The Last Hurrah #6: Eliza Dushku vs. Allison Mack by The Walkin' Dude
Never begins it, never, but once engaged,
never surrenders, showing the fangs of rage


As the ring crew put the final touches on the fifteen foot high steel cage, the Announcer stepped into the spotlight and explained, "Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, the following contest is a Steel Cage Match. Now, unlike cage matches in other promotions...." he paused as there was a rousing chorus of boos, then continued, "... escaping the cage by the door or over the top is NOT an option. The only way to win the match is by pin-fall or submission. Are we clear? Good. Introducing first, she stands at 5'5" tall... they call her the Rogue Slayer... she is ELIZA DUSHKU!"

'Living Dead Girl' growls into existence and the crowd cheered wildly as the controversial brunette makes her way through the curtain. Grinning slyly, Eliza took a moment to acknowledge her fans and then headed toward the caged ring, slapping hands and jawing with the fans as she went. For this contest, Eliza is decked out in a black sports bra top and black bikini bottoms. The look is finished off with black pads, boots and white tape wrappings around her hands. Reaching the steps, she made a show of looking up at the cage before making her way inside. Choosing a corner at random, the brunette climbed the buckles and favored the cheering mob with a salute before hopping back to the mat to await the arrival of her opposition.

When Eliza was safely ensconced in her corner, the Announcer brought out the second combatant. "And her opponent. She also stands at 5'5" tall...she is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...allow me to present... ALLISON MACK!"

'Heroes' begins to roar through the arena just as Allison pushed the curtain aside and hoisted the belt high over her head. As per usual, the blonde was sporting a big grin as she headed down the aisle and toward her first confrontation in a steel cage. As far as attire goes, as Fannin himself already saw, Allison was clad in a maroon version of her typical ensemble, an outfit that showed off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are the same deep red, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the steps, she paused just long enough to draw attention to the M logo on the back of her trunks, then she jogged through the cage door and handed the strap to the referee. Turning her attention to Eliza, the blonde headed for a corner and waited for the match to begin.

The bell echoed hollowly off the confines of the steel cage; to most, it would have been an ominous, lonely sound, but to Eliza, it sounded like opportunity. As the night had worn on and neither she nor Allison had been summoned to the ring, the brunette had begun to entertain the thought that she might get a shot at the IC champ, but most of her believed that the honor would go to Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez or perhaps even Erica Durance. Her heart had nearly leapt into her throat when Allison had been called through the curtain after her, not because she was afraid of her, no fuckin' way, but because she had been dying for a chance to take Allison down ever since she'd first earned the belt and God love 'em, the fans had come through for her big time. And she wasn't going to let them down, not on a stage this big. She was going to step to, then through Allison and if the blonde got in her face, she'd happily drive hers into the cage until she was pleading to let Eliza have the strap. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, Eliza offered her fans a 'this chick is TOAST' grin, then slipped on her game face as she stalked to the center of the ring.

On the other side of the caged-in arena, Allison was thinking about serendipity. After her conversation with Fannin she had wondered if she'd be able to carry through with the promoter's advice and given who was across the ring from her, it looked like that wasn't going to be an issue any more. I mean, c'mon, it's Eliza Dushku, the girl couldn't help herself, she ran her mouth and she showed little to no respect for the opposition. Normally these traits would make the woman a classic heel, but the brunette's sarcastic sense of humor and 'me against the world' attitude endeared her to fans who cheered her smartass ways emphatically to say the very least. She was - in a nutshell - the perfect foil for Allison to test her new resolution.

There was no doubt in the blonde's mind that she could best the brunette physically, Eliza was tough, but she wasn't THAT tough. No. the real challenge was whether or not she could hang with her mentally. Could she in fact, out bad girl the bad girl? Allison believed she could and she was ready to find out. Rolling her shoulders, the blonde bulldozer licked her lips, then whispered, "For your sake I hope you keep this clean Eliza. Otherwise, I've got a pike with your name on it." Setting her sights on the brunette, Allison pushed away from the corner and headed for the challenger.

Within seconds blonde and brunette were within grappling distance and Eliza scored the first surprise of the match when, instead of pausing to jaw with her opponent, she simply lunged forward and wrapped Allison up in a tight Collar-and-Elbow Lock-up. The champ was caught off guard by the tactic, but quickly planted her feet and shoved back against Eliza's intruding grasp. The ladies tested one another in silence for several seconds before Eliza shifted her grip and spun around behind her foe. Trapping Allison in a Waistlock, Eliza poured her weight across the champion's back and cooed, "I'll make you a promise Alli. You stay down easy and I won't embarrass you. Sound fair?"

Grasping the brunette's wrists, Allison replied, "What a coincidence, I was going to make the same OOFFFH!"

Eliza broke the Waistlock and dropped to her knees. Before Allison could finish her sentence, the brunette grabbed the blonde's ankles and TUGGED them out from under her, sending Allison crashing face-and-chest first onto the mat. Showing grappling skills many didn't know she possessed, Eliza slipped up her opponent's form, then whirled around to trap the blonde's head and left arm in a hard Chancery. Resting her cheek against Allison's back, Eliza pressed down as hard as she could and chided, "Sorry Alli, I'm the only one making deals tonight. Now if you agree to terms, just tap out now. If you're going to be a stubborn bitch about it, just WHOAADAMNIT!"

As Eliza had been trying to dictate terms of surrender, Allison snaked her free arm around Eliza's waist and clamped down. Without a word, the blonde surged to her knees and then to her feet. Painfully aware that Eliza was still in control of her head, Allison remedied the situation by standing up straight and SHOVING the challenger away. Eliza stumbled back a few steps, caught her balance, then shot the blonde a reproachful stare. Enjoying that look quite a bit, Allison tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and said, "I think I choose option two. You're more than welcome to option one if you'd like to be able to walk out of this cage tonight."

Eliza smirked. "You've gotta be shitting me Alli. You REALLY think you're going to beat me in a CAGE of all places? You do know that Rich doesn't allow escape as a method of winning right?"

An insolent reply came far faster than she'd thought possible. "Sucks to be you then doesn't it?"

Eliza scowled, then the smirk returned. Circling to her right, the brunette slipped into a Striker's stance and commented, "Well look at you, all dressed up in big sister's clothes... too bad I'm gonna have to strip you out of them."

Matching the brunette's stalk, Allison settled into a Wrestler's crouch and fired back, "That might actually sound threatening if it wasn't coming from the Beta Slayer. Of course, when it comes to you, I suppose good TALK is the best I can hope foUNNNGHHH!"

Eliza took advantage of the champ's reply by shooting forward and slipping behind her. Just like the first time, she wrapped the blonde up in a Waistlock, only this time she held it longer than two seconds. Bending her knees, Eliza hoisted Allison off the mat, swung around in a half circle and then dropped to the mat, slamming her captive to the mat with a simple amateur style takedown.

Mildly irritated that this dope, ('this BLONDE' dope' her mind amended) was trying to hang with her, Eliza released her grip on Allison's midriff and scooted up to straddle the small of her back. Knowing this would get her a lot of cheers, Eliza couldn't help but grin as she, SMACK, slapped the back of Allison's head with both hands.

Over the happy applause of the mob, Eliza taunted, "I guess you didn't know, but I can GIVE smack just as well as I can TALK smack. Can you get that through your head?"

She thought Allison might try to offer some sort of caustic reply but instead, the blonde just growled and bucked the brunette off of her. Getting back to her feet, Eliza snapped her bottoms against her hips and told a rising Allison, "Love your hair Alli, it's got that 'I've just been bitch Slapped' thing going for UUNNNGHHH!"

Allison EXPLODED forward and swept Eliza up in a Collar-and-Elbow Lock-up of her own. Exerting a scary level of control over the brunette, Allison backed her girl across the ring at a high rate of speed, not bothering to slow down until she felt Eliza's back THUD against the padded steel of the turnbuckles. Maintaining the clinch, Allison ignored the ref's count and maneuvered her hands up under Eliza's chin. Setting her feet, the blonde shoved forward again, bending her rival's head back at a sharp angle. Savoring the surprised grunts and groans that were coming from Eliza, Allison pushed until the zebra reached 'FOUR' then pulled her hands away.

Raising her palms to shoulder level, Allison held them out and backed away without a word. Pale face flushed an angry crimson, Eliza stormed after her and snarled, "Who the hell'd you think, you ARRRGH!"

Lashing out with terrible speed, Allison caught Eliza with a Forehand Slap across the cheek that snapped the brunette's head around ninety degrees. Voice never changing, Allison answered, "I'M the Intercontinental Champion. Who THE FUCK do you think you are?"

