joint. A frame-jolting quiver ran through the brunette and she tumbled bonelessly off Kristen’s knee as the blonde posed over her. Ready to go back on the attack, Kristen pulled Lacey into a sitting position and stood behind her. Dropping to one knee, she grabbed Lacey’s wrists, stood up and pulled the captured limbs back in a wide V.

For a moment it appeared as if the blonde was going to slap on a Surfboard, but instead she just rose up on her toes, then dropped to one knee so she could SPIKE the point of the bony joint into the small of the brunette’s back. Lacey quivered and tried to wriggle free, but Kristen just clamped down and repeated the brutal Knee over and over. After the twelfth one hit home, Kristen released Lacey’s wrists and cupped the sides of brunette’s face. Slapping her face with a light barrage of smacks, Kristen asked, “Wanna give it up Lacey?”

Gritting her teeth, Lacey hissed, “I’m gonna fucking kill you Kristen.”

“That’s NOT going to be easy with a broken back.” the blonde taunted.

Yanking Lacey up with a handful of hair, Kristen spun the brunette around and reefed her wounded right arm up between her shoulder-blades in a Hammerlock. Lowering her head, Kristen wormed it between Lacey’s left arm and her torso in preparation for a Northern Lights Suplex. She was just about to take the brunette up and over when Lacey crushed down on her neck and exploded forward. Kristen had just enough time to realize something had gone wrong, then she slammed THUMP into the turnbuckles and her knees unhinged. The gasping blonde had her face pulled up and she found herself looking into Lacey’s furious eyes.

Her voice dripping malice, the brunette hissed, “I just wanted one last look at your face before it goes under my tits.”

Chesting against the squirming blonde for the sheer joy of making Kristen miserable, Lacey quickly yanked her out of the corner and trapped her in a Front Facelock. Grinding Kristen's skull with the Facelock, Lacey grabbed hold of Kristen's left wrist and folded it up against the blonde's back in a Hammerlock of her own. Rising up on her toes, Lacey jerked up on the Hammerlock as she lifted Kristen off her feet. When the trapped girl was about halfway to directly over Lacey's head, she dropped straight back, spiking the crown of Kristen's skull into the mat with a move combining the best of an Implant DDT with a Brainbuster.

Kristen let out a gasping little ‘ungh’ as she flopped over onto her back. At the moment, all the blonde wanted to do was lay there and nurse her splitting headache - but sadly Lacey’s counter had awakened the brunette’s thirst for revenge and she went after the blonde like a woman that had been wandering the desert. Plunging her hands into the golden oasis that was Kristen’s hair, Lacey scraped her blonde off the mat and pulled her close. Slipping an arm across Kristen's chest, Lacey put her lips close to Kristen's ear and said softly, "I said I was gonna kill you and I meant it. It's hard picking a place to start but luckily for me, this move hurts the body AND the spirit."

Lacey reached around behind Kristen with her free hand and hooked her waistband. Then she bent her knees slightly and pushed up fast, nearly splitting her victim in two with a Wedgie mere seconds before she dropped forward and down, stapling Kristen to the mat with her own take on the Rock's old finisher; in her more than capable hands it was the Lacey Bottoms. Resting on her knees next to her splattered nemesis, the brunette ran both hands over her hips and purred, “It’s been too long since I did this to you.”

Scooting up next to Kristen’s head, Lacey swung around in a loose straddle of the blonde’s face and ever so slowly lowered her butt onto Kristen’s nose in a Reverse Face Sit. Grinning smugly for the suddenly redlining crowd, Lacey put her hands on her thighs and wiggled her hips even as Kristen started to thrash and scream in muffled humiliation. Tucking her boots in against the side of Kristen’s head to ensure there would be no chance of escape, Lacey continued to roll her hips as she made a long, slow, show of extending her arms and laying her hands across her victim’s defenseless bounty. Pulling the material aside, Lacey gave the crowd a few moments to take in Kristen’s nudity before she cupped the blonde’s breasts.

‘Tsk-tsking’, the brunette whispered “Pathetic really” then dug her fingers in hard. Throwing her head back in an ecstasy that was only half feigned, Lacey let Kristen’s screams run up and down the length of her spine, controlling the pitch and intensity of her cries by simple squeezes and tweaks of the ‘volume dials’ she’d found. The brunette continued this demeaning treatment for more than a minute before Kristen’s resistance began to fade. Shifting her Claw Hold to a ‘nubs only’ pincer, Lacey jiggled her hands a bit and asked, “You done Kristen?”

There was something mumbled into her tights, but Lacey couldn’t make it out. Turning to the ref, she requested, “Mic her please!” When he had the microphone as close as it was going to get, Lacey gave her butt a final grind, then lifted off the blonde’s face. Licking her lips, she demanded, “Lemme hear it bitch.”

Hurt and humiliated beyond measure, Kristen took several deep breaths and then gasped, “ I… I… I FUCKING HATE YOU!”

Kristen darted her head forward and sank her teeth into the brunette’s meaty left butt cheek. Lacey howled in shocked surprise and scrambled to her feet while the blonde did the same. She was trying to get an idea of what sort of damage Kristen had done to her hindquarters when Kristen pounced and Irish Whipped her into the corner! Forgetting her chewed rump for the moment, Lacey concentrated on regaining control of the match - which she did in the most exquisite of fashions!

When she was a few feet from the corner, Lacey left her feet in a feline leap that put her on the top turnbuckle. She’d been there less than a second before she dipped her knees and executed a Back-flip that launched her back the way she had came. In a move that would make a gymnast proud, she pulled off a silky smooth 180 at the apex of her leap and as gravity took control again, the curvy grappler came barreling down back-first onto the totally unprepared Kristen. The Corkscrew Senton took the blonde off her feet and plastered her against the canvas, instantly quashing any momentum she’d gained from taking a bite out of Lacey’s ass.

In most matches, Lacey would have popped to her feet and dipped into a little pose to congratulate herself on a successful counter, but right now she was still too pissed at Kristen biting her to think of anything that wasn’t torturing the blonde. Giving her rump a final rubdown, the brunette hauled Kristen to her feet and SMACK slapped her! Grinding her forehead against Kristen’s, Lacey spat, “You wanna bite me, you no-class twat? Why don’t you try to cut your teeth on the ropes instead?”

Dragging Kristen by the hair to the edge of the ring, Lacey and forced her head down onto the top rope. With her hand against Kristen’s cheeks, Lacey forced her foe’s jaw open and pushed her gaping maw onto the top cable. Pressing down on the back of Kristen’s head with all her strength, Lacey pulled her from one end of the ring to the other, dragging the gagging, wailing blonde along. After a second tooth-numbing circuit, Lacey called for the microphone. Catching her breath, the dark eyed brunette pulled her foe’s mouth clear of the cable only to jam the mic in its place.

Abrading the blonde’s features with the expensive piece of sound equipment, Lacey shrieked, “SAY IT!”

