Chapter #2: Kaley Cuoco vs. Michelle Trachtenberg (Buckskin Bikini’s) by nightprowler

Entering the room in front of a small audience of 15-20 people, Michelle walked to the edge of the large, white, faux bearskin rug, 20’ x 20’ that had been arrayed in the center of the room. The 5’7” chestnut-brunette had on a dark brown buckskin string bikini; her hair loose over her shoulders; a sight to behold! Across the mat stood California beach blonde Kaley Cuoco. She wore a similar light tan buckskin string bikini. Her shoulder length hair was also loose and at 5’8” she was a sight to behold. But Kaley was nervous. This was just her second match on the Hollywood Catfight Circuit and Michelle had already been in several matches. While not at the top of the food chain, Michelle was a formidable foe and Kaley had heard she enjoyed humiliating her victims. Well, she thought, if Michelle wants a fight, I’ll give her one!

The girls stepped onto the rug and Michelle offered her hands in a mercy match. Kaley searched her face but saw no deceit and joined hands. For a minute, the girls stayed locked up, but Kaley was strong and began to force Michelle back across the rug. Then Kaley reeled Michelle in close and turned to Hip Toss the beauty to the floor. Michelle rolled to her feet and met the blonde’s charge by side-stepping, then tripping Kaley as she went roaring past.

Kaley crashed to the rug on her chest, but rolled and quickly started to get to her feet. Just as she reached her knees, however, the impact of Michelle’s knee smashed her in the face, knocking her over backward, dazed and looking up at the ceiling. She knew this was not a good showing for Mr. V who was sitting in a large throne at the end of the room with his right hand man. She felt Michelle’s hand on her ankle as she dragged her back to the center of the rug.

Kaley looked up and saw Michelle smiling as if claiming some kind of prize. Kaley jerked her foot free and slammed her heel back into Michelle’s crotch. She screamed as she dropped to her knees. Kaley turned in front of Michelle who reached out and grabbed her hair. Kaley grabbed a handful and Michelle’s hair as they began to and pull until they toppled over. They rolled over and over until they came to a stop with Michelle on top. She quickly pinned Kaley’s arms and then SMACK, open handed slapped the blond! Kaley screamed in rage and bucked hard, knocking the brunette off of her perch.

They scrambled to their feet and as they began to circle, Kaley backhanded Michelle, rocking her. She answered with a right cross that sent the blond staggering backward. Just as Kaley righted herself, Michelle hit her with a Dropkick that sent her clear off the rug and back into a stone wall! She dropped to all fours but Michelle grabbed her hair, pulled her to her feet, swung her around and, BONK rammed her face into the wall

Kaley dimly heard Mr.V yell, “NO! Don’t damage her face, she still may have an acting career.”

Michelle grumbled, “Well if that’s what you want to call it.”

She held Kaley’s face to the wall and hammered her fist into the blonde’s back…once…then twice, punishing her kidney. Kaley felt as if she’d vomit from that punch, but Michelle mercifully pulled her out of the corner and lead the stumbling, staggering, woozy blonde back onto the rug. She scooped Kaley up and Bodyslammed her on the thinly padded carpet, knocking the wind out of her.

Kaley tried to get up but Michelle stomped on her chest and she let out a loud cry. The echoes hadn’t faded when Michelle hair-hauled her back to her feet and pulled her into a Side Headlock, then paraded Kaley around the room until…SMACK, she slammed her fist in the blonde’s face. But Kaley reached up behind Michelle to grab a handful of her brown hair, then yanked the brunette backward and tripped her.

They both crashed to the floor where Kaley shoved Michelle away and got to her knees. Michelle also rose to her knees, then sprang up, going airborne, diving into a Spear! Kaley looked up in disbelief just as Michelle’s shoulder slammed into her head, sending her sprawling onto her back on the mat!

Michelle rolled Kaley onto her side, sat behind the dizzy blonde, grabbed her right arm and left leg, then slammed her foot into the middle of Kaley’s back and pulled back on both limbs. The stone room was filled with screams as Kaley’s back was slowly bent further and further back against Michelle’s foot.

Michelle smiled with delight at the sound of the blonde’s torment. The Bow-and-Arrow torture seemed to last an eternity to Kaley but it really only lasted less than a minute before Kaley begged Michelle to release her. Instead, Michelle demanded she surrender.