Turning a pair of dark, furious eyes on the blonde, Eliza growled, "I'm the bitch that's gonna take your title and splatter you against this cage."

Beckoning Eliza forward, Allison taunted, "I'd love to see you try."

Giving Allison just such an opportunity, Eliza darted both hands forward and seized the blonde's right wrist. Taking a giant step back, the brunette twisted the captured limb in a large, slow, circle to complete the Arm Wringer. Torquing up on Allison's wrist, Eliza spat, "See this baby? This is me NOT trying. You really don't want to piss me...” THWOCK!

Allison fired off a straight jab with her free hand and clipped Eliza square in the chin. Unprepared for the counter, Eliza was knocked flat on her ass and left looking up at the blonde with hurt 'how could you?' eyes. Hands on her hips, Allison taunted, "Just a friendly piece of advice Eliza. Every time you open your mouth, I'm going to put my fist in it. Oh, and for the record? I really DO want to piss you off."

Scrambling to her feet, the Rogue Slayer muttered, "Mission accomplished bitch!"

Shaking her head 'no' Allison replied, "Not even close. You're just a trifled miffed right..." THWAP!

Eliza clipped off the champ's last words with an almost mechanical precision, compliments of a straight high kick to the face. Eliza was more than prepared to shout "Tiiiiimmmbbbbber!" as Allison crashed to the mat, but the curvy dynamo disappointed her by merely staggering back several steps.

Shrugging off her annoyance, the brunette said, "Oh well, just means I have to kick you harder this time."

Looking to do just that, she sprinted forward and left her feet in a low, arcing leap. With her right side facing the blonde, Eliza snapped her leg up and was pleasantly rewarded with the meaty THWAP of her thigh catching Allison across the chin. The challenger's Leaping Leg Lariat completed the job the Thrust Kick had started and Allison went down in a heap, groaning under the weight of the brunette's leg powered assault.

Unfortunately, said assault was just beginning, a fact the champ was made aware of when Eliza buried both hands in her hair and pulled her off the canvas. Doubling the blonde over with a knee to the belly, Eliza wasted no time in trapping her adversary in a Standing Headscissors. Not bothering to wrap up Allison's waist just yet, Eliza rubbed her thighs against Allison's ears; she was still looking for payback of the Slap of a minute ago. Walking her hands down the twitching curve of the blonde's back, they reached the edge of Allison's maroon togs and stopped. Securing a double handful, Eliza saw the logo emblazoned on her rival's butt and chided, "Super-Girl my ass. Super SIZED ass maybe but that's UNNNNNGHHHH!"

Eliza's pontificating cost her dearly as Allison wrapped both arms around the brunette's knees and PULLED back hard to drop her flat on her back with a Double-Leg Takedown. Maintaining her grip, Allison glared down at the breathless brunette and spat, "Keep running your mouth Eliza and you'll get a much CLOSER look at my ass."

Allison looked over her shoulder to confirm the distance, then dropped straight back to the mat with Eliza's legs still in her grasp. The force of her fall was enough to slingshot Eliza off the mat and into a wide, drunken arc that saw her pass over Allison and a few feet of ring before she slammed CRASH against the ropes and mesh links of the cage that surrounded them. The brunette Slayer let out a rasping groan and sagged against the side of the cage, but she somehow managed to keep her feet. This changed a moment later when she staggered around and was greeted with a Clothesline from her opponent that nearly turned her inside out. Coming to a stop at the edge of the ring, Allison shook the tingle out of her forearm, then treated the fans to a Bicep Flex.

Adding a bit more theatrics to the proceedings, the champ planted a quick kiss on the muscle and asked the crowd, "’DJA LIKE THAT?" The cacophonous reply confirmed that they did. Happy with the results of her experiment thus far, Allison added, "Good, cuz there's a lot more of it coming up."

Positioning herself in front of the brunette, Allison reached over her shoulder, cinched on the Three-Quarters Facelock, then pulled forward and simultaneously dropped to one knee, sending the challenger plopping butt-first onto the mat with a Snap Mare.

Standing beside her now sitting foe, Allison reared back with her right hand and slashed it forward, scorching Eliza's back with a Knife-Edge Chop that echoed 'CRACCK' through the stadium. Feeding off the startled hiss of pain that escaped through her foe's clenched teeth, Allison straightened up, pivoted on her left foot and brought her right leg pistoning out, smashing the helpless brunette across the chest with a stiff Kick that splattered her flat against the canvas. Really starting to roll now, Allison used the last little bit of the kick's momentum to whirl around on her heel.

Sprinting away from her foe, she bounced off the ropes a moment later and came roaring right back. As her shadow began to fall across Eliza's exposed midsection, Allison dipped her knees, then leapt straight up. Adjusting her position in midair, the blonde bulldozer came down chest-first across the brunette's toned midriff in a Splash that forced all the air from Eliza's lungs in a single explosive "HUHHH!'

Momentarily forgetting her promise to make an example out of Eliza, Allison hooked her opponent's far leg and leaned down with all her weight while the official slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' Eliza wrenched her leg free of Allison's grasp and simultaneously rolled onto her side to escape the count.

Still leaning over the wounded brunette, Allison leaned down, placed her lips against Eliza's ear and whispered, "I'm going to squeeze all that smug confidence out of you tonight 'Liza. And whatever's left of you after that, I'll leave hanging on the cage as a warning to everyone else."

Getting nothing like a cogent response, the champ took her rival by the shoulder-straps and pulled her back to her feet. Already tingling with the anticipation of what she had planned next, Allison took Eliza by the wrists and lifted them high over the brunette's head.

Smiling into Eliza's woozy face, Allison cooed, "You look sad Eliza. I think you could use a hug."

The last word was still hanging on her lips when she released Eliza's wrists. Before Eliza's arms even started to drop, Allison wrapped both of her arms around the brunette's waist and RIPPED her off her feet with a Bear Hug! Eliza's shriek was lost in the audience's roar as the challenger found herself being bent and crushed against the blonde's sturdy frame. Working her favorite hold as only she could, Allison laid her head against Eliza's chest and squeeeeeeeezed with all her might.

Feeling and hearing Eliza's heart speed up as the Hug did its work, Allison found her voice, "Your heart is RACING Eliza. Are you starting to panic already?"

Grimly ignoring the referee's inquiries of submission, Eliza clawed helplessly at Allison's brawny shoulders and grumbled, "What's there to AHHHHH...LEMMEGOYABITCH!"

Deciding she enjoyed the brunette's company a lot more when she was pleading and sobbing, Allison loosened her grip on the Bear Hug, but only enough so Eliza could slide down and get her feet back on the canvas. The instant her captive touched down, Allison tightened up again and the steel coil that had been secured just above Eliza's hips was suddenly wrapped directly across her chest.

Fighting for every breath, Eliza did her best to numb the pain just long enough to reach both hands up and DIG her fingers into Allison's cheeks and eye sockets. Startled by the attack, the champ snarled and applied even more pressure to the Bear Hug.

Speaking through and around Eliza's clawing digits, Allison hissed, "Is that how you want to play it?"

Steadfastly refusing to let go of Allison's face until she was free, Eliza gasped back, "I play to win cupcake, it's the only way I know how."

Quickly growing tired of the brunette mangling her features, Allison grunted, "Then that's how we'll play." With Eliza still ripping and tearing at her, Allison bent her knees, then popped her hips and spun around 180 degrees. With Eliza positioned comfortably between her and the mat, Allison fell forward and WHAM flattened the challenger to the canvas with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Ignoring the urge to go for the pin, Allison merely buried her hands in Eliza's dark locks and got to her feet. Yanking Eliza up alongside her, Allison turned toward the nearest corner and snarled, "I think you need another taste of steel..."

Heading for the buckles at high rate of speed, Allison was just about to thrust her prey's face into the top turnbuckle when Eliza kicked up her right foot and forced it against the pad. Having put a halt to her painful journey, Eliza countered, "After you, bitch!"

Taking her foot off the buckle, she placed it on the mat, where it stayed for a good solid microsecond before slashing back up to THWACK off Allison's forehead. The surprise kick knocked the blonde for a loop, a condition that wasn't helped any when Eliza grabbed a handful of her hair and SLAM smashed her face on the top buckle.

Noting a wobble in the champ's legs, Eliza pushed her back to the center of the ring and purred, "Don't go far loser, I'm not done with you yet." Glancing over her shoulder to keep Allison in sight, Eliza hopped up onto the middle rope, then instantly sprang backwards in a second leap. Twisting her body around in midair, the acrobatic brunette caught Allison flush across the chest with a Flying Crossbody Press that knocked the blonde off her feet and onto her back with a loud WHAM!