Breathing raggedly, it took Kristen several seconds to pant, “Go… go… go to hell.”

Snarling her disgust, Lacey dropped the mic, pulled Kristen away from the ropes and scooped her up onto her shoulder in preparation for a Body Slam. Instead of depositing her on the canvas, however, she stalked over to the corner and grafted her to the buckles, hanging her up in the infamous Tree of Woe. With Kristen hung up like a sumptuous, upside-down, side of beef, it didn’t take Lacey long to zero in on the bare expanse of blonde tummy! Imagining a bulls-eye on Kristen’s navel, Lacey held the top rope for balance as she proceeded to stomp a country mile’s worth of mud holes in Kristen’s belly before walking each and every one of them bone dry.

When her kicking leg started to tire, Lacey grabbed Kristen’s shins in both hands and dragged the blonde down from her perch. Savoring the defeated SPLUT of Kristen’s body on the canvas, Lacey held her by the ankles and dragged her to the middle of the ring. Dropping Kristen onto her back, she jogged back to the corner and climbed to the top rope. Standing above the ring, Lacey raised both hands and told the audience, “ONE MORE TIME!” She leapt into the void and pulled her legs out in front of her just before she came down ass-first on Kristen’s erratically rising chest with the second A-Bomb of the fight!

Maintaining her seat on Kristen’s squashed boobs, Lacey again called for the mic. She leaned down into Kristen’s sweat-drenched face and whispered, “It’s over Kristen. I could hold you down for a twenty count right now and there’s nothing you could do about it. So just say those two little words and this can all be over.” She put the microphone to Kristen’s lips so everyone would hear her surrender.

Eyes closed against the pain, Kristen took a deep, shuddery breath and said, “Lacey, I… I think you suck.”

Shaking her head in aggravated disbelief, Lacey tossed the mic back to the referee and got to her feet. Pulling Kristen up with a double handful of one-piece, the brunette released her grip on the blonde’s togs just so she could resume her murderous death-grip on Kristen’s stripped chest. Twisting her wrists in opposite directions, Lacey drank deep from Kristen’s anguish and whispered, “If you don’t quit in the next ten seconds, these pathetic little sacks of nothing are coming home with…

“UNNNGHHH!” In a startling blur of movement, Kristen grabbed the back of Lacey’s head in both hands and thrust her skull up under the brunette’s chin. Rising up on her toes, Kristen dropped to her knees, spiking Lacey with a desperation Jawbreaker. The counter broke Lacey’s grasp on her aching breasts, even better, it sent the brunette reeling back with her hands clutching her face. Fixing Lacey with a look of pure hate, Kristen exploded forward and… and… was promptly scooped up by the crafty brunette, ripped off her feet and driven full-force into the canvas with a Power Slam that was even quicker than her Jawbreaker.

Fighting to steady her nerves, Lacey pushed to her knees and ran both hands through her hair. Glaring down at Kristen she muttered, “I don’t know where the hell you get that, but I swear I’m going to rip it out of you before this match is over.”

Acting on that threat, she got her feet under her and helped Kristen do the same. Resuming her iron-clutch on the blonde’s right wrist, Lacey stepped away and hurled her victim into a corner on the opposite side of the squared circle. With the BWUNG of Kristen’s landing still echoing through the stadium, Lacey took off after her, looking for that one final body-on-body collision that would mean the end of KBell.

Several feet away, Kristen calmed her nerves and grabbed the top rope on either side of her. Curling her legs, she rested her feet on the middle turnbuckle for a moment, and seconds before Lacey could pulverize her, Kristen pushed up fast, leaping into the air a few feet above the top turnbuckle. The simple move caught Lacey off guard, but she was quick enough to put the brakes on before she slammed face-first into the pad.

What she wasn’t ready for was Kristen stomping down between her shoulders with both feet and then using the startled brunette like a springboard to soar through the air out to center ring. The ingenious counter threw Lacey’s face into the padded steel hard enough to drop her to her knees with her forehead on the middle turnbuckle. Kristen heard the crowd applauding. The Mushroom Stomp was a simple enough move but the fans always marked out for it. As much as she wanted to acknowledge their praise, right now she wanted to pound Lacey’s face a whole lot more!

First things first though… she pulled her one-piece back into the proper alignment, a move that brought down a chorus of good natured boos. Flipping hair out of her eyes, the blonde promised. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll give everyone one HELL of a photo-op before the night is over.” She stalked up behind the prone brunette and climbed on the middle buckle. With a foot on either side of Lacey’s head, Kristen stared down at Lacey’s exposed form and whispered, “Ya know what your problem is Lacey? You’re always half-assing things. Like when you were stomping me stupid in the Tree of Woe, you were only using one foot. Me on the other hand? I can use both.”

She was still saying ‘both’ when she sank into a deep crouch and pushed up off the ropes. Swinging her entire body out behind her, Kristen seemed to hang in the air for a few seconds before she came swinging back down and WHAMM slammed both feet between Lacey’s shoulders. Biting her bottom lip in a snarky smile as the brunette beneath her toes writhed, Kristen waited just long enough to catch her balance, then repeated the bone-crushing maneuver TWO more times. A THIRD Stomp connected and she began to worry Lacey may not have any teeth left - which would make her surrender much harder to understand. So in the interest of compassion, she hopped off her brunette stand and pulled Lacey to her feet.

Not letting her victim go far, Kristen stuffed her girl face-first into the corner and leaned in close. Grinding her hips against Lacey’s helpless butt, Kristen whispered, “Tell me what you’d miss less, your shoulders or your back?”

Fighting off the fireworks exploding in her head, Lacey gasped, “Fuck off Kristen.”

“Well that’s no answer at all. Guess that makes it my decision.” Wrapping her arms around Lacey’s waist, Kristen muscled the brunette off her feet and placed her in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. With Lacey slumped and facing the audience, Kristen climbed onto the second rope and bent the curvy grappler back just far enough to secure her chin in Kristen’s right armpit. With the Inverted Facelock applied. Kristen reached forward and snagged a sturdy handful of white waistband. Licking her lips, Kristen mused, “This is gonna be so cool.”

Showing everyone what she meant, the blonde lifted up and back, a move that hoisted Lacey off the turnbuckles and held her over Kristen’s head for a single instant before gravity claimed them both and they went crashing to the mat. Kristen landed in relative comfort on her back, but Lacey’s defenseless undercarriage landed SMACK on the mat, compliments of the blonde’s Inverted Superplex.

Recovering from the Superplex faster than anyone could have expected, Kristen rolled onto her knees, looked to the ref and said, “Get the microphone ready.” The official did as he was bade.

Kristen scooted onto the small of Lacey's back quickly immobilized both of Lacey’s arms by trapping them between the blonde’s arms just before she clasped her hands in an unbreakable loop. Almost done, Kristen flipped forward and landed on her feet, holding a high bridge while she still had Lacey’s arms in her grip. The sadistic simplicity that was ‘The Kristen Curve’ had just been applied and the explosion of pain in her shoulders and neck quickly centered Lacey's thoughts, but all those thoughts were of anguish and surrender.

