Chapter #1: Kaley Cuoco vs Amy Davidson (Battle for Kaley's Future) by nightprowler

As Amy drove down the highway - following Kaley’s instructions - she wondered why she hadn’t spoken to her best friend in over a month. Kaley seemed to be avoiding her calls, at least until a mutual friend gave her Kaley’s new number. She’d sounded surprised to hear from Amy - and not pleased! Amy had heard Kaley was training under a ‘Mr. V’ [whoever the hell he was] but she found out that Mr. V’s students were cheaters active on the Hollywood catfight circuit.

Amy had appeared a few times on the Celebrity wrestling circuit, but wasn’t too successful. Her size probably had more to do with her lack of success than she wanted to admit - mainly because there wasn’t much she could do to change it. She had a fighting spirit, but at only 5’ even and 105#, all the boxing and dance lessons in the world wouldn’t help as she hoped they would. Kaley was too sweet to be a catfighter - or at least she’d been!

Her phone call hadn’t been a success and the semi-friendly conversation ended with Kaley challenging her to a fight. If Amy won, Kaley would return to the wrestling circuit with her, but if Kaley won, Amy would have to leave her alone. The only stipulation was that Amy wear denim short-shorts, with a belly shirt and a bikini beneath. Amy had followed Kaley’s instructions and was dressed as required when she pulled up to the gate of a mansion. But instead of being let inside, she was directed to park on the side near the employee entrance and walk down to the training building behind the mansion.

As she crossed the field on foot, she noticed the clouds rolling in, sure sign of rain and was grateful the match would be inside. As she neared the building, she saw it was a large barn with hay stacked against one side and a pig pen, but with no pigs in sight. When she reached the barn, she saw there were no animals inside either, not even the tell-tale smell. What she did see were cameras mounted on all four corners of the building.

As she stepped through the double door onto the hay scattered floor, she saw a solid wooden staircase and descending it was her former best friend Kaley. She wore a faded chopped up pair of denim short shorts, a well worn Brian Adams t-shirt that had been cut out at the neck to give a plunging neckline. The tee was tied under her breasts and around Kaley’s neck Amy noted strings of a black bikini top. Amy suddenly felt like the fly caught in a spiders web as Kaley descended the stairs and stopped in front of her, the 5’8” Kaley towering over the 5’ nothing Amy.

Kaley looked imposing as she put her hands on her hips and said smugly, “So you decided to show up and take your ass beating like a woman!”

Amy squared her shoulders and said, “We don’t HAVE to do this; we used to be friends.”

Kaley stepped forward, drove both hands into Amy’s chest and shoved her backward. She tripped and fell hard on her ass.

“Mr.V said you’d show up wanting to join his fighters. He’s going to propel me to greatness, but first I have to beat you; so stand up and fight!”

Amy realizing she’d better fight or get hurt, deciding to do what her boxing coach had told her - take the fight to her opponent. She rolled back onto her shoulders, then kipped up and landed on her feet in front of Kaley who reached out and grabbed two handfuls of Amy’s red hair.

Amy responded by firing two hard punches low into Kaley’s stomach. She grunted as the air left her body and Amy swept her arms around, up and then down between them in a slashing motion that broke Kaley’s grip on her hair. Amy landed a right- left to the big blonde’s face that sent the shocked Kaley staggering back.

Kaley turned away as Amy approached her, then spun and backhanded the smaller redhead in the face. Amy had to take two steps back to regain her balance, but Kaley reached out, grabbed her by the hair again and this time used it to Hair Mare the little redhead down onto the dirt floor. Amy yelped when her butt hit the floor in a cloud of dust.

“Wow we have a screamer!” Kaley laughed as she hair-hauled Amy back to her feet and flung her against the wall. Amy hit with a loud THUD and when she tried to get out of the corner, the room was spinning. She couldn’t believe Kaley would betray her like this, after all they HAD been friends. Sure, they’d wrestled once during their time on ‘8 Simple Rules’ but that had been to see who would win a catfight on the show. Amy had won and Kaley said she was OK with it - but Amy always wondered.

Amy screamed again when Kaley grabbed a breast from behind in one hand and a fistful of hair in the other, then folded her forward at the waist and SMACK drove her knee up into her face. Amy’s legs buckled and the room started spinning as she spiraled down to the floor at Kaley’s feet. Kaley stepped over her, then kicked her over onto her back before she straddled her waist, pulled Amy’s limp arms down to her sides and pinned them under her knees. By the time Amy’s eyes had focused, Kaley was face to face leaning over her.

