Chapter #3: Hayden Panettiere vs. Emma Watson (80’s style oil wrestling) by nightprowler

The flashes of the photographers cameras lent a psychedelic air as Hayden, in a gold string bikini, walked to the middle of the room where a large 15x15 blue wrestling mat had been spread out and covered with a inch of baby oil. The 5’1” tightly muscled blonde eyed the young woman await her, a newcomer to the American fight game, Emma Watson. At 5’6” the light brunette was dressed in a silver string bikini. Emma smiled at the photographers as she rubbed handfuls of baby oil on her toned body. She turned to watch Hayden step onto the mat, then the British actress extended her hand in greeting.

“I rather enjoy your little TV show,” Emma sneered, her contempt for the ‘TV actress’ undisguised.

Hayden looked down at her hand, “LITTLE TV show?” she snapped as she stepped onto the mat.

Emma tried to set a trap and elbow the shorter blonde, but Hayden was setting up her own trap and ducked the elbow, lowered her shoulder and caught the Brit under her short ribs with a Shoulder Block. With both girls standing in oil, they both lost their footing, Emma tumbling backward onto her ass while Hayden fell forward on top of her. Emma was lucky that as she fell, she raised her knee and Hayden’s belly button slammed into Emma’s raised kneecap. Hayden let out a grunt and fell on her side gasping for air. Emma rolled her onto her back as she climbed on top of the blonde and attempted to pin her shoulders. But Hayden was too strong and shoved the bigger brunette off.

Both girls got to their knees facing each other, then locked up, with Hayden grabbing Emma’s hair and pulling her down on her side as she tried to wrap her in a Scissors. Emma used her hands to shoved Hayden’s chin up, forcing her head back and, once she got it exposed, Emma drove her fist down on Hayden’s left breast with a satisfying THUMP!

Hayden released her Scissors attempt as Emma squirmed and wriggled on top of her, then using a handful of oily blond hair, Emma slammed Hayden’s head down on the mat. She got back to her feet and was pulling the shorter blonde up when Hayden Leg Swept Emma’s legs out from under her, sending Emma splashing oil as her butt hit the mat with her feet in the air.

Hayden clasped her hands into a double fist and pounded the Ax-handle down on Emma’s back as she was trying to get to her knees. Emma collapsed flat on her belly and Hayden scrambled onto her back, straddling her waist, grabbing the Brits light brown hair and pulling her head back with a modified Camel Clutch.

“ARRRRGH!” Emma screamed as it felt her hair was being ripped from her head. Then Hayden smashed her face down into the oil on the mat - not once but twice! Hayden rolled off the young girl, turned her over and slithered down beside her, wrapping her thick legs around the British beauty’s slim waist, locking her ankles and digging her heels into Emma’s pubic mound as she clamped down on another Waist Scissors.

Emma was facedown and couldn’t reach back to interfere with Hayden’s massive grip. She screamed as the thick muscular legs constricted as with each breath she took; Hayden’s killer legs tightened their crushing hold. Emma began to squirm in a panic; struggling to get air. She managed to reach back to get her hands between her back and Hayden’s groin, then started to claw the blondes crotch. Hayden tried to maintain the hold but finally she had to release it, kick Emma off, and roll away .

Hayden got to her knees as Emma crawled on all fours to the edge of the mat. Although inexperienced, Hayden knew enough about the game to try to maintain her advantage. And Emma was not a stranger to wrestling either, having beaten most of her British rivals in a rapid rise to the top of the youth ladder. Emma recalled beating Anna Popplewell - a 19 year old and her biggest rival back home. The thrill of that victory, the sensation of dominating a smaller girl…still aroused her.

Tonight was most certainly not the thrill of victory, at least not yet! She had to do something fast or tonight could very well end in just the second loss of her brief career. She pulled herself to her knees but then a sharp pain exploded in her back as Hayden came diving in and slammed a knee into her spine. Emma groaned as the smaller blonde grabbed her light brown hair and pulled her back over her raised knee.

The two girls were a sight to behold; their oil-slick, glistening, bodies reflecting the flash of the photographers lights. Emma could do nothing as the blond slammed her fist over and over into her stretched, exposed, belly. Hayden continued to use one handful of hair to hold Emma bent backward over her knee while the other hammered the British beauty’s belly into submission.