Rocking up and down on the bridge, Kristen waited for the ref to get the mic near Lacey’s face and when he was close enough roared, “SAY IT LACEY! SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD!” She punctuated her joyous decree with another bout of hateful rocking.

Sobbing uncontrollably as her shoulders were nearly wrenched out of their sockets, Lacey kept her eyes closed because actually seeing the mic might cause her to yield to the temptation of submission and she wouldn’t have that. Shaking her head ‘no’ as best she could, Lacey opened her mouth and screamed, “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT BITCH?”

Irritated by the brunette’s resistance, Kristen kept the Curve locked in until her thighs started to burn, and then she let it go. Getting to her feet, she stalked tight little circle around the hobbled grappler and thought about what she was going to do next. Seizing upon the answer almost immediately, Kristen placed her boot against the small of Lacey’s back and whispered, “I’m going to drop you on your head now Lacey. And I’ll keep doing it until the only two words left in that thick head are ‘I quit.’”

After scraping the woozy brunette off the canvas, Kristen looped one arm around her opponent’s waist and threaded the other between Lacey’s legs, her hand getting a good grip just under Lacey’s butt. Her grip in place, Kristen popped her hips did as she promised, tossing Lacey up and over to drop her almost directly on her head with a perfectly delivered T-Bone Suplex.

Popping to her feet, Kristen gave Lacey’s bruised form an appraising glance and said, “You’re lumping up nicely sweetie, but I think you could use more welts.”

Looking to some to Lacey’s complexion, Kristen dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of the brunette’s right boot. Slender fingers went to work on the knot of Lacey’s laces and after several seconds of effortful tugging, Kristen was able to yank the laces away from the boot. Holding the small coil in one hand. The blonde grabbed Lacey by the back of her top and jerked her to her feet. After marching the brunette to the ropes, she placed Lacey’s wrists over the upper cable and bound her to it with the laces from her own boots.

Dusting off her hands, Kristen glanced around and said, “Lashes… lashes… I need something that lashes… ahhh, there we are.” Walking over to the official, she patted him on the shoulder and said, “Pal, I need your belt.”

“Huh?” was the ever so eloquent reply.

“I need your belt. I’m going to lash me a brunette something fierce and your belt gets the honor. So hand it over now and I won’t be tempted to use it on you.” Deciding it would be better to just go along with the request, the zebra removed his belt and handed it to the waiting blonde.” Wrapping it around her hand, she said, “And the mic, if you don’t mind.”

So it was with belt in one hand and a microphone in the other, Kristen padded up behind her foe and CRACK! Laid a bright red line along Lacey’s back. Voice cold and hard, Kristen said, “Say it!”

Hissing like a cat, Lacey replied, “Fuck you.”

CRACK! The belt came down again.

“Say it!”

“Eat me!”

CRACK! This time it caught her at the back of her thighs.

“This can go on all night Lacey. It stops when you decide to SAY IT!”

Glaring over her shoulder, Lacey smiled and said, “Your face feels soooo good under my tits.”



That same smile. “It felt even better under my ass though.”

Spitting her frustration, Kristen swung the belt CRACCK across Lacey’s shoulders one more time, then flung the weapon aside.

Ripping the weary brunette free of her bonds, Kristen pulled her into the center of the ring and stunned her with a short, clipping uppercut to the jaw. As Lacey grunted and sagged into her arms, Kristen looped her arms around the brunette’s biceps and pulled her in close, extending Lacey’s arms out uselessly in front of her. Not even stopping to breathe, Kristen popped her hips and tossed Lacey up and over to land flat on her back halfway across the ring thanks to the blonde’s Inverted Tiger Suplex.

Resting just long enough to savor the THUD of Lacey’s curvaceous form slamming against the mat, Kristen rolled onto one knee and pushed to her feet. Doing her best to shake off the brutal toll the match had taken on her, Kristen jogged over to her crippled adversary and pulled her to her feet. Scooping Lacey across her chest, the blonde let out a mock groan and commented, “God you get heavier every time we fight. Haven’t you ever met a Moon Pie you didn’t like?”

Getting nothing but mumbled hate from the brunette, Kristen took Lacey to the corner and promptly stuffed her between the top and middle ropes, so that she was facing the canvas. Hands on her hips, Kristen took a step back and added, “I haven’t forgotten what you did to me in the Tree of Woe Lacey. I don’t know what the fans will call this thing here and I don’t really care. All I do care about is that you’ll remember how much it hurt.”

Her pretty face set in cruel, determined grimace, Kristen began POUNDING a high speed deluge of kicks up into the brunette’s exposed belly and ribs. When her leg got tired, Kristen stepped in close and shined up Lacey’s lower back with heartless punches and elbow smashes.

Lacey did her best to remain silent through the torturous ordeal, but the pain was too much for her and she let out a loud, wavering scream. Interestingly, her cries brought an end to her beating, but only so Kristen could take the mic from the ref and jam it up under her chin. “Give me what I want and this stops right now.” the blonde said coldly.

Offering up a wild little laugh, Lacey fired back, “You’ll have to go to a plastic surgeon for that Kristen. And before you ask, yes, I think a C-cup would look nice on…

“UNNNNGGH!” Furious, Kristen SLAMMED the mic against Lacey’s injured right shoulder and the brunette sobbed again.

After the mic had been dropped off with the ref, Kristen gathered up a double handful of Lacey’s sweat-slicked hair and yanked her out of the corner which resulted in the semi-conscious brunette oozing onto the mat in a helpless pile. Unfortunately for her, there was no mercy from Kristen tonight, not even for helpless piles and the blonde proved this admirably enough when she scraped Lacey off the canvas and led her back into the middle of the ring. Pressing her fingers under Lacey’s slumped chin, Kristen lifted the brunette’s face to hers and whispered, “Defiant to the end, I can admire that actually. But the end is going to be here in about three seconds, so get ready to speak into the mic one last time bitch.”

Going to work, Kristen scooped her victim up and brought her to rest so that she laid stomach first across her shoulder. Taking a breath, Kristen placed her hands under Lacey’s arms and hoisted upward, so that Lacey was lifted up as high as possible. When she was sure the brunette was dead-weight, the blonde pushed her captive up and out of her grip, looking to complete the 'Absolutely Incredi-Kristen' but Lacey used Kristen's own momentum to land safely on her feet just behind the incredulous gamine.

As Kristen started to turn around, Lacey lunged forward and jammed a callous Knee Lift in the small of her back. The blonde let out an agonized shriek and began to drop to her knees - only to be held up by a handful of hair. As she struggled to fight the pain, Kristen realized that she was being bent backward as Lacey wrapped an arm around her neck in an Inverted Facelock but there was nothing she could do about it. She was still struggling against the tide of helplessness when Lacey sat out and DRILLED the back of her head and shoulders into the canvas with an Inverted DDT.