“Wh…why are you doing this?” Amy asked in a small voice.

Kaley smiled down and grinned, “Because I can. I told you I’d beat you one day.”

“I know,” Amy sighed. “But that was five years ago - you were just fifteen. Leggo, dammit!”

“Oh, I will in a few minutes...unless you wanna give up now. Otherwise, I’ll drag you out and toss you in that pig pen!”

Kaley said sounding very sure of herself as she turned and looked up at a camera mounted overhead, then turned back and began to slowly, sensuously, rub her body against Amy’s.

“Oh my God! You’re an exhibitionist. I knew it!” Amy muttered, unable to hide her disgust.

Kaley just continued to smile as she got to her feet and dragged Amy up by the hair. But Amy wasn’t going to go easily! She fired a hard punch into Kaley’s breast, pancaking the soft fleshy mound! Now it was the blondes turn to scream as the fiery redhead hammered another fist to her cheek that snapped her head sideways! Kaley felt herself staggering as the little redhead jumped on her back, wrapped her arms around her neck and started to choke her!

Kaley almost fell under Amy’s weight as she stumbled into the wall, bounced off and whirled around struggling - then tripped over a bale of hay! Both girls went crashing to the ground and Amy lost her choke hold. Kaley rolled over and got to her knees facing Amy who lunged and grabbed a handful of Kaley’s blonde hair, using it to pull her face down into the dirt. Amy beat her tiny fists on Kaley’s exposed back and Kaley wrapped both arms around Amy’s slender waist.

Again, they rolled across the floor, each pummeling the other’s body. When they stopped rolling and got to their feet, it was Kaley who struck first; pulling the petite redhead’s hair and putting her in a Headlock, then she hip-tossed Amy to the floor and fell on top of her - still holding onto the Headlock!

Kaley shoved her breast in Amy’s face, but Amy reached up, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back far enough to get one leg around her neck. Amy pulled down with her leg and broke Kaley’s Headlock, turning it into a painful Head Scissors as the bigger blonde fell to the ground.

Kaley screamed and pounded her fists on Amy’s legs in anger and frustration as Amy grabbed the back of Kaley’s t-shirt and ripped it open down the middle. Kaley thrashed for several minutes before she managed to grab Amy’s toes and bend them; forcing Amy to release her Scissors before she could damage her toes so badly she couldn’t walk, or if need be, run!

Amy kicked Kaley away and both got to their feet in the barn doorway. Kaley stopped to pull off her torn t-shirt and toss it aside as thunder crashed outside. Amy tried not to take the darkening sky as an omen, but she was already tiring. Kaley looked at Amy’s top which was stretched far enough to expose the string of Amy’s lime green bikini top.

Kaley smiled devilishly and said, “I love your top. I think I’ll take it.”

Amy ran a hand through her hair and said, “You talk too much…and if you want anything from me, you’ll have to take it - ‘cause I’m not giving anything up without a fight!”

She rushed the bigger girl and tackled her. Again, they rolled over and over across the dirt and Amy came out on top! She used Kaley’s hair to slam her head on the ground several times, not stopping until the blond’s eyes were glassy. Then she straddled Kaley’s chest and pinned her arms over her head with her hands. Amy was panting hard as she looked down and demanded that Kaley surrender HER top!

Kaley struggled to free her arms but she didn’t get anywhere so Amy pulled her arms down and pinned them with her knees at her sides, then sat up into a schoolgirl pin.

“Kaley give up. Come back with me. I’ve arranged for private lessons with a really great teacher. You can still become the great athlete you’ve always wanted to be.”

“Is that teacher, teaching you?” Kaley asked with genuine concern.

“YEESSS…AAAAIIIIIEEEE!” Amy squealed as Kaley suddenly raised her legs, hooked Amy’s shoulders and pulled her over backward. The redhead did a backward roll and came up on her knees - only to be met by both of Kaley’s feet slamming into her chest, sending her tumbling backward - until she slammed into a heavy wooden piller!

Kaley got to her feet and dragged Amy to her feet, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and whipped it off over her head, stripping her of the tee-shirt. Amy staggered away, trying to put space between them and gain time to clear her head, but her feet got bogged down in the mud when she stumbled into the pig pen. She turned to go back, but Kaley was right behind her. Kaley slammed the gate behind her, trapping Amy inside the pen with her. Amy looked around for another way out and finding none, she looked back up at the bigger blonde. She held up her hands for a ‘Mercy Match.’

