The Last Hurrah #7: Katherine Heigl vs. Ashley Scott by The Walkin’ Dude
Walk away before I finish what you started.
Face to face, I will put you in your place.


Shortly after the cage had been dismantled, the Announcer stepped into the center of the ring and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be a Leather Strap Match! In this match, both competitors will have a two foot strap attached to one wrist and they will be able to use it however they choose. Clear? Very good. Introducing first, she stands at 5’9”…they call her ‘Katherine The Great’…KAT HEIGL!”

Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams hits the speakers as Heigl wastes no time in strolling through the curtain. Surveying her loyal subjects from the top of the ramp, Kat raises her right arm high overhead, giving the faithful a good long look at the weapon that’s already been affixed to her wrist. Having made her point, she breaks her pose and makes her way toward the ring, slapping hands and jawing with fans the entire way. For her debut in front of a world wide court, she’s wearing her standard powder blue bikini with matching boots and pads. while her long blonde hair has been pulled back in a scrappy, grappler’s ponytail. As she climbs the steel steps and makes her way through the ropes, it’s easy to see why they call her ‘Great.’ From head to toe, Katherine is the archetype of what a champion wrestler should be. Mounting the ropes in her corner, she twirls the leather strap over her head a few times before settling down to await the arrival of her anonymous foe.

As the audience buzzes between intros, the Announcer continues, “And her opponent… she also stands 5’9” tall; she is known as ‘The Huntress’... ASHLEY SCOTT!”

The first chiming hook of ‘I’d Start a Revolution’ drifts into the stadium as the lights go out and the Huntress makes her presence felt. When the spotlight hits the stage, the short-haired blonde slid through the curtain and strode toward the ring, a vision of unflappable confidence. Ashley’s battle attire remained a mystery for her trip down the aisle, her trademark leather trench coat covering her from throat to ankles, and aside from the long, dark strap of leather dangling from her wrist, there was no clue as to what might be waiting under that coat. This not quite healthy curiosity was sated when the lithe blonde slid into the ring and discarded the coat in a quick, dismissive toss. As was her custom, the Huntress was clad in a dark purple bikini that shimmered like a rippling oil slick under the spotlights. It was cut high and cut low - in all the right places - while her matching pads and boots were fashioned from the same slippery-looking material. Fixing the mob with an almost feline grin, Ashley strode to the middle of the squared circle, then dipped into one more slinky pose before the ref began his final instructions.

The bell rang to begin the match and though it was clear enough to everyone else in the arena, for Katherine, it registered as only the vaguest of background noise. The Great One was too busy focusing her attention across the ring at the limber blonde who had humiliated her last time they’d shared a ring. Sure, the record book showed her score with Ashley as tied at one apiece, but Kat knew that most fans were mercurial enough to only remember the last ‘Holy Shit’ moment in a feud, and unfortunately for her, the last ‘holy shit’ moment in her war with the Huntress involved her nose and mouth being mashed by Ashley’s world class backside. She bristled at the memory of the humiliating face grinder and coiled a length of the strap around her right hand without even being aware of it.

Yes, at the moment all fans remembered was Kat splattered across the canvas while that lanky bitch did a ten minute lap dance on her nose, but that was all going to change tonight. By the time she left the ring, the fans would have a whole new gallery of ‘holy shit’ moments to ponder, the freshest of which would involve the other blonde’s blubbering, tear-stained face disappearing into her cleavage over and over and over again. Tapping her strapped hand lightly against her thigh, Kat’s lips curled up in a smile of sunken malevolence as she whispered, “Gonna lash the skin right off ya Ashley. All except that nasty face of yours... I want it to still have feeling when I start to smother you out...”

Claw tightening around the smooth leather, Kat stepped out of her corner and headed for the center of the ring. While Katherine was battling the memories of their last encounter, Ashley was still trying to get over the ending of their FIRST battle. As Kat herself would have pointed out, the fans might have forgotten about the conclusion of that match, but to Ashley, it might as well have happened yesterday. As much as she hated to admit it, all the Huntress had to do was close her eyes and she could instantly feel the warm, suffocating weight of Kat’s breasts pressing in against her cheeks, lips and nose.

Worse, she could hear the other blonde’s voice in her ears; soft, sweet and sticky as clotting fudge, a voice that demanded proper appeasement from her victim. ‘Kiss them Huntress. Kiss them or you’ll leave on a stretcher.’

Ashamed, Ashley had done just that and it was the humiliation of having to indulge her rival’s whims that lead the lissome blonde to punish Katherine so thoroughly in their rematch. And punish her she had. The Reverse Face Sit on Heigl had been a thing of beauty, but as enjoyable as it was, Ashley still felt as though she were playing catch-up. She licked her lips and coiled a length of the strap around each hand. Pulling the leather tight, she said, “Not anymore baby. Tonight I take the lead and once I do, you’ll NEVER catch me.”

Seeing Kat step away from her corner, Ashley let the strap slip off her hands and dangle from her wrist. Already able to hear the meaty ‘CRAAACK!’ of her weapon on Katherine’s fulsome curves, the Huntress pushed free of the buckles and stalked forward to meet her prey.

The audience barely had enough time to increase the volume of their roaring before, SMECK, Katherine and Ashley collided with one another in the middle of their battleground. Locked in a sneering stare-down, the ladies chested forward into one another, but it was Kat that broke the silence with, “Coming at me chest-to-chest Ashley? All that time under my tits must have caused some permanent brain damage.”

Patently ignoring the pressing weight of the other blonde’s assets, Ashley offered her rival a poisonous smile and replied, “You’re right Kat. Getting too close to you is a bad idea. After all, I need at least a few feet to do THIS!” The word was still coming out of her mouth when Ashley loped back and flicked up her right hand.

CRAAACK! The supple blonde’s strap flicked across her foe’s décolletage, leaving an immediate welt and a drawing a hiss of pain from Kat. Infinitely pleased with having scored ‘first blood,’ Ashley closed the gap and added, “On the other hand, if I get to far away, I couldn’t do THIS!” Her left hand flicked out and caught Kat flush across the cheek with a Bitch Slap that swiveled her head and stole her knees. Smirking as Kat knelt before her, Ashley mused, “Big, slow and sloppy... yep, that’s the Kat I know and LAANNNGHHHH!”

The CRAACK of leather on flesh almost blocked out Ashley’s hiss of pain as Katherine snapped out her strap and flicked it off Ashley’s left thigh quicker than a viper’s kiss. Capitalizing on the other blonde’s surprise, Kat scrambled to her feet, hauled back her left hand and stapled a cheek-blistering receipt to the Huntress’ face. Laughing aloud as Ashley was spun around by the force of the slap, Katherine lashed out her right hand a second time and this time the strap hit with a loud SPLAAT across the blonde’s sculpted backside. Ashley yelped in pain and she couldn’t stop her hands from flying to her butt, a gesture that brought a riot of cheers from the crowd.

Before Kat could light her up a third time, the Huntress whirled to face her adversary and dropped into a defensive crouch. Regarding her opponent with a gaze that was more infuriated cat than anything else, Ashley settled into a wrestler’s crouch and started to circle. Curling her fingers at Kat she asked, “Ready to lock up yet tubby?”

Ignoring the ‘tubby’ crack (she would make Ashley pay for it later) Katherine raised her arms in reply and that’s when Ashley exploded forward and buried a straight kick in her belly. Kat doubled over in breathless shock only to be pulled up straight again when the Huntress CRAAACKED her strap across the broad, nearly bare expanse of the Great One’s back.

Hands flying to the lashed area, Kat didn’t realize that she had left her chin wide open for attack, but Ashley sure did. As Kat reeled around on tiptoes in front of her, the short haired blonde dipped into a slight crouch, hopped up in a vertical leap that looked like a contemptuous ‘screw you’ to gravity and SLAMMED both boot heels into Kat’s jaw with a Standing Dropkick. The Great One hit the canvas with a dull THUD which actually served to clear the stars out of her head a split second faster.

Somersaulting off her back and into a crouch, Kat shot out both hands, caught Ashley’s ankles in an iron grip and yanked her off her feet. The startled Huntress went down flat on her back and the ‘OOOFFFH’ hadn’t even left her lungs when Kat pounced on her and started pounding brutally accurate punches down into the other blonde’s face. Paying special attention to strike with her leather sheathed fist just a little bit more than its bare knuckled counterpart, Kat beamed down into Ashley’s stunned face as she asked, “What’s wrong bitch? Straight punches a little too complicated for your flashy ass to deal WUNNNNGH!”

When there was the slightest pause in Katherine’s delivery, Ashley shot her hands up, buried them in the curvy blonde’s hair and JERKED hard to the right, forcing the rivals to switch places. Now it was Ashley occupying the mount and she didn’t hold her tongue as she rained down fists on Kat. “Ya think YOU can beat ME knuckle against knuckle? Kath sweetie you’re the most deluded bitch I’ve ever ARRRHHHH!”

Kat sank her fingers into the lissome blonde’s sporty tousle and exchanged positions with her again. The Great One had just raised her forearm and was preparing to sledge it down across the bridge of Ashley’s nose when the slippery little bitch grabbed hold of the bottom ropes (in their struggle they had rolled quite close) and demanded, “BREAK!”

Grunting her disapproval, Kat sneered at Ashley and THUMP drove a Forearm Shiver to her forehead just for good measure. Getting up off Ashley in a regal little motion, Kat sauntered back to the middle of the ring and made a show of adjusting the edges of her sky-blue top.