Laying comfortably across Allison's chest, Eliza cooed, "Last chance skank. Stay down or I'll shred you against this cage." She would have said more, but the ref interrupted her by counting off, 'ONE... TWO...' Allison shoved Eliza away with a whole second to spare. Resting on her haunches, the brunette's face broke into an evil grin as she said, "Well you didn't make the right choice, but you did make the fun choice. Fun for me anyway..."

Continuing with her fun, Eliza reached out, took hold of Allison's right arm and got to her feet a second before tugging Allison to hers. Placing her left hand flat against the blonde's right, Eliza laced their fingers together, then took two steps back, a move that pulled the champ's arm away from her body. Still grumbling over the time she'd spent in Allison's Bear Hug, Eliza flipped hair out of her eyes and said, "I'm going to break your arm tonight Alli. Betcha' that hug of yours isn't nearly as effective when you've only got one arm to apply it with."

Testing her theory, Eliza fell silent and began firing high, hard martial arts kicks directly into Allison's armpit. The blonde winced and tried to pull her way free, but Eliza held her in place and Allison was forced to stand there and take everything the brunette wanted to give her. After connecting with more than a dozen straight shots to forearm, bicep and armpit, Eliza took one more step back, then blasted a CLAP Super Kick up into Allison's chin. That kick finally took the stubborn blonde off her feet, but unfortunately, it did not free her arm from the challenger's clutches.

Looking to keep up the pressure on Allison's captured limb, Eliza used her handle to roll the blonde over onto her belly. When this had been accomplished, she dropped to her knees and quickly pinned Allison's arm up between her shoulder blades in an excruciating Hammerlock. Placing her free hand against the blonde's elbow, Eliza pushed up hard, adding even more pressure to the hold.

Smiling happily as Allison thrashed on the canvas, Eliza said matter-of-factly, "Looks pretty bad for ya right now Alli, but if you play along, it'll turn out alright. All you have to do is tell the nice gentleman in stripes that you've had enough of this BEAUTIFUL ass kicking I'm currently doling out and you can walk out of this cage. You'll leave the title with me of course, but I think I'll manage. Whadda ya say?"

Sucking wind through clenched teeth, Allison scowled, "I say those threats would sound a lot more credible coming from someone who could actually carry them out."

Smile fading, Eliza sneered, "OK creampuff, you want credible? I'll give you credible."

The threat was still coming out of her mouth when she lowered her head and placed her forehead against the canvas beside her opponent. Planting her feet, Eliza pushed off the mat and executed a headstand while still wrenching Allison's arm with the Hammerlock. The blonde's heretofore mild thrashings increased in both intensity and duration as gravity and physics increased the pain of the Hammerlock by quite a bit. In a testament to her incredible balance, Eliza was able to maintain the Headstand for several seconds before falling forward to land in a bridge with Allison's arm STILL in her grasp.

Closing her eyes to fight off the mild disorientation that came with being upside down, Eliza taunted, "Feel your shoulder starting to give Allison? I know I can! Maybe if you're lucky there'll be a credible doctor on call at the ER when they cart your fat ass UNNNGH!"

Focusing in on the sound of Eliza's voice, Allison balled her free hand into a fist and SMACK drove it into the side of the brunette's jaw. The blow wasn't much, but it did break Eliza's concentration and her bridge along with it. Shaking off the sudden light show behind her eyes, the brunette clamped down even tighter on Allison's wrist and rolled to her feet. Forcing the blonde to do the same with a rough upward tug, Eliza led Allison over to the nearest corner and tossed her against the buckles. Shifting her grip slightly, Eliza threaded Allison's right arm over the top rope, then folded it up so that the blonde's elbow was forced against the cable.

Grinding a shoulder against Allison's chest, Eliza purred, "I almost broke Billie Piper's arm with this move..."

Allison interrupted her with a laugh. "Right. Just like you ALMOST beat her. Just like you ALMOST got out of Sarah's shadow, just like you're going to be able to tell yourself you ALMOST became Intercontinental chamAAAHHHHHHHGGHHH!"

Pretty face twisted in manic fury, Eliza brought her knees up over and over again, slamming the barely padded expanse of the bony joints into Allison's stretched bicep. If it wasn't for the referee, Eliza would have kept this up all night but as it was, he started counting and she had to release at FOUR or otherwise face the venomous boos a DQ ending would bring.

Hating the sound of the blonde's voice in her ears, Eliza finally let go of Allison's wrist and took hold of her hair. Spinning the champ out of the corner, Eliza hopped up onto the second buckle and WHAAAP slapped the blonde in the face!

As Allison staggered back, Eliza growled, "’Almost’ stop tonight Allison, as does your title reign."

Falling silent, she leapt towards Allison and wrapped her left arm around the blonde's neck. Pulling Allison into a loose Front Facelock as she began to fall, Eliza shot her legs forward and leaned back hard, using the momentum of her descent to YANK Allison off her feet and drive her forehead-first into the mat courtesy of a wicked DDT.

Scrambling to her knees, Eliza rolled Allison onto her back and immediately pounced across her midsection. Hooking the far leg, she put all her weight into the cover and nodded triumphantly as the ref counted…

'ONE... TWO...' Ever aware of her surroundings, Allison pulled her left leg off the mat and draped her ankle across the bottom rope to force a break.

Cursing her mistake, Eliza got to her feet and helped Allison to hers with a double handful of hair. Going nose-to-nose with the dazed champion, Eliza glared into Allison's pain-drenched eyes and said softly, "Guess I'll just have to toss your goody two shoes ass into the middle of the ring so you can't get your nasty ankles in the ropes."

With Allison still groggy, Eliza simply stepped back, leapt into the air and Scissored both legs around the blonde's skull. Eliza's ankles had locked and she was just beginning to twist backward when Allison's arms shot up and wrapped around her thighs. Before the brunette's eyes even had a chance to go wide, Allison altered her arc of descent and DROVE the back of the challenger's head and shoulders into the mat with a wicked Powerbomb.

Unable to decide if she relished the surprised cheers of her fans or the meaty THUNK of Eliza's skull against the mat more, Allison tightened her grip and muttered to herself, "Did this bitch really use the C-word on me? Now I REALLY don't feel bad about this."

Grunting with the effort, Allison straightened up, pulling Eliza off the mat and back up into the Powerbomb position. Wanting more cheers, the vindictive blonde executed a smooth half turn, took several steps forward and then BWAMMM!

There was a rattling crash as Allison slammed her opponent's head and back against the wall of the cage and though the crowd was already starting to chant 'HOLY SHIT' Allison wasn't done yet. With Eliza pinned to the wall like a bug, Allison pulled off another half turn, swung the brunette around with her and nearly folded her in half with the second Powerbomb in less than a minute. When the move connected, she dropped to one knee and poured all her weight into the pin. Shaking his head over the sheer violence these two had unleashed upon one another so effectively, the referee dropped to one knee and ticked off…

'ONE... TWO...' Eliza rolled a shoulder off the mat, a move that broke the cover, but not Allison's grip around her thighs.

Nodding her approval of Eliza's tenacity, Allison taunted, "I hope you're not to proud to crawl Eliza, because those ropes are the only thing that's going to save you."

She straightened, flipping Eliza onto her stomach while the challenger's legs were still wrapped up in the unbreakable loop of her arms. Hoping that the camera crew would get a nice close-up shot of Eliza screaming her guts out, Allison sat down quickly, bringing her butt to rest at the base of the brunette's neck to complete a Boston Crab that was in one word, torturous.

Bouncing and wrenching Eliza's lean form into a shape that was something like a madman's version of the letter L, Allison leeeeaaaaned back, glared up into the lights and roared, "GIVE IT UP ELIZA! OTHERWISE YOUR BACK MIGHT CRACK BEFORE THE REST OF YOU!"

Clawing and tearing at her hair to keep from submitting, Eliza chased the official off with a few choice adjectives, then told her tormentor, "FUCK OFF ALLISON! YOU AREN'T GONNA MAKE MARRHHHH!"

Reefing back on the crab, Allison smiled and taunted, "I'm not gonna what Eliza? Not gonna make you scream like a little bitch? I think I just did!"