Kaley tried to twist her wrist far enough to break Michelle’s grip and, aided by her sweart, her wrist finally slid free. But Kaley was too worn down to move fast enough to escape, and Michelle grabbed the blonde’s hair, using it to replace the arm she’d lost. With her foot still in Kaley’s back, Michelle again began to pull on her hair and leg with renewed vengeance!

Michelle felt Kaley’s hair ripping from her scalp and, reluctantly, she released her and got to her knees. She pulled Kaley to her knees and bent her backward over her raised knee in a Backbreaker! Michelle slapped one hand down on Kaley’s chin and with the other she applied a punishing Crotch Claw!

Kaley almost lost her voice when a new round of screams escaped her mouth. Michelle smiled devilishly as the blonde’s struggles began to slow and fade until her limp body lay draped over Michelle‘s thigh. Michelle released her Crotch Claw and slid her hand down the front of Kaley’s bikini bottom, cupped her pubic mound, then dug her fingers in, reapplying the Claw onto the bare flesh. Kaley squealed as her feet lifted off the rug and flew into the air.

Michelle sighed happily and grinned, “There! I knew you still had a little life left in that soft body.”

Yuh…you…crazy bitch!” Kaley’s gulped as she slithered off of Michelle’s knee, fell to the floor and rolled away.

Michelle got up and walked behind the crawling-on-all-fours blonde. She stalked Kaley to the edge of the rug where she put a halt to Kaley’s flight; grabbing both her feet - dropping Kaley with a grunt onto her chest, then dragging her backward back out onto the mat as Kaley‘s fingers clawed and raked the carpet in a futile attempt to delay the inevitable.

When Michelle had Kaley back in the middle of the room, she relaxed and Kaley managed to pull one foot out of her grip. She rolled over and thrashed until she freed her other foot, then lashed out with both feet and kicked Michelle squarely in the groin. Michelle grunted, turned away and slumped to her knees, hands cupping her bruised womanhood.

Kaley rolled over and started to crawl away, but stopped after a comment about ‘fighting spirit’ from someone in the crowd. She went back to grab Michelle’s hair and pull her up, but Michelle, not as hurt as Kaley believed, fired a short, hard, uppercut that slammed into the blonde’s belly and doubled Kaley over.

As Kaley gasped and gulped air, Michelle grabbed her by the hair, tilted her head, then brought a Kneelift up under her jutting chin! The blonde’s world spun on it’s axis as her body was lifted up, flew back and over, crashing to the floor flat on her back a few feet from where her feet left the mat!

Michelle massaged her crotch as she stepped over the blonde and kicked Kaley in the ribs to roll her onto her back. She sat at Kaley’s head and wrapped her legs around her neck, wedging the blonde’s face deep in her crotch, clamping down with her thighs and locking her ankles; grunting with the effort as she started to squeeze.

Kaley found it difficult, if not impossible, to get a breath. She’d been battered and humiliated; every part of her hurt but she couldn’t let herself beg for mercy. She’d tried that and all it got her was more abuse. It was the first time she’d done it and she swore it would be the last! She wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole and hide from the world.

What was Michelle trying to do to her? Did she want her to submit? Well, if that’s what it took…

“I…guh…give…” Kaley gasped with the little air left in her lungs.

When she opened her eyes, Kaley saw Michelle smiling. “Now…” she purred happily, “…you’re going to become my little blond bitch!”

She released the Neck Scissors, pushing Kaley’s limp body away, got to her knees, grabbed the blonde’s hair and pulled her to her knees in front of her. Michelle put a knee in Kaley’s back to support her as she wrapped her fingers around Kaley’s neck, pinched down on her carotid artery and applied a strong Choke. Kaley’s eyes - which had been almost closed, suddenly flew wide open as both hands came up trying to break Michelle’s grip. But Kaley was already too weak and Michelle just smiled wickedly when Kaley softly babbled, “I give…please” .

As tears streamed down Kaley’s flushed cheeks, Michelle hissed in her ear, “Relax, it’s almost over now.”