Moments later, she heard a roar from the crowd that indicated Ashley had found her feet and when she turned to face her, the powerful wrestler gaped incredulously. Ashley had both arms stretched high over her head; apparently the suicidal bimbo wanted Kat in a Test of Strength. Hands going to her hips, Kat strutted forward and chided, “You’ve GOTTA be fucking kidding me! Do you actually WANT me to break you that fast?” Ashley offered her a cool look so after a moment, Kat shrugged and started to lower her hands. “Well, if you’re scared...” Kat raised her own arms and…

CRAAACK! Whatever she planned to say died on her lips as Ashley laid her strap full force across the midriff her opponent had so willingly exposed. Glowing with satisfaction as she watched a dull red welt rise up along the smooth curve of Kat’s stomach, Ashley commented, “What’s wrong Kat, ya got a tummy ache? Maybe it’s butterflies cuz you’re starting to realize how badly I can hurt you. Or maybe it’s just because I just whipped your flabby GUT with a piece of leather!”

Looking to inflict a bit of more traditional damage on her opponent, Ashley closed in on her victim and slipped one arm through Katherine’s thighs while the other snaked over the Great One’s left shoulder. Ashley has just caught her breath to hoist Kat off her feet for the Body Slam, but before she could initiate motion, her captive wrapped her left arm around the back of the Huntress’ neck in a tight loop and then CRUSHED down, trapping her in a makeshift Front Facelock.

Ashley grunted and tried to pull her way out, but this proved to be for naught when Kat rose up on her toes and dropped to her back, a move that simultaneously YANKED Ashley off her feet and drove her skull-first into the mat as a victim of Kat’s impromptu DDT.

Pushing the suddenly shuddering Huntress away from her, Kat sat up, smoothed out her ponytail and got to her feet. Deciding she’d had enough of the slap and tickle shit, Kat wanted to get down to doing what she did best. Namely, grinding a girl down until she was BEGGING for the silent finality of the Jugg Smother. Already savoring the feeling of Ashley’s panicked breath against her cleavage, the powerful Amazon loomed over her foe, dropped to one knee and helped herself to a double handful of the flattened beauty’s purple togs.

Tugging Ashley to her feet, Kat slipped around behind her victim and, resting her chin on the smooth curve of Ashley’s shoulder, purred, “You’re supposed to be strong Ashley, but tell me, how does the Huntress react when someome’s claws are buried in HER?”

As her threat concluded, Kat reached down and placed both hands flat against Ashley’s sides, just above the swell of her hip. Before the other blonde could so much as twitch, Kat DUG her fingers in deep and jostled them back and forth, torturing her foe with a...Kidney Claw I suppose you’d call it. Riding out the Huntress’ escape efforts without too much trouble, Heigl dug in her heels and kept Ashley in the center of the ring even as the slender blonde was frantically reaching for the ropes.

Shaking her head ‘no’ Kat smirked, leaned forward and pressed her chest against Ashley’s back to growl, “Why’re ya lookin’ over there Ashley? There’s only two ways out of this ring for you and they’re BOTH mashed up againstYOOOOW!

Quickly growing desperate in her search for an escape, Ashley lifted her right boot, placed the heel just below Kat’s knee and SCRAAAAAPED it down the Great One’s shin. Kat voiced the aforementioned yowl and her grip loosened long enough for Ashley to tug free of her grip and stumble against the ropes. While Ashley’s clever tactic had helped her escape the Kat’s claws, it also had the unfortunate side effect of leaving her back exposed and that was a situation the Great One was more than happy to CRAACK exploit with a murderous lash of her leather strap across the Huntress’ shoulders.

Regarding the mark on Ashley’s back the same way a painter might regard the first stroke in a masterpiece, Kat whispered, “By the time I’m done, your skinny ass is going to be a STUDY in welts and blisters.” Continuing with her work, Kat stepped in close, grabbed hold of the other blonde’s left arm and twisted it up behind her back and between her shoulders with a rudimentary Hammerlock. Chuckling in the face of the Huntress’ bleat of indignant protest, Kat muttered, “Save the complaints for later bitch, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.”

Proving that this was true, Katherine lowered her head and thrust it between Ashley’s torso and right arm. At the same time, she used her free arm to secure a loose Waistlock around the Huntress’ trim middle. Taking a few steps back, Kat bent her knees, then lifted straight up. With the small of Ashley’s back resting against the point of her shoulder, the Great One executed a smooth half turn (mostly because she wanted her fans to get a clear look at Ashley’s wriggling rump and kicking legs) then she dropped straight back, allowing Ashley to fall with her and land with all her weight coming down across her Hammerlocked arm.

There was a loud THUD followed by a low moan as Ashley rolled onto her side and cradled the injured limb against her chest. And that was beautiful, that’s exactly what Kat wanted out of Ashley. She wanted her clutching that useless arm so she’d be too busy trying to protect it from further attack and thusly unable to even THINK about lashing out at Heigl with her strap. With a malevolent gleam in her dark eyes, Kat grabbed Ashley’s left wrist and purred, “C’mon baby, get up. I’m not through with your bony ass yet. Not by a long shot.”

Her grip unchallenged, Katherine yanked her back to her feet and easily forced Ashley’s arm up behind her in the second Hammerlock in as many minutes. With her free hand, she reached through Ashley’s thighs, grabbed hold of her butt and scooped her into the air. Eager to show that it was the Huntress who had been made HER prey, Katherine strutted around the squared circle and asked her subjects, “IS SHE READY FOR JUGG YET?”

While there was a section of the fan base who believed that it was always ‘time for jugg’ an equally vocal and more cogent part of the audience replied, “NO!”

Already knowing the answer (she had after all, conditioned it into her subjects) Kat asked, “WHY NOT?”

Just as quickly, the voice of the mob replied, “SHE HASN’T SUFFERED ENOUGH!”

“Exactly.” Heigl said in an exalted whisper.

After another circuit of the ring, Katherine the Great stopped in the center, rose up on her toes and SLAMMED Ashley down on her Hammerlocked arm. The Huntress let out a brittle cry of pain and immediately rolled onto her side, clutching the mangled limb against her belly. Intent on making sure the other blonde felt EVERY OUNCE of her weight, Kat rudely kicked Ashley over onto her back and quickly ran the ropes. Heading back to her fallen adversary, Kat left her feet in a short hop, cocked her left arm up beside her head and THUDDED the point of her elbow home between Ashley’s breasts.

Ignoring the wounded spasm from the impaled blonde, Kat offered her victim an insolent pat on the cheek and said, “Sorry about that Ash, I keep forgetting you don’t have any padding up here.” Ashley just grumbled and tried to roll onto her belly, so Kat shook her head ‘no’ and added, “I don’t think so.”

Scrambling to her feet, the Great One circled around to Ashley’s feet and took her right ankle in both hands. Standing up, Heigl planted her right foot against the other blonde’s prone left ankle and stepped down hard. The moment Ashley’s eyes started to clear, Heigl fixed her with a radiant smile and LEEAAAAAANED forward, using all her weight and power to crank Ashley’s toned gams well past ninety degrees with a brutal version of the Wishbone. Alternately leaning back and cranking forward on the hold, Katherine kept it up for several seconds of uninterrupted torture before she taunted, “Bet your groin’s burning pretty bad right now right Ashley? Too bad your doctor doesn’t make a cream for this particular problem.”

Digging her fingers into her hair in an attempt to override the pain in her groin and hamstrings, the Huntress hissed, “I’m sure liberal applications of your nose and mouth will make it all AAARRGGGHHHHHHH!”

Katherine leaned forward on the Wishbone again and this time she maintained the pressure for thirty hellish seconds. When she at last stepped back, the Great One sneered, “You will NEVER ride my face again bitch. Do you understa NNNNGGH!”

Ashley took care of the momentary distraction to wrench her left foot out from under Kat’s foot and she immediately pistoned it out into the domineering vixen’s gut. The surprise blow drove most of the air out of Katherine’s lungs, but she was able to keep her grip on Ashley’s ankle just enough to draw back her right arm, flick her wrist and CRAACK bring her leather strap down across the tawny plank of the Huntress’ inner thigh. Giggling nastily as Ashley whimpered from the assault, Kat tossed the gam aside and hauled her girl up with a double handful of hair. Switching her grasp from roots to wrist, Katherine pointed Ashley toward the most convenient corner and hurled her into the buckles as hard as she could.

Waiting only long enough for the other blonde to get a short head start, Kat took off after her so she could properly welcome Ashley to the corner with a rib-shattering Splash. But in her haste to demolish her nemesis, she had forgotten how dangerous the Huntress could be and it fell on Ashley’s shoulders to show Kat the error of her ways. Happy to accept this task, Ashley leapt into the air; placed one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top turnbuckle. As the cameras started to go off all over the arena, she spun off the corner using the ropes for leverage and flicked out her right arm to THWACCCK Katherine squarely across the cheek with an ingeniously delivered lashing. The lighting-fast blow snapped Katherine’s head around ninety degrees before dropping the glassy eyed Great One to her knees in an instant.

Popping to her feet in a smooth little motion, Ashley temporarily forgot about the welts on her back when she saw the defenselessly open expanse of Kat’s back. Placing a boot between the curvy girl’s shoulders, Ashley pushed her forward, forcing Katherine to her hands and knees. Hardly able to decide on the most appealing target, Ashley raised her strap-enhanced arm over her head and mused, “So much nasty bitch, so little time.” then brought it whicking down three times, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!