Painfully aware that she couldn't take much more of the Crab without either tapping out or passing out (Eliza couldn't decide which would be more galling) the brunette removed her hands from her hair and placed them palms-down on the canvas. Letting loose with a shriek that was born of anguish and determination, the Rogue Slayer pushed up off the mat (a move that actually exacerbated the pain of the Crab if you'd believe it) and clawed her way toward the ropes. Frankly, Allison couldn't believe it, but she didn't try to stop the brunette either. She was convinced that the effort of her escape would leave Eliza so drained that she wouldn't be able to defend herself. Allison released the hold without a word of complaint when Eliza finally grabbed the bottom rope and demanded, "BREAK!"

Tossing her foe's sweat-drenched legs aside, Allison got to her feet, took a moment to roll her battered right shoulder and then went right back to work on Eliza's midsection. Digging her fingers deep into the challenger's ebony mane, Allison peeled Eliza off the mat and pulled her to the middle of the ring. Releasing Eliza's hair, Allison stepped around behind her, glanced out at the audience and told them, "I want you to watch VERY closely."

In a flash, the blonde raised her right arm, held it over her head for a second and then brought it down THWAP forearm-first across Eliza's shoulders.

The brunette let out a wounded 'UNNNGHH!' and collapsed to her knees.

Hands on her hips, Allison admired her handiwork, then told the mob, "And that's with my INJURED arm!"

Happy to give them a look at what her good arm could do, Allison pulled Eliza to her feet, let her stand there for just a moment and then THWAP she lit up the hapless brunette with a cudgeling shot from her left arm and that one didn't just drop Eliza to her knees, it knocked her flat on her face.

Hands back on her hips, Allison licked her lips and added, "Now just imagine what they can do together."

Allison gave them visual reference by pulling Eliza back to her knees and then slowly threading her arms up under the brunette's. Lacing her fingers across the base of Eliza's neck, Allison took a deep breath and then bore down with all her strength, instantly forcing the lower half of her opponent's features deep into the swell of her own cleavage. Twisting her upper body left and right, Allison worked the Full Nelson for nearly thirty seconds before she simply tossed Eliza away.

Flexing the quiet burn out of her arms, the blonde champion stalked over to her fallen adversary and hoisted her to her feet. Holding the brunette up on legs that looked like they could give way at any moment, Allison was silent for a few seconds, then said, "I already did this to you once, but just in case you thought it was a fluke or an accident..."

She snapped out her left hand and CRACCK Eliza across the cheek with a Bitch Slap that rocked her back on her heels. The crowd buzzed in surprise and cheered their appreciation at the same time. This wasn't the Allison they knew and the change worried them, but at the same time, they couldn't help but enjoy the blonde's newfound edge. As the echo of the slap faded, Allison straightened Eliza back up and added, "And another thing...."

The champ stepped forward and laid her left arm across Eliza's chest on a diagonal. Clutching the brunette's shoulder with her left hand, Allison took hold of the challenger's tights with her right hand and LIFTED her off the canvas. When Eliza was as far as she'd go, Allison just WHAMM slammed her down, starfishing her against the mat with a move that was equal parts Choke Slam and Rock Bottom.

Gazing down at her opponent's splattered form, Allison opened her mouth to finish her taunt, then found she couldn't remember what it was she had wanted to say. Shrugging her shoulders, she muttered, "Oh well, couldn't have been that important. Or maybe it was and I just need to kick your ass a little more to refresh my memory. Let's give that a try..."

Dropping to one knee, she grabbed Eliza by the wrists and scraped her off the canvas. Switching both hands to the brunette's left wrist, Allison whipped her into the ropes and waited patiently for her to return. When Eliza was within striking distance Allison exploded forward and brought her left arm up in a Lariat that would have split the challenger's jaw like an eggshell had Eliza not ducked at the last possible second.

Unable to believe that Eliza had evaded her strike, Allison whirled around to face her opposition only to find that Eliza had already bounced off the ropes at her back and was bearing down on her. Staking her potential championship reign on the fact that Allison's arm was a lot worse off than the blonde was letting on, Eliza leapt off her feet and snapped her legs shut around the blonde's head and then twisted her whole frame in tight half circle, nailing the Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors as crisply as she ever did.

But where most wrestlers would use the momentum to toss their rival across the ring, Eliza somehow swung up under her foe's right arm and hooked it just below the shoulder. Simultaneous with the grab, Eliza torqued her hips and popped the scissors, a move that dropped Allison to the mat on her belly with Eliza laying comfortably across her wounded shoulder.

The SECOND the brunette felt her feet touch down, she bridged up hard and leaned back, nearly snapping the blonde's elbow with a Fujiwara Armbar that had been applied from a most unorthodox of positions. Not bothering to contain the savage joy she felt when the champ started to scream, Eliza bridged up even higher and roared, "POUND THAT MAT BABY! POUND THAT MAT OR I'LL BREAK YOUR FUCKING ARM!"

Still not exactly sure how she had come to tenant this hellish position, Allison was quite sure that she'd have to escape the Armbar before Eliza could do any permanent damage to her shoulder and elbow. Digging deep into the reserves that had brought her the gold in the first place, the blonde bulldozer patently ignored the ref's droning buzz as she twisted and wrenched her body around toward the nearest set of ropes. After a frantic stretch of her free arm revealed that they were still several inches away, Allison dug her claws into the mat and dragged Eliza's maddening weight along for the ride. Endless seconds passed and just when she thought her lips might turn traitor on her, Allison felt the ropes in her fingers and 'I GIVE' became "BREAK!"

More than a little aggravated that the blonde had somehow managed to find the ropes, Eliza tugged and pulled on her prize until the ref reached 'FOUR.' Catching her breath, Eliza ran a hand through her hair and looked over her shoulder. The sight of the champ wounded and sobbing should have inspired mercy in the brunette, instead it infuriated her all over again. Pushing to her feet, the challenger ripped Allison off the mat and immediately slapped her across the face. Dark eyes flashing, Eliza demanded, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? (SLAP) DID YOU THINK YOU WERE (SLAP) GOING TO GET BIG (SLAP) ON ME? (SLAP) EMBARRASS ME (SLAP); MAKE YOUR NAME (SLAP) AT (SLAP) MY (SLAP) FUCKING (SLAP) EXPENSE?!" (SLAP) (SLAP)

As the burn in her hand started to grow bothersome, Eliza grabbed a handful of the blonde's short tousle and yanked her in close. "Answer me!" she whispered in a furious growl.

Eyes narrowed to slits, Allison panted, "I did what you do every night Eliza. Only I'm doing it better."

Mouth set in an angry line, Eliza snarled, "The only thing you can do better than me is whimper."

Taking hold of Allison's right wrist again, Eliza twirled around behind her prey and reapplied the Hammerlock. Forcing the blonde to bend at the waist, the challenger pointed Allison toward the far corner and charged forward in a loping run. When there was less than a foot between her and the corner, Eliza put on the brakes and hurled Allison in the rest of the way, sending the blonde's upper body sailing between the top and middle ropes to run THUNK shoulder-first into the steel post.

Snickering as Allison's sob mingled with the bone-jarring clatter of the cage, Eliza grabbed a handful of the blonde's maroon tights and pulled her back into a tight Waistlock. Grinding her hips against Allison's sagging backside, Eliza licked the champ's ear and cooed, "I don't know how to tell you this Alli, but all those fans of yours? They LOVE watching me dismantle your ass."

Without another word, the brunette bridged up and back, taking Allison off her feet to drop her squarely on the back of her head and shoulders with a German Suplex. Tightening her grip on the blonde's paunch after the Suplex connected, Eliza kept the bridge in place as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...'

The blonde twisted hard to her left, breaking the count to save her championship by the slimmest of margins. Pushing onto one knee, Eliza arched an eyebrow in Allison's direction and teased, "I noticed you didn't roll to your right; that shoulder's really starting to hurt isn't it?"

Honing in on the sound of the brunette's voice, Allison panted, "I'll manage."

"Not for long!" Eliza snapped. On her feet again, the challenger stalked forward and lashed out with a kick that caught Allison in the ribs. SPLAT! There was a sound like a baseball bat striking wet clay and the blonde collapsed onto her belly. Still feeling the aftereffects of Allison's Boston Crab, the brunette put her right heel on the blonde's injured shoulder and pressed down. As her nemesis groaned, Eliza smirked and asked, "How ya managing now?"

"Better than the audience. Seriously, do you have any real offenSSEARRGGHH!"

Eliza stepped down hard and ground her heel back and forth. In a nonchalant tone of voice she said, "You're whimpering. Well I'm not surprised. You're blonde. That's what blonde's do best... they whimper."

Grinning to spite the pain, Allison fired back, "And you suck. But then again, you're brunette. Isn't 'we suck' practically your mottOOHSHIT!"

