Chapter #4: Amy Davidson vs Kristen Bell by nightprowler

Hayden Panettiere sat on the floor, her back leaning against the bathroom door where her friend Kristen Bell had locked herself in. Hayden had been awakened by her friend slamming the bathroom door and when Hayden heard crying, then the shower come on. Now, twenty minutes later, Kristen still hadn’t come out and Hayden began to worry.

She asked her friend, “Krissy baby, was it really that bad? I’m sorry I didn’t show up to support you, but it was supposed to be a ‘private view only’ match. What was I supposed to do?”

Hayden heard the water turn off and the door knob lock engage. She stepped into the small bathroom where Kristen had wrapped a towel around her waist. Her small frame seemed to have shrunk from her normal brash self and Hayden could see the bruises starting to form on her back and ribs.

“Oh my god!” Hayden softly gasped. She sat on the side of the tube and Hayden sat and held her in her arms to comfort her. “What did she do to you?”

Hayden was almost afraid to hear her answer. “God it was awful,” Kristen said in a small, quivering voice. “I’ve never been so humiliated in my entire life!”

Hayden helped her to her small feet and lead her back into the bedroom where she tucked her in bed. Hayden sat with her until Kristen fell asleep, then dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and headed into her rec room. The other rooms were empty and, having found no one to ask about her friend, she continued upstairs in the sparkling mansion until she reached the editing room. The door was unlocked and opened when she turned the handle.

Once inside, Hayden saw the large flat screen TV used to view the discs of the matches. To her surprise, she didn’t even have to look in the file cabinet for the disc she sought; it was already on the desk. Not wanting to alert any guards who patrolled the area, she put on a pair of headphones and inserted the disc in the player.

* * * * * *

The picture showed Kristen in a white lace bra and panties with garter belt and white thigh-hi’s. Her opponent was Amy Davidson, a girl of equal height wearing a light violet bra and panties, black garter belt and black fishnets. Amy was speaking but there was no sound so Hayden adjusted the volume in her ear phones until she heard Amy’s voice.

“Well, Hayden’s getting off on her romp with that British chick, so I have to settle for you…guess that makes you a poor man’s Hayden, huh?” Amy chuckled as she circled.

Kristen squared her shoulders and fired a retort of her own, “Well, we’ll see who’s poorer for this in a few minutes.”

In a flash, Kristen charged the red head shoulder blocking her knocking her to the mat. Amy cursed as the blond quickly straddled her waist and grabbed Amy’s wrist attempting to pin them to the mat. Amy shoved back hard rolling Kristen off to the side as the girls separated and scrabbled to their feet.

Hayden tensed at the screen as the girls meet in the middle and locked up a mercy match. The camera zoomed in as Kristen began to back away as the red head was too strong and began to over power her. Kristen then fell backwards placing her foot into Amy’s stomach catapulting the red head over onto her back. Kristen maintained the finger lock and rolled up and over, straddling Amy who shoved against Kristen’s chest and then raised her legs, hooking Kristen’s shoulders and pulling her over backward.

But Amy got to her feet faster than Kristen and charged, Clotheslining the blonde just as she got to her feet. Kristen screamed since the two inch thick mat had little cushion when she crashed on her back to the mat.

Hayden almost jumped to her feet in the viewing room as the redhead Knee Dropped the blonde, smashing her breasts flat. She turned the volume down, muting Kristen’s cries as Amy pulled her to her feet, slammed one hand up between her thighs and the other over the blonde’s shoulder, then lifted the small blond into the air and Body Slammed her back down. She leaped into the air to smash Kristen, but the battered blond rolled aside and Amy landed on her knees with a loud yelp of pain.

The redhead rolled over and got to her feet favoring her right leg, but Kristen savagely Leg Whipped her feet out from under her. Amy screamed as the blonde dropped to the mat beside her and wrapped a Leg Scissors around her waist. Kristen smiled up at the camera as Hayden eased herself back down into her chair and muttered, “Wrap it tight, girlfriend.”

Hayden began to worry when Kristen allowed Amy to twist and turn inside the Scissors until they were facing each other. Kristen rolled onto her back for more leverage, but the redhead grabbed Kristen’s breasts in an attempt to escape and as she began to squeeze, Kristen’s legs began to lose their Scissors - she couldn’t continue she was in so much pain!