Crimson trails were blazed in Katherine’s skin so fast it was hard to believe. One across her shoulders, one just above her hips (this one reached around almost to her navel, but the audience wouldn’t know that for a moment yet) and the last across the back of her thighs, just below the bottom of her briefs. Kat shrieked bloody murder under the broiling fusillade of blows but the only defense she could muster was pushing to her knees and THAT just allowed Ashley to step in close and DRIVE the point of her right knee into the base of the Great One’s skull.

As Kat ‘uuunghed’ and collapsed onto her stomach, the Huntress ran a hand through her hair and taunted, “The only place your tits are going after this match is straight into an ice bath. And they’re going to stay there for a long time, along with the rest of your jiggling, pudding-stuffed self.”

Leaving Kat to nurse her wounds in relative silence (the mob was still roaring over Ashley’s brutal trifecta of lashings) Ashley jogged to the corner behind Katherine and hopped to the top rope in a single sinuous leap.

Whirling to face the ring, she settled into a deep crouch and waited patiently for the other blonde to get to her feet. Not too long thereafter, Kat did just that and the very instant she lurched around to find Ashley, the Huntress went airborne. Hanging in the void several feet above her nemesis, Ashley cut an impressive sight as she pulled her knees up just under her chin and held them there for a moment before SLAMMING them out to THUD off Kat’s breasts, thus completing a beautiful Missile Dropkick.

Kat was sent sailing across the ring like a broken toy hurled by a petulant child but Ashley recovered and closed the distance fast enough, the Huntress even had the presence of mind to drag Kat’s battered form away from the ropes before she smeared herself across the blonde’s chest and hooked the far leg. Still catching his breath in the wake of the Huntress’ Dropkick, the official slid in beside the cover and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Kat shoved Ashley off her and rolled onto her side, breaking the count with a good second to spare.

Grunting her disapproval, Ashley rolled to one knee, buried her hands in Katherine’s hair and yanked her to her feet. Leading her subdued nemesis into the middle of the ring, Ashley pulled her in close and sneered, “You REALLY got screwed by the fans in this one Kat. In just about any other match you might have had a chance of winning, but giving us both leather straps when there’s obviously so much more of you to hit? Someone up there must not like you. That’s perfectly understandable. I know the feeling well.”

Ending her diatribe with a hard knee to the other blonde’s belly, Ashley quickly straightened her up and removed her hands from Kat’s mane. Taking a single step back, she lined up her shot and CRAACK, licked another band of fire across her foe’s chest. Katherine grimaced and both arms instinctively flew to her chest, which was great aside from the fact that it left her midsection wide open. Ashley let her in on this fact when she CRAAACKED a second flash of leather off the exposed flesh. Kat sobbed aloud this time and though the rational part of her brain knew that it was a bad idea, the reptilian survival instinct was screaming at her to retreat and that’s what she did, turning her back on the Huntress and lurching toward the ropes in a vain attempt to escape.

Eyes lighting up as Kat turned tail and ran, the Huntress whispered, “No way cunt, I’m running you to ground tonight.” On the heels of this threat, she stepped forward and thrashed her strap directly across the back of the Great One’s knees. Kat groaned and collapsed like a penitent disciple of some old goddess, but if that was Ashley’s role tonight, she wasn’t feeling the least bit merciful. Strolling around so that she could face her kneeling victim, Ashley cupped her hands under Katherine’s chin and tilted the blonde’s face up to meet her gaze. Smiling prettily into the whipped blonde’s eyes, Ashley cooed, “Nowhere to run Kitty. You’re my prey, remember?”

If that bit of knowledge had slipped Kat’s mind in the last few minutes, Ashley brought it roaring back when she left her feet in a low hop and smashed the soles of both boots against Katherine’s forehead in a much lower version of the Dropkick she had started this beating with. Pushing to her feet, Ashley brought her lashing arm up again, then thought better of it. No sense in tiring herself out when Kat might still have enough fight in her to muster a counter. No, better to conserve her energy until Kat was totally defenseless, THEN she could go to town on the skank’s pudgy bulk.

Leaning down, Ashley took hold of Katherine’s right wrist and ankle and draaaaged her away from the ropes. Remembering the brutal vise grip Kat had slapped on her a little earlier in the fight, Ashley murmured, “Let’s see how you like it.” The she planted her left foot in Kat’s ribs, directly over her kidney. Loosening her grip for a second, the Huntress tugged up as she stomped down, torturing her captive with a simple but effective version of the Surfboard.

Doing her best to stomp a hole in Heigl’s torso, Ashley reared back on the hold and demanded, “SUBMIT!”

Shaking her head ‘no’ as the ref leaned in to ask for her surrender, Kat found her voice and growled, “Kiss my ass you bony little sluUNNNNGHHHH!”

Ashley quelled the verbal rebellion by pulling back her toot and driving it home a second time. Grinding the heel of her boot into Katherine’s side, Ashley fired back, “YOU’RE the one that kisses ass Kath, or maybe you don’t remember me riding your face while a whole club cheered me?”

She punctuated this statement with another hard YANK on the twisted blonde’s limbs. Seething at the smug arrogance she heard in the Huntress’ voice, Kat did her best to keep her voice light and taunting as she replied, “Of course, how silly of me. You kiss tits. Don’t know how I could forget that when your lips felt so good on FUHHCKKKBITTTCHHH!”

Ashley reefed back even harder and Kat couldn’t help but sob as the Huntress molded her into something that looked like a distorted U. Frightfully aware that she couldn’t take this sort of punishment for much longer, Kat caught her breath and waited for the next break in Ashley’s torture. When the Huntress finally pulled her foot away from Kat’s side, the Great One swiftly rolled toward her opponent and used her free hand to grab the domineering blonde’s ankle. SHOVING as hard as she could, Kat was rewarded with a surprised little squawk as Ashley lost her balance and THWAP dropped on her butt.

Wrenching her wrist and ankle free of Ashley’s grip, Kat rolled away and pushed to her knees. She was still in the process of regaining her feet when Ashley placed her hands against the blonde’s back and RAAAAAAKKKED her nails down the sweaty skin. Hissing in pain, Kat’s hands flew to the fiery tracks but that just made it easier for Ashley to whirl around in front of her and secure a tight Front Facelock.

Worming the Great One’s near arm over her shoulders, Ashley used her free hand to hook Kat’s blue tights. Bending her knees, Ashley offered up a hidden smirk and said, “You’re lookin’ shabby Kitty. Better start thinking about giving up while I’d still let you.”

She took a deep breath and pulled up, only to have Kat thread a leg around hers, effectively blocking the Vertical Suplex. Huffing with irritation, Ashley tried a second time, but Katherine denied her again and before the Huntress could make a third attempt, the Great One dipped her knees and hoisted up, ripping Ashley off the canvas as if she weighed next to nothing. Holding her stunned adversary inverted above her head, Kat spotted the ring ropes several feet in front of her and got an idea. Stomping forward with Ashley still in her grasp, the Great One got very nearly to the edge of the ring and then tossed Ashley down hard, dropping her gut-first along the top rope.

Oblivious to the cheers for the most part, Katherine flipped hair out of her eyes and went on the attack. Grabbing a handful of Ashley’s damp hair, she pulled the other blonde’s head up just enough so she could look her in the eye as she whispered, “I’m going to lash my name across your body Ashley. And there’s NOTHING you can do about it.” Tossing her foe’s head down in disgust, Kat stepped back, raised her strap-encircled wrist and brought it down CRAACK across the Huntress’ shoulders.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Ashley shrieked and tried to straighten up, but Kat just took her by the hair and pulled her back down across the rope.

Injecting some drama into the proceedings, Katherine raised the strap over her head and twirled it in a loose circle before she flogged Ashley for a second time. Just like before, Ashley sobbed and straightened up, but now Katherine didn’t force her back over the ropes. Instead, the Great One bounded for the other side of the ring and came charging back with a huge head of steam. Waiting until the last possible moment, Heigl brought up her left boot in a wide, scything arc that ended as her boot made a loud THWAP against Ashley’s chin.

The massive strike sent Ashley sailing off the apron and SMASHING back-first into the steel guardrail that surrounding the ringside area. Nodding her approval as the crowd started to chant, ‘HOLY SHIT!

Kat smiled and said, “That’s one for me Ashley. And here comes another...”

She jogged to the nearest convenient corner and climbed to the top rope. Standing up straight, the blonde faced toward the crowd and raised her arms. As the ‘she won’t, she can’t,’ vibe started to buzz through the mob, Kat dropped into a crouch and waited for Ashley to get to her feet. When the Huntress did so, Katherine leapt off into the void and came crashing down on Ashley in a beautiful Plancha that was nearly lost in the explosion of flashbulbs that tried to document it.

Feasting on the thunderstruck roar of the audience and every little quiver of the splattered blonde beneath her, Katherine pushed up off her opponent, and taunted, “You’re not the only one that can fly bitch!” She tugged Ashley up with a double handful of hair and rudely thrust the Huntress chest-first against the barricade. Taking hold of her victim’s wrists, Kat pulled one, then the other out to Ashley’s sides and placed them across the top of the barrier.