Kaley smiled, “You used to be good at this.” She clasped hands with Amy and added, “I’ve been practicing.”

Amy’s face showed concern because Kaley had indeed been practicing! She shoved her around the muddy 12x12 battlefield and Amy quickly realized this had been a bad idea. So she sat down and rolled backward, swinging her feet up to kick Kaley in the stomach and Monkey Flip her over her head into the soft mud. Kaley’s body made a big SPLAT when it landed, but both girls quickly scrambled back to their feet.

Kaley grabbed Amy and pulled her down as they rolled over and over, finally breaking apart. Amy got to her knees and locked up with Kaley also on her knees. They swayed back and forth, each trying to gain the advantage until Kaley fell backward and pulled Amy’s body between her legs, wrapping her in a tight Waist Scissors. Amy screamed as the blond tightened her hold and tried to push Kaley’s chin backward to break her grip, but she didn’t have enough leverage.

Kaley slapped Amy’s hands away, grabbed her wet muddy hair and slammed her face down into the soft mud. She held her there for a few seconds, then pulled her head up and looked into her eyes…and saw defeat! Kaley got to her feet and dragged the smaller girl to her feet, then picked her up as if to Bodyslam her but instead she dropped the redhead on her outstretched knee in a Backbreaker!

Her body slick with mud, Amy slipped off of the blonde’s thigh and splatted on her side in the muck. Kaley looked around as if wondering what to do next, but as Amy began to stir she got down in the mid with her and pulled Amy’s face into her crouch and wrapped her long legs around the redhead. Securing the Figure Four Headlock, Kaley rubbed Amy’s face into her crotch as Amy groaned and weakly struggled. Amy couldn’t escape Kaley’s hold as Kaley leaned back on her elbows and let Amy’s struggle rub her in all the right ways.

“Damn, now I know why THIS is so popular!” Kaley mused as she enjoyed the sensation until Amy’s struggles almost stopped.

Kaley released her and rolled the gasping, panting, Amy over onto her back and straddled her chest. She looked down into the glazed eyes of her former friend and demanded, “Surrender!”

Amy lay limp, exhausted and humiliated. She couldn’t believe she’d lost so badly - and what was worse, to an ex-friend. Kaley had gotten turned on by her dominance of Amy and wished it could last forever - but she knew it wouldn’t. Again she demanded Amy’s surrender and this time, Amy gave it to her with tears flowing down both sides of her face.

“Aw, don’t cry,” Kaley purred. “Be happy. At least you can tell people you got beaten by the next great catfighter.”

Kaley lifted up just a little, then settled back down on Amy’s face, covering her mouth and nose with her denim-clad crotch. She grabbed a handful of Amy’s once beautiful hair and began a slow grind on the redhead’s flushed, tear-streaked face. Her other hand reached back to grab Amy’s breast and Amy’s scream turned Kaley on even more! She rode the redhead with primal rage, totally dominating the much smaller girl.

Finally, Kaley arched her back and erupted on Amy’s ruddy face with an animal growl of release. She stayed seated for another minute, until her own rapid breathing returned normal. When she opened her eyes, Kaley gave a start as she saw Mr. V’s right-hand man standing there watching her.

“Miss Cuoco,” he said. “Mr. V would like to congratulate you personally.” He extended a hand and Kaley took it, letting him pull her to her feet. The rain had begun to fall more rapidly as Kaley climbed out of the pig pen. But she stopped and turned back to Amy who, while conscious, was too weak and limp to resist as Kaley stripped away her shorts and then her bikini. Kaley hung Amy’s shorts on the corner post of the pig pen, keeping her lime green bikini as as a souvenir.

Then Kaley walked away, leaving Amy flat on her back in the mud with the rain beating down on her. After several minutes, Amy slowly sat up and struggled to get to her feet. She put her shorts on, retrieved her t-shirt and slipped it over her bare breasts, then glumly trudged back to her car in her bare feet. She felt like she’d failed Kaley somehow by not winning, but she had to admit that this day hadn’t been about Kaley…not really. Amy had wanted to beat Kaley for herself. Maybe she was jealous of Kaley’s new TV series - all she’d ever done was a couple of ‘straight-to-DVD’ movies.

Amy thought about that as she got into her car, ignoring the mud she smeared on her upholstery, and drove toward home in the strengthening rain. Suddenly, her cell rang. She almost ignored it - but in Hollywood only the mega-rich can afford to ignore calls - so she sighed, pulled over and answered it.

“Hello, Miss Davidson…” an elderly male voice said. “This is Mr.V…”