The quick-thinking counter brought a rousing cheer from the Lacey fans but it wasn’t near enough to undo the damage Kristen had inflicted over the last several minutes. Both blonde and brunette lay smeared across the canvas for nearly thirty seconds before they rolled away from one another and struggled to their knees. Ears still ringing from Lacey’s DDT, Kristen fought through the pain and stormed forward to grab hold of Lacey’s wrist. Without stopping to say anything snappy or clever, the blonde Irish Whipped her into the ropes and waited for her to return.

As she rocketed off the cables, Lacey’s head cleared up and she understood that if she didn’t muster some sort of offense in the next few seconds, she was going to be forced to quit, or even worse, the ref would stop the match. Deciding that she wasn’t going to allow either of those things to happen, she steadied her nerves and as she closed in on Kristen, leaped high, snaking both legs around Kristen’s neck as the gap between them shrank to nothing. Sensing the time was right, she clamped her legs shut and twisted her whole frame in tight half circle, applying the basic, but visually impressive Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors.

But instead of merely using her momentum to take Kristen off her feet, Lacey managed to pull her torso up and snake an arm across the back of Kristen’s neck while the Scissors were still locked in. A split second later, she popped the scissors and dropped straight back, ripping the blonde off her feet to once again drive her skull into the canvas, this time compliments of another startling twist on the traditional DDT.

Beginning to feel the familiar, intoxicating rush of adrenaline pouring through her veins, Lacey surged to her feet, pointed at the moaning blonde and roared, “YOU SEE HER? SHE BELONGS TO ME!”

Looking for proof of ownership, Lacey pulled her up with a savage tug just to double her over with a boot to the gut a second later. Positively radiant in spite of all the punishment she'd taken, Lacey applied a loose Standing Headscissors and placed both hands on the small of Kristen’s back. With no preamble whatsoever, Lacey executed a short hop, just enough to break the Headscissors and bring her butt to rest on Kristen's upper back. She threaded her legs under Kristen's arms, giving her enough traction to stay in place as she leaned down to place both hands on the canvas.

At this point the blonde was standing straight with Lacey's knees locked under her armpits. Enacting the hardest part of the move, Lacey pushed hard off the canvas, sending herself back up in a see-sawing sort of motion that forced Kristen to double over under her weight. As she reached the apex of her momentum, Lacey extended her arms level with her shoulders in a rough T. Holding the pose for a milli-second, the heart-stopping brunette PULLED down as hard as she could, dropping toward the mat only to curl herself between Kristen’s legs at the point of no return. This sudden shift of momentum was enough to whip Kristen backwards and off her feet, dropping the stunned beauty on the back of her head and shoulders to complete the Sunset Powerbomb Lacey called the Code L.

If the official had been able to offer her anything besides a microphone, the match might have been over right there, but the match being what it was, Lacey had to kick Kristen away and figure out how to get a verbal surrender. Deciding on a tactic she liked, the tanned brunette strutted over to Kristen, peeled the shabby looking blonde off the mat and muscled her onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Parading her trophy around the ring, Lacey found her voice and told the mob, “YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS!”

Rising up on her toes, Lacey tossed Kristen off her shoulders, letting the blonde drop down in front of her. Seconds before Kris hit home, Lacey casually dropped to one knee, impaling Kristen’s tummy across her thigh with a beautiful Gutbuster! While hardly the most innovative maneuver, especially done after something like the Code L, it wasn’t the move that Lacey was interested in so much as the position it left Kristen in: stretched over her knee.

Holding Kristen in place with one hand, she turned a sweet smile on the ref and said, “Microphone if you please.” Request granted, she put the mic to her lips and purred, “Kristen honey, you’re about to quit. And if you’re even thinking about resisting me, let me warn you that I can be VERY persuasive. So with that in mind, what do you say?”

She forced the mic under Kristen’s lips and didn’t have to wait very long before the blonde grunted, “Kiss my ass.”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Lacey cooed, “Ohhhh, poor choice of words baby.”

Raising her free hand high, Lacey held it there for just a moment and then SPANK she brought it smacking down on Kristen’s butt.



SMACK! “Never is a long time slut. You sure your ass can take it?”

“Well it can’t take as much as YOUR ass if that’s what your…OWWW!”

SPANK! “Joke all you want Kristen, but I’m the one currently branding your scrawny ass in front of a worldwide audience.”

“Don’t you usually take your top off for crowds this big…OWWW!”

SPANK! “OK Kristen, if that’s how you want it…”

Changing tactics, the brunette formed her free hand into a claw and wormed in into the right leg-hole of Kristen’s one-piece. Before Kristen’s eyes even had a chance to go wide, Lacey dug her talons in deep, torturing the blonde with a brutal Crotch Claw. Wiggling her clawing hand back and forth, Lacey mashed the mic against Kristen’s sobbing features and said, “Go ahead Kris, tell everyone how MUCH you like me inside you. Tell them right before you QUIT!”

Currently loathing the brunette more than she’d ever loathed anyone in her life, Kristen found her voice and gasped, “You’re… you’re going to… SUFFER… for this…”

Licking her lips, Lacey smiled and taunted, “But not half as much as YOU…I bet.”

Shoving Kristen off her thigh, Lacey removed her hand from the blonde’s trunks and rubbed her palm across Kristen’s disgusted face - just because she could. Done embarrassing the blonde (for the moment) Lacey pulled Kristen to her feet and forced her to bend over. Standing to Kristen’s right, Lacey cupped her hands under the blonde’s chin and pulled her close. With a slight bend of her knees, Lacey somersaulted forward and landed on her back, a move that wrenched Kristen off her feet and drove the back of her neck and shoulders into the mat to complete the Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Not stopping to enjoy her dismantling of the blonde, Lacey powered to her feet and jerked Kristen to hers. Plastering her nemesis with a taunting peck on the cheek, Lacey beamed, “This exhibition ends when you’re ready to talk Kristen.”

Whirling around before Kristen could respond, Lacey reached over her shoulder and trapped Kristen in another Three-Quarters Facelock. As Kristen hung limply in her grip, Lacey bent her knees in a deep crouch then leapt into the air, soaring over Kristen’s head in a high back-flip while still maintaining the Facelock. As physics started to pull her down, Lacey spread her legs at a 45-degree angle and sat-out hard, landing comfortably on her butt while Kristen was ripped off her feet and slammed down on the back of her head and shoulders compliments of the Standing Shiranui that had come to be known as the Purvis Plunge.

Feeling the blonde’s throat in her jaws, Lacey scrambled to her feet, raised her left hand high overhead and told the world, “KRISTEN’S ABOUT TO GET SNAKEBIT!”