Leaning her weight against Ashley’s back, Kat offered a coy smile to a pair of fans sitting directly in front of her and asked, “You wanna help me out fellas?” Openly gaping, they could just nod ‘yes.’ Still smiling, Kat said, “Wonderful. All I want you to do is take hold of Ashley’s wrists and don’t let go until I say so. Trust me, it’ll make a great story for later.” Seemingly unable to do anything but nod, the pair each took Ashley’s wrists and them firmly, stretching the Huntress into something like a T against the barricade. Licking her lips, Kat stepped back, coiled a length of the strap around her hand and whispered, “Ya know what Ashley? I bet that Face Sit is the furthest thing from these people’s minds right now”

Giving the mob new memories to pour over, Kat raised her right arm and then lashed it down across the Huntress’ exposed back. Ashley jerked and tried to pull free, but the Great One’s subjects held her tight and she was forced to endure nearly a dozen more impacts of the CRRAACCK as the buxom blonde did her best to flay the skin from her nemesis’ back.

Eventually, Katherine’s arm started to ache and she decided that a new tactic was an order. Resting her hands on her hips, she took a deep breath and told the pair of fans, “She’s had enough for now.”

On word from their queen, they let the Huntress’ arms drop, but just as they did, Kat stepped in close behind her and cupped Ashley’s head in her hands. Turning Ashley’s face towards her grateful subjects, Kat smiled and said, “When all your friends ask you what this was like, make sure you tell them how helpless she looked.”

They just nodded again and then Kat was peeling Ashley off the steel and rolling her back into the ring in a boneless tangle of limbs. Hopping up onto the apron. Kat was about to climb through the ropes when she changed her mind. Remembering how good it felt to have Ashley’s body trembling under hers, the Great One understood that was a sensation she wanted to experience again. Looking to satisfy her craving, she sauntered over to the turnbuckles and climbed to the top. Treating her court to a slow Double Bicep Flex, Kat leapt out into the void once more and a few seconds later she rejoined the canvas using Ashley as her unwilling crash-pad.

Wincing openly as Katherine’s Splash shook the ring under his feet, the ref dropped to his knees, checked Ashley’s shoulders and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO...’ in what came as a surprise to some, Ashley shot a shoulder off the mat to break the pin.

Sitting on her knees, Kat rubbed a hand across the top of her cleavage and said, “Fight all you want baby, it’s not gonna save you from a faceful of this....” She pulled her hand away from her assets and lazily mashed it against Ashley’s weakly protesting features.

Getting her feet under her, Katherine pulled Ashley up alongside her and went back to work. Doing her best to make sure Ashley wouldn’t collapse on her, Kat took Ashley’s left arm and folded it up behind her back, applying another shoulder-cracking Hammerlock. Rolling her right hand into a fist, Kat reared back and drew a bead on the Huntress’ defenseless chest. The Great One was less than a second away from unleashing the Heart Punch when Ashley burst forward and SLAMMED her forehead into the bridge of Kat’s nose.

Eyes tearing up in an instant, Kat gasped and tried to stagger away, but she didn’t get very far before Ashley’s boot tore into her gut, doubling her over in agony. A moment later she was straightened up and she heard that hated voice in her ear. Panting raggedly, Ashley threatened, “Go ahead and keep rubbing tit-sweat in my face Kat. I’ll make sure to return the favor when I’m grinding your face under my ass.”

Her taunt fading away into a furious hiss, Ashley stood in front of Katherine, grabbed her left wrist in her right hand and thrust it between the Great One’s thighs. In the same motion, Ashley bent down and reached around Kat’s right thigh with her free hand so she could take hold of the captured left wrist. With her right hand free again, the Huntress straightened up and snaked her arm around Kat’s neck and pulled the other blonde in close. Taking a second to catch her breath, the lissome vixen dipped her knees, then she lifted Kat off her feet and fell to the mat, dumping the Great One directly on her head and shoulders with a murderous Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex.

Pushing to her feet, Ashley slowly rolled Kat onto her belly and growled, “I’m gonna tie you in a fucking knot...”

Preparing to do just that, Ashley stood on the Great One’s thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled her captive’s lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. The first half of her move complete, she bent further and grabbed hold of Kat’s wrists, one in each hand. Holding her prey tightly, Ashley fell back until she was resting on her butt and Kat had been jerked into a kneeling position. Pulling back on Katherine’s wrists, Ashley waited until her foe’s head was within grabbing distance, then she shifted her grip from Kat’s hands to her face.

Lacing her fingers across the Great One’s chin, Ashley CRANKED back on the modified Surfboard, putting diabolical pressure on Kat’s spine and neck. Pulling Kat’s head back far enough to gaze into her pain-clenched eyes, Ashley leaned forward and kissed the tip of her rival’s nose. “Ready to give it up bitch?”

Trying and failing to flinch away from her opponent’s touch, Kat grunted, “I’m gonna kill you...”

Shaking her head ‘no’, Ashley countered. “No you’re not. You’re going to tap out like the beaten slut I know you are, otherwise I’ll break your neck AND your back.” She pulled back on Kat’s chin a little harder just to prove she wasn’t screwing around.

With her hands planted on Ashley’s thighs to prevent the hold from getting any worse, Katherine could just twitch and mutter, “I don’t tap to anybody who’s licked my titssSSSGGUURRRRKKKHHH!”

Absolutely sick of being reminded of her time under the other blonde’s rack, Ashley lost her temper and released half of her grip on Kat’s chin so she could wrap a length of the strap around her throat. When her makeshift noose was tight, she pulled back as hard as she could, a tactic that immediately denied Kat off all her oxygen. Despite the fact that Kat was flailing and gurgling as she was strangled, the silver lining was that chokes were still illegal and Ashley had to release the hold by the count of ‘FIVE’ or face disqualification. It seemed an endless four seconds to Kat before the Huntress released her and kicked her away. Fixing the droning ref with a disinterested glare, Ashley got to her feet and strutted over to the smoldering wreckage of Kat Heigl!

Helping herself to a handful of the Great One’s blue togs, Ashley hauled her to her feet and led her toward the corner. Tossing Kat chest-first into the turnbuckles, Ashley pressed in close and leaned all her weight across the other blonde’s back. Grinding her svelte form back and forth against the scorched earth of Katherine’s back, Ashley whispered, “You feel that bitch? That’s power born of conditioning, not a buffet table. You may be hot shit against the other plus size powerhouses, but against me? You just don’t have what it takes.”

Letting Kat mull this barb in silence, Ashley stepped back, took hold of the top rope to Kat’s right and leaned back, resting all her weight on her right leg. Picking her spots carefully, Ashley brought her left leg slashing up half a dozen times, each landing with deadly accuracy at the base of the Great One’s neck. Just after the THWAP of her last kick had faded, Ashley stepped in behind Katherine again and this time she hooked both of the wounded blonde’s arms behind her in an inescapable loop. Backing her victim out of the corner, the Huntress sank into a crouch, then bridged up and back, ripping Kat off her feet to deposit her on the back of her head and shoulders almost halfway across the ring compliments of a Release Tiger Suplex.

The impact of the landing folded Kat up like a matchbook and left her in that rather ignominious position until Ashley wandered over and chided, “Well that’s just vulgar. Looks like I’ll have to teach you proper ring decorum.”

Dusting off her favorite teaching tool, the Huntress raised her strapping arm overhead, held it there for a moment and then proceeded to lather the leather down across Kat’s upturned backside. Ashley was only able to connect with maybe three of those glute-searing blows, but judging from Kat’s pained screams and frantic scrambling, it was three too many.

Biting her bottom lip as Katherine crawled away from her, Ashley added, “Next time you point your ass toward the lights I’m going to stick my boot it in. Understand Kitty?”

Getting nothing but an enraged curse from the other blonde, Ashley bent down, hooked the waistband of Kat’s briefs and scraped her off the mat. Spinning the wounded Great One around to face her, the Huntress seized Kat’s right wrist and hurled her across the ring and into the turnbuckles where she hit with a teeth-jarring BWOONNNG!

When she was satisfied that Katherine wasn’t playing opossum or any other clever shit, Ashley sprinted after her and ate up the distance between them at an alarming rate of speed. As she neared the point of no return, the Huntress actually sped up and the whole crowd roared wildly as she RAN RIGHT UP Kat’s chest like it was nothing more than a curvy blonde ramp. A heartbeat later Ashley executed a perfect Back Flip that brought her down several feet in front of her woozy opposition.

The lithe warrior resumed her vertical base, then pressed her attack by leaping forward to THWAP the broadest part of her left thigh against the side of Kat’s face. With Kat still sputtering from the collision, Ashley snagged her rival in a tight Side Headlock and dropped back to the mat. Doubling Kat over so that the big blonde’s temple was resting snugly against the point of her hip, Ashley took off back toward the center of the ring but after a half a dozen steps she leapt into the air and soared for quite some distance before coming down on her butt with a meaty SMACK. Of course, that sound was all but drowned out by the THUD of Kat’s forehead hitting the canvas to complete a Bulldog strong enough to bounce the crippled Great One a few inches into the air and flop her over onto her back.

Both the SMACK and the THUD were still ringing in the mob’s ears when Ashley rolled her prey over onto her back and went for a cover. Cradling Kat’s far leg, she leaned all her weight into the pin and held up her fingers in time with the ref’s count of ‘ONE... TWO... THNO!’