Kaley reached back over her shoulder, grabbed Michelle’s hair and gave a weak tug. But it had no effect on Michelle who was in the zone and, if anything, she tightened her hold further. Kaley’s eyes began to flutter, as the blood to her brain was cut off. Michelle took her knee from Kaley’s back and leaned forward, riding the blonde’s slumping body as it slumped forward, cradling Kaley to the floor as she straddled Kaley’s back. Michelle pinned Kaley’s unresisting form on the floor, keeping her throttling Choke Hold using only one hand as she used the other to brush the hair away from Kaley’s ruddy face so she could watch her expression.

Michelle untied the string of her own bikini bottom, raised up slightly and pulled it off, sliding it between her legs. Then she moved upward, releasing the Choke and wiggled her bottom as she eased her crotch down on the blonde’s blank face. Kaley’s hands lifted slowly to Michelle’s hips, fingers fluttering, opening and closing in spasms of consciousness. The brutal brunette rode Kaley’s face like the expert she was, grabbing Kaley’s hair and gathering it together into a pony-tail like rein which she used to secure her mount as she ground herself onto Kaley. The blonde’s remaining senses were quickly overcome as her system was overloaded by stimuli.

Michelle was fully enjoying herself. She’d never liked Kaley and to beat her like this - in their first meeting - was too good to believe. Michelle reached back, snagged Kaley’s bikini top and pulling it up, exposing one soft, pale breast tipped by a dark brown, hard, erect nipple. Michelle roughly grabbed a handful of the supple flesh and cruelly closed her hand in a fist, crushing the yielding mound. Kaley screamed as Michelle twisted her wrist as she continued crushing the soft tissue - but her cries only excited the brunette further. Michelle grunted with animal fervor as she scrubbed and rubbed her bristley pubic mound harder and harder on the face of the wriggling blonde, wedging Kaley’s perky nose deep into her drooling slit.

Kaley’s resistance rapidly faded once she was forced to go without oxygen but Michelle lifted herself off the blonde’s nose and mouth just ennough every twenty or thirty seconds to allow Kaley to suck in enough air to keep her conscious, then reapplied the tight seal of her moist, swollen, pussy.

“I wouldn’t want you to miss the grand finale,” Michelle giggled as she rocked forward, lifted her butt and winked at Mr. V, then sat back to reapply the facesit seal, cinching it tight with two handfuls of Kaley’s disheveled hair. Michelle closed her eyes and increased the speed and downward pressure of her rocking and rubbing; the sounds of Kaley’s screams muffled by the thick bush she had grown out specifically for its use in these exact situations.

The only sounds in the room were Michelle’s low grunting as she rutted; the intermittent thudding of Kaley’s feet on the rug, the heavy breathing of the spectators and…finally….Michelle’s outburst of release at her climax! Her back arched, her body stiffened, then with her lips pursed in the classic ‘o’, Michelle yanked even harder on Kaley’s hair; she threw her head back and sighed heavily, then…after several seconds…her body slumped forward.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw Mr.V grinning at her. Michelle raised up, turned around, then sat back down, this time planting her award-winning ass back onto Kaley’s rubbed-raw, flushed, face. She began to move her dribbling pussy back and forth on, the blonde’s face, spreading her still-flowing juice, liberally coating the sputtering Kaley’s defeated face with the wetness that signified her triumph.

Michelle looked over her shoulder past Mr.V to the camera mounted on a tripod beside him. She smiled as she raised her hands overhead, then gave a double bicep victory pose. She gave Kaley’s face a few more rubs with her bush, then slammed her open hands down on Kaley’s breasts as she pushed up to her feet. She put her bikini bottom back on, then strutted out of the room with her chest puffed out in smug satisfaction.

For several minutes Kaley lay sprawled on her back, her body shuddering as she sobbed uncontrollably. The audience watched her as she cried, then left to join Michelle for her victory celebration. The room was quiet for a minute, then she heard the door open and close; followed by footsteps of someone approaching. Kaley opened her eyes and shuddered when she saw a powerfully built brunette towering over her. Kaley stammered, “Ah…are you h…h…here to kick me out…or f…finish me off?”

“Neither!” she said. “You were an expensive investment for Mr. V…I’m here to make sure it pays off.” She offered her hand and Kaley took it. She was surprised at the ease with which the muscular woman pulled her to her feet. The brunette put a hand on her shoulder and told Kaley, “Your training starts tomorrow.” Then Jessica Biel led Kaley from the room and out the door, toward her destiny.