As a whole stadium full of fans cheered her on, Lacey rolled Kristen onto her stomach and climbed back to her feet. Taking hold of the blonde's ankles, Lacey crossed and folded them against Kristen's ass in a rough X. Maintaining her grip on her feet, Lacey placed the top of her head against the mat and then Somersaulted forward so that her legs were right next to Kristen’ head. In the blink of an eye, Lacey spread her legs and scissored them around Kristen's neck, then clamped them shut. Locking her ankles, the controlling brunette pulled forward on Kristen’ legs and back on her neck, bending the slender grappler into a shape sort of like a flattened out U. Lacey had just locked in her most innovative finisher, a move she called the Tenafly Viper.

Mashing her thighs against Kristen’ skull, Lacey rocked the hold as hard as she could, and sneered, "I beat your finisher Kris, but I bet you can’t beat mine! So do us all a favor and quit before I have to break your neck!”

Fighting wildly against the crippling pain in her neck, Kristen’s hands flailed for several seconds before she was able to get hold of Lacey’s right boot. Dimly remembering that she’d removed the laces earlier in the match, Kristen fumbled with the footwear until she was able to peel back the slippery material and get to the bare skin beneath. When Lacey reefed back on the hold and demanded her submission yet again, Kristen panted, “I… I… I’m a biter!” and then CHOMP, bit Lacey’s calf.

The gnawing pain in her leg wasn’t exactly terrible, but it was unexpected and that was enough to make the brunette break the Viper. Hissing a very serpentine hate in the blonde’s direction, Lacey powered to her feet and kicked Kristen hard in the ribs. Flipping hair out of her eyes, Lacey screamed, “YOU STUPID BITCH! JUST STAY DOWN! YOU KNOW YOU’RE BEATEN SO STAY THE HELL DOWN!”

Kristen groaned and pushed to her hands and knees. Even this small act of defiance was too much for Lacey to deal with. Uttering a primal shriek, she hauled the blonde to her knees and pulled her in face-to-face. Her motions a blur, Lacey snaked her right arm Kristen’s left shoulder while her left arm wriggled under Kristen's right shoulder. Locking her hands, she pulled back and fell; driving Kristen face-first into the canvas as the Instantaneous Facial Reconstruction (or IFR for short) was met with a deafening round of cheers and applause.

Slowly resuming her vertical base, Lacey brought her hands up, gently cupped her girls and whispered, “Time to stop breathing Kristen.”

While the rafters were shaking with a JMD chant, the busty brunette bent down, grabbed Kristen by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Kissing the tip of the blonde’s nose, Lacey snaked her arms around the back of Kristen’s head and slowly, regally, pulled the blonde’s face deep into her cleavage. When Lacey’s juggs sealed off her mouth and nose, Kristen became decidedly more animated, squirming, shrieking, pulling at Lacey’s hips or firing weak punches into her back. But after about thirty seconds, the resistance started to fade, and ten seconds after that, the blonde was practically motionless.

Cheek resting atop Kristen’s head, Lacey glanced towards the referee and said, “Get in close.” When the mic was inches away, Lacey pulled Kristen’s face away from breasts and stared into her wide, glassy eyes. Speaking softly, she said, “Say it Kristen. Say it, or you get more jugg.”

Lips trembling, cheeks stained with tears, Kristen opened her mouth, shut it, then opened it again. “I… I… gotcha.”

Kristen SLAMMED her right knee up, taking Lacey between the thighs with a vile Low Blow that would have been an instant DQ in any other contest! Ignoring the stale smell of the brunette’s scream on her face, Kristen scooped her victim up and brought her to rest laying stomach first across her shoulder. Taking a breath, Kristen placed her hands under Lacey’s arms and hoisted upward, so that Lacey was lifted up as high as she could go.

Showing that snarky smile to a whole new legion of fans, Kristen finished the move by suddenly pushing the brunette up in the air, letting her float a few feet above her head for the second or two before gravity rushed in to claim Lacey. As the brunette fell towards the ground, Kristen acted fast and caught her victim's head in her arm, tucking Lacey’s chin against her shoulder. Simultaneous with that movement, Kristen sat out, driving the point of the brunette’s jaw deep into her shoulder. Lacey’s head snapped backwards violently as the Absolutely Incredi-Kristen knocked her into a stupor and sent her rolling bonelessly onto her back.

She had less than five seconds to contemplate the peril of her new position before Kristen rolled her onto her belly and pounced across her back. Hooking the brunette’s arms in that telltale loop again, Kristen muttered, “And who says sequels suck?” before somersaulting forward to land in a high bridge, locking in the Kristen Curve for the second time that evening.

For Lacey, the pain was indescribable. Fighting off the Curve had been hard enough the first time, but now she’d taken much more punishment and there seemed to be no escape in sight. In fact, it took all of the brunette’s considerable willpower not to give it up when Kristen screamed, “YOU’RE GONNA QUIT LACEY, WE BOTH KNOW IT! BUT I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GO UNTIL I HEAR YOU SAY IT TO THE WORLD!”

Face pressed hard against the mat, Lacey shuddered uncontrollably, but still managed a measure of spite in her voice when she replied, “I WON’T EVER SURRENDER TO YOU KRISTEN! YOU’LL HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST!”

Her voice ragged and threatening, Kristen countered, “TRUST ME BITCH, IF I GO WITH THE ALTERNATIVE, YOU’LL WISH YOU WERE DEAD. LEMME HEAR YOU SAY IT!”

Pouring all her hate, fury and rage into a final act of defiance, Lacey shrieked, “SCREW YOU!”

Sighing, Kristen released the Kristen Curve and got to her feet. Stalking around to Lacey’s legs, she dropped to one knee, took the brunette’s ankles in either hand and got to her feet. Holding her foe’s legs in a wide V, Kristen looked down into Lacey’s face and said, “You brought this on yourself.”

Before Lacey could offer a counter, Kristen raised her right foot and brought it SLAM. down onto the brunette’s groin. Lacey sobbed and tried to twist away, but Kristen just tightened her grip and repeated the crotch mauling maneuver over and over again. The blonde lost count after five, but she was pretty sure she’d at least doubled that before her leg got tired and she halted the assault. Nearly dead from exhaustion, Kris locked eyes with Lacey and after a few silent seconds, the brunette whispered, “I quit.”

Kristen just shook her head. “I didn’t ask you a damn thing!”

As Lacey’s eyes went wide with shame and terror, Kristen stretched the V a little wider and instantly stepped through with her right leg, planting it on the mat next to Lacey’s left hip. Moving fast, she crossed the trapped gams over her right leg and locked them in place. Almost done now, she turned Lacey over onto her stomach and sat down, trapping Lacey in the preferred submission of the current World Champion, one Ms. Sarah Michelle Gellar! Lacey screamed as the Sharpshooter destroyed her legs and back, but the buxom brunette couldn't find it in her to surrender - not just yet!

Not remembering that it would do no good, she pressed her hands into the mat and clawed desperately towards the ropes. She was within inches of reaching them when Kristen rose and marched her back to the center of the ring. Settling down onto Lacey’s stretched out back, Kristen pulled back as far as she could, nearly bending her victim double. Flipping hair from her eyes, the blonde drove her butt down on the small of Lacey's back over and over as she screamed, "SAY IT! SAY IT!"