Despite the terrible pounding she’d taken over the last few minutes, Kat wasn’t ready for her night to end just yet, so she extended it by at least another three seconds when she jerked free of Ashley’s grasp. Giving voice to a low, frustrated growl, Ashley said, “I’m through toying with you Kat. I think it’s time you got reacquainted with a favorite move of mine.” Popping to her feet, the Huntress peeled Katherine off the canvas and immediately trapped her in a Front Facelock.

After she’d slung Kat’s near arm across her shoulders, Ashley looked out at the audience, drew her thumb across her throat and roared, “EVER SEEN AN ANGEL FALL TO EARTH?”

As the crowd urged her on, Ashley bent down and used free arm to hook the Great One’s left leg just behind the knee. Cinching her grip tight, the Huntress was already beginning the lift that would begin the Fallen Angel when Katherine balled her unencumbered hand into a fist and drove it SMECK into Ashley’s ribs!

“UUNNNggghhh…” Ashley grunted and her grip loosened but she didn’t disengage, so Kat treated her to a few more gut busting shots.


After nearly half a dozen blows, Ashley finally gave up on her finisher and started to stagger away, but by then Kat had straightened up and she JAMMED the toe of her right boot into Ashley’s paunch to stop her in her tracks. Quickly flipping hair out of her eyes, Kat stormed forward, grabbed a double handful of Ashley’s golden locks and thrust the gasping beauty’s head between her thighs. Squeezing down hard to complete the Standing Headscissors, Kat wrapped her arms around the other blonde’s waist and added a second crushing grip.

Trying her hardest not to show how shaken she was at having so narrowly avoided Ashley’s finisher (the Fallen Angel was after all, the move that had allowed the Huntress to use her face like a bicycle seat during their last encounter) Katherine steadied her voice and she sounded more pissed than frightened when she snarled, “You’re the only one falling to earth tonight bitch. And I PROMISE the landing is gonna break you in fuckin’ half!”

Saving her breath for what came next, the Great One glanced around for a corner, found one that was convenient and turned toward it. Tightening her grip on Ashley’s trim middle, Kat bent her knees and HOISTED the Huntress up onto her shoulders, setting her in place for a Powerbomb. Ignoring the proximity of Ashley’s crotch to her face, Katherine took several shuddering steps forward and then TOSSED Ashley forward and down. There was a BWUUUNG that shivered the ring as the Huntress was driven back-first into the thinly padded buckles thanks to Kat’s murderous twist on the traditional Powerbomb.

Nearly tingling with joy as she watched Ashley’s boneless progress to the mat, Kat took note of the slumped blonde’s seated position in the corner and she instantly knew what her next move was going to be. Raising her left arm over her head, Kat pointed her index finger into the rafters and exclaimed, “TIME TO BREAK HER FUCKIN’ JAW!”

Pushed by a wild cacophony of cheers, Kat spun around on her heel and jogged toward the opposite corner. She had just arrived at her destination when she spun back around and ROARED toward her seated victim. Never slowing down, Kat bore down on Ashley and THWOCK drove the point of her right knee into the Huntress’ forehead as hard as she possibly could. Ashley offered up a single gut-shot ‘Unnnggh’ before sliding free of the corner and laying prone on the canvas.

Such a murderous Knee Smash would have been a good enough finisher for most ladies, but Kat had nursed a special hatred for the wounded blonde over the last several months and she wanted to put her away with something a little flashier. Savoring the nervous tremors that always ran up and down the length of her spine before she finished off an opponent, Kat pulled Ashley to her feet and easily forced the Huntress into another Standing Headscissors before she lifffftted Ashley up onto her shoulder.

With the small of Ashley’s back nuzzled against the point of her shoulder, the Great One spun around to face the center of the ring to make sure that all her subjects would get to see what happened to anyone who challenged her might. Grinning from ear-to-ear, Katherine tightened her grip and rocked up and down on the balls of her feet before taking two steps forward to simultaneously drop to one knee and drive the Huntress’ left shoulder CRASH down on her bent knee.

Kat’s finisher drove a nearly electrical shockwave of pain through the lissome grappler as the ‘Heigl Hangover’ nearly broke her shoulder. Tossing Ashley’s freshly limp bulk to the mat, Kat could already feel Ashley’s face pressing against her rack as she went for the cover. Willing to wager a good bit of money that this match was over, the zebra dropped in next to the warring blondes and slapped the mat, ‘ONE... TWO... THRNO!’

Glad he had kept his opinion to himself, the official informed Kat of the two count and moved away so she could continue her campaign. More than a little disgusted that Ashley had managed to survive the Hangover, Kat spat, “Go ahead Ash, just keep pissing me off. By the time I’m done jugging you out, they’re gonna need a crowbar to remove your face from my tits.”

Allowing the Huntress to ponder that rather disturbing image in silence, Kat got to her feet and brought Ashley to hers. With the other blonde still groggy and compliant, Kat bent Ashley over and spun around behind her. Then the Great One sneaked her right arm through Ashley’ legs and grabbed hold of the Huntress’ dangling left wrist before yanking it back between Ashley’s thighs. At the same time Kat hooked Ashley’s right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the trapped grappler into something that looked like the beginnings of an Abdominal Stretch.

Kat held this position for several seconds, taking the time to pull up hard on the hand holding Ashley’ wrist, ramming the blonde’s forearm into her own crotch. Letting her actions speak for themselves, she pulled up with both hands, lifting Ashley off her feet only to swing her gut-first onto Kat’s shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Kat shifted her grip so that one arm was slipped over Ashley’s back while the other held the blonde’s head in place. When her grip was secure, the Great One rose up on her toes, then slammed herself forward and down, practically driving the Huntress through the canvas compliments of the Pumphandle Slam. Ashley bounced off the mat with a sweaty THUD and lay spread-eagled at Kat’s feet, which put Kat in the perfect position to launch her next attack.

Standing with a boot on either side of her foe’s head, Kat used her feet to pin Ashley’s hair to the mat. Leaning down, the Great One grabbed hold of the Huntress’ wrists and then stood up. Pulling on Ashley’s wrists as hard as she could, Kat giggled wickedly as Ashley was forced into a spine-bending bridge. Jiggling her grip on the Huntress’ captured wrists, Kat smiled down into Ashley’s frantic face and cooed, “I’ve never smothered a bald chick before; not sure if I’ll like it or not!”

Gritting her teeth against the fiery pain in her scalp (not to mention her shoulders and back) Ashley hissed, “SCREW YOU, KAT!”

Rolling her eyes, Katherine taunted, “Is that the best you’ve got?” Ashley just snarled and continued trying to escape, so the Great One bent her knees, then leapt straight into the air. Tossing Ashley’s wrists away, Kat pulled her legs up out in front of her and waited for gravity to bring her down ass-first on Ashley’s heaving chest. She didn’t have to wait long and simultaneous with her rather comfortable landing, Kat was rewarded with the sublimely pleasing sound of the Huntress sobbing underneath her.

Guessing that she was very close to making Ashley a quitter, Kat took a few seconds to mash her butt back and forth across Ashley’s chest, then pushed to her feet. Taking the other blonde by her leather-circled wrist, Kat pulled her to her feet and twisted the arm up between her shoulders in another Hammerlock.

Her free hand already formed into a fist, Kat drew back and sneered, “You blocked this the first time, but...”

She didn’t finish the taunt, she just snapped her arm forward and flattened Ashley’s left breast under her fist with a crippling Heart Punch. The Huntress’ face went pale and she tried to fall to her knees, but Kat would have none of it! Sweeping the lanky beauty up in her arms, Kat shifted her grip so that one hand was clasping Ashley’s throat and the other was dug into her crotch. Smiling a bit as the crowd cheered her on, Kat flexed those amazing shoulders of hers and lifted Ashley up over her head in a Military Press.

Strutting around the squared circle, Kat spared Ashley a single smirking look before she told the mob, “Right now it looks like the only thing she’s hunting is an ass kicking! And ya know what? She’s found onUNNNNHHHHH!”

As Kat was concluding her missive, Ashley came alive in her grasp and somehow managed to squirm free of the slam attempt. Ashley landed on her feet behind the surprised blonde and before Kat even knew what was happening, the Huntress pulled back both arms and snapped them forward, stunning the Great One with a Mongolian Chop that connected just above her hips.

Catching Kat before she could sag to her knees, Ashley spun around so that she was standing back-to-back with her nemesis. Reaching back with her right arm, she snaked the limb across Kat’s throat and pulled her even closer. With Katherine molded to her back at a rather odd angle, the Huntress rose up on her toes, stayed there for an instant and then dropped to her knees, a move that yanked Kat down with her and neatly jarred Kat’s entire spine. Releasing her hold on Kat’s chin after the modified Backbreaker connected, Ashley scrambled to her feet and wasted no time in kicking Kat over onto her back.

Pointing toward the nearest turnbuckle, the Huntress proclaimed, “THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS SLOW, SLOPPY BITCH IS GONNA COME OFF THE TOP ROPE MORE’N ME TONIGHT!”

Doing her part to correct this grave injustice, she jogged to the indicated corner and hopped up onto the top buckle. Spinning around to face the ring, she settled into a crouch just long enough to get her bearings and then she launched herself into the void, soaring through the air like beautiful blonde missile. As her body began its sharp, dive-bombing descent, Ashley extended her right leg fully and, a second later her Guillotine Leg Drop slammed down across Katherine’s face. The oblivious Great One spasmed like a trauma victim for several seconds before finally laying still. Ignoring the dull ache in her tailbone, Ashley draped herself over Kat’s well-padded chest and hooked both legs in a tight Cradle. A moment the crowd and the referee were counting ‘ONE... TWO.... THRNOOO!’