Speaking through a ferocious grin, Eliza sneered, "I don't know about the rest of us, but MY motto is kick all the blonde ass I can, then sit on their faces and take their gold. It doesn't fit on my business card, but I like it."

Not giving Allison a chance to respond, the challenger stomped down on her foe's shoulder one last time, then pulled her to her feet. Leading Allison back over to the corner, Eliza hopped up and took a seated position on the top buckle. With her hands buried in Allison's hair, she leaned the champ forward and THWAP, snapped her left foot up under her chin. The force of the strike lifted the blonde up on her toes for a moment before she doubled back over and THAT was just how Eliza wanted her. Looming over her prone rival, Eliza threw back her head and called out, "CRISIS TIME!"

As the capacity crowd reacted with glee and anticipation, the brunette leapt off her perch and extended both legs straight out in front of her. Moments later, gravity directed her down and as she fell, Eliza threaded her left leg over the back of Allison's neck. The SLAAAP of the brunette's thigh against her head was enough to knock the champ off balance and drive her face-first into the mat as the newest victim of an elevated version of Eliza's 'Crisis of Faith' finisher.

Already feeling the leather and gold strapped around her hips, Eliza scrambled to her knees, rolled Allison onto her back and went for the cover. Hooking both legs this time, she glared up into the lights and waited expectantly for the ref to count, 'ONE... TWO... THRNO!'

Allison shoved Eliza off her and sat up, a move that didn't so much surprise the brunette as it did piss her off. Getting fed up with the curvy blonde's stubborn refusal to be dismissed, Eliza spat, "I didn't say you could get up!" and CRACCK snapped a stiff kick to Allison's left cheek. As the champ pooled at her feet, Eliza muttered, "This won't be pretty, but it'll get the job done."

Dropping down, she grabbed Allison's right wrist in both hands and stood up. Standing at the blonde's right side, Eliza placed a foot on either side of the captured limb and then dropped to the mat. As she was falling, the challenger threaded her thighs around the blonde's bicep and the second she landed, she locked her ankles to secure the Cross Armbreaker. Arching her back, Eliza pulled on Allison's arm like it belonged to her and taunted, "You feel that baby? That feeling sez everything is five by five. And that's how many pieces your arm is going to be in if you don't GIVE THE HELL UP!"

Swatting at the official with her free hand, Allison tried to ignore the tears running down her cheeks and found that she couldn't do it. Despite all her best efforts, Eliza was still treating her like a chump and she seemed destined to go down in the history books as the cute blonde crybaby that got submitted by the trashy brunette in front of the whole... that line of defeatist thinking suddenly jumped the rails when Allison let out a sibilant growl. Dismissing all scenarios that didn't end with Eliza's mouth in direct contact with the soles of her boots, Allison dulled the pain in her shoulder and elbow as best she could and put all her strength into ROLLING into the pressure of the Armbreaker.

The sudden movement caught Eliza unawares and it allowed the champion to shoot out her free left hand and clasp it with the right the Eliza was busy abusing. Enjoying the refreshing solidarity of her deathgrip, Allison didn't say anything for a moment, she just took deep breaths and tried to lessen the pain. She was actually starting to succeed when Eliza thrashed and growled, "Your arms aren't as strong as my legs slut. Sooner of later, I'll break your grip AND your arm."

Allison smiled, but it wasn't her usual happy expression, it was a cruel, knowing look. A predator's leer. Locking eyes with the brunette, Allison shook her head 'no' and purred, "That's where you're wrong Liz. It's my grip that breaks you. And I'll prove it."

Pushing forward a little further, the blonde got her knees under her and from there it only took a few groaning, cumbersome seconds to get to her feet. Sure the challenger was still clinging to her arm, but as soon as her base was secure, Allison LIFTED an incredulous Eliza off the mat and into the air, almost like she was holding her in place for some sort of half-ass Powerbomb. But Allison had already given Eliza a taste of the Powerbomb tonight and she had something different in mind... something more specific to the location.

Ignoring the rivers of sweat running down her face, the blonde staggered to the nearest edge and sighed, "You'll notice that I ignored the completely obvious opportunity to make a joke about you swinging at balls. I hope you appreciate that later."

Eliza might have opened her mouth to respond, but just then Allison swung her down and forward in a low sweeping arc that ended with Eliza's head BWAAANGING against the mesh of the cage. The brunette's grip dropped away instantly and the relief was so great that the champ collapsed onto her knees and cradled her mauled shoulder for several seconds before she elected to continue her attack.

Using the ropes to expedite her return to verticality, Allison took a hard-hearted handful of Eliza's damp locks and dragged her into the center of the ring. As she tried to worm her way out of Allison's grasp, Alli turned to the audience and said, "Eliza thinks she's broken my arm. Well let me ask you all something. Does THIS..." She hauled Eliza to her feet and wrapped one hand around her throat while the other rested flat against her belly. Then with very little effort, lifted Eliza off the canvas and overhead in a gorgeous Military Press. "...look BROKEN?"

Glowing with pride as the mob roared her display of dominance, Allison allowed herself one more circuit of the ring and then she tossed Eliza off her shoulders and into the side of the cage where the challenger hit with a deafening BWAAAAM! Eliza bounced off the cage and dropped hard to the mat, landing awkwardly in the (maybe three inch) space between the ropes and the cage. Noting that Eliza was trapped between the proverbial rock and hard place, Allison sauntered over, helped herself to a handful of hair and tugged the brunette to her feet. Pushing Eliza back against the slightly springy cage, Allison leaned her face forward and whispered, "You're going to break first Eliza. And all those fans that cheered you on when you humiliated your opponents, those same fans are going to ROAR their approval as I do the exact same thing to you."

Leaving the brunette to brood in silence, Allison spun around on her heel and took off toward the other side of the ring. Bouncing off the cables, she sprinted back at her sandwiched foe and when there was maybe two feet separating them the blonde left her feet in a low leap and just CRUSHED her body against Eliza's with a brutal Avalanche Splash. With nowhere to go, Eliza was pancaked between the champ and the cage and even the loudest of the so-called “Allison Pack” groaned in sympathy when that side of the cage bulged outward to accommodate the impact.

Sublimely happy with the boneless way Eliza sagged against the ropes when she stepped away, Allison muscled the challenger between the top and middle ropes to get her back into the ring proper. Taking possession of the brunette's wrist, Allison said softly, "You gave it a good shot Eliza, but I'm afraid you're way past Deadline."

Having finished her veiled threat, the blonde took a step back, dipped her knees and whipped the compliant brunette across the ring. As Eliza limped back to meet her, Allison lunged forward, wrapped an arm across Eliza's chest and while the other snaked around behind her back. In the same instant she spun her hips, jumped and then fell to her knees, mashing Eliza full-length into the canvas with the Twisting Sidewalk Slam she called 'The Deadline.'

Eliza hit the mat with a cringe-inducing WHAM, flopped over onto her side and lay silently sobbing until Allison shoved her onto her back and hooked the far leg. Glad to see the end of this match, the zebra dropped into position and counted…

'ONE... TWO... THRNO!' Defying all known logic, the brunette shot her left shoulder off the mat, forcing the battle in the cage to continue.

Quashing the irritated pangs of frustration she felt starting to gnaw at her, Allison adjusted the edges of her top and mumbled, "I should have known an obnoxious tramp like you wouldn't settle for anything less than the hard way. Suit yourself, this will make as good a visual as any."

Grabbing Eliza under the armpits, Allison got to her feet and dragged the brunette to hers. Standing to her foe's right, Allison dipped her left shoulder, placed it against the small of Eliza's back and wrapped her left arm around the challenger's thigh. Then she reached up with her free hand and cupped Eliza's chin. She had JUST started to lift Eliza onto her shoulders when the Rogue Slayer began to thrash madly and drove her elbow into the blonde's sore shoulder. The Torture Rack was broken before it had even been fully applied - a very good thing for Eliza. Perhaps an even better thing was that she landed behind the startled blonde, so when Allison spun around to find her, the challenger was right there to THWUP drive a knee lift into her rival's belly. Allison let out a stunned moan and collapsed against Eliza, who was more than happy to hold her in place.

Placing her lips against the champion's ear, Eliza cooed, "I just thought you should know... this isn't a match, this is a war of attrition. And Allison? I NEVER lose a war of attrition."