Beyond anything like pride, Lacey opened her mouth and sobbed, “I QUIT, I QUIT, I QUIT!” for all the world to hear.

Paying the bell no mind, Kristen glared murder at the entryway and made one final demand. “SCREAM MY NAME.”

In between gasps and shudders, Lacey found the time to groan, “KRISTEN BELL!”

Finally satisfied, the victorious blonde released Lacey’s legs and tossed them aside. Allowing the official to raise her hand, she held this pose for a moment before she took the mic one last time. Breathing hard, Kristen kept her eyes turned toward the entrance as she said, “What you all just saw was a message to our esteemed World Champion. It’s a simple message really and it goes like this. I’m the Slayer now. But I don’t expect Sarah to take this news lying down, in fact, I hope she just shot out of her chair and uttered something unprintable at the television. Nonetheless, it’s true and if she wants to prove otherwise, she’s gonna have to do it in this ring, against me. I know you’ve got a lot on your mind right now Sarah, but assuming you get past Neve a little later on tonight, you better turn your attention to me. Because I’m tired of being ignored. Whether you like it or not, I’m better than you and I’m not going to wait around any longer to prove it.”

She went to drop the microphone, then thought better of it. Bringing the device back to her lips. “Oh and just to remind you of the change… I’m the Slayer… and you’re history.”

Tossing the mic over her shoulder, Kristen hopped out of the ring and sauntered up the ramp, leaving the whole of the crowd and the locker room buzzing about her brazen proclamation.

During Intermission
Kaley Cuoco was about to offer her partner another word of comfort when Straker put a careful hand on the small of the brunette’s back and pressed down. Lacey’s face pinched up immediately and she let out a pained growl. “Jeeze doc, watch where you’re poking and prodding, I had kind of a rough night ya know?”

Straker wasn’t perturbed by Lacey’s grumbling. “Quit yer’ gripin’ Lacey, I saw ya take a ’undred times worse from Kristen not ten minutes ago and ya didn‘t bat an eye.”

Still fighting through the myriad aches and pains of the ‘I Quit’ match, Lacey replied, “I get paid not to bat an eye in the ring doc, when the camera’s aren’t on I can whine all I want.” As the fight doctor continued his inspection of the brunette’s back and shoulders, Lacey turned to her partner and said, “Thanks for the moral support Blondie.”

Kaley gave her a rueful grin. “I watched the whole thing on the monitor in our locker room. Towards the end, it took everything I had not to come out there and whip her ass.”

Lacey shook her head ‘no.’ “I appreciate the sentiment Kaley, but if you’d have shown your face between bells, I would have beaten you with a stick. Kristen’s mine and no one else’s. Besides, you’ve got other things to worry about, Ms. I just won a Battle Royale that made me number one contender for the Intercontinental Title. Congratulations by the way.”

The blonde brushed off the compliment by saying, “I know I should be focused on Mack, or whoever’s the champ when the show’s over, but it’s not easy for me to watch my partner suffer. You sure ya don’t want me to smack her around a little for ya Shorty?”

Before Lacey could answer, Straker put a hand on her shoulder and said brightly, “Nothin’ pulled or sprained as far as I can tell. Ya’ve got some bruising that’s none too pretty ta look at, but after a ‘ot shower and a couple days rest, ye’ll be as good as new. Just call me if ya wake up tomorrow and don’t feel any better.”

A bit of Lacey’s normal good humor returned with the clean bill of health. “Thanks doc, you’re a lifesaver.”

Straker was already walking away, but he threw up his hand in a wave and replied, “Just don’t tell anyone ok?”

Rolling her eyes, the brunette turned back to Kaley and her face fell. Suddenly concerned, Kaley asked, “What’s wrong Lace?”

“She made me quit twice.” Lacey said in a near whisper.

“What?” Kaley gasped, this was news to her.

Speaking a little louder, Lacey clarified, “After that slut had stomped my trunks nearly a dozen times, I couldn’t take it anymore and threw in the towel. But she said she hadn’t asked for it, so she put me in the Sharpshooter and made me wait until she was through making her point.”

The blonde looked like she was ready to chew glass. “That fucking bitch!” she snarled. Realizing Kaley would try to storm off and get her hands on Kristen, Lacey grabbed her by the wrist and said, “Don’t you do anything Kaley. Promise me you won’t do anything.”

Choking back her rage, Kaley sighed heavily and said, “I won’t do anything shorty, not unless you ask me to. BUT, when you do get your revenge on her and I know you will, I’m going to be the one helping you parade that skinny tramp around the ring.”

Lacey smiled and her dark eyes sparkled with the promise of vengeance. “She’s not going to be able to do much of anything when I’m through with her Kaley. She wriggled away from me tonight, but I’ve beaten her before and I’ll beat her again! She might think that calling out Sarah puts her out of my reach… but all I can say is ‘if she actually thinks I’m going to let this go, she’s dumber than I thought she was.’ Kristen beat me tonight - no, she embarrassed me - and I’m going to have to live with that; and I will, but sooner rather than later everyone’s going to have the pleasure of seeing her snotty blonde nose disappear under my tits or my ass…maybe BOTH!” She fell silent then and looked to Kaley to get the blonde’s response.

Nodding her approval, Kaley said, “There’s the Lacey Lacey I know. Now, you think you can get your limping ass back to our locker room so we can watch the rest of the show in comfort?”

The brunette grinned. “Used up all the warm fuzzies already?”


“Good, emo-Kaley’s lame.”

Getting up, the blonde put her hands on her hips and chided, “Not as lame as limping Lacey. Now are you coming or not?”

Ignoring the dull ache that ran through her shoulders and down her back, Lacey stood up and started down the hall. She’d made it about three steps when she broke into a shambling run. “Race ya!” she called over her shoulder.

Gaping, Kaley took off after the brunette.
Narrowly avoiding Lacey and Kaley as they raced by her, Allison Mack strolled through the backstage area in search of a certain promoter. Picking Fannin out of a small crowd of front office types, the curvy blonde tapped him on the shoulder. Rich swung his head around a second later and grinned. “Alli Mack, how ya doin’ this fine evening?”

The IC champ returned his smile and replied, “Just fine Rich. Do you have a minute to talk… in private?”

Noting the subtle urgency in Allison’s voice, Fannin excused himself from the group and led her into a room that had just been vacated by the promotion’s seamstress / ring gear designer. Shutting the door behind them, Fannin cocked his head to the side and asked, “What’s wrong Allison?”

Looking rather embarrassed, Mack was silent for a moment, then answered with a question of her own. “Do you think I’m too nice Rich?”