Kat earned her ‘Great’ moniker once again when she summoned up the strength to kick out of the Huntress’ latest bit of offense.

Scowling at the official, Ashley turned an angry glance on Katherine and muttered, “Screw it, I’m just gonna kick your head right off your fucking shoulders.”

Knowing she was more than capable of accomplishing this threat, Ashley tugged Kat off the canvas and immediately whipped her into a corner on the opposite side of the ring. Moving with a speed and precision that came from years of practice, the Huntress sprinted forward, dipped low and executed a trio of Handsprings that carried her to within feet of where Kat was splattered in the corner. As she popped out of the last Handspring, Ashley soared up in a straight vertical leap, lashed out with her left leg and caught Kat with a vile Enziguiri that landed just behind the Great One’s right ear.

Relishing the impressed applause of the capacity crowd, Ashley recovered in time to step aside as Katherine lurched out of the corner and fell flat on her face. Adjusting the waistband of her purple bottoms with a satisfied little ‘snap,’ the Huntress worked the point of one boot under Kat’s ribs and rolled her over onto her back. Sauntering over to the fallen blonde’s head, Ashley dropped to her knees and purred, “Oh little kitty, I am gonna stretch you out soooooo good.”

Settling in beside Kat’s right shoulder, Ashley pulled the Great One into a rough sitting position so she could wrap her thighs around the other blonde’s left arm. Almost ready for the hurting to begin in earnest, Ashley looped her right arm around Heigl’s right bicep and pulled it back at a slight angle. Hoping that Katherine was still aware enough to realize what was about to happen, the Huntress went limp for a split second before every muscle in her svelte frame tensed up and she nearly yanked Kat’s shoulders out of joint with the Crucifix Stretch.

Methodically relaxing and then increasing the pressure on the hold, Ashley put tremendous pressure on the Great One’s shoulders and as much as she hated it, Kat couldn’t contain the sobs of pain that escaped her lips. Wanting a bawled submission from her nemesis more than anything in the world, Ashley used her free hand to slap at her opponent’s face while she continued trying to break her arms. After an especially evil constriction tore a low, lingering yelp from Katherine, Ashley brushed the hair out of her rival’s pale face and purred, “Give it up Kitty. Give it up and you won’t have to spend Christmas in an emergency room. You’re still gonna have to wash some ass stink off your face, but I think that’s preferable to spending the most wonderful time of the year in traction, don’t you?” She capped her snide little taunt with a brisk SLAP to Kat’s defenseless chest.

Kicking at the ref every time he tried to ask for her submission, Kat shook her head ‘no’ and sneered, “You’re deluding yourself slut. You can barely pin me, there’s NO WAY you can make me AARRRRGHHHHHHHH!”

The Huntress reefed back on her arms again and Katherine howled in anguish. Breathing hard now, Ashley demanded, “There’s no way out cunt. So give up, or say goodbye to your shoulders...”

Rejecting anything that even resembled thoughts of submission. Kat craned her head back and realized that the ropes weren’t that far behind her. But there was no way she could last long enough to circle around, she’d pass out from the pain of the Crucifix before she could make it halfway. Steeling herself for the one option that remained, Katherine planted her feet against the canvas and inched them as close to the rest of her as she could. With all the leverage she was going to get, the Great One PUSHED up with everything she had left and luckily for her it was just enough to Somersault herself over Ashley’s intruding form and tangle her feet in the ropes.

Delirious with joy, Kat shrieked, “BREAK! BREAK THE HOLD YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

Dividing a murderous gaze between Kat and the official, Ashley kept the Stretch in place till the zebra reached ‘FOUR’ then released her grip. Getting her feet under her, the Huntress felt something brushing against her leg and she glanced down to investigate. Spotting the leather strap that was still cinched around her right wrist, the blonde bombshell broke out in a cold smile and asked, “How could I ever forget about you?”

Looking to rectify this error, Ashley looped a few coils of the strap around her wrist and waited impatiently for Kat to get back to a vertical base. Several seconds later, the Great One was on her feet and that’s when Ashley let out soft, taunting whistle. Kat spun toward the source of the noise and Ashley flicked out the strap, meaning to catch the right across the mouth. But in an amazing display of agility, Kat’s left hand snapped up and she actually caught the strap in the mid-swing!

Smiling through the pain that had just blossomed in her hand, Kat locked eyes with her stunned nemesis and growled, “My turn.”

Kat YANKED on the strap and reeled Ashley in toward her. In the same motion, the Great One lunged forward, brought up her right arm and THWAP almost snapped the Huntress’ neck with a Short-Arm Clothesline that spun her around a full 270 degrees before depositing her face-and-chest first on the mat.

Tossing her floored foe’s strap away with all the reverence one would afford a dead snake, Katherine snapped her blue briefs back into place across her hips and huffed, “Your turn Ash. What’s that? Not feeling up to it? All right, I’ll go again.”

Bending down, she dug her fingers into the other blonde’s mane and ripped her off the canvas. Spinning around behind the groggy Huntress, Kat slipped her arms up under her foe’s armpits and clasped her hands at the base of Ashley’s neck to secure a Full Nelson. Pushing down as hard as she could, Kat forced Ashley to take every bit of her weight as she cooed, “I’m gonna break you slow Ashley baby. And as soon as I hear that SNAP, then the fun REALLY starts.”

Speaking no more, she jerked her off her feet, pulling the other blonde high into the air. Then, with Ashley’s legs soaring helplessly in front of her, Kat sat out and drove her victim’s butt into the mat with cheek-numbing force. Holding the Full Nelson for a moment longer, Kat rolled onto her knees, a move that forced Ashley over onto her stomach.

Straddling the small of the Huntress’ back, Katherine released the Nelson only to pull her foe’s arms back far enough to drape them over the smooth, slightly tanned planes of her thighs. Camel Clutch almost complete, she took her time in reaching under Ashley’s chin, lacing her fingers and then YANKING back on the other girl’s captured head. Peering down at her helpless enemy, Kat worked the Clutch patiently; she knew there was no way for Ashley to escape and it would be wonderful to just sit here and watch the smarmy bitch suffer.

After another prolonged tug on the Huntress’ neck brought a low moan from her plaything, Kat lowered her head, kissed the top of Ashley’s nose and purred, “I’ll give you a choice Ash. Which would you prefer in your immediate future? A brace for your back, or breasts for your face?”

Sneering her contempt for the Great One in spite of the mind-numbing pain she was in, Ashley fired back, “What I’d really like is an ass for your nose!”

Growling her displeasure, Kat forgot all about being patient and went right for the suffering. Breaking her grip on the blonde’s chin, Kat wrapped her strap around Ashley’s throat and then pulled back harder than ever before to turn the painful Camel Clutch into a murderously augmented choke. As painful as her new predicament was, it was also a minor blessing for the Huntress in that Kat would have to release it after the ref’s count or be disqualified. And despite the fact that she was nearly blind with rage, Kat paid attention to the count and released her stranglehold when the zebra reached ‘FOUR.’

Pushing up off the trembling body of her nemesis, Katherine advised, “Breathe deep while you can Ashley, cuz you’re not going to be able to later.” ‘Later’ turned out to the end of her sentence. Scraping Ashley off the mat once more, Kat pulled Ashley close and wrapped the lash around her throat at least three or four times. When she ran out of leather, the Great One simply added her hands to the mix and with a tiny grunt of exertion she LIFTED the Huntress off the mat and into the air, strangling the life out of her with another blatantly illegal Choke.

Shaking the slender blonde like a rag-doll, Kat glared up into Ashley’s bugging eyes and roared, “YOU CAN’T WIN BITCH! DO YOU HEAR ME? YOU CAN’T WIN!”

She never found out if Ashley heard her or not because just then the official started up his count and it brought an end to Kat’s fun. Just as the ref was reaching ‘FOUR’ Kat pushed up on her toes, then fell forward and down to THWAM the full length of Ashley’s back into the mat with a Two-handed Choke Slam that was a close cousin of the Biel Bomb. Quickly removing the strap from Ashley’s windpipe, Kat smeared herself across the Huntress’ chest, hooked both legs and waited impatiently for the ‘ONE... TWO... THRNO!’

Ashley shot her arm up and jammed the flat of her palm under Kat’s chin, CLAACKING her teeth together and breaking the pin in one easy motion.

Rubbing the ache out of her jaw, Kat hissed, “You like simple Ash? Then I’ll finish you as simply as possible.”

Dragging the feebly protesting vixen to her feet, Kat reached out, grabbed a single handful of the Huntress’ bikini top and tore it away in the blink of an eye. Before Ashley’s face could even begin to turn read, Kat reeled her in, wrapped her arms around that trim, sleek waist and CRUSHED down with a Bear Hug. Hands knotted together just below the small of Ashley’s back, Katherine leaned back on her heels and pulled the other blonde off the mat. With Ashley’s frantically squirming feet a few inches off the ground, Kat had a remarkably easy time torquing her upper body left and right, left and right.

Certain that she could feel the Huntress’ ribs beginning to splinter, the Great One poured more power into the Hug and purred, “You’re beaten slut. Lemme hear you admit it while you still caUNNNUGGGRRRKKKHH!”