When Hayden’s arm grew tired, she got to her feet and pulled the beaten brunette up with her. Although on unsteady feet, Hayden still managed to lift Emma into the air and held her briefly for the photographers to snap hundreds of pictures, then turned quickly and as her feet began to slip in the oil, she used her momentum to turn and Powerslam Emma to the mat. As they landed in a puddle of oil, it slashed onto the spectators in the front row, ruining the expensive designer dresses of Catherine Zeta Jones and Charlize Theron who were among other illuminati.

Hayden raised up on all fours, all but covering Emma who lay breathless on her back on the mat, Hayden looked up at the crowd, many of them chanting her name, then back down at the winded winsome beauty beneath her. “Here, let me welcome you to the states properly!” Hayden chuckled.

She straddled her beaten opponent, pinning Emma’s wrist to the mat, then slipped up Emma’s body until she had one knee over Emma’s left shoulder, then the right shoulder. Hayden inched forward on the taller girls body until the crotch of her oil-soaked bikini bottom was wedged up against Emma’s chin. Then Hayden released Emma’s wrists and used her hands to brush her hair out of her eyes. Next, she gently pushed Emma’s hair out of her face.

Looking down at the beaten beauty, Hayden raised up, sliding over the point of Emma’s chin, then settling down with her groin covering Emma’s noise and mouth. Hayden grabbed Emma’s hair in both hands and yanked her face deep into the joint where her legs met her pelvis, then began to ride her…slowly rocking and grinding. Emma gasped for air as the strong blonde girl pinned her and rode her face like a cowgirl.

Emma was humiliated, this couldn’t be happening…not to her…she was the dominate…she was the one who rode faces…how could this be happening to HER!!?

She tried to bite Hayden, but every time she opened her mouth the oil and the taste of the American fill her mouth, making her want to vomit. She could feel Hayden increasing the speed of her thrusting and Emma realized it wouldn’t be long until this ultimate embarrassment would be over. She wanted to pass out, but every time the beautiful darkness started to come; just as she was about to embrace it and succumb; Hayden would stop and lift up, ever to briefly, to re-adjust her seat. Then after allowing Emma a breath or two, she resumed her humiliating ride.

Hayden rode her girl with all her might, grabbing and pulling Emma’s hair; forcing her face in deep; but nothing she did was ever enough. Just when she felt she might get off on the British bitch, Emma would stop resisting and - for Hayden - it was the feeling of resistance to her will that made it worthwhile.

But when Hayden finally felt her climax begin to build, there was no stopping it! She increased her already frenetic pace and began to gyrate her hips, throwing caution aside - and almost slithering clear off her victim in the process! Then it hit!

Hayden’s rocking and grinding came to a complete stop; she arched her back and bit her bottom lip so hard she almost broke the skin so powerful was the sensation of her orgasm. The shuddering, bucking, shaking shook the young girl to her very core, unlike any of the many climaxes she’d experienced previously.

After catching her breath, Hayden’s hands opened to release Emma’s oil-slick hair. Her head dropped SPLAT in a puddle of oil. Emma took a gulp in air, then another. When she finally dared open her eyes, she was staring right up into the gaping maw of Hayden’s obviously-fully-aroused pussy. As her gaze moved higher, Emma’s eyes met Hayden’s peering down at her between the heaving mounds of her pubescent breasts. Emma was afraid there was going to be a second round and turned averted eyes, twisting her head to the side.

When Hayden saw that she smiled, knowing Emma had been completely and utterly dominated. She lowered herself back down on the beaten girl’s face, straddling Emma’s cheek as she posed for more electronic flash photos.

”So fellas,” Hayden chuckled with a devilish grin. “Who’s the baddest bitch here tonight, huh?” The photographers looked at Emma’s beaten face, trapped between Hayden’s powerful thighs and wedged in her swollen womanhood; and unanimously agreed Hayden Panettiere was indeed, ‘Queen of the Night.’

Hayden slowly got to her feet and started to leave, but then stopped and turned back to the beaten Emma who watched her return with undisguised trepidation. “There’s a custom we have here in the US,” Hayden said as she stepped back onto the oil slicked mat.

She bent grabbed the front waist of Emma’s bikini bottom and lifted her hips until her butt rose out of the oil. Emma meekly allowed Hayden to slide her bikini down over her hips, exposing a neatly trimmed ‘landing strip’, then down the length of her limp legs. At no time did Emme utter so much as a whimper of protest. She didn’t dare - she was just glad to see Hayden’s jiggling butt as she turned and tossed Emma’s bikini over her shoulder as she left; a souvenir of her victory.