Fannin didn’t quite know what to make of that. Scratching the back of his head, the promoter said, “As far as I’m concerned, there’s a terrible lack of nice people in this business Alli, I don’t think there’s any way to be TOO nice. Why do you ask?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Lately I’ve been getting the feeling that no one on the roster really takes me seriously. I mean, you remember all the promos the girls did petitioning the fans to vote them into particular matches for this show?”

Fannin had been there when they’d all been taped. “I do.”

“Well almost half the girls in those promos singled me out. I don’t mind being challenged, hell, if I did I’d never have become a wrestler, but everyone challenging me seems to think I’m just this pushover that they can beat whenever they want.”

Rich was beginning to get the picture. “I don’t think it’s so much a disrespect issue so much as it is a wanting what you have issue. Namely, that ten pounds of leather and gold you’re holding in your hand.” He glanced at the Intercontinental Championship that Mack had gripped loosely in her right hand.

Looking at the title herself, Allison said, “I suppose you’re right, but this never would have happened to Sarah or Charlize or even Neve and she’s not even a champion.”

“That’s true, but all three of those ladies spent years building their reputations to what they are now. I mean, not to sound cliché, but they shed blood, sweat and tears, not to mention they…”

In a soft voice, Allison said, “They made examples of their opponents.”

This caught the promoter off guard. “I suppose they did, but that’s not a tactic that’s right for everyone.”

The blonde’s eyes got hard. “You mean it’s not right for me?” she asked him pointedly.

Rich chose his next words carefully. “Allison, it’s not that it isn’t right for you, it’s just that it‘s not your nature to act that way. For example, Charlize is a diva, making a spectacle of her opposition comes as easy as breathing for her. Sarah, for all her legions of fans, is the world’s most rule-abiding heel; there’s a streak in her that allows her to kick a girl when she’s down or twist a limb ‘til it breaks - and she can do it all with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.”

“And Neve? What about her?” Allison asked.

“Neve’s a tweener through and through. She’s there for the fight and nothing more. So if her opponent wants to play by the rules and shake hands, she’ll oblige with no problem. But if she needs to sit on a face or claw some trunks to level the playing field, she’ll do that just as easily.”

Mulling the promoter’s explanation, Allison was silent for several seconds before she continued. “Then what am I Richard Fannin? What am I that makes it impossible for the rest of the roster to take me seriously?”

Rich offered her a genuine, happy smile. “You’re the good girl Allison Mack. In fact, I’d say you’re the quintessential good girl, the archetypal good girl. Sure, you may not get over by putting your tits or your ass in some girl’s face for the win, but you go out there night in and night out, busting your ass to win matches and whether you believe it or not, the fans respect that. They may root for the flashier, ‘look at me’ types in the beginning, but when you start breaking them down and making them look shabby, the alliances change real fast and by the time the bell rings again, most of the arena is usually on your side. And if you still don’t believe the fans want to cheer the white hat, take a look at the audience when you walk down the aisle tonight and count up the number of ‘Marry Me Allison’ signs in the crowd, then compare that to the offers of marriage proposals to the other members of the roster.”

Fannin walked over to the blonde and put his hand on her shoulder. “Any of this stuff workin‘ for ya?” he asked.

“Yes…”she replied slowly, “… but even if the fans respect, and apparently want to marry me, what about the rest of the girls in the locker room? I can’t stand the fact that so many of them think they can just take the title from me whenever they want.”

She looked at him with anxious eyes and though he was usually loathe to give advice, Rich took a breath and tried anyway. “If I were you, I’d just keep on doing what you do Allison. Any girl that doesn’t respect you now will sure as hell change her tune after you crush her out with the Bear Hug. But if you’re looking for something a little more original than ‘be yourself,’ well… maybe it’s time you put a few heads on pikes. Figuratively speaking of course.”

She seemed intrigued by the idea. “That doesn’t sound like something the good girl would do.”

“It’s not, but there’s nothing that says you can’t break character every now and then. Besides, as a fan I can tell you that there’s not much more appealing than the good girl who knows how to be bad when the situation calls for it.”

That trademark million watt smile broke out on Allison’s face and she gave Fannin a big hug. Pulling away she said, “You make good points Richard Fannin and I think I’ll follow both of them. If my opponent tonight keeps things on the up and up, I’ll do the same for her. But if she mad dogs me, I’ll bust out the pike. Tonight does seem to be about sending messages doesn’t it?”

“It’s as good a theme as any.” Fannin agreed. “Before you go, I have to know what colors you’re sporting tonight. Rose said she made you a new outfit and that it was something to behold.”

“I don’t know about that, it’s just new colors…” She hiked up the bottom edge of her sweatshirt to reveal a pair of dark maroon bottoms. Spinning around, she told him, “She did design a new logo though. Whaddaya think?” Emblazoned in gold on the seat of the bottoms was a modification of the classic Superman diamond logo with a large M in place of the usual S.

As she finished her twirl, Fannin said, “Well it draws attention to your butt, that’s never a bad thing.”

“You checking out my butt Fannin?” she teased.

“Nope. In fact, I’m not even going to acknowledge that anyone in my employ has a butt. That’ll keep me much less sued.”

Hoisting the belt over her shoulder, Allison just smiled and said, “I’m going to miss you when you’re gone Rich.”

He opened the door at let her walk past. “I’m going to miss you too Alli, but there’ll be time for reminiscing and so forth a little later on. Right now, you’ve got to get ready.”

Mack stopped and looked at him curiously. “Why, what’s going on?”

The promoter chuckled and said, “Sorry, I forgot to mention it while we were talking. Your match is next.”

The news galvanized the blonde champ. Peeling off her sweatshirt, she tossed it to Fannin and said, “Wish me luck.”

As she jogged away, Rich called after her, “You don’t need luck Mack.”

Coming to the end of the hall, she paused then looked over her shoulder. “Hey Rich?”


“Which Allison would you rather see tonight?”

He shrugged. “Surprise me.”

Just then her music kicked in and that meant the match was just seconds away. Sparing Fannin a final glance, she called back, “You asked for it.” Then she disappeared through the curtain, leaving Rich to scramble back to a monitor so he wouldn’t miss any of the forthcoming action.
Bracing his ears against the growling roar of the stadium speakers, Thomas Archer led the subject of his current interview on a path away from the noise. When the archivist was satisfied he’d actually be able to hear the questions and answers, he leaned against the wall, flipped on his mini-corder and said, “I’m here with Kristen, just minutes after an incredibly hard fought win against Lacey Lacey in an ‘I Quit’ match. I suppose my first question should be how are you feeling? That was a BRUTAL battle to say the very least.”

Taking a sip from her bottled water, the victorious blonde fiddled with the sleeves of her ‘Breaking the Curve’ sweatshirt as she answered. “Well Arch, I’m feeling pretty good. Of course, I haven’t washed Lacey’s funk off yet, so I’m kind of stinky, but so far everyone’s been polite enough not to say anything.”

Archer thought about telling her she smelled fine, then decided against it. Instead, he followed up with, “Speaking of your opponent, do you have any thoughts you’d like to share about Lacey Chabert?”