More than willing to provide proper documentation of her claim, Eliza wrapped her right arm over the blonde's right shoulder and her left arm under Allison's left arm so that the brunette's hands clasping together where they met between Allison's shoulder blades. Turning to all four sides of the caged ring, Eliza finally jumped and fell forward, driving the back of Allison's head and shoulders into the canvas with the Side Effect. Feeling better than she had any right to, Eliza rolled away from her rival and then nipped up in a perfect little spring that got the crowd right back on her side again.

Flipping her head back, the Rogue Slayer basked in the adoration of her faithful and told them, "I don't normally like Claw Holds, but this one's going to make Alli scream like a bitch, so there's no way I could ignore it."

A 'WATCH THE TRUNKS!' chant broke out all over the stadium as Eliza strutted over to her spattered opponent and pulled her to her knees. Making a great show of her preparation, the brunette used her left hand to grab the scruff of the blonde's neck and YANK her head back at a sharp angle. Making sure the champ would see what she had in store for her, Eliza raised her right hand high and wiggled her fingers into an ominous looking Claw.

Locking eyes with Allison, Eliza whispered, "The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen." Then the Claw darted forward - but instead of affixing itself to the blonde's chest, face or groin, Eliza buried her talons in Allison's already weakened right shoulder. If Allison’s pained shriek was any indication, she'd made the right choice. Twisting her wrist in a vile corkscrew motion, Eliza worked the hold in silence for more than twenty seconds before she asked, "Wanna give it up champ?"

Sadly, Allison DID want to give it up, but there was no way she would ever do such a thing. Eliza would have to kill her first, and Allison wasn't about to let that happen. Trying her damnedest to reroute all her remaining strength into the arm that DIDN'T feel like a wet rag, the blonde suddenly brought up left hand and clamped down on Eliza's clawing wrist. The fiery daggers embedded in her shoulder relaxed just a little bit and that allowed the champ to slowly, slooooowly push to her feet.

After what seemed like hours, she was face-to-face with Eliza again, but before she could rebuke the brunette's last claim, the challenger chided, "You feelin' pretty tough right now Allison? You think you're ready to go toe-to-toe with the baddest bitch on the block?"

Stifling a wild, pained laugh, Allison taunted, "Anything you can do, I can do badder." Eliza shook her head, a quiet but emphatic denial.

"Oh I don't think so cutie…you see..." THUMP! Eliza brought her left knee up and impaled it between Allison's thighs, the first truly unsavory tactic of the evening. Even in a cage match, such a strike would have normally earned a lecture from the official, but Eliza had delivered her present with such quickness and skill that the clueless dope never saw a thing. Resting her cheek against the top of Allison's skull, Eliza asked, "What's wrong? Do you not LIKE my knee? Maybe this one is more you..."

Stepping back, she lowered her shoulder and muscled the boneless blonde up across them in a Fireman's Carry. Strutting around the ring, Eliza told her fans, "Poor little Allison is up way past her bedtime, I think it's time that she GOES TO SLEEP!"

She shoved Allison up and off her shoulders and as the blonde started her descent, Eliza brought her right knee SLAM up and the bony joint struck Allison square in the forehead. The brutal Knee Lift snapped Allison's head back before she collapsed in a semi-conscious heap at the brunette's feet - a perfect target for the eager brunette's pouncing, splashy pin. Smearing herself across the blonde's chest, Eliza rolled Allison onto her shoulders and crushed down on the Cradle while the referee slapped the mat…

'ONE... TWO... THRNO!" Allison bucked free of the pin and rolled onto her side, forcing Eliza to continue her systematic campaign of destruction.

Banging a fist against the mat, Eliza got her feet under her and mused, "I think I made a mistake going after your shoulder early on. I should've made it easy on myself and just broken your back. Guess I'll have to settle for doing that now..."

While Allison sobbed and tried to figure out where she was, Eliza knelt down and took one of the blonde's feet in either hand and got back to her feet. Pausing just long enough to catch her breath, Eliza muscled Allison's legs into a Figure Four, with the right leg forming the bent part of the four. Tucking the ankle of the straight left leg under her armpit, Eliza turned over and dropped to one knee, placing the joint directly between Allison's shoulder blades. Almost done, Eliza leaned back as far as gravity would allow, thus completing her favorite version of the Texas Cloverleaf.

Her face and chest mashed flat on the canvas, Allison screamed long and loud as her back and legs were torn to pieces by the devastating hold. Biting deep into her elbow-pad to stave off surrender Allison totally ignored the official and focused on trying to escape. Silently promising that this was the LAST time she would scream for the brunette, Allison got her hands on the mat and started to claw her way very slowly towards the ropes.

When she felt the blonde underneath her start to move, Eliza cast a startled glance over her shoulder, saw what was going on and muttered, "Are you fucking serious?"

Attempting to end Allison right there, Eliza planted her feet and leeeaaaannnnned back on the Cloverleaf, but despite the agonizing pressure she added to Allison's spine, the blonde wouldn't relent and soon Eliza's ears were filled with the hateful sound of Allison demanding, "BREAK!"

Reefing back on the Cloverleaf for a few more seconds, Eliza got up and tossed the champ's legs aside with a look of disgust. Waging her own war against the forces of frustration, Eliza scraped Allison off the mat and pulled her in close. Speaking slowly and clearly, Eliza snarled, "Here's a newsflash Allison. You aren't bad. But I can make you LOOK bad. Is that what you want?"

She waited several seconds, but when no response came from the blonde, she whipped Allison into the nearest corner. The THUD of the champ's collision with the corner was still hanging in the air when Eliza sprinted after her in a flat out run that would put her in the blonde's immediate vicinity in the next few seconds or so. In an amazing display of agility and leg strength, when Eliza reached mid-ring, she sank into a low crouch, then SPRANG into the air in a phenomenally high leap, at the apex of which she pulled back her right arm to line up the shot she intended to deliver. As gravity brought her back to terra firma, Eliza blasted her cocked arm forward and drove the Forearm Smash across the bridge of Allison's nose.

Believing deep in her heart that the title would be hers if she could just keep the pressure on the blonde, Eliza landed on her feet and stepped aside so she could let Allison go staggering past her into the center of the squared circle. Watching the crippled beauty with a hunter's eye, Eliza took off after her prey and cut in front of her so she could run the ropes Allison was facing. With the ropes in front and the blonde behind, Eliza left her feet again and landed with both feet on the top rope. Being very careful not to bang her head against the side of the cage, Eliza pushed off and soared back at the champ in a high floaty Back Flip; the hallmark of any good Springboard Moonsault.

Now conventional pro-wrestling wisdom said that when a girl nailed a Springboard Moonsault, the girl on the receiving end was supposed to be knocked flat on her back by a combination of the weight of her attacker and or the general momentum associated with her opponent flying through the air. But apparently no one had ever told Allison this, because Eliza landed gut-first across her healthy left shoulder and instead of being knocked off her feet, the blonde raised both arms and wrapped the left across Eliza's back and the right across the base of her neck. Before the fans, the ref, the camera crew or even Eliza knew what was happening, Allison pushed up on her right foot, spun around in a lightning fast 180 degree arc and dropped forward and down to FLATTEN Eliza against the canvas with an Over the Shoulder Power Slam that shook the ring and the cage with a lingering clatter.

Despite the cheers and the chants begging both ladies to get up and finish her rival off, both Allison and Eliza stayed prone on the campus for so long that ref felt obliged to start his ten count. He had made it to 'SIX' when the champion pushed to her feet and let out a triumphant roar. Aching all over, Allison knew the only way she was going to be feel better was by making Eliza feel even worse.

Turning her attention to the fallen brunette, the weary grappler purred, "You couldn't break my arm and you couldn't break my back and if you can't do either of those things, you sure as hell aren't going to end my reign."

Letting her actions speak for her, Allison limped over to the challenger and pulled Eliza up with a handful of her black bikini bottom. Scooping the brunette onto her shoulder with a minimum of resistance, Allison snaked one arm around her foe's hips while her unoccupied hand cupped Eliza's chin to keep her head from drooping. Swinging around to face the far side of the cage, Allison caught her breath and then charged forward with Eliza still trapped helplessly on her shoulder. When she neared the point of no return, the blonde put on the brakes and tossed Eliza forward a move that sent the challenger soaring off her shoulder and face-first into the side of the cage.

As Eliza's impression of the world's prettiest lawn dart caused the cage to BWANG and shudder once more, Allison surged forward and caught hold of the spaghetti-legged brunette before she could collapse to the canvas. Standing behind her wounded nemesis, Allison took her time in applying a Half Nelson to Eliza's right arm and then slapped a Half Nelson on Eliza's right arm while using her left hand to capture the challenger's right wrist and pull it roughly across Eliza's throat in a Cobra Clutch. Backing away from the ropes, Allison crushed down on the hold and hissed, "The cage is a nice bonus, but I don't really need it to beat you Eliza. In fact, I'd rather break you myself than let it have all the fun."