The camera angle changed and now Hayden could see Amy’s clenched teeth as she kept bearing down on her Breast Claw. Kristen had to abandon her Scissors and Amy used her legs to straddle Kristen’s thighs, then moved up to her waist. Kristen stopped trying to pry Amy’s hands from her tits and instead she grabbed the redhead’s boobs.

Hayden gasped in surprise because instead of doing the expected and giving up her own Breast Claw, Amy just smiled through the pain. When she finally did release Kristen’s boobs, it was just to clasp her hands together for an Overhead Chop that she used to smash Kristen’s face!

Dazed, Kristen’s hands slipped off of Amy’s breasts and waved in front of her dazed eyes. Amy grabbed two handfuls of Kristen’s hair, lifted her head up and… WHACK, slammed Kristen’s head up and down on the mat several times. When Amy finally stopped pounding Kristen‘s head on the mat, she got to her feet still holding Kristen by the hair.

She hauled the blond to her feet and Whipped her into the corner where Kristen slammed face first! Amy came charging into the corner behind her and drove shoulder into Kristen’s lower back, making a ‘Kristen sandwich’. The blond screamed as her body almost folded over backward, then she dropped to her knees. She would have fallen, but Amy’s shoulder held her pinned in the corner.

Amy backed out of the corner and let Kristen collapse to the mat like a rag doll on her knees. She slowly toppled over onto her back, staring up at the ceiling until Amy returned to seize her by the hair and pull her back to her feet. She swung the shattered blond around facing her, then went belly-to-belly and clamped on a tight Bearhug!

Amy was so sure of herself, she didn’t even try to wrap Kristen’s arms inside hers, she just wanted a secure hold around Kristen’s ribs. By the sound of Kristen’s screaming, Hayden knew Amy’s mission was a success! She could barely bring herself to watch the next 10 minutes as Amy kept the Bearhug cinched tight until Kristen’s screams abated and she lay draped limp; her body hanging over backward in Amy’s powerful arms.

Finally, Amy let Kristen drop to the mat, stepped over her and walked off the mat out of the camera‘s view. She returned a few seconds later with a bottle of water. She drank half while straddling Kristen’s unconscious body, then she poured the rest of the contents over Kristen’s face. She awoke sputtered and Amy tossed the bottle off to the side. Amy sat down on Kristen‘s chest, slapping her a few times to make sure she was aware of what was happening, then sliding forward over the mixture of sweat and water until she stopped with her groin wedged under the blonde’s chin.

The camera first zoomed in to show the horror that flashed across the blonde’s face, the cut to a view showing the glee and determination on the redhead’s face as she raised her center off over Kristen’s chin and settled her lace panty covered crotch on the blonde’s face, reaching under herself to ensure she had both Kristen’s mouth and noise well covered.

Kristen made a sound that could of passed for a scream, but was muffled and she was too far gone at this point to try and fight back. All she could do in the way of resistance was to paw Amy’s thighs - her touch seeming to excite the volatile redhead even further.

Hayden watched with tears in her eyes as the redhead bitch seized her girlfriends hair and pulled her muzzle tight to her as she rode out the weak protests of the blonde. On and on it went as Amy did a classic ‘bump and grind’ on Kristen’s face in a fit of rage and lust.

Hayden could hear the redhead panting as he coming orgasm built within her loins, but even when it came, Amy didn’t stop - like many woman would - but continued her ride, spreading her love lava all over Kristen’s face, then filling the mouth of the blonde who, if she were still conscious, would have been struggling and gasping for air.

With a sinking sensation in her belly, Hayden hoped Kristen had been unconscious at this point, but as Amy finished her glorious ride and lifted off Kristen to strike a victory pose, Hayden heard Kristen gag as she rolled onto the side, gulping and gasping for air. Amy slowly rose off of the blond and walked up to the camera, looked into the lens as if she could see Hayden watching her and silently mouthed the words, “You’re next!” Her face wore a smug grin as she turned around and walked out of the room.

After spending a long, sleepless, night spooning against Kristen’s body in her bed, Hayden got up the next morning and while Kristen was showering, she went to see Mr. V and demanded he get her a match with Amy Davidson!