Fixing him with that snarky smile, Kristen replied, “I gotta be honest with you, Lacey’s a punk. But, she’s a TOUGH punk and she proved that in the ring tonight. There were several times during the course of the match where she would have been able to secure a pin, it’s just my luck that the fans gave us the I Quit stipulation. And when you strip away everything else, an I Quit match makes it a battle of wills and that meant there was no way Lacey was ever going to win. I’m sure the little ball of pan drippings wants another shot at me and I’ll give it to her, but right now I’m moving onto better, if not necessarily bigger things.”

She shot him a knowing look which pretty much assured Archer’s next question would be, “Would you care to make any comments on your post-fight challenge to Sarah Michelle Gellar? Not to take anything away from your skills, but the Slayer’s a THREE time World Champion. Do you really think going after her in such a public fashion was the best course?”

Kristen’s tired face filled with new energy at the mention of the other blonde. “I would LOVE to talk about Sarah Michelle Gellar at further length Arch, but I’d hate to be accused of being afraid to say it to her face, so I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until our current World Champion and FORMER Slayer is within earshot.”

The archivist was about to plead for something a little more interesting when a cold voice from behind them said, “Start talking bitch.”

Recognizing the new arrival, Kristen smiled and asked, “Archer, is your recorder still running?”

“Yes it is Kristen.”

“Good. I’d like to have a copy of this conversation for my collection.” The last world was barely out of her mouth when the gamine battler whirled around and found herself nose-to-nose with a thoroughly pissed off Sarah Michelle Gellar.

There was silence for a moment, then Gellar said, “What’s the matter Kristen, I thought you had something to tell me.”

Faint smile curling her lips, Kristen replied, “I was just surprised to see you in the flesh, that’s all Sarah. It’s not every day you leave the comforts of your locker room before you absolutely have to.”

Keeping her voice level, the Slayer fired back, “And it’s not every day I have to deal with gimmick infringement from a second tier comedy act that suddenly thinks she’s championship material.”

Reigning in her urge to slap the taste out of Gellar’s mouth, Kristen countered, “Tell me Sarah, what is it that bothers you more. The fact that you’ve been ducking me for six months, or the fact that I finally called you out for it in front of the entire world.”

Fighting down a slapping feeling of her own, Sarah snarled, “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m the World Champion. I don’t have to DUCK girls like you.”

Kristen’s face broke into a an exaggerated state of epiphany. “Ohhhh, thaaat’s right, I almost forgot. When you’re wearing gold, ducking is called Championship Advantage. Funny how you don’t see the other champs pulling that shit.”

Rising to a low boil, the Slayer stepped forward, rudely chesting into the smaller blonde. “I’m not ducking you Kristen, I’ve already solved you. Remember your tryout match for this company? Remember the girl that pinned your skinny little ass twice and submitted it once just because she could in less than an hour? Yeah, I bet you do. You’re 0-3 against me Kristen. Far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t get you anywhere near my title.”

All traces of humor vanishing, the slender blonde chested right back into her newest rival and replied, “As long as we’re taking a walk down memory lane, there’s something YOU should remember Sarah. Over the last twelve months, my win loss record is 44-5-3. Yours is 42-6-2. Not only have I wrestled MORE matches than you, I’ve WON more and LOST less. Based on the numbers, who shouldn’t be near a world title… champ?”

The smaller blonde’s words dripped with a poisonous contempt and it took all of Gellar’s considerable resolve to not tear into Kristen right then and there. “So you think that beating more curtain-jerkers and mid-card lifers makes you worthy enough to put THIS…” she held up the belt and thrust it under Kristen’s nose. “… around your waist?”

Kristen shook her head ‘no.’ “I don’t. But I think it makes me worthy of CONSIDERATION for a title shot, but you’ve done nothing but stonewall my attempts for even a non-title match. So I did what I had to do.”

Sarah’s mouth twisted up in a disgusted little smile. “You dropped my punk card like a whiny little bitch. That’s right out of Lindsay Lohan’s handbook Kristen, I didn’t think much of you before tonight, but I thought you were better than that.”

“I’m done asking you for anything Sarah. From now on, I’m going to demand and if that doesn’t work, I’m going to take. You’re right, I did drop your punk card tonight, and you know what? I’ve got a whole deck of ‘em and I’ll toss one out every week, in every town we visit until you agree to meet me in the ring. At this point, I don’t even care if it’s a title match or not, I just want everyone else to know what the two of us are already well aware of.”

Tilting her head to the side, Sarah asked quietly, “And what’s that?”

Kristen waited a few seconds before she drove the dagger home. “We both know that I’m better now than you’ve ever beUNNNNNGGGHH!”

The blonde’s last word was cut off in a groan and a CRAACK as Sarah slapped her across the face as hard as she could.

Radiating pure hate as Kristen staggered back, Sarah growled, “You’re NOTHING bitch! You haven’t done a FRACTION of what I’ve done in this business and you never wiUUUUNNNNGGHH!

Kristen slapped her back and the Slayer almost collapsed against the silently watching Archer.

Glaring murder at the champ, Kristen sneered, “You may be at your peak right now Sarah, but we both know what comes after that. I’m going to start you rolling downhill and by the time you’re nothing but a name on a poster, I’ll just be getting started.”

Flipping hair out of her eyes, Sarah stormed in close and when there was less than an inch between them, she whispered, “One day soon, you’re going to get what you want and I will BREAK you. After that, you’ll be nothing more than another pathetic loser with delusions of grandeur that I stepped over on my way to becoming the greatest this business has ever seen.”

Refusing to let Gellar have the last word, Kristen answered, “I hope to God you’re strong enough to keep believing that even when I’m kicking your ass from pillar to post. In fact, I hope you keep believing it until right before I slap you in the Kristen Curve and make you scream my name.”

Eyes narrowed to furious slits, Sarah held Kristen’s gaze for another heartbeat or two, then spun away and stalked off down the hall.

Rubbing her cheek where Sarah had slapped her, Kristen turned to Archer and said, “Did you get all of that?”

Stunned by the ferocity of what he’d just witnessed, he nodded and said, “Every word.”

“Good. Would you make me a copy and drop it by my locker room as soon as you can?”

“Sure. Can I ask why you want it?”

Already starting to walk away, Kristen looked over her shoulder and grinned. “Documentation Arch. Years from now, folks like you are going to want to know EXACTLY when the fall of Sarah Michelle Gellar began and I want this as reference.”

The archivist tried to think of something witty to say but suddenly levity didn’t seem appropriate, so he settled for, “Be careful KKristen, this could just as easily be known to future generations as the night you made the biggest mistake of your career.”

“It won’t though!” she replied before disappearing around a corner.

Clicking off the mini-corder, Archer stood there for a little while longer before he realized there was a match going on. Pulling a quick 180, he hurried down the hall toward the gorilla position, it certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for his notes to be missing some crucial detail of the night’s only Steel Cage bout.

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