She rose fast, jerking Eliza off her feet in the process and then as her body swung out in front, Allison twisted to her right and dropped to one knee, bringing the trapped beauty down spine-first across the posted joint to nearly snap her in half with a Cobra Clutch Backbreaker. Eliza voiced a single gurgling scream, but even that as rudely cut off when Allison released the Clutch and shoved the sweating, hurting brunette off her knee. Feeling the adrenaline quietly and effectively glossing over her myriad aches and pains, Allison surged to her feet and proclaimed, "TIME TO FINISH THIS!"

Only vaguely aware of the riotous reaction this announcement brought, Allison buried her hands in Eliza's hair and tugged the semi-conscious challenger to her knees. Standing in front of her penitent foe, Allison looked down into Eliza's sweat-beaded face and said, "This is for that 'fat ass' joke you pulled a little while ago. Nothing personal, it's just... on second thought, fuck that; this is personal."

The words were barely out of her mouth when she spun around on her heel and ran for the ropes. A heartbeat or two later she had reached her destination and came thundering back at the kneeling brunette. Just when it appeared that Allison was going to pass by and leave Eliza unharmed, the blonde swung around about ninety degrees and THUD drove her hips into Eliza's face with a Hip Check so forceful it would have impressed Jennifer Lopez.

Coming to a stop after the butt-centric bit of offense connected, Allison snapped her bottoms back into place and had to grin when someone in the crowd exclaimed, "YOUR ASS LOOKS GREAT ALLISON!"

Casting an interested glance in the general direction of the voice, she asked, "What about the rest of me?"


Smiling, she nodded and said, "OK!"

Shifting the focus of her attention back to the brunette, Allison sauntered over to the fallen fighter and dropped down beside her. Rolling Eliza onto her left side, Allison planted her right knee in the brunette's ribs and quickly wrapped her arms around Eliza's thigh and bicep. Holding the captured limbs up and away from her foe's body, Allison clasped her hands together, pressed down hard with her knee and pulled up with her shoulders to bend Eliza in a miserable U; her take on the old classic, the Bow and Arrow.

Grinding her knee back and forth against Eliza's ribs, Allison taunted, "You hear that guy a second ago Eliza? I'd just smashed you in the face and his first reaction wasn't 'oh no, I hope Eliza hasn't lost any teeth' it was 'damn, Allison's ass is looking good.' Guess they like watching the slut take her lumps too huh?"

Doing her best to find a way out of the hold, Eliza growled, "Or maybe he was just shocked to see that a human female can actually support an ass that's ten times bigger than my head. That's what I'd guessUNNNNGHHHHHHH!" Allison reefed back on the Bow and Arrow and Eliza couldn't help but moan as the champion bent her to the breaking point.

Licking her lips, Allison replied, "Poor Eliza, you'd be much less prone to injury if you just knew when to shut your fucking mouth."

Chasing the ref off with a murderous glance, Eliza taunted, "It's gonna take better than you to shut my mouth Allison. In fact, I'll be running my mouth non-stop after the bell rings and I finally get to sit on that cute little nose of yourAAAAARRRGGHHH!"

Applying even more torque to the Bow and Arrow, Allison muttered, "You must REALLY want to leave this cage in two pieces. Well, if you insist."

She removed her knee from Eliza's ribs, but she didn't release the brunette's arm and leg. Getting her feet under her, Allison took a deep breath and then PUSHED to her feet. Eliza came along with her and the force of the blonde's movement lifted the challenger up over the champion's head, despite the fact that two of her four limbs were still in Allison's possession. As her momentum began to slow, then stopped altogether, Allison rose onto her toes, then dropped forward, dragging Eliza along on the return trip. The brunette was greeted warmly by the canvas as she slammed home with a eye-watering THWAM!

A split second after her unique twist on the Power Slam connected, Allison released her hold on Eliza's limbs and pounced across the quivering brunette's midsection. Hooking the far leg in a tight Cradle, Allison pressed down as hard as she could and waited impatiently as the ref counted…

'ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!' Eliza balled her right hand into a fist and rocked it off Allison's temple. It wasn't the hardest shot she'd ever delivered, but it was enough to break the pin which was what she needed at the moment. Shaking the fireworks out of her head, Allison glared down at her rival and said, "All right babe, I was gonna leave the cage out of this for the rest of the night, but since you're being so damned insistent..."

Taking the challenger by the shoulder straps of her top, Allison pulled them both to their feet and quickly spun around behind Eliza. Pulling the brunette's arms tight behind her, Allison snaked her arms around her captive's, locked her hands and then LIFTED up, hauling the mewling challenger off her feet and into the air with a sadistic Double Chickenwing.

Shaking the simple hold back and forth, Allison said, "One chance Eliza. Give up or taste the cage again. It's your call."

Shaking her head frantically 'no' Eliza screamed, "TASTE MY ASS BITCH!"

Sneering, Allison muttered, "I don't think so." Falling silent, the blonde lined her victim up with the center of the nearest cage wall and loped forward. All was going well for this innovative bit of nastiness until Eliza brought both legs up and planted them firmly against the wall of the cage. In one of the coolest escapes seen in quite some time, the brunette literally ran up the cage until she was able to kick off and flip out of Allison's grip. The challenger landed behind the incredulous champion and before Allison could do anything, Eliza had hooked both of HER arms in an unbreakable loop.

Grinding the point of her chin into the blonde's shoulder, Eliza, "Thanks for the belt Alli. I'm sure it'll look better on me than it ever did on you."

Ready to take her rightful place as the IC champ, she lowered her head and placed the top of it between Allison's shoulders, using it as a sort of pivot point. Milliseconds later, Eliza twisted her entire body around to face the other direction, while still holding the blonde's arms. Both ladies were still standing but now Allison was bent double, her arms pulled out in front of her, her head resting above the small of Eliza's back. Maneuvering around to face the center of the ring, Eliza tightened her grip and took half a dozen loping steps forward before she leapt into the air and sat out, driving Allison’s face and chest into the mat with her Face Eraser finisher. Basking in the uproarious cheers of the fans, Eliza rolled Allison over onto her back, hooked both legs and held on for dear life as the ref counted…

'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOOO!' Allison shot a shoulder off the canvas at the last possible second and if it was possible, the noise in the stadium got even louder.

Going from elation to dumbfounded disbelief in less than a second, Eliza regarded the ref with wide, dismayed eyes and held up ‘three’ fingers. He just shook his head 'no' and held up ‘two.’ Steeling her nerves against the frustration and the intense disappointment Eliza got to her feet and pulled Allison to hers.

Nose-to-nose with the woozy champ, Eliza asked, "You hear that sound cutie? That's not the fans, that's the sound of me pulling out all the stops. You're going to stay down or you're going to suffer. It's as simple as that."

Proving just how simple it was, Eliza grabbed a handful of Allison's battle-drenched locks and sprinted towards the side of the ring. BWANG! Eliza slammed her face-first into the chain links. Holding her prey tight, the brunette spun around, charged back in the opposite direction and BWANG repeated the face-bashing maneuver. Looking to collect a matching set, Eliza BWANNG smashed Allison's forehead off the other two sides of the cage and she might have started the circuit all over again had Allison's legs not buckled after the final impact.

Sensing the end was near, Eliza drew her thumb across her throat and shrieked, "SHE'S MINE!"

She yanked the champ to her feet only to immediately double her over with a knee lift to the gut. With Allison at her mercy, Eliza snared the blonde in a Front Face Lock with one hand while her free hand reached down and hooked Allison's leg at the knee. Taking a moment to set her feet, Eliza hoisted Allison up off the mat and held her aloft, one leg hooked up tight, directly over the brunette's head.

Holding the soon to be ex-champion in this demeaning position for as long as she could manage, Eliza eventually sat out hard, driving the top of Allison's head and shoulders into the mat with the Fisherman's Brainbuster. Surging onto her knees, the weary brunette pounced across Allison's chest, hooked the far leg and hoped along with all her fans as the ref counted…

'ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!' Allison's escape was little more than a twitch of her shoulder, but the ref saw it and the match was forced to continue.

Devastated by exhaustion and frustration, Eliza wiped tears from her eyes and stumbled to her feet. Hard as it was to believe, she'd depleted her arsenal into the blonde and Allison was still kicking out. Shoulders shuddering, the brunette just stood over her battered adversary and tried to figure out what she was going to have to do to... Eliza's eyes lit up.