Kat had forgotten to pin down Ashley’s arms when she applied the Hug and that oversight came back to haunt her as Ashley reached up, slipped her strap around Kat’s neck and began to squeeze. Barely able to speak, Ashley panted, “LET... ME... GO!”

Unable to believe that she was doing exactly that, Kat released the Bear Hug at the same time Ashley pulled the leather away from her throat. Stumbling away from one another, the rivals stayed on their knees for several seconds before Kat resumed a vertical base and stormed over to where Ashley was kneeling.

Jerking the freshly topless grappler to her feet with a handful of tights, Kat took Ashley’s left wrist in both hands and whipped her toward the ropes. Using those scant seconds as a short breather, Kat thought about what she was going to do next, but those plans got shot down when she saw Ashley leap over the top rope, turn around in midair and land nimbly on the ring apron. Thinking of how nice it would be to boot that skank’s scrawny ass into the barrier again, Kat exploded forward in a dead run.

On the other side of the ropes, Ashley saw the Great One coming and quite literally sprang into action. Taking the top rope in both hands, the Huntress pulled back, then leapt onto the top rope. Holding that precarious position for less than a second, she sprang a second time, this time soaring towards her incoming nemesis. As she bore down on Katherine, Ashley popped her legs open in a wide V and then snapped them shut as they surrounded Kat’s head. Locking her ankles in an instant, Ashley dropped straight back and twisted hard to her left, a move that ripped Kat off her feet and threw her across the squared circle.

Scrambling to her feet an instant after the Springboard Hurricanrana had unseated Kat, Ashley suddenly realized she was missing her top and glanced around the ring for it. When she couldn’t locate it (Kat’s toss had placed it outside the ring somewhere) the Huntress growled, “You scummy little tramp, I oughta ...”

As if in response to this, Kat let out a stunned moan and pushed to her hands and knees. Taking advantage of this incredible opportunity, Ashley waited until the Great One was on her feet but still doubled over, then took off like a shot. When her shadow was hanging long and ominous over the prone Amazon, she sprang into the air and extended her right leg out as far as it would go. When her descent began, Ashley drove her outstretched leg down hard, slamming her calf across the base of Katherine’s neck and shoulders with a vicious Axe Kick. The strength of the strike took Heigl off her feet and THWAPPED her face and chest against the mat a heartbeat before the rest of her curvy frame joined her on the canvas.

Rolling to one knee in a slinky little move, Ashley licked her index finger and made a small ‘ticking’ gesture to note another point scored for her. Hoping she’d run the score up enough, Ashley shoved Kat over onto her back, hooked the far leg and waited in grim silence as the ref counted…

“ONE... TWO... THRNOO!’ The Great One kicked free at the last second; the game would continue.

Suddenly furious over Kat’s removal of her battle attire, Ashley straddled the other blonde, leaned down into her face and sneered, “You’re nothing Kat. You might look like something next to your average Hooters Wench and Hawaiian Tropic bimbo, but against me, the only thing you had going were you tits and your strength. And when that bell rings again, you’re not going to have those either.” Yanking the disoriented vixen to her feet with a savage handful of hair, Ashley reached out with her free hand, snagged Kat’s top right between the cups and sheared the garment away with a flick of her wrist. Not giving Kat the time to contemplate her new state of semi-nakedness, the Huntress took her foe by the wrist and whipped her into the ropes.

When Kat came stumblin’ and jigglin’ back. Ashley stepped forward, planted both hands in the curve of the Great One’s midriff and THRUST up as hard as she could! The quick shift in momentum launched Kat straight into the air and when her crotch was just about level with Ashley’s nose, the Huntress lunged in and wrapped both arms around the floating blonde’s waist. With her head framed by Kat’s thighs, Ashley pushed forward and sat out hard, absolutely DRILLING Kat into the mat with a stunningly delivered Sit-Out Powerbomb!

The crowd went nuts as Kat’s nearly folded in half by the landing; things like this just DIDN’T HAPPEN to Katherine Heigl; she was the one who did the Powerbombing and was almost never on the receiving end of such a domineering maneuver. For her part, Ashley really didn’t give a shit, she just cared about Kat’s shoulders being down and the pin that would inevitably follow. Keeping her arms locked around the Great One’s quivering paunch, Ashley leaned all her weight onto Kat’s upturned haunches as the official counted, ‘ONE... TWO... THRENOOOO!’

Kat didn’t break the pin so much as she did flop out of it, but that was enough for the ref and he forced Ashley to go back on the attack. Getting to her feet, Ashley realized there was one hold left in her arsenal that could tear Kat apart while allowing the Huntress to get her breath back.

Hands on her hips, Ashley glared down at the ruined blonde and purred, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Kristin Kreuk’s taken to using my Black Vise in her matches, so I think it’s only fair that I get to use her finisher against you. Gotta be honest though, I think my version’s a lot better.”

Showing Katherine what she meant, Ashley pulled the other blonde to her feet and immediately doubled her up with a straight Knee Lift to the navel. Staying close against the Great One’s right side, Ashley pushed Kat over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling down. In one fluid motion, she Scissored her right leg around the blonde’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Kat’s ribs. In the same motion she reached over Kat’s bent torso and hooked Kat’s right arm with her left arm. Then she brought her left leg up and slung it over Kat’s neck so that the back of the Huntress’ knee was resting comfortably against the side of her victim’s face.

At that point, she had successfully applied the Hellcat’s Kreul Intentions, but as Ashley had said, she had a different version for Kat! And she wasted little time in unveiling it. Keeping the vicious stretch locked in, Ashley leaned back and fell to the mat, taking Kat along with her. As Katherine wriggled in her coils, Ashley wrapped her right arm around the other blonde’s right thigh and pulled it out away from her torso. Now, along with the already maddening pain in her abdomen, shoulder and neck, Kat had to contend with the pain of a potential groin pull as Ashley split her legs in a V that was equally lewd and sadistic.

Pouring every bit of strength she had left into the torturous S curves of her hold, Ashley pushed down with her legs, pulled up with her arms and screamed, “SUBMIT!”

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Kat could see the ropes only a few feet away, but Ashley had her tied up so thoroughly there was no way to get to them. Reaching for the cables with her free hand, Kat shook her head ‘no’ as best she could and spat, “FUCK OAAAAHH GAAAWD!”

Tried of dealing with the Great One’s insolence, Ashley stopped stretching Kat’s right leg and instead laid her right hand on the front of Kat’s trunks. As the trapped blonde was firing her mouthy retort, the Huntress DUG in her talons and Katherine the Great screamed like a rabbit caught in a snare.

Scraping her tines over her foe’s most sensitive of areas, Ashley repeated her demand, “SUBMIT!”

Rapidly drowning in the human bog that was Ashley, Kat stopped reaching for the ropes and grabbed hold of the calf that was busy grinding against the side of her face. Using her pain as motivation, Kat shoved the Huntress’ gam free of her features and the slight increase in mobility was enough for her to lurch across the canvas and grab the ropes. Hating the desperate, helpless quality in her voice, Kat sobbed, “LEMME GO, YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

Eyes wide with incredulous fury, Ashley worked the Crotch Claw until ‘FOUR’ before finally releasing her sadistic pretzel hold. Looming over her mewling opposition, Ashley pulled Kat to her feet and reeled her in close. Nose-to-nose with the other blonde, Ashley whispered, “You should have tapped out Kat. Because now you have NOTHING left to defend yourself.”

Proving her point, Ashley planted a boot in Kat’s gut and trapped the wounded girl in a Front Facelock. Too tired for theatrics, Ashley used her free hand to grab a rough handful of Kat’s tights and pull them up quickly, almost baring one half of her opponent’s impressive, but often overlooked backside. Bending her knees, Ashley lifted up fast, hauling Kat off her feet and inverting her directly overhead. Once The Great One was upside down, Ashley sat out; drilling the top of Kat’s pate into the canvas with a skull-shattering Brainbuster.

The match-ending maneuver sent a violent spasm through Kat’s body and then she lay still, dazed and Starfished in the center of the ring. Hoping for one of those career defining moments everyone else seemed to be having tonight, Ashley raised both arms overhead and placed her right foot on Katherine’s chest as she awaited the official to make the count.

‘ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!” Every single Kat fan in the stadium went completely bat shit insane when the Great One raised an arm and SLAPPED the Huntress’ intruding boot from her breasts.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Ashley muttered, “All right Kat, you want your career to end tonight? Consider it done.”

Already preparing some solemn post-fight statement about how much fun she had driving Kat from the business, Ashley dropped to one knee, rolled the other blonde over onto her stomach and grabbed Kat’s ankles.

A few feet away, Katherine felt Ashley’s hands wrap around her boots and she knew that the Huntress was looking for the Black Vise. Running on nothing but terror and rage, Kat rolled onto her side, ripped her feet out of Ashley’s grasp and then SLAMMED them full force into the unsuspecting blonde’s chin. The surprise mule kick sent Ashley reeling back into the ropes which promptly bounced her back on a woozy, staggering course toward Katherine.

Seizing every microsecond of this opportunity, Kat popped to her feet, lunged forward and muscled the Huntress onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. With no hesitation whatsoever, Kat rose up, shifted to her right and sat out, stapling the back of Ashley’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a Death Valley Driver. The power behind the counter forced Ashley into a sitting position for a moment and Kat took full advantage of that too.

Planting a knee in Ashley’s back, Kat wrapped her strap around Ashley’s neck and PULLED. Ignoring the drone of the official, she listened to Ashley gurgle and thrash for four beautiful seconds and then let her go. Getting her feet under her for what she hoped would be the last time, Kat invited Ashley to join her and quickly treated her nemesis to a hearty helping of Standing Headscissors.

Letting her thighs continue the work that the strap had started, Kat grabbed Ashley’s bottoms in both hands and PULLED up for the second time in as many minutes. Savoring the Huntress’ choked scream as her tights disappeared into her, Katherine shifted her grip to Ashley’s waist and locked her hands. Gasping for breath herself, Kat sneered, “You wanna throw a Powerbomb Ash? You gotta learn how to do it right. I can show you though. Here, watch...”

Bending her knees, the Great One hoisted her victim up onto her shoulders and let her hang there for several seconds. Quickly realizing that the other blonde was nearly deadweight on her shoulders, Kat turned to each side of the ring, allowing all her subjects one last look at this pretender to her throne. Then she rose up on her toes and tossed Ashley off her shoulders. A second later there was a ear-splitting BWAM and the ref nearly lost his balance as the Huntress was driven into the canvas.

Heady with the thought of victory, Kat offered the mob a bicep flex and screamed, “THIS IS FOR EVERYONE IN MY COURT!”

Unveiling her newest creation, Katherine pulled Ashley to her feet with a handful of tights, and forcefully doubled her over. Then standing to her left, Katherine wrapped both arms around Ashley’s waist and locked her hands. Knees bent, the Great One lifted Ashley up and held her body parallel to the mat in a simple Gut-Wrench. She held her for less than a second before she began a spin that grew faster with each rotation.

When both blondes were little more than a blur and the more motion- sickness prone members of the audience were about to look away, Kat rose up on her toes, shifted Ashley’s head toward the canvas and then dropped to her knees, brutally SPIKING the Huntress’ skull into the mat with her Spinning Gut-Wrench Piledriver that would later come to be known by the slightly less cumbersome, but far more oblique name of ‘Greetings from Zyzzyx Road.’ After the devastating move left Ashley folded in a boneless heap, Kat pushed the Huntress onto her back, straddled her waist and simply waited as the ref swooped in to counted off,

The bell sounded and Kat was declared the winner, but she didn't feel like a winner. At least not yet. Maintaining her perch on Ashley's chest, the Great One shifted her weight and pinned the Huntress' arms neatly to her sides. Shooing the ref away with a glance, Kat reached up, undid her battle frayed ponytail and let her hair go tumbling down her shoulders.

Biting her bottom lip, Kat laid her hands on Ashley's breasts and whispered, "The first time we fought, I just smothered you. Now you're going to pay tribute."

Ashley didn't answer, but that was ok, Kat would have her talking soon enough. Taking the blonde's nubs between thumb and forefinger, Katherine pinched down, then TWISTED hard in opposite directions. The pain of Kat's torture shattered Ashley's stupor and brought the Huntress back to reality with an ear-piercing scream. Trapped under the other blonde's immovable weight, Ashley kicked frantically, but she could only manage a minor wriggling as Kat tried to remove a pair of small, but important parts of her.

Pretty face crumpled in anguish, Ashley whimpered, "Get offa me bitch!"

Shaking her head 'no', Kat continued her nipple-twisting torture and asked casually, "Why should I?"

Refusing to accept the fact that she'd lost the match, Ashley panted, "Because you proved your point, now get the fuck offa OOWWWWGAWDLEEGGGOUHMYTITS!"

Thoroughly enjoying having Ashley at her mercy, Kat lessened the pressure of her grip and said, "I don't know, this is really a lot of fun. What'll you do for me if I let you have these nasty things back?"

Sobbing silently, Ashley replied, "Anything you want."

Kat smiled evilly and repeated, "ANYTHING?"

Ashley nodded, "Just leggo uh my tits."

Releasing her vile grip, Kat scooted back several inches, then raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. Thrusting her vaunted rack forward, the Great One demanded, "Worship your Goddess like the peasant you are. And if I think you're holding back, your tits go home with me."

Shuddering with shame and revulsion, Ashley sat up and slowly, slooowly placed her face in the deep canyon of Katherine's cleavage. A moment later, Kat let out a satisfied sigh as the Huntress' cheeks, lips, nose and tongue began to map every inch of her décolletage.

Ashley's forced adulation of her conqueror went on for more than two minutes and just as Kat figured the ref and the other suits would be urging her to wrap it up, she slithered both arms around Ashley's head and locked the Jugg Smother in for real.

Ashley fought the hold for a moment, but Kat stopped that when she whispered, "Struggle and I'll snap your neck."

Ashley's movements quieted down at once and shortly thereafter, she drifted off to dreamland. When she was sure the other blonde was finally out, Kat pulled the insensate grappler's features from her rack and gave her a final appraisal. Beaming into the Huntress' gleaming, pallid face, Katherine purred, "For all your talk, you're little better than a sweat rag Ashley Ashley. And should you ever feel the need to challenge me again, just remember what THIS feels like…"

She leaned forward and THWAP-PAP smacked the dual swells of her breasts against the Huntress' face in a humiliating Breast Slap.

Finally done with her subject, Katherine the Great got to her feet, posed for her loyal subjects, then left the ring to begin the celebration of her latest conquest.
A few minutes prior…aving just completed a quick promo for her match on the following week's show, Hayden Panettiere turned down the hall that led to her locker room when one of Archer's myriad assistants stepped out of the crowd, tapped her on the shoulder and announced, "The party planner is here Ms. Panettiere."

If he was expecting anything other than a look of blank surprise, he was destined to be disappointed, because to Hayden, this was a complete non sequitur. Head tilted to the side, she said 'Huh?" Then, feeling a little foolish, added, "Sorry, you kinda caught me off guard. What about a party?"

The intern shrugged. "Don't know. I just got a message from the suits saying 'tell Hayden the party planner will meet her in her locker room."

Curiosity vied with confusion on her face for a moment, then won the day. Nodding once, she said, "OK. Guess I shouldn't keep them waiting." Leaving the chaos of the main staging area behind her, Panettiere slipped down a narrow side hallway and reached her room without further interruption. Not exactly sure who to expect on the other side of the door, the diminutive blonde pushed into the room, looked around and found… no one at all. Frowning, Hayden called out, "Hello? Anybody home?"

Nothing but the smooth silence of an empty room.

Shrugging, she muttered, "Guess they got tired of waiting around." The rookie phenom turned back toward the door and that's when a very long shadow fell across her.

"Hello Hayden." said a low, cool voice. Whirling around, Hayden locked eyes with her visitor and though she immediately remonstrated herself for it, she couldn't stop her jaw from dropping open.

Getting control of herself, Hayden asked, "So you're the party planner?"

A nod. "One of many."

Glancing around her room, the blonde followed with, "And how the hell did you do that?"

She offered the rookie a very faint smile. "You just weren't looking hard enough."

Circling the interloper at a safe distance, Hayden approached one of the room's low wooden benches and sat down hard. Never letting her eyes leave the other woman, Panettiere's questions kept coming. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you."

The smile went from faint to knowing. Hayden didn't like the look much at all. "Ok… talk."

The party planner arched an eyebrow. "Direct aren't you?"

"You make me a little nervous, that's all."

"Only a LITTLE nervous?" Her voice had a rather sardonic lilt now.

Hayden shrugged, "OK, maybe more than a little. But that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and exchange cryptic statements with you. So I'll say it again; talk!"

Her guest leaned against the wall and began to speak. "You probably aren't aware of this, but things in this promotion are about to go straight to hell. My associates and I have been aware of this problem for some time and we've been working on a plan that would keep the entropy at bay. We were still a few months away from unveiling ourselves to the world, but certain events earlier in the evening have set the wheel in motion. And once the wheel's in motion, there are only two options. You can either guide its path or you can get run the fuck over! The question for you…Hayden Panettiere… is WHICH option do you choose?"

The ingénue was silent for several seconds, then asked, "Lemme get this straight. You want ME to help you and your 'associates' with this party you're throwing?"

"Oh yes. But you're not just helping to plan it; you're going to be an integral part of our little bash."

As nervous as that made Hayden, it was also rather flattering. "All right, lets suppose for a second that I say yes. Why me? You could have approached anyone in this promotion and gotten the help you need. What makes me so special?"

The other woman chuckled. "Think of this promotion as a scale. Right now, it's completely balanced and when true equilibrium is achieved, all it takes is a single small nudge to direct it one way or another. You're the nudge Hayden. With your help we'll tip that scale and put everyone who would oppose us right where they belong."

Hayden thought she knew the answer, but wanted to hear her visitor say it. "And where would that be?"

The party planner's smile was much too large and predatory to the blonde's way of thinking. "Why, at our feet of course. Now… are you in - or out?"

Hayden returned the smile. "I'm in. One last question though…"

The rookie's new employer pushed away from the wall and strolled toward the door. Meeting her protégé's gaze, she said, "Ask it."

Hayden chose her words carefully. "You called yourself 'the party planner' but no one plans a party for themselves unless they're a total lame-o. So who're you planning this party for?"

That gleaming smile made another appearance and she shook her head. "That would be telling. Don't worry. You'll find that out a little before the rest of the world. Now come on, we've got work to do."

She opened the door, let Hayden slip past her, then followed the blonde into the hallway. A moment later they were headed deeper into the building to meet the rest of the planners so they could lay out the details of their impending bash..

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