"OF COURSE!" she hissed. How could she have missed it? Just because she couldn't escape the cage for a win didn't mean she couldn't climb it. And if she could climb it, she could jump off of it. She glanced down at Allison. "And I'm gonna jump right onto your blobby ass Alli. I bet you'll make one hell of a puddle."

Eliza forced the blonde to her knees, then sank into a low martial arts crouch and THWACKK a short, stiff kick home just behind the blonde's right ear. As Allison collapsed onto her back in a defenseless sprawl, Eliza turned to the crowd, pointed at the nearest corner and shouted, "GOIN' UP!"

The noise inside the stadium was deafening as Eliza jogged to the corner, hopped to the top turnbuckle and then proceeded to claw her way to the top of the cage. Watching her footing carefully, the brunette turned around so that she was facing the ring and stood up straight. Standing almost twenty feet above her prone opposition, Eliza raised both hands to her waist, made the 'strapping on the belt' motion and called out, "AND SHE'S GOIN' DOWN!"

On a ridiculously loud wave of noise, Eliza leapt out into the void and began her descent. To everyone watching, it seemed to take much longer than it should have, but this was probably just an illusion brought on by the thousands of cameras that were chronicling the Rogue Slayer's death defying plunge. All in all it was an amazing few seconds, a moment that no one who saw it live would ever forget. Such a shame then when Allison rolled out of the way, leaving Eliza to THWAAAAAAAM belly-and-chest first against the recently vacated canvas.

The 'HOLY SHIT!' chants drowned out everything else as the referee immediately began his ten count.

'ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT...NINE...' Allison let out a weary groan and pushed to her feet and barely saved the match from a hated draw. Not quite sure of her surroundings, the blonde did know that she was standing and Eliza was not. She also knew that she had very little left in her tank and if she wanted to finish off the brunette, she had to do it now. Knowing there was only one move in her repertoire that would serve, Allison raised both arms over her head, clasped her hands together and told the mob, "GONNA BUST HER UP NOW!"

Anyone who hadn't been on their feet got to them in a hurry as Allison went about carrying out her promise. Scraping Eliza off the mat, the champion led her over to the nearest corner and tossed her in back-first. Working in silence, she wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist and hoisted her into a seated position on the top buckle. Glancing up into Eliza's face, Allison taunted, "You tried Eliza, but in the end, you're going to end up serving as nothing more than a warning."

Through talking, Allison moved in, grabbed the brunette's head and forced her to bend forward. Placing the back of Eliza's neck against her right shoulder, Allison reached forward and hooked both of her legs behind the knees. Locking her hands in that same unbreakable loop, the blonde grappler pulled away from the corner and took Eliza with her, only now the Rogue Slayer was upside down with the back of her neck resting on the point of Allison's shoulders.

Strutting around the ring with Eliza inverted on her shoulder, Allison asked, "WHO'S THE CHAMP?"

‘YOU ARE!' came the roaring reply.

Tightening down on her grip, Allison said, "And don't you forget it!"

In the same breath, she spun around on her heel to face the center of the ring and lunged forward. After nearly half a dozen steps, she leapt into the air and dropped to the mat, spiking Eliza's shoulders against the canvas and nearly breaking her neck against Allison's own shoulder. Feeling Eliza’s body go limp, Allison tossed her legs aside and got to her feet. Standing tall over her starfished nemesis, Allison put her hands on her hips, smiled at Eliza and said, "Time to break character..."

Sinking to her knees, the blonde straddled Eliza's insensate head, scooted forward a few inches and then dropped the full weight of her butt down on Eliza's nose in a Reverse Face Sit. Enjoying her new perch, Allison reached over her shoulder, grabbed a handful of dark hair and used it to better guide her throne into the most comfortable position possible. Pleased to note that the tip of the diamond framed M logo of her briefs was lined up directly with Eliza's nose, Allison rolled her hips a bit and said, "Oh yeah, I could get used to this." Glancing over at the referee (who was just now getting over his shock and dropping into position) the blonde asked calmly, "Check her arms please, I think I'd like this to be recorded as a KO!"

Agreeing to her request, the official took Eliza's left wrist, raised it and dropped it. Allison bit her bottom lip in a coy smile and ground a little harder.

"That's one." she said.

Taking Eliza's wrist again, the ref raised it, held it for a moment, then released it to fall bonelessly to the mat. Laying her hands on Eliza's defenseless chest, Allison gave the brunette's breasts a good, long, hard squeeze…because she could!

"That's two."

Knowing it was over, the ref lifted Eliza's wrist a third time, held it up, then dropped it to the mat with no resistance and immediately called for the bell.

Hands on her hips, Allison finished, "And that's three. Anything to say about my super ass now Eliza? No? Didn't think so." A moment later, the official was offering her his hand, but she declined his offer. Instead, she said, "Bring me my belt AND a microphone."

Nonplussed, he did as he was asked and shortly thereafter, the belt was over her shoulder and the mic was at her lips. "Seems a lot of girls have been running their mouths a lot as of late, yammering on about how they're going to take my title anytime they want because they're tougher, meaner or more badass than me. Eliza ran her mouth too, she was so certain she was going to kick my goody two shoes ass but as you can see..." She ground down on her throne and a little more of Eliza's face disappeared into her backside. "... my ass is FIRMLY planted on Lizzie's pouty, bad girl face. Not too intimidating NOW, is she?"

The mob urged her to keep on rockin' and rollin' so Allison continued, "So consider this a message to every woman within the sound of my voice, not just in the locker room, but ANYWHERE! I don't care if you're a legend or a no name trying to break into the business, if you think you've got what it takes to wrestle this title away from me, say the word. Name your stipulation and your stakes, because I'm going to take this belt all over the world and prove that NO ONE deserves it more than me. So ladies... if you want to find out how bad you REALLY are, throw down your challenge. I'll gladly march right into your own back yard to kick your ASS in front of family and friends."

Almost finished with her missive, the blonde got up, placed her right foot on Eliza's neck and raised the belt high over her head. Looking directly at the entryway, the champ added, "In case you forgot, my name is Allison Mack and I'm the Intercontinental Champion. I just have one question for the world: who's next?"

Tossing the mic to the ref, the victorious blonde walked over to the cage door, pushed it open and made her way up the ramp.
In the back...
Allison's message was less than two minutes old when Richard Fannin's cell phone rang. Normally the promoter didn't answer calls in the middle of a show, but when he saw the name on the ID he made an exception. Flipping the gadget open, he put it to his ear and said, "Dani Fishel, how the hell are ya? And how's Colorado treating you?"

"Fine and fine." said a voice from several time zones away. Before Rich could ask a follow-up question, Fishel said, "Listen Rich, I know you're in the middle of a show, which is going great by the way, but I need you to answer a question for me."

"Sure Dani, what do you want to know?"

"The challenge that your IC Champ just laid out, is that for real or is it just a gimmick you're working on?"

"Real as far as I know." Fannin smiled into the phone. "Why do you ask Danielle? Interested in getting back in a pro ring?"

Fishel's reply was both cautious and confident if such a thing was possible. "I don't know if my knee will ever be able to deal with the rigors of a full time pro schedule any more, but as you well know, I've been the house champion here at the Stanley for three years now and if Allison's not all talk, there's an oil pit in the penthouse suite that I'd love to introduce her to. It's been far too long since I had a real title around my waist."

Rich was more than a little intrigued; Allison vs. Fishel was a fight that folks on the message boards had been positing on for a few years now, but it had always resided in the realm of 'Dream Match' Now, thanks to Allison's open challenge and Dani's famous competitive streak, it might actually happen.

Collecting his thoughts, the promoter told his former employee, "I'll pass the challenge along to Alli as soon as I can Dani, and without sounding too eager, I think I can say with a certain level of confidence that she'll say yes. And Dani?"

"Yes?" she asked.

"Should you defeat Allison and become the Intercontinental Champ, you'd be offered a contract that came with a reduced schedule. Of course, if you're not sure about your knee, you could vacate it as well, but I don't think that's going to happen."

She laughed. "You're right Rich, I'd never vacate a title. Let me get the match with Allison made first. We can talk contracts and other details after I've taken her measure."

"Perfect. All right I'll pass along the message. Listen Dani, I've got to run but I'll get back to you with details as soon as I can. Enjoy the rest of the show ok?"

"I will Rich. Talk to ya later."

They hung up then and as Rich slipped the phone back into his pocket, he thought about Allison's challenge and muttered, "Well that didn